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you are something  e x t r a o r d i n a r y, my dear.

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  • Uterus: oh is it exam week?
  • Me: yeah it's actually really stressful so if you could just chill
  • Uterus: it would be a shame if something were to-
  • Me: hoe don't do it
  • Uterus: happen
  • Me: oh my god

studying for theatre and studying for gen eds are too very different beasts, so every time i take a gen ed class i have to totally reassess how to approach it, cause it’s like my brain forgets everything not relevant to acting haha 

got my first exam on thursday! have some time after class to do those bonus problems and start reading, but i’m definitely going to be doing some cramming over the next two days. (the science class is super simple, but that’s no excuse for being under-prepared!) this whole academia thing is hard. wish me luck! xx


The turtle au finally continues haha. Go check my turtle au tag if you have no idea what’s going on~

After 20 minutes of frantic searching, Kageyama finally found Spike. Hinata had hid her in her box under Natsu’s bed. The damage was already done though because Kageyama can sometimes be a dumbass who has absolutely no tact.

I felt like this is super relevant right now. I can’t bear to see these two nerds fighting o k a  y

Why Reychel would be like a fairy tale

Or what happens when me and @piper-mccool talk about reychel.

  • Listen… Reyna, praetor of camp Jupiter and demigod daughter of bellona, falling in love with mortal Rachel (who is the oracle of Delphi, sworn to be a maiden)… this is fairy tale material right here.
  • When Rachel was going through her confusing visions in the last Olympian she probably had visions about Reyna, her future gf, and painted it thinking it was relevant to the war.
  • She’d be so confused “why do I keep drawing this gorgeous girl percy? What part will she play in this war?“ 
  • And then when Percy starts to get his memory back in son of Neptune he recognises Reyna slightly, but can’t remember where from, but then by the time reychel happens he will know, and he teases Rachel endlessly about her paintings.
  • Percy was so scared at the time though and would definitely think rachel’s visions were predicting some important event but mostly rachel’s just really gay
  • “Percy, it turns out the girl was my gay vision not an apocalyptic prophecy”
  • They hang the paintings in their first apartment together.
  • Reyna is so shook by it, and doesn’t know what to say when she first sees them.
  • Reyna thinks they look to pretty to be her, rachel always assures her she couldn’t capture even half her beauty in her paintings
  • She has pictures of rachel’s paintings on her phone and scrolls through them when she needs cheering up, she doesnt know what she’s doing half the time but the paintings reassure her that they were meant to be a couple.
  • Look… a relationship predicted by the fates, what kind of fairy tale bullshit asdfghjkl 

it’s honestly eerie how relevant and accurate the lyrics to “wouldn’t it be nice” are for harry and louis. like suspiciously accurate…i can’t believe The Beach Boys invented time travel, came to the future and saw louis and harry, became the Original Larries, and created “wouldn’t it be nice”. iconic.

Read You Like a Book


Clarke knows it’s irrational that when she moves back to her childhood hometown, the first place she wants to go is the library.

Sure, getting a library card is vaguely on her To Do list, along the same lines as figuring out which mechanic she’ll go to when her car breaks down. It’s not a pressing issue, but when it becomes relevant to her interests she’ll cross it off and move on.

The real reason the library calls to her the moment she gets all of her boxes inside the house is that it was her go-to hangout spot last time she lived here.

She was twelve when her parents moved them away, the library one of the few spots in town (in addition to the neighborhood pool and playground, but sadly excluding the ice cream parlor) that was close enough for her to bike to on her own.

And she preferred it to the pool and the playground, and even the ice cream, because the library is where she knew she would find Bellamy Blake.

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never thought I’d be talking about this but:

if you believe that someone like pewdiepie is a nazi/fascist, congratulations, you are not only easily manipulatable by corporate-backed media that are struggling to stay relevant in modern society through scandals and finger-pointing, but also contributing to the watering down of a serious term and harmful ideology.

The Impatient Writer.

