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Elevator (M)

Description: It’s been a terribly long day at work, and all you want to do is go home. Before you can even make it out of the building, Jeon Jungkook, one of your least favorite co-workers, happens to get into the same elevator as you, but it doesn’t stop there. Jungkook X Reader

Warnings: foul and graphic language, hate sex, blowjobs, & fingering

Word Count: 2.9k

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Could you please write something with Cassian taking care of lots of little baby Illyrians. (There is a serious lack of Cassian with babies fics in the world.) Pretty please! -Chloe

awwwwww the thought of Cassian with babies just warms my cold dead heart like no other!!

But, I think I am more suited to the headcanon thing. My attempts at fic writing are just me pretending I can write. Trust me. So here’s some headcanons for you Chloe

-Cassian is the baby whisperer. He’s one of those guys that everyone hates because all the babies want him. When he is walking through the camps or in Velaris the babies instantly hold out their arms like “I WANT THE TALL ONE GIVE ME TO HIM”. And while he is so good at making them smile, the real skills are in how he calms them down. Babies fall asleep on him instantly. It is not uncommon to see Cassian walking around the Illyrian camp with a baby on his chest, supported in one massive hand. He just goes about his business and the moms don’t care because “Thank the Mother, she kept me awake the entire night screaming”

-Once those babies turn into toddlers, he chases them around and throws them up in the air to heights that would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knows he will catch them. Every time someone is trying to talk to their Commander™ he is also partially playing chase or hide and seek while saying “Continue with your report General, I’m listening!”

-The flying is the best though. Tiny Illyrians will line up for a chance to soar with him. He takes them up and holds them out below him by the waist so they can let their tiny wings spread while he gives them directions. “Okay now we are going to turn right, you need to help me! Lower your right wing!”… “I’m barely holding on anymore! how are you already so good at this! Look at you go!”

Tease Pleaser (Baekhyun x Reader)

Title: Tease Pleaser

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: hand cuffs, blindfolded sex, bbh being a tease

2.1k words

You had just gotten out of the shower, your bright pink towel wrapped tightly around your chest and your wet hair hanging down your back. Your boyfriend had come over and was sitting on your bed playing with his phone as you walked into your bedroom.

When Baekhyun saw you he quickly got off the bed and made his way to you. You were trying to brush the tangles out of your hair when his arms wrapped around your waist. He smiled at you through the mirror, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

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I know this might be an odd request, (maybe out of the ordinary) but I absolutely adore your way in writing style and was wondering, could you possibly write anything about plain brown eyes that could make me love them? Because I'm finding it so hard to.

You have eyes the colour of the trees, as grounded and strong as  forests that spread old and wise and long before us. I meet them and instantly feel at peace. You are beyond me. 

You have eyes the colour of my favourite coffee. Rich and warm - I look at you, and we are home again, cuddled together in the early morning with steam coaxing us awake. Eyes like dark chocolate: heaven on earth. 

You have eyes like the autumn. Sometimes, I think they might be brown, other times there are flecks of green, or a sprinkling of gold in the sunlight. I could spend a lifetime looking at you and never quite figure it out. 

You have eyes like the earth; everything starts there. 

see, like, missy has been a very touchy character in this regen?

she snogs the doctor, and constantly rests her arm around him/on his shoulder (outside st paul’s, and once she’s free on the plane, to name a few times), and just holding on to him for dear life when he kisses her in the graveyard. she wraps her arm around osgood. in s9, she reaches into clara’s personal space to make her have the vortex manipulator, and she sits very closely to the doctor in the ship.

getting into people’s personal spaces is a very quick and effective way to make them very uncomfortable, and she uses this to her advantage to scare osgood, and her just being nearby people makes them nervous.

the scene in which she reaches for the doctor (and to me she looks like she’s reaching to fix his coat, like in s8 with the unit/cybermen in the square scene),  he steps back, and it shows she wants to be near him and touch him for her own comfort, not to make him uncomfortable. she instantly stops, and freezes and looks down and laces her fingers together, kinda shakily. she doesn’t continue her attempt, which is something the old her might have done - stepping forward and not allowing a rejection in the first place.

[gif from @the-clever-boy-in-the-funny-hat​]

12 recognizes, however, how much she needs that contact, but isn’t ready to give it. he’s not much of a hugging person, but he understands that she needs that from him, so he does what he can. her reaction to this, like she’s taking a breath, about to speak, is so fundamental. she knows he’s trying to help her too, but doesn’t know how to convey how much she needs it without embarrassing herself/acting ooc.

i feel that missy really needs that hug. she really, really needs it. even just from bill. she hasn’t really had physical contact with anyone in years, presumably, and that does things to a person whose character revolves a lot around it. she’s restraining herself so much.

Would Never Call It Love | Finale

After many many many weeks of me being gone, I’ve finally gotten the courage to write the finale of a story that I’ve had so much fun writing, and have had so much fun seeing you guys reactions to it. This story is now my most popular with the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post, and I can’t thank you guys enough for always pushing me to be a better writer. Sad to end this one, but I have ideas in store for a new story, can’t wait to share it with you guys hopefully soon :-). Enjoy.

(not my photo)

Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This day had to come. This day was bound to creep on us sooner. This day may not seem huge to some people, but it’s huge to me. 

The last show of their first leg of the tour. Also known as, the day I’ve decided to go back home to my lonely, small, quiet home…all by myself.

When did I decide this? Probably about 5 hours ago at 7 am when I impulsively bought a plane ticket, while at breakfast with Luke, Ashton, and Arzaylea. While the couple talked throughout breakfast, Ashton kept nudging me and bugging me about what had me so fixated on my small screen, but he leaned over a little far at one point and gave an annoyed sigh before throwing his share for his own food and walked out of the eatery. Luke and Arzaylea still haven’t figured it out.

Now here I am, packing my things, the memories of the last couple of weeks with the boys coming down on me. I picked up a black and white stripped shirt that I wore the day of their 3rd concert, the one where Michael spilled a little too much water on me backstage after the show, and my bra peeked through; of course he didn’t seem to mind though. I then started placing the different colored bracelets Ashton gave me within the second week of tour inside a little pouch in my suitcase. They made me smile because they matched his, so I’d always have a little part of him.

Then it got to my lingerie and undergarments, many of which I wore when Calum was over. I held back tears, my throat becoming itchy, as I packed them deeply away underneath anything else I could. 

I heard a knock at my door, and saw Ash standing there, leaning against the door still looking displeased.

“You know they’re asking about what happened at breakfast right?” 

I only rolled my eyes. “Why am I not surprised.”

“I’m not telling them, you are.” He strode toward my suitcase and began taking out the nicely folded clothes and even took things out of the pouches. The room went silent when he saw the colorful bracelets, and even the same bra from that night when everything took a turn for the worst. He bent down and studied them both, the memories hitting him hard as well.

“After all these weeks, you still have these bracelets?” He questioned quietly. I only gave him a nod. “And this…I remember this little number…everything felt so right that night.” He smiled sadly at the moment that practically changed everything; the friendship, the relationship, his ability to forgive himself for one mistake.

