like if you look at the drawing his ears are asymmetric

Mad House (Frostiron)

@teckmonky I was inspired by your Wine Mom Loki~


It had been eight years since the disastrous Civil War, seven since Tony quit being an Avenger, and three since the accords were ratified to Steve’s liking and the rogue Avengers came back.

But without Tony as an Avenger and with the US garnishing their wages to pay reparations to all the people they’d hurt and infrastructure they damaged during the Civil War, money was tight.

The Avengers couldn’t afford the upkeep or rent for the Avengers Compound. The cost for jet fuel for the quinjets was mind blowing. Their gear was falling apart and they didn’t have enough money to get specialists to fix them.

So Steve was going to Tony, hat in hand.

They hadn’t spoken since Steve reached out to him when the accords had been ratified, and when he had Tony had brushed him off, stating he didn’t have time for empty apologies. Steve bit back his anger and tried to convince him to join the Avengers again, but Tony told him the group wasn’t worth his time.

It was a bit embarrassing to ask him for money, but not as bad as when he’d been a dancing monkey raising war bonds.

Stark Tower seemed to loom over him with a malicious glare.

All the windows had been tinted, making it harder to look through them from the outside.

As Steve walked into the lobby he gawped at the new design. He could only describe it as razor sharp and intimidating.

It clashed with the wholesome look that Steve favored.

He was so caught up in his staring that he didn’t notice the adolescent girl that was nearing him.

She was walking backwards and flipping off the cameras. She walked straight into Steve and spun around.

“Watch it, fuck face!” she said loudly, making Steve reel backwards. She stormed off before he could formulate a response.

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The bump (Part III)

The bump I

The bump II

Six months later.

She rolled onto her side, snuggling up to him and he couldn’t help but smile.
A ray of sunshine hit her face and he stroked her cheek. It was impressive how well he had memorized her face. He knew everything about it. And when he would close his eyes, he could see every detail because that was the only way he was able to survive a whole world tour without her by his side.

He knew every little detail.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, bro! Could I ask for some advice? I've been questioning my gender recently (AFAB) and I want to experiment with looking more androgynous because that's generally the types of clothes I reach for, especially the days my chest upsets me. Only problem is that my hair (my favorite part of my body) is copper, waist-length and ringlety, as well as often bushy. Combined with a rounder face and big eyes, I look pretty feminine. Any suggestions on how to look more androgynous without cutting my hair?

First of all, your hair sounds rad AF, and it definitely shouldn’t be a problem! Lots of masc and neutral presenting people rock long hair, and it gives you something exciting to work with.  Also, keep in mind that being genderqueer doesn’t require a change in how you present, you should look how you want to look!

Anyway, here are my starter tips for a more neutral/less femme look, but bear in mind i’m not a hugely experienced person when it comes to fashion and makeup :)


If you wear glasses, changing the style to a squarer or more masculine looking style can change how your face looks.

If you have piercing, you can you them to put out the vibe you want- e.g., dangly hoop earring make your face look rounder, and studs and asymmetrical looks can be more masc/androgynous

Try different contouring on the face for a more neutral look- emphasize your cheekbones and jaw line with dark eyeshadow etc.

If your face is very feminine you can balance that out by thickening your eyebrows. If you muss them up or darken them with mascara/eyeliner pencil, it can help to look more masculine. Boys tend to have less of an arch to their brows too.

If you want to draw attention from your eyes, limit makeup around them like mascara and eyeliner which will make them look bigger, and wear more makeup/darker makeup elsewhere like the eyebrows or the lips.

You can wear clear lip gloss and put some powder on top to make your lips look neutral coloured, rougher and more masculine.

However, makeup’s not for everyone, and it’s by no means essential! It’s about doing what makes you comfortable.

Minimizing chest:

Binders, those dance tops ballet folks wear to reduce movement, or just a good, well-fitting bra - but not a pushup one

Wearing dark colored tops can be slimming for your chest.

Wearing jackets or cardigans over your t-shirts/singlets breaks up the outline of your chest

Wearing cute + chunky scarves to cover your chest.

A shirt with a cool collar/lapel will draw attention away from the chest

However, wearing long necklaces or decals on the chest draws attention to the chest.

Wear clothes that broaden your shoulders e.g. suit jackets w pads

Wear patterned or brightly coloured pants to draw attention there instead.


Wear your hair in different styles, really show it off- it sounds gorgeous. Pushing it to the side or combing it back can make it look more androgynous.  Certain hairstyles also make your face look less round, but you’d have to ask a person with more experience with having long hair than me to tell you which. Mussing it up and wearing it in a textured style also looks more androgynous. Accessorize it and wear it up- drawing attention to your hair rather than your chest on dysphoric days, and just showing it off when you’re in the mood. You can also wear caps, beanies and hats, and push it up under them on days it’s worrying you.  


Structured clothes can provide a more angular body shape, or a baggy look in neutral clothes (hoodie or sweater and boys pants) can hide curves. Bright plain colors are a favorite of lots of nb/genderqueer people I know, as they tend to lack gendering decals without being too dull or overly masculine.   I like to wear t shirts with my favorite superheroes on them, as they’re normally in a neutral or masculine style and it’s nice to have them as back up throughout the day :P

Button downs, Jackets, vests/waistcoats, sweaters (I really love sweaters!!!)

Masculine looking pants like Chinos, or other baggy pants, or rough low decal jeans.

Big chunky boots or masculine shoes can totally change the style of an otherwise feminine outfit and they make you feel pretty badass.

Androgyny is more a personal style choice than a certain way you have to dress so figure out your own look. shop around, including in the guy’s section and in thrift stores to see what catches your eye.

There’s also lots of cool online stores designed for and by lgbtq+ folks, which you can shop at or just use for inspiration (they’re often pretty expensive) e.g.

Much love,

Your big brother Alex

Must Be a Better Word- Ch10

There must be
A better word.
-Adam Gillon

OMG I’m so excited to share this next chapter since there are so many new It/Reddie fans on here after the movie came out!! And as always, sorry for not updating for a bit. I promise I’ll always be continuing this though!

