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Could you tell me a bit about Xander x Charlotte as a pairing ? How cute are they ? I plan on starting a new game on Revelation and have them married. I don't wanna be spoiled about their whole support conversations but I'd just like to have a few teasers... I know how much you like that pairing so you're the perfect person to ask this to! :3c

They are not the ~deepest~ pairing with respect to their supports but it’s one of my favs because their dynamic is great. Plus I always set her up with royals bc I want her fairytale dream to come true.

  And Charlotte!Siegbert is canon to me idc

In Only A Moment


Can I request something angsty? Something where GOT7’s JB meets a girl who he falls in love with only to find out she has a terminal illness. Thank you~! Happy New Year!

A/N: Sorry this took fooooorevvvverrrr! Started writing this but just kinda rewrote the fault in our stars, so I had to start over and go a wee bit differently. This is the story of JB falling in love with perfectly healthy person who later becomes possibly terminally ill, I went more with crippling mental illness… anyyyywayyy hope ya like it ;) 

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It happened so fast. In one moment life was perfect, every dream they had ever had came true. A love like no other love, a life like no other life. When they fell in love, they were just kids, with no idea what the world had planned for them, but they didn’t care. They had each other and that was all they needed. After school he had a career, an amazing career. He traveled the world doing what he loved, making music and performing for millions, it was his dream. She went to a university and studied what she loved and worked to make the world better. But when they both were in the same city, they would sneak away together and revive their childhood love. It didn’t take long before their love for each other overtook their love for their careers and their meetings were no longer in secret. She started making appearances at all of his concerts, their dates were no longer in hotels or apartments, but in public. It didn’t take long for igot7’s to love her, it didn’t take long for Got7 to love her. It wasn’t much longer after going public that their relationship became legally permanent. It didn’t take them long to plan the wedding, but they did take a long time on the honeymoon and no one could blame them. It wasn’t but 9 months after that, that they had their first son, and he wasn’t even a month old when they lost it all, in only a moment.

“And how long will you be gone this time?!” she snapped at JB in a hushed voice, glancing into the backseat of their car at their sleeping child secured safely in his car seat.

“A few months, you know I have no control over this!” he snaps back.

“A few months! I’m supposed to raise our son alone while you’re running around with your friends!” She snaps again, even in the darkness of the night she could see the whiteness spreading across his knuckles from gripping to steering and the redness filling his face.

“I’M WORKING!” he yells, causing the baby to cry in the backseat, “I’M NOT RUNNING AROUND!” he tries to yell over the babies screaming.

“Oh good job!” she yells, she reaches into the backseat and pulls her baby into her arms trying to quiet him.

“It’s not my fault! He takes after you! Screaming about nothing so much!” JB snaps looking at her and taking his eyes off the road for just a moment. That was the moment they lost everything. He ran a yellow light just as it was turning red, while another driver ran a red just as it was turning green. It only took a second, a single second, and everything was gone.

….2 months later….     

She was tired. So very tired. Not the sort of tiredness that comes from lack of sleep or overexertion, but an inner sort of tired, the type that’s nearly impossible to describe is just as impossible to understand. It was a tiredness that sleep would not conquer, that many turn to jack or morgan to relieve, but she was past that, she simply too tired for all of that now. She was too tired to eat, too tired to sleep, there were even days she had to count her breaths for she was too tired to inhale. This wasn’t pretty tired, this wasn’t sleepy yawns and pink night gowns. Her hair was greasy and in mats but she was too tired to wash it, her skin was dry and pale but she was too tired to notice, her breath was rotten but she was tired to freshen it, her world was hideous but she was too tired to do anything about it anymore. She was so very tired for so very long.

She was alone sitting on white sheets in a white gown leaning against a white wall in a white room with a white door and with white curtains hanging on the window with a white frame. There was a silver needle in her arm connected to a white tube connected to a white bag, actually clear but the room gave it a white appearance, hanging from a white stand. An IV. She was so very tired.

She heard the white door open and heard voices but was too tired to look. She knew it would be men dressed in white checking to see if she had moved. She hadn’t of course. They would open the white door, sigh loudly from within their white coats, then close the white door. But the white door didn’t close.

“Can she come home?” A very tired voice.

“Not yet.” Another tired voice.

“Can I talk to her?” He was so desperate.

“You can try.”

She heard the white door close and the white springs under the white bed sheets shift.

“Hi” She knew that tired voice. His hand reached for hers, she was still too tired to turn to look, to offer or pull her hand away. “How are you?”

She didn’t respond, his voice was a different tired. His voice was the hurt tired, the hopeless tired. Oh how she would have gladly trade tireds with him, his tired had meaning, hers was just tired.

“Please say something?” He begged, “please just look at me then!” His voice pled in a tired but tearful sort of way. She wanted to look at him, she really really did, but she was so very tired. She heard a sob escape from him.

