like it is jack frost


so I got this idea of Rise of the Guardians-YOI AU where Victor fell thru the ice and became Jack Frost while Yuri succumbed to his darkness after losing Victor and became Pitch. 

Just imagine the freakin drama when Frost remembers who they were but Pitch doesn’t and is too far gone. 

Jack Frost: [whispers] What did you do?

Pitch: The question is Jack…What did YOU do?

My Top 10 Jackrabbit (Jack Frost/Bunnymund) Fics

Hi everyone! Jackrabbit was one of the larger categories, so there was a lot of variety to choose from when it came to making this list. We’ve got angst, we’ve got AUs, we’ve got smut, we’ve got something for every jackrabbit fan. It was quite difficult to narrow the list down, however, and if you like the ship I encourage you to check out the masterpost.

The fics are presented in chronological order, with the oldest first. 

1.  The Daffodil’s Ghost (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/9): Jack Frost leaves Bunny a daffodil coated in ice as a gift, hoping desperately that he’ll realize what it’s meant for, even though he doubts Spring could love Winter.

2.  The Bower (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (6/4): Jack comes to the Warren with the intention to have sex with Bunny, but he’s really nervous and is kind of treating it as a thing to get over with. Bunny’s grown him a bower of flowers, and does his best to give Jack a memorable but relaxed experience.

3.  Silver Strands (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (10/14): Jack is becoming an eldritch being, and can now see the beautiful intricacies of Bunny’s powers. Bunny isn’t ready to hear about how he looks in Jack’s new way of seeing.

4.  No Fighting (Bunny/Jack Frost) (5/9): For a while, Bunny has defeated North in a boxing match to symbolically end winter. One year, it doesn’t work, and Bunny has to go find the new winter spirit. When he finds him, he realizes he very much wants to find an alternative to fighting Jack.

5.  GrowRunGrow (Bunny/Jack Frost) (10/3): While kissing, Jack and Bunny slip into their eldritch personas, which surprises them both.

6.  Not For Hate (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (1/14): Jack accidentally causes Bunny’s death. When Bunny comes back, he isn’t the same person Jack knew, and Jack is emotionally shredded by this, because he never antagonized Bunny out of hate.

7.  The Burgess Library Genealogy Department (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/11): In a human AU, Bunny is an artist who finds out he’s being haunted by a ghost he can only see in winter. He falls in love with the ghost, and tries to help him finish his unfinished business, though in doing so he may create some of his own.

8.  Hopscotch (Bunnymund/Jack Frost)(1/6)|?: Eldritch Jack and eldritch Bunny leap and play through the structure of the world, both wondering why it took so long for them to reach this point.

9.  One Flower Is Better Than None (Jack Frost/Bunnymund) (4/4): As Winter and Spring, Jack and Bunny will never be able to spend much time together, but both realize that that little time is worth it.

10.  Light and Soft (Bunny/Jack)(¼): With living, mortal senses, Jack is hypersensitive, so his first time having sex with Bunny is full of light, delicate touches.

Interestingly, both the first and last jackrabbit I wrote for the meme are on this list.

Bonus list:

All the fin-de-siecle spies AU that deals with Bunny and Jack together:

1.  Chocolate Shop (Implied Everyone/Jack) (5/12)

2.  The Brightest Thing In The Room (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/19)

3.  Playing With Things That Aren’t Toys (Bunnymund/Jack Frost; Jack Frost/Pitch Black) (7/28)

4.  A Perfect Laugh (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (3/6)

Other AUs:

1.  First Chance Only Chance (pre-Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (6/6): In a world with millions of guardian spirits, Jack is assigned to guard Jamie, and Bunny is assigned to guard Sophie. The only problem is, Jack is on his first assignment. If Jamie dies, Jack becomes a boogeyman. Bunny doesn’t want that to happen. A short snippet of their first night on the job together.

2.  Live End Street (pre-Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/29): On a Constellan-controlled planet, a homeless Jack Frost follows a strange man’s directions to what he expects to be a squat. Instead, it turns out to be a temple with at least one pre-Constellan god living in it.

3.  Aster’s Town (pre-Jack Frost/Bunnymund) (10/21): Set a few years into the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. Jack is an illusionist using real magic, abandoned by his mentor. While travelling, he finds a town untouched by the general misfortune. During his show, he discovers the powerful wizard responsible for the town’s prosperity.

My Top 20 Rise of the Guardians Gen Fics

Hi Everyone! So, like I said in my summary post after finishing all the fills for the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme, I’m making lists of my favorites from each category/ship in the masterpost list

Below, I’ve listed the twenty gen fics that, per my own personal rubric, I consider to be the best/my favorites. (Not all categories will have a top twenty! The gen category was really large.) I also have a couple honorable mentions because I make my own rules for these posts.

The fics are listed in chronological order, with the oldest at 1 and the newest at 20.

1.  ‘Gotten’ (gen) (7/19): The Guardians are surprised to find that Pitch actually takes care of the children the Boogeyman “gets.” (Well, Sandy isn’t surprised.) Pitch ends up sort of shanghaied into being a Guardian (maybe).