My writing is also on ao3 if you wanna check it out there!

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anonymous asked:

97. Shin soukoku plz

*ugly sobbing* I enjoyed writing this so, so much. Thank you for sending this. (And pretend Atsushi has an iphone because I’m too tired to edit that all out. Chuuya probably spoiled his son or something.)

Atsushi has an interesting way of viewing the world, as Akutagawa has discovered.

For somebody treated so cruelly in early life, he managed to keep a pretty positive attitude about everything. He appreciates all of the beautiful things in life, which Akutagawa discovers when pictures of graffiti-spackled walls and sunshine kissed lakes begin to appear on his phone. They’re thumbnails, snapshots of the life that Atsushi leads when they are not together.

There’s one of Dazai napping, the sunlight melting over his cheekbones. There is another of Kunikida, eyes cast down over his notebook, eyelashes brushing his cheeks, blonde ponytail falling loose over one shoulder. Another one of Kyouka next to Atsushi, the two clutching crepes with smiles so wide that they probably hurt for weeks afterwards.

Atsushi has a lot of photos. A lot of good photos.

And while Akutagawa appreciates the weretiger’s enthusiasm for the more aesthetically pleasing things in life, he does not appreciate him trying to sneak pictures while on a mission.

Akutagawa will be studying the landscape, or examining a fallen opponent for a hint, and the gleam of Atsushi’s phone will appear in the corner of his eye. He will always whip around, and grab the phone. He’s faster than Atsushi outside of battle, and it shows as he shoves the phone in his pocket.

“Hey!” Atsushi grumbles, and Akutagawa almost breaks because the little furrow in his brow and the dip of his lips into a pout is too adorable to deny.

“Stop trying to take pictures of me, and maybe I’ll stop taking it.” Akutagawa says, not breaking the somber expression painted on his features.

“Sorry, okay?” Atsushi sighed. “I just thought you looked nice, and I wanted a photo to remember it.”

Akutagawa feels his cheeks flare slightly at the implication. They’ve been tip-toeing around whatever this… thing was for weeks now, ever since a rushed confession while a fight took a turn for the worst. They hadn’t talked about it since then, but Akutagawa finds himself watching the dimples in Atsushi’s cheeks and the way his stupid asymmetrical hair frames his face so perfectly.

“You just have to ask, you know.” Akutagawa surprises himself with the words that spill out. He tucks a strand of black hair behind his ear, trying to hide the swell of colour dotting his cheeks.

Atsushi is smiling, he knows without looking. Probably just a little bit teasing, but still innocent and adorable in that all-too-familiar way. His left cheeks probably has the beginnings of a dimple, his eyes a pretty glint. Akutagawa has no need for a camera when every part of Atsushi has been burned into his mind permanently. He imagines that fifty years from now he will still remember the lines on his pale palms and the exact shape his eyes take in laughter.

“Well…” Atsushi draws the letters out, lingering on the only syllable for an impressive amount of time. “Can I take a picture of you.”

Akutagawa watches him from the side. Atsushi’s cheeks are dusted with pink, the moon making his hair glow silver, making him look downright angelic. It almost hurts his heart. His palm is held out, waiting for his phone to be relinquished.

“Just one.” Akutagawa muttered as Atsushi held the device up, a little smirk on his lips.

“Sounds good.” Atsushi grinned. Akutagawa looked at out the landscape again, too embarrassed to keep eye contact with the flash that echoed over the enclosed area.

Atsushi is delighted. His eyes twinkle as he slides  open his lockscreen to examine the photo. “You don’t look very happy.” He notes.

“You only got one take.” Akutagawa reminds him, scowling. What, his face wasn’t good enough for Atsushi’s superior photography skills?

“No,” Akutagawa blinks as he sees the rosy hue on Atsushi’s cheeks, clouding his mind with the way it melted against his pale skin. “It’s fine.”

Atsushi smiles up at him, shyly, but with just enough courage that it sends his heart pounding.

Stop that. He reminds his chest.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that.”

Akutagawa blinked. “I’m pouting?”

“In the picture.” Atsushi let out a soft exhale. “I’m going to make it my lockscreen.”

Akutagawa flushes, feeling the heat crawl up his high collar and wrapping around his ears with curling, mocking fingers.

But he can’t find it within himself to dislike being the first thing Atsushi sees in the morning as he checks his phone.


(You may reblog, and ask for permission before riposting) 

This took me FOREVER, and normally I give up on projects like this but I am so so so glad I didn’t weenie out of this one. 

I’ve been wanting to draw these babies in steampunk clothes for the longest time. I played around with a few designs before I was satisfied with something. 

Erwin’s coat Is my take on a military formal thing. Even though I don’t know the first thing about military uniforms, other than they look nice. At first I was going to give him a robotic arm, but it didn’t work out. His bolero tie has some beads and was given a crack to show he’s been through some wear and tear. He was also given a heavy layer of guyliner. I love me some guyliner… 

Levi, I feel was kept a little bit more traditional, with an asymmetrical tailored jacket. All the swirly patterns on the green where free-handed. I kept the jacket the same color as the normal in-anime uniform and the green from the cloaks as an attempt to keep the link to the original on a design level. Top it off with a schmancy lace cravat and chained ear cuff. *drool*

Dear Hange was both the hardest to draw, yet I feel I thought her out the most. I actually had to go back and change her outfit three times because I couldn’t make up my mind on her design. I wanted to make her tribalish steampunk, while still keeping a “mad scientist” vibe. Weather or not I accomplished that is up to you guys. I feel like she would be the kind of person to pick up random objects of interest like beads, chains, old pieces of cloth, animal and bird parts, then wear them like decoration because she’s gross like that. Hence the bird skull and feathers in her hair, the feathered earings (Head cannon: She pierced them herself) and the bead/bone chain on her waist. Not that I believe she would be interested in dolling herself up with jewelry, but its a way to carry around all the neat stuff she collects. Her burgundy undershirt is a nod to her jumpsuit and lab coat in the Shingeki No Junior High story, (I love that color on her) and the yellow sash is a nod to her traditional yellow button down.   

