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hey dad have you ever drawn Adam Parrish as a POC bc uhhh the boy should be Latino and also off topic but Blue should be like. Eastern Asian maybe and uhhh Gansey should be from like East Africa and thats that on that

I’ve never thought about that, actually. (I mean, imagine him and Ronan getting into one of those married-couple-arguments about something ridiculously inane, Adam cursing Ronan out in Spanish, and Ronan getting heart eyes while simultaneously forgetting what they were arguing about). It’s not how I imagine him, but it’s nice nonetheless.
As for Blue, **((this is a spoiler if you haven’t read The Raven King so skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t))** I’ve always headcanoned her race as something entirely ambiguous since she’s not 100% human anyway. Something almost similar to Native American.

Gansey-boy however is and forever will be as white as they come in my head. I’m talking perpetual high-sock tan lines forever.

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren imagines - Slow Burn

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Request by @buckysjuicyplums: Hi, can you please write a Ben Solo x Reader imagine where the reader was a survivor in the camp of Jedi’s in training with Luke. And she survived because Ben always had a soft spot for her therefore saved her that night. And they get separated and then reunite years later and she helps try being him to the good side? 

Pairings: Ben Solo x reader, a little Poe x reader

Word count: 1,966

Warnings:  Spoilers about Ben’s past, some violence, 

When you close your eyes you can see what happened with such vividness that you have to open them again just to remember that you aren’t actually there. 

What happened that night was a shock to you. He was the best in class, he was thriving and you thought he’d be the first fully fledged Jedi out of you all. 

Luke Skywalker was a legend, and an amazing teacher but even you couldn’t compete with Ben Solo’s abilities no matter how hard you trained, how much extra work you put in and all those late nights staying up to practise the force. 

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Beast!Adam x Reader

Note: Hi there! So um, this is my first imagine for this blog, but I’m no stranger to the art of x readering. I’ve been writing these for over a year now, I think. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and I’ve already seen the new one twice. It’s amazing. So, here we are.

You had stumbled upon the enchanted castle about a month ago. Maybe less. Maybe it had been longer than that. It was so hard to keep track of time here. And though the place was odd and enchanted and sometimes scary, you couldn’t deny the beauty concealed in the darkness.

“Miss, the master is ready for dinner.” Mrs. Potts, one of the castle’s many enchanted caretakers rolled into your room on her cart. She was accompanied by her son, Chip.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Madame Garderobe was currently in the process of pulling your hair into an intricate braid. “We’re kind of…in the middle of something here.”

“There’s no rushing beauty~” the wardrobe sang. Every time she belted her soprano notes, you feared a window would shatter.

The cart rolled out of the door and down the hall. A few minutes later, you were finally ready, dressed in a gorgeous pink gown. You hurried down the halls, down the stairs to the dining room, where the Beast was waiting for you.

“Sorry I’m late,” you breathed, taking your seat at the end of the table opposite him. “Garderobe decided to try something new with my hair.”

You could have sworn you saw a soft smile on his fur-covered face.

“It looks nice.” He stated and then paused. “You look nice.”

“Well, thank you.” A blush crept onto your cheeks. The two of you began to eat.

“You know, you’ve never seemed homesick in the time you’ve been here.” He pointed out.

“There’s nothing to miss. Not where I’m from.” You shook your head. A certain sadness waited behind your gaze. He raised an eyebrow. “I was kind of…outcast. I suppose that’s the best way to put it.”


“They thought I was too headstrong. They didn’t like a woman that couldn’t be controlled.” You shook your head. “Because I wasn’t married, I didn’t have access to the things men did. They expected me to cook and clean and bear children, but that’s…not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a doctor. They don’t think I’m educated enough.”

“That doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not.” You shook your head. “It wasn’t. So I left. And I found this place.”

“Well, if it means anything…” He took a somewhat nervous breath. “You’ll never be an outcast so long as you’re here. You’ll always be welcome here.” When he peered into your eyes, you could tell he meant it. Emotion swept over you in a deep, warm wave. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t stop them from trickling down your cheeks.

The Beast stood up to come over to you at the same time you did. You practically ran to him, and while he was expecting the sting of a slap or rejection, what he received was something much different. It was a hug.

His eyes widened as he realized what had happened. You were standing there, your arms around his wide frame with tears dripping from your eyes. He looked down at you for a few moments before gingerly embracing you. His touches were tentative, careful. The last thing he wanted was for you to recoil in disgust, in fear of the monstrous creature he had become. Admittedly, it had been a long time since anyone had showed him affection, even something as simple as an embrace.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong-” he began to apologize, unsure of the cause of your sudden emotional breakdown.

“I wish the people back home were like you.” Your voice was quiet, broken. You gripped him tightly, continuing to sob in relief, or perhaps in realization that you had finally found somewhere that accepted you for who you truly were. “Thank you.”

At your words, the Beast’s jaw dropped. And it was in that moment that he realized, like a whisper in the back of his mind: you had to be the one.


A/N: Request from anon. I needed another Kylo Imagine for my Halloween special, so thank you for the input! xD Who else is hyped for the new movie? 🙋‍

17th October: Pain. 💍 | feat. Kylo Ren

Words: 1519
Warnings: forced marriage

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4.0 out of 5 stars
My failure’s complete