2.   I’m Fine (gen) (8/1): Everyone except Jack is sick with bad colds, and he has to take care of them. Pitch shows up trying to be evil but he’s sick, too. There’s a cuddle pile and implication that Pitch is more often “that weird guy we know” rather than the ultimate evil.

3.  Rabbit Starts Autumn (gen) (2/17): I like this one because it gave me the chance to try writing Bunny and Pitch as older folkloric figures, and come up with a myth about the origin of autumn and spring. 

4.  I and You (gen) (4/9): A gen exploration of eldritch Pitch encountering eldritch Jack and them getting along for a little while. It’s independent of the Eldritch Abomination Polyamorous Whatever AU.

5.  Child Jack to the Ice Tower Came (gen) (7/2): This is an AU where Jack gets ice powers as a human, is cast out of his village because of that, and goes to seek out General Winter because there’s no where else for him to go. 

6.  Birth of the Drowned Boy (gen) (9/10): Another genfic with eldritch Pitch and (newly) eldritch Jack. I think I like exploring the ambiguity of what it means to have a body as a Guardian or similar.

7.  The Myriad Forms of Monsters (gen) (10/10): A character study of Pitch, which touches on what he likes to do and doesn’t like to do as the Boogeyman. Avoids the idea that his fear is useful in any practical sense.

8.  Does It Almost Feel Like Nothing’s Changed at All? (gen) (10/13): All the Guardians have switched powers, but the world doesn’t seem to become that different. I like this one because it’s a little world-building exercise.

9.  Three’s a Crowd (mostly gen) (2/6): Okay, I’m kind of surprised this ended up on my list, because it’s not a trope I usually work with, but here it is. To his surprise, Jack discovers that he’s pregnant and Pitch is the other parent. Magical sand can do that, here. But…who else got hit with nightmare sand? Maybe this is crack.

10.  Skip To The End (gen) (3/18): North knows that the beings that usually try to destroy Christmas always fail and usually also end up with a change of heart at the end. When Pitch shows up at the Pole with an evil plan, North welcomes him and lays out an argument why they should just skip to that end.

11.  Take A Third Option (gen) (5/22): Pitch wants Jack to kill him. Jack refuses. This one ended up on the list because I liked their characterization.

12.  One Chance/Second Chance (gen) (6/12): Sandy guards Pitch at the Pole while the other Guardians try to figure out how to get Kozmotis back. Sandy has some surprising words of comfort for Pitch, who knows he isn’t Kozmotis and doesn’t want to be.

13.  All There (gen)(7/27): Jack takes some pretty brutal (but not graphically described) vengeance on Pitch for killing Sandy. Like, this is a pretty dark story, but I like it because, well, there were so many prompts about Jack going dark and joining Pitch, but it seems to me that after Sandy, Jack could have gone dark–but against Pitch.

14.  Otherwise You’ll Have To Stay (gen) (10/7): Jack is a contemporary human teenager who recently died, but he doesn’t know that. A ghost story.

15.  Coming To His Senses (gen)(12/5): Jack’s been using a dead body and dead senses for a long time, and when he becomes a Guardian with believers, he returns to bodily life. The sensory input overwhelms him, but the Guardians take care of him and he learns more about the special connection between them.

16.  Death and His Half-Brothers Sleep (gen)(2/15)|?: Jack is Death, and long ago he had a brother, Sleep. When he becomes the Guardian of Fun, he learns what happened to his brother, and how that changes his duties.

17.  The Snow Day (gen)(3/7)|?: The Guardians make Jack his own realm as a Christmas present. Again, fun worldbuilding regarding what Jack’s world would be like.

18.  Reflection and Shine (gen)(8/24): Jack is caught in the realm of the Fae, and the Guardians must try to bring him back to the real world. Sandy is the one who ultimately succeeds.

19.  Old Enough To Try Anything Once (gen)(8/26): A goofy conversation about whether the Boogeyman eats hands and feet, Pitch and Sandy being old, a bit scary, solid frenemies, and trolls of Jack.

20.  The White Wolf (gen)(10/3): Jack dies while hunting a wolf that attacked his village and the moon makes him a voluntarily shifting werewolf. He becomes a local legend and is woven into Little Red Riding Hood variations. I like this one because I got to include fake scholarship with it.

Honorable Mention:

There Will Be Time (gen) (5/16): This didn’t make the initial list because it’s not really narrative. It’s musings on North and Bunny (separately) and how very old  they are and how multiple their pasts are.

Honorable Mentions The Second: Human Stories

I didn’t want these stories to take up spots on a list that I really wanted to focus on the Guardians, but I still quite like these stories below that focus on human characters brushing up against the world of the Guardians.

1.  The Quarry Pool (gen) (9/12)

2.  Tea Between Storms (gen) (1/23)

3. “Phantom Menace” More Than Just Movie Title at Historic Theater, Locals Say (gen) (5/9)

4.  Something To Hang On To (gen)(10/26)

Thank you, and I hope that my favorites will encourage you to explore more of my fic! There were plenty of good stories that just couldn’t go on the list if I wanted to keep it a reasonable length.