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This is the Animal Farm anon from a while ago. About a week be fore tech week I decided fuck it and talked to as many people as I could. I had a real blast and would like to thank you for your advice. I got to know a lot of people and I participated in my school's hazing ritual (it's so much fun it shouldn't even be called hazing. It takes place at an ice cream shop with a playground). I really focused on putting on a good show and enjoyed myself immensely!

1.) I’m proud of you.

2.) “Hazing?” Sounds more like “gettin’ some fuckin’ ice cream and chilling.”

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Reaching out into space yields benefits on Earth. Many of these have practical applications — but there’s something more than that. Call it inspiration, perhaps, what photographer Ansel Adams referred to as nature’s “endless prospect of magic and wonder." 

Our ongoing exploration of the solar system has yielded more than a few magical images. Why not keep some of them close by to inspire your own explorations? This week, we offer 10 planetary photos suitable for wallpapers on your desktop or phone. Find many more in our galleries. These images were the result of audacious expeditions into deep space; as author Edward Abbey said, "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

1. Martian Selfie

This self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the robotic geologist in the “Murray Buttes” area on lower Mount Sharp. Key features on the skyline of this panorama are the dark mesa called “M12” to the left of the rover’s mast and pale, upper Mount Sharp to the right of the mast. The top of M12 stands about 23 feet (7 meters) above the base of the sloping piles of rocks just behind Curiosity. The scene combines approximately 60 images taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager, or MAHLI, camera at the end of the rover’s robotic arm. Most of the component images were taken on September 17, 2016.

2. The Colors of Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft captured this high-resolution, enhanced color view of Pluto on July 14, 2015. The image combines blue, red and infrared images taken by the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC). Pluto’s surface sports a remarkable range of subtle colors, enhanced in this view to a rainbow of pale blues, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story that scientists have only just begun to decode.

3. The Day the Earth Smiled

On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, our Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn’s shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings — and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. This mosaic is special as it marks the third time our home planet was imaged from the outer solar system; the second time it was imaged by Cassini from Saturn’s orbit, the first time ever that inhabitants of Earth were made aware in advance that their photo would be taken from such a great distance.

4. Looking Back

Before leaving the Pluto system forever, New Horizons turned back to see Pluto backlit by the sun. The small world’s haze layer shows its blue color in this picture. The high-altitude haze is thought to be similar in nature to that seen at Saturn’s moon Titan. The source of both hazes likely involves sunlight-initiated chemical reactions of nitrogen and methane, leading to relatively small, soot-like particles called tholins. This image was generated by combining information from blue, red and near-infrared images to closely replicate the color a human eye would perceive.

5. Catching Its Own Tail

A huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn’s northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this true-color view from Cassini. This picture, captured on February 25, 2011, was taken about 12 weeks after the storm began, and the clouds by this time had formed a tail that wrapped around the planet. The storm is a prodigious source of radio noise, which comes from lightning deep within the planet’s atmosphere.

6. The Great Red Spot

Another massive storm, this time on Jupiter, as seen in this dramatic close-up by Voyager 1 in 1979. The Great Red Spot is much larger than the entire Earth.

7. More Stormy Weather

Jupiter is still just as stormy today, as seen in this recent view from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, when it soared directly over Jupiter’s south pole on February 2, 2017, from an altitude of about 62,800 miles (101,000 kilometers) above the cloud tops. From this unique vantage point we see the terminator (where day meets night) cutting across the Jovian south polar region’s restless, marbled atmosphere with the south pole itself approximately in the center of that border. This image was processed by citizen scientist John Landino. This enhanced color version highlights the bright high clouds and numerous meandering oval storms.

8. X-Ray Vision

X-rays stream off the sun in this image showing observations from by our Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, overlaid on a picture taken by our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The NuSTAR data, seen in green and blue, reveal solar high-energy emission. The high-energy X-rays come from gas heated to above 3 million degrees. The red channel represents ultraviolet light captured by SDO, and shows the presence of lower-temperature material in the solar atmosphere at 1 million degrees.