“Well, at least for one person it did.” He threw it back down next to the bracelets and began striding out of the room. I took two big steps before pulling him by the cuff of his sleeve, stopping him.

“Don’t do that to me. You don’t get to be mad at me for the decision I’m making. So what if I’m leaving? So what if I don’t want to be here anymore? It is not my fault that because of my stupid mistakes I don’t want to be in a place where I am not welcome anymore Ashton. Sorry that you don’t have a choice. You’re a part of this band, these are your best friends and even though you’re having a fight with one of them doesn’t mean you can take it out on me because you can’t run away from it like I’m doing.”

“You’re being selfish. You’re thinking of only yourself. Which is exactly what Calum said the other night when you tried talking to him right?” Slap. Instantly my hand landed on his right cheek, making it head and hair whip to the side and cover his face. My breathing was heavier and louder, the feeling of my cheeks getting red growing. He turned his head back slowly, his eyes like dagger stabbing into my skin. I could just the anger dripping off of him.

“Y/N look…” he tried to sound sympathetic, but I only held up my finger and pointed it at the door.

“Just get out.” He knew he was defeated, and that he hit a spot in me that stung. Before I shut the door on him, he turned back slightly and whispered, “Just call me when you get there, please. I need to know that you’ll be safe.” I hummed in response, and shut the door, leaning my back against it. 

Hiding my suitcase backstage behind a bunch of curtains was surprisingly easy. It was easy access, and since I would be leaving 15 minutes before the end of the guys show, nobody would really know that I had left. The only person I’d truly have to say goodbye to is Ashton since he was the only one that knew, or so I thought.

Arzaylea caught me at the snack table and tugged on my jacket, getting as far away from the boys as possible. I gave her a confused look, waiting for her to tell me what was going on since she looked so worried.

“Arz, w-what’s going on-”

“I bugged Ashton for hours about what went wrong this morning, and he finally told me.” She crossed her arms staring me down, while I was looked down messing with my fingers.

“Look, please don’t be upset with me-”

“Oh, you think I’m just upset. That’s rich. I’m more than upset with you Y/N. You’ve become like a sister to me, I thought you were stronger and had more integrity than you’re showing right now. You’re letting a stupid boy get in the way of you living your best life. You think you’ve fucked up? You think I haven’t fucked up either! This-this is all just so disappointing.”

“You have to understand that I’m miserable here now. There’s never a day that goes by anymore that I don’t blame myself for how things have laid out the past couple of weeks. I’ve only made things worst since being here, when I wasn’t even suppose to be in the first place!” I felt the water prickle in my eyes, but clenched my fists to help make it go away.

“If you’re mad because you feel like once I’m gone you feel like we’ll never see or talk to me again, then I can make a promise that that won’t happen.” She only scuffed, but in an amusing way.

“That’s partly why.” She pushed my shoulder playfully as we both smiled at each other.

“I’ll still text you, facetime you and call you. Just because Calum and I can’t get along great doesn’t mean I have to give up some of the best people in my life. I just have to…give him some space. It’s for the best.” I peeked over her shoulder slightly to see Calum biting into a green apple, water bottle in his other hand. I couldn’t help but shutter at the veins popping out of his neck and how defined his jawline got when it jutted out to eat the piece of the apple. It’s the simple things Calum did that got under my skin.

Arzaylea pulled me into a tight hug then pulled back to smile at me, and proceeded to do what most girls do with their best friends, take a snapchat. She pulled up a funny filter to get me to calm down and smile, but after the picture was taken, something slimy and runny was piled on top of my head.

Arzaylea and I jumped back from each other as some of it did get on her too, then we turned around to find Nia with a smirk holding the big plate that was dead center of the snack table that was labeled “Spaghetti.” The crew and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing, and watched to find out what was going to happen next.

“Nia what the fuck!” Arz yelled, wiping off the bits of tomato sauce that was now on her clothes and hair.

“She deserved it.” She came up close to my face, trying to intimidate me however I held my ground and stared her right back down.

“That’s for making Calum break up with me.” She chuckled. “You think he’d really eventually end up falling for you? Oh girl, you’ve got it so wrong. He told me all the awful things you’ve done to him, but don’t worry, I fucked all the bad feelings out of him.” Before I could hear another word, I pushed past her walking fast toward the curtain where my suitcase was located. Sure, I’d have to wait in the airport for almost 2 hours, but I couldn’t stand to be in anybody’s presence anymore. I felt an arm tug me around, and the same husky voice from before rang through my ears.

“Y/N what are you doing, you can’t leave now!” He yelled in my face.

“Ashton! Stop trying to make my decisions for me. You may love me but you don’t know what’s best for me.” His grip instantly loosened and I took the chance to take my arm from his hand. “Now let me go.” And grab my suitcase hoisting it up from the ground and running toward the back exit.

I didn’t see it, but I left Calum standing there with his food now sprawled across the floor at his feet, a dumbfounded look on his face, and for the first time in a while, an aching heart. 

Calum’s POV

The last show of this first leg of the tour was thrilling and exciting, but once my body left that crowd of energy and happiness, reality snapped back into me, and all my confusion and frustration came out of me when I chucked my water bottle at the nearest wall, and it exploded everywhere. Michael’s soft voice could be heard right behind me, telling me to calm down and to not take my anger out so aggressively like that because who knows, I could’ve hit a person instead. 

“Look, I know MIkey, I’m sorry…I just-I’m so confused right now.” We both plopped down on the couch in our dressing room, my hands coming up to my face.

“What did Ashton mean by ‘you can’t leave now’ when he was talking to Y/N? And what was in her hands when she was running away…”

“She left.”

My hands came down from my face, hoping and praying I’d see a laughing MIchael after that statement. It just couldn’t be true. But after a few seconds had passed, he continued to nod his head, as if he was still trying to make the situation seem real.

“She left Cal. She went back home tonight. Ashton told me before we went on stage tonight. He couldn’t tell you because he knew it would only distract you more. He just doesn’t want to keep making you mad mate, he cares for you so much even after everything.” His hand came up to my shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze. My chest sank lower in my chest trying to piece together just how bad everything had gotten, my life outside of the lights and music, was falling into shambles.

“I need to go make up with him first.” Michael smiled and agreed, both of us quickly grabbing our stuff before heading out. He informed me that Ashton had drove straight to the hotel we were staying at right after the show ended, and that Luke and Arzaylea were spending some time together tonight out and about. We headed straight after to him to patch things up. Even though that was the first thing on my mind, I was secretly hoping Y/N just might be there.

We raced up to the elevator and impatiently waiting until it reached our floor, only to find Ashton just closing his door as if he was leaving. I ran up to him and tackled him in a big hug, his weight leaning against mine to stop us from falling. I was holding him so tight the indents in my arms were showing through, and my hand veins were popping out. 

“Ash, ash I’m so sorry for everything dude. You come before anyone else and I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything happening.” We pulled away and he smiled so big his famous dimples showed, and the crinkles near my eyes accompanied my own smile.

