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A Small Cat-astrophe

Warnings: Mercy? Writing a fic with no warnings? It’s more likely than you think. 

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Notes: First of all, this is inspired by these asks from @askcatvirgil and my idea of his looks is based on the drawings from their other blog, @catvirgil

Second, this fic is dedicated to my good friend @musicphanpie-b. Happy birthday my friend!! I love you and I hope you’re having a great day

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Another Broken Soul (4/6)

Summary: Modern AU. Emma arrives in Storybrooke to start anew with her life. What she didn’t expect is to find someone there who she met ten years before, in completely different circumstances.

Ratings: General.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Once Upon A Time, or its characters (I’d like to, at least some of them, but I don’t).

Chapters: One; Two; Three; Four;

Thank you so much my lovely beta @laschatzi

And thanks a lot to all of you reading, commenting and liking this story. I read every nice word, every tag, every sweet comment you left; I don’t always have time to answer personally, I’m sorry about that, but I really do appreciate it. Another chapter’s here. Next one will be in two weeks.

Chapter Four.

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anonymous asked:

So, I love villains. My favorite thing is writing and reading fic where a villain is redeemed. I love it when it's hard and they have to really earn it. Hence why I follow you :p So I was really hoping the Kylo Ren fandom would go that route. But, like, no one else seems to want emotionally gritty redemption plots for him. It's all sex with Rey and Hux and maybe like a slight nod to a redemption plot, glossed over. It still disappoints me and it's been a year lol. Did you wish the same thing?

hoo boy.

I have…more or less stayed Out of the Star Wars fandom since about two weeks after TFA came out - I’ll reblog gifsets but that’s about it, because the shit that went on around Kylo Ren was…legitimately giving me anxiety attacks, haha. I can only afford one villain with an aggressive anti-fandom at a time. 

I say this mostly because I have no idea what most of the fandom does and am trying to keep my stake in all of this to a minimum because I really don’t want people calling me a rape apologist. also have not really gone looking for a lot of fic. but, just speaking generally from my experience: yeah, absolutely agree. I understand! sometimes all you really want is porn, or you don’t feel like writing all the angst and rough process and things. that’s what I’m into but it’s not what everyone’s into, and I get that. 

but it’s never quite as common as I want it to be. honestly I think a lot of that just has to do with the amount of work it is - because it is a lot of work, it requires a huge commitment of time and energy. I wish there was more of it with Loki, and on that front he’s actually got it pretty good. (I just always want more. more crunchy slow burn redemption arcs, more!!!

part of the issue with Kylo Ren, though, might be that people are holding off to see where his story arc goes before trying to do their own. I could be totally off base, here, but TFA was so clearly setting up something that I can appreciate the desire to hold off from jumping on writing a plot before seeing what canon does first. 

and part of it may just be what seems to be the extreme toxicity of a lot of the fandom, and people not wanting to get into that. because any “redemption” plot is, as we have seen, bait for the villain police to come swarming in like a bunch of angry locusts.

Look who’s back!!!?? My dearest adorable friend Nakazanie!! I wrote a parody about you :3 hope you like it!!

To me as an intellectual, who read the light novels, not like all the other people.. that’s also the reason why there’s a ln manga, because people are so uninterested in the story.
I began to interest Saito… I don’t know what’s with that sentence, but hey if you think that xD
before the manga figured in the story… hm? I guess that’s google translator right?
Well let me continue as an intellectual, have I said that people love eating shit, because who doesn’t, hmm delicious shit.
Yeah I do not know about this.. Rigl? Jigl?? Stappord?? who is father of Ferry who? Ah who cares.. people eating shit and love it!!
The role of Rigl Jigl is much greater…
‘What do you think about it Rigl?’
‘Oh I like to keep that a secret.. you know I have a private life too…and my sweetie husband Urd doesn’t like when I’m reavealing too much stuff’

Thanks, Rigl.

Again as a fan of Saito.. I don’t know are we talking about Rigl or Saito now?? Who was the father of Ferid?

who cares, people eat shit, drawings are drawn..