9. One Space Robot Photographs Another

This image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows Victoria crater, near the equator of Mars. The crater is approximately half a mile (800 meters) in diameter. It has a distinctive scalloped shape to its rim, caused by erosion and downhill movement of crater wall material. Since January 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been operating in the region where Victoria crater is found. Five days before this image was taken in October 2006, Opportunity arrived at the rim of the crater after a drive of more than over 5 miles (9 kilometers). The rover can be seen in this image, as a dot at roughly the “ten o'clock” position along the rim of the crater. (You can zoom in on the full-resolution version here.)

10. Night Lights

Last, but far from least, is this remarkable new view of our home planet. Last week, we released new global maps of Earth at night, providing the clearest yet composite view of the patterns of human settlement across our planet. This composite image, one of three new full-hemisphere views, provides a view of the Americas at night from the NASA-NOAA Suomi-NPP satellite. The clouds and sun glint — added here for aesthetic effect — are derived from MODIS instrument land surface and cloud cover products.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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Types Of Kisses Prompts

1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

2. Early Morning Kiss - A kiss that’s a wake up call, its barely even lips touching, more like they're kissing your chin because they’re so tired in the early morning haze. 

3. Hesitant Kiss - The type of kiss where their lips brush against each other’s a few times, breath fanning across each other’s faces as one waits for the other to make a move.  

4. In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

5.  Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

6. Empty Kiss - When one of you don’t kiss back, just the stoic feeling of their lips on yours, it’s empty, like no one even cares anymore.

7. Unbreakable Kiss - The type of kiss that really shouldn’t be happening, it’s a mistake, but you just can’t find yourself able to pull away.

8. Breathtaking Kiss - It’s the kiss that you can’t do anything for a few seconds after, you keep your eyes closed with mouth agape of you try to let your mind process what happened. 

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

10. Quick, Goodbye Kiss - It’s the almost late for work kisses when their lips just peck yours, like an unfinished goodbye.


2. We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other

This Winter Screw is going much better than the last.

For one thing, Bittle’s date isn’t throwing up on his shoes, which Jack understood happened last year. And right now Bittle appears to be dancing with his date, or something like it. Jack, having seen the way Bittle can dance at parties, knows he’s toning it way down. Even so, Bittle is fun to watch on the dance floor, how the light catches his hair and how his smile widens as he jerks his hips from side to side with a laugh. He just always looks like he’s having a great time.

It strikes Jack kind of funny that he’s decided this Screw is going well based entirely on how good of a time Bittle’s having. God knows it has nothing to do with himself and his own date. Camilla and Jack have a quiet understanding; she’s with her friends, he’s … here, watching his pal on the dance floor, with an already-drained clear plastic cup of water and strangely itchy fingers.

But Jack’s not the kind of guy who has an actively good time at these things – they’re okay, he’s okay. It’s guys like Bittle, who are capable of having amazing times or miserable ones, that Jack has to calibrate his experience by.

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Can y’all imagine how FLUSTERED these two were for their first date. 

Like, make it 10 times worse that they got ready for it like 5 feet apart. 

Victor headed to Japan to get a boyfriend anyway so his closet is like 90% date clothes 10% training+normal clothes. (That’s why he only wears the robe and nice clothes. The man has nothing else….) But that doesn’t explain WHY HE CAN’T FIND ANYTHING. Nothing looks right, this shirt doesn’t go with these pants like they did in his love struck haze of packing in Saint Petersburg. Oh no, he’s 90% sure Makkachin ate the scarf that brings out his eyes. This date is ruined. 

Yuuri on the other hand is skyping Phichit as quietly as humanly possible switching between every style of clothing known to man. 

“You look like a preppy college kid. No.”
“Now you look like hipster.”  
“I thought we burned that sweater.”
“Put on those pants we depressed bought after finals your Junior year. The one with the rhinestone pocket. They make your ass look great.” 

