like ironically

Okay Erik is an amazing artist and all like he’s great — but really one of his opera ghost calling cards is that he fucks up carlotta’s posters outside the opera house like he fricking doodles on them and has no chill and writes on them crude jokes it’s CANON.

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Ginger Root: Favorite family recipe?
Sea Air: Something that makes you feel poetic?
Orange Peel: Your least favorite taste?
Gasoline: Something unpopular that you like?
Wet Iron: Was it easy to learn how to ride a bike?
Autumn Rot: Is magic real?
Baby Shampoo: Favorite part of your body?
Skunk Cabbage: Local animal or plant that people from other places might not know about?
Indoor Swimming Pool: Somewhere special you went as a child?
New Plastic: What do you overspend the worst on?
Cucumber: Are you hydrated?
Petrichor: Something played-out or “basic” you still like a lot?
Menthol: Are you tough when you get sick?
Baking Bread: Choose a fairytale to live in.
Teen Spirit: Something mundane you’re impressed by?
Cocoa Butter: An object or possession you envy?
Pine Needles: Tell me someone else’s secret—don’t name names.
Cotton Candy: Any irrational fears?
Frost: Do you hurt anywhere right now?
Campfire: Something you like doing, but only in theory?
Bloody Nose: Someone you’d fight for?
Antique Book: Favorite quiet place?
Rum: Something you avoid even though it appeals to you?
Cedar Planks: Tell me a time you got lost.
Cinnamon Cider: Favorite hot drink?
Hay: Can you make yourself sneeze?
Dill Pickle: Favorite snack?

appalachianarabist  asked:

How useful would an iron currency like Braavos' actually be? If a major use of currency is to be a constant store of value (i.e. gold doesn't decay), wouldn't iron's high oxidation rate make it a really bad medium through which a financial powerhouse does business?

Well, I wouldn’t look to the metallic content of a coin as a guarantee of the store of value - gold can be clipped, sweated, plated, etc. etc. Iron’s historic disutility as a currency has as much to do with the fact that iron coins are heavy as the fact that they rust. (For example, copper and bronze also rust, but have been used as currency for a long time.)

As for Braavos, I think people over-generalize from that one quote from ADWD. That Braavos has one denomination of coin made out of iron does not mean that they only use iron currency - for example, WOIAF states that “In Braavos, as many an outsider has observed, golden coins count for more than iron keys.” 

anonymous asked:

if u truly like him u wouldn't care what he wears or what his hair looks like

yeah i care because even tho “what’s inside is what matters” which is like the most ironic thing someone can say btw but that’s another topic i will talk about soon or right now probably, your appearance is important and i want him to take care of that and i know yall going to think “you should accept him the way he is” but caring about someone is not only accepting but being honest with people because you don’t realize things until someone tells you 🤷🏻‍♀️

the bottom was so white that when each of the two bodybuilder tops slapped each of his asscheeks once, they turned red for whole shoot like… more iron in your diet sis

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

So I was just thinking about infinity war and imagine Tony yelling “Peter” and both Spiderman and Starlord answer and he’s just like
Now there’s two of them

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!

I love seeing people write about DA companions as parents, but as a parent myself, let me be real here…it’s not all cuteness.
I wanna see Alistair having to change a blow out for the first time and it is the most shit he has ever seen and it came from such a tiny human being.
Iron Bull wiping puke off his face when he tried to play ‘toss the baby’ and it back fired.
Morrigan, who is breastfeeding Kieran, almost in tears because her nipples are so chapped they’re bleeding.
Cullen having to hear about his wife’s hemorrhoids and the amount of body fluid he will be dealing with.
Leliana finding random stains on her clothes and not even caring any more.
Cole rocking a sick little one, helping them get over their bad ear ache while their parents sleep because no one can survive being awake forever.
Fenris having to wrestle his child into clothes and accidently get a foot in the groin. Cassandra staring off into the void as she tries to concentrate but she is sooooo tired and hasn’t slept in 3 days and Maker have mercy, what is that smell?

And my favorite:
Having to identify the brown stain as chocolate or shit.

Parenthood is a scream. Literally.