like in two or three days idk

tbh idk how anyone can work retail and still be a capitalist. i put away two to three weeks’ worth of my salary in cold hard cash through one single transaction like, daily. all that cash gets funneled directly to whomever the fuck owns the company, and you can bet your ass he’s not the one on his feet and not allowed to sit down all day

K so apparently Cardi B and Offset are engaged and the interweb is in shambles because I can’t get away from it for the life of me. Here yall go again with this “goals” #truelove mess and I’m just very tired.

Look, as a full on advocate for BLACK LOVE I can’t even dream of being against it. I just wish yall wanted more than superficial limelight.

As far as I’m concerned it’s just gas and publicity but who am I to really judge cus I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. But I do wish them true happiness.

They’ve been dating for what? Two weeks and three days . Minus a day and a half that they “broke up”? Today it’s marriage… and everyone is really out here like I want a love like that……………

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The celebrity couples yall dangerously hype up on here really show it’s 2017 lol idk what else to say… like it’s always interesting to sit back and peep what the majority wants to mimic.

Like… I don’t even know where to start.. because I’m tryna pick my battles wisely.

I remember when Ciara left Future and Futurehive? Made it law to tear her down at every turn.

It was all fun and games to look down on a woman leaving a man who didn’t respect or treat her right … for a man who cherishes her AND fathers her son like he was his own.

What does Offset do for Cardi besides boost her exposure to press and stand there looking like he winning when she makes a joke bout how she’s gunna suck his dick?

Lmao I’m really thinking bout all the things I want to say but I feel like I’m just preaching to the choir honestly.. Im really too young to be feeling this old.

It’s childish.. Even grown women are walking around stunting on claiming this as the relationship they dream of having and I just have to ask.. why?

Actually yea , if you’re going to come for my neck and drown me in your love and hip hop rage , I feel like you should definitely make some points on why this is something you’re looking up to because I am lost.

Maybe I don’t get drunk enough to see a vision to fuck wit… man idk . Maybe I don’t keep enough lean in my cup to think this is wavy. Lmfao lemme stop cus I sound like I’m a grown mother of two with my master’s degree, on my day off.

Im fully here for Cardi’s hip hop princess career tho. She’s definitely an ambassador for started from the bottom now we here and I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments moving up ladders in the music industry.

my mom was telling me a story about the time she worked as a camp counselor. So one day three campers came up to her and one said “Why don’t you ever go on the canoe rides?” My mom responded with “I don’t canoe.” And then the second kid responds with “then why the fuck are you a camp counselor” AND SPRINTS AWAY BEFORE MY MOM CAN YELL AT HIM. My mom then turns to the other two and asks “Does he always act like this?” AND THEY BOTH JUST FLIP HER OFF AND RUN AWAY. And if this doesn’t remind you of Camp Camp then idk what will Lmao I’m crying

Sleepovers with Haechan
  • i screamed when i got this request
  • i’m going to make it all adorable and innocent and sweet don’t worry
  • honestly, just imagine who incredible would be to wake up and see this angel by your side????? like woah
  • sounds like a dream
  • but anyways let’s start with this already
  • okay so~~
  • first thing first, he’s ur boyfie here okay
  • i thought it would be even cuter like that lol
  • but y’all haven’t been dating for too long
  • just idk two or maybe three months but y’all knew each other for a little longer than that
  • but he was still really nervous about sleeping with you
  • like, the day before this he probably started to think how cute it would be to see your face before sleeping and how cute would it be to see it in the morning too
  • bih he would get butterflies just thinking about it, and he was so curious about it that he couldn’t help himself but ask you the evry next day
  • and he probably got SO shy while asking you
  • “y/n? w-would you, ah, come to my house today? we can have a-a sleepover”
  • “a sleepover?”
  • “y-yeah, i thought it would be fun”
  • he actually has been thinking about inviting you to a sleepover for some time now
  • but he was so nervous about it, like, y’alls relationship was so new and he didn’t want you to think that he was weird or smth right
  • but in the end you obviously agreed and you got SO excited when he asked you
  • and after a few hours, that felt liek yEarS, you were in the entrance of his house
  • but this boy had everything planned already like he had the pizza delivery on his way and he prepared some movies and different table games
  • it was friking lit and you totally forgot about the fact that in a few hours both of you would be under the same sheets and int he same bed
  • so both of you were really entertained with the food and the action movie and all the games
  • but eventually it started to get late and since both of you are still babies at like 10 pm both of you couldn’t stop yawing lol
  • so cute oh my god
  • but yeah, don’t be stupid like me who went to sleep like at 5 am
  • so both of you decided to change into your cute matching pjs and washed up
  • and i swear he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from complimenting you when he saw you being so natural
  • like you looked so cute with your just washed face and with your hair tied up and w your baggy pjs like he was dying
  • and you were there blushing SO much and the fact that you got flustered so easily motivated him to give you more compliments and you were like sTOPP
  • oh and btw he was looking just as great with his sweats and his also oversized t-shirt
  • so both of you were looking all shapeless and comfy and cute <3
  • anyways, when y’all had to lie down on hyuk’s bed both of your hearts were beating at the speed of light basicalLy
  • and couldn’t fell asleep without matter how tired you were so eventually, both of you managed to have a cute little conversation
  • but you looked so tired and as you were talking hyuck wasn’t thinking of anything but that he had to do the first step 
  • “can i hug you, y/n?”
  • and as soon as you were in his arms and feel his warmness you felt so comfortable??? like, woah
  • suddenly your eyelids closed and before finally falling ina deep sleep you could hear his soft voice wishing you a good night, oh my god
  • and next day your probably woke up before him
  • because this guy spent like a whole hour awake and trying to calm his heart bc yOU WERE SLEEPING, RIGHT BESIDE HIM, IN HIS ARMS
  • he’s probably the fluffiest and cutest thing when he’s sleeping
  • can you imagine him with his bed air and a peaceful and expression on his face??
  • oh my god i’m so soft now
  • he probably looks so angelic i’m :’)
  • you spent a lot of time caressing his cheeks and his hair but he wasn’t reacting at all like he looked dead lol
  • even when you started to think out loud, expressing how much you love him and how much you like him he was still sleeping
  • he only woke up when you took your phone and started to take cute pictures of his sleepy face
  • like you were in your fifty shoot when out of the blue he smiles and starts tickling you as revenge
  • and you got so scared like wHAt tHIS BITCH WAS AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME
  • can you imagine how beautiful this would be i’m MELITING
  • eventually he stopped and lie by your side again, now both of you were smiling brightly and having another cute convo
  • your lazy asses probably stayed in bed for like half of an hour before getting out of bed
  • and y’all were cuddling and it was just so nice ;-;
  • so until both of you didn’t got really hungry y’all didn’t left lol
  • and making breakfast by his side was also really fun
  • he would give you cooking tips + would scold you when you fuck up when you don’t do what he told you to
  • nct life in paju memories
  • but you probably ate while watching cartoons and cuddling and ugh how adorable
  • basically, waking up w hae means to have a bright day since the very beggining of the day
  • okay and the end <3<3<33<3<3<33<<
  • my heart feels warm after writing this <3
  • i hope it was cute enough :’)