By the end of it Yuuri looks…pretty damn good and Victor (With a curler still in his bangs, and his face still baking for the love of god.) catches him in the hallway and promptly calls Chris asking 1) How Yuuri Katsuki can get his fucking ass in those jeans?? and 2) How do you make boys like you? (”He kissed you like 90 times while in China. He likes you Victor.” “But how do I knowwwww??”)

Yuuri is in his own room asking Phichit how the hell Victor Nikiforov can look like a golden god with excess powder on his face, and a curler bumping his forehead. 

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Yoongi, 6&“Get on your knees.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Rated - M

goblin inspired. 

muses: ceo!yoongi x heiress!reader
genre: angst, smut, fluff
words: 2.8k
note: this was meant to be under 1k bc it’s supposed to be a drabble but. please forgive me for the upcoming ceo au’s

warning: sexual tension, oral, “get on your knees, yoongi.”

you knew him, not personally per se. but you might as well claim to with all the things you’d been hearing of that man. at the age of 22 he had graduated college and immediately got into the business. two years later, he’d earn his masters degree and his startup had been blowing up with established business pledging alliance and overpouring promising clients waiting to sign contracts of agreement before others waltzed in and stole the chance.

and yet, you refused to be one of the many that’d worshiped the ground he stood on. you detested the need to have him as an affiliate. you loathed having to put on the ivory, skin tight dress, wear your hair up and don yourself the bloodiest red on your lips. and you gravely hated having to sit across from the man who didn’t even bat an eye at you as though you were another pretty instrument he would keep within his chambers as your father discussed the terms of the agreement with cold sweat running down his temple - as if this man was beyond god. min yoongi - what a humble name for a god though.

“the things here all belong to you, you may do as you like, go along with your routine as before so long as you do your part in the contract - appear as my beautiful loving fiancee in public events.”

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New Monster Hunter XX scans reveal a new rage mode for Massacre Demon Diablos, the return of Nerscylla and Gravios, all new Hunter Arts, and new Palico Skills!

Info from the Latest Famitsu Scans via BannedLagiacrus

Hidden Haze Malfestio
*This Malfestio is able to turn invisible, allowing it to sneak up on foes easily.
*Much like Chameleos and Gypceros, Hidden Haze Malfestio is well known for stealing items from hunters.
*It is said that it loves to steal healing items, such as Potions and Energy Drinks.

Massacre Demon Diablos
*Though it has a Rage Mode, Massacre Demon Diablos actually has a second Rage Mode.
*This state can be called the Massacre Charging State (Japanese 狂暴走状態).

Nerscylla and Gravios
*Nerscylla and Gravios are confirmed for MHXX! They aren’t much different from what we remembered in previous games.
*Basarios is likely back too since its icon appears on one of the cases for MHXX.

