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So I walk out of the Nipton town hall where I just finished my work with few of my coworkers, minding my own business, and I notice this profligate in the middle of the road, looking me up and down and scowling. Note, I’m wearing a coyote’s head cowl on my head and have a bull flag tee on. So I’m like

“Don’t worry I won’t have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates. It’s useful that you happened by.”

And the profligate just says

“Are you a fucking furry?” 

The Cast of IT as things my friends have said pt3

Stan: as of right now I can’t tell if I hate you or myself more

Mike: I once tried to take a stray dog home but my dad told me that we have so many animals already that our house could be considered a fucking farm

Bev: what do you mean I’m ugly? I’m a fuckin goddess, try again

Richie: one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, I don’t fuck with you fish

Eddie: I will bitch about the heat and cold, I will bitch about growing old. I will bitch about everything inside and out. You will find that there is nothing I can’t bitch about

Bill: maybe if I take action and act like the mom friend you guys won’t notice my crippling depression

Ben: singing in the shower? Did you mean PERFORM?

rebellion starters.
  • “soon you’ll realise how childish your vendetta is.”
  • “i’m really tired of your piss-poor attitude.”
  • “show me some respect, jeez.”
  • “it’s like you don’t care about anyone but yourself.”
  • “i swear, you do it to piss me off!”
  • “let’s drive them crazy!”
  • “i’m scared to chase what i’ve been dreaming.”
  • “what am i supposed to find?”
  • “can we stop and rewind?”
  • “when’d i become my own enemy?”
  • “am i worth believing?”
  • “nobody wants to die too fast.”
  • “i want to be brave like you.”
  • “i won’t let this be how it ends.”
  • “we have to do something.”
  • “you’re either with us? or against us.”
  • “we’re all just out here trying to survive.”
  • “it;s never too late to change your luck.”
  • “you need to pick a side.”
  • “the worst is over.”
  • “we need to do this.”
  • “finish what we’ve started.”
  • “the war is over.”

Edward Avila sounds like every Asian grandma that fat shames you growing up because you won’t find a husband or make friends or just do well in life except he’s not your grandma and he doesn’t care about you he’s just a weird adult man on the internet giving unsolicited advice about your body

Morena/Mona Wilder-Amanda-Water-computer system theory (4 parts)



So, together with @autistic-dirk-gently I came up with a new theory a few weeks ago. We posted it on Twitter and a part of it got accidentally confirmed by a cast member which is why we decided not to post it on Tumblr. We won’t tell you what part got confirmed but since the first episode aired, here’s the theory:

I was randomly looking at the Wikipedia page for Marzanna when I noticed a name on the page. Morena. Since it sounds kind of like Mona I got curious and klicked on it. You won’t find the stuff that I will tell you now on the English Wikipedia page for “Morena” tho because I looked at the German one and they’re different from each other.

Morena is a character in the slavic mythology associated with winter, night and death. She’s basically the equivalent to Marzanna.

Here’s the translation of a part of her Wikipedia page:

In some places of Middle Eastern Europe a haulm/straw doll, the Morena, dressed in an old dress is carried in a procession every year and is then going to be burned or drowned in water. A counterweight to Morena is a rod decorated with colourful or living material or a little tree.

Here we have a picture of Mona Wilder in a old dress. Since Morena is a doll or straw figure it would fit with Mona being the clown doll.

Then the official Dirk Gently Instagram account posted a picture of this rod thingy which is decorated with colourful material and lookS like it could be used as a weapon:

And just for reference, here’s a picture of an actual Morena doll:

Notice the similarity between the face of the doll and then the stress toy?

And the white dress, the colourful stuff which looks like the stuff hanging in Wendimoor from the trees and the similarity to another character we’ve seen a picture of which @autistic-dirk-gently and I think could maybe also be Mona Wilder.

Plus the ‘coincidence’ of the name (mona-MOreNA) which Max already did with aMANDa BROTzman-Mandelbrot.

Thanks to a post from Alexia Fast we know that Mona Wilder is the Blackwing subject Lamia.