4.0 out of 5 stars
Finally got them to sleep, eh? Now try and get them to eat !
I was trying to figure out how Adam Mansbach was going to top his hilarious “Go the F**** to Sleep” picture book (sorta a parody of Goodnight Moon), and here it is.I was a stepdad to three kids for about 5 years, and getting them to sleep paled in comparison to getting them to eat right. The tween girl wanted to eat nothing but mashed potatoes, while the smallest boy was on a diet (not paleo!) of Ramen and cereal. The older boy just into his teens ate anything and everything, but keeping him fed was like feeding a coal fired boiler.So yeah, even tho I am no longer troubled by this, I found this book hilarious.Every parent with a “problem eater” (which is pretty much any parent) should read this book and thus realize you’re not alone and it could be worse.Owen Brozman here takes over the illustrators mantle, and does an excellent job.I await with much trepidation the next book. Dating? Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
Instant Classic!
I feel like this guy lives with me. I have two kids. One won’t sleep, one won’t eat. This is another instant classic in our house. Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
Very funny
Oh my goodness. Best. Book. Ever. I got the other one as well, and they are hilariously true. These would be a great gift for any new/old parents. 😂 Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
A fun book that any parent can relate to…
This book is absolutely hilarious! It is not meant for children, but you can edit it as reading it so it can be a children’s book. The pictures are funny, the situations can be related to, and the book is overall really funny. This book should be read by all parents who have a picky eater. My son pulls the same stuff kids do in this book. The page where the kid refuses to eat pancakes because he suddenly hates them, when they used to be his favorite, and the parent told him he’s full of **** and to stop lying made me laugh. My son will love something one day, and then claim to hate it the next. This would be a great gift to anyone that has a toddler, or anyone who has a kid that can be a jerk about eating ;) Go to Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars
This book hit a little close to home. I’d have given it the fifth star, but I’ve said almost every line from this book, at one point or another, so I know it wrote itself. Go to Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars
Good Fun
If you are a fan of Adam Mansbach’s Go the F*** to sleep and its accompanying audio book narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, then you will probably love this book. Written and drawn in the style of a children’s book, You Have to F****** Eat addresses to age old battle fought between child and parent at meal time. Imagine Good Night Moon or Where the Wild Things Are if they were written by a foul-mouthed sailor. The language is raw, but the tone and “story” are pitch perfect.As I stated in my review of Go The F*** to Sleep, avoid this book if you are easily offended.I took a star off because this is Adam Mansbach’s second children’s book parody and I felt like it rehashed the original book’s formula without breaking much new comedic territory. Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
I was in tears, I laughed so hard reading this book. I have two kids, both who have feeding issues. My eldest is in college and doesn’t have a feeding tube anymore and is greedy. My youngest still has a feeding tube. After some minor test, there was no reason for them not to eat. They just didn’t want to so they had to get feeding tubes. The title of the book alone had me cracking up. If only I could read it to them lol. I’m getting his other books. Go to Amazon

Can we please take a moment to think about the early days of Ronan’s crush on Adam? 

  • At first, Ronan didn’t like Adam. Not because of anything to do with Adam - no, it was more about Gansey. Ronan did not like having to share his attention. 
  • So maybe he was a bit hostile at first. 
  • And maybe Adam was hostile back, because Adam never used to smile easily and Ronan was everything he thought he hated. 
  • But. 
  • Time passed. And it became clear that Gansey had adopted this boy, with his dusty hair and soft voice. 
  • So Ronan paid attention to him instead of his jealousy. 
  • And as the weeks past, he found that Adam was often the only person to laugh at his particular brand of macabre humour 
  • and that the way Adam smirked at his feet whilst Gansey berated Ronan for not being Gansey enough made his heart flip
  • And once, in latin, he was close enough to Adam to notice that he smelled of engine oil and sweat. 
  • And his hands whilst he wrote notes - Ronan could write poems about Adam’s hands. 
  • He did once or twice but they are hidden and no one knows. 
  • Until one day, years down the line, Chainsaw pulls the crumpled paper out of a crack in the floorboards. 
  • Anyway Ronan falls even further behind in class than usual because Adam’s hands are never still and they are so interesting, strong and tanned and callused, scars dotting the knuckles and freckles scattered across the skin. 
  • Ronan’s first fantasy about Adam involved kissing his knuckles. 
  • He didn’t mean to imagine it, and he hated himself for the rest of the day
  • because he didn’t know when looking turned into feeling 
  • and it was OK to admire Adam, as one admired art, but it was not OK to dream of him. 
  • But he couldn’t help it. 
  • Once he thought of Adam’s hands against his lips, he couldn’t stop it. 
  • He got butterflies when he saw Adam, watched the clock and counted the minutes until the end of the class and the chance to pass him in the corridor. 
  • His insults to Adam got worse, an attempt to counterbalance the fact that he smiled too much whenever Adam laughed. 
  • At night, he replayed their conversations, Adam’s movements, wondered if Adam’s feet had been facing him, because someone told him once that that was how you knew someone liked you. 
  • He imagined what it would be like to kiss Adam, a thousand permeations of the scene. 
  • In some, they were alone, maybe in cabeswater, and Adam would turn to him, and their eyes would catch, and Ronan would open his mouth to let his heart spill out, but Adam would smiles and say “I know” and he’d catch Ronan’s parted lips between his own. 
  • In others they were in his car, victors of a street race, an urgent clash of bodies, the scent of gasoline and burnt rubber in his nostrils. 
  • In one, they are at the Barns, sun pouring through the window, pressed against the kitchen counter. 
  • In all of them, Ronan is so overcome with longing that he forces himself to think of something else. 
  • When Blue dated Adam, he hated her the way he had hated Adam to start with, only this time it hurt more. 
  • Because he couldn’t compete with Blue. Adam would never look at him the way he looked at Blue. 
  • Ronan sneered and swore and internally he fractured apart. His dream turned to Kavinksy, dreams of savage smiles and sticky skin. 
  • They made him feel worse than any thoughts of Adam. 
  • But. 
  • Then Adam started looking back. 
  • And he tried so hard to read into it at first. So hard. He rationalized every lingering gaze away, found platonic excuses for lingering fingers and flirtatious comments. 
  • Because if it wasn’t real, if it was just Adam, confused and rebounding from Blue, he couldn’t go near it. 
  • But Adam didn’t stop looking. 
  • And Ronan began to believe it was impossible that Adam’s stomach didn’t flip the way Ronan’s did when their eyes caught or their fingers brushed. 
  • He knew Adam knew how he felt. Ronan had tried to hide it, had succeeded for a long time, but eventually the thought that Adam might take his distance for dislike won out over his pride. 
  • And so
  • When Adam gazed at him, sat beside him in the room Ronan grew up in, 
  • Ronan didn’t let himself doubt. 
  • The butterflies were still there, as they had been for years, but now the longing won out over the nerves
  • and he leaned in
  • like he had done in so many dreams
  • and he pressed his lips to Adam’s
  • and Adam’s parted, like they had done in so many dreams
  • and he’d never understood the limits of his imagination so keenly until that moment 
  • because the simple reality of Adam, a little sweaty, warm and soft and willing against him, made imagined kisses in fast cars seem ludicrous 