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do you have science bros headcanons because i watched avengers again and i have a lot of science bros feels


  • post aou tony has kept a part of research sealed bc no one can use bruce’s lab if he’s not there to approve of it
  • they’ve pulled all-nighters designing stuff and doing research together and fallen asleep sharing the sofa more than once actually every time
  • whenever bruce drops a hint that there’s something he likes (idk ‘I had such nice green tea in that forgotten village in china once’ and the likes) three days later he finds stocks of that stuff in his kitchen/cupboards. the first two times he was weirded out, the third he realized it was tony being tony and genuinely wanting to *be friends* so he just took it in stride
  • bruce also took it as a personal victory that one day he managed to get tony to only drink tea rather than coffee
  • bruce is also a+ at cooking so more than once he cooked for the both of them/occasionally pepper/whoever else was around but same way tony caught on his hints re liking tea or this particular fruit or whatever else, he gets hints about what tony actually likes to eat and tries to go for that without being told
  • they have amicable disagreements on which star trek series is better but they don’t disagree on anything when it comes to star wars
  • they’ve had late night conversation whose data jarvis deleted the moment they were done in which they had extensive talks about the not so a+ parenting they experienced and regretted they didn’t get to meet before they were both in their forties
  • in bed they’re totally switches actually they switch also for who’s the big spoon or the little spoon
  • tony’s the one breaking the ice if it comes to making sex life spicier but then he’s at first surprised and then not so much when bruce first goes like ‘okay sounds cool’ and then proposes to add something 100% more intense to the mix
  • bruce has also stopped worrying about opening his closet and finding out there’s three new shirts hung inside it
  • more than once they used the labs to build completely ridiculous shit that was never gonna work out just for the kicks
  • no one wants to watch scifi or scienc-y movies with them (or even the x-files) because they always end up discussing how this or that works or if it’s within the laws of physics and everyone else is just like let us watch the damned thing
  • at some point they made themselves friendship bracelets but no one knows that. they’re like the most complicated bracelets anyone could come up with. (obv red/yellow and green/purple.) then bruce’s got ruined when he transformed next so tony made him another and he keeps that one with his stuff rather than wearing it so it doesn’t break
  • everyone is surprised that bruce doesn’t mind working with tony blasting metal music from the other side of the lab but he just shrugs and goes like nothing wrong with iron maiden why is everyone assuming I only listen to classical, this while tony is basically like where has this guy been all my life (the reverse happens if bruce happens to want to work with classical)


171110 Note to myself : You saw Super Junior today and watch their performance at Music Bank. So you should remember how lucky you are and you should never call yourself unlucky again for rest of your life. Because you are so damn lucky. Yes LUCKY SO LUCKY ♥ :’)

I had only saw last them from afar in front of Coex a couple of days ago while they entering and leaving. I couldnt enter inside the building yesterday for mcountdown because i had some problems with my lightstick. It had to be official Super Show lightstick, but mine was friend’s KRY lightstick. The sad thing was we had another official lightstick at home ahah. But today i could enter! i watched their performance at Music Bank!! :) I was like 2 metres away from them and believe me they are really humans ahah sometimes i think they cant be real xD its weird i know~ but they are real hehe.

When we get inside the Music Bank studio while i am sitting i saw ‘someone’ and looked at him.. and then.. i was:

‘This is Donghae? THIS IS DONGHAEEEE’ ahah he was talking to staff. He saw fans coming inside and sitting and looked at the fans and smiled :) I thought he is still looking towards us and waved but he didnt see LOLOL i laughed so hard ahaha but he waved to the fans after a while :)

I saw Leeteuk after Donghae. Leeteuk really so so cute. He was the most smiley member today. 

Then guess who?

who? you can guess? xD

YES! you guessed right! i saw Hyukjae!! ASBQKWJDBÇSKWADÇJ

OMG how a person can be this beautiful? this is not fair for other men in the world LOL

Then i saw other members too. Staff kept fixing Yesung hair, i was like ‘ok its enough, go away staff, i cant see the members properly’ xD

Kangin was there too but idk how and why i couldnt notice him lol. That spot that members standing was looking a little cloudy because of stage effects so since he was probably there, i didnt notice him. He was there to support members! ahhh i love that man, and i cant wait to see him on the stage again ;;__;; Please.. i wanna see Super Junior together.. sighhh.. 

Hmm.. Donghae got on the stage before they perform and did kind of ‘weird’ things to make us laugh :) While makeup artist putting makeup on Shindong’s face Donghae hold a light above Shindong to make makeup artist see Shin face better hehe. Helpful babe! kk

Leeteuk was all smiley, our smiley angel leader ♥ :) 

Hyukjae send us CHU~~ :)) and made hearts with his fingers ^^ He had wore loose pants so its so sad i couldnt see his beautiful shaped legs properly LOL so i was focussed on Donghae legs xDDD

They sang Black Suit two times. They danced really so nicely. But while i watching them i couldnt catch how when and from where Heechul came to the stage and started to sing LOLOL

Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh all of them so handsome :) Maybe Donghae looking like he is shy and all most of the times but on the stage he is so confident and a little? naughty LOL 

Both Donghae & Hyukjae was so small like little cute kids hehe MY BABIES!!

There wasn’t any fans in front of us and we were so close to them, they saw our faces. And if my mind doesn’t play with me, for a second but just for a second Hyukjae looked at my eyes :((((((((((((((((( It was so short but it made me happy, when i think it sound like a dream to see them irl :)

After they performed Black Suit two times they came close to the seats and waved us. Only Shindong and Heechul didnt come idk why :)

There was 300 Elf outside. Only 200 Elfs could enter. We practised fanchant for Black Suit with SM staff. They gave these things to us:

*i kissed the banner if you can see ahah

and a baloon when we got inside. i didnt take pic of it while it is still blowed keke. But the baloon like this:

and if i should talk about albums i bought 8 albums three days ago..

