like imagine going into a barn and seeing the horse head

Country Solangelo!

I don’t know why this popped up in my head, but can we all just imagine Will Solace as a bona fide country boy?  Can we imagine Will dragging Nico home for a few weeks in Summer?

  • Naomi Solace, alt-country singer, having a fit when she sees how skinny Nico is, and insists on him having second helpings of everything?
  • Nico’s first taste of Non-Camp barbecue resulting in him getting about three more servings.
  • Will Solace’s childhood home not being in a suburb, but on a rural farm, complete with Horses, a garden full of vegetables, and a two story farmhouse with a wrap around porch.  Nico being in absolute awe when he first sees it.
  • Nico being scared to death about being introduced as Will’s boyfriend, mainly because he’s just deathly afraid that he’ll be rejected or hurt, but instead he’s given a bear hug by both Naomi and Will’s Grandmother, and given a proper handshake (which gives Nico a sense of his being old as hell) by Will’s maternal grandfather.  Even Will’s mortal friends don’t give a crap that they’re gay, which ends Nico’s thoughts on a stereotypical southern community.
  • Nico in overalls, which amuses Will to no end.  Will in a cowboy hat, which Nico insists he should wear more often.
  • Will showing Nico the grove of oak trees that his treehouse was built in.  Nico and Will subsequently making out in that treehouse.
  • Nico learning to ride Reba, Will’s favorite horse (and also his favorite Singer)
  • Skinny-dipping in a swimming hole, which Nico is hesitant to do, but relents.  He later drags Will out there in the middle of the night, which results in some hastily made up stories the next day.  Nico can’t walk because he was totally just riding Reba all Night.  Both know all too well that Nico bruised his tailbone trying to swing from a rope into the hole.
  • Campfires out by the old, dilapidated barn, complete with s’mores and a ton of cuddles.  Will telling Nico Ghost stories, and Nico pretending to be scared, if only to be in Will’s embrace.
  • Nico being afraid to touch the plants at first, as he is sure he doesn’t have a green thumb, to helping Grandma Solace weeding the garden on a daily basis, where the two discuss what life was like in the 30s.  Nico doesn’t remember much of the Great Depression, as he was young.  But he remembers the war too clearly.
  • Grandpa Solace telling stories of his time in the War, including D-Day.  When he peels his shirt off to show everyone the scars left by shrapnel, Will is beet red from embarrassment, and Nico is as pale as a ghost.
  • Will’s extended family descending on the farm for a few days, which results in hastily memorized names, a ton of photo opportunities, and a hay ride with Will and his cousins.  Later on, Will takes the rusted up truck and they go for a joyride, and maybe a late night shake.
  • Nico and Will being permitted to share a room, where they cuddle under a homemade quilt.  For once, Nico doesn’t have nightmares.
  • Nico getting a knitted sweater from Will’s Grandma, which is apparently a ‘Welcome to the Family’ gift.
  • Will being overjoyed at the fact that, by the time they leave, Nico’s gained some weight, a healthy glow, and the fact that maybe Nico’s addicted to his Grandmother’s lemonade.
  • Nico feeling more at home on a rural farm in Texas than he has nearly anywhere else, and insisting that they go back every chance they get.
  • Will happily obliging, on the condition that Nico has to wear the Overalls at least once every time they go.

I dunno why, but Country Boy Will is something I’ve found strangely cute these last few days.  Southern Hospitality is a thing, and Nico would be shaken by the fact that they aren’t as vocal about the gay thing as one may realize.

Fault - 2

(Part 1)


“Bucky had never been held responsible for what he’d done, but you, oh god, everything that had happened had been your fault, and Bucky knew it too.”

Word Count: 1251
Warnings: Injury, angst

There are bright lights when you come to, blinding. That’s the first thing you notice.

The second is the pain, hitting you like a brick to the chest then spreading agonizingly quickly, like fire, to every inch of your body.

The third is that you’re moving. Fast.

“Stop–” You cough, hacking up your lungs as blood coats your lips. Bucky throws you a worried glance through the rear-view mirror, and then you’re moving faster.

Stop the car!” The words are just out of your mouth before your body convulses in on itself, sending you into another coughing fit, eyes daring to shut again because of the pain. The car jerks swiftly to the right, then jolts to a stop. In the backseat, you gasp for air.

The door above your head opens and cold air rushes in, stinging your face. It’s wet outside, but the sky is clearing up and there’s a couple stars shining, and you’re trying to focus on them in hopes that it’ll distract you from the pain. Then Bucky’s face appears in your line of sight, eyebrows pulled together, and his mouth is moving, saying the same thing over and over until you can finally make out his words. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

And truth be told? You’ve been wondering the exact same thing. There’s panic ebbing its way into your veins, coiling in your stomach and threatening to slip past your lips in cries for help, but you can only just manage to whisper between coughs.

You want to say something, but suddenly there’s a hand on your arm and every single nerve in your body tenses and there are alarms – sirens – going off in your head, the word danger flashing in an angry red in your mind. “Stop! Stop! Don’t touch me!”

The hand is gone as fast as it came, and Bucky’s alarmed face is in front of you again, eyes wide. He takes you in for a moment, barely concealed panic behind his blue eyes, before his expression falls into a neutral. “Look Y/N. Everything that happened back at the tower? We can deal with it later, okay? Just let me get you help first.”

You want to scream. Nothing makes sense. Nothing around you makes any sense at all, and the word ‘help’ is so foreign it sounds more like a threat than a promise of safety.

Your actions are slowed down by the wounds all over your body, and with your mind equally as hazy, you don’t get time to respond before the door slams shut. You flinch.

The front door opens and Bucky sits down and then he’s driving again, and you’re in and out of consciousness, trying to figure out a way to get out of the car but knowing that in your state, there’s no way you could manage.

“I have to–” you breathe sharply as the car swerves to the left. “Tell you something. Bucky, listen–”

There’s another sharp turn to the right this time. Your body lurches forward and the seat belt suddenly feels like a knife to the stomach, cutting into the exposed, bloody skin. It hurts, god, it hurts so much that you can barely focus on anything around you. Tears cloud your vision, and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

They know, Bucky. They know and they’re going to come back.

The words never slip past your lips.

“Look, I just–”

“You better get out of here before I blast your punk ass out.”

This is the second time you wake up to bright lights, and it takes a few blinks to clear your vision. This time, there’s no pain. Instead, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud, and everything around you is a different, calm kind of hazy. It feels kind of nice for once, until–


The arguing around you comes to a stop, and the constant hum of machines fills the room. Tony, casually leaning against the wall with a bag of dried blueberries in his hand, pushes off when he sees you awake. He throws a glance at the other man in the room , sporting a black and purple bruise around his left eye, and your breath hitches in your throat as you’re hit with an overwhelming sense of familiarity. There’s a thump in your chest, reflected by the quickened pace of the heartbeat monitor, and you shift backwards on the

The man looks at you, opens his mouth to say something, then stops at a cutting look from Tony. He closes his mouth, throws you one last glance, then shuffles out the door.

“How you feelin’, kid?” Tony asks as he walks to the side of your bed.

“Like shit.”

He laughs, and you can tell that he wants to say more, that there’s words caught on the tip of his tongue, but he bites them back with a lopsided grin and settles for a hair-ruffle instead. You’re too tired to swat him away.

The door swings open, and this time a nurse and doctor walk in. Routine procedure, now that you’re awake, they tell you. A couple broken ribs, a concussion, broken leg, four stitches across the forehead, twelve staples near the abdomen, and the list goes on. Then come the questions, which gain a few weird looks from Tony and a ton of scribbles from the nurse.

“You’ve been in a medically induced coma for the past week to aid in reducing the swelling of your brain,” the doctor says. You stare at him and he continues, “But you are showing symptoms of post-traumatic amnesia. It’s transient, so don’t stress about it. You received a lot of head trauma, so it’s expected. Your memories should return shortly; don’t try to force them back by thinking too hard, that’ll only hurt your head.”

You nod, trying to process the information. There’s this feeling that you can’t shake off, that you know something important that you have to tell someone, but you can’t figure it out and now you know why.

“We need to complete a few more tests, so you’ll be in here for the next couple days, but once that’s done, you’re free to go.” You nod again, and the doctor fixes some equipment around the room before leaving with the nurse trailing behind him.

Tony plops down in the plastic chair beside your bed. “Amnesia, huh?” You sigh in response.

“Okay, so, I was totally cool about the situation, but Capsicle? Think New York City, twenty-ten, fresh-out-of-the-ice. Guy was the most scared I’d ever seen.” A chuckle escapes your lips, followed by a groan of pain, and Tony only smiles.

“Get some rest, kid,” he says as he gets up to leave. “I’m gonna grab something to eat.”

And he’s almost at the door when the question that’s been bugging you can’t stay in your head any longer.

“Tee,” you croak, voice raspy and mouth parched. He pauses and turns to look at you, eyebrows raised in question. “Who was that guy you were talking to?”

Tony stiffens for a moment, eyes hardening and not meeting your gaze. Then he smiles, “No one you need to worry about right now, Y/N. Get some sleep.” He leaves the room.

For someone who had been asleep for the past week, you’re pretty tired. So you close your eyes, sinking into the pillow as sleep overtakes your body.

You dream of the man’s blue eyes and metal arm.

