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I think one thing I’d like to see on FR would be birthday bonuses for individual players. Like, just a nice side function to make someone’s day even better.
You can get one or two extra turns at gathering, and bigger bonuses for that one day. Hey! Extra discounts for the day at the MP and lair expansions!
Maybe you also get a chest in your hoard! Maybe better than a gilded chest? Like the items are even better? But it can’t leave your account. You can choose to stick it in your vault and not open it, but you can’t just sell the chest off.
I dunno, I feel like it’d just be a nice thing to have that makes players feel more thought about and cared for by the staff

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i feel like taylor just hit me over the head and heart with that fuckin golf club and i'm not even mad



If you’ve only got one single brother, you want to protect him
from all that is evil, don’t you understand that? - SN: 12x11
The Brothers Lionheart/Astrid Lindgren

Lance: I have been doing some maths. With shiro back, that makes six paladins, but there’s only five lions and if I’m right, that’s one paladin too many. Look, keith, when shiro takes over the black lion, you’re going to want your red lion back, if I get a lion, I’d have to take blue from allura, but she’s progressed a LOT faster than any of us did. She might even be able to unlock powers we don’t know of. So.. maybe the best I can do for the team is.. step aside.. 

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