In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (/ˈleɪmiə/; Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children. (Source: )

So here’s what we think could be Mona’s part in season 2:

Back in season 1 Bart stole a jacket from the biker gang which had “New children of the old god“ written on its back. A god doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, god is also a term which refers to the reason that our universe exists. The Blackwing subjects all have a really strong connection to the universe so they’re basically its children. So if Lamia devours children, Mona could destroy the others. I had a thought that if all the Blackwing subjects are basically the Earth’s computer system, Mona’s purpose could be killing the parts of the system that don’t work anymore and kind of protecting the others, looking after them and pushing them into the direction that they have to go in. But I’ll get to that back later in a comment on this post (probably part 4). The whole Mona is kind of evil part seems even more likely looking at this:

“The character to end all characters”

 It’s possible that Mona appeared to Bart in a dream, telling her to "Find Dirk Gently”, knowing that Bart would try to killl Dirk. And that doing so would mean straying from the will of the universe, which would make Bart vulnerable, and could lead to her death. Morena is an ancient goddess who is not only associated with death and rebirth but also dreams which then again fits perfectly into the dream topic with Bart. And Morena being another name for Marzanna could also mean that maybe our dear Mona is on said murder mission.

Since Mona can shapeshift she could also be the princess from the perfume ad that Bart watched in the hotel room. One of the lines from this advert is “Sometimes I feel like I’ve walked into someone else’s dream”, which fits the dream association. And Bart says that the idea to find Dirk Gently came to her in a dream. Mona could be responsible for that. Also, when Bart was watching the ad in the hotel room, she wanted to stay there instead of going to find Dirk. It almost hypnotised her. If Mona is the princess, that could have been another attempt to get Bart killed by tempting her to stray from her destined path or get her to do her damn job and protect Dirk Gently.

Plus another thing which was in the trailer and one from the first episode:

When Dirk met Mona again he goes “What are you doing here?” and smiles. He knows her (probably from his Blackwing childhood) and likes her.

I mean, look at his little smile. But then when we see him running through the corridor of the old Blackwing house screaming “It’s not the boy it’s not the boy”- he seems terrified. And now guess what’s behind him? Clown-Mona.

And her face looks like Mona so he probably knows that it’s her. But he’s still afraid.

And last but not least for the possible proof that Mona may be kind of evil part:

Getting back to the Morena part, the most interesting thing about this (apart from the doll thing) is the importance of fire and water which have been often mentioned in season 1 and play a major role in season 2, together with Amanda. And here’s how I think Amanda fits into everything (to be found in the next comment on this post because I want to keep the three parts of the theory kind of seperated from each other):

perks of dating mercury burns, thank you for tagging me @finniepanda


  • super cute
  • nice and cuddly like a cat
  • probably won’t use you for science
  • unless you want it
  • pretty funny when he wants to be
  • he’s named after a fckin planet i mean come on y’all
  • he’ll never dump you because he’s too much of a chicken shit


  • what cons lmao
  • depends how you are the science thing can get old quick
  • wow it’s hard to think of a con
  • probably will use you for science
  • he does have a resting bich face so he may look like he wants to kill you
  • will end up kicking you out of bed while sleeping
  • if someone breaks into the house he’ll make you check it out because scaredy cat

whoever wants to do this, feel free to say you were tagged by me :)

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I just read the snippets you did of the fake fic historical au one. And I was wondeeing. Will you ever write a full length one? It was so amazing. ;-;

Aw thank you, I’m so happy that you liked it! However, I won’t actually be writing more of that AU because it was just a joke mock up of one of the fics from the in-universe AO3 from Rivals and so Viktor and Yuuri are characterised the way the fans in the Rivalsverse see them rather than how I would actually characterise them if I was writing a fic. Plus I wrote the ending so it would be a bit of a big spoiler if I was going to turn it into a fic! I had a lot of fun writing those snippets and I love historical fantasy novels so writing a historical fantasy AU at some point isn’t out of the question, it just won’t be that one

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Hey, I'm not sure if you still do the drabble game but if you are, can you please do “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” with NCT's Jaehyun? A very hot smut would be nice. Thank you so much!!