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Betrothed 6

Summary: You have been betrothed to a disgusting pig to settle your father’s gambling debts. The night before your wedding, you are rescued by an unlikely party.

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here.

A/N: After a ridiculously long wait, I’M BACK! So sorry it’s been so long. Enjoy the fluff (while it lasts…)

Warnings: alcoholism, gambling, arranged marriage, bullying, maybe even verbal abuse, anxiety, unwanted attention/harassment, assault/rape, fluff


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

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Originally posted by sebastianobrien

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”


“Can we have a room?”

It was very late, when they dragged their feet into the lobby of some run down motel in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Although they were very thankful they could rest for the remainder of the night.

It was the simplest of missions, just grab some much needed encrypted codes from a H.Y.D.R.A facility that was left behind when it fell. They didn’t even come into contact with any threats. The con…? They were stranded in the middle of no where thanks to Bucky who refuses to stop at any gas station to fill up. He would keep saying the motorcycle had enough to go for days, and yet all it took was twenty minutes until it shutdown completely and almost threw them tumbling with the bike.

“Room B6 floor 2.” The old hag said, her hair gelled back with many wrinkles pulling at her features. “Keep quite.” Her unnecessary comment left the couple gaping at her bold comments. Sure Bucky was very muscly and covering her with his shadow. But they never hinted they were together.

Non the less they grabbed the keys and went to the elevator. Bucky wouldn’t look her way, still pretty ashamed of the whole gas ordeal, especially since she still hasn’t said ‘I told you so,’ or send a jab his way. He was so use to how this would end with Sam, but with (Y/N) damn, she’s so different.

The elevator tugged its was the last inch or so, until it dinged and creaked its doors open with a screech from rusty metal over metal. Walking to the door, they both looked over the green paint chipping off the door.

“Open the door, Doll…” Bucky grumbled, his voice still strained from being wrong, and caused his partner to walk half a night. “I’m here,” He assured, if anything, both of them are pretty sure that the motel was haunted.

She opened the door, and the first thing she saw was the small twin bed placed at the middle of the empty room. It’s not like the room had anything else to offer, not even a couch. Just a bed and a nightstand, which from where she is standing the collected dust was about three layers.

“Dibs on the bed.” He shouldn’t have said it, he should have stayed quite. Because not only was he the cause of their unannounced stay at the motel, but he was also the reason the pair didn’t grab any change of cloths. (Y/N) had asked if she should bring anything to change into, just in case anything happened during the night and she would have wanted to change. Bucky Barnes was just asking for a jab now, he was practically begging her to just slap him across the face and throw him out the apartment.

“Sure,” She was always quite. Never putting up a fight and always played it easy. She was smart and collected, thought ahead and beautiful- “I’ll sleep on the toilet, Right Bucky?”

“We can share the bed…” Bucky offered, pushing the small girl in the room and closing the door behind him. They had some space to at least stand one behind the other, and still have space to stretch.

“Aren’t you suppose to be well mannered, why are you still not offering me the bed to myself?” She turned around and crossed her hands over her chest. Trying to be intimidating.

He scratched the back of his head and slumped his shoulders down. “My body really hurts, Doll…” This was new, where Bucky would complain. This is a new side she was the first to see, Bucky complaining and whining was a new level unlocked.

She just nodded, if anyone needed the rest it would be Bucky. The poor man wouldn’t sleep for more then three hours and then wake up and stay up till his morning run with his bestie. “Sure Bucky…” She released an audible sigh, before walking to go into the bathroom, she might as well check how comfortable that toilet is.

“Doll, we can share the bed, I was just joking.” He walked around the other side of the bed. Stripping his boots, socks and jacket off, hanging them over the rack. His shirt and jeans followed suite, just as he was hanging his shirt the bathroom door opened up, “Ready to sleep?” Bucky asked, turning around to look at his partner.

“I can’t sleep in this…” She pulled her black thick shirt and rubbed her blue jeans.

Bucky looked down at his attire and grabbed his shirt, the girl was pretty short, his shirt would most likely go right above her knees. “Wanna try it on?” Bucky asked, the loose fabric hung over his metal digits.

“Sure,” She grumbled, taking it from his fingers.

“It might smell…” Bucky winced just now remembering the red Henley was on him through the whole day.

“It smells like you,” The girl breathed. He watched her go into the bathroom, just as the door closed he jumped into bed, already regretting his choice of even staying here, the pillow was brown and smelled like Sam’s socks after workout. He tried to pull the covers over his body, but the crusty sheets felt like they had sugar spread over the middle.


“Don’t even come in,” Bucky’s disgusted voice rang over the walls. “Were leaving.” He stood up dusting his hairy feet and fixed his striped blue boxers.

“W-were leaving?” She asked disbelievingly.

“Come on-”

“Bucky it’s freezing outside, we’re all the way in Moscow.”

Without another word, Bucky put on his cloths and looked over (Y/N), Once his eyes ran over her body, she felt ashamed and went to go change, but his voice stopped her. “Just wear your pants.

“Now this is better….” Bucky grumbled, another three hour walk had gotten them to one of the cities famous hotels. He still couldn’t get a bigger bed, but he was thankful he didn’t feel any sugar sprawled over the covers.

“Come on Bucky, where do I sleep?” The young lady complained while yawning.

“Right here,” Bucky patted the small space between his stomach and his thighs. “You’ll fit just right, sweetheart.”

She didn’t complain, it was four in the morning and she was freezing her ass off, Bucky being a little shit didn’t deter her at the moment.

She sneaked up beside him, her arms instantly going over his bare torso. Her legs wrapped around his middle part and rubbed his shaft with her knee. “Doll, stop,” He held her knee in place, a low hiss escaped from between his chapped lips. She honestly didn’t mean to, she was only trying to get comfortable with as much space as the man was providing her with, but being a super soldier and having the body that can only fit a king size bed was kinda getting in the way of her sleep.

“Lets change positions,” The way he said it sounded sexy, even tho he meant changing the way they slept- nope, both ways it would still sound sexual.

He pushed her to the side and turned on his own side, taking a hold of her waist and bringing her to his chest. She still had little space, so her feet were noiselessly kicking under the soft comforter.

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” Bucky grumbled, tightening his arm around her body.

“Really your complaining, your metal arm is like a brick of ice, James.” Her witty remark held so much annoyance to it, it shut the soldiers mouth. Instead, he scooted the the end and gave her as much space as she could get.

“Better.” She sighed, turning around to face his chest and snoozed out instantly.

“Good.” Bucky whispered, half afraid the women would wake up and slap him for trying to get the last word in their argument. Without much thought, he pulled her body closer to his and felt his subconscious drifting into a dreamless slumber.


I have so much stuff to publish, I was a little MIA because I needed help with spell checking and such. So I asked help from the amazing BETA : @crazinessgraveyardsandcartoons, i gave her my documents and she sent them back INSTANTLY… if that doesn’t sound like dedication then i don’t know. 

I also have a very very special story I’m planning on updating once I finish it. Also that story has a different BETA reader. 

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Summary: The Company thinks you’re a man so when they find out that you’re not, one dwarf isn’t too pleased.

Warnings: Swearing. Multiple short time skips so it might be a jumbled mess, there is a part where some might get offended: please don’t. I didn’t mean it like that.

Pairing: Dwalin x Reader

Word Count: 2,844

A/N: Holy shit this was longer than I expected. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but as I kept writing, I had a hard time finding a way to end it so this happened. This is probably the longest one shot I’ve ever written. @fandomnationwhore I do hope that this is what you wanted. IF it’s not, let me know and I’ll write another one. Its so bad lmfao

Also, I don’t know if you guys realize this but my requests are always open lmfao

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

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Running Wild (Part 4): Branded As Trouble

Title:  Running Wild (Part 4):  Branded As Trouble

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  The rancher’s daughter and the ranchhand. Forbidden love. Is this the real thing or just a game to be won or lost?

Need to catch up? Here you go.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Female Reader (Y/N Ross), Thaddeus Ross, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross, Scott Lange, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff (mentioned), Brock Rumlow

Word Count:  1878

Warnings:  mentions of blood, smoking, overbearing father (previous parts are NSFW)

Author’s Notes:  Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for their invaluable help.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Rise Up

Chapter Eight

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 4162
Warnings: swearing

Song: My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit

His girl stood panting at his side, hands clenched, and chest heaving after screaming for the trickster god. But Loki did not appear to smirk and tease, or flinch beneath her anger.

The stallion - for clearly it had to be a stallion with it’s sheer size and muscle tone - took exception to the loud noise by rearing up and bellowing out a god awful sound. Enormous wings spread wide, so wide they seemed to block out the sun. When he dropped back to his hooves, he dug at the grass and snorted his contempt, tossing his mane and making it billow in the light wind.

“Oh, shut up,” (Y/N) huffed, striding forward and avoiding Steve’s hand when he reached for her. “Where is he?”

“Baby? Who are you talking to?” Steve asked, eyeing the stallion, but keeping pace with his girl.

“Him!” She waved at the horse. “Where is that no good, shiny horned, mischief making, man child!”

The horse’s wings snapped out a second time, and he half-reared, popping his front feet off the ground.

Steve grabbed his girl by the waist and jerked her back, out of the way of those flashing feet. “Easy,” he called to the horse, holding one hand out and keeping his voice calm. “Easy, big fella.”