7 one more chance, 1 black suit. I have 4 Hyukjae, 2 Yesung, 1 Siwon cd :) so sad i couldnt get Donghae’s cd :(

But i have his photocards while i have no Hyuk photocards xD

With buying albums we could write our names in the list and join to lucky draw for fansign (it will be tomorrow) but sadly i am not one of the fans who can join the fansign :( anyway.. maybe i will have a chance? maybe? idk? ahah

After the recording it was raining so hard but we had to write our names in the list for Inkigayo recording so we ran under the heavy rain. There was still a baloon and banner in my hands while i run and take taxi LOL. Being a fan is really crazy xD

a question: How to be so rich to follow Suju around the world, buy so many albums, concert tickets? A real question. I will wait for the answers :)


– Dilara   (kkk i felt like i wrote a letter to you, so i put my name here xD)

run pt. 4 (end)

summary: spencer rushes to get back to you, most of the team finds out he is the father of your child, you two talk it out.

words: 2056

warnings: pregnancy, panic attack, swearing, minor angst at the beginning, FLUFF THATS CHEESY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IF THATS A REAL WARNING, i’m a better angst writer than fluff


read part three here

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Dream Daddy was announced like, what, two maybe three days ago? And like there’s already compliants and discourse and shit. What. The. Fuck. The game hasn’t even come out yet, like you don’t know shit about it, yet people are still fucking complaining and shit? Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up until the game comes out, like damn.

Foxy ( p.2 ) // Sirius Black // requested

Request could you do a young!sirius where the reader is american and transfering to hogwarts and he sees her in the train and basically becomes infatuated with her?? maybe you can do a part 2 where they reunite after Azkaban or something too?? + can you do a jealous sirius ?!?

Two requests that turned into something more. 

<< Part One        Part Three >>

Idk if anyone noticed, but each part is like a time span over weeks… Like it’s not going to be one day bc then this will go on forever. This is set the day after the first part and then it ends at the beginning of November. 

Requests are closed. xx 

Pairing : Young!Sirius Black x Fem. American Reader

Word Count : 7461 ( give or take a hundred lmao, no one can judge me )

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“What is she doing in our room?” 

“Nevermind that, how did she get into the house?” 

“Padfoot has his ways.”

“I bet that git used my cloak to get her in. He woke me up at an ungodly hour last night to retrieve it.” 

As much as I would love to continue listening in on this ever so fascinating conversation, my neck began to feel sore. I could tell I slept on it the wrong way. I sat up, and stretched, rotating my neck to try and get the crick out. 

“Good morning Foxy. Have fun last night?” James’ teasing voice filled my ears. 

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Because Adam Parrish’s bisexuality is very important to me and I felt the need to write down the Feelings I was having. This has no plot, just so you know.        


It’s really you on my mind

He’s fifteen years old and tired. Sitting in front of the trailer he calls home, he lets himself feel it for just a second. Allows himself to acknowledge the heaviness pulling at his limbs, his drooping eyelids getting pulled down by some invisible power; allows himself a moment of anger and exhaustion. Feeling sorry for himself and letting his misery take over his senses isn’t something he necessarily likes to do. He knows his life sucks, there’s no use dwelling on that. He also knows there are people who have it worse and that he will get out of here. One day one day one day. It’s a song that replays itself inside his head when things get rough, when he feels alone and his father tells him he’s worthless, with his fists and words alike, when his mom looks at it all with pursed lips or ignores it altogether. When the trailer park is suffocating and the dust invades his lungs, makes it hard to breathe. Sometimes doubt creeps in and then it’s almost impossible for him to believe it will ever happen; he’ll be stuck here for the rest of his days, become a copy of Robert Parrish because it’s his fate, it’s in his blood and he’ll have a son sitting in the exact same position, singing to himself one day one day one day.

Snapping out of that depressing train of thought, he suddenly remembers the free magazine he picked up at the grocery store earlier. From the rack next to the entry, filled with daily news and picked up by the busy fingers of housewives and old people taking their weekly stroll. He’s passed it numerous times and never felt the need to take one with him, until today. He doesn’t know what came over him, just that he desperately wanted to pretend to do something normal. And why not?

He takes it out now, from under his thin jacket, unfolds it and looks at the picture of some actress he vaguely recognizes posing on the front.

It’s been so long since he read something just for him. He used to go the library when he was younger, used to spend full days there, befriending the old, sweet lady behind the desk, reading everything he could get his hands on. But when he realized there’s a way to escape this, that the world is so much wider than the name double-wide suggest, that maybe there’s a way for him to not only read about magical places and people going on adventures, but actually live those things and see them for himself, the library turned into the last item on his list of things to do. He picked up several jobs and poured all his remaining time and energy into studying and getting A’s; the library was forgotten. At times, when the night is too heavy to sleep and the walls are too thin to not hear what’s playing in the bedroom next to his, he thinks of the old lady with her white hair that gave him pieces of her chocolate sometimes and wonders what happened to her. If she still works there, if maybe at times she wonders about him too after he abruptly stopped coming, if she’s even still alive.

Now he opens his magazine and pictures the one his father reads and notices the stark difference between the two. He rifles through it, not particularly caring about the content or finding it exceptionally captivating, but enjoying himself nonetheless. Skimming through it, he abruptly lets it fall open on some ad, perfume he thinks, featuring a man, a car and the gray sky above. The man is leaning against his expensive, fast car, wearing expensive designer clothes. Adam’s enthralled by how casually powerful the man looks and by the quiet authority he radiates. Like nothing can hurt him, like he’s above pain. At first, it’s just the power that evokes Adam’s wonder, then he pays closer attention to the guy’s face; zooms in on his high cheekbones, the strand of dark hair falling on his forehead, his pronounced jawline. The way his clothes fit him just right, accentuating the right things, the right way and Adam is in awe.

There’s a mixture of several things going through Adam’s head, the most prominent being want. Which he shuts down immediately without realizing why and replaces with one day one day one day. He looks at the car again. Without giving it second thought, he rips the picture from the magazine and folds it carefully, stuffs it into his pocket.

The picture is burned in his memory now and he thinks he’ll use it as motivation, to try to become that person one day. Because that’s what he wants. That’s the want overpowering his thoughts. Being that man, radiating the same power, being able to dress like that, owning a car like that and doing it all as effortlessly as if he’d been born into it.

He takes it out sometimes, from under his mattress. He’s not sure why he feels the need to hide it like that, it’s not like there’s something bad on there. He just doesn’t want his dad to find it and realize that Adam wants to be that man, he tells himself. He doesn’t want his parents to know that that is his goal in life, he tells himself. And he tries not to think of the why’s to much. Why he decided on that picture, why he hides it, why it makes him want.

Years later he’ll realize that maybe it wasn’t just the power the man radiated and the effortless way he looked like money and success and was everything Adam wanted to be but wasn’t. He’ll think that maybe it was a mixture of those things, combined with the fact that he was extremely attracted to the guy, but just didn’t realize it. That the want to be him, could’ve easily also been the want to be with him among other things. He’ll think that there have been so many more instances in his life where he interpreted his own feelings wrong, or simply repressed them and twisted them so that he didn’t have to face the real thing. Subconsciously of course, until Ronan started looking at him and the pieces all fell in their place and he realized something about himself that had been there for a long time, but was never allowed out.