Hunter Arts
*Great Sword - Moon Breaker (Japanese ムーンブレイク): A powerful attack that sends the hunter spinning in the air with the Great Sword, in a moon crescent like shape, and performing a deadly slash.
*Long Sword - Devil’s Blade (Japanese 妖刀羅刹): The Long Sword gains an attack buff at the cost of a hunter’s health constantly decreasing. If the hunter hits a target, they’ll regain their health with each attack.
*Sword and Shield - Blade Oil Chaos (Japanese 混沌の刃薬): Puts all Blade Oil types on Sword and Shield at once. Even with this art, you can still add more blade oil on the weapon.
*Dual Blades - Rasenzan (Japanese ラセンザン): A special leaping strike combo that can deal more damage than usual if a hunter aims for the weakspot of a monster.
*Hammer - Impact’s Pulse (Japanese インパクトプルス): A special art that surrounds the hammer in a glow. This art increases the range of the hammers impact with each attack.
*Hunting Horn - High Animato (Japanese アニマートハイ): This art allows for the Hunting Horn to play songs by just evading attacks, even evading in the middle of melodies for buffs.
*Lance - Healing Guard (Japanese 治癒の盾): An AoE healing art. While guarding with the weapon, hunters will heal themselves and fellow teammates in an area as they do so.
*Gunlance - AA Flare (Japanese AAフレア): A Hunter Art that specializes in knocking monsters out of the air. Hunters will fire of their shots in the air before performing a powerful wyvernfire in the air.
*Switch Axe - Tempest Axe (Japanese テンペストアクス): This art strengthens the Switch Axe’s Axe Mode and makes the attacks in this mode quicker. This art also grants the Axe Mode some new attacks as well.
*Charge Blade - Chain Saucer (Japanese チェインソーサー): A Charge Blade art that fills up the phials for the weapon.
*Insect Glaive - Bug Senses Intensification (Japanese 覚蟲強化): The art increases the mobility of Kinsects, but also increases the amount of stamina they use.
*Bow - Strength of an Anchor (Japanese 身躱し射法): Allows for hunters to fire arrows at a monster as they evade backwards.
*Light Bowgun - Charge Shot (Japanese チャージショット): This hunter art allows for hunters to fire all LV1 shots in a powerful single shot.
*Heavy Bowgun - Heavy Slicing Shots (Japanese 射突型裂孔弾): These are more powerful versions of the Slicing Shots. These shots can cut off parts much more easily, compared to normal ones, due to their specially customized shells.

*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to use a Farcaster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to burrow underground and perform a surprise attack with their weapon.
*These cats can place down cannons and fire themselves from them in order to attack monsters.
*This gives them a chance to deal mounting damage to the monster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to roll objects at foes, dealing impact damage.
*Support Prowlers have a horn that activates the SP State for a skill now.
*Prowlers can now set a Healing Fountain down.
*These support cats have a special skill that grants fellow teammates many resistances to certain statuses, such as Stun.

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hc: dan and phil are best friends who are both sexually frustrated so they just have sex w each other

hope you all like it, i wanted to come back with a bang ;)

- they’re kissing, scratchy and restless, in the foyer before phil can cut any of the lights on. the windows upstairs spill fuzzy hexagons of light down into the room but dan ignores the glow. phil fists a hand into dan’s shirt, crowding him into a wall, his spare hand pinning dan’s wrist to the surface. phil presses his mouth over dan’s throat, licking at the tendons, following the heat of dan’s scandalized moan when they carefully grind against each other.

- they’re purposely not thinking. phil is somewhere between a no and a breathy yes while dan gasps in his ear. fumbling fingers work at his shirt, his jacket crumpled at the door. he toes off his shoes and dan whines pitifully when phil removes his mouth to look down at where their hips meet.

- this is the sort of thing they’ve never really thought of. dan’s never once thought of how phil’s cock would look, hot and stiff, stretching his trousers, the outline of phil’s dick resting on his thigh. and phil’s never considered how red dan’s lips would look when bitten, or the way the veins in his neck stand out when he tips his head back, but it feels like it’s supposed to be this way in their haze of lust and desperation.

- alright? phil asks, panting roughly. dan cards a hand through phil’s hair, squeezes his at a narrow hip. somehow, phil’s loosened a few of his own buttons so that his shirt is mostly off. yeah, dan exhales, because he can’t process anything. he doesn’t want to process anything or doubt it or anything, he just stops thinking again.

- there’s this slow, crucial pressure when they kiss this time. a bit affectionate, if dan really thinks about. he doesn’t. he can’t. their kisses get a little desperate, phil curling his tongue into dan’s mouth, their noses brushing to change the angle. fuck, dan gasps, knocking their hips together. phil giggles above him, hitching a leg up, grinding back, tongue flicking over dan’s throat.

- dan growls softly, burying his face in the crook of phil’s neck. he palms at his hips, and phil grins at the needy keens dan keeps releasing. phil’s fingers scratch like fluid down dan’s back, along his spine. his lips, gently, suck a pretty bruise to dan’s shoulder, licking away the swelling, hands cradling his hips npw.

