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Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 


Spy Kids

Ingrid + Gregorio + kisses/romantic moments

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Can I just say that one of my favorite things about Skam is how much the women on the show protect each other and care about each other? And I’m not even just talking about the main group of girls but the side girls to. Like Mari, a complete stranger to Noora who took care of her when she got black out drunk and stayed with her the entire night to make sure she was okay. Like Ingrid, who was completely and totally hurt by Eva, but still forgave her in the end and let the past be the past between them. And Iben, who was also hurt (on accident) by Eva but not only forgave her, but befriended her. Like ?????????? I cannot even believe how much this show means to me.


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Are you still accepting cat pics? I love showing off my kitties! The black one is Mew, he’s a massive Mama’s Boy and is always laying on me no matter what but he is also kind of a jerk so his nickname is ‘Don’t you fucking dare!“. The tabby mix is Ingrid!! She’s a fat cat, and super sweet once she gets used to you. We lovingly call her “Sweet Potato Princess” sometimes because she’s our sweet lil princess and also sometimes looks like a potato with legs. 

Hey guys!! I did a cover of SONYA ALONE from Great Comet, I hope you like it! 


skam meme: [1/8] episodes ✮ 11:11

“I’ve been walking around paranoid all the time because I thought there might be something between you and Ingrid. I thought that if you and I could something like that to Ingrid, you could do the same thing to me. You know? Maybe I thought I deserved it. And then I just became insecure and desperate. Your opinion meant more than my own. And that’s now how it should be.

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I get that Laci's methods are unhelpful+ even counter-productive, but like Ash said her intention to bridge the gap between these communities is good(?) Are there any examples of other methods to do this? Sry if I'm missing something obvious

At this point, engaging with most (not all) mainstream anti-fem channels is self-preservation in my opinion. Doing livestreams with anti-feminists where both parties agree to be polite and respectful is helpful in the sense that their audience is exposed to a different opinion in a setting that isn’t “FEMINIST GETS REKT”. Does it change most people’s core beliefs? Not really. But it does humanize the feminist engaging with them which essentially gives you anti-fem “street cred.”

There’s this idea within those communities that the opposing side is only worth respecting and not hurling abuse at if they engage with the creators who have harassed them in the first place. I did this last year on B3aring’s channel after he had made 3-4 videos insulting me and gaslighting me and his 300k fans swarmed my channel with hate.

After the livestream I got a ton of his fans saying “I disagree still but I actually respect you as a person now.” Like why was me doing an hour long public livestream necessary to be treated like a human being? On top of this, it didn’t stop any of my friends or fellow feminist creators from getting harassed by these channels. They might have laid off me for a bit, but it didn’t help the overall problem. All it did was create a dichotomy of “dumb feminists who refuse to leave their echo chambers” and “sort of ok feminists who are chill bc they engage our toxic ideology.” It’s ultimately self serving I’ve found.

Something I’ve been REALLY careful to do on my channel is not promote creators who have engaged in targeted harassment or hate campaigns against other creators. I won’t mention channels by name and I refused to do a livestream on my channel with these channels. Even though my platform is comparatively smaller, I’m not gonna use it to bring them traffic. Laci is taking the exact opposite approach…she has 1.5 million subscribers and a larger platform than most anti-fem channels and she’s using that to uplift them and give them views.

That’s my ultimate problem with this. Laci doesn’t really go out of her way to uplift smaller marginalized creators on her channel. Sure she’ll have on huge channels like Ingrid Nilsen or DaveyWavey to get a “different perspective” but literally only when it’s beneficial to her. She has a huge voice and could easily uplift smaller creators like Riley or Kat, but instead she’s using it to help out “anti-sjws” who view her as a valuable resource for growing their audiences.

I’m all for engaging with oppressive ideologies and toxic ideas and breaking down why they’re misguided. That’s super important work that I can 100% get behind. But she’s engaging with channels promoting these ideas–channels that have large audiences to spread their messages and regularly attack social justice advocates. And by engaging with PEOPLE rather than IDEAS, she’s giving a platform to them. She’s humanizing oppressive ideologies and doing it in front of a young audience.


skam episodes: 11:11 et jævlig dumt valg
↳ It felt like I had to give up everything to be with you. I ditched my best friends. So when you said I just do what others think is cool and that I don’t have my own opinion, it’s really unfair because it’s not true because I chose you and it was a really stupid choice but at least I didn’t do it to be popular. A really stupid choice because it made me feel like shit. I was being paranoid all the time because I thought there might be something betwen you two. I thought that if you and I could do something like that to Ingrid… you could do the same thing to me. You understand? Maybe I thought I deserved it and so I became insecure and desperate. Your opinion meant more than my own. That’s not how it should be. 

Over the course of his last four films, Argentine writer-director Matías Piñeiro has developed a unique approach to bringing Shakespeare’s comedies into the contemporary world, using these classic tales as vehicles for exploring the complex interpersonal dilemmas of his predominantly female protagonists. Hermia & Helena, which opens in Manhattan this weekend at the Metrograph and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, takes its inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, centering on the friendships and romantic adventures of a young theater director from Buenos Aires, who is working on a new translation of the play while attending an artist residency in New York. Last fall, just before the film’s premiere at the New York Film Festival, Piñeiro stopped by our office for an interview and a trip inside our closet. Take a look at the array of Criterion editions he snatched up during his visit, which range from Jean Renoir’s Technicolor spectacular French Cancan to Roberto Rossellini’s devastating Journey to Italy.

Matías Piñeiro’s Closet Picks

Two Halves of a Perfect Whole [Chriseva/Post 4.10/Future fic]

Dedicated to @giishere, the lovely anon who requested the fic and whose idea coincided with mine and the millions and millions of the still hurt, but nowadays mostly bitter Chriseva fans who will never find canon peace for our favourite characters and our favourite OTP.