I really hope you all like it!

anonymous asked:

Prompt-toddler adrien with his mom and dad giving him a bath or something

I didn’t feel like doing a bath scene but toddler Adrien & the Agrestes should be fun so here we go!


He didn’t look up instead glaring down at the drawing in front of him with irritation.


“What?” He sighed, grabbing the top sheet off of his sketch pad, crumpling up the whole thing and throwing it into the pile behind him. 

He felt a thump and glanced down to see Adrien clutching his leg, grinning.

“What are we doing for dinner?” His wife called from the doorway.

“I don’t know. I’ll figure something out in a minute.” He muttered, reaching down to ruffle Adrien’s hair and steer the excited toddler back in the direction of his mother before turning his attention back to his designs.

“You said that 2 hours ago.”

“Then just order whatever you want. Or pick somewhere and we can go out”

“Nothing is going to be open at this point sweetheart, and its far too late to be dragging our 2 year old out to a restaurant regardless.”

“Nonsense, he seems perfectly wide awake to me.” Gabriel argued as Adrien once again toddled over and began attempting to crawl up into his father lap.

He could hear the soft scoffing noise that always accompanied an eye roll.

“Can you at least watch Adrien while I go cook something.”

“You wouldn’t need to go cook something if you had just let me hire that private chef like I wanted.” Gabriel muttered under his breath even as he scooped Adrien up and plopped him on to the seat behind him, effectively trapping the giggling child between himself and the leather round back chair.

“I heard that.” She called out even as she disappeared off to the kitchen. 

“Of course she did. Your mother has ears like a hawk. Adrien, you had best watch out for that.”

“Up, up, up!” Adrien complained having tried unsuccessfully to climb out of his makeshift prison.

“Daddy’s working Adrien.” Gabriel said, drafting a basic A-line frame, “so I need you to-OOOUUWWW… Adrien!” he yelled as he pulled the child off his back, dislodging the tiny fingers that had yanked on his hair just moments before in an effort to escape.

“What is going on in there?” his wife’s voice sounded in the distance.

“Nothing! Everything’s fine.” He shouted, setting Adrien in his lap and wrapping one arm around the boy. “Adrien hold still,” he said quietly, “I don’t want your mother thinking that I can’t handle watching you for 10 minutes. Again.”

“Wanna color too,” Adrien said reaching for the pile of watercolor pencils on the table in front of them.

“Adrien, you can’t…” oh what the hell. It wasn’t like he was getting any work done anyways. With a resigned sigh he reached forward and grabbed several of the pencils, handing them to his over eager son who immediately began scribbling random patterns all over his outlines.

Gabriel sketched out an array of patterns and silhouettes, watching amusedly as the boy mimicked his motions with as much serious dedication as a two year old was capable of.

“See!” Adrien stated proudly 20 minutes later, pointing at the purple and blue circular squiggles now scrawled across the skirt of a tea length halter dress, as well as a good portion of the rest of the page. “Just like Daddy!”

Gabriel smiled and hugged his son closer to his chest. “It looks perfect Adrien.”

“And what are my two boys up to?”

Gabriel looked up to see his wife walking into the room, a trio of plates in her arms and an indulgent smile gracing her features.

“Adrien is helping me design the spring collection.”

“Well, then I am sure it is going to be incredible.”

Six months later the reviews of the Agreste spring line fashion gala toasted the collection as an unmitigated success. The Gabriel* corporation was surely taking its place as a leading competitor in the European market. But as stunning as the presentation itself had been, many critics had commented that the true gem of the evening had been the custom couture dress that Mrs. Agreste had been sporting when the couple appeared on stage at the end of the evening- a beautiful white tea length halter dress, adorned with a brilliant pattern of asymmetrical blue and purple beadwork.

Creepypasta #1019: I Buy Antlers - All Kinds!

Length: Super long

CASH FOR ANTLERS! screamed the homemade cardboard sign at the side of the winding mountain road.

I slowed my car down to stare at it, immediately drawn in by the curious sight and enthusiastic words.

As a freelance photojournalist hoping to make it big with my portraits of the still-wild western United States, I was always on the lookout for all things strange, quirky and quaint. I’d soon discovered the remote mountain villages of New Mexico to be a goldmine for off-the-wall and unexpected gems.

In search of the perfect stories, I’d wandered among the blood-colored bluffs and cliffs, gathered sweet-scented sagebrush alongside wild horses, and scrambled across craggy lava flows that had buried the bones of ancient dinosaurs. I’d been blessed by medicine women and slept in haunted hotels. I’d even crawled into the dark hollows of allegedly haunted mine shafts in search of long-lost Spanish gold.

Even still, it was never good enough. After returning home, I’d often feel restless and unfulfilled, my blood hemorrhaging from some unseen cavern in my body. I’d dream of being taller than a mountain, burying my enormous hands into every cranny and every canyon, trailing my fingertips through the pallid white sand dunes, dipping my toes in the cold snowmelt streams. From above, my eyes would survey the landscape, its hills and arroyos as textured as the back of a horned lizard, and my dreamer’s heart would thrum and throb with love for my homeland, strange as it was.

But I’d never seen anything like this sign, a sudden flicker of civilization in the remote and untamed Jemez Mountains.

Such a fervent prayer for the severed, bony protrusions of hoofed mammals. I heard the prayer repeating, repeating, in the hidden folds of my mind.

What in the world would anyone want with antlers?

I parked my car in the gravel turnout, and slung my camera over my shoulder. I got out of the car and walked closer.

“Hey there,” came a voice from behind a parked pickup truck I hadn’t noticed until that moment. A man stood up from his canvas lawn chair he’d placed in the truck’s shade. “Have you got something to sell?”

“Ah,” I said. “No. I was just curious about the sign.”