“Cashton, always man.” And we did one of those bro handshakes, Michael leaning against the hallway wall watching this beautiful moment unfold. My eyes slowly drooped after things quieted down. Ashton could read my mind, and his arms reached out to gently rub my shoulders.

“So, she’s really gone?”

“I just got off the phone with her. I raced back here to see if she’d still be here but, no luck.” I shook my head in disbelief, disappointed in myself for being as stubborn as I was and almost losing my best friend, along with the girl of my dreams. “Her plane should be taking off soon, I’d say text her Cal. She needs to hear from you that you at least don’t hate her.”

“But that’s the point. I don’t hate her at all, I feel so strongly for her, more than I ever thought I could for someone…” Michael came behind me and leaned his head on me sighing. The weight of her gone now upon all of us. The atmosphere seemed different, the vibe between all of us was still off, as if the Earth was off its axis and everything seemed…wrong. 

“Why don’t we get some rest now guys, we’ve worked hard these past couple of weeks. Let’s enjoy these next few days before our next leg? Am I right?” We all agreed and they decided to walk with me to my room and stay the night, just so we knew that we were all there for each other if one of us needed something throughout the night.

As we entered the room, I walked in first to see a familiar jet black sleek suitcase sitting next to the door. My eyes widened and I looked up to see Ashton holding back a small grin, jutting out his chin, telling me to go see what I was already thinking. My legs quickly carried me past the small curve of the room into the bedroom, seeing a small Y/N sitting crossed legged on my bed in the first t-shirt I ever gave her to keep when I wasn’t around her, my Maine t-shirt.

She stood up upon hearing my loud strides and the shirt fell to just above her privates, her hair disheveled and her makeup slightly streaky, like she had been crying.

“Calum…” her voice croaked. I looked back at the boys, watching them in awe as Michael’s face lit up at the sight of her, Ashton looking proud. And they both walked slowly out of the room, leaving us alone.

“They told me you left…” I said in disbelief.

“I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get on that plane and fly away from you, not without fixing things first.” She walked closer to me timidly. I had to bring her closer, so I pulled her in by her waist, wrapping my large hand around the back of her head and placing it underneath my chin, my other hand tightly wrapped around her waist. My breathing became heavy, my heart beat racing, my head filling up with euphoric memories.

“You’re-you’re heart is beating so fast Cal…”

“It’s because it’s happy to be close to you again.” She pulled away to look up at me, her eyes glossy once again, a happy yet sad look in her eyes, as if she didn’t know how to feel in his moment.

“Y/N I am so sorry for never letting you have a chance at explaining things to me, or never giving you a chance to speak and finish your sentences. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it and that it took you almost leaving for me to realize that I never stopped feeling for you. But I promise if you stay, right here, with me, you won’t ever have to go through something like this again. We could have the love we’ve always wanted.” I pleaded. Without hesitation she reached up and brought my face to meet hers, her lips lightly pressing the softest kiss we’d ever shared. I couldn’t help but deepen it, feeling her smaller frame pushed up against mine again. We rested our foreheads against one another as she brought her hands to rest on my chest, lightly rubbing her thumbs over the material.

“I wouldn’t have ever called this love before.” Gesturing to the past complicated relationship we had.

“What about right now?”

“It’s the only word I can use to describe it.”

YAY IT’S FINISHED. I was going to add smut but this alone took me 3 hours so I’m extremely tired you guys ;( request smut though if you want it! Again, thank you so much on the love for this story! I put up a ‘would you rather’ post so if you could, please look at it and tell me which story you’d like to write next. Btw GGMOW will be up soon as well!

I’ve rewatched the Belly of the Weblum episode. In the episode, we see this symbol…

In the scene, there is a lot of focus put on this symbol. The symbol brushes by for several seconds, being in the centre of the shot and is even shown in flashes on the arm in a few more throughout the episode. The only time that I can think of that a symbol was focused on this hard in the series is when Keith was trying to figure out what the symbol on his blade  meant. So this tells me whatever this symbol means, it holds some sort of important meaning in universe and can point us in the direction of the identity of this Galra, especially with the VLD staff leaving clues about character’s identities in their designs too like hinting at Galra Keith by making his civilian outfit look like the Galra commanders.

Like I mentioned a couple times before, it looks awfully close to this symbol in the first episode that was on Sendak’s ship.

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship. We never seen any of the other Galra commanders have this symbol on their fleet…at least far as I am aware. Even Sendak, who is highly regarded by Zarkon, does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well.  

With that being said, there are some key differences between the symbol on the Weblum Galra and the one seen on the ship in episode 1. The Galra Empire one has two holes in the centre while the Weblum Galra only has one. The Galra Empire symbol is black or dark grey while the Weblum Galra symbol is blue.

Here is the thing – the more I thought about it – it cannot be the Galra Empire symbol.   In graphic design, you can’t alter a symbol or logo when working on an existing product for another company, including altering its colour or shape. In the field, you are supposed to use only a certain set of pantones (colours) for the logo and that is it.  You can get into a huge trouble, possibly getting fired, if you alter a logo in any major way without special permission from the client.

One could make the argument that maybe it is a coloured flipped version of the logo so it can be placed on the dark background of the armour.    But even then, most of the time when people do that in real life, it’ s grey or white, not another colour completely. And a part of me doubts that Zarkon would be cool with someone making the symbol on one of his soldiers armour be the colour tied to the Alteans – blue.

So this tells me that the symbol has ties to the Galra military and looks awfully close to the symbol of the empire, possibly Zarkon’s family crest, but is still something else. Something we have never seen designed that exact way in the series before outside of that one Galra’s armour.

There is another clue here, that @lydgalaxy mentioned to me, is that it also looks like a hyper styled version of a skull. 

So this tells me that the symbol is a personal emblem of some kind.

Here’s the thing – the crew mentioned during interviews that they want to add symbols and aspects of the old character designs to the new ones, so anyone can instantly recognise who was who by looking at them. For example, they did this with Keith by making him be tied to red and making him have black hair and a mullet just like in his old design.  One way to do that with the Weblum Galra is by adding an emblem that is tied to a character Go Lion/Defender of the Universe we never seen on the show yet to this new character, so that way it nudge at the audience that it is a modern version of that character.  In addition to using the same exact colours on the armour as this old character’s design, only one character in the Go Lion series that I can think of  had a skull as a personal emblem…


conversation skills

some of this stuff is going to be repeats from asks I’ve answered because I want to make one big post for conversation skills. so hopefully this is helpful to someone

starting conversations

-no basic small talk. things like “hows the weather” can be as bad as cheesy pick up lines. every situation is unique so there should always be different topics to ask about.

-ask for their opinion on something. everyone has an opinion and most people can get quite passionate about it so try and ask about that. this will also help you to get to know someone better.

-ask for advice/recommendations. similar to opinions this is also something people tend to enjoy being asked about.