“I went to visit him today…” his voice broke and he sobbed again and she heard the white spring shift again and she heard the white door open and close again.

He left the hospital in tears. She was tired but he was lonely. Not lost in a crowd lonely but his heart and soul were lonely. He left the woman he loved, the better half of his heart, alone and tired in a white hospital room. Her spirit was all but gone but his had stayed whole and alone.

His feet dragged as he walked into work after his graveyard and hospital visit. Work had been slow since the accident, but it was intentional. His company tried to give him a paid leave but he refused, he wanted to work and he didn’t want to abandon his members, his brothers. The other 6 men were working in silence when JB entered. They stopped immediately when they saw his face.

“How’d did it go?” Jackson asked. JB just looked at him with broken eyes. After a moment he spoke, “they said she’s improving, but she still barely moves and doesn’t eat… She wouldn’t even look at me…” the members were silent. They all remember what it was like before, the happiness, the influx of love songs, the carelessness. They were all lost. JB went on, “it’s like she’s not even there anymore…”

“She’s still in there!” BamBam interjected, “She’ll come back to us hyung.”

“She just needs more time.” Mark added softly. They all wanted their old world back, they were all hurting, but JB was the only one who was alone without her and so he hurt the worst.

“They want me to visit again tomorrow…” He said.

“Did they say when you could bring her home?” Youngjae, who had been nearly silent since the accident, asked quietly. JB just shook his head.

Over the course of the night she had moved from her position leaning against the wall and away from the door to laying on her side facing the door. In the process she had knocked the IV out of her arm and torn the flesh around it and was bleeding out slightly. Of course she didn’t reposition or call out, she liked the way the tearing stung, she liked how it felt to bleed, but she was too tired to do anything more than fall to her side and stare blankly at the door until morning came.

When morning came and the white door opened, a white coated man came in. At first his face lit up, “She moved!!” He called excitedly but his face fell once he saw the blood, “Get a nurse!” He called out the door. Within minutes the little white room was full of people dressed in white poking her with needles, forcing pills down her throat, and pushing her into different positions. They left her sitting upright leaning with her back against the headboard but still facing the door. The morning had left her more exhausted than she could remember ever being. She wanted to fall asleep but sleep continued to evade her.

The door opened again and she inadvertently groaned at the agonizing thought of a repetition of the morning starting but the corners of her mouth perked ever so slightly when she saw the familiar voice from yesterday step into the room.

She was hollow as he moved, with much effort, from the door to the edge of the bed. She didn’t know who he was, but he was familiar. She recognized the curve of his lips and line of his jaw. His presence made her feel comfort, though she wasn’t sure why. He sat again on white bed and white springs creaked.

“Good morning.” He said quietly trying to smile.

She didn’t respond, still too tired.

“I heard you moved, you’re making progress…” He said with a slight hint of hopefulness, “If you continue improving you’ll be able to come home soon.” He said not looking at her. She was having a hard time understanding him. She was staring at him, getting lost in his words. Not really thinking about them, more of getting lost in their sound. She liked the sound of his voice and it swirled around in her head causing the words to jumble and blur, but she liked the way it sounded. She wanted him to keep talking but his voice disappeared as he noticed her lack of response. How must that have looked to him? Talking sweetly to a blank, expressionless face.

He stopped talking for a few moments and studied her face. They stared at each other for a few moments before he sighed and his eyes began to tear and redden. She didn’t know why. She still couldn’t place who he was or why she recognized him, all she knew were the white coated men, and he wasn’t one of them. The white coats made her tired, he made her comfortable. She wanted him to stay forever, but he started to get up and she felt her face change. Her eyebrows perked, her eyes dropped, and her bottom lip puckered so slightly. She didn’t want him to go, she so intensely didn’t want him to go. She wanted him to stay more than she wanted to sleep, and suddenly her longing for him to stay was more intense than her tiredness. Her chest swelled with desire.

He stood and left without looking back. All she could do was watch his back and watch the white door close. No white coats peeked in either. She was tired but suddenly that didn’t matter anymore. She was full of so much longing and sadness and anger the tiredness was momentarily forgotten. She wanted him to stay. Why did he leave? He should have stayed. Tears poured down her cheeks.


“I don’t think I can keep doing this.” JB mumbled to the doctor when he left the room.

“She is improving, you visiting is the best thing for her.” He insisted

“She doesn’t even recognize me!” JB snapped, “this is all my fault…” he said more quietly.

“It’s not,” the doctor said putting his hand on JB’s shoulder, “it was a random, traumatic event, that can cause a number of problems and everyone reacts differently, it’s impossible to predict. The medicine that she’s taking can only help her so much, she needs people she loves. You’re so close to bring her home. Don’t give.”

JB just nodded, “See you tomorrow.” he said before leaving.