“Curious?” the man said, slowly plucking pistachios and pinyons from a plastic bag. He cracked the nuts with his thumb, their dry shells plinking in the gravel like clipped fingernails.

“Why do you buy antlers?” I asked. “What sorts of antlers?”

“All kinds,” he said, simply, breezily, with the casual grace of an experienced salesman.

“I’m sorry to be rude or nosy,” I apologized. “I’m a journalist and photographer, and I’ve never seen anything like this. If I may ask, what do you do after you buy them?”

“I resell them, mostly,” he answered. “Tourists and locals like them for decoration. Some of them I carve into knife handles. I’ll take anything you’ve got. Deer, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, chamacorn. You know. Anything.”

“Wait. What?” I said. “What was that last one?”

“What?” he said. “Anything. I said I’ll take anything.”

“You said-“

He stared at me.

I looked back towards my car, and considered just walking away. But oh! I desperately wanted that photograph. Or at least, I wanted some sort of souvenir. Something to plug the hole in the bleeding depths of my secret heart.

The man beckoned to me.

“Come on up to the shed,” he said. “I’m sure I’ve got what you’re looking for.”

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mooonbean  asked:

Tfc fashion au?

i know dick about fashion so let’s see where this goes

  • Allison and Nicky are the designers
  • they have really awesome, very different style tastes, but for some reason mixing them together works really well
  • Nicky prefers soft colors, loose materials, thin straps or no straps, and the best parts of his outfits are always the shoes
  • he just generally designs things that remind people of a perpetual casual sunny summer day
  • Allison is more of a bold statement with darker, richer, sharper colors, tight and form-fitting outfits, long sleeves or full-shoulder straps, and she has a perfect eye for accessories
  • she designs things that look business- or press-ready and her outfits are sure to be the most eye-catching in the room
  • they met at a fashion show one time and despite their different styles, they had nothing but praise for each other, and they decided to design an outfit together for a competition or fundraiser or something
  • and then they started working together for Wymack’s fashion company
  • Renee is their really amazing PR/assistant
  • she’s also Allison’s girlfriend and everyone knows and it’s cute as hell
  • she’s fucking fantastic
  • so good
  • very pure
  • but she will kick your fucking ass if you disrespect her girl (or Nicky)
  • (✿◠‿◠)
  • almost everyone else is a model

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The Way You Said “I Love You” - 1 (Soukoku)

1. As A Hello

“What a glorious sight!”

That voice…

“Even better than an expensive painting!” Chuuya declared as he swaggered down the steps into Dazai’s dungeon.

There was a cheerful hop in his step and a grin on his face. He looked just the same as always; black coat draped over his thin shoulders, hideous hat atop asymmetrical curls, russet hair framing a deceptively delicate face. Chuuya was as pretty as the day Dazai left him.

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fyeahnix  asked:

I would DEFINITELY love your ideas on cliche werewolf designs if you could!

Oh boy, sure thing! Like my other posts, I’m just gonna reiterate this is all based on opinion and aesthetics, so if it doesn’t align with your views of a “good wolf”, there’s nothin’ wrong with that. That said, I am very serious about werewolves, so this post will probably be a lot more impassioned than my other ones, heh.

Without further adieu, (now with IMAGES)
Werewolf things I am just Not here for

Kangaroo legs: The legs are so excessively extended the animal appears to be on stilts, or even looks like a bird. The worst offenders have the knee and the hock on the same plane. The creature can’t walk properly and would probably fall on its face constantly if it existed. I often see this in video games, where the legs will clip through the terrain, its own body, the fabric of time, and yet no one seems to see a problem with it.
This can sometimes work if you’re trying to emphasize that lycanthropy is absolute hell to death with, and are a big fan of asymmetrical transformations and poor misshapen creatures that are purposely caught between human and wolf. However, a lot of times people present werewolves as functional predators (heck, even superpredators), and while it makes more an imposing silhouette, it still wouldn’t be able to run - and if you’re going for beast-form accuracy, even normal wolves don’t have hocks that long.

Wall-eyes/Massive eyebrows: The werewolf’s eyes are so far apart it looks more like a horse than a human-canid hybrid. This thing probably has a huge blind spot in front of its nose, and the comically oversized brows make expression difficult, and decrease believably. Would this guy have to cross his eyes to look at you? That’s not scary at all.

It’s A Bear: I noticed this happens a lot with werewolves with smaller ears, as well as when people try and combine human and canine nostrils, and end up with something that looks more ursine than canine. This is a good try, but the whole thing being furred over, the floppy ears, and the droopy lower lip make it look like a big bear with human’s hands. It’s good for stealing picnic baskets and reminding kids to stamp out their campfires once they’re done making s’mores, but not much else.

Rabbit ears: Okay, I love the Howling. It’s a great movie with great effects for its time. But these bunny ears are too much - pointy ears are great for helping create a wolfy silhouette, but taking them to such an intense extreme is ridiculous. This is more suited for the Rabbit of Caerbannog than a werewolf flick, although I do love the rest of it. It’s like the kangaroo legs issue - if the creatures you’re combining don’t have either of these traits, why are you adding them?

Really big wolves: They’re wolves! They’re big! They’re good for cuddling and riding, but I prefer werewolves with a recognizable human element. Also, how’d they get so big? Where’d the extra body mass come from? How much do they have to eat? And most importantly - what am I supposed to do when I need to tell two of them apart, but they both have the same hair colour?

Talbot wolves: The original Wolfman is a wonderful movie that paved the way for our furred friends’ cinema chokehold they have today, but I feel this design needs a major reboot (or perhaps even, has run its course). There is something decidedly unintimidating about it - perhaps it’s the oversized teeth stopping him from closing his mouth, or the squinty, uncomfortable-looking expression, or the fact Benicio del Toro’s permanent bedroom eyes will scare me more than any prosthetic makeup ever will. The original Lon Chaney Jr. makeup is almost brilliantly sad looking, which worked with the character and made us feel sorry for him - but now that people are pushing the Murderous and Deadly werewolf more than ever, our short-snouted friend here just isn’t doing so well. It appears that keeping a human element is good, but being too human kills the fear factor - the key is finding a functional balance between the two.