Are you so blind? So blind to see Saito is the one for me :3

Also guys while I’m still awake I wanna give a shout out to my G @gorillaz-imagines-pickle. We ain’t friends, I don’t think we’ve ever even talked, but I’ve been low-key living for her posts from afar, and I think she’s a really cool gal and you should all be following her if you like the fluffy Gorillaz imagines goodness and seeing posts on your dash from a really sweet human being

What Makes You Special

This is my fic for the Sheith Birthday Exchange, hosted by @vldexchange! My giftee was @exaketededly, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Flower Shop, Pining Shiro (Voltron), Flowers, Sheith Birthday Exchange

Keith thought this customer would be like the same ones that he had as regulars. He was wrong, but not in the way he thought.

The bell on the door chimed softly as the door opened, and Keith turned to face the new customer with a smile on his face. “Good morning, welcome to Voltron Floral, my name is Keith, how can I help you?” he asked in his customary greeting.

[Read it on AO3]

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Every time that I feel hard to keep both college life and shitpost life I read the replies and tag comments that you guys make on my posts, it gives me life

I laugh to death at them. So all I have to say it’s thank you (except for the bots, I’m gonna find them and gonna block them)

anonymous asked:

i know you wrote a fic where dean becomes a girl, and i know that there's a lot of permanently genderswapped fics, but got any recs for... how do I put this delicately... fic where cas changes dean into a girl temporarily for sexual experimentation purposes/because they want to try it. like extreme, angel-magic-assisted feminization kink. does this exist? i have looked pretty hard but most girl dean tags are always a girl stories.

You know…I’ve NEVER seen that? It would be pretty interesting to read or write. I really like girls (hello, married one) but my main ship is slash so I very rarely get to red het stuff…

About oversexualized characters

Yesterday, in one of the reblogs of my Samantha Traynor art (nsfw warning), I saw a tag about the happiness, of that particular user, of the fact that I drew normal sized breasts (yes people, I read all your tags :P).

I don’t like to draw oversexualized people, like women with enormous breast/ass or men with huge penis. I’m ok if you ask for a commission, but I think that it’s more important to give a hint of “realism” to my art. So basically you will find here mostly normal people with normal bodies ;)

Tag Party!

Thanks for tagging me, bodaciously beautiful @dreadhobo !

Were you named after anyone?

No - but I’m Cherokee and my Grandma wanted me to have a name of Native Origin.

When was the last time you cried?

A few days ago.

Do you like your handwriting?

I’ve been told it looks like a man’s. It’s small. I can read it. I apparently write like I’m left handed.

What’s your favorite lunch meat?


Do you have kids?

Nope. Just my fur-baby Coco.  

If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?

Probably. I’m super charismatic and chat up the people at Target and pretty much everywhere I go.

Do you use sarcasm?

Me? Never.

Do you still have your tonsils?

Yuppers - and all of my other unnecessary organs.

Would you bungee jump?

YES. I’ve skydived so bunjee jumping would be nothing.

What’s your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms. Nothing like it. I can’t do them “adult” cereals.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Depends. When I get home from a 12 hour shift, I do not feel like bending down and doing all the work. Fuck it. Kick them off.

Do you think you are a strong person?

Yes. I’m trying to get more comfortable with that fact too.

What’s your favorite ice cream?

Birthday cake ice cream from Cold Stone… mixed with chocolate. So. Chocolate cake.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Hm. What they’re wearing. I’ll bust a compliment out so quick if I see someone wearing something awesome.

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

My face shape. My sister and my mom have these fucking awesome angles where they can take the best pictures. I got my dad’s. 

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

I’m nekkie.

What are you listening to right now?

Daddy’s Son - Ragtime

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Purple Heart.

Favorite smell?

My husband’s cologne. 

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?

My husband. Distance is hard.

Favorite sport to watch?

Baseball or Hockey.

Hair color?
Light brown.

Eye color?

Brown. And according to my husband my iris looks like a sunflower.

Do you wear contacts?

Nope. 20/20 vision here.

Favorite food?

Pizza. Hands down. Or some good mashed potatoes and gravy.

Scary movie or comedy?


Last movie you watched?

Kingsman 2 : The Golden Circle

What color shirt are you wearing?

Again, nekkie.

Summer or winter?

Winter. Scarves and jackets.

Hugs or kisses?


Book you’re currently reading?

The Calling - just started.

Who do you miss right now?