-mention something about your surroundings. something you find cool or you think most people don’t notice. this is a good way to come up with a topic to start on

-hypothetical questions. this is a great way to get someone thinking for example “If you could be any water creature what would you be?”

keeping conversations going

- ask open ended questions, not yes or no ones. this will make there answers longer and give you more things to ask/talk/agree about.

-ask about things they enjoy. like hobbies, projects and pets, people love talking about things that they like. they will also feel happy talking about things that make them happy meaning your question will literally lift their mood.

-mention current events. or just anything that most people know about.

-ask for more! literally say something along the lines of “wow, tell me more”. or you could pick on small details and ask about them to get them to expand on what they’re saying

-stories. everyone knows that stories help conversations but people tend to only say ones from their life. you can say any stories you’ve heard on TV or read somewhere. this will then create a load of conversation topics from that.

- fake confidence. This may sound weird but convincing yourself that youre not afraid or uncomfortable can help you seem more fun to talk to, therefore letting the conversation last longer.

- don’t be obnoxious. sure speaking clear and loud enough to hear is important but you don’t want to be one of those extra over the top people.

- be yourself. sometimes when we overthink a conversation we take out our personality and natural charm. use your humour and talking habits otherwise it could feel forced.

dealing with nerves/ be confident

-keep your self-esteem high. this is difficult i know but try your best. it will make talking to people so much easier

- push out negative thoughts. thinking things like ‘they definitely dont want to talk to me’ and ‘im just bothering them’ will instantly destroy your confidence. so don’t do it! no one hates talking to someone that much.

-accept that everyone makes mistakes. miss-wording something or being awkward every now and then is natural and normal.

-wear something comfortable. if you wear something you feel great or comfortable in you are a lot more likely to be confident and less nervous 

-confidence isnt just a mind set it’s a habit. get used to being a confident person not just with certain people

compliments (because this is a crush blog so…)

-be genuine. pick something you honestly really like and sound like you mean it

-be specific. if something is specific that person is less likely to have thought about it or been complimented on it before, making it more meaningful

-it doesn’t haft to be physical. some people only compliment people on their looks but there is so much more to talk about on this inside. commenting on someones personality trait can honestly mean so much to someone.

-telling someone they are funny or hilarious is always a good one because it’s an instant confidence boost for them and shows you get their humour

I’m probably going to edit and add to this post as time goes on but for now I hope this is helpful

BTS Reaction to you losing a bet

Anon Requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction with what they’d make you do if you lost a bet to them?


Jungkook: “You..want”

“I want to watch you cum. Pleasure yourself (Y/N), I want to watch.”

You felt the heat rush up to your cheeks almost instantly as the words left Jungkook’s mouth. You felt like your feet were cemented to the floor while you slowly shook your head trying to reason with him. “Jungkook can’t you just make me do something else? You never make me do things like this for bets.”

“Nope, now come on. Get on my bed and masturbate.” His words left you shaking to your core, feeling it dripping wet already. You slowly discarded your shirt and shorts before setting yourself in the middle of his bed. Your hands slipped down under your underwear moving your fingers in small, quick, circular motions on your clit. A moan left your lips immediately while your head flung back ignoring the hungry stares Jungkook was giving you. You couldn’t get it out of your mind but you made a plan to make more bets with Jungkook.

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V: Your breath hitched in the back of your throat once you felt his fingers hook onto your panties and pull them down. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You grumble down at Taehyung.

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Taehyung spoke back, throwing your underwear down from the side of his bed. Without any hesitation he brought himself to your heat. His tongue stretched from his mouth, licking deep into your entrance. Your back arched off the bed, teeth squeezed shut to stop a loud moan escaping your lips. Your eyes screwed shut as your hands gripped the bed sheets underneath you. Taehyung pulled back slowly and looked up to you. “I told you that you’d like this.” 

“Shut up, shut up, shut up.” Your hands flung down and flicked his forehead. 

“I’m just saying I knew you’d like my tongue.” He said as he dipped his head against you again. This time his tongue went deeper, tasting your wetness before his lips settled around your clit again. His hands wrapping around your waist, holding you against him. You let out a loud gasp as you felt his fingers enter your heat, your eyes shot open and you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. “Maybe we should make bets more often.”

You rolled your eyes but deep down you were agreeing a million times.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jimin: “Come here.” Jimin said from the couch, he patted his thigh and you let out a big groan. 

“You can’t be ser-”

“(Y/N), you lost the bet and I want you to ride my thigh so come here.” Jimin’s words had a way of their own, your feet brought you to him whether you liked it or not. You placed yourself down on his muscular thigh and looked him in the eyes. “Go on.”  You began to grind down onto his muscular thigh, the rough denim becoming the best kind of friction needed here. You rocked your hips back and forth creating as much please as possible.The feeling of euphoria soon approaching, without warning, Jimin’s hand came down to rub you throbbing clit.

“Jimin.” You moaned out causing his hand to speed up in circular motions. His other hand grabbing onto your hip roughly, moving you at a faster pace. Moans left your lips and you couldn’t help but thank the lord for you losing that damn bet. 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

J-Hope: “You want me to what?” You say shocked and wide eyed as you stared at Hoseok.

“I want you to strip for me. Every last article of clothing is to be off of your body.” He was eyeing you, watching your every last move, reaction and feature. 


“But nothing. The bet was if you lose I get to choose your punishment no matter what it is.” Sighing you nodded your head and slowly unzipped your jacket dropping it on the ground by your feet. Hoseok didn’t say anything, his eyes stared at you as if he had said ‘continue.’ Sighing once again you began to unbutton your jeans, fingers slipping underneath the waistband and slowly pulled them down allowing Hoseok to see your sheer pink panties you had decided to wear today. Once out of your jeans you quickly kicked them to the side with your jacket and pulled on your top, you dropped it along with the rest of your clothes and made eye contact with Hoseok once again. There you were standing in nothing but matching bra and panties and you knew this wasn’t the end of your punishment. “Go on, take them off.” Your hands reached back on the clasp of your bra and all you could think about was how you were never going to make a bet with Hoseok ever again.

Rap Monster: “You want me to what?” You asked shocked at the words that left Namjoon’s mouth. 

“I want you to kiss me.”

“Namjoon I don’t think-”

“You lost the bet (Y/N), you said you’d do anything I choose if you lost the bet.” Heaving a sigh you cross your arms over your chest, you didn’t think he would make you do something like this. Usually Namjoon always made you do something extremely stupid like eating a hot pepper or jump in the pool with all your clothes on not something as intimate as a kiss. “Come on just a peck, that’s all.”

“Just a peck?”

“Just a peck.” Sighing you nodded and uncrossed your arms. You walked slowly to Namjoon who was only like five feet away from you. You looked him in the eyes and saw the prominent smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes and raised on your tippy toes, hand finding its way to the back of his neck to bring him down to your lips. 


It was that quick. Just a peck. You began to lower yourself back to your feet before you felt an arm wrap around your waist and you were pulled back to Namjoon’s lips. His lips latched onto yours and just as quick as the first peck you found yourself pulling him in closer deepening the kiss.