“Steve, he’s not going to hurt me. He’s just being petulant,” she grumbled. She tugged at his arm until he reluctantly unwrapped it.

“You don’t know that.”

Steve glanced toward Bucky, standing a few yards away from the stallion having been staring at the equine from a safe distance.

“Yeah, Buck. I do.” (Y/N) gave a sharp sigh and walked toward the animal again. “Steve?”


“What color is he?”

He paced her, staying close enough to protect her should the animal, now much calmer and peering at her quizzically with forward pricked ears, prove dangerous. “He’s black.”

Her hands scrubbed down her face when she came to a stop no more than a foot from the steed. She stood just off to his side, close to his shoulder and within his line of sight. From there, Steve played witness to the strangest conversation he’d ever been party to.

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The Montréal Girl | Tom Holland

Summary: While filming for Chaos Walking, Tom Holland has to take lessons on horse back riding. A Montréal girl (who lives on the ranch) teaches him all she knows, giving him daily lessons on the art of horse back riding. Their friendship begins to blossom into something a little more, and the two find themselves falling in love with one another…

Warning: light fluff

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


The Montréal farm grew up out of the pale green hills as if it had always been part of the scenery. The hills were a safe place to play, to explore, to create new stories and live dreams to the fullest.

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Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong


Summary: Bucky was having trouble sleeping, so she came a long and helped him.

“Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?”

It was her late tradition. Something she would do every day at night, but after Steve had bought Bucky in the family, she had found some nights her tradition would be skipped.

“You can come.” His voice was scruffy, and laced with annoyance. She couldn’t tell if it was because of her or because of his nightmares. But he was annoyed, and that was for sure, so she didn’t want to further annoy him by just reverting back into the shadows of the hallways.

“Hey James,” She spoke awkwardly. Seeing as he didn’t even pick up his gaze from his cold coffee. His posture was very stiff, as was his breathing.

She had seen him many sleepless nights here, just as she would come down to grab her junk food for her movie night alone. But every time she finds James back sitting over the island, she would silently retreat back to her room to not annoy him by interrupting his privacy.  "Why are you awake… drinking coffee, you know that keeps you awake longer, right James…?“ She stood opposite him, gathering bowls from under the island counter. He didn’t say anything, but kept quite.

"I know,” He grumbled, his words seemed shoved as if he was forced to answer her.

With his reply the young girl placed her popcorn in the microwave and walked around Bucky to go for the pantry, grabbing every chip bag that was open and sealed, she placed them together in a heap with the rest of her bowls that were filled with candy. “Does your coffee even taste good?” She mumbled, shaking her head as she went to open the popcorn bag and clean it into the empty bowl.

“No.” His reply was… needy. So she stopped midway of clearing her bag and stared at him. Of course his eyes were trained on the coffee mug that was steamless.

She walked around him and grabbed his cup from between his hands. The brim of the cup instantly met with her lips, and just as fast as it had seeped into the taste buds of her tong, it was sent right back into the mug. “James this is disgusting-”

“I don’t know how to use a coffee machine-”

“Your not even suppose to be drinking coffee if you have trouble sleeping.” She grumbled. Taking his mug and draining it in the sink, shivering from fear as she saw the cup was slowly seeping out all the coffee and sugar that were still at the bottom of the cup unstirred. “James, if you drank this you won’t sleep for a week.”

“Steve made it for me-”

She turned around to him instantly, shaking her head as she placed milk into a small kettle, letting it sit on the stove over medium heat as she went to sit beside him. She was staring at him, taking in his beauty. His baby blue eyes that shine brighter than a diamond, his uncontored slim nose, his champagne pink lips, his jawlin-

“Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?” His voice brought her back to reality. She shook her head and silently giggled, getting up to see the pot, he didn’t need piping hot just somewhat warm.

“Your something else James…” She marveled. “You don’t want your milk hot-”

“Warm is fine.”

“Alright,” She whispered, wiping his mug clean and poring the milk in the mug. She carefully walked over to Bucky. Siding the mug under his gaze she went back to clean up the place. Silently taking note of Bucky’s sipping. Just as she cleaned the kettle and placed it back in the oven, she turned around and walked back to Bucky. “You know, your eyes are very beautiful, and your hair is so fine.” She collected his hair behind his back, “If you don’t mind, I want to braid it.”

“Go ahead.”

She played around with the roots, and twisted his hair in many directions, she even pulled a little aggressively and had him spill some milk over his pants. She apologized, obviously. But finished it with giggles, while he noiselessly shook his head, but she saw the stretch of his cheek from the back of his head and knew he was enjoying his time with her. So just as she finished it to the tip, she let his hair down and watched as his hair became a big loose. Bending down to his head, she placed a soft kiss that had ignited heat spreading through his skull. He felt her chapped lips over the skin of his head.

“If you would like, my room is open. I’ll be watching some chick flick but if you decide to join, know we can change the film.” She snaked her arms around his chest. She felt him stiffen and stop moving. Hell, it almost sounded like he stopped breathing. “My room is just a few doors away from yours. I’m right next to Vis. Please, if you can’t sleep, just come. No one will judge you, alright jame-”

“You know the last time I had milk it was with Pirce.” He blurted, not wanting to keep this memory silent. He would always keep his memories silent with Steve, but with her it just slipped in a string from between his lips.

“I’m sorry, I’m here if you want to keep talking.” She tightened her hold on him, but after staying quite for a while, she nodded her head over his chest. “Remember, my door is open. I hardly lock it.” She kissed his back and retreated right after collecting all her junk food.  She heard him screech his chair back and his heavy footsteps were following her before she even knew it. Turning around she found him taking long strides to match her pace.

“Chick flick is fine,” Bucky commented. Keeping his head low and following the dame with his tail between his legs.

They both rode the elevator, Bucky taking some of the bowls and chips from her hands. Passing a tired Steve who was too busy mumbling things to notice the couple walking together.


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What the Lightning Sees

Biker!John Winchester x Reader 

Rolling into town on his motorcycle, John invites a pretty girl for a ride.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Smut, semi public sex, swearing, creative use of engine vibrations, dirty talk. WC: 2911 On AO3 

A/N: I don’t know shit about motorcycles, so I did my best. This was for 2 challenges and I love how they meshed together. For @chelsea072498’s Let’s Go Crazy Challenge. My prompts were the song Raspberry Beret by Prince (story directly inspired by lyrics in italics) and the prompt: “A cold breeze drifted through the splintered door hanging loosely from its frame.“ This is also for @atc74 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Tre Bellissimi Eventi Challenge. My prompts were: Lip Smackers. Leather jacket. Barn. and “getting caught is half the fun.” 

The first time I met John was at the diner. I was on hour six of a ten hour shift, and the last thing I wanted was to be hit on by a scruffy stranger who rode in on a loud motorcycle in a cloud of dust. But as I walked through the restaurant towards his booth and those chocolate brown eyes met mine, I knew I was screwed.

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Ranch!AU x VIXX [1/2]

LR just had their comeback, and im hoping for a full vixx one soon!!! plus i feel like i have to polish my vixx writing skils, so here’s this cute horse ranch au!! may or may not do the younger line depending on if people want it ^^ 


  • has a show jumping past,,,,dabbled in dressage and was coached to be part of the olympic team 
  • owns a grey dutch warmblood named hyde
  • quit show jumping after he decided that scene just wasn’t for him,,,,granted he looked amazing in the uniform,,,and was going to be a home favorite for the olympic team,,,,something about it just didn’t sit right with him
  • so he officially retired himself and hyde
  • and brought him out to live on a nice, spacious ranch
  • you’ve known about hakyeon ever since he started renting out a stable for hyde, especially since people all gossip about how ‘oh, he apparently broke a foot and that’s why he stopped performing’ or ‘heard he had a fight with the main coach’ ,,,, it was hard for you NOT to know him
  • but upon seeing him for the first time, tall and looking like some kind of regal prince,,,,,yet speaking so softly to his horse
  • you’d always assumed,,,,there was no way any of those rumors about him were true,,,,you could tell easily that hakyeon had made his decision not just for himself - but for hyde
  • and yeah ok you’ll admit it,,, you’ve always thought seeing him show jump again would be AMAZING,,,, but unlike others who’d push the suggestion on him and annoy him till no end
  • you just decided that you’d pine from afar,,,,enjoying being able to be in the same damn barn as him out of all things
  • until,,,,you were working late with one of the new rescue horses and you - for the first time - saw hakyeon leading hyde out to the pasture - all saddled up 
  • and you were like,,,,,is this 4 real,,,,,,so of course you had to go see
  • and to your shock (and utter excitement) hakyeon was wearing riding boots, and climbing up into the saddle,,,,patting the side of hyde’s mane
  • and,,,,right in front of your eyes,,,, you could see a glimpse of the jumper hakyeon,,,,with perfect posture and a focused expression
  • and when he and hyde set off,,,,,, jumping over one of the barrels of hay ever so effortless,,,you couldn’t help but have the instinct to clap
  • except,,,the noise gave you away and turning hyde back around hakyeon trotted his way over to you 
  • “trying to sneak a peek?”
  • he asked casually and you felt the embarrassment creep up into your cheeks.
  • “n,,,no!! sorry, i just know you’re this great performer and so is hyde and i just,,,,wanted to see,,,,”
  • hakyeon manages to keep a straight face for a couple seconds before breaking out into a chuckle. 
  • “it’s fine, no need to be nervous. how did we look out there, amazing i assume?”
  • you nod so fast you’re scared you might crack your neck,,,you’ve never seen a rider and a horse look so good together like he and hyde do,,,,and you just mumble that the jump looked so elegant - no wonder he was going to be an olympic champ
  • hakyeon shrugs, swinging one leg over and hoping out of the saddle. he says something about wanting to see how it felt,,,,sometimes he misses it 
  • you reach out to pet hyde’s muzzle and you can’t help but go,,, “im sorry to ask,,,,because im sure people never stop bugging you, but,,,,why did you stop-?”
  • hakyeon takes a deep breath. he combs his hand through hyde’s mane and shrugs.
  • “horses don’t deserve to be trapped in some small, noisy barn full of people that care more about some trophy than they do the animal. they deserve the outdoors, space to run around, and love. i wanted to give hyde all of that.”
  • you turn to look at him,,, his gorgeous side profile looks elegant against the back drop of the setting sun
  • he smiles, meeting his gaze with yours “and to do that, i had to bring him here.”
  • you feel your heart wrench just a bit,,,that hakyeon gave up something that must have promised him so much because he loved his horse,,,,,
  • you don’t know why but you nod and reach out to put a hand over his “hyde’s lucky.”
  • you realize how corny you sound after you say it,,,,so you pull back and try to hide your face
  • but hakyeon can’t forget it, he reaches over and ruffles your hair “he is, and he knows it. want to watch us do a couple more jumps?”
  • you agree happily and you watch them for a while longer
  • at some point hakyeon rides past you, winks and shouts that ‘this jump is just for you’
  • you don’t admit it,,,but it makes your heart do a little spin and,,,,you’re pretty sure hakyeon can tell you’re flustered (cuz he totally did it on purpose duh)