And there you have it! An entire post of me just rambling about werewolf design. If there’s anything you wanna talk about further, feel free to hit me up, but if not - go out there and draw some kickass werewolves.

anonymous asked:

A fanfic where jr and JB are legitimently married and have the rest of got7 as children ;u; you can adjust the ages as you please

Warning: i– have no idea. maybe a little psychological angst?

Author: Jin

Wordcount: 2.5k

JIN HAs RISEN FROM THE DEAD– AGAIN. i hope you guys sTILL REMEMBER ME im jk. but in all seriousness, i did put maybe 97% of effort into this fill so i hope it reaches out to you spiritually idk.

Age Chart:

Jaebum: 28
Jinyoung: 27
Jackson: 13
YoungJae: 10
Bambam: 6
Yugyeom: 6

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After the Domhnall version you asked for Adam. So here are all the points I try to keep in mind when I’m drawing Adam. I put the explanations and analysis under a read more because it’s pretty long.

Kylo Ren is probably the easiest (well, compared to the others) character to draw. This is all thanks to Adam’s particular features that make him handsome to some and unforgettable to everyone. What is Adam’s face made of to be so particular you wanna ask?

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“The Everyday Shenanigans of Owen and Amelia, Plus Their Babies and Puppies.”

Author’s Note: Hi! :) Okay, so in the light of all of these reaching pregnancy theories for our Omelia babies, I was inspired to start my own Omelia universe, in which they and their fictitious children live as a family, together with their puppies. :) <3 

For future reference, italics are either flashbacks or thoughts, and it’s pretty clear as to which one is which when you’re reading, or so I hope. :P

This is the first “chapter” if you will, in “The Everyday Shenanigans of Owen and Amelia, Plus Their Babies and Puppies” (it’s a working title, please no judgement. :P)

This is going to be a bunch of one-shot type fics on basically how I personally see their family and so…yeah. I have nothing else to say… :)

Except: This is the beginning of my fictitious Omelia universe, welcome, and make yourselves at home Omelia fam! :) <3 (I’m too cheesy, I know. Sometimes I actually hate myself. ;) ) 

(Last thought: this is 27 pages on a Word document…so I may have gotten carried away, just slightly, you know. ;) )

So, that’s it! I hope you like it! I would really appreciate any thoughts you have, now and in the future, when the story, or these stories, progress. :)

Xx ultrafreakyfangirl :)


“Race you.”

“Where are we going?”  

“I don’t know. Anywhere.”

“You’re on.”  

Her cheeks were incredibly flushed, a rosy red that was quite honestly the perfect vignette of seductive innocence, along with the kittenish smirk that shaped her mouth, upturning those stained lips and showing the cleft of her dimple.

Her dress was wrinkled slightly, making it look as though it had been played with, the fabric tugged and stretched out, though it was through no fault of anybody, only her own locomotion; surprisingly, she was a fast runner, faster assumedly, than he.  

“I win!”  

The two of them had went out to grab some food after their shift, having ended earlier than normal. At least, that had been the plan, before he had changed it, suggesting that, in this progressively warming weather, they should go for a walk.

She’d had some mild complaints regarding this though, seeing as what she was wearing wasn’t all that appropriate for what he’d had in mind, but got over them quickly once he’d threaded their fingers together and flashed an ‘all is good’ smile.

They’d made it only a few blocks from the hospital before she’d abruptly ripped their hands apart, bringing into light his drive for competition, using the softest, most enticing voice, the reproachfulness evident in her giddied gaze.  

Race you.

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Paradoxical Harmony

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Chapter 17. New Addition

Arms shoved through sleeves, buttons through random holes so that the oversize dress shirt ended up asymmetrically clothed on your small body.  Scrambling to the restroom, you left Tao to fend for himself with the obnoxious ringing of the alarm clock on the nightstand and piles and piles of wrinkled blankets.

Careless fingers ran through the tangles of your hair as you stuffed a toothbrush with too much force into your mouth that you ended up attacking your jaw.  You groaned but continued brushing because you were late, late, late!!!      

“Babe, you took my shirt,” your half naked fiancé came from behind and nestled his nose up to your neck.  Your wiggled him away and tossed the toothpaste and his toothbrush to him.

Indolently, with a handsome smirk, the veins on his arms protruded out and he caught the items one after another.  You jab at your teeth while Tao lazily brushed away.  His eyes gazed lovingly into yours through the mirror.

“It’s all your fault!” you blamed as you gurgled and spat foam out.

“What is?” he played dumb.

“That we’re going to be late!” you hissed as you snatched your face towel and cleanser to wash your face.

Amused by your tantrum, he cradled his arms around your waist and gently bit at your ear.  The fresh scent of mint ran up your nostrils as he began to nibble down your neck.  

“NO!  No!” you denied him (and yourself) and pushed him away, “We’re going to be late and it’s all your fault because I was awake earlier already and you seduced me into going another round and we totally missed the next three alarms!”

Instead of being guilt-tripped, he dusted off his ego and straightened up with pronounced shoulders and chest.  You rolled your eyes and unbuttoned your shirt.  It flew gracefully onto the tiled floor like shed skin.  One leg lifted and stepped over to test the temperature of the water but as you do, the clingy human cat found his way toward you again.  His fingers tickled your damp skin as he blew life into your body, only, you felt your soul drift away and your body capsized into his imprisonment.

“We can save time if we shower together,” he slyly breathed into your ear and your body shook in delight.

Your squeals echoed throughout the room as your lover hoisted you up and hooked your legs around his hipbone.  Your back was cold against the glass door.  You scream and groan, once again falling prey to his seduction.  Nails clawed into his back and steam clouded up the transparency of the enclosure.