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Suga: “Make out with you? Really Yoongi? Can’t you think of something else?” You whined at your best friend who had a prominent smirk on his face. He was sitting very comfortably on the couch while you were shifting the weight from each leg anxiously. “Do I really have to?”

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Yoongi said simply patting his lap as an invitation for you. It’s like your feet had a mind if their own and before you knew it you found yourself placed on his lap, straddling his waist. One arm came around your waist, tightening its hold on you as his other hand came from behind your neck, he gently pulled you down colliding his lips with yours. It didn’t take long for his to deepen the simple kiss.

As the kiss got more heated and your breaths started to become more heavy you couldn’t help but be happy that you had lost this stupid bet in the first place.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin: You lowered yourself down on your knees looking up at a smirking Jin. His clothes discarded over the bedroom floor along with yours leaving you only in your bra and panties. You wrapped your lips around his tip, trying to get used to his length in your mouth. He began moaning in ecstasy as you swirled your tongue around and took more and more of his length in your mouth. 

You couldn’t believe you agreed to this stupid little punishment in the first place, but what you couldn’t believe was that Jin would want this in the first place. He would never ask you to do things like this before so why the sudden change?

“Fuck” he mumbled, his hands finding their way on the back of your head, pushing you a bit more towards him. You couldn’t fit his whole length in and began bobbing your head along his throbbing length. You knew you should be focused on what you were doing but you couldn’t help but think of what else he’d make you do if you ever lost another bet.

anonymous asked:

Can we get more Niles? He looks so cute in your style !!

Thank you dear anon!! Here this hot boy for you! Thank you for your request and I hope you like it!

A.N: I want to give an extra thanks for the people who reblogs my drawing, it really makes me happy, you are all so kind! And THANK YOU to everyone who send me request, I’m SO happy to draw things for you guys, really. Idc if I end up having a lot of request, it just makes me happy and I want to to them non stop! ;v; I really like making you all (i hope) happy. Really, thank you so much, I will always thank you. I wish I could answer you all instantly, but I can’t— Thank you so much. And don’t be shy if you want to talk to me, or send request. They will be open for a long time by now.


Let’s get back to serious thing: Request are still OPEN! I’m going to add to the list: Voltron and TWEWY fandom bc some of you guys reminded me of those two. 

The list now is: Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates/Heroes - Zero Escape Trilogy - Danganronpa games - Voltron -TWEWY.

You can ask for simple request, ship, or something like the small comics I did for FE (Just send me the characters and some more information on how you want it, they will be mostly Chibi) <333 I love you all, sorry for the long post.

A Little Out of Place

Intro: So I got the Spock feels the other day (thanks to @storiesfromstarfleet) and so I spit out this little baby fic because I was feeling kinda down and wanted some Spock fluff and cuddles. 

Pairing: Spock x reader

Word Count: 1168

Summary: Reader is having a weird/anxious-y kinda day and Spock is there for cuddles.  Fluff.  That is all.  


You heard your name from across the room, but you couldn’t bring yourself to respond to the familiar voice. 

“Are you still in bed?  We need to leave soon.”

You curled yourself tighter in the blankets and whimpered softly in to the pillow.

 “I don’t think I can go, Spock.” You croaked from your fetal position on the bed, unsure if he could even hear you. 

Soft, even footfalls sounded on the thin carpet as Spock rounded the bed, and soon his dark, tall form appeared in your view.  You barely looked up at him as you drew the blankets tighter around your chin. 

“Do you feel ill?” Spock asked, his voice soft with concern. 

You shook your head, messing up your hair as it rubbed against the pillow. 

“Then what is the matter?”

The question almost brought tears to your eyes and you managed a shrug, staring only at the space between his kneecaps. 

“Ashayam, you must tell me what is wrong or I cannot help you.” Spock squatted down in front of you now, his eyes becoming level with yours, a look of worry lining his features. 

“I don’t think I can go today.” You mumbled, your heart clenching and unclenching inside your chest, making it hard to breathe. 

“You must come, Y/N, it is a very important event.” Spock stated. 

Guilty tears began to roll down your cheeks, hot and thick, at the thought of disappointing Spock, and at your sudden change in emotion Spock’s features changed from worry to deep concern and alarm. 

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Ed x Reader - Insecurities

Edmund x Reader – “When I look at the mirror and I see myself, I don’t like what I see.”

Word Count: 654

Setting: Golden Age


Edmund looked at himself through the mirror, a sigh escaping his lips. Edmund closed his eyes as his insecurities fill him. A tear fell as he couldn’t help it anymore. Everytime Edmund looks at himself, he never liked what he sees but no one knew he felt that way. “Ed?” A voice called from the door, a knock following. He heard the door open and he shook his head, wiping the tears off. “The ball’s just about to—hey, are you alright?” He opened his eyes as he turned around, his best friend looking at him, worried.

“Yeah, let’s go?” He asked, forcing a smile. Y/N eyed him suspiciously, biting her lip. She closed the door behind her. She could hear the lump in her best friend’s voice. She could see the sadness in her best friend’s eyes. She could feel that her best friend is not ‘alright’.

“No,” She said, walking over to him. “Not until you feel better.” She held his hands, looking at him. She ran circles through the back of his hands with her thumbs. Edmund looked at his best friend. He sighed, wrapped his arms around her shoulder, resulting Y/N to wrap her arms around Edmund’s torso. Y/N’s heart warmed up as she felt Edmund nestled his face on the crook of her neck.

Edmund sigh one more time before finally letting the tears go. Y/N’s eyes widen as she felt the wet tears on her neck, pulling Edmund away from the hug. She looked at the broken boy with puffy eyes, who bit his lip. “Hey, what happened?” She asked softly, wiping the tears off.

“Nothing,” Edmund said, turning away from Y/N. “It’s stupid.”

“It’s not ‘nothing’, Ed.” Y/N said, pulling the boy by his wrist. “C’mon, tell me.” Edmund’s tears continue to roll away from his eyes as he was turned to Y/N. “When I look at the mirror and I see myself, I don’t like what I see.” Edmund mumbled, looking at the ground.

He sniffled, wiping his nose. This made Y/N smile a bit. In her opinion, it was cute. Every time he does the little things he doesn’t notice. She just find this adorable. “Every time I look at myself, I see nothing but the betrayal that I did.” Edmund said, frowning. Again, he sniffled, wiped the tear off his eyes. “What?” He asked as she noticed her smiling.

“You’re just really cute when you sniffle especially when your nose is red, and your freckles really stand out every time it happens,” Y/N smiled. But that smile faded when she realized what she said. “I-I mean, you—“
Edmund laughed, pinching his nose. “You’re pretty cute yourself, Y/N.” He smiled. Y/N blushed madly, her hands covering her face up. “Oh my gosh, you’re blushing.”

“I’m not! And I need to go,”

Edmund pulled her back by her waist. Edmund pulled her hand away from her face. “Aw, little Y/N is blushing. I just made her blush.” Edmund teased with a smile, pinching her cheeks.