  • kind of a wannabe jockey,,,,kind of too broke to own his own horse LOL
  • is absolutely in love with this palomino paint horse who belongs to a rich, snobby kid whose never around
  • like the kid doesn’t even know the horses name,,,,,actually complained about it once because ‘love equation’ sounded to cheesy
  • but ken adORES it like a horse named love equation??? that’s so ken please
  • he always talks about how one day he’s gonna get off this ranch and make money being sponsored for his sport and he’s gonna BUY love equation from that brat
  • and everyone is like uhuh,,,,sure,,,,because all he is rn is a stable hand like HOW will he ever
  • but you,,,,believe in ken because you’ve never met someone so god damn ambitious and positive
  • and you two always end up with the messier jobs, like cleaning out barns and hauling feed,,,,,but you get through it because ken makes you laugh
  • sharing candy sitting up where they keep the hay and listening to him talk about his dreams,,,,,,,,it gives you energy
  • but there’s one thing about ken that you know gets him in trouble - and it’s the fact that he really,,,,,,literally,,,,,,,, can’t keep himself away from love equation
  • as in you see him one afternoon sneaking the horse out for a ride through the trails and you’re like kENNETH
  • and he’s like o H whats up didn’t see you there im totally not smuggling love equation out for a ride ahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,dont-tell-anyone-please
  • you stare at him wide eyed because,,,,,,really,,,,,,,is he really doing this
  • ken’s shoulders slump and he mumbles that he knOWS it looks bad,,,but love equation gets so antsy not being taken out and really his owner just doesn’t care so how is it fair-
  • and you’re like “once. just this once, im going to pretend i didn’t see anything.”
  • you’re sure ken’s eyes light up more intensely than the sun,,,,,which you did not know was capable,,,,but it is
  • he throws an arm around you, pulling you into a close hug and nuzzling the top of your head
  • “you’re the best, the BEST, i will never forget this and i owe you - how about i take you out tonight as a thanks!!!”
  • and you’re blushing,,,trying hard to keep it cool at the sudden contact
  • and when you pull away you’re like “it,,,it’s fine j-just go before anyone else sees you”
  • but ken doesn’t budge he just leans closer and is like “but really, i do want to take you out.”
  • your eyes widen,,, “like a-a date?”
  • “yup!!! and hey, ill pay for it all too since you’re keeping this little secret for me!”
  • you blink and stutter that ,,,, it’s ok,,,, just a date where you two can enjoy yourselves is something you’d rather want than an i-owe-you
  • ken nods,,,,thinking a bit but going “ok, then ill owe you something else - but i do want to take you on this date. and i want to pay. although keep it cheap because my hourly wage is nowhere near as high as it should be.”
  • ,,,,,,,,,you and ken go on a cute date to a cute local bar,,,eat wings,,,,and ken puts his cowboy hat on you???? i think yes


  • is a trainer that works mainly with abused mare’s that are found straggling in the backwoods or that get left at the barn by past, unwilling owners
  • has been around horses since he was a kid,,,loves absolutely everything about them,,, can tell a horses’s breed, age, and comfortability with riders from like a mile away
  • actually does get competitive when it comes to winning a horses trust, which is why sanghyuk never lets him live down that fact that he broke his horse before leo could even try LOL,,,,sanghyuk voice: that’s right error only listens to me leo:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,someone hold me back before i throw a horseshoe at this kid
  • but leo has always had a magic touch with horses,,,maybe it’s the way he speaks softly and full of care, the way he knows how to make the animal feel safe
  • which is why when someone brings in a emaciated, agitated morgan mare leo takes to her immediately
  • with all her pinned back ears, barring teeth, and bucking - leo works every single day with her
  • he doesn’t care about the danger she presents when he tries to approach, he doesn’t care that he’s out in the pasture with her for hours under the hot sun
  • and everyone tells him,,,,,she just can’t be broken,,,, but leo knows the truth
  • in reality, no one even wants to deal with her aside from him, no one even seems to notice that he’s taken to calling her “shangri la”, that he’s managed - with immense difficulty - to come closer and closer
  • not until you end up at the ranch,,,desperately running through the stables, begging someone to help you
  • you run directly into a broad chest and look up to see a pair of dark eyes staring you down
  • “im,,,, im looking for my mare,,,, someone said the ranch here found her??”
  • “,,,,,,,,what breed is she?”
  • “a morgan, she broke out of our stables when someone left the gate unlocked and ,,,, and she’s been gone,,, for months,,, ive searched everywhere oh my god have you seen her???”
  • leo stays quiet, usually he isn’t one to feel sympathy for people who lose their horses
  • but he can hear the urgency in your voice, the cracking pain when you talk about the companion you’ve lost
  • and after a moment he motions for you to come with him
  • hopeful, you follow him out and when you see her - you burst into tears because she’s here,,,,
  • “starlight!” you callout, practically tripping over yourself to get to the gate
  • leo watches curiously as the mare lifts it’s head and instead of spooking, running as far away from you as possible, she lets you approach
  • and leo watches in utter shock as you place your hands on her nose, pressing your forehead against her muzzle 
  • shangri la,,,,or starlight as you call her,,,,doesn’t budge - doesn’t show any hint of agitation
  • when he comes closer he can hear you whispering apology after apology,,,,petting her gently and choking up on your words
  • when you turn,,,you thank leo for taking care of her,,,,,,,he nods, but you feel a slight hesitation between you two
  • you turn to look at starlight and then back at him and you go “have you ridden her?” 
  • with a shake of his head you grin,,,,, “she’s not saddle trained. i rode her bareback.”
  • shock seems to settle on leo’s unchanging expression. you nod and ask if he would want to see,,,,,,a while later he returns with a bridle and a horse of his own
  • “are you going to ride with me?”
  • he hands you the bridle and then with an easy motion lifts himself up onto the horse he brought with him, comfortable he motions to the trials 
  • “there’s an easy route we can take. i want to see how you and shangri la,,,,,,,,,,,,starlight pair up.”
  • you nod, and carefully, because it’s been a while,,,,you pull the bridle over her ears
  • as calm as ever, starlight lets you do as you used to and when you climb on her back she doesn’t even flinch
  • surprised, but satisfied leo gives you a small smile - a treasure not many can achieve
  • and he slowly tells you to stick close
  • he won’t admit it or anything but seeing your connection with starlight,,,,,it makes him believe that there are really people out there who loves horses as much as he does
  • and that he could get used to taking long trial rides with starlight,,,and of course with you 
  • bonus: he wears the flannel shirt with the buttons open i gtg 

An Andreil road trip, extra soft because that’s apparently what I was in the mood to write, for @kayleighsday and the @aftgexchange. This was done a little bit more last minute than I’d have liked, but hopefully it’s still okay!

Neil watched the trail of smoke crawl out the crack in the window and vanish into the wind, sighing against the glass. Even after six years, he was having trouble reconciling how different road trips were now compared to the road trips of his childhood. The elements were all the same, smoke and long silences and unfamiliar territory, but the shift from constant panic to steadfast calm made the end result almost incomparable. He could barely remember the way his mother’s calculated tenseness felt through the bone-deep calm that permeated him with every breath Andrew took from the seat beside him.

“I can hear you thinking from all the way over here,” Andrew said, his voice scratchy from the dying speaker of Neil’s phone, and Neil felt his cheeks twitch in a half-smile.

