like it is legit amazing

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I don't think I'll ever understand you and your squad. Being on the ace spectrum I'm just over here kind of watching in awe and amazement. Like I am legit impressed by your unquenchable thirst. (Sorry I wouldn't normally anon but I get easily scared of the backlash being ace can result in >_>)

First, I will personally fight anyone that has an issue with ace people (COME AT ME DICKWADS). Second, where the thirst comes from, I have no idea, lol. The actual chat is 100x worse than our blogs, and I guess it’s just entertaining to us. Just being bombarded with extremely hot fictional men does that.

I am officially trash for him and I blame Mya…

Gift for @keiid (who drew the amazing fanart in the edit *^*)

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Also, shoutout of thanks to Aphrodite for lighting up my life and gracing us all with her very existence.


Y’know guys, Mark inspires me so much. His perseverance, his kindness, his positivity, his diligence, his leadership, his selflessness, his care, his heart, his attitude, his love, his strength–just him. I think of Mark and I just feel like I should be a better person because such a wonderful human being lives on this Earth. He’s been through so much and he’s worked so hard, yet he still has one of the brightest most beautiful smiles on his face everyday, and it’s honestly so admirable. I respect him so much, and this has probably been said so much by so many people because there’s so much to admire about him, and I’ll add myself to that group of people.

Mark Lee deserves the world and everything more, and as much as a fan can, I love him with all of my heart <3

OKAY I JUST GOTTA SAY THIS FOR A MINUTE I’ve never been the huuuuuugest fan of Erwin’s looks like he looks great but not UUUBER hot or whatever bUT THIS IS JUST 


The dude just dethroned both Eren’s, Zeke and Mikasa as hottest SnK charas in both anime and manga and just




Two cours with lotsa Erwin I am more than ready 

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do you know what i just thought about? james and lily becoming closer as "friends" until one evening they're cuddling on the couch in front of the fire and it's all so soft and comfortable and they're just enjoying the moment not thinking about anything but then one of them turns their head and they Look at each other and it's like the world was in slow motion and they move their faces closer very slowly and james looks at her with this endlessly soft gaze and that's how their first kiss happens

!!!!!!1111111111111111111 tbh, i bet this is 100% canon i mean ngl, jily are such dorks 

Dating Frank Zhang Would Include

(This is how I roll guys, I go on a fucking long hiatus and then come back with a shit ton of stuff done.)

* No I mean like really
* When he asked you out he nearly killed himself
* “Hey Y/n. Do you wanna go to the firewor- ”
* Him tripping on something invisible as he was walking with you
*Falling and hitting his head on a branch
* “Welp, looks like you have a concussion. How’d you do that?”
* “He asked me out.”
* “Typical”
* Holding your hand CoNStANTly
* Asking to hold your hand every single time and then lighting up when you say yes
* Nudging his head against your back, neck, shoulder, etc. whenever he’s tired.
*Stuttering when he asks to kiss you for the first time
* Being a fucking amazing kisser tho
* Like legit
* You can’t get enough
* Okay but
* When he’s sick and you take care of him
* He turns into like every single animal you can think of when he sneezes or coughs
* Like one minute he’s a kitten
* Next he’s walrus
* Leo flirting with you
* Then Frank chasing after him
* he’s throwing bread
* why the fuck is throwing bread?
* Loving you endlessly
* Being the best boyfriend because he’s Frank