“Ed!” Y/N said. Edmund chuckled. Edmund crashed his lips against hers, which send Y/N a wave of shock to the point that she can’t move. Edmund pulled away, looking at Y/N.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have.” Edmund said, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. Y/N pulled him back, kissing him. Edmund kissed back, smiling through the kiss. Y/N pulled away, smiling. “Should I show you my insecurities all the time to make me cry and then you, blurting out things that you like about me? Because I felt really good instantly.”

“No need to,” Y/N smiled, “And correction, I don’t like them. I’m in love with them.”

Edmund smiled. “Shall we go now, my lady?” Edmund said, offering his arm. Y/N rolled her eyes and slapped Edmund’s arm.

“Formal is not your middle name, Pevensie.” Y/N said.

Edmund laughed, kissing her forehead as he draped an arm around her shoulders.

lookinaro235  asked:

Yang and Ruby are waiter for their mom's diner and Nora drags Weiss and Blake

Nora: Come on guys! I know that you are going to love this place! *Nora cheered as she dragged her friends Weiss and Blake down a the side walk.*

Blake: Nora, while we appreciate you taking us out to lunch, you’re both really busy and don’t really have the time. *Blake calmly told her friend.*

Weiss: Plus, I have a business meet in forty eights!

Nora: Oh please. Blake have been working yourself too hard lately with you new book. And you can always reschedule the meeting Weiss.

Weiss: No Nora! No I ca-

Nora: AND HERE WE ARE! *Nora Interrupted the business woman as she ship in front on a old fashion diner allowing the other two women to look up at its neon light sign.*

Blake: The rosebird dragon diner? *Blake read aloud tilting her head with her cat ear.*

Weiss: You dragged us three blocks for some old diner, Nora? I honestly wonder how Ren deals with your surprises.

Nora: With love and being really flexible in bed. *Nora replied without missing a beat, making Weiss and Blake cringe at the mental image now in there heads as Nora opens the door for them.* Now come on! I want me some pancakes!

Weiss: Fine. But they better have a meal that is low calories.

Blake: I wonder what kind of tea they have? *Blake pondered as the three entered the diner, finding it to be quite nice inside with only a hand full of people with in it sitting at the counter or one of the many booths.* Wow. I like this places style. Very classy.

Weiss: I’d have to agree. Though, I still don’t see why I couldn’t have just… order… in… *The CEO began to say until a beautiful short black hair with red tint and silver eyes woman wearing an old fashion waitress uniform with a small red hooded cloak hanging from her shoulders walk up to them, cause the white hair woman to stare in awe as her.*

Ruby: Hello.~ My name is Ruby. Welcome to the Rosebird Dragon diner. How many will be dining here is today? Oh hey Nora. *Ruby greeted with a heart warming smile, Blake noticing Weiss’s mouth open slightly with a blush making the Faunus chuckle.*

Nora: Hey Ruby! It’s just the three of us. *The red head informed the hooded waitress after giving her a quick hug.*

Ruby: Alllright. Table for three or would you rather sit at the counter? *Ruby smiled, giving three menus as Nora opened her mouth to answer.*

Weiss: *However and to the other two women’s surprise, or humor, Weiss quickly and a bit loudly answered for them.* A Booth In Your Selection, Please! … I-If you are waiting tables that is? I’m Weiss. *She then tried to play off calmly as a large blush grow on her face while holding out her hand.*

Ruby: *Speaking of blushes, after Weiss’s out burst, the red hood waitress’s own cheeks began turn the same shape of red a her cloak as she spoke with a trace of nervous enjoy, taking the CEO’s hand.* O-oh yes. Of course! I’d be happy to have y-I MEAN SERVE! Serve you. Uh, hehe, right this way. *It was a few steps towards the booth along with Nora and Blake giggling before the waitress realized she was still holding Weiss’s hand.* Oh whoopie. Hahaha, Sorry about that.

Weiss: It’s fine. It was my pleasure. *Weiss said without thinking causing Nora to full on laugh now.*

Ruby: O-okay. Uh, here we are. I’ll be right back to take your orders. *Ruby said as she showed them the booth and sped off into the kitchen while hiding her blush.*

Blake: Smooth. *Blake whispered with a smirk, receiving an elbow from her friend as they sat down.*

Weiss: Quiet you! I’m under a lot of pressure at work and I was blind side by the cuteness of the waitress! *Weiss hissed before burying her ace within the menu Ruby left for them.*

Nora: Cuteness? Weiss let’s face it, Ruby just melted your cold icy heart. You like her! *Nora teased causing her to groan.*

Blake: Have to admit. I never thought that Ruby girl was your type. *The writer said as she opened up her menu, glad to see they served her favorite tea.* Then again. With the way you look at puppy dogs I can see why.

Weiss: Oh to hell with you! It’s not my fault she is my type! I know you would do the same!

Blake: *At this Blake laughed and looked at her friend with a smirk.* Please Weiss. If my pass relationships with Adam, Ilia, and Sun have shown anything is that I do not have a type that can make me go head over heels for someone like you just did.

Nora: But what if you just haven’t met them yet. *Nora cut in while wiggling her eyebrows.*

Blake: Nora. The likely hood of me see the person of my dreams here in this random diner is a billion to- hmm? *Blake was explaining to her friend when noticing someone walking up to their booth thinking that it is Ruby to take their drink orders. However, as Blake turned her head her breath was instantly taken, for the waitress that stood next to her was not Ruby but a gorgeous long golden hair purple eyes woman with fit athletic body wearing a waitress uniform a bit to small around her chest.*

Yang: Helloooo.~<3 I’m Yang. I’ll be waitress to day. Can I start you two ladies with something to drink? Nora, I already know what you want. *Yang greeted with a warm smile as she pulled out her pen and pad, looking between Weiss and Blake. Mostly Blake as she tries not to check her out.*

Nora: The pancake and coffee Yang. They call to meeeee. *Nora dramatically exclaimed.*

Weiss: I’ll have a Diet Coke please. *Weiss muttered with disappointment of the new waitress not being Ruby.*

Yang: Okay and for you beauty. *Yang replied to Weiss’s order with a cheery tone before her voice turned to a more attractive voice as she looked to Blake who only continued to gaze upon Yang before answering.*

Blake: You. *The writer spoke with a small smile until she realized what she said and quickly spoke again.* Oolong Tea! I… I meant oolong tea. *Blake then covered her now red face as Weiss leaned over with a smirk and whispered as Nora fell in her side of the booth laughing.*

Weiss: What was that you were saying earlier?

Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang’s smile grow ear to ear, her cheeks suddenly pink, at Blake’s words and who she is acting and let out a giggle.* Hehe, easy there Kitten. You have to take me out on a date first. *She told Blake who’s cat ears drooped down more as she tried to hide her face  even more, not noticing Yang writing down her order and somethings else on a separate piece of paper.*

Blake: I am so sorry. That was rude of me. I just-huh? *Blake apologized feeling the most embarrassed of her life until she looked up to find Yang holding out a piece of paper to her.* What’s…

Yang: I don’t have off tonight but I do tomorrow if you’re free, Miss… *Yang winked at the cat Faunus waiting for Blake to reply and give her name as Weiss’s jaw dropped and Nora awed at the site of two of her friends hooking up.*

Blake: B-Blake. *Blake stutter as she took the paper to see a scroll number on it, a smile as big as Yang’s growing as she continued.* Blake Belladonna and yes. I am and would love to!

Yang: Great! It’s a pleasure to meet you Blakey! See you around- *Yang beamed with joy but before she could finish Ruby zipped over with pen and pad in hand.*

Ruby: So sorry about that! I had to make sure we had enough pancake batter for Nora’s order. So what can I get you? *Ruby explain before smiling  to the three women, blushing slightly a Weiss’s smile at her an then noticing Yang.* Uh, Yang? What are you doing?

Yang: I’m taking their orders, sis. It’s what mom pays me to do when I work here on the off season of my matches. *Yang said, confusing Blake and Weiss who look to Nora.*

Nora: She’s the MMA fighting champ. *She whispered as The two women across from her nod.*

Ruby: But this my table.

Yang: But it’s in my section.

Ruby: No it isn’t.

Yang: Yes it is.

Ruby: Hmmm… Hey Mom! *Ruby called out to the counter where Blake and Weiss’s jaws dropped once again upon seeing a taller black hair red eyed Yang and a taller slight longer haired Ruby both look out through the window.*

Raven/Summer: Yeah/Yes?

Yang: Who’s booth five? Mine or Rubes?

Raven: Ruby got evens right? *Raven asked looking down at her wife.*

Summer: No, Yang does. Oh no wait She had then last week and counter when she punched that guy who was messing with Velvet.

Raven: Hmm… Hey Tai!

Tai: What? *They heard from farther in the kitchen.*

Raven: Who has table five? Yang or Ruby?

Tai: I think Yang!

Yang: Yes. Thanks dad!

Tai: Or is it Ruby? *He question causing all the women of the Xiao Long Rose Brenwen fight to groan.*

Nora: Why not let Blake and Weiss decide? *She suggested which both Waitressed nodded and agreed before looking at Blake and Weiss.*

Blake/Weiss: Yang/Ruby…. No Yang/Ruby. *They both said at the same time, looking at each other with annoyance.*

Weiss: Come on Blake. You already get you dream girls number let me have this. *Weiss whispered.*

Blake: Yeah but I would like to maybe set up a date with her. Beside, you have a meeting to go back to don’t you. *Blake whispered back, both waitress feeling extremely happy about the two fighting over them. Then all four watched Weiss pull out her scroll and call someone.*

Weiss: … Yes. It’s me. Reschedule my meeting for tomorrow I’m taking an extended lunch… I am the owner of the company I can do what I want! *She said hanging up her scroll and move out of the booth pass Blake and up to Ruby and said.* Booth for two please.

Ruby: Uh, Two? For you and Nora?

Weiss: No for me and you. I’m sure your boss won’t mind you having lunch now.

Summer: We don’t by the way!

Ruby: O-Okay. Right this way. *Runy stuttered as she lead Weiss to another leaving Yang Blake and Nora to watch in shock before Yang asked.*

Yang: So that Weiss girl…Is she?

Blake: Weiss Schnee head of the Schnee dust Corporation. Yes.

Yang: Uh-huh… By the way you wouldn’t happen to be the same Blake Belladonna who wrote the ninja of love series are you? Because I’m a really big fan of that book series.

Blake: I am.

Yang: I see… Nora do you mind…

Nora: I’ll be closer to my pancakes. *Nora smiled as she moved to the counter as Yang sat across Blake and the two along with Weiss and Ruby started to talk, the smiles never leaving their faces.*

Did you have this in mind or *Kai Kai. You got it right this time.* Okay then.

Two cute neighbours.

Hello, love bugs!!
Dan x reader
Warnings-fluff, kisses. Also, swears because Dan

1887 words yo, Its a long one.

hi !! i love your writing soooo I was wondering if u could do a dan x reader where the reader moves in next door to dan n Phil n the reader has an emotional support dog (preferably a mini chocolate lab) n dan n Phil loooooove the dog n it’s cute n fluffy !! then it time skips to when dan n the reader are dating n the reader tells dan why they have the support dog (anxiety n panic attacks) n dan is supportive n its just cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee –anonymous

“Dan!” Phil practically screams as he runs up the stairs.

“What, are you okay?” Dan says jumping from his couch crease to make sure poor Philly isn’t to hurt.

“We have the two cutest new neighbors ever!” Phil announces. Coming face to face with Dan on the landing.

“Phil!” Dan moans putting extra emphasis on his part. “I thought that fucking aliens were outside. Christ!” Dan says walking back into the living room.

“But Dan you don’t understand,” Phil says smiling. “One is possibly the prettiest girl I have ever seen. The other is the prettiest brown lab I have ever seen.” Phil recounts as he moves into the living room staring down at Dan trying to make a point.

 "Prettiest girl ever?“ Dan questions as Phil nods his head in agreement. “Well, I suppose we should be gentlemen and go see if the two of them need help moving in,” Dan says closing his laptop.

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prompt from  @caramovienerd

(send in any prompts you might have)

“I thought you were supposed to be a good detective?” He says, fingers tapping at the desk.

“I am.” She says, she’s almost a hundred percent sure she’s not in the mood for whatever game he wants to play right now.

“Really?” He stands up, moves around his desk towards her own and sits carefully on the edge. She’s having a mini panic attack from staring at the small box of erasers he just knocked down.

He reaches across her desk, grabbing a blue velvet box from in front of her computer. “Because this has been sitting there for almost an hour.” Her eyes widen almost immediately. “And also my hearts been racing and my hands are super sweaty.”

If she could lift her jaw up off the ground for more than two seconds she might’ve winced at that. “Jake, I… I don’t. What is that?”

“Oh come on, you know.”

The edges of her lips curve up into a smile. “I mean…” Amy’s hand is in his now, and he’s making a big deal of tangling and untangling their fingers together. “I’ve got an idea, but I’m pretty sure you need to say it.” She bites her lip.

He’s surprised the entire precinct isn’t already circling them. He sighs in defeat, opening the box slowly, climbs off her desk and drops down right in front of her. He’s not sure why she’s still staring at him in complete shock, he’s literally doing exactly what she’d just asked.

“Amy Santiago,” He declares, and well, now the entire precinct is definitely watching them. Gina’s gotten her phone out almost instantly. Charles is standing on his desk, clapping his hands, jumping up and down and sounding like a steam kettle. “Marry me?” He asks, just low enough that only she can hear, not that it would actually be secret, he’s almost certain Gina’s posting this entire ordeal all over social media at this very moment.

Amy smiles; so wide and bright and warm it makes his heart feel like jello. She slides out of her chair, onto the ground beside him, nods her head vigorously and wraps her hands around his neck inching closer. “Tsk, tsk..” he interrupts. “No making out at the precinct.”