“All the way over there,” he echoed, aiming at humor, not quite managing to cover all the edges of his homesickness. At Palmetto they’d always preferred to stay close to each other, but after two years of long distance, every inch was another canyon that he was forced to bridge with a box of cigarettes and a Dodge Charger. With playoffs and spring charity work and contract re-negotiations, this was the first chance they’d had to see each other for two months; Neil felt the space between him and Andrew like a hook through his stomach, reeling him in, achingly slow.

Andrew didn’t say anything, which was as good as agreement.

They spent a few more minutes in silence, both watching the horizon, the blue sky, the blurred palette of wheat and corn and trees that they pass on their way. Somewhere outside of the Nebraska border Neil spotted a barn that reminds him of one he squatted in back in Albania; he recounted the story more to the windshield than anything else, but he knew from experience that Andrew was listening.

When he trailed off, he expected them to revert back to comfortable silence, but instead Andrew mentioned a horse farm near one of his foster homes where he would go on nights that were a little too dark. Neil blinked in surprise, feeling the thrill of Andrew’s voice settle into his bones. A hundred road trips ago, Andrew would never have relinquished this kind of memory without careful prodding and equal exchange from Neil; Andrew’s openness today was a subtle indication that Andrew had felt Neil’s absence just as much as Neil had felt Andrew’s.

“Horses were never my thing,” Neil said, holding onto his thoughts like one last breath of warm vanilla before letting them dissipate into the air around him.

“Fast and easily spooked doesn’t appeal to you?” Andrew asked.

Neil snorted. “Hits a bit too close to home. I’m more into stoic and steadfast.”

Andrew didn’t answer, but Neil could imagine the bored expression on his face, the narrow slant of his eyes and the twitch of his cheek. He could almost see the shadows playing across his face from bright sunlight through the car windows, could almost hear the I hate you on the tip of Andrew’s tongue, could almost feel the heat of Andrew’s palm against his.

“Paxton,” he commented, instead of thinking about how much he wanted Andrew next to him in more than just voice.

“Williamsburg,” Andrew responded, and they’d made this trip enough times that Neil didn’t have to look up the distance.

Neil had signed with the Denver Cross only after Andrew had signed with the Chicago Stealth; it was the closest offer that Neil had been given, and Neil had accepted it the same day Andrew had been confirmed. During the year they’d taken to meeting in Lincoln as often as they could, an eight-hour drive for both of them, often leaving early Saturday morning and coming back Sunday night. Neil’s coach had been surprised when she’d learned why Neil was frequently exhausted on Monday mornings, but Neil couldn’t be bothered to care.

Now that they were both off for a week, Neil was going to leave his car with an acquaintance in Lincoln while he and Andrew took the Maserati south towards Kansas. They had a motel booked for that night; after that, they’d roam from town to small town, the way they had last summer, the way they had when they were both at Palmetto and needed time away. The way they would next year, when Neil was officially transferred to Andrew’s team and they could finally spend more than twenty-four hours together at a time.

“Has Coach Jenkins called out DeWeirdt on her side passes yet?” Neil asked, deciding that four hours was long enough to go without talking about Exy.

“Addict,” Andrew said, but they fell into conversation all the same.

Andrew was already there when Neil pulled into the parking lot of a decrepit motel on the outskirts of the city. He was leaning against his car with a cigarette, staring at nothing, looking for all the world like he hadn’t just spent eight hours in a car. Neil pulled into the empty spot beside him, turned off the engine, and whispered a quiet hello into his phone before shutting it off. Andrew gave no indication that he’d heard except to shake a cigarette out of the box next to him and light it, holding it in his free hand as he continued staring into space.

Neil unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, slipping gently into the space beside Andrew. He reached down for the cigarette but didn’t bring it up to his nose, choosing to breathe in Andrew’s cologne and sweat instead, and reveling in the way his mind instantly went loose. Andrew nudged his arm in irritation, and Neil took the opportunity to keep their arms pressed together.

He watched a cloud shift and shape itself across the sky, letting the cigarette burn out between his fingers, laughing when Andrew refused to relight it for him, grinning as Andrew looked at him face-to-face for the first time in two months and immediately shoved his head back towards the sky.

He was five hundred and two miles from his apartment in Denver, and five hundred and four miles from Andrew’s apartment in Chicago, but standing in between two parking spaces at a dusty motel with Andrew pressed up against his side, there was no place he’d rather call home.


And she’s homefree, everyone! Fenrien is honestly such a sweet, fluffy bean and I love him. Hopefully you either really like him or really hate him. >:) I wrestled with whether or not I should upload this one but honestly I’m so behind on requests and I just wanted to upload something! Let me know what you guys think. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Ok can we just talk about the fact that part 25 of ‘The Tower’ made me cry. And not cute crying either like ugly, sobbing hysterically crying.

She’s out yay, she can finally get back to loki. I wonder how man and worried he is?

I sense that there is a possibility that her ‘escape’ will be short lived 🤔🤔🤔

‘The Tower’ (Part 26)

All Chapters // Part 25

The stables were relatively easy to find, situated closely to the main entrance of the palace at the bottom of the main staircase. Reddish wood comprised the structure from bottom to top, with a few haybales outside the front providing warm contrast. As you approached the tall open doors, a heavy whiff of grain and oats hit your nostrils – a wholesome smell – tainted by the stench of dirt, soil, and sweat. You wanted to believe that you couldn’t smell manure, but that wasn’t to say the area was free of it.

Stepping inside, several paddocks lined the walls, a thin flooring of straw just visible underneath the borders of each one. The good news was that it was empty of guards.

The bad news was that it was empty of horses too.

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Originally posted by laurenkmyers

“You’re my one exception.”


He loved the way her hair fell gracelessly around her hips, how her curls would bounce up with each step she took. He would always watch her, one of the many perks of being quiet, was to observe the people around him. It was a refresh for him, to not be the center of attention- Both positive attention and negative, But the people he would soon be calling his family. The people who would be helping him.

“No, (Y/N) your suppose to let me lead-” Peter whined, trying to control the man side of the dance, as he held onto a young lady who was having a hard time let the young man lead her into a dance. 

His eyes would scan her legs, short and slender, his cold blues would then engulf her stomach and waist, all the way up to her face. A beautiful sight, he would say. The elfin girl was new to the team, she didn’t even live with them, she specializes with Bruce as a nurse, so control was her first nature. 

“Would you stop-” Peter cried out of frustration, He had offered to teach her how to ball room dance, seeing as Tony had invited her to the gala in two days, if she missed to attend he would fire her.

“I don’t understand why I cant lead?” She broke off their entertained hands and pulled back from the little spidering.  Peter rubbed the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

“Maybe you just shouldn’t dance-”

“I cant Tony is forcing me…” She mumbled, pushing her bouncy locks away from her vision. Her eyes glazed and ready to burst. Getting the job was a miracle, her grades weren’t even that high, so getting fired would mean no return what so ever. Shrugging, peter just walked away, rubbing his neck. 

“How can you pull a bullet out of my waist but not dance?” Natasha asked, entering just as Peter exited the building. Her form handled with grace as she briskly strides in with no effort at all.

“Not everyone took ballet when they were young Natalia.” Bucky grumbled, not liking how his former ex was making fun of the little nurse. The widow took heed of his presence and offered her hand for him to take as she saw him making his way to the two ladies stating at the center of the cleared out living room. 

“Lets show her how to dance,” Natalia boosted, biting her lips as Bucky stood before her his hands placed in fists. 

“I’ll pass,” He breathed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, all he while maintaining his expression of annoyance, Not wanting tog get any more embarrassed, Natasha just shrugged and pouted, placing a hand on the young lady beside her, “Good luck,” She rubbed her shoulder then walked out without another sound. Once the gym living room was empty, save for the two adults, Bucky smiled weakly, his facial expression giving away how tired he truly was. 

“Come here,” He instructed, wrapping a hand over her waist as he pulled her palms in their respected places. Bringing her body closer to his. 

She was stunned, since Natasha came till this moment, Bucky Barnes was dancing with her, he was teaching her how to ball room dance… How much more better could this get?

“Just loosen up your legs and follow mine,” He instructed, letting her watch his feet to an idea of what she was suppose to do. “Now just repeat, but look at my face.” 

Her eyes locked with his, finding his teaching methods better then Steve, Captain America might be from the 80′s but he was no saint when it came to her jamming her heel into his foot. Or Peter, who couldn’t handle letting her lead into the dance. Bucky was just an escape, he was calm yet commanding, letting his hands rest just in the right places, pulling her into positions she was sure weren’t for starters. 

“Who’s your Dance partner for the Party?” Bucky whispered, still waltzing together. 

“I might have to rent a dancer-”

“I’ll be your partner.” He assured, cutting her sentence before she would get embarrassed of having to admit she has to bring a complete stranger to dance with her. 

“Natasha said you won’t be attending-” The young girl said, as she looked him in the eyes and frowned. Was her friend lying to her?

“I would now,” He clarified, stoping the dance but keeping his hands over her body. She gaze him a confused look, before letting her hands wrap him in a hug. 


You’re my one exception, Doll.”

Smiling she tightened her hands around his black jacket, the fabric of the jacket and his undershirt riding up due to her embrace, and she loved the scene. Because she would never forget the way his body felt flat against hers, Or how his smile didn’t go away from his face as she picked up her head and sent him a grin. 