Hux had noticed Ren’s lingering gazes on you the moment you were appointed his second in command. the way, Kylo’s head would tilt slightly to the side in your direction when he was supposed to be talking to Hux, but his mask made the location his eyes followed impossible to pinpoint. 

the way his voice, although normally distorted by his helmet, softened when he spoke to you… which was more often than Hux would have liked.

but there was one thing Hux knew would keep Kylo from pursuing you, his second in command, and that was Snoke.

this fact made Hux so happy he could giggle, in fact, sometimes (when the situation worked in his favour) and Hux could see Kylo struggling to withhold his feelings for you… the general would in fact find himself quietly giggling.

and this fact did not go unnoticed by Kylo, who since your arrival, had become increasingly annoyed by Hux. another thing that made Hux all the more ecstatic.

until… the barrier keeping Kylo from you was removed. when Kylo took command, Hux knew what would soon follow. there would be matters in urgent need of attending that Kylo would deal with first, but Hux knew as soon as there was a moment for him to do so, Kylo would make his true feelings known to you.

and Hux also knew you would return the feelings. he would no longer be able to have the daily enjoyment of watching Kylo suffer for not having you. 

“now that Snoke is gone. i can pursue my goals.” Kylo said, standing a little in front of Hux as the two stared out of the ship, “starting with your second in command.” Kylo turned to look at the general, “over the past months you have dangled her in front of me like a worm on a hook.” he gritted his teeth and Hux began to feel the constriction on his throat, “you enjoyed it.” Hux’s hands flew to his throat, oxygen fully cut off, “but no longer.” Kylo released his hold on the General who fell to the ground sputtering, “i assume i dont have to tell you not to get in the way.” Kylo turned to look back outside, “or things will be quite… unpleasant. for you.”


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Better Books. [Beast! Prince Adam Oneshot].

I’M SUCH TRASH. I’m pairing this with another one of my imagines: Where Adam Tells you his name.

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Title: Better Books.
Pairing: Implied! Beast!Prince Adam x Reader.
Words: 1,522.
Rating: K.

After scanning the shelves for what seemed like hours, you had finally found the book you were looking for. Laughing softly in victory, you figured that Adam must have hidden it from you to assure that you didn’t read it again. You could hear his voice inside of your mind, ‘There are better things to read than that.’

You held the book in your hands close to your chest. Rubbing the spine gently, you felt somewhat conscious of the blue eyes lingering on you longingly from across the spacious room. Whether out of nerves or slight curiosity, you let one of your feet dangle from the ladder in the library, swinging around slightly so you could look back at Adam with a tender gaze. He was perched in a chair, sitting in what little sunlight was leaking into the castle from the overcast sky outside. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sort of warm sunlight that soaked into your skin and made you feel a little more happy and optimistic. It was a dreary sort of sunlight that would bounce off you and create somewhat negative vibes. Fortunately though, you strode around with your own positivity the darkness that seemed to mindlessly drape around the entire residency.

By the time you looked back at him, he tried his best to seem completely invested in the book instead of the back of your head, but you knew better. It was something new between the two of you and has become more and more frequent. The stolen glances, as if it were forbidden to actually look at one another and allow yourself to be caught doing so. You had only stumbled upon the castle a month ago, and between then and now, he has actually warmed up to you surprisingly well. After all, it had only been a week or so since he felt comfortable telling you his name so you didn’t have to stumble around what to call him exactly.

Stepping off the ladder with a small ‘thud’ as you jumped onto the marble floor, you studied the book in your hand and made your way to the seat across from him. Adam noticed of course, watching you from his peripherals as you sauntered your way towards him and sat down.

Adam cleared his throat, setting his book down in his lap. “What’ve you got there?” He inquired, using his head to gesture to the gently worn out book in your hands. If he moved just right in his spot, the dim sunlight coming in through the large windows shined off his horns, somewhat reminding you of how water shimmered in the light.

You seemed a bit shameful when you answered quietly, “Romeo And Juliet.”

“Uhck.” He murmured softly, scrunching his face in mind disgust, “Have you not read that enough? It’s such a tragic story. The romance, the pining, the unforgiving end. That book will be in three pieces by the time you’re done with it. There’s so many books here, why choose the same one over and over?” Adam’s curiosity was legitimate. He never saw the wonder in romance like you seemed to. To him, they all seemed the same and never seemed to have the absolutely ideal ending.

You laughed quietly, “It may be. At least it’s a book that you don’t seem to care about. I’m sure I could set it on fire and you’d probably be very happy that I did.” Shrugging your shoulders, you rubbed the spine once again and answered simply, “It’s a bittersweet tale. I like that it’s not perfect. That’s what makes it enjoyable. Anyway, why does it matter what I read? It’s not like you’re the one reading it.”

He nodded his head in agreement. Thankfully, he wasn’t the one reading it, but he still argued, a bit more innocent and playful this time, “Perhaps, I can show you another story that’s just as good.”

“I dare you to show me one that I’ll love more than this one.” You held the book up and sat it down on the table to your right. “You’ve read everything in here, so I’m sure you can find one.”

Adam stood up, completely towering over you before holding a paw out for you to take. You smiled at him, accepting the help and let him lift you from your seat. “I accept your challenge. I’ve got just the book.” The smile he gave you was the gentlest thing you had encountered and left your heart swimming in an unknown feeling. You wanted nothing more than to see that smile for the rest of your days. Adam hesitated, but eventually let go of your warm hand before striding to the left. You followed closely, biting down on your bottom lip.