“Jake.” Stop talking. She says it firmly, pressing her lips against his. Fervently.  

Childhood Memories

I often remember some things prior to my diagnosis that make me smile because they’re just… really autistic.

For example, the first time that I rearranged the furniture in my room on my own (I was probably ten around that time) I first of all took the measurements of the room and each piece of furniture.
Then I did a bit of math to downsize everything into a drawing of my room (with an accurate scale for the sizes). I made all the pieces of furniture separately as cut-outs so I could move around each one on its own and see how everything would fit if I rearranged the furniture in different ways. Only to instantly start the rearranging at 11pm after being satisfied with one of the options I had.

If anyone of you remembers stories like these (late dx/self dx/regular dx - I don’t care!) please feel free to add them to this post if you feel like it! (because stories like these make me smile)


pairing: lin x reader

request: (anon) “Listen fam I got my period and I’m dying inside and feel like crap. If you could write a Lin or platonic cast x reader where the reader gets their period during a performance or something that’d be great sorry to bother you thanks

warnings: period talk !!!! swearing

words: 1,149

a/n: feel better!! sorry this kind of sucks lol go read @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou ‘s platonic one about periods it’s SO good omg i love her yay maia okay bye 

Masterlist / Prompt List

You honestly hadn’t been paying attention to the date, let alone the time of month. With Hamilton, you could barely remember what you had for breakfast, never mind when your period would start. Most girls had it down to the dot. Second week of the month, it starts on the fourth, last day of the month… Unfortunately, you were the exception. Your period had always been erratic and made it difficult to track. Still, when you felt the first pang in your back, you blew it off as sleeping on it funny.

It continued throughout the day; little hits of pain in your stomach. What did you eat last night? You rolled your eyes. You were probably just hung over and your stomach wasn’t having it.

Popping some pain killers, you walked into the theater, you saw Lin nearly bouncing at the door.

Chuckling, you stopped. “What’s got you so jumpy?”

He rolled his eyes, immediately stepping to your side as you headed backstage.

“What are your plans for after the show?” He asked.

You shrugged, “Probably just heading home. Why?”

“Do you want to get drinks?” He quipped, a glint in his eyes.

Mentally scanning your calendar, you nodded. “Sure.”

Lin beamed at you, still bouncing on the balls of his feet. He let out a breath, “Okay. Perfect. I’ll uh, see you after the show.”

You giggled, “Alright. I’ll see you then.”

Lin bounded towards the stage door, holding it before you could go through. Smiling at his chivalry, you gratefully accepted the gesture, walking back to your dressing room to get ready.

You had been pulling on highlighter when you felt it again. Rummaging through your purse, you prayed that you had another packet of ibuprofen somewhere. Had last nights show really been that bad?

There was a knock on the door as slumped in your chair. Looking up, you saw a smiling Pippa with a cup of tea in her hand.

“Hey, pretty.” She smiled, handing you the cup. Your heart swelled and your eyes pricked with tears at the gesture. You didn’t even care if you were overreacting, you were overjoyed.

“Thank you,” you squeaked, making Pippa laugh.

“You are too sweet.” She sighed, as she waved goodbye, “Places in ten.”

You nodded, sipping the steaming tea, instantly feeling better.

By intermission, however, you honestly thought you were going to throw up. All comfort you had from the tea was swept away as you sang and danced your heart out.

Collapsing backstage, you groaned.

Renee put a hand on your shoulder, rubbing it softly. “You poor thing,” she said.

“I am dying,” you sighed. Oak heard this and laughed.

“What is it? Bad Chinese food?”

You shook your head, pensive before continuing, “But now I want Chinese.”

Oak laughed, patting your head before going to get changed into his Madison costume.

It wasn’t until Room Where It Happened, that it happened. You felt it, and instantly recognized it.

“Shit,” you mumbled, continuing to perform. You took in a sharp intake of breath as you leaped. The tears in your eyes glossed your vision. How embarrassing could this get? The song ended and you had no more than two minutes before you were back on for the cabinet battle.

Sprinting to your room, you pulled down your pants to see the red stain.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” you seethed. Of course, on the one day you had chosen to wear pretty underwear.

Grabbing a handful of tissues from the makeup table, you stuffed them in-between your legs, hoping to stop the bleeding for two songs more. Then you would have a good seven minutes to find something.

You groaned at the idea of having to do Washington On Your Side like this. Shaking your head, you grabbed some Purel before running back to left wing for your cue.

After final bow, you booked it to your dressing room. Ari, whom you shared with, would be there any minute and you just wanted to go.

Unfortunately, Lin was waiting outside for you the second you slipped into your sweats. His brows furrowed for a moment, “I thought we were getting drinks?”

You gasped, the blood draining from your face (literally) as memory washed over you. Grasping onto his arm, you apologized profusely. “I’m sorry, I totally forgot, I just uh - I don’t…” Your face was flushed now and your neck was hot with embarrassment. Lin looked disappointed, making your heart break even more so.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

You immediately shook your head, “No, no. I’m okay. Really. See you tomorrow!” You tried to sound enthusiastic, but the cramps in your stomach felt like rocks.

His eyes looked sad, instantly making your feel guilty. He didn’t move and neither did you. Lin took in a sharp breath before sputtering out, “I’m sorry.”

Now was your turn to be confused, “What are you talking about?”

“I probably made you uncomfortable by asking you out -“ that was a date? “I just think you’re really sweet and pretty - really pretty. And I just don’t know, I’m sorry. I probably just ruined this entire thing -“

“Lin,” you interrupted, a smile on your face. His eyes snapped to yours, worry clouding them. “I think you’re really sweet -“

“But you don’t like me like that.”

But, I got -“ you stopped again. His stomach was in knots, similar to yours. Looking around to make sure no one was near, you leaned in. Rolling your eyes before continuing, “I got my period and I don’t have anything to… you know…”

Lin’s eyes went wide as his face turned red. He instantly relaxed when he realized that you weren’t blowing him off. Still. he shifted from foot to foot at the topic of woman week. Avoiding the topic all together, he took a moment before asking, “So… you like me.” He smirked.

You bit your tongue to hold back a snap remark, opting to roll your eyes again. “Yes, dumbass. I like you.”

He smiled, unsure of what to do. Does he hug you? High five you? Kiss you? Finger guns? Finger guns.

You laughed at his boyish grin as he shot two fingers at you.

“Want to go get drinks tomorrow?” He asked.

You nodded before joking, “Or we could go to by place and watch Disney movies.”

Lin’s smile lit up the dark hallway as he nodded quickly.

“Wait, seriously?” You asked, half expecting him to say no. Why would he want to hang out with a PMSing girl right now?

Still, Lin nodded again, “Lemme just change and we can go, yeah? I’ll drive.”

Your mouth fell slightly agape as you agreed. Lin did just that, too. He quickly changed into a soft tee and jeans before taking your hand and heading towards his car.