When he gets together with Ronan, he analyzes the feelings he had for Blue and he realizes they were just as real as the one he has for Ronan. Maybe they weren’t as strong, but they were there. And something clicks inside him, because he knows now that Ronan wasn’t the first boy he was ever attracted to, which is what he thought in the beginning, and he knows that he’s still very much into girls too, but that it’s all fine. He’s got time to find himself and figure out what that means for him. Which he does in great detail. Adam Parrish, a man of science, likes to understand things, approaches this objectively, eyes on his goal.

He doesn’t doubt his attraction or love for Ronan because he is absolutely sure that those things are there. He does not doubt his feelings for Ronan once. He just wonders whether he’s the only boy he’s ever liked or if there were others.

When he was younger, he didn’t give his sexuality much thought. He always thought he was straight so there was no real reason to think about it and anyway, living under his parents’ roof, the possibility of being something else than straight, stepping out of line of what his dad thought was right, wasn’t much of an option. He liked Blue, he had a girlfriend before that, when he was fourteen. She gave him his first kiss, but other than that it wasn’t anything exceptional. She was a girl from his school he had to work with one day. She was pretty and she smelled nice. She had a gap between her teeth and he remembers finding that charming. They worked on the chemistry project in the library, she kissed him one day, he liked it, she asked him to be her girlfriend and eventually she broke it off, no doubt expecting dates and time spent together, but Adam simply did not have the money or time to spare. He didn’t like her that much that it really hurt or anything, but it stung a little. Knowing dating just wasn’t for him, yet another thing on his seemingly endless list of one day, something he’d do when he got out of here.

If he was being honest with himself, he was a little disappointed. It’s not like he expected butterflies to fly around and the sun to start shining just for them, but the couple kisses they shared didn’t really do anything to him. That didn’t stop him from wanting more of them, though. Her lips were soft and brought him affection he had missed his whole life. The feeling of her hands on his hips warmed his skin in a way he was not familiar with, so even if real feelings were missing, he also definitely didn’t want her to break up with him .

He figured it was better anyway. He put her out of his head and forget about her quickly enough, only sometimes allowing her to open the doors in his mind and wondering that if he could’ve been able to show her a little more attention, she’d have stayed longer.

Then he met Blue and he really liked her too. Her originality and fire drew him in and did things to his head. It was easier with her somehow because he saw her in the company of Gansey, because she was pretty affectionate herself and wasn’t afraid to say what she thought or let him know what she wanted or didn’t want. She took his hand and it was easy to lay his head in her lap. It was nice and he knew that if he were to kiss her, it’d be different than the kisses he shared with his former girlfriend. He thought maybe he’d feel something else than simply that’s nice.

It was good. While it lasted.

Because of course it didn’t last. He was Adam Parrish, why would he be able to love someone the right way? Maybe love was a big word, but why would he be able to – to be enough? Because that was exactly what it was. He was not enough.

The words it’s not going to be you echoed through his mind for days on end and the fear that he would end up exactly like his father encased him, held him captive. When those words came out of her mouth, he knew. He just knew that if it wasn’t him, it’d be Gansey. Because of course. Of fucking course.

When he gets together with Ronan, everything is great and his anger doesn’t matter because Ronan has his own anger inside to match Adam’s. They get together and every touch, every word shared between them leaves a trace in his skin, strikes a match until his insides are burning with want and need and love. Finally he can feed his hunger. Ronan doesn’t mind if Adam kisses him fiercely, barely giving him space to breathe, all but attacks his mouth with his own. He doesn’t mind Adam taking of his shirt and tracing the warm skin, following the trail of his tattoo with his mouth. Doesn’t mind the hickies on his neck, the scratches on his back.

The physical aspects of the relationship is explosive and wonderful. But that’s not all. Ronan is the first person to ever be truly gentle with him, the first person that looks at him as if he deserves everything.

He makes Adam laugh harder than anything ever has, sometimes so much he literally cannot breathe, until he has tears in his eyes. Ronan knows when to crack a joke, make fun of Gansey, draw out a grin with force if he has to after a shitty day at work. But also knows when to leave it alone and simply let Adam lay his head on his lap on the couch and gently run his fingers through his hair when he’s feeling down. Because the truth is, while Adam Parrish has always thought of himself as unknowable, somehow Ronan Lynch has managed to know him.

He knows him. He understands him. Like no one ever has. And Adam realizes that, even if he didn’t notice before, he had always understood Ronan the same way. Back when he couldn’t stand being in the same room with him for more than five minutes before one of them made a biting remark. Even then, they’d understood each other on some level.

So, no. If there is one thing in the world he is absolutely sure of, it’s his love for Ronan. While figuring out his sexuality is definitely confusing, that is not. It’s the surest and realist thing in his life at the moment.

Once, when Adam was about ten, he had a friend. Called Jason. The boy had curly black hair, dark skin and piercing brown eyes that glittered in the sun and made Adam feel warm and fuzzy inside. It was the first real friend he’d ever had, or as real as fleeting friendship at that age can be anyway and Adam cared for him deeply. When Jason smiled, he had a dimple and for some reason having it directed at him, filled Adam with an indescribable pride. There was something about him that made Adam want to be around him as much as possible and never let go. Seen as Jason was his first friend, he didn’t think much of it and figured that’s just what friendship was.

The whole thing was over pretty quickly, Jason moved away. Adam is pretty sure he never even knew his last name.

When he thinks back to that now, he wonders if it wasn’t something other than just friendship. And then he thinks back to the first time Gansey had laid his charming eyes on him and shown Adam his electric smile and the feeling that had evoked inside him and wow. That’s a whole other realization.

Now lying on his small mattress above the church that’s his home, next to the boy he thinks of when he thinks of home, he wonders how he never noticed what really, was there all along. He thinks it’s probably a mixture of wanting to survive and homophobic bullshit shoved in his head by the people that raised him.

Now, lying on his small mattress above the church that’s his home, next to the boy he thinks of when he thinks of home, he lets himself feel and think and understand something about himself.

‘Why the fuck are you thinking this hard? It’s two in the morning’, Ronan mumbles into the crook of his shoulder, sleep already pulling at his senses, one hand wrapped around Adam’s waist.

‘I’m not.’ It’s a lie, automatically leaving his mouth. Adam spends his life thinking too hard, over analyzing every little thing. He’s never had to share the inner workings of his mind with anyone.

‘Yes, you are. You’ve got that little crunch between your eyebrows. That means you’re thinking too hard.’ But this is Ronan and, again, Adam is taken aback by how good Ronan knows him. The inner workings of his mind may be a mystery to most people, but Ronan has never been like most people.

He doesn’t say anything for a little while, lets the silence fill the room. Ronan kisses his shoulder and Adam can feel his eyelashes fluttering against his skin. Soft as a confession whispered in the dead of the night.

‘I’m bisexual’, he says then, finally, shattering the quiet.