My husband. I’m doing travel nursing and miss the shit out of home. 

What’s on your mouse pad?

Plane jane black one.

What’s the last TV program you watched?

Yuri on Ice.

What’s the best sound?

My kitty’s purr.

Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

The Beatles.

What’s the furthest you ever traveled?

Paris! For my honeymoon. 

Do you have a special talent?

Uh - uh - uh probably my limitless patience with my patients. It takes a lot to piss me off. Or my ability to write 2k words a day pretty much all of the time. I was writing a chapter a day or more for my fic for the first 6 months. ><

Where were you born?

San Diego, CA. #socal

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Okay… I got challenged by @thatdoodlebug and decided to give it a go! 

Rules: List ten favourite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten other users (I won’t be tagging anyone, but everyone reading this are welcome to do it if they want)!

This was quite hard, since I tend to like almost all the characters from my favourite shows/movies/comics etc. I have tried my best to pick my favourites, but be warned - there will be a some honorable mentions here, too! ;)

Here you go, my favourite characters (in a random order):

1. Zootopia, Nick Wilde 

I really like Zootopia, and choosing Nick as my favourite from this movie was easy. I think he’s great all through the movie, and he was definitely the character who’s story I got most emotionally involved in. I love how he grows throughout the movie. Also I ship him and Judy so hard, they better become a couple in the next Zootopia movie

2. The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper

I love this show! Ranty and I watch it all the time, and I like all the characters. Still, my favourite has to be Sheldon - and I think one of the reasons why is that I see so much of myself in him. Of course, there are things he does/says that I would never do/say, but there are many situations in the show where I know I would have reacted the same way Sheldon does. Also lots of people tell me I remind them of him. 

3. Skam, Isak

Couldn’t leave Skam out, could I? I LOVE this show! Seriously, I have no words for how great it is. Just watch it now, if you haven’t already. I love all the seasons, but my favourites are number two and three. I had a hard time picking a favourite character, because there are so many good ones (Noora, Eskil, Even, Jonas, William…), but I think my favourite has to be Isak. The actor is amazing (seriously) and the growth of this character from season 1 to season 4 is such a joy to watch. Can’t wait to watch this show again sometime soon!

4. Regular Show, Rigby

I haven’t watched that much of Regular Show, but I really enjoy it - the style and type of humour kinda remind me of my own comics. Its quite difficult for me to choose a favourite character from this show too, but I think Ill have to say Rigby. He’s fun and mean. I like him.

5. Kim Possible, Dr. Drakken (and Shego)

I watched Kim Possible a lot when I was younger and really enjoyed it. I would love to watch all the episodes again some day! :D There are many characters I like from this show, but my ultimate favourite is Dr. Drakken. He’s fun, and I like how there’s not always anything more to him than just that - he’s a wonderful comical relief, which can sometimes surprise you by showing a feeling or two. I also had to mention Shego, because she’s one of the elements in the show that makes him so great. I love them together.

6. Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit

I’ve loved Winnie the Pooh since I was a small child. Back then Piglet was my favourite, and I still like him, but I think my favourite now has to be Rabbit. He’s fun, and again - he kinda reminds me of myself: how he wants to make everything perfect and how he’s constantly done. Basically me at work.

7. Zelda, Nova

I enjoy reading Lina Neidestams comics about Zelda. It`s Swedish, but it`s also being published in different magazines and newspapers here in Norway. There are many fun characters in Zelda, but I think Nova (the person in the middle of this picture) is my favourite. She’s tough, brave and strong but also vulnerable and insecure; she’s the type of character you look up to in one minute and relate to in the next.

8. The Nightmare before Christmas, Jack Skellington

This movie is a tradition both on Halloween and during Christmas for Ranty and me; we love it, and we listened to the soundtrack on the evening when we first met in real life. There are so many great characters in this movie, but I can`t pick anyone else than the pumpkin king, can I? He`s charming, he’s fun, he sings, he messes up, he learns from it, he grows… He’s a great character from a great movie. Easy as that.