What was the feeling in your chest? It was as if someone had lit a thousand candles and let them burn inside of you. You denied any previous thoughts of adoration for Adam, telling yourself that you couldn’t possibly feel anything more than forced friendship for someone who was keeping you here. But at this point, the sensation in your heart was making you question your own words. There was no doubt some sort of attraction between the two of you. The hidden gazes, the gentle strokes of your hand against his arm while you pass him books.

If he let you go, who’s to say you wouldn’t want to willingly stay here with him? You would stay. Even if he didn’t ask, you would stay. But, why?

“Here.” His voice boomed you back to reality. Swallowing softly, you looked up at him with reddened cheeks before letting your gaze drop to the book in his hand. Taking a shaky breath in, you took it from his hands and studied it carefully. It seemed a bit more worn than ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the spine exceedingly bent at the moment, stirring you to ask, “Have you read this a lot?”

“More than most books here. It’s one of the books my mother used to read to me when I was a child.” Adam admitted softly, letting his icy eyes admire your reaction to the book. “It’s the only romance I can actually bear to finish.” He said without thinking. “You see uh— I never finish them, usually. Romances, at least. I leave them off in the ideal place, almost….”

“Afraid of ruining it with the actual ending.” You finished his sentence for him. Adam seemed astonished that you had actually understood. Pressing it to your chest, you sighed and whispered to him, “You’re taking an opportunity away from yourself though. If you never read the ending, you’re not reading it in the way it was intended to be read. Some…” You clutched the book a bit harder, something he noticed as your knuckles were turning while, “Some stories have a happy ending that are so out of sight that you need to keep reading on. You can’t let one bad ending be the reason why you can’t enjoy other endings.”

There was no fighting your words because as Adam let them sink into his mind, he came to realize that you were completely right. He opened his mouth, ready to discourse but couldn’t find anything to say. He couldn’t. He was in such a position that you words were undoubtedly true. Before the curse, his ending was a bad one, though he prolonged it for as long as possible. It took a sharp turn and seemed even worse for a while before you came waltzing into his life, giving the slightest shimmer that perhaps even he could have a happy ending in a story otherwise full of despair, darkness and hate.

“Let me know what you think.” Adam said quietly, looking at the book in your hands. “I hope… you like it.”

Reaching up, you pressed your hand to the right side of his face and completely captivated his attention. The affection was sudden and seemed to leave Adam completely defenseless as you smiled sweetly at him. It was a tender stroke and reminded him of the last time that he had actually been touched so affectionately. It had been years. If it weren’t for the dramatic height difference, he could look at you eye to eye and if given permission, he would have kissed you. Just to see a response, to see that if getting his hopes up wasn’t just a waste now that there were only a few more petals left on the enchanted rose.

Adam was certain he could kiss you regardless, catching you off guard. The nagging voice inside of his head worried that you didn’t want it though, and so he refrained as best he could and tilted his head towards your hand.

You let your hand linger on him for much longer than needed, eventually bringing it from the side of his face to his wide shoulder before walking back to your spot in the small amount of sunlight. It was his time to follow you back. Sitting down, you stared up at him and gave a warm smile, “I’m sure I’ll love it.”

EYYYYY. Thanks for reading! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! :D 

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Hiii the story you wrote about Andrew and Neil that I asked for awhile ago was awesome even though I know it was a hard one. I was wo dering if you can do 98 about Ronan and Adam?

(that is SWEET and also I bastardized your prompt a little >:))

98: “I want to thank you for putting up with me. I know that I’m not the easiest person to get along with.” 

He’s locking up the repair shop with his arms full of backpack and keys clamped between his teeth when someone honks behind him. He startles so hard that everything landslides down onto springy wet grass.

“Sorry!” Gansey calls, head popped outside of what must be the pig, if Adam could see past the dizzy glare of the headlights. “I’m in a bit of a hurry. You’d better come sit down.”

Adam breathes deep, mentally slicing his evening into pieces like he always does when an expensive car rolls up and his name is called. He stoops over to gather the textbooks spilling out of his bag, the scatter of his few precious pens and his bike lock.

When he looks up, Gansey’s switched on his high beams to passive aggressively hurry him along. He slows down a little out of halfhearted spite.

Adam tucks his backpack through the headrests to the backseat and then leans into the front of the car to look at Gansey expectantly. He’s making a face that’s about as close to a grimace as a Gansey can get.

“Ronan ran away.”

Adam blinks. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” Gansey breathes. Adam feels his newborn worry ebb and blink out.

“Well he’s at home, then. He’s not going to run far from the Barns.”

“That’s what I’d imagined, but he’s nowhere on Lynch property. Blue and I went on a merry hunt all afternoon.”

Adam feels his chest kick and fight and try to make a scene. “And you didn’t tell me until now?” He hates that his voice sounds like the raw insides of undercooked meat, like he’s delicate and bloody.

“Well we thought it was fixable, and you were at work—“

“I’m always at work, Gansey, and it’s never deterred you before. If my— if Ronan really did disappear—“

“He did,” Gansey says emphatically, and Adam frowns.


“Knocked on my door at 6 am this morning holding this.” He produces a sheet of torn off looseleaf from his breast pocket and hands it to Adam gingerly.

Adam unfolds it.

Tell Adam I’m sorry.

He looks up, swallowing. Gansey’s watching him closely, obviously trying to gauge a response.

“At least he’s started apologizing,” he says weakly, a thin needle of hurt pinning his words together.

“It doesn’t seem like he’s starting anything,” Adam says, his anger and worry taking each other by the throat. “He’s giving up.”

“I think,” Gansey says, “that he’s very bad at grieving.”

“No one’s good at grieving. Not that you’ve ever had to know.”

Gansey recoils. He has a flighty look on his face like he would very much like to abandon this conversation if it weren’t taking place in his most prized possession. “I’m not the one that left, Adam,” he says pointedly, and Adam swears, apologizes, and climbs into the passenger seat.