And it’s out there. The nervous flutter in his stomach has nothing to do with fear or dread. He feels most comfortable around Ronan and this is nothing new really. It’s just that it’s the first time he’s ever said those words aloud, the first time he knows with a certainty they’re real. And that sensation is new to him, it flutters in his stomach, but a good kind of fluttering. One that’s as pleasant as the spring sun warming his skin after winter has gone to sleep.

Ronan makes a noise that could be interpreted in many different ways, but the way he pulls Adam closer to him and nuzzles his nose to his temple and drops a kiss on his ear, indicates it’s most likely one of encouragement and support. The gesture fills Adam’s body with warmth and his heart beats with the incredible love he has for this boy.

‘What brought this on?’

‘I don’t know. Just thinking back on my life. I have this ad in my car, for perfume or something. And I always convinced myself I kept it because one day I wanted to be the guy. But now I think I kept it because I was ridiculously attracted to him even though I didn’t realize it.’

Ronan lets out a small laugh. ‘Well, I’m fucking gay. I think I always sort of knew though.’

Adam wonders if Ronan has ever admitted to that before and he’s pretty sure he never has. He simply got together with Adam and that was enough for them. But here, in the safety and comfort of this room and each other, it’s okay.

He thinks of how Ronan used to hate himself so much and that, some of it at least, was tied to his sexuality. How he used to be so angry and scared and hidden from everyone. How self acceptance was a long and painful process for him. He thinks of how proud he is of Ronan, of how strong he is and of how far he’s come. To say those words without shame above the church he visits every Sunday. The church where he belongs but for a long time felt like an intruder, like he was wrong.

Ronan shouldn’t have to give up parts of himself because others won’t accept him. He shouldn’t have to hide. He’s gay, but he also believe in god with an intensity that Adam saw reflected in his eyes the few times he has accompanied him to church.

Adam himself is not religious, but he respects it and can see the beauty of it in certain things. But more importantly, he’s aware of how deeply rooted it is in Ronan’s life and how it’s a part of him. Adam loves all parts of Ronan, wants him to be able to love all parts of himself too. He’s glad Ronan feels comfortable enough saying those words above his church.

‘I’m glad you finally figured it out. ‘M proud of you,’ Ronan mumbles then, almost asleep, saying things he maybe wouldn’t have said wide awake, but that Adam would’ve gotten anyway.

Adam plants a kiss on the top of his head and closes his head. ‘I’m proud of you too.’

And that’s how they fall asleep, entwined like vines and trusting someone, finally, to accept them for who they are.

They’re growing still. And discovering themselves, but now that they’re safe and relatively happy, most of the time, it’s a process Adam actually is kind of looking forward to. Maybe he doesn’t have to be unknowable. Maybe he can just be Adam Parrish, loved by his friends and boyfriend, safe, attending Harvard in the fall, bisexual, in love and proud. Of who he is.

Proud of being Adam Parrish. He decides he rather likes that thought.

Thanks for reading! Title from Chanel by Frank Ocean, because that song is almost as Bi™ as Adam Parrish is 

fucking Kang Daniel has a crush on you

Originally posted by fydaniel

A/N: hey i’m here again and yep i’m still sad and i still love him so much that i can’t so yeah enjoy buddies

  • again he is a fluffy cute ball k
  • probably you would meet at a cafe or some place like that

  • you work there and at some point you’re like

  • “why is this guy coming here like three times a day?”

  • “but he cute”

  • he’s too shy to talk to you at first so he just keeps coming to the cafe

  • “hey i will take one cappuccino and a chocolate muffin”

  • “sure, that’ll be $4-”

  • “maybe we can go out sometime if you want to”

  • you notice that as he says this, his cheeks were getting red

  • a cutie

  • you were pretty shy too so your cheeks were also getting kinda red

  • you said yes of course (who wouldn’t tbh)

  • three days had passed and the day of your first date arrived yay

  • you two decided to go grab dinner at some place like mc donalds and go to the cinema after that, nothing too fancy

  • while you are having dinner, he wants to know more about you, about your favourite shows, your favourite places, your favourite food, etc. stuff like that 

  • you start to feel really comfortable around him 

  • like you can feel that he really wants to know about you and idk there’s something about him that makes you feel happy

  • omg he would try so hard to make you laugh

  • because even if you just met he already fell for your smile

  • and you would laugh at his lame jokes because come on

  • “Hey Y/N ,What do you call a fake noodle?”

  • “…”

  • “An impasta!”

  • the jokes are so bad, so bad that you can’t help but smile

  • “Kang Daniel why are you so stupid?”

  • After the dinner you would go to the cinema 

  • he let’s you choose the film

  • (insert random film bc i’m too lazy to actually think of a film)

  • he also buys popcorn because you love it

  • and when the film starts you’re just there so immersed, because you have been wanting to see that film for a long time

  • so you don’t notice that Daniel has been staring at you pretty much half of the film

  • he was staring at you with that cute smile like he didn’t need anything else at that moment

  • even if you just were paying atention to the movie

  • he enjoys seeing you happy

  • after the film ends you are going home and he insists on going with you

  • you two get in the bus and as soon as you sit down you start to feel sleepy

  • so you can’t help resting your head on Daniel’s shoulder 

  • he dies of cuteness because he thinks you have such an adorable face when you sleep

  • at some point you feel a little peck on your forehead but you’re not sure if that was a dream or not so who knows

  • when you wake up you notice that Daniel also has fallen asleep and you stare at his cute bunny face 

  • until you remember that you’re in a bus

  • and that you should have got off the bus like two stops before

love-elizabeth-the-3rd  asked:

Okay! So maybe she continues to behave a little off with seven but okay with the others, and maybe now Seven starts feeling like really concerned but he's confused because that's what he wanted? But now he's starting to wonder if that's what he really wants, and he kind of starts to feel like MC felt when he did that to her. Maybe she starts opening up to one of the members a bit more now since she cant with him, and he feels bothered by that, lol idk but really just go nuts with it x")

707: The Cold Treatment [Part TWO]

Thanks for the request!! Here’s part two, everyone~


Click for: [Part One] [Part Three]

Seven laid in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling, dimly lit by the moonlight peeking through the windows. For the past two days, you had been brushing him off coldly, but you seemed to be perfectly fine in the chatroom. He’d given up on bringing up your strange behaviour in the chatroom, but he had continued his attempts to talk to you, worried.

Pfft. Who was he kidding?

A large part of him simply wanted to talk with you, to laugh and joke with you, to spend time with you… Although he was fully aware that it would be dangerous for you, he couldn’t help but secretly desire this. He couldn’t help but try to communicate with you, even when you were trying to push him away.

At the same time, he didn’t want you to get involved with his problems. You were so precious to him… He’d hate to be the source of your suffering. Who knows what the agency would do to you if they found out about you? What if they tortured you? What if they held you hostage? The possibilities were endless. He had to stay away from you.

But now that you’d finally stopped trying to get close to him, he couldn’t help but feel empty.