A/N - Sorry it took so long. It was supposed to be about 1k of fluff but it ended up being more like 7.6k and got kind of bittersweet and plotty by the end.

Eva went to Sana’s Eid party with Chris but they left separately. It wasn’t really a surprising turn of events; deep down it was a scenario Eva was kind of expecting even if she herself hadn’t realized it at the time. She knew it was going to happen eventually and she thought being proven right would give her a sense of validation, but instead she was just left with a strange feeling deep inside her gut that she couldn’t explain. It couldn’t have anything to do with Chris, could it?

Instead, she found herself walking home that night with Jonas. The bitter part of Eva nearly laughed at the irony, but the present Eva was still lost in the euphoria of everything.

She’d been proven right by Chris that he was still a fuckboy and he was obviously not ready to settle down with her or anyone at that point in time. She laughed then and she’s still laughing a little on the inside, but deep down, strange feelings were lingering in the corner of her spirit like an itch that just wouldn’t go away, and a sense of hurt that she never wanted to experience again. Mostly she was disappointed that she put herself in that position again.

She feels Jonas’s warm hands slip into hers and she turns just in time to see his smiling face gazing down at her. His face is still so comforting in a familiar way and this whole scene is just dripping with bittersweet nostalgia that Eva nearly choked on it.

Jonas moves in to kiss her and she reciprocates. His kiss is forceful and wild; she feels herself subconsciously taking a step back because of Jonas’s body pushing up against her, and she has to catch herself when her heel finds the edge of the curb. Jonas has always been vigorous in his kisses with her, almost like he was marking his territory against other males and claiming her with his lips in a way, instead of being present in the moment with her as he should have been. When they were kissing, Jonas was always subconsciously trying to dominate her, pushing her up against the wall and making her take a step back. It was fun when she was younger, when she still didn’t realize her own worth, when she thought Jonas could do much better and that she was lucky he chose her.

It was different with Chris. For a guy who spends most of his free time hooking up and making out with girls, Chris was surprisingly gentle with his kisses and respectful with his whole body language. Eva never felt dominated when she was kissing Chris. It was never anything that happened consciously but Eva always felt in control when they were together, whether it involved them kissing or having sex. No matter how passionate their kissing moments would be, the second Eva even showed a hint of hesitation or physically pulled back, no matter how miniscule the action would be, Chris would stop immediately. His eyes would find hers as if asking ‘is everything okay’ without him actually saying the words.

When she was kissing Chris, Eva always felt like the dominant one which she hadn’t realized until this moment how much she took that feeling for granted.

“You okay?”

She hears Jonas’s question and comes back to the present just in time to see him pull back, taking a step back to just watch her with a half confused, half amused look.

“I’m okay,” she says. “Just thinking.”

“Well, don’t strain yourself,” Jonas says with a laugh, the words flowing out like it comes absolutely naturally to him and in that moment Eva finally really looks at him.

Her eyes study him up and down intently, concentrating on every part of him like she was picking him apart cell by cell under a microscope; his hair has grown, his face has matured but he’s still exactly the same. The same smile, the same laugh and the same condescending comment said like it is just second nature to him. Perhaps it is.

Eva can’t believe it, somehow she’s found herself in the exact same position she started: with Jonas at her side, making snide comments and belittling her intellect and being so completely nonchalant about it.

She almost can’t find the words when she opens her mouth to speak. “Jonas…I—I…”


She steels herself and looks him straight in the eye. “I…I can’t. I’m sorry, but I can’t do this again.”

His eyebrows narrow slightly, not so much in anger, more like he’s trying hard to make sense of the situation. His face stripped of all traces of humour that were there just a second ago. “What do you mean? I thought—”

“I—I know what you thought, and I thought it too, but…this is a mistake. I can’t do this again. I just…I just can’t.”

“And you’re telling me this now?” he asks, looking upset and a little angry at the same time, but mostly just confused, probably as confused as Eva feels deep down. “After I let Emma go home with your boyfriend.”

That was the comment that sealed it for Eva; in that moment, she squared her shoulders and took her stand on the ground. “Chris isn’t my boyfriend, but Emma was your girlfriend and you cheated on her with me, just like you cheated on Ingrid with me, just like Chris cheated on Iben with me. Seems like I’m always destined to be the Scarlet Woman no matter what story it is,” she scoffs, more to herself than to anyone else.


“This was a mistake,” she interrupts quickly. “I’m sorry for leading you on, for being led on by you, but this never should have happened in the first place. I was scared and I ran and somehow I always end up back at the beginning of my tragic story, but not anymore,” she says. “I’m sorry, but it’s over. This…whatever this is—whatever this could be. I can’t put myself in this position again.”

Jonas exhales through his nose, his eyes closed as if in deep thought. “Okay,” he says, and ‘okay’ is the only thing Eva really wanted to hear.

She leaves and she doesn’t look back at Jonas’s form standing under the streetlight watching her receding back disappear in the distance.

Her heart is pounding in her chest but for the first time she finally feels completely free; like whatever spell Jonas had on her is finally truly broken.

Her mom isn’t home so once again she has the whole house completely to herself, but as usual, she finds herself locked away in her room, knees pulled up to her chest on the bed, sulking. Her bed feels strangely empty with just her in it.

The sudden knock at her window is unexpected, and Eva nearly jumps out of her skin when the thumping sound startles her out of her thoughts.

She finds Chris and his grin at the window looking stupidly back at her when she hops off the bed to peek over to see who it is, and Eva isn’t sure if she wants to laugh or punch him out in that moment.

“Evening,” he greets as he slides in with too much stealth and sneakiness than is appropriate for someone coming into a girl’s bedroom at night while she’s home alone.

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