“Thank you,”

“Anything for you Doll.”

A/N: edit spelling soon.

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First Kiss

Request from @criaturita-unicornia: How about Levi kissing a reader that hasn’t been kissed before? Like some fluffy stuff. I’m always a slut for Levi’s caring side

ME. TOO. Thank you for the request :) it was a lot of fun to write!

Ps. Your blog was recommended to me earlier before I even saw your request and I totally stalked it bc it’s awesome 😁


“Hey, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be resting?” Levi’s usually commanding voice was always just a bit softer when he spoke to you.

You looked up from the mane of the horse that you were grooming and saw him standing in the entrance to the barn, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. Smiling, you looked away before he caught you staring at him.

“Perhaps, but I thought I would come out here for some peace and quiet first. My barracks are a little full and a lot stressful sometimes. Couldn’t I ask you the same thing, Captain?” Your lips dared to turn up in a playful grin as you winked at him, watching him almost forfeit a smile as he walked over toward you.

“I thought I should make sure everyone is accounted for before I turn in. Seems that some brats like to go wandering off on the occasion.” Levi gave in and allowed himself to grin, playing along with your banter.

“Oh? Well, what happens to these brats?” Biting your lip, you anxiously awaited his reply as you watched him come closer, until he was standing just inches from you.

Since you had met Levi, you couldn’t deny that you felt something for him. He was just so interesting. Mysterious, even. He was the definition of enigmatic and that excited you to no end; you wanted to know him. It wasn’t even so much a sexual or romantic thing as much as it was just a desire to know someone like him better. Someone who was so tough on the outside, you knew he had to be protecting the beautiful soul the resided within him, even if he couldn’t see it.

The more you spoke with him, the more time you spent together, and the more you worked with him; the less you knew. Nonetheless, you were still so drawn in by him and now, here you were. He hadn’t driven you away or ever turned away your company. The fearsome Captain was always strangely inviting to you, but never like this. Never so playful. This was shaping up to be interesting and your heart could already barely stand the short distance between the two of you.

“Well, they get punished of course.” Levi’s smoldering eyes burned into your soul, etching a picture of passion upon it. Your stomach twisted itself into a knot and began to writhe with nearly tangible excitement.

“Punished, huh? By your discretion, correct?” It took all your power to stay still, focusing on keeping your calm as Levi’s gaze remained fixed on you.

“Of course. Who else, but me?” Pausing for a moment, he searched your eyes and his expression softened as his smile grew. “You’re so intriguing. You know, I’ve never met anyone like you. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t pull myself away from you for some reason. I couldn’t turn you away. I’m certainly not social by nature, but I could always talk to you.”

The playful air faded, but was soon replaced with palpable tension. You hadn’t expected Levi to be so straight-forward, but that was his nature. So misleading, but yet so direct. Stunned speechless, it took a moment for you to process a response as you continued gazing up at him.

“I-I feel the same. I mean, I didn’t expect you to give me the time of day. I thought you just weren’t really a people person. I was surprised when you spoke to me as a friend, but I’m glad you did.”

Your heart pounded in your chest and you worried he would actually hear it as you waited and waited and waited for his response.

“I’m glad you did too.” Levi’s eyes glinted with something you had never seen before and his lips turned up in a gentle smile as he slid his fingers through your hair, cupping the back of your head in his hands carefully.

You leaned in slowly, cautiously placing a hand on his chest as you took a step closer to him. His free hand found its way to your lower back, holding you closer until he pulled away and smiled down at you.

“I’m sorry I waited so long to do that.” His grin was so soft and genuine, it nearly melted your heart as you blushed a deep shade of red.

“Wow. That was–wow.” Giggling quietly, you rested your other hand on his chest as well, doing your best not to chew on your lip as you looked up at him. “May I confess something?”

“Yes. What is it?” Levi’s brow rose in genuine curiously as his intimidating eyes peered down at you, his hands retaining their comforting hold on you.

“That was my first kiss. And I’m very glad that it was you.”

His expression was obviously layered with surprise, but he smiled as if he was satisfied.

“Good. I’m glad I was too. Now all I’ll have to do is figure out how to be your last.” Smiling playfully, he winked and leaned in, kissing you softly once more.

hotemotionalmess  asked:

Hey! Me again :) can I request headcanons for dating, adventures, and making out, for both Peter Pevensie and Caspian X?

Sorry this is so late! Here you go, I hope you enjoy!

Dating Peter Pevensie:

- Rough and passionate kisses
- Going into battle with him despite his protests
- Peter would say it’s not safe and then turned around and walk straight into the closed door hitting his head and falling to the ground. You’d help him up and say “I don’t think it’s particularly safe for you Peter”
- Having at least five children together
- At the end of a long day you’d take care of him, you’d undress him, put on his cold silk robes, put him to bed, sing to him, as if he were a child
- He would get flustered every time you called him “my king” or “sir”
- He would smirk to himself when you a snide comment to some diplomat
- Always being upset when he had to leave you for diplomatic meetings, but finding a way to get there yourself
- When he hugged you he lifted you off your feet
- When you two cuddled he was either smothering you or you laid on top of him
- Riding horses for hours, finding a secluded beach or waterfall and skinny dipping
- Taking baths and showers together
- Washing his hair, the twigs and dirt out of it
- Washing away the blood from his fresh wounds
- Tracing your fingers over all his scars, new and old. Placing your lips against them, kissing them. You could feel the muscles under his rough tan skin relax, still seeing the sorrow in his eyes from the battles
- (Real world) always having a handkerchief handy when he got into fights. He’d wince as you washed the blood away from his nose, cheeks and lips. You’d lean in and kiss his bruised and bloody lips gently. And then whisper, “we’ll be back soon”
- He kissed you and held you as if he were going to loose you. And he never wanted to loose you
- Beating him in a dual
- After a while in the bath and you were washing away his wounds he’d grab you and place you on his lap. His rough hands gripped your hips and he’d kiss you like you hadn’t seen each other in forever
- Singing to him or telling him a story after he’s had a nightmare

Dating Caspian:

- Calling him cas
- His kisses were passionate in private and in public they were quick followed by Caspian blushing madly
- He wanted you to fight along side him, he knew how good you were if not better than him
- Both you were seafarers and scholars
- He called you starlight
- You loved to play with his hair, braiding it
- You both discovered so many islands together
- At night as you slept he’d trace your curves and the rest of your body trying to memorize every detail about you
- He always found new things to love about you
- He liked to dress you. See how the blue thin dress he picked out for you hugged your curves and complimented your skin
- On the dawn treader your nights were spent trying to be quiet that is so that no crew member heard you, but occasionally letting out your voices when a waved crashed against the ship
- Even if you were doing nothing Caspian would get turned on by you
- You only had one or two children
- He can almost never keep his hands off you
- He liked to sing to you or tell you stories to fall asleep
- The first time he ever saw you was in a dual and he was amazed at how well you held yourself and how incredible you were
- He always tried to shower you in gifts
- In showers and baths he washed your hair
- He was always the big spoon

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William is present when the Mackenzies return. He witnessed Jamie and Brianna's loving and reunion and it makes him wonder more about Jamie. Jamie also reintroduces them as brother and sister.

So a large part of this new fic is what I have in mind as something that could happen in Book 9 (but I also know probably/definitely won’t). I was outlining it to Gotham one night a WHILE back and promised her I’d write it for her and since so much of it fits with various prompts we already have in the drafts, it just made sense to use it here on Imagine. To make it’s start fit with this specific prompt, there’s a little bit of canon tweaking necessary, namely that the new big house is already finished and Ian and Rachel have just moved into their own very recently completed cabin.

Also a small disclaimer: I do not read the Daily Lines and in fact, try to avoid them (I prefer passages with full context and like my first read through the book to happen without me getting constantly distracted by my brain jumping up and going, ‘oh, I remember when DG posted this bit,’ or ‘I guess X scene was edited out/down’).


-Mod Lenny


Part One

There was a great deal of confusion as they all talked over one another, hugging and squeezing and kissing and laughing and crying. Jamie nearly collapsed under Jem’s weight as he tried to hoist the lad onto his back to carry him up to the big house but Claire and Brianna rushed to steady them and with another laugh they were off to get the MacKenzies settled in.

“Ian’s married and they have a baby,” Claire explained to Brianna, the two of them lagging a few steps behind. “Your uncle Ian passed, I’m afraid, a few years ago now but your father was able to be with him and he brought your aunt Jenny with him. She’s staying with Ian and Rachel now the baby’s come.”

“Jenny’s here?” Brianna said with surprise. “And where did you tell her Roger and I were?”

Claire paused and turned to her daughter, her voice dropping low. “She knows now. Everything. When we went to Scotland and Ian was… we told them both the whole truth.”

Brianna just nodded.

“She’ll be thrilled to see you, though,” Claire assured her. “And to meet Jem and Mandy.”

“We’ll have to go tomorrow to see them,” Brianna promised.

“Actually… Since they’ve just finished with their new house, they’re having a gathering of sorts there tonight to celebrate… Sort of a barn raising,” Claire said. “I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to have you there and celebrate your return as well. I know Ian’s missed you as much as your father and I have and you’ll love Rachel.”

“Sounds like it’ll be a long night,” Brianna laughed. “It’s just such a relief to be back after everything that’s happened.”