“Take me to the Barns.”

Gansey looks at him sideways, and Adam would have the pity in his eyes for a punching bag. “He really isn’t there.”

“I know,” Adam says impatiently, “I’m going to steal his car.”

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Stanley Pines & Stanford Pines - Mythbusters AU
(click to embiggen!)

Yeah, so earlier today I posted some meta about “is being a salesman Stanley’s dream job?” (see link), and during the course of the answer, I wound up saying this:

I tend to think that Stanley’s dream-job would actually have been something that would combine things like his creativity, his talent for working with his hands, his talent for performance, and his love of adventure.  And really, it’s just a shame that he was never encouraged in a direction that might have led him to consider jobs of that kind.

For example – and I think I’m really not the first person to suggest this – Stan would have done great in the special-effects industry in Hollywood, especially pre-CGI, when effects were practical.  I’m going back here to the monster-movie posters he had on the wall as a kid, but can’t you imagine him loving making monster costumes or puppets or animatronics for movies?  And having a great time traveling around to all kinds of places where movies were being filmed?  Think of Stan being somebody like Adam Savage on Mythbusters…

(Oh. My God.  *stares into the distance*  GF Mythbusters AU with Stan and Ford….)

I just… I just could not leave it there.

I have only the vaguest thoughts about this AU right now, but… I figure that possibly Ford did wind up going to West Coast Tech, and Stan moved to southern California with him, and then ended up getting an apprenticeship in a special effects shop.  After Ford graduated with his first ph.D., they were kicking around ideas – maybe talking about some effect they’d just seen in some movie (like JAWS, which came out that summer, and which the Mythbusters famously did an awesome episode about) and whether it would really work that way in real life, and how would you test that, and Ford got really into the practical engineering/physics side of it, and… Thus, an idea for a show was born, 25 years before the actual show in our timeline, lol.

(Look, I don’t know what else would or wouldn’t happen in this AU.  But that’s a start. And this piece is probably dated around 1982, when they’d been doing it for a few years and it had become a hit. Also, after they’d hired Fiddleford for more engineering and computer-related help.)

A few notes under the cut.

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I know we mostly like to imagine the opposite, but adam is way more ripped than ronan. as ripped as a teen can be. hear me out:
-ronan is a deranged insomniac drunk who probably only eats frozen pizza and warm pizza when he really wants to treat himself. as a perpetually drunk italian I can assure you that is no way to get a six pack
-adam works manually like 10 hours a day. he’s a sexy mechanicist, the kind that you see sexy car-washing while completely drenched in soap in certain rated channels. he also moves rocks, works in a factory and somewhere else yet to be clarified, probably a sexy car wash fantasy commercial
-when ronan punched robert parrish, all the odds were against him right? because robert is way bigger. you wouldnt expect him to win, it was a desperate, stupid move. but ronan is faster and even more vicious. imagine this giant angry man fighting against a scrawny emo teen, and the scrawny emo teen winning. that’s fucking awesome  
-ronan is a twink

Did you multiply? (Dean X Sister!Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester X Sister!Reader

Universe: Supernatural

Warnings: Killing, injuries, mild swearing

Request: Perhaps a brother Dean x sister reader imagine? Where she really admires him and dresses like him, with leather jackets and works out in order to become a good hunter. Dean taking her under his wing and taking her seriously perhaps with an astonished Crowley “Wait have you multiplied?”.

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You may have only been the half-sister of Sam and Dean, but you had that face. You had their expressions, their attitude, everything. When they found out you were their little sister, they were worried you’d be like Adam, only to find out when they met you, that you were a little them, and by little, I mean it. You were pretty young when your brothers showed up into your life.

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The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 2)

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Beast!Adam x Reader

The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 2)

Part 1: here

Running. It was all you knew these days. After your father had passed, killed by the very man that wanted your book, you had been forced to run to escape the fate that followed. Something was after you. Something dark. And if you stopped running, if you let your guard down even once, lowered your hood too far and revealed your true identity as a daughter of the sky, you would be killed. Inside you, there was great power. And with great power came many enemies.

You were scared. But you couldn’t afford to waste time on fear.

The worn old map you carried with you showed a village nearby. It was small. In your case, small meant safe. If you kept heading inland, you would hit it in a few hours, just before dark. Perfect.

You rolled the map and tied it with ribbon before making your way through the trees. You couldn’t describe why or what went through your mind, but something felt different this leg of the journey. It was as though something inside you was longing, reaching out for something ahead of you.

After a few hours’ time, the village was finally in sight. You wiped the sweat off of your brow. Although the hood hanging around your shoulders provided cover from those who were trying to find you, in the summer heat, it was nearly unbearable. You could practically taste the cold drink awaiting you at the nearest tavern. It put a little life in your steps as you trudged the remaining distance into town.

The stone and dirt paths were a welcoming sight. It had been almost a week since you had been in civilization. Your days in loneliness were starting to isolate you from the people altogether. You hoped that maybe the market would be open in the morning and you would be able to buy some bread and jam or some things to pass the time. Really anything would be helpful.

You walked through the doorway of the tavern. You had the feeling whoever owned the place was quite the hunter, given the abundance of antlers and the large mural of an arrogant man with his rifle. Gaston was his name, according to a sign. He seemed like a pompous braggart to you, a war hero with an ego the size of Paris. But perhaps that was just speculation.

You ordered a drink and took a spot at the table in the corner. It was cozy, you decided. Certainly not a place you could call home, but it could be. God, you longed for a home. Some place you could call your own without having to run away to protect yourself. It was exhausting. You never got a break. It was unending. Run, stop for supplies, sleep, run again. So much running and no place to go. It was beginning to feel pointless. But you knew if your enemies got their hands on your book, your kingdom would surely be dead. Your father had given his life to protect those secrets, and you were beginning to fear you would suffer a similar fate.