- somewhere else? he offers, his breath lost in his throat. a bit more appropriate, dan suggests, slouching down the wall until their lips meet again. they kiss playfully and dan doesn’t think he wants to move, ever. it’s daunting, is what it is. kissing a lad. kissing your best friend. grinding against a hard cock and sneaking fingers under a waistband and considering, constantly, the thought of phil gently opening him up with his fingers.

- phil snorts when dan trips up the stairs and reaches out to pinch dan’s ass, chasing him down a dark hall, colliding with another wall, a contagious warmth transferring back and forth between them with fickle kisses through their apartment. they sway in their madness and desperation, kisses halted by short bursts of laughter, fumbling teeth. phil yanks at dan’s skintight jeans, snapping them open, struggling with the material when it’s around dan’s strong thighs. dan groans but they find a mild rhythm of coordination to help each other out of their trousers, kicking them away.

- the angle of the moon through the curtains backlights their naked skin a hazy blue. phil’s fingers keep chasing the colors on dan’s neck and all of the shapes between his torso and the width of his shoulders leaves phil a bit dizzy. he likes the way dan arches his spine slightly between touches, his ass brushing against phil’s plump cock. his mouth is a raw red like under the skin of a sugary plum, from his own teeth biting at it.

- they’re hovering over the edge of the bed, dan’s knees pressed to the mattress, phil fit against his spine. the lube is staining the sheets and the pillows are spread out all over, but that doesn’t quite matter. dan’s mouth tilts into a crooked grin – he’s giving phil permission and that, on its own, ruins phil.

- dan exhales gently, eyelashes sitting heavy on his cheeks as phil carefully pushes at the rim with a slick finger. it doesn’t take much pressure to slide in and dan squirms immediately. phil twists for a better angle, two knuckles deep, wiggling before drawing back. dan gasps, biting at his lip. keep going, dan whispers, lips staying parted after the words.

- phil hums, easing in deeper. he curls his finger, shifts to pull it out, glides back in with two fingers. a noise catches breathily in dan’s chest and his cock slaps up against his stomach when phil grinds his fingers in with purpose. phil keeps the thrusts shallow, letting dan adjust, tempering dan’s rough grunts with taunting kisses up his jaw. it’s such a tight fit – fuck. phil can’t imagine how he’ll slide his cock inside and the thought makes him shove his clean hand between them, stroke off a few times, dribbling the precum along the soft hairs on the back of dan’s thigh.

- dan mewls, phil turns his fingers, coils his ring finger up against dan’s prostate. dan thumps his head against the sheets, a breathy sort of keen leaving his throat. he fucks down onto phil’s thick fingers, chewing on his lip. phil grinds his fingers in faster, smiling at the soft clutch of dan’s hole. fuck, dan moans, mouth slack. his eyes are glazed and clouded over and really, it’s inappropriate, phil thinks. because dan is his best friend and it wasn’t ever meant to be like this, or perhaps it was, given how it feels.

- phil reaches out, tearing open a condom, pulling his fingers out to roll on the condom. his free hand curls around the middle of his dick, inching forward, rubbing the tip between dan’s cheeks. it almost catches on dan’s clenching hole and phil groans at the way dan tenses his whole body.  

- the rough gasp dan gives when the head slides in startles phil. the clench is incredible, really, but it burns. they stay close like that for a bit, while dan adjusts. dan breathes out something vague and quiet, nodding. phil drags his lips over dan’s shoulder, biting at it, as he drags his hips back, slamming forward. dan stutters, moans, shakes for a quick breath as phil carefully starts to thrust in him.

- he keeps his motions shallow, letting dan loosen around him. it only takes minutes – lazy kisses on dan’s jaw and their breaths synchronized and their bodies unable to find an equal rhythm that makes it – it’s even better like that. they’re out of sync, a bit awkward, and that’s always been them. oh fuck, dan exhales, squeezing around phil.

-  phil leans back, straightens his spine to find a good angle, fucking up into dan. he feels dan’s knees pressing into the mattress, legs sliding apart so he can slide deeper. 