Jamie, Roger, and Jem had reached the big house and Jamie was showing it off––it had just been finished it a few weeks before.

Claire looked around.

“Where’s Mandy? It must all be a bit overwhelming for her here,” Claire remarked then added sadly, “She can’t possibly remember us.”

Brianna looked around for her daughter too, then sighed with relief when she spotted her further down the path staring back at the road they’d walked a short time earlier.

“Mandy is… I’m not entirely sure how to describe it,” Brianna confessed, telling Claire quickly about the experiments Joe had helped her conduct with the children back in Boston. “Whatever it is she’s got it stronger than Jem but even he would say things about Da that… Especially at the old family cemetery…” She shivered. “I’m not sure what to make of it but if Mandy says or does something that seems… familiar… It’ll take some getting used to but if it helps, I don’t think she’ll be shy with you and Da.”

“What’re you looking at Mandy, dear?” Claire asked quietly.

Her dark curls were wild in the light mountain breeze and when she turned her head it blew them across the face of her red-haired doll, which she clutched tightly to her chest.

“Someone’s coming,” she informed them, then turned back to stare at the road that wound along the edge of the clearing and could be seen a short ways into the woods while the trees remained thin, but soon it wound around a bend and dropped out of sight to head further down the mountain.

Claire squinted then turned to Brianna who had been squinting as well.

“Mandy, honey, I don’t see anyone coming,” Brianna responded. When Claire caught her eye, Brianna tilted her head as if to say, See what I mean?

“But he’s there,” Mandy insisted.

Claire raised a hand to shield her eyes and then reached for Brianna who had crouched to be at Mandy’s level.

“She’s right,” Claire exclaimed. “There’s a wagon coming.”

“Who could it be?” Brianna asked mimicking Claire’s posture. “You’re not expecting anyone are you?”

Claire snorted. “No, but you lot still showed up, didn’t you?”

“Mandy honey, go tell Da and Grandda that someone’s coming,” Brianna instructed.

Mandy ran back to the house as Claire’s feet began to pull her towards the path leading down to the road. The wagon made its way into the clearing by the Higgins’ cabin and Amy emerged. Claire could only tell that there appeared to be a man and a woman in the wagon with possibly a child in the woman’s arms. Their hats obscured their faces but Amy’s gestures clearly indicated that she was explaining the way up to the big house.

“Ye should see the surgery yer da built for yer mam,” Roger called as he made his way from the house back down to where Claire and Brianna still watched and waited. “It’s bigger’n the last one.”

“The kids?”

“They’re climbin’ yer da like a jungle gym. Sounds like they’ll each find playmates over at Ian’s tonight. Germain and a lass called Fanny were sent o’er early to help get things ready.”

“Mama was just telling me.”

“Looks like they’re makin’ their way up,” Roger remarked as the wagon turned toward the steeper path up to the big house’s overlook. The man climbed down then helped the woman––who definitely held a baby in her arms––then he took hold of the horses’ reins to guide the creatures and the lightened wagon up the path.

Jamie came along with Jem hanging from his back and Mandy wrapped around his leg.

“Miss Mandy says we’ve more visitors on the way. I told her she and Jem might have to sleep in the barn wi’ the horses to be sure there’s room, unless someone doesna mind sleepin’ on the bed in yer surgery.”

Jem let go of Jamie and dropped to the ground. “I’ll go see if they need help,” he exclaimed and broke off into a run before any of the adults could stop him.

“Wait for me!” Mandy cried and hurried after him.

“Watch your feet!” Brianna called after them before closing her eyes, unable to watch as her reckless children tore downhill to besiege the poor wanderers.

Jamie chuckled and wrapped an arm around his daughter, pulling her into his chest and pressing a kiss to her brow. “They seem happy in spite of everything.”

“It’s good to be home and all together again,” Brianna nodded, resting her head against Jamie’s shoulder and putting her arms around him. “We’ve missed you.”

“Mrs… Friend Claire!” Dottie Hunter called awkwardly then shifted the baby in her arms to wave.

“Oh,” Claire gasped before turning briefly to Jamie who had gone pale and still enough for Brianna’s brow to furrow.

It was now clear the man leading the horses on foot was not Dottie’s husband. At his cousin’s exclamation, William Ransom had looked up in time to see two children barreling toward them and a ways further up Mother Claire and Jamie Fraser with two others, a younger man and woman whose hair had unmistakably come from her father.

Jem reached them first and smiled with triumph.

“D’ye need help wi’ yer horses?”

“I… I think I can manage,” William said hesitantly, staring at Jem with intent curiosity. The boy looked familiar beyond his obvious resemblance to his grandfather.

“Who might you––thee––be?” Dottie asked.

“Jem MacKenzie.” Mandy finally reached them, panting after her run. “My sister’s Mandy. Do ye ken Grandda and Grannie?”

“Yes, actually,” William said turning to get the horses moving again. Jem and Mandy walked a short ways ahead of the visitors. “I’m William Ransom and this is my cousin, Mrs. Hunter.”

“Thee can call me Dottie,” she insisted with a smile for Mandy.

“Wha’s yer bairn called?” Mandy asked pointing to the fidgeting bundle in Dottie’s arms.

“Her name is Minnie, for her grandmother.”

“William… Dottie!” Claire called as she met them on their way up. Jamie, Brianna, and Roger remained waiting in the clearing by the ledge. “What brings the two of you here? Is Denny all right?”

“Yes,” Dottie said with a smile that was clearly forced. “But he’s with the army still and with the baby… He wanted us somewhere safe and with family if possible so Cousin William agreed to bring me here to see if Friend––Sister––Rachel and Brother Ian… I should have written first to give Thee warning but it was faster to simply come in person…”

Claire smiled and stepped forward to peer at the blinking baby in Dottie’s arms. “May I?”

Dottie nodded and looked relieved to have Claire take hold of the baby.

“I’m sure Rachel and Ian will be happy to have you to stay with them and this little one,” Claire cooed at Minnie who gurgled and stuck her hand in her mouth, “has a cousin to meet.”

“Really?” Dottie reached to take Minnie back from Claire as the child began to fuss with hunger, her fist proving unsatisfying.

“William, you can stay here at the house with us,” Claire insisted. “For as long as you want.”

“Thank you, Mother––Mrs. Fraser. But I don’t expect I’ll need to stay more than the night,” he protested, not looking at her but rather staring at the ground. His jaw clenched tight and Claire remembered something vague Ian had mentioned in passing about William and Rachel.

“Ye’ll come to the party tonight though,” Mandy objected. “Grannie and Mam said they was havin’ a party tonight. We’re gonna suprise ‘em.”

“They’ll be surprised all right,” Roger said hoisting Mandy up and settling her on his shoulders. As he got hold of her foot in one hand and felt her fingers get a tight grip in his hair, he held his other hand out to William. “Roger MacKenzie. I believe we met once before a few years ago now.”

Recognition dawned on William’s face and there was a brief but vibrant flush that immediately followed and quickly suppressed.

“I believe you’re correct, Mr. MacKenzie.” William returned the handshake politely.

“Are ye comin’ to the party tonight?” Mandy reiterated, not having forgotten that William had yet to promise he’d join them.

“Oh uh…”

“You lot can go on ahead to Ian and Rachel’s with Grandda,” Claire said as they came up to Jamie and Brianna. “He’ll show you and Dottie here the way. I’ll stay back a while and help William with the horses and to unload the wagon. We’ll also need to get the rooms made up for so many guests. I’m sure William wouldn’t mind helping with that.” She looked to Jamie whose eyes had gone wet in that painful way of someone who hasn’t been able to blink. “Jenny and Rachel will be grateful for the help and Ian will be after your company setting up outside.”

“Are ye sayin’ we should be goin’ now?” Jem asked, confused.

Brianna looked up at Jamie, then over at her mother, before landing on William who was looking between the ground and Jamie.

“William,” Jamie finally spoke. “Welcome.”

“Mr. Fraser,” William muttered quietly.

“Thank thee Friend Fras––James,” Dottie said stepping forward and giving a small bob of her head. “It is kind of thee to welcome us to your––thine––home.”

“Why’s she talkin’ funny, Da?” Mandy whispered loudly into Roger’s ear.

He gave her leg a little pinch. “Dinna be rude, Amanda,” he hissed back.

“Please, let me introduce our daughter, Brianna, and her family,” Jamie said broadly with a smile for Dottie. He still had an arm around Brianna but he let his hold on her slacken. “Her husband, Roger Mac, and their bairns, Jeremiah and Amanda. We’ve another grandson, Germain, stays wi’ us here and the lass William kens, Fanny, as well. They’re already with Ian and Rachel to get ready for the gathering. Fanny’s quite taken wi’ the wee bairn and if ye bring another for her to play wi’ ye’ll have to keep an eye on her to be sure ye get yer wean back.”

Dottie laughed but there were tears in her eyes. “It sounds like precisely what Denny wanted for us,” she said. “Somewhere cheery and safe away from the war.”

“It is that,” Jamie nodded. “Now Bree, Mrs. Hunter here is Lord John Gray’s niece––ye’ll remember John, of course. She’s wed to one of yer mam’s surgeon friends from the war, Denny Hunter.”

“Denny is Ian’s Rachel’s brother,” Claire added.