You exhaled a heavy sigh and took a long sip of the cold drink. It was refreshing after a long day. You were so caught up in bliss that you almost didn’t notice the large man as he took a seat in front of you. You bolted upright as soon as you noticed his presence.

“You must be new to town.” He stated, crossing his legs and flexing as he reached out for your hand. “I’m Gaston.”

“I know.” Your voice was quiet, but you didn’t reach out to take his hand. You only prayed your cloak would be enough to conceal your identity. It wasn’t likely that this lunkhead had any clue that you were a child of the stars, an heir to the throne of the sky, but you couldn’t take the chance that he was in league with Prince Ferdinand. So instead, you sat there, waiting for him to make a move, to say something.

“Are you in need of a place to stay?”

“Actually, yes.” You nodded. “I am.”

“Might I see your face, then?” he asked, pressing slightly. You recoiled slightly, withdrawing your hands further. Surely it would be stupid of him to let a stranger stay in his inn. You knew he only had his safety in mind.

“N-no, that’s all right.” You shook your head. “I’m afraid I’m not much of a beauty to behold.”

“Nonsense! I’m sure if you lowered your hood, it might put me at ease.” He grinned earnestly. You exhaled a slow sigh and reached up, gently pulling down the cloak around your head. “And what a beauty you are,” he marveled. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. I could show you around the village tomorrow morning.”

“No, that’s quite alright. I’m headed out early tomorrow. I need to buy some goods at the market and then I’m out of here.”

“Are you headed somewhere particular or-”

“Yes. I’m on a journey to meet an old friend.”

“I could accompany you if you-”

“That won’t be necessary.” You cut him off calmly, but firmly, standing your ground. For you, there was no safety in numbers. He very obviously didn’t know what or who you were, but that didn’t mean other people in the village wouldn’t. When his face fell, you quickly added: “But thank you very much. It’s kind of you to offer.”

“Anything for a beautiful woman like yourself.” He nodded simply as another man, a friend of his, came to stand beside him.

“Gaston, who is this?”

“A visitor to our fair village.” He crinkled his eyebrows as he realized he had never asked for your name. “What did you say your name was, again?”

“(Y/N).” You replied. Your silver eyes searched over the new man. His lingering gaze told you he had heard of those like you. He wasn’t as vicious as the people pursuing you. Instead, he was merely curious, in awe of the being sitting before him. You were a thing of fairytales, and yet here you were, as real as day. “Well, Gaston, I’m afraid I’m very tired from my journey.”

“I’ll show her to the spare room.” LeFou offered before Gaston so much as moved. He nodded hesitantly.

“Of course.” LeFou led you up the stairs behind him. You smirked, awaiting his question. As soon as you were standing on the landing outside the room, he turned to you, unable to hold it in any longer.

“Are you really one of them?”

“One of what?” you voice was soft, knowing.

“A…” he looked around and lowered his voice. “…child of the stars.”

“Yes.” You nodded.

“Why are you here?” he shook his head. “Of all places…Villeneuve. Why?”

“It was the nearest place to stop.” You admitted. “I’m not staying for long. I’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“Before you go, I need to know one thing-”

“You will find happiness, LeFou.” You stated. Kindness waited behind your enchanting silver eyes. His heart raced. He felt as though you were looking into his soul. The glow in your irises held what seemed to be knowledge of everything that had ever or would ever be. “But it is not with that man.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He sighed.

“It’s closer than you know.” You put a hand on his shoulder. “I promise.”

“So do you know…everything?”

“No. I just know some things. Important things.” You winked and gave a well-meaning smirk. “Good night. I hope to see you in the future.”

“Good night.” He replied, nodding. As LeFou made his way down the stairs, you walked into the small bedroom, locking the door behind you. You hung your cloak on a peg on the wall and untied your boots, tucking them under the bed. Once you had crawled beneath the fur blanket, you stared at the ceiling.

Your heart was pounding like a drum. There was always fear in these late hours that something would come after you. Or someone would find you and use you. Luckily, LeFou seemed more curious than he did malevolent. You decided you were safe for now. But tomorrow might bring something else entirely. You didn’t know why, but somehow you knew in your heart, as you sometimes knew impossible things…

Tomorrow, everything would change.

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Could you write something where Kylo Ren is trying to interrogate a deaf member of the Resistance and then all kinds of shenanigans occur? I just kinda had this idea and I'm wondering how it would pan out.

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(Not My Gif)

A/N: So I think I made it darker than you intended, but hopefully you’ll still like it.

Warnings: Torture

Word Count: 708

           You were in considerable pain.  

           This was not unexpected considering the amount of torture the First Order had put you through.  Your entire body ached from your arms to your back to your head, but you didn’t break. You allowed yourself a small internal smile for that.  They hadn’t gotten anything out of you, but then again, it was hard to know what information they wanted when you couldn’t hear their questions.  

           They had left you in the chair for almost half an hour.  You knew it was only a matter of time before they started up again, or killed you.  Either way, you were determined to keep just as silent as you had been.

           Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the cell door slide open, but instead of the white armor of Stormtroopers it was a large towering pillar of black.

           You knew who he was in an instant.  Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren and right hand to Supreme Leader Snoke. A part of you was almost honored a Commander of his standing had to come all the way down to the cell block to deal with some low-ranking Resistance scum.  You were causing more trouble than you thought.

           He tilted his head slightly.

           You could feel his eyes staring you down from behind the mask.  You were sure he was probably saying something to you, but with his face covered, you couldn’t read his lips to understand.

           His body shifted, standing to his full height so he truly towered over you.

           Your lack of response seemed to have annoyed him.  Judging by the tight balling of his fist, there was a good 80% chance he was going to reach for his lightsaber and cut you right in half. You knew you should had been frightened, but you were still in too much pain to care.

           He reached out his hand, and in that moment you discovered the torture they had put you through was just child’s play.

           Your head felt as if it was getting split in half as a flood of images started coming forward.  The moments just before you crashed, and were picked up by the First Order. Then jumping further back to your time at the academy and the proud smiling faces of your parents.  A distant memory you didn’t even remember you had of you climbing one of the many trees growing in the forest of your home planet.