9. The Tinkerbell movies, Vidia

The Tinkerbell movies were all released while I was a grown up, and I originally had no plans of watching them. Still I did, and I’m so happy about it - seriously these movies are so nice?! I even introduced them to Ranty and he likes them too:) The amount of good characters in these movies came as a surprise on me - there are so many that I like. Still I think my favourite has to be Vidia, because she’s quite relatable - she can seem harsh and unfriendly, and she sometimes is, but there is more to her than just that. I also like Fawn, and Tinkerbell of course.

10. Monsters Inc./Monsters University, Randall Boggs

Do I need to explain why? 

He’s mean, he’s hilarious, he has the coolest design… It would have been impossible to come up with a better villain for Monsters Inc.

Randall is a great character, and I would really love to see more of him and his personal life than what we’ve seen in the two movies. Being curious about that made me write an 80 000 word fanfic about him four years ago (has it really been that long???), which led to me joining tumblr, which led to me meeting Ranty whom I currently live with and am really, really happy with:) Thanks, Randall and thanks, Pixar!

Honorable mentions: 

I couldn’t pick just one favourite character from the following fandoms: The Simpsons, Ice Age and Harry Potter.

I’m not answering any more anons because they’re a waste of all of our time.

Here’s a neat tip, folks:

If you don’t like a fic or where you think it’s going, just don’t read it.

I don’t need a twelve paragraph essay about why you think the storyline as presented in only the first chapter is shit, and honestly if you think that every single opening of my stories is exactly the same and that pisses you off, you could always just find somebody else’s work to read.

anonymous asked:

I was reading your "about me" and I realized you mentioned your wife, but you have no pictures of her. Is there a reason for this? I don't mean to be rude by this or anything, I was just wondering.

Oh, she doesn’t like pictures of her and is a shy bean but there are a few pics of us in my “wifey tag”

heatemycandy  asked:

Hello:) Do you read fanfictions about taejin?

Hello there Candy,

I have read a few but I cannot say I’m an avid fanfic reader since quality Taejin fics are scarce. I find it a waste of time to browse on the Taejin tag just to find out most of the fics are Nam’jin, V’kook & co. (where Taejin are like mother and son, brothers, two cats or barely there) or my worst nightmare, Jin Harem fics (personally, just NO to Jin Harem)… like why put Taejin as a pairing when the fic is about another ship? 

Creative effort is appreciated and people can surely write about what they want, but why tag the pairings in a misleading way? Whyyyyyyy??? It’s like you buy mint chocolate chip ice cream and they give you vanilla, like why LOL.

Also AU fics are not my thing and, sadly, canon ones are extremely uncommon, that’s why I rarely devote my limited time on fics. 

I do have a fic rec on my Browse just under my Masterposts button. It’s really not updated but it’s there! But if you have a good fic rec, please give me a shout. 

Lots of love.


If you get this, say 5 things about yourself that you like and then send it to your 10 favorite blogs. 

I was tagged by @eufeme and @dirajunara . Thanks you guys <3

Here Goes!

1. My memory. It comes in really handy for remembering things people mentioned to get the perfect gift, not to mention for my classes. Reading something once and remembering it has never come in as handy as when I have been tired and tea deprived this term!

2. Speaking of classes, my academic smarts. I often don’t feel so great about it and am very careful not to come off as a smart ass or anything, but I really do know my subject and some recent feedback on a presentation I did made me remember and appreciate that. 

3. My humour. I like to make people laugh, especially my friends, and at least some of the time I am quick witted enough to do that.

4. My determination. There are a lot of things I am terrified to do, even the most basic of everyday tasks, but so far this term I haven’t let my anxiety stop me from doing new things, from going out in the capital alone at night to visiting a new shopping centre in a different part of town. It doesn’t make me less scared but it does mean I don’t miss out quite so much. 

5. My name. Gracie is a nickname/middle name, and my real name is hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. I used to get really bummed out about it as no one would say it right or remember, but now that I’ve gotten into the world of research papers and published academic work, it is nice to think that my name might be more memorable than tongue-twisting. 

Thanks again so much for the tagging, it took me a little while to think of things but it was a cool activity to do and made me think a little more kindly about myself in the process :)

Tagging: @the-average-procrastinator @inkoutsidethelines @scarlettsoldier @thoughtsuponapaige @protectsaru @hibiderry @stebierogers and anyone else who wants to :)

(also please tell me if you are getting bored/ weirded out by me tagging you, I don’t want to annoy anyone!)