He knows that he shouldn’t feel this way, and he should be happy that you finally seemed to understand how dangerous he was… but the change was so sudden, it honestly kind of hurt him that you could become so cold so quickly.

… Now that he thought about it, that description sounded awfully familiar.

Oh. Hadn’t he treated you the same way, when he first showed up at your apartment? He’d been all fun and jokes, warm and cheerful in the chatroom… but then he had been curt and cold towards you when he met you. It must have been a huge change to adjust to, and you’d continued to shower him with your love, affection and care. Until the day the two of you had that huge argument.

Seven groaned, rolling onto his side and curling up into a ball. How was he supposed to feel? How was he supposed to act right now?

Personally, he really wanted to win you back. He wanted to get closer to you. God, you were so intriguing to him. You had managed to push past his walls, and seen through his acts, and yet you had still continued caring for him. You had seen his darkest sides, and put up with his angry attitude and hurtful words. And you hadn’t held it against him even once. He was so touched by your actions, he couldn’t help but feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

But professionally, he know he had to keep you away. And he’s succeeded. This would protect you. You would be safe, and you would have the chance to find happiness again. As long as you were happy, Seven would be able to let you go.

So why wasn’t he happy? Shouldn’t he be relieved that you weren’t bothering him anymore?

It was all so confusing. His thoughts continued to race, until he figured he wasn’t going to be able to sleep. It was 10 in the morning, but he’d been up late all night, completing his work for the agency.

He reluctantly got up, and wandered into the living room. As he passed the kitchen, he noticed that the plate of breakfast he’d made for you earlier had disappeared from the table. Seven walked towards the sink, taking note of the cleanly scraped plate. A soft smile etched his face as he realized you had taken care to eat every bit of the meal. He felt glad that you were eating normally, at least.

Footsteps sounded from behind him, and he turned around to see you walking towards the door, putting on a coat. Alarmed, he ran toward you. “MC? Where are you going? It’s dangerous outside!” he panicked.

You looked up at his face, but avoided meeting his eyes. “I’m meeting with Zen. I’ll be back soon.”

Seven’s face contorted into anger, pain flashing briefly in his eyes. He thought to himself bitterly, So she’s leaving me for Zen, huh?

“You shouldn’t go. You don’t know what could happen out there. Do you even remember why I had to come here in the first place?” he said harshly. “Do you think I came here for fun? I’m here to protect you from getting hurt.”

You forced a bitter laugh, finally looking directly at him. “That’s hilarious, because you’re the only one hurting me right now,” you managed to say, tears welling up in your eyes as a wave of emotions overwhelmed you.

Seven winced, feeling ashamed of himself. “…I have to. You don’t know what the agency could do to you if they know that you’re associated with me,” he mumbled, looking down at the ground. “I-I’m sorry, okay? Just… don’t go to Zen.”

You stayed silent, weighing your options. Finally, you sighed, taking off the coat. “Fine.”

You took out your phone to call Zen, walking away from Seven.

Zen: Hey! What’s up, babe?

You: …I can’t go today. Seven says it’s dangerous.

Zen: Are you sure he’s not using that as an excuse? You never know, he could just be jealous.

You: I don’t know. I’m sorry for cancelling at the last minute, I really didn’t mean to.

Zen: No, no, it’s not your fault. Don’t apologize. We’ll see each other at the party soon, and we can always meet up after that too. It’s not a big deal, so don’t feel guilty.

You: Thanks for understanding. It means a lot to me that you’re being so considerate…

Zen: No problem, babe! I have to go now though, a few people are staring… Haha, I wonder if they’re my fans? Well, take care of yourself, okay?

You hung up, and noticed Seven staring intently at your cell phone. He had been listening to your phone call. Dammit, wasn’t Zen being a bit too overfriendly? Seven could hear Zen’s flirtatious tones (no Seven, you’re just jelly) through the phone.

In fact, since when did you confront Zen about these things? When had you two become so close? Seven frowned at the thoughts swimming in his head, and you noticed the tightly clenched fists at his side.

“…It’s not polite to stare,” you said softly, before turning around to head back to your room. That was where you had shut yourself for the past few days, interacting happily with the members despite feeling empty inside.

Seven watched, his eyebrows furrowing in sadness. He couldn’t take this cold treatment from you anymore. He.. he just couldn’t. It hurt too much.


Well! That’s where I’ll leave it at!

I don’t re-read my work, so I hope this was okay..?

The existence of a third part will depend on the feedback… :P



Like Night and Day.

Currently on day 5 of V’s route, these two are getting me so confused, Ray goes from a completely gentleman to obsessive, while V starts hiding stuff and ignoring my advices T.T 

Zen is the only stable one of the route lol He’s such a nice guy, and gave me some nice tips on how to take care of my skin >.<

Bgs are from the game btw

Also, IDK why but three of my guests appeared as “Time out”, even tho I answered them in the right time :\ Maybe it’s because I’m using the save system, since I’m only playing on weekends?

YouTuber: Lim Changkyun
Username: I.M WHAT I.M
Subsrciber count: 5,001,431
Most watched video: I.M WHAT I.M - PPAP
Fanbase: I.MEME
About: Lim Changkyun is a quite fresh top YouTuber of the industry. He had his major breakthrough with an on going trend - PPAP - which he recreated flawlessy and it went viral. He started the series of “Guides by a man” which is a mix of being savage with his friends, a parody and a piece of life from your favourite boy, Changkyun. He uploads monthly, keeping his fanbase waiting for too long for quality content videos. He is the meme/crack king of YouTube. His fanbase mostly consist of males but he has plenty of female subscirbers as well. He posts a lot on Twitter but hardly ever replies to his mentions, keeping the fans confused when he tweets things like: “New video coming soon” which will be released in like three weeks or two days later. The world might never know.

Monsta X as YouTubers series: Shin Hoseok, Yoo Kihyun, Lim Changkyun, Lee Minhyuk, Chae Hyungwon, Son Hyunwoo, Lee Jooheon

Better Angels

This is for @angelicfruitcake , a gift for finishing packing! the prompt was: young child Derek Nurse spending the day with his big sister the bestest person on the planet. Hope you like it lovee!! Also pls ignore the title idk how to title things lol

Derek had been instructed not to eat anything for breakfast, so he shouldn’t be surprised when their first stop is the deli three blocks up and two blocks over. 

Dana orders two bagels, two bottles of apple juice, and an orange for them to share. They sit at one of the small tables set up outside the shop windows and point out all the dogs being walked on that early Saturday morning. 

At one point Derek pulls a few leaves out of the bushes in front of them and Dana plucks them from his fingers and artfully places them in a halo tucked into his curls to keep their place. 

“Now you’re a pretty garden angel,” she says, laughing and smiling at him in all her overwhelming kindness. 

Derek is very careful as they go about the rest of the day not to move in a way that would dislodge them. 