Drabble Game 01 ; 10. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to the bed.”

Water rushed out from the faucet, the sound filling the kitchen as you watched him from the table. Even with his back turned to you, you still found a way to admire him from the black sweater that fit his form perfectly. To his broad shoulders down to his waist, imagining those back muscles rippling underneath the garment.

You could only describe your boyfriend as absolutely perfect tonight. You had finally decided to introduce Jaehyun to your parents after a blissful seven months of dating and figured you didn’t plan on letting him go. Introducing him over dinner turned into stay over for the weekend since you haven’t seen your parents in a while, surprised he agreed to it almost instantly. They lived out of town, and as a young daughter would you worried over how they would react and how much your mother was going to bother him and how much your father was going to intimidate him, until hands on your shoulders and a kiss on top of your head told you not to worry.      

You did anyway, all throughout packing, the car ride to your parent’s house, all the way up to the front door. You didn’t have to worry any longer, not when Jaehyun was doing everything right. Flashing the smile that managed to capture your heart did the same to your parents, compliments flowing out on what a good-looking gentleman he was.

Dinner had been especially good tonight, and it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Jaehyun was able to swoon your parents as well but you couldn’t help but to look on with astonished pride on your face. Your mother was smitten with him and you even caught a smile on your father’s face as Jaehyun answered every question with ease. They even liked his poor-witty jokes, and he even managed to make your heart swell even larger when he talked about how the two of you met and the way he fell for you.  

All your worries had been washed away, thankful that your parents decided to save your embarrassing childhood stories for later and talked about how life was treating all of you. Maybe it was the wine that had you so brave or you would like to believe how proud you were, even realizing in that moment that the man sitting in front of your parents tonight was yours.

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Why is skipping breakfast so bad? I never eat breakfast, and on weekdays I always skip lucnch at school. So my first meal of the day is dinner, and then I can eat a normal sized meal (300-500 kcal) and my parents wont suspect anything. And I will still only eat a maximum of 500 kcal. Will skipping breakfast make me gain mor weight?

Breakfast is called breakfast because you are ‘breaking an overnight fast". Eating breakfast is important to kick start your day, giving you energy and boosting your metabolism. If you eat breakfast you will also be less likely to over eat later in the day because you won’t be as hungry.
However, skipping breakfast won’t necessarily make you gain weight. Everybody is different so just do what works best for you and your body xx

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"You can spend the night, if you want.” With Jules?

you bet! prompts for requests are here and here!

“You can spend the night, if you want,” Julian says with an air of nonchalance, his voice hushed, mingling with the soft clank of dishes in the basin. 

“I don’t think that’s your offer to make,” they remark, dropping their used silverware into the water and smirking. “but judging by how you’re practically whispering, it seems like you already know that.”

“Mazelinka won’t mind. She likes you.” 

They roll their eyes, crossing their arms and leaning against the counter. “Alright. When were you planning on asking her?”

Julian opens his mouth as if to say something, then closes it again. 

“You know what?” they tease, “Why don’t I go run your plans by her right now, and I’ll get back to you?”

“Wait, no! Don’t do that.”

They take off from the tiny kitchen, and Julian lunges after them. The sound of shattering porcelain freezes both of them in their tracks. In his haste, Julian had dropped the teacup he was cleaning, and now it lies in pieces on the floor. 

Julian hears his name being called from the other room. 

“This an execution I don’t think I can protect you from,” they whisper, patting his back before going to clean up the remnants of the cup.  

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Hi! I’m new but I just wanted to say that your an amazing person and don’t deserve any of that hate! Your are a great person who deserves hugs and friends! Unless you don’t like hugs, then I won’t force you! Try and have a good day and don’t let those other anon messages get to you! ~a new friend who cares and wants you to have a better day!