Bree laughed, a little higher and more self-conscious than usual. “You need to cool it with the names unless you’re going to write it out on a piece of paper and quiz me on it later. It’ll be easier to remember once I have the faces to go with the names.” She reached over and shook the other woman’s hand.

“Thee can begin with Dottie,” she said, bowing her head to Brianna after releasing her hand.

“And William…” Jamie said, using his hand on Brianna’s shoulder to turn her slightly towards him as well. “Yer brother.” He said it quietly, now as an attempt to whisper but because of the tightness that rose in his throat at being able to say it at all.

Brianna looked to Claire who gave her a small nod.

“Yes,” William said with his head held high as though prepared for battle. “I know. Dottie does as well. And I’m assuming you’ve known all along. I… I remember now… meeting you and your family in the street that day.”

“I’m confused,” Jem declared. “Are we no goin’ to Uncle Ian’s?”

“Of course we are,” Roger said putting a hand to Jem’s head and twisting his wrist to turn the lad around. “And yer grandda’s goin’ to lead the way.”

Jamie sighed and blinked a few times as though shaking off a stupor. “Aye. We can leave now, if Mrs. Hunter is agreeable. She has been travelling for some time today already and if she needs a rest––”

“Actually, I need the walk,” she asserted, her eyes watching William who held tight to the horses’ reins and made no move to lead them further while so many people remained in the clearing. “I’ve been sitting in the wagon for hours and my legs need the movement.”

“How’re your arms?” Brianna asked stepping over and offering to take the baby. “If you’ve been sitting, you’ve probably been carrying her longer.”

Again, Dottie was relieved to pass the light weight of the baby off to another, carefully tucking in the ends of little Minnie’s blanket. “Thee is too kind.”

There was some maneuvering as a small bag of Dottie’s things was put together from the wagon. The rest would be brought over to Ian and Rachel’s cabin when the housing arrangements were settled more definitively. William remained silent and rather stoic as Claire guided most of the efforts to get Jamie and the MacKenzies on their way.

“Ye’re all right wi’ him, Sassenach?” Jamie asked quietly as she stepped up to bid him a brief farewell.

“I’ll make sure he agrees to stay for a while,” she promised him before rising on her toes to give him a light kiss. “He’s clearly overwhelmed just now and a little time to process it all is what he needs.”

Jamie pressed his forehead to hers and sighed with relief. “Aye. I’ll speak wi’ Brianna on the matter, then.”

“She’s bound to have questions of her own,” Claire agreed. “Of the two of them, I’m not sure which of us has the more enviable task.”

Jamie chuckled and kissed Claire’s forehead one last time before moving off towards the path recently cut through the trees leading a little further around the mountain and then down to the small clearing where Ian and Rachel’s cabin was nestled.

Let Your Heart Decide (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Now that the semester is officially done, I’ve had time to sleep for more than 2 hours every night and of course I’ve dedicated it to fic writing! So here’s a Prince!Lin fic whose concept was inspired by Aladdin (but of course strays quite a bit from the actual movie). I hope ya’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Word Count: 8,166 (longest fic yet aayyy)




One of the smaller kingdoms in the land, it was what you considered a hidden gem. The agriculture flourished. Nature was at its most thriving in this kingdom. Closer to the centre of the kingdom where the palace was situated, you could find the tallest, leafiest trees surrounded by shrubbery, and flowers of the most vibrant colours ever imagined. Plant life was the most diverse here, creating a mosaic of wildlife. The marketplaces and all other architecture were built around this, oftentimes even incorporating the plants into the structure.

As you walked closer to the edges of the kingdom, the eccentric green plants gave way to vast fields and farms, the largest of which were on what you had affectionately nicknamed, “The Outer Rim”. The outskirts of the kingdom. This is the part of the kingdom that you called home.

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New Love (part 4)

Summary: It’s been 4 years since the love of Bucky’s life died a horrible death in the hands of Hydra. He has slowly moved on, forming a new relationship with Natasha and his heart has started to heal. The Avengers are dispatched on a mission only to discover that Y/N was never truly dead. Y/N returns into Bucky’s life but she is no longer the same woman he fell in love with. Bucky is forced to make choices between the woman that he loved and the woman he is falling in love with.

Words: 1028

Author’s notes: This chapter is just flashbacks mostly. Just to get a better understanding of what happened in the past. Let me know what you guys think!




Originally posted by lionswolvesandwhitewalkersohmy


Natasha tossed and turned, trying to drown out the screaming coming from Bucky’s room. She knew it was none of her business and she was never close to him, but she knew how much he loved Y/N and how hard he took it when she died. After a couple more hours of hearing Bucky’s night terrors, Natasha found her way to Bucky’s room. She could see his shirtless body on top of the covers, his body was covered with sweat and his flesh hand was handcuffed to the bedframe. Natasha cautiously crawled onto his bed and woke him up.

“Y/N?” Bucky looked at Natasha, still half asleep.

“Shhhh. Go back to sleep Bucky.” Natasha rubbed his back slowly, like what Y/N used to do.

“Y/N. I thought I lost you. I was so scared.” Bucky, convinced that the dark figure above him was Y/N, wrapped his arm around Natasha lovingly.

“It’s ok Bucky, I’m here.” Natasha cooed. Ever since that night, Natasha came into Bucky’s bed and pretended to be Y/N to calm his nightmares. Bucky seemed to not remember what happened the next day, so she kept doing it, until he woke up one night and found her sleeping on his bed. Their dynamic changed from then on and they started to see each other as more than friends.

Bucky loved Natasha, he really did. He adored her strong will and her relentless need to make sure that he was happy, but it was never a love that took over his heart. His love for Natasha could never trump his love for Y/N. He tried, but no matter what happened he always found himself thinking about Y/N. Maybe he could never love anyone as much as he loved Y/N, maybe Y/N was his peak. But he did everything he could for Natasha. Showering her with love and giving her gifts after every mission. But it was all to compensate for the guilt he felt for never loving her with his full heart.

Natasha knew she was living in Y/N’s shadow. How could she compare against her? Y/N was beautiful and innocent, like a real-life Disney princess. It saddened her, seeing Bucky’s face when Y/N’s name was mentioned, or when he accidentally says Y/N’s name when they make love. Natasha let it all go because she knew that eventually, Y/N would become a distant memory to Bucky and that their love for one another would eventually overpower his love for her. Eventually, Bucky would love her more than he loved Y/N.


Y/N woke up sore and bleeding all over. She laid face first in the sand, her hands cut open from the trip through the monolith. As she stood up, her head started to spin. She was in a desert, with nothing but sand dunes for miles and HYDRA had given her nothing to survive on. She can’t remember how many hours she walked in the scorching heat, but she accepted her death has she felt her body weaken with dehydration and her legs buckling from exhaustion.

Mr. Hyde’s men found her lying in the sand in a pool of her own blood. They hauled her onto the back of their horse and took care of her until she was strong enough to walk on her own. She thought it was a blessing, until one of them men got injured and she used her powers to heal him, to show her gratitude for saving her. Their dynamic changed then. The men had found a girl with extraordinary abilities, she was not longer just a helpless girl lost in the desert, she became an asset to Hyde’s gang.

They tied her hands with rope and pulled her along with them like a dog on a leash. She walked for 3 day until they reached the basecamp, and then she was presented to Hyde, like an offering. Hyde liked Y/N right away, she was beautiful and there was a sense of innocence about her that he was attracted to. Mr. Hyde had always taken pleasure to turning innocent people into self-hating monsters, that was his specialty. But Y/N was different, she wasn’t afraid of Hyde at first and she stood up for herself despite his threats. Maybe it was Stockholm syndrome, but the two of them formed an unlikely friendship.

Y/N escaped when Hyde forced her to marry him. She declined his proposal and he got angry. He had turned into the monster they said he was, she was forced into a wedding dress and forced to sleep with him. Despite claiming to love her, she knew that Hyde only wanted to impregnate her, so that he could have a son as an heir. When she got pregnant, she was afraid for her child’s life. She didn’t want her son to grow up with hate and god forbid if she had a girl, she didn’t want her daughter to be traded and sold like playing cards. Y/N didn’t see any other option but to stab herself in the stomach, to protect the child and herself. It broke her soul, she was never the same person since then. Hyde, in his anger, locked Y/N up and forced the doctors to experiment on her. He wanted to make her stronger and expand her abilities because he believed that his future heir would gain the abilities she has. She escaped two weeks later and developed an immunity to fire She’s been running from Hyde ever since, afraid of his anger.

 Present day

Y/N stood in the flames, like a phoenix who had been reborn. Everyone was still engrossed in the scene before them that they didn’t notice Natasha pointing a gun towards Y/N. Bucky was the first one to see the bullet fly through the air and head straight towards Y/N’s head. As he screamed for Y/N to get down, Natasha was pinned down to the ground by SHIELD agents and put into handcuffs. Flames built a wall around Y/N’s naked form, melting the bullet as it passed through. With a sign of relief, Bucky made his way towards Y/N and she stepped out of the flames. He covered her with his jacket and took her to the Avengers compound via quinjet.

“I know who you are!” Natasha yelled as Y/N looked back at her with horror.

You guysssss. What do you think Natasha knows? Who is Y/N? Are you team Natasha or team Y/N? Let me know! And tags are always open!


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