           Just as you were starting to get your bearings enough to fight against the barrage, the pressure was gone.

           You snapped back in the chair, breathing hard as you tried to pull yourself back to reality.

           You opened your eyes to see Kylo Ren looking down at you with that unreadable mask.  

           Then, much to your surprise, his hands reached for his mask and he pulled it off with ease.

           You weren’t sure what you were expecting his face to look like under the mask. You supposed some sort of scar or facial deformity to accompany his reputation of brutality.  Instead, all you saw was the face of a handsome young man, with dark eyes too emotional to belong to the monster painted in your mind.

           “You couldn’t understand I word I said, could you?” he said, as you read his lips.

           You had half a mind not to answer him, but he had been inside your head.  There was no point in hiding it now.

           “The mask makes it a little tricky,” you said sardonically.

           He cocked his head, looking at you strangely.

           “Your memories, all of them are silent,” he continued, as he examined you. “You seem to speak clearly enough though.”

           You gave him a mocking smile.

           “I really wouldn’t know the difference.”

           You didn’t know if it was the pounding headache or not, but you were sure you caught his lip twist ever so slightly upward before going back to the cold neutral demeanor.

           “I suppose it doesn’t matter,” he said, straightening back up.  “You’re going to show me what I need to know. One way or another.”

           You stiffened in your seat, gripping the sides tight as you knew what was coming.

           “Sorry,” you said.  “I can’t hear you.”

           Kylo Ren’s eyes darkened and he reached out his hand once more, tearing through your mind with reckless abandon.

           You felt the pressure of a scream escape your throat only for it to fall on indifferent, deaf ears.

Saving What We love (Kylo x Reader)

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Requested: Could you do a pre established kylo x reader where they were engaged before he became kylo. And they see each other again ????

AN: thanks @lady-loki-ren for requesting

Being part of something like the resistance came with the most amazing opportunities. Currently you were heading towards your home planet on a mission to bring medical care to those harmed by the war, the ship you were on was probably the biggest one the resistance owned and it was a perfect place to be thankful for them.

The resistance had found you when you were just a kid fending off for yourself and they had given you everything you could’ve asked for. They provided food and shelter, training, and a guaranteed job after a certain age. They gave you a life, but most importantly they were the reason you met your fiance, the man you had loved and now feared, Ben. Ben was the love of your life, your best friend, and the person you least expected to betray the ones he loved. You hated thinking about him because the thought of him brought you pain. He wasn’t even Ben anymore, now he was Kylo. The engagement ring he had given you was not adorning your ring finger anymore, now it was kept around your neck on a silver necklace tucked away under your clothing, you refused to get rid of it because deep down inside of you, the love for him was still there.

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Title: The Beauty and the Beast (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter auditions for the school musical to spend more time with the reader, not expecting to land a lead role or first kiss in the process.

Word Count: 1528

A/N: Okay I love this so much it’s so cute and fluffy? Let me know if you like and I hope you enjoy!! XOX :) 

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#39 #40-Kylo Ren // MASTERLIST

Warning: Smut

“Don’t get us caught”
“Keep Quiet” 

Words: 1.3 K +


Walking quietly down the hallway, you turned the corner, your stomach full of butterflies from the night before, when you had run into Kylo Ren. With your mind wandering to Ren, you nearly bumped into a group of marching Storm Troopers. Clearing your voice, you nodded towards the captain, and continued walking with your head bent down.

Kylo had called you to his chambers. You thought it was for business because that’s all Kylo was known for on the base.
No one really knew him. But when you knocked on the steel door, opening it slightly before walking in, you stood with your back straight and your head up. Expecting orders, or a complaint. Or a harsh tone. But instead, speaking in a low tone as you stood by the door with your hands behind your back, walking up to you with heavy footsteps and his mask muffling his quiet voice, Kylo reached you, reaching up to touch your face. His gloved fingers slid along your cheek.

You gulped, shivering at his touch. He began to lean over you, beginning to close the gap between you. You stared up at his lips, feeling your face become hot. Countless seconds passed, but he only retracted his hand when Hux barged in, barking at Kylo. Like always.

You had slid out of the room with your heartbeat slamming against your chest, only to realize why he had been acting weird for the past month. Shaking your head, you nearly tripped over your own feet, rushing to your own room.
You had review files for General Hux.

Hurrying, you pressed the files to your chest. Step after step, suddenly, you felt an abrupt force take over your whole body, and you froze. Feeling Kylo Ren’s energy overtake you. Standing there, wide-eyed, you struggled to breathe. Kylo let you go, but only when he had his hands firmly pressed around your arms. Dragging you into one of the control rooms, he slammed the door and watched you intently as you quickly backed up.

Glancing down at the lightsaber that was clicked into his belt, you opened your mouth to speak but quickly shut it. Afraid of what he might do. That was the thing about him, he was unpredictable. Frightening in the most sporadic of ways. You could never tell what he was going to say, or going to do. What he was thinking. What he was feeling. For all the mattered, Hux seemed more emotionally involved than Kylo Ren had ever been in front of you. That is, until a month ago, when you had moved into his sector. You began to then see him every day, and from that, you started to notice his small mishaps, his unpredictability, his indecisiveness, his stubbornness. Especially towards you.

He walked up to you. In a calm, collected matter. Something you didn’t expect. Just as the night before, you stared up at him. Expecting him to repeat his touch. But Kylo, lifting his hands, unlatched his helmet. Setting it down on one of the panels. You met his eyes, feeling yourself shudder, you noticed a small grin lining his thick lips. His dark eyes glistened in the harsh light above.

With a single breath, Kylo had closed the height gap between you, meeting your lips, harshly pressing against you. Ripping the files from your fingertips, he moved his hands down your body. Sliding one of his gloves off, he met the sensitive skin of the inside of your thigh, parting your legs and thrusting you onto the panel.