I am an impatient writer. I get up most days and feel furious with myself and the universe that my book isn’t done.

I’ve been writing it for a long time. And, nothing I do makes it good. It isn’t living up to its potential. Which infuriates me. 

I don’t want to write it anymore. I WANT IT TO BE DONE.

But, it’s not done. And, I have to face that fact. It upsets me that every day it seems like books very similar to mine or being picked up, or published and I’m once again going back to the drawing board.

It’s frustrating, especially, when I know that I am a good writer. That my book is a good idea and that it’s relevant and would probably be welcomed. But, right now it just SUCKS. My book sucks and it makes me angry.

I’m impatient for what’s in my head to be clear on the page. But, it’s not there yet. And, I have to learn patience. I have to remind myself that at my core, I am a screenwriter. I have been trained to write movies and TV shows. Which is why I work in TV and not in the publishing industry.

I have to remind myself that writing a book is actually a challenge because it’s writing outside my comfort zone. I have to remind myself that some people spend years, decades even on their first book. I have to remind myself that many published authors are older than me by a lot. I have to remind myself that my craft gets better with age because my knowledge of the world gets wider with age.

I have to remind myself that having the best possible book is the goal. Not just being published. Not just being a paid writer. But, the best possible story. The best possible draft. The best possible book.

That is really what I am in it for. I’m in it for the one reader out there who will get it on a visceral level. Not for the fame, and movie deals and big paychecks. Bu, for the story I have wanted to tell for a long time for the characters who whisper their tales to me deep in the middle of the night.

This was just my rant to get it out of my system. Now, I return to the book. Got to get it done, by any means necessary. 


““I had a taste for you, once.” His head snapped up. He hadn’t expected that. Saints, it was satisfying.”

I just read that thing about tinitus and the Mandela effect and I’ve never told this to anyone cause I really didn’t even know how to explain it, but I guess it’s relevant. Idk if someone sees this and can tell me what the hell happened to me that would be much appreciated.

So I was sitting on my bed in the middle of the day on like a Wednesday or something. Because I went to a private school at the time, sometimes I would get off when no one else did. So no one was home in my house or in any of my neighbor’s houses, and I was just sitting alone enjoying the privacy.

Suddenly I start to hear this ringing in my ears, which isn’t unusual because I do have mild tinnitus probably brought on by listening to loud music too often, so I didn’t really think anything of it until it got louder. It got so loud and painful that by reflex I tightly covered my ears with my hands, even though that did nothing to stop it. I went to reach for my phone to call my mom or an ambulance when suddenly the ringing subsided and in its place I started to hear radio static. There was a voice speaking through the static, a mans voice. He sounded a little bit like he was speaking with a transatlantic accent, but I had a hard time coming up with the exact words that he was saying. At worst he sounded angry, at best he sounded very serious. This went on for about three minutes before completely fading away.

I sharply turned to look at the antique radio I keep in my room, to see if it somehow could have turned on on accident, it wasn’t even plugged in. It’s never plugged in. It’s a decoration. I was too scared to move for a little bit. I knew for a fact that the sensation that came from hearing the radio signal was not the sensation that one would feel where you can hear the direction from which the sound is originating, the sensation was that of experiencing tinnitus: it felt as if the static was coming from inside of me.

I wasn’t sick with fever, and before that moment I had never done psychedelic drugs before. I know what an auditory hallucination sounds like and that was not it.

I never brought this up to anyone because I really didn’t know what to say about it. I’ve never had this experience again to this day. I’m hoping someone here can tell me what happened thanks.

Also idk if @sixpenceee is still collecting glitch in the matrix stories or whatever but it would be really cool if enough people could see this so that I got answers.

  • My BPD: Anyways you're unnecessary and you should kill yourself
  • Me: What? No, that's stupid why-
  • My BPD: They're all out without you right now having a good time because you aren't there and they didn't want you there; they're not even thinking about you you aren't even going to hear from them ever again because they don't want to talk to you and they're better off without you
  • Me: that's tru u right :/