- his hand slips on dan’s waist, crawls over his thigh, over to his cock. a wet drop of precum splatters on his skin and phil smears it over dan’s tip. pride swells white hot through phil’s chest as dan’s cock blurts thick drops of precum, leaving the head slick, dotting the sheets a darker color.

- dan yelps, shivering when phil nudges all over his prostate. wait, wait, dan pleads, scrambling for something to grab, you’re gonna. oh phil, wait. gonna make me cum. i can’t, his cock twitches, spitting slick drops from the slit. yeah? gonna cum for me? phil growls into dan’s shoulder.

- dan’s words shiver out, die off into an abandoned wail as he falls apart. phil feels dan suck in a deep breath, the noise shuddering out in this almost falsetto moan that phil’s never heard before. dan tightens around him, cums over the sheets. thick, sticky ropes and phil’s never seen something quite as amazing as – it’s not properly filthy like porn. it’s fascinating if he’s being honest. 

- a few thrusts later, phil’s gasping for breath, giving a few weak thrusts before he’s shooting off into the condom. he throbs inside dan, embarrassingly noisy when he cums.

- he’s gentle, careful when he draws his hips back, wrapping a sticky hand around the middle of his cock as he pulls out. their skin is flushed and the aroma in the room is from them – from the sex and it’s so disturbing how much they doesn’t care. phil drags a few kisses over dan’s hairline, brushing strands behind his ear, tugging dan all the way up to the headboard. they kick the duvet off the mattress, curling around each other over the sheets and really, this should change everything, but the thing is, it doesn’t.

A Fine Line

@rhysand-darling based on her post requesting that someone, anyone write a post acowar fanfic where Feyre and Tamlin talk. He apologizes to her and all this stuff. I hope that it meets a few of your needs.

- - - - - - -

He was ashamed to admit that it took him a better part of a decade to stop being angry with her. One night and many bottles of wine later, his ever loyal sentry Bron had shared with him what those few years were like. In the haze of his intoxication he remembered something his mother once told him. Hate and love were a fine line, you chose which side of the line your heart resides. The next morning he went to her old room, he expected the thorns, what he did not expect were the paintings.  

He knew deep down that she did not paint these before or during the war. Five paintings sat as roses amongst the thorns.

An enchanted willow tree. Lucien laughing while sitting on a blanket with a bottle of wine. A pool of stars. Two beings dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps. A beautiful male playing the fiddle.  No, not a nameless beautiful male, him. Not the monster he saw in the mirror, had seen for decades, centuries. The memories came cascading down upon his soul and that is when he cracked. He fell to his knees, he did this, he had chosen hate. Even before her, he let the monster within rule his life.

- - - - - - -

Every solstice after he found those paintings, he told himself that he would talk with Feyre. Every year he said he would apologize. And every year he made up an excuse not to reach out to her. In the end he always told himself that he was the one that needed closure, not her. She was happy. 

She had no idea that he had moved the paintings to various places around the manor. They helped remind him that he was not his father, he was not the beast that prowled beneath his skin. The paintings reminded him that he had a musician’s soul.

- - - - - - -

It had taken decades, but his court and his soul were healing from his father’s reign, a reign he had allowed to continue in the name of tradition.  Since the day he leashed the beast, each tradition was evaluated for what it brought to his people, to his court. He was about to cancel the upcoming centenary Jubilee, another pointless tradition of the Spring Court, when his advisers told him that the people needed a celebration. More importantly the Jubilee was a chance for other courts to visit.

- - - - - - -

The night of the Jubilee ball came, as he descended the stairs his breath caught. She was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her gold brown hair cascaded down her back in waves. She wore a fitting dress of midnight blue that complimented her skin tone and her tattoos. 

Her attention was on the painting he had hung in the foyer, her painting of two souls dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps.

“I was wondering if you ever found them.”

He swallowed the knot forming in his throat, “I found them a decade after the war. Thank you.”