Heya! Ya know you are the first person to give me the option of not accepting a forced hug. That being said I don’t mind hugs so *hugs* Thank you so much new friend

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Okay but after Alya becomes Volpina and the whole Miraculous team starts working together if there’s a situation where she sees Ladybug with Adrien alone together there’s no way she won’t guess it’s Marinette. Like you know that head thing she does and the sluttering. Exept maybe if Marinette is more careful after giving Alya the fox miraculous. Cause I’m damn sure Alya will take advantage of being that close to Ladybug so she can found out her identity. 

(at least in the beginning maybe after a while she will understand Ladybug’s reasons)

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Heyy!! I love your blog so much😘 Please answer me because these questions are confusing me: when you say that Justin's mom never liked selena why then did she believe her lies about Justin?? That's weird.. Like if you don't like someone you won't believe them especially when they're talking about YOUR OWN son!! right?! And my other question is how did selena know that Justin and Sofia would never be together? Like how was she so confident that Justin would never be with her for real??

Pattie never liked Selena during Jelena’s years. Meaning from their beginning until 2012. Our first ever exposed post is literally about how Selena destroyed Pattie and Justin’s relationship when she went to Pattie first with lies about how Justin treated her and how he “cheated” on her and then Pattie took Selena’s side. Love Yourself was reflecting Justin’s relationship with Selena… aka Jelena. After Jelena ended and Justin and his mom had a strained relationship, Pattie didn’t really care much for Selena but always wished her well. For example, the kidney transplant. Selena almost died. Of course Pattie, a grown woman, wasn’t going to say something shady. There’s nothing wrong with her wishing her well and if someone asks about her she’s not gonna say anything negative since it’s in the public eye. But if you don’t believe me about Pattie and Selena’s story, then ask yourself this, why is Justin and Pattie’s relationship “nonexistent” (as Justin said)? As for Sofia, everyone knew that Sofia liked to fuck around with older guys and no one would take her seriously. Especially Justin. He has an image in mind of what girl he wants to date seriously and it wasn’t Sofia. And it’s not he was playing her. It was literally a fling.. quietly set up by Selena to destroy Hailey. And if you don’t believe that, explain why Jofia happened right after Jailey was together. And explain why, they’re not together now. And as far the Hawaii models, Alfredo had a role in that. Everything is calculated and everything is explained in multiple posts.

UFO trial 0.01a differences

As I haven’t managed to obtain the 0.01a trial of Undefined Fantastic Object, I’ll try to make gifs from the videos available on youtube. They’ll not be of very high quality, but at least it’s better than nothing. 

Also, there might be other differences that I will miss because of this. For example, I won’t be able to tell if anything else changed besides the gameplay/spellcards/backgrounds/stuff like that. I won’t be able to tell you if there are hidden gems in the file rips, like unused stuff that got removed in ver. 0.02a.

I hope that I can find videos of proper runs for all difficulties. I’ll try to start posting this content the following days.

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lmao thanks i never got the hype over retton like. yeah you won. but like. you wouldn't have if the ussr didn't boycott so i just can't take it that seriously or see it as that great i don't care if that is rude, still true

Same and if she were a good person and a positive force in the sport then I’d probably let it slide but………here we are. 

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Is religion going to play a part in WC? If not, will it ever come up in the story (as background info)?

Religion won’t play a part in The Wayhaven Chronicles. It won’t come up as background info or anything either. There’s a small mention of it so far- but it can’t be wholly avoided when dealing with vampires, so I kind of wrote it to get that bit dealt with. But that’ll probably be it for the whole series :D

You can head-canon whatever religion you like for your character though, it just won’t be specified.

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

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I guess we really do need that sarcasm font so fucking idiots like you won't keep ruining jokes

I’m autistic. I don’t get sarcasm. I’m not gonna call you ~ableist~ for saying that, but I am diagnosed autistic and literally don’t get sarcasm 90% of the time. I don’t even know what this is fucking referring to tbh because sarcasm is saying something and meaning something else. That post wasn’t sarcasm at all, it was just poorly worded bullshit. If you mean cringy adults who pretend to PWN 14 year olds then say it instead of making generalized statements that can be easily taken out of context.