like it is legit amazing

me: *watches a shit ton of Yuzuru Hanyu skating videos*
me: wow I want to learn how to ice skate!!!
me: *is about as flexible as a brick, unathletic as fuck, has 0.2 talent*

I really haven’t posted anything in a bit of time, so let me share a random tidbit with you.

The very first time I started up Episode Duscae, at least a year and a half before FFXV was released, I screamed when I saw Prompto. Like, actually screamed.

Because he has freckles.

And I’ll never forget that day, because that was the first time I’d seen a canonically freckled character in a video game. It was amazing. It was life changing.

I love that Prompto has freckles. It makes me so happy.

Lucio Rant

Okay so I fucking love Lucio but like I can’t see him as a damsel in distress type? I know some people do and I’m like yeah bro you do you but I mean I think Lucio is really strong? Because okay muscles aside and stuff because it could just be a way to make him aesthetically pleasing if we assume that the emotes are canon with the things the characters do and their personality then Lucio knows capoeira and have you SEEN people do capoeira??? Like I know it’s considered a game in West Africa and not a fighting style like tae-kwon-do or karate but I’ve done it before (And I was shit at it) and it like takes so much strength, concentration and balance? And if you are really skilled at it its legit fucking amazing like legit go look for a capoeira video on youtube it’s INSANE the moves that they do.

And okay I’m not going to assume Lucio is an expert but look at his body??? He has to be good at it because capoeira can literally help you build muscle and he’s kinda ripped? Like he didn’t get those muscles just DJing I’ll tell you that.

And Boombox because you know I ALWAYS gotta make it boombox it’s one of my top five pairings guys bare with me.

Junkrat thinking that Lucio needs to be protected because 1 he’s a medic and 2 he’s so small and it’s rare Lucio every fights with his fists on missions like most people on the Overwatch team don’t even know he has hand to hand combat capabilities.

And Lucio is in a bind wear his weapon gets knocked away and Junkrat is like “oh no” and he’s trying to think of a way to save him without using his explosives because he could accidentally hurt Lucio and he’s calling for back up and Lucio just fucking TAKES THEM OUT and Junkrat is just staring like “What the fuck just happened.” And Lucio just picks up his gun and goes on skating like nothing happened and he just looks at Junkrat and says “… What?” Before going on his way

Or or Junkrat being in a bind and not being that good at hand to hand combat himself despite how eager he is to pick a fight being completely flabbergasted when Lucio just comes down from a wall he was gliding on and just beating the shit out of the people hassling Junkrat and Junkrat just being like “Whoa wtf mate” And Lucio just helping him up like it’s nothing.

Also Lucio practicing Capoeria in short shorts and a tank top (I know it’s not practical but let me dream damn it) and Junkrat just fucking stopping because oh my god how can such a tiny body move like that and his ass looks amazing and oh no Jamie abort mission abort abort


Every CEGF song ever
Feeling Kinda Naughty

“I wanna kill you and wear your skin like a dress,
But then also have you see me in the dress,
And be like “O-M-G you look so cute in my skin!”

sometimes i just get kind of overwhelmed… life is such an amazing opportunity… we’re surrounded by so many good things? this earth is so beautiful… and the fact that i’m able to experience love? so freely given to me? just even those small moments, sitting and listening to a soft song, or watching the rain fall, the feeling of a worn sweater, the taste of homemade jam. all of those things? i could have never known. i could have never existed. but i am alive! and i do get to experience them! it’s crazy, how when you open your eyes to everything life has to offer to you, even those simple things can become luxuries to you.


I’d legit sell my soul just to hear this song in the end credits of Spider-Man homecoming that or as Peter’s ringtone 👌

I went on a date with a guy the other day who has never ever wanted to play as a femShep…. it never even crossed his mind as an option….. like I honestly can’t imagine living a life like that??

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Gotta be honest: I don't know you. I legit didn't know you existed until five minutes ago. Your art is amazing and I love it. I wish I knew about you sooner so I could like...learn from you honestly. Legit. You're amazing. (side note...YOUR NICO IS FIRE!) ah, me and my terrible puns. Feel free to slap. that's actually terrible.


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You know what makes me immensely happy? Dean being an enthusiastic and overly-interested wingman. Like looking for teachable moments with cas at the diner or trying to get Sam laid in the early days. Or even in baby with the waitress. I'm so on board with dean deriving pleasure from other people getting off.

Dean is honestly just,,,, such an amazing fucking person okay. Like he LEGIT just wants others to be happy. He’s always putting himself last. Always putting the happiness and safety of others first. Especially Sam and Cas ofc. U know that feeling u get when ur best friend is super happy and just generally in a rly good place?? And u just milk that shit bc dAng it’s so good to see them like this and you’re happy bc they’re happy??? Yeah that’s Dean. And he just loooooves seeing his brother and his best friend being happy, no matter what that means for them. Srsly gotdAMN THIS BOI HE IS TOO!!!!!! MUCH!!!!!!!!!!