“Arghh!  I should have know you were trouble!” you moaned as water splashed onto your face and seeped in through the area in between the two of you.  Your hands banged against the sliders as he grinded closer.

“I should have known you had an obsession for kink,” you mewled and threw your head back.  

Needless to say, that shower took another half an hour off the clock even though Tao had promised it’d be quick.  So you gave him the silent treatment in the car, well, minus the constant shouting at him to step on the gas.  Laughing happily, he took your hand into his, tenderly stroked, and kissed it.  Despite his shades covering up his gorgeous eyes, you could see the familiar glow reflected against his frames.  Sighing in defeat, you craned your neck in and gave him a quick smooch on the cheeks.

“Come on, Huang ZiTao!” you stomped your uninjured leg and waved your hand to hurry him up at the door.  Seriously, it was 7:59:50AM, he had ten seconds before being marked as ‘late’ for work yet the mellow man cat-walked his way from the parking lot over as if he was some model.  Grunting, you physically scooted him over.  Beep.  8:00:00AM.          

Perf!” he announced, stuck his tongue out at you, and stretched his hand out.  With a dry scoff, you uncrossed your arms and took his hand.

Perhaps, you were extremely excited because you hadn’t been at work for five months but seriously the place looked like a magical fairy island.  You skipped over to your desk and plopped down.

“Careful!” your fiancé nagged and pointed at your leg that was still wrapped in a stabilizer since you were still a few weeks from fully recovering.

Ignoring his warning, you skipped around and sniffed in the scent of the police station.  Even the smell of man sweat was sweet.  Tao ruffled your hair and plopped down onto his seat.  As you rested your head on against his shoulder, you caught a few photobooth pictures of the two of you together framed on his desk and let out a sigh.

“Hey!!  Alex!  How are you feeling?!” Baekhyun asked as he walked into the office with his coffee.

“Much better!” you lifted your head up and chirped happily at the familiar faces.

“Are you officially back then?” YiXing questioned with a smile.

You opened your lips to respond but got a bit distracted when Tao stroked your grown out hair off to one side.  His fingers glided across your neck and you smacked it.

“Unfortunately, no.  I’m here because the team leader wants a more intensive report about the kidnapping since there hasn’t been any progress on the case with all three of the culprits dead,” you explained.    

“Argh, yeah, we even gave the scientists the skin cells we got from your nails to match for DNA but it wasn’t of anyone in our database,” Jongdae sighed and threw a file against his desk in frustration.

“Honesty, all I know is that the driver had a tattoo and they said their boss wanted me alive.  If you wanted me to take a guess, the only plausible guess would be Wu YiFan,” you frowned.

Tao sat up, intrigued by your recollection of the event.  He slid a pen and notepad over and instructed you to draw the tattoo from memory. Nervously rubbing your neck, you tapped pen against paper and did your best reiteration of the image.  Everyone crowded around like hungry animals.  Your fiancé squinted and almost sniffed the image.

“What is this?” he cringed at your second grader doodle.  Okay, so maybe art wasn’t your strongest point.

“Is that a cross?” YiXing observed as Tao held the notepad sideways to try to get a better view.

“That’s a katana,” you answered, not beguiled by the muffled giggles coming from Baekhyun and Jongdae in the background.  Beside you, Tao was just completely turned off by your drawing.

“And that’s a snake around it?” the residential nice guy interpreted.

“No, looks like a ribbon,” Jongdae quipped.

“It’s a dragon,” you burst their bubble and face planted onto your desk when Tao threw his head back and groaned.

“No wonder we haven’t made any progress,” Baekhyun half-heartedly mumbled but Tao elbowed him in the rib to shut him up.

With an arm over your shoulder, your lover teased, “It’s okay, Babe.  No one is perfect in this world.”  Scowling, you returned his favor from before and elbowed him in the abdomen.

“You two are kinda cute after all,” Jongdae laughed, “I still can’t believe you guys got together though.  You guys used to fight every waking minute and rip at each others’ heads.”

Grinning cheesily, Tao pulled you in and kissed the top of your head.  You flushed coral and slapped his chest.  Jongdae shivered, Baekhyun gagged, and YiXing smiled in earnest congratulations.  You crumbled paper and threw it at he first two but they dodged and the weapon ended up hitting the person who had just entered the office.  Clad in skinny jeans and a v-neck cami that hugged her curves in all the right places, the femme fatale halted her steps, bent over, and picked up the two paper balls.

“Ahem!” the team leader, who was standing next to her, glared at your direction.

Immediately, you stood up and bowed in apology.

“Already causing a ruckus, Alex?” the sergeant presumed with the shake of his head.

Heh.  Sorry,” you apologized.

With a sigh, he turned to the female beside him and introduced, “Sergeant Paris Yeung will be teaming with us to solve the disembowelment and alleged kidnapping case.”

“Disembowelment?  Isn’t that case already closed?” Jongdae questioned with a flirtatious wink directed at the female superior.  You silently snickered.

“It has been reopened because the prime-suspect’s name has been cleared,” the leader explained, earning him a round of gasps in the room.  Tao, in particular, whipped his head around so briskly that you heard a loud snap sound.  He groaned and rubbed it with a frown.

“Wu YiFan is actually an uncover officer and I was his handler,” the female sergeant further shocked the group, “Five years ago, I placed him in to spy on a prominent drug dealer.”

Images spun in front of you.

Wait.  Wait, with all due respect, Sergeant, I have been tailing Wu YiFan for quite a long time and I’m positive he has something to do with this case and the death of his subordinate, Guan WeiFung,” you countered; your mind completely at a stand still with the new information.

Raising her brow condescendingly, she inquired, “You are?”

“Constable Alexis Yuen,” the team leader informed.

“Oh, the officer that was kidnapped,” she observed as she scanned you from head to toe.

Your partner stood up and squeezed your hand.

Ignoring your conclusion, she continued, “Beginning last month, Wu YiFan stopped responding to my calls and has been missing since.  The chief is quite rattled by this case and has decided to place two teams together and asked that it be solved within two months.”