It had been too long since her voice echoed off the walls of this manor, “I was so angry with you. I felt like I had given everything for our love and you never saw it. Never valued what I gave.”

He couldn’t look into the eyes of the girl he had abused, he instead looked at his toes, “you had every right to be angry with me. You gave your life for me, for this court, for Prythian. I repaid you by locking you within this manor, letting the grief and despair eat you alive. I did not see you and I will always regret that I didn’t find a way to help you. That is why I hung this painting here, as a reminder.”

He finally looked up and saw silver lining her blue-grey eyes. He only then realized that they had both needed this. They both needed closure. And for all the things he had never given her, the one thing he could give her was closure.

“When I came back I wanted to burn this place to the ground for what you had done to me, for taking me away from my mate and my family. I am sorry for the part I played, for the destruction I caused.”

He nodded, “I was angry at you for a long time for that, but you have nothing to apologize for.”

She looked at him, and for a briefest moment he saw the shock at his words.

“During that month, you gave me choices. If I would have chosen my sentries over a high priestess, my court would not have fallen as easily as it did. If I would have choose to listen to Lucien instead of Ianthe,” he spit out her name with a level of venom that had not passed his lips in decades, “my court would not have been starving.”

He took a deep breath, “I made many bad choices, the moment I made that deal with Hybern, I should have evacuated most of my court, instead of letting countless souls die at the hand of that monster. After I received your letter, instead of running to Hybern, I could have requested a meeting with you. After Lucien came back from the Illyrian steppes and said that you were healthy and you made the choice to stay, I could have listened to him.”

They looked at each other for what felt like an eternity. Each of them trying to silently convey everything that they had ever felt for one another, happiness, love, regret, loss, anger, forgiveness.

“I’m sorry. I am sorry for every painful moment you felt because of me, either from my inaction or from my actions. No matter what I did, it always seemed to hurt you and that will always be one of my greatest regrets in this life.”

Her hand reached up to caress his cheek, “There will always be a part of me that loves you and I will always be grateful for what you have given me.”

“Thank you, Feyre,” he swallowed the sob that wanted to leave his throat, “thank you for seeing the male behind the beast and loving me.”

She didn’t need to hear that there would always be a part of him that loved her as well. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, a silent goodbye to the girl he loved. With a smile, he left her in the foyer.  

Before he entered the ballroom he turned around for one last look at the girl who changed him. In that moment he knew the monster that had once ruled his heart was gone. Instead of feeling jealousy and anger, he felt awed by the sight before him of the High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court.

He knew there would be another time for the apology that he owed to a male that had given him friendship when no one else had. He would need to tell him a story and beg his forgiveness for his inaction.

So you're at a room party,

sitting on your boyfriend’s roommate’s bed, and you fall over laughing at somebody’s stupid joke, and in scrambling in the rumpled covers to right yourself your hand finds something that isn’t a blanket, it feels more like a… pelt? It is, it’s fur, sleek and streamlined. Even through the haze of the Jäger bombs you know exactly what it is. It’s a sealskin. The same moment of muddled clarity reframes your boyfriend’s mention of his roommate’s hot new girlfriend, and your surprise instantly shifts to drunken outrage on her behalf. You’re off the bed and up in the roommate’s face without further thought, ablaze with fury, moreso because he’s smiling down at you with a smug, patronizing glint in his eyes. You jab a finger into his chest, into his still-damp swim team jersey, taking a deep breath to really let him have it – and the faintest whiff of salt and fish under the chlorine gives you pause. His smile has become a sharp-toothed grin, and he winks.