Falling back, you grasped at the cloth that covered his chest, gasping. He muffled your voice with his lips, parting them with his tongue and kissing you deeper. You let out a small moan, before Kylo ripped your shirt off, thumbing your breasts. You could feel yourself growing wetter the longer that he touched you. Trailing his mouth down your neck, he bit into your skin. Sucking dark purple bruises all the way down to your collar bones

Burying your fingers into Kylo’s hair, you shifted yourself so that you wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding softly. A slow hum built in his throat, the growing friction between you making you throb, aching for the satisfaction of him filling you. Through the thick black fabric of his clothes, you could feel his member pressing against you.

Pressing his hand at the small of your back, he leaned forward, pressing his hips against yours and sucking in a breath. Strands of his raven black hair fell on your face, and you filled your lungs with the scent of leather and ashes.
Kylo then pulled you off of the panel, flipping you over so that you pressed your hands into the cold metal. Yanking down your pants, he threw his other glove onto the ground, licking his fingers before sliding them between your folds. You breathed out, whimpering slightly.

“Fuck, you’re wet.” You felt him release his member from his pants, his tip hitting your right cheek. Closing your eyes as he slid into you, you gasped, cursing. Kylo gruffly said, “You’re going to have to keep your pretty mouth shut darling…”  As he hit your walls, taking no time to let you adjust yourself around him before slamming into you. You rocked forward, attempting to suppress a loud yelp. But with no luck, a moan followed, only to be met by Kylo’s hand around your mouth. Breathing heavily, Kylo leaned down. His chest pressing into your back as he kept thrusting into you. “Don’t get us caught.” He muttered, then, with a single bite of your ear, he slid out of you, letting your cum drip onto your thighs, before pushing you onto your knees. "I won’t tell you again to keep quiet…“ 

“I’m sorry.” You breathed out. Then, nodding, you kept your eyes locked on his as you opened your mouth. Allowing him to slide all the way to the back of your throat. Closing your mouth around his length, he knotted his fingers in your hair, yanking you back so that your teeth grazed his tip. Then, engulfing him against your tongue, you a low hum radiate from your lips onto his shaft.

Kylo leaned his head back, bucking his hips slightly as waves of pleasure went through his body. Holding onto his hips, his skin was hot to the touch, blotched with red as he tried not to let go.

However, running your fingers down his shaft, and pressing your fit around his scrotum, you massages his soft, sensitive skin. Kylo began to shake violently, breathing heavily with a raspy voice, until his hot cum filled your mouth.
Swallowing around him, you let him fall away from your mouth, wiping your lips clean with the back of your hand. Your knees growing tired of pressing into the cold ground. Your thighs burning from keeping yourself up.

Kylo, running his fingers gently over your face, suddenly grasped his hand around your neck, pulling you up. Smashing his mouth onto yours, you felt weak to your knees, leaning into him.

“Get dressed.” He smiled against your skin. “Don’t want anyone to catch us like this, do we.” 

You pulled away and then leaned down as he backed up. Sliding your underwear back around your hips and zipping up your pants, you moved your eyes to Kylo Ren. Who, when he had finished cleaning up and buckling his pants, pulled his helmet back on. Concealing his face before turning away and leaving you in the midst of the empty control room, shaking. Sweat beading on your forehead, questioning whether or not your were dreaming, questioning whether or not anything was real.


Anon requested: (Oneshot) Kylo Putting your little daughter to sleep while you talk to your eldest son (14 years old) smoothing his hair and talking about the force

A/N: In case you were wondering, if he could be more dreamy.. I mean look at those gif (L)
Btw keep sending in your requests, love them all!

Y/D/N = your daughters name
Y/S/N = your sons name

Your daughter was now six months old, she was so precocious and looked, contrary to your son, like you. This week had been rough, she hadn’t slept good the last few nights and you and Kylo were exhausted. You had folded your legs underneath you and were watching him with your head in your hands. She was finally sleeping in Kylo his arms  “Did I ever tell you how handsome you get when you are holding a baby, and even more when it’s out daughter.”
“You may have mentioned it a few times.”
The two of you had been together now for a little over 15 years, love at first sight from the moment you had laid eyes on each other you both knew. It wasn’t planned but within a year you got pregnant, resulting in a son y/s/n. You were the one who kept him in the light and the two of you loved each other unconditionally

“I’ll put her to bed, so we can go too.” You were putting out all the lights, when you heard calling from your son’s room. You quickly made your way to him, the last thing you needed was for him to wake up Y/D/N. “What is it Y/S/N?”
“Is y/d/n finally sleeping?” You nodded and walked in to sit down on his bed.
“She is, did she keep you awake?”
“No, I was just thinking about tomorrow.” y/s/n recently had his first experience with the force, unwillingly he had moved some toys from your daughter. Before that you and Kylo thought that he wasn’t a force sensitive.
“What about tomorrow?”
“I don’t know what we’ll do, I don’t know what the force is exactly.”
It was true that you hadn’t told him much about the force, You and Kylo didn’t want him to feel any less if he wasn’t force sensitive. “The force is an energy that connects everything in the galaxy, it’s an energy that is in all of us.” You told him while stroking his hair “Some people can’t do anything with the force, others are force sensitive like your dad and you.”
“Are you force sensitive?”
“I am, but I’m not as strong as your father. That’s why he is going to help you train.”
He pulled up his covers a bit “Can you tell me more about it?”
“Of course sweetheart. The force can be a very powerful thing, it can be used to move things and some people can even see the future because of it…” You told him everything you knew about the force and he slowly fell asleep.

Kylo was leaning against the doorpost, he had watched as you told your son about the force. For him you and the kids were the most important in his life, he still didn’t know how he deserved you.
In his eyes you were absolutely perfect, the way you looked, the way you smiled, the mom you were, everything about you was perfection in his eyes.
You closed the behind you, when he wrapped his arms around your waist “Ready to go to bed babe?” You felt his lips against the skin of your neck.
“With you? Always?” You grinned.