Their next stop is a small stationary store, the kind that smells of old lady perfume and ancient furniture and that doesn’t have a lamp set any higher than dim because the bulbs haven’t been changed in years. 

Dana allows him to pick out a small notebook and a couple of pretty pens, and she gets herself some stamps as well. 

As they walk toward the subway station, Dana is busy telling Derek of all her boarding school adventures. Friends she made and cute people she’s met and interesting lessons she’s learned - 

“It’s been a lot of fun, actually, even if I do miss you all.”

“We miss you too,” Derek says, reaching over and taking her hand in his. “We miss you a lot.”

Dana smiles and swings their arms and when they reach the station they go down the stairs to the turnstile and Derek watches as she pulls their metro cards from her wallet. 

“That’s how I knew you were cool, you know,” Derek says, once they’re through and walk onto the train, taking a seat on the bench. 

“What’s how?” Dana asks as she sits next to him. 

“The metro card - when you turned 13 mom and dad let you keep your own instead of taking it from you,” he stares at the ground, slightly embarrassed. “I thought that was really cool.”

Dana laughs, knocking her shoulder into him. “I’m not that cool, you know.”

Derek shrugs. “I think you are.” 

When she doesn’t say anything he glances up and sees her looking off, smiling widely. 

Dana takes him to lunch at a trashy diner on 6th and lets him order a refill on his shake when he finishes the first one - Dana is the best big sister in the world and nine year old Derek will fight anyone who tries to say otherwise.

After lunch they walk over to their favorite movie theater and he lets her pick the movie. He doesn’t complain too much and tries to enjoy himself. They buy popcorn and only throw a little at each other. 

Once it’s over they walk a few blocks over and up to the outdoor flea market - the one with all the broadway souvenir trinkets the tourists take home. They weave through the many booths, and when they come across a wall of watches that are 2 for $10, they pick out the most obnoxious ones for each other and agree to wear them the rest of the day. 

Afterward, they make their way home, light and carefree and when they come in the doors they can smell dinner already being prepared in the kitchen. 

When Derek comes in to find out what’s being cooked his mom takes one look at him and bursts out laughing. 

“Why are there leaves in your hair, young man?” she asks, pulling him in close and trying to get at his head. 

He ducks out of the way and can hear Dana laughing from where she walked down the hall. 

“I’m a garden angel, ma, please!”

“He’s a garden angel!” 

Derek turns as his dad comes in, shaking his head. 

“I am.”

“Ok, garden angel, go wash up for dinner,” his dad says. 

When Derek goes down the hall he passes Dana on her way back. She winks at him and tells him he’s still as pretty as he was that morning and he thinks - not for the first time - how glad he is to have her home for the summer. 

Candy and Spiders

You know when Newt approaches you three hours before prime trick-or-treating hours that something is wrong, and when he holds the torn open, empty candy bag meant for children, not creatures, you roll your eyes.

“Newt, seriously?” You groan. “You couldn’t keep them out of it?”

He opens his hands, pleading with you. “I tried, dear, I swear. But they are tricky little buggers, especially the mooncalves. They’ve come to be quite fond of chocolate. I suspect it may have something to do with someone feeding it to them.”

You roll your eyes and push yourself up from the couch, grabbing your coat from the hook by the front door and wishing you’d waited to put your vampire costume makeup on. “Are you coming with to get more? The kids will be coming around soon.”

Newt wrings his hands, eyes straying to the clock hanging in the kitchen. “I thought I should perhaps stay here and scrounge up something in case some kids make the rounds early.”

You sigh but relent. “Fine, but you owe me for this.”

Newt’s shoulders sag with relief. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

You mutter something Newt doesn’t catch under your breath and head out into the chilly October air. It’s a fitting day for Halloween, the air frigid and tense with horror, and a full moon is already beginning to appear in the blackening sky, its bright glow dulled by thin strands of dark grey clouds.

The store’s filled with other last-minute shoppers and you consider murdering Newt when you get home, but the line moves quickly and soon enough the store doors spit you back into the cold.

You stride past the many people out and about in the evening, trying to ignore when their eyes settle on your dark ensemble and face paint. You sigh, watching a train of your breath form in the air as you approach your front door. You grab the handle, but it won’t move. It’s locked? You roll your eyes again, annoyed with Newt. First, he lets the creatures get into the candy stash and now he locks you out of your own house? Really? You mutter curses under your breath and wrestle with the zipper to your pocket, finally managing to wrench it open and yank your keys out.

The door unlocks with a soft click, and you shove it open with your shoulder, already scowling and ready to just fall onto the couch and read a book and gorge on candy. But that plan is immediately dashed when you step inside to find a trail of candy leading from the front door to the bedroom.

“Newt?” He doesn’t answer your call, so you kick the door shut behind you and drop the bag of candy onto the kitchen counter, too annoyed by the trail to worry about pouring it into any sort of serving bowl.

“Newt?” You call again, bending down to grab one of the candies. It’s your favorite, but you drop it back into the trail, too confused and, admittedly, angry to clean up right now.

You follow the trail, shaking your head. Surely, he just didn’t realize there was a hole in the bag when he went to change into his vampire costume, or he has some sort of scare set up for you in the other room. “Newt? Merlin’s beard, you’re going to forget one of these when we clean up and you know how the niffler gets when he—"

You freeze when you push the bedroom door open to find Newt on one knee in front of you, a bouquet and box in his hand, the black cape of his costume billowing around him.

“Love,” he murmurs, voice low, “glad you made it back.”

“What—what are you doing?”

He smirks. “Isn’t it clear enough?”

You begin to reply, searching for the right words, but Newt smiles and shakes his head.

“I have a speech prepared, if I may…” You nod, and Newt grins. “Love, you know you are the breath in my chest, and there is not a thing I would refuse you if you asked me of it. You are the greatest wonder of my life. I am constantly in awe of you, and hope I return even a portion of the joy you bring me. I am yours and will be so long as you’ll have me.”

“Newt,” you whisper, breathless, but he just smiles.

“Let me finish?” When you nod, he takes a calming breath. “Darling, I wish for nothing more than to spend an eternity holding your hand, so if you will have me, please do tell me.”

Tears spring to your eyes as you nod. “Of course.”

His smile widens as he stands, tucking the bouquet under his arm and popping the box open. You crane your neck, trying to see what’s in the box, trying to find a glimmer of silver or gold or diamond.

Instead, you come face to face with a spider ring.

A plastic spider ring.

With a questioning look, you glance at Newt.

He’s grinning ear-to-ear, clearly quite pleased with himself. “So, you’ll be my vampire bride?”

The realization that this was all a joke, all just about your costumes, hits you, and you’re completely embarrassed and a little, just a little, upset. “Newt—I thought—I didn’t realize—” you take a deep breath, shaking your head when he lifts your hand to slip the ring on your right hand. “I’m so going to kill you.”