A white coat came back into the room a few hours later, she hadn’t moved since JB had visited and tears were still running down her cheeks. A smile spread across the white coats face. He changed her IV, injecting a new medicine. He left smiling. In the next few moments, she was finally asleep.


JB walked back into the dorm late that night, hoping the guys had already gone to bed, but when he walked in everyone was there and awake, not just Got7 but a few of their managers as well, just sitting quietly.

“JB!” Jackson jumped up when JB walked in.

“What.. what’s everyone doing here? Why are you all still awake?” He asked confused.

“We were worried. You never answered your phone, you didn’t show up at practice this morning or the fansi-”

“Jackson shut up.” Mark cut Jackson off.

The manager stood up and walked over to JB, closing the dorm door behind him, “we all need to talk.” he said leading JB to the couch.

“We’re all hurt by this Jaebum and our hearts are heavy for you, but it’s time to either take time off or coming completely back, the company won’t allow you to continue as you are.”

“What?” JB asked in disbelief, “You’re making me choose between Got7 and my wife!?” He said standing up, “No! Fuck you!” he said before slamming the dorm door behind him.

To be continued….

A/N pt2: This was really draining to write, i wanted to finish it all in one shot but I’m emotionally drained lol but I’m also super involved in this story now so a part 2 will def happen. Please please please tell what yall thought of it, ok?? 

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Mox is either really cute or he's sometimes really fucking hot. Like in the promo videos specifically the one where he's wearing a Reds shirt and a silver chain his hair is just perfect and he just like looks so damn good in it and so young and hungry I literally cannot with him. He's such a Dom but I feel like a sub at the same time

(there are literally no other stills from this video, what the fuck) But yes, he looks so gooooood. Young, scrappy and hungry, that is literally what Mox is about to me.

He’s got this jagged defensiveness to him that comes out in reckless violence and a fuck you attitude, but it comes from never being able to trust, from bitter experience of being let down and abandoned and betrayed, so deep down there’s a sweet babyboy just aching to be put under and taken care of.

I heard you were feelin down and a lotta people love this fuzzball so I figured I’d show you her :) her name is pepper and she’s some kinda terrier mix.. she always looks sad but is tubby and happy and likes naps, people, and whining. her eyeliner is always on point and so is her fuzz 👌🏼

Dang! Her eyeliner is always on point! How early does she get up to make it so perfect!

Pepper is adorable and looks like she’s ready for a good nap :) 10/10

Everyone in the fandom talks about how shit some peoples’ voices are but in reality, America uses a lot of auto tune too. I feel like they expect Japan to be so perfect but that’s not the reality. Scandals in H!P aren’t even as bad as the ones in America. And have you seen the auto tune used in the song “Closer” by the chainsmokers and Hasley?? They sound SHIT irl and nothing like the actual song. At least the H!P girls sound pretty close to the auto tuned version so we should appreciate that.

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At first I was sad that so many people were switching from spn to yoi... then I watched yoi... and now I get it! Now everytime I see someone else from the spn fandom switching to the yoi fandom I'm like "Yas! Welcome to the light side!" It's just so perfect and pure and everything I ever wanted😭😭

LMAOOOOOOOO YES YES YES it’s especially good for me because i’ve been so monogamous with fandoms (i’ve been in the spn fandom alone for 4 years now) so to be in a completely different fandom where EVERYTHING IS SO NEW AND FLUFFY AND WELL-PLOTTED AND DIVERSE is so!!!!!!! [cLENCHES FIST]

LIKE DONT GET ME WRONG i still love spn with all my heart because it has helped me through so much and i gained so many new friends because of it and i dont know what i would’ve done if spn hadn’t been there for me so spn still holds a very special place in my heart but!! yoi is also helping me get through the day and im also gaining lots of friends because of it too SO LIKE ITS HARD TO ONLY CHOOSE ONE!!! SO BOTH FANDOMS IT IS!!!!!

im just really happy that yoi is treating its fans really well and theres never a shortage of good fics and fanart and VERY NICE PEOPLE so im super content to be in this fandom right now! im glad a lot of people are feeling the same way too!! LET US ALL BECOME YOI TRASH NOW


RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥

jack morrison: uses a tactical visor that gives him perfect accuracy
ana amari: one of the world’s deadliest, most elite snipers, with superior marksmanship and a cybernetic eye
widowmaker: a good enough marksman to defeat ana in a sniper duel
jesse mccree: a deadeye with perfect aim
gabriel reyes: spins around really fast firing shotguns one-handedly and tells you to fuck off


Giveaway prize for the lovely @victorialee-93, who requested aged-up Yurabek (Otayuri? Otario? This ship has so many names…) in a pose from this video, with character designs based on adult!ice illustrations by @istehlurvz.


Just another installment of “Garnet very confidently thinks she knows more about human culture than she actually does”