Without another word, she motioned for the team to join her in the conference room while you were escorted into an interrogation room.  For the first time in your life, you sat on the interviewee’s side of the table and even though you knew you weren’t a criminal, just being in that position, with eyes glaring in your direction and voices taunting you for your recollections, made you want to vomit.

“Madam Yuen, why were you at the alleyway?” the officer questioned.

“Uh, I was walking home with my cat,” you answered.

“What is your relationship with Huang Sir, who had also arrived at the scene?”

“He is my partner and fiancé,” you replied but raised your brow and clicked your tongue, “Why does that even matter?”

Just asking because we have made a note that instead of calling the police station, like he was supposed to, Huang Sir went to rescue you by himself,” the man said as though that was a good enough explanation, “And it’s odd that only you were rescued when there were three other people dying in the collapsed vehicle.

Narrowing your eyes at his ridiculous suspicion, you blatantly leaned over and grabbed his badge.  The younger officer flinched at your bold move.

“Officer Zhao, do you have a girlfriend?  Or at least someone you like?  If you do, put her in a scenario where she’s been kidnapped and the car that she’s in is about to explode.  Are you going to save her or her three kidnappers?” you let go of his collar and sassed, completely shutting the amateur officer’s words out.

He fell back into his seat like a rag doll.

“Now anything else you need to know that I haven’t already answered a trillion times over the last five months?” you questioned, feeling like those irritated criminals you used to interrogate.  

“Ha-have you been at odds with anyone lately who would want to take revenge on you?” he stuttered.

“No, the only person would be Wu YiFan.  And I answered that five minutes ago,” you noted as you felt the fireball build up in your chest.  Did the chief really send these amateurs in as a support team?

You were promptly led out of the room.  With so many unanswered loopholes to the case, your brain was working on an overdrive and your leg was hurting from walking so much that you hadn’t even notice Tao trot over to you with his hand waving in front of your face.

“Yoohoo.  Earth to the beautiful Yuen TianYu,” he sang but you were still lost in your own thoughts up until he tilted his head and stole a quick peck.

“Hmm?” you eyed him innocently.

“Babe, are you not feeling well?  You’re a bit pale,” he observed, stroking your cheek.

“Ehh…I’m fine.  Just so confused right now,” you honestly answered.

“Yeah, same,” he agreed and squeezed your shoulder.

With a sigh, you nodded and shooed him back to work while you left to go home and entertain your clingy chubster cat.  Really…he was probably the one entertaining you since you were bored out of your mind having been banned from investigating the case since you were still on medical rest.

“Meow,” Snow White kneaded your stomach as you sprawled out on the sofa and munched on some chips you stole from Tao’s secret sash in his underwear drawer.  Don’t ask how you knew.  Just don’t.

“If Wu YiFan was working undercover…then who has been murdering all these people?” you grumbled.

His caterpillar tail slapped your cheeks over and over again.

“And he was the last person to see four of the seven girls…” you continued to muse.

Your cat sat on your face and smuggled you with his butt.

“Ahhhh!” you screamed and pushed him away.

Bells jingled in your ear as the feline held his leash by his teeth and shook it in front of you.  Smiling, you pushed back the ongoing analysis to give your fluffy buddy some tender, love, and care.

“You wanna go on a walkie date with Mommy?” you questioned and took the leash from him.  He jumped up and down in glee.

Your cat was a dog.  You were seriously considering taking him to a psychic to see if the soul of a canine was stuck in his chubby body.  Ignoring incoming traffic and honking mad drivers, he dashed ahead, dragging you with him as if you were the pet and he was the owner.

“Slow down, Crazy Cat,” you cried as your little feet scurried along to catch up to his cheetah speed that he probably inherited from his father.

“Meooooow~~~~” he sang happily as his fur blew in the wind as if he was being sucked by a suction cup.

“Mommy’s leg…” you yelped when the pressure sent a throbbing pain up your nerves.

Immediately, the little guy halted in his tracks.  Well, you guess it wasn’t so bad since walking your cat forced you to move around so that blood didn’t clot up in your calves.  Hiding your grimace, you limped over to a bench to rest and massage your sore limb.  Snow White obediently followed, jumped onto the bench like a gymnast, and snuggled up to your thigh with a yawn.

Under the vivid sunlight, your skin moistened with vitamin D and a neat tannish glow that helped your pale features grow closer to your fiancé’s healthy bronze tone.  As you habitually thumbed the engagement ring, on your finger, the diamonds reflected sparkles along the fabric of your clothes as if you were stuck in a disco ball.  Snow White’s elysian purrs slowly made your eyelids swing about and your lashes dampen.


Your head tottered around in a full circle.


You rubbed your eyes and saw colorful stars and shapes similar to lens bokeh.

“Meet me at Tseung Kwan O Tunnel,” the message read.  Frowning, you swiped the screen a few times to try to track the sender’s number but it was sent with the identification withheld.  After a few more read-overs of the message, you rendered it as someone getting the wrong number and ignored it.

“Meow,” Snow White sniffed around in the bushes nearby while wagging his tail.

“Chubby Butt, whatcha doing?” you softly spoke as you squatted down to pet him.  He purred with satisfaction but continued sniffing around.  Yep, a dog disguised as a cat.

“If only you pooped outside too instead of on me all the time,” you jokingly mumbled.  His paws continued to dig through dirt.

“Okay, come on, Honey.  Time to go home,” you stood up and tugged on his leash but he disregarded your instructions and instead snooped around further into the bushes as if he really was part of the K-9 unit.  “Honey, what’s so interesting?” you asked, getting down to his level again to stroke his back.