He smiles, handing you the bouquet—made of candy. “Whatever for?”

You wave your hand in the air, eyes focused on the plastic ring. It isn’t even high quality, for Godric’s sake. It’s just cheap plastic with a bent leg. “This. I thought you meant it. I thought you actually wanted to… to…” Heat floods your face as you realize how different of a spot you must see your relationship at compared to Newt.

He shifts weight from foot to foot, rubbing the back of his neck. “And who says I don’t?”

You shut your eyes, willing the tears back and Newt reaches out to squeeze your hand. “I’ve just waited for so long, and I honestly thought tonight, just now, that…”

Newt takes a deep breath, tears that he will later deny welling up in his own eyes. “Then I suppose I shouldn’t make you wait a moment longer. Love,” his hand drops yours as he falls to his knee yet again and draws another black velvet box from his back pocket, “will you marry me?”

“For real?” You question, voice little more than a squeak.

He blinks, eyes crinkling with his grin. “For real.”

And when he pops the box open, a gorgeous diamond ring rests inside waiting for your answer.

RFA + Minor 4 HEADcanons

(that absolutely no one asked for but you’re all getting anyway)

-he grows his hair out after leaving Mint Eye and then redyes it back to it’s original red color
-but he kind of,,,,doesn’t trust anyone to cut it bc that involves scissors really close to his face
-Vanderwood convinced him to let him cut it but Vandy ended up cutting off too much, which freaked Saeran out
-So Saeran  allows it to grow a few more inches so it’s halfway to his shoulders and finds that he really likes the length. He can pull it into a ponytail (which is handy) and it’s different from Saeyoung’s hair
-he usually ties it into a low ponytail, but if it’s particularly bothering him he’ll put it higher up
-Saeran’s hair is thinner than Saeyoung’s, where Saeyoung’s is particularly unruly, Saeran’s is thin and doesn’t tangle easily
-his hair is soft af, play with it and honestly he’ll melt

-he sheds like an absolute madman???
-like, if Jaehee thinks Elizabeth 3rd is bad, one time he sat down on her couch and she found at least fifteen hairs afterwards
-honestly at this point, it’s pretty normal to pick his hairs off of everything and anything
-in your food? Somehow all over your clothing? yes
-he has a big spot of discoloration on the right side of his head that’s grey-ish brown canon, check his after end! that he either keeps hidden or sometimes dyed if he has to. It’s super noticeable when he slicks his hair back so he doesn’t do it often. Plus he just,,,hates the way his hair feels when it’s slicked back. It’s greasy and kind of stringy?? it looks like he hasn’t showered and honestly he hates it
-his hair also grows super slow so he doesn’t get haircuts very often
-the whole thing with his hair sticking up everywhere started when he was a kid. He always had this spot at the back of his head that stuck out no matter what he did, so he just started styling his hair the way he does now.
-he gets hella bedhead in the morning because of this, and V also loves to tease him about the pieces that stick up

-his hair is naturally brown but this babe dyes it because he thinks it’ll help him get a girlfriend
-he usually bleaches it every month. His parents were super against it because his natural hair color was perfectly fine in their eyes, but they compromised and said that as long as Yoosung used proper bleach and took care of it, they’d pay for it.
-his hair grows at a normal rate, if not a bit slower
-its not super soft and he has a lot of split ends, but it always looks nice!
-he spends way too much time on it in the mornings though, his mother’s friend is a hairdresser and she taught him how to train his hair by combing strands over to one side and then back again every time he gets out of the shower. It’s a technique he swears by, and he always uses it whenever he can’t get his hair to flick out
-if he just leaves it as usual though, it’s pretty straight!

-he once found a split end and he cried for 15 minutes while simultaneously rushing to the nearest beauty supply shop and then bought out said beauty shop
-he uses hair masks, high end shampoo and conditioner, anything that guarantees his hair’s maximum hair potential
-his mother used to forcibly cut it when he was a child, and it used to make her mad when it’d grow back within a week kinda like aunt petunia with harry potter
-other than that, this boy’s hair feels like silk and it’s so aggravating. The color is completely solid all the way through, but it never looks flat. It’s always perfectly shiny and ugh, just ugh.
-his ponytail is surprisingly thin but it’s a bit too thick to be considered a rat tail, plus he gets kind of upset when people call it a rat tail for some reason, no one knows why

-curls for daysss
-when he gets out of the shower his hair is a straight dark brown but gets super curly and bright red when it’s dried
-he usually has to brush most of the curls out because otherwise his hair naturally gets tangled easily
-his hair is softer than Zen’s! 2nd softest hair in the RFA. Where Zen’s is silky smooth, Saeyoung’s hair is baby soft

-Softest hair in the RFA confirmed
-she takes really good care of it, but it’s pretty prone to being oily!
-when it’s grown out it is h eckin gorgeous, not that it isn’t anyway
-she has the kind of hair that makes you want to wear it as a sweater okay maybe not that far but it’s as soft as a cloud 
-she uses just regular drugstore shampoo but it always smells like either honey or cherry blossoms, depending on which shampoo she choses to use
-she also like,,,,never uses conditioner that coordinates with her shampoo

-it’s layered because he’s a terrible hair stylist and accidentally ended up cutting chunks off of his hair and looked ridiculous
-so he had to go in and have it fixed, which led him to the hair style he has now
-it used to be completely straight and always with a ponytail & bangs (kinda like Takeda Shingen’s from SLBP but with straighter bangs whoops)
-but he loves his new hair! Some of the pieces gets on his nerves because they never go into a ponytail so he always carries around a pack of bobby pins
-bobby pins are his savior ok
-when Saeran gets angry at him, he calls Vanderwood’s hair a mullet
-it’s neither soft nor coarse, but somewhere in between. He doesn’t care what shampoo he uses, sometimes he just uses plain bar soap whenever he runs out & can’t get more right away. ….um, as long as it gets the job done?

-her hair is smooth as h eck and super wavy
-it’s gorgeous honestly
-she uses vv high quality shampoo and conditioner and it pays off
-her hair always smells like cherry blossoms even if it’s been a day since she’s washed it what is her trick
-it almost never gets oily unless it’s been two or three days since it’s been washed. Not that she ever goes that long without washing it though!

-listen,,,,,I know these characters are in anime style,,,,,but there is no way V’s hair is naturally blue
-he probably dyed it for attention but then decided he really liked it and kinda kept up with it
-he gets it professionally done every three months, his hair grows suuuper slowly, but once he goes completely blind he probably has it dyed back to his original color (I think it’s an identical color to Jaehee’s but idk lmao)
-his hair is pretty thick and unruly, he pretty much just drags a comb through it and heads out for the day


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Dad!Steve x reader

Word count: 1507

Summary: You and Steve became parents a few years ago. You knew it would be difficult, but with Steve going off on missions all the time, it gets really hard.

Warnings: smidge of angst, big parenting decisions? idk

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