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“have you been kissed before?”
luna says, “uh-huh.”
“what?” his jaw lowers. “by who?”
“guy at school. you don’t know him. he bought me a sandwich afterwards.” she starts laughing at maximoff’s brows and hard confusion.
“you’re totally fucking with me.” he pauses. “right?”
luna just laughs again.


Brain wouldn’t stop itself. Small drabble about Prompto arriving back in Lucis after the events of Episode Prompto and Chapter 13. Very, very mild spoilers for Episode Prompto. Enjoy!

Prompto x reader.

1071 words.

Your heart stopped when you saw them arrive.

You thanked the Gods for the lighting on the dock at Cape Caem, the only shining light in the current eternal darkness that engulfed your surroundings. You had been staying in Lestallum following the boys’ departure, aiding refugees and helping the city grow, and had received a phone call from Iris that your friends were on their way back from Gralea following Noctis being absorbed by the crystal. You had rushed over to see them as soon as you could, praying you would get back in time to see them arrive.

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Honestly I feel like I’m missing out on a big part of what “friendship” is and sometimes I feel so empty because of it. I don’t hang out with people one-on-one, I don’t do sleepovers. The idea of going on holiday with a friend- or friends in a group- seems impossible to me. Why? Cause all these things make me uncomfortable. When I hang out with friends alone I, quite frankly, want to leave/for them to leave as soon as possible. I don’t really know why? It’s not an introvert thing I don’t think- it’s not because I need to recharge or anything like that, I just don’t wanna do it. I don’t get the same feeling in groups- I fucking love meeting up with my friends in groups and don’t like that time ending. But as soon as it’s one-on-one, or hell two-on-one, I suddenly get very uncomfortable.

I feel like I’m missing out.