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Delusion- Holding idiosyncratic beliefs that are contradicted by reality or rational argument.

Eliza: No the Bellshit isn’t going to be a thing obviously, we’re not going in that direction, they’re just friends. Lexa was Clarke’s soulmate, she was the one for her, she was the love of her life, Clarke will never love anyone the way she loves Lexa. If I could bring back any character, it’d be Lexa obviously. 

Lindsey: Bellshit is boring. Are you suuure you want that?? Sleep on it lol

Tasya: Can’t wait for Becho to rise! #BechoIsEndgame

Bob: …. I don’t know a Bellshit. But who needs romance when you can have a bromance. Team Murphamy all the way.

Blarkes be like…

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Random: Hey I know I’ve been saying this shit for 4 seasons now but just trust me, Bellshit’s gonna happen in episode 7, I’m like so for serious this time guys!

Blarkes be like…


noah is my puppy son so i drew him with the puppy filter(s)

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Whatever you do, don't think about how t100 writers have insisted on adding depth/context to a dead relationship that barely existed, while ignoring the damage that was done to ACTUAL relationships like Raven/Clarke, Clarke/Abby. Don't think about how they just ignored the fact that Clarke hasn't really had a scene with Kane since S2 and has no actual connection with him. Don't think about how the non-main Arkers have no clue who the fuck she is. #nothingmatters

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i dreamt the other night that monsta x had a really emo concept (think infinite's back or big bang's monster) and they hit 2 million views in 24 hours and won like 3 awards. call me raven cause girl i had a vision

Why did I start tearing up when I read this?

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The past few days I keep wanting so much food at random times. After a big dinner I had 2 bananas, two vegan brownies, & tea w almond milk but when I got into bed all I could think about was food & I still wasn't full so I had 4 dates. Today I had lunch & was going to have an apple for snack, but after eating it I wanted more food & my stomach felt empty so I had a bunch of beans & then literally an entire half package of medjool dates. I'm trying to listen to my body but I'm kind of freaked out

This is totally normal!!! Some days we need a lot more food than others, so it’s great that you’re listening to your body and eating as much as you need!! I know a week before I get my period I’m always RAVENOUS, like no matter how much I eat I am never full. This is just because my body needs lots of energy to get stuff done at this time of the month. Your body needs the food for fuel to do what it needs to do, and it’s okay to honor that! I know it can be scary and feel uncomfortable or out of control sometimes, but you’ll be okay! What matters is you honor your body’s needs♥

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

people who are not watching supergirl because they’re afraid after t100, the two shows couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum? even the executive producer of supergirl said at comic con that they want the show to be happier than what we see in real life because real life is awful enough, whereas jroth made it his mission to make t100 ten times darker each week. just because it’s a superhero show, doesn’t mean it has to be horrible and twisted all the time. sure, things could change now that they’re at the cw but the writers and producers still know what they want the show to be.

plus, there are more reasons to watch than just alex and maggie as a couple, and that’s so important to note. the kara/alex relationship is the heart of the show. if you skip season one, i think you’re making a mistake. the whole development of kara and alex’s relationship in s1 is what made me continue watching, even though i already knew maggie was coming. i get that people are starved for wlw representation, and so am i, but supergirl is so much more than just that. there is an entire cast of strong badass women, the platonic and familial relationships between female characters are a+, and there is a literal female superhero kicking ass each week. and the best part, supergirl as a hero doesn’t take away from the badassery of the other characters.

idk i just think supergirl’s ratings are suffering when they don’t need to be. there are a bunch of people out there who aren’t watching because they’re afraid of t100 2.0 but to not give the show a chance would be a huge mistake tbh. i don’t even care for superhero related things usually and i love it because it’s so much more than just one thing.

tldr: if supergirl gets cancelled you will never hear the end of it from me so you might as well watch it lmao


being adam parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. he was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. the most important thing to adam parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master. this was the important thing. it had always been the most important thing. this was what it was to be adam.

Ronan said, “I’m always straight.”
Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”

(The Raven Boys)

A+ observation Adam.

JUST ACCLIMATING MYSELF TO FEATURES so that I can draw them some more in the future. <3 Ronan gets more little head studies because I like…drew the big Adam and was like alright got that on the first try OK no more attempts necessary haha. 

Baby ravens are ugly little shits.

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