like in sims

this sim family im playing rn is so stressful the wife is a full time farmer but its winter now so we have like no money, tbe husband is a freelance writer so we have no money in general, they just had a baby and the mom is like working full time taking care of her while the dad is trying to write this biography of a famous dude in the town bc Money
and their house is so shitty and small and the husband and wife get like no time together. The sims is fun


Juliette Hair

  • BGC
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Hat Compatible
  • Recolors Allowed(Don’t include the mesh)
  • Also recolored in @dustflwr Anathema Palette
  • Custom Thumbnails for all files
  • Basically my Jennie Hair with a braid instead of the headband :P
  • The idea of the braid was heavily inspired by @blogsimplesimmer Genevieve Hair
  • I may do my Better Hair with a braid, idk though, I have other wips to focus on now
  • rip purple u were a legend

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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