I love people getting outraged about stolen skins, and I love this twist even more how refreshing. (Who is this student ready to tear someone apart for stealing a sealskin? i love them)

BTS: dating Jimin would include

▪ so many shy glances and giggles from him

 ▪ esp when you two first meet

 ▪ he’s smitten by you as soon as he sees you, and thinks you’re the cutest thing he’s ever seen

 ▪ which is funny bc that’s what you’re thinking about him as well

 ▪ the others would make it so hard for him to talk to you 

▪ bc it’ll be so easy to tell that he likes you so they’ll be talking and flirting with you nonstop until he says something

 ▪ he’d kinda be like jungkook and confess mostly out of annoyance, just bc he’s getting really jealous that they’re talking to you more than him 

 ▪ early on you’d get to know that he’s the jealous type and refuses to see another person flirting with you 

▪ he might not get physical unless he really needed to, then RIP to the other guy 

▪ you could swear he has multiple personalities 

 ▪ one minute he’d be all squishy and cuddly with you, the next he’s winking at you as he licks his lips

 ▪ he makes sure to do this every time you walk into a room so that your attention would be solely focused on him

 ▪ kiss him on his neck and he’s putty in your hands 

 ▪ might playfully ask you to stop, might drag you to a secluded place and teach you not to mess with him like that again 

 ▪ the other guys tagging along with you on your dates just because 

▪ I mean you have so much fun with them so you never complain 

 ▪ except when hobi is always teasing you both 

 ▪ the only way to shut him up is when Jimin tells him that he’s got an amazing gf and hobi will be lonely forever 

▪ cue grumbling hoseok

 ▪ but it’s ok bc you love him and tell him that he’ll find an unfortunate girl that falls in love with him 

▪ lmao you guys love teasing him 

 ▪ taking so so so many pictures of you

 ▪ he just gets so happy when he sees them when he’s away from you

▪ but then he gets sad bc you’re not next to him and he’ll call you, sometimes crying from missing you too much 

▪ you squishing his cheeks before planting a kiss on his lips 

▪ picks you up randomly and kisses your neck while asking you to dance with him 

▪ slow dances with him anywhere, anytime 

▪ showing his perfect abs and smirking when he sees you blushing 

▪ v cuddly in the morning, stuffing his whole body under yours for warmth 

▪ but if he wakes up before you, he’ll kinda just stare at you for a while then decide his lips are lonely so he’d kiss all over your body

▪ and you’d wake up in a haze and be like…what

▪ and he’d be like shhh just let me kiss you 

▪ back hugs 

▪ you hugging his torso as he makes you both hot drinks

▪ spontaneous dates

▪ sometimes talks in his sleep and says your name 

▪ he loves playing and brushing your hair 

▪ lays his down on your lap when he’s tired and you playing with his hair as he hugs your legs and kisses your thighs

▪ loving each other so much that you forget about your insecurities and worries

▪ pls love this squishy doll 😽

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Finally Some Answers

Okay, so I’ve been getting a lot of asks about what a rut is (or my version of it). I was going to save it for the side-story, but I figure I can go over some of the basics now to get you guys excited. 🎉👌🔥

  • Ruts are kinda like an Alpha version of a heat, in that the Alpha has this intense drive to have sex. This includes their refractory rates going down to almost zero. 🍌🍆🌽
  • Ruts are shorter than heats, anywhere from 3-5 days total. 
  • Planning for a rut is different than planning for a heat because it’s a little less involved. (An Alpha could technically leave the house during a rut, but it’s frowned upon.) 
  • There isn’t so much ‘heat haze’ kind of thing, more like ‘blinding arousal’ and ‘constant boner’.😂☄️
  • Ruts are hard to plan for because they’re actually pretty rare and very sporadic. An Alpha that’s not on suppressants would probably go into rut every 1-2 years. 
  • Because ruts don’t follow a set schedule, Alpha’s usually only know the week before it happens (when their libido and possessive tendencies increase in preparation). 💝
  • An omega’s heat can trigger a rut in rare cases, but Victor won’t be going into rut during Yuuri’s heat.😢 (At least not the one in YCPfE.)
  • Because Victor has been on suppressants almost constantly since he reached puberty, he’s never had a rut before. 😏

As for when it might happen, I’m not entirely sure yet. I was originally planning on it being an add-on near the end of YCPfE, but it might be alright as something completely separate, or in with the Victor’s POV side-stories.