like it at the same time


what’s with the face? you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

boss bark for anonymous 🐾


Personal art - Aliseo

Been so long since I’ve made a bigger piece for myself! And it was about time to get some more painting practice down.. So here’s Aliseo, the antagonist of this story I’ve been writing. Featuring my favourite colours, haha. Much thanks to my Gouden Stronk friends for helping me figure out the mistakes in anatomy! <3

Listening to Jazz/cafe music


(ominous slapping noises in the dead of night)

lance: (breathing heavily) the heck was that?

hunk: shhh, i think i heard it coming from the hallway over


pidge: (under her breath) ayyyyyy i’m walkin here


he’s the chosen one the protagonist, gladion


➥ “Hit me as hard as you can until I’m seeing that dream again!!”

➥ “Hmm, Sabo-kun, are those tears? Are you having that same dream again?”

(what happened there)
suga : jungkook, you’re sleeping aren’t you?
jk : ah no
jimin : *looks at kook with a silent worried expression*
suga : why dont you show us a refreshing pose?
jimin : *still looking worried*
jk : *fly kiss to the cam*
jhope : feed jungkookie a strawberry why dont u? *obviously looking at jin’s side*
jimin : *lifts his head and hand unconsciously* *noticing the question wasnt for him* *retreating back still quiet*
namjoon : *noticing all of jimin’s moves*

I’m so torn because on the one hand I love seeing a new side of Sarek but on the other hand every time he shows her even a modicum of kindness I’m filled with so much anger on behalf of Spock, like have you spoken to your son lately???? or did you already disown him??? You personally brought her to her ship and hand picked her captain but refused to acknowledge Spock for 18 goddamn years for joining Starfleet??? Sarek my dude what’s the deal????? She’s got a piece of your motherfucking katra and you use it to encourage her from light years away after she commits mutiny but you will show Spock nothing but disdain for most of his life??????


Keith and Galra!Keith doing legxercises~!

….I did say I had an unhealthy obssession with his legs/thighs

I understand you, Shiro, I truly do, I mean look at that boy and his leg should be illegal to be that bendy

PS: I get the feeling i’ll be using this Shiro pic for many future doodles of Keith, pfffff

Hope you guys enjoy~!