“Arf,” you heard.  Blinking in puzzlement, you stared at your cat and waited for another bark.  “Arf,” the soft angelic whimper came from the bushes.  Snow White continued to dig through the foliage and motion with his paws for you to look through a small hole.  A small white furball, the size of your two fists, blinked her sweet pearly eyes at you, opened her baby lips, and wept for your help.  Snow White reached his paw in but frightened that he’d hurt himself, you latched onto him.  Instead, you very gently held your two palms out, clicked your tongue, and called for the tiny baby to walk forward a bit so you could excess the situation.  A vine strapped around her right hind leg prohibited her from escaping.  Grabbing your trusty army knife, you swiftly chopped down the sole stem and freed the puppy.  She pounced forward and Snow White instantly smuggled her into his layers of fur as if mistaking her as one of his fish plushies.

“Arf,” the poor abandoned pup squirmed.

Squeezing your hand into the small space between your cat’s tummy and his arms, you weeded the puppy out into the palms of your hands.  She blinked innocently up at you and licked your thumb.  Her mini tail wagged against your palm like a feather duster.  The curious Snow White grabbed your arm and brought you back down to his level so that he could admire his new friend.

“Shall we invite her into our family?” you questioned the feline.  Purring blissfully, he bounced on all fours and groomed the baby in your hands.  She squealed and rolled around.  So with a warmed up heart, Snow White and you skipped back home with the puppy cradled safely against your chest.

“ZiTao, we have a new addition to the family,” you announced as soon as he stepped into the house.

Whut?!” he gasped, threw his shoes off, knelt on the floor, and placed his head against your stomach.  You gently smacked his head and took advantage of the opportunity to run your fingers through his soft hair.

“No.  We’re not even married yet, stop dreaming,” you giggled.  With a pout, he looked up at you with puppy eyes.

“Arf,” the tiny creature made her presence known by waddling over.  Snow White followed along with his head held high and paws gracefully rocking against the marble floor as if he was her chaperone.

“Candy!” he gaspingly named the pup and ran toward her with his arms flipping like a bird.  You hid your face into your hands.  Someone please remind me why I agreed to taking care of three babies?  But Snow White tickled you with his fur, Candy showered your face with kisses, and Tao…he hummed you a soft lullaby and cradled you to sleep, erasing all the stress and worry accumulated through the eventful day.    

a/n: ໒(◉ᴥ◉)७ Welcome to the crazy famjam, Candy BB.  :3 hehe.  Tao’s shower kinks ୧╏ ~ ᴥ ~ ╏୨ you know it’s true!  && Yifan was an undercover!!! ;0!!!  More action and mystery coming up!!!  Hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter!!


SNK/Soul Eater AU Character clothing

I tried to translate each characters personality into these, and this will definitely be a good reference for me if I end up writing this AU! (One day, friends, one day.)

Be sure to read the captions, hilarity ensues.

Out of the Ashes, Definitely Not a Date

Out of the Ashes, part 13/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)

Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.

Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr

tumblr A03

“You know, I’m hurt.”

James looked up from the engine of his car as Donna took a seat on the steps of the house, holding out a bottle of lager to him.  He straightened and wiped the oil from his hands before taking the bottle and leaning against the car.

“Dare I ask why?”

Donna took a pull from her own bottle and pouted at him.  “Granddad got to meet this new love of your life before I did.”

“Ian’s a bit young for anything like that,” James said, tilting his head and pulling a face.

“Har har,” she said, rolling her eyes dramatically.  “You know, it’s astonishing that wit hasn’t gotten you in films.”

“A tragedy,” he agreed, bringing the lager to his lips.

“Granddad said she was sweet,” Donna persisted, and James rolled his eyes with a groan.

“Donna, Rose is not ‘the new love of my life’,” he told her, putting the bottle on the roof of the car and turning back to the engine.  “Not now, not ever.”

“S’not what Granddad said,” Donna countered with a shrug as he picked up a ratchet and set to work again.  “He said he hasn’t seen you look at anyone like that since–”

“Don’t,” James interrupted sharply, shooting a warning glare at her over his shoulder.

Donna looked back at him sadly.  “It’d just be nice to see you happy with someone again.  It’s been years–”

“Two years!” he cried in exasperation, throwing the ratchet down as he faced his sister.  “That’s barely multiple!”

“Still,” she continued, unperturbed.

“Still nothing,” he said, before she could get out whatever other argument she was planning.  “If I somehow find myself in a relationship again in the near future, it won’t be with Rose.  That’s already been stated with abundant clarity.”

“What?” Donna demanded, and James winced as he spun back to his car.

“Nothing,” he muttered.  “Just drop it, Donna.”

“Oh, no,” Donna said, standing and walking over to the car.  “You can’t say that and not elaborate.  C’mon, little brother; spill it.”

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somuchbetterthanthat  asked:

If you're tempted, Irma/Floréal/Louison, - flirting? (can be just two of them if you prefer!)

In which it is really hard to tell if girls are flirting with you or not sometimes.


“Grantaire said he had a friend I had to meet, he didn’t warn me you were so pretty or I would have told him to make it a blind date,” Irma Boissy says the first time Floréal meets her, at the bar at the Corinthe, sliding into the seat next to her and elbowing Grantaire as he sits down too.

“Of course she’s pretty, I make sure all my friends are as beautiful as possible so I have models for my art and a way to make up to the world for my face.”

“Hush, I’m getting compliments,” Floréal tells Grantaire, rolling her eyes at him and then looking at Irma again. She’s very pretty, with an asymmetric haircut Floréal would love to steal and a pattern on her sleeves that looks hand-embroidered. “Maybe even giving them. Keep telling me nice things about myself and we can reconsider the blind date thing.”

“I never should have introduced the two of you,” Grantaire says, off to the side, though he sounds amused more than worried. “I suddenly want to take all of this back.”

“Hush,” Irma tells him, and that makes Floréal like her even more. Sometimes Grantaire has to be told to shut up, it’s a wise person who knows when. “Now, tell me about all these compliments you’re thinking about giving me.”

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Kylux Airport AU

Cross-posted on AO3. This time instead of filth, it is fluff. Blame @kawaiilo–ren <3 Hux is on a business flight. Kylo is a stranger who falls asleep on Hux’s shoulder. Hux is not amused, but less annoyed than he would like.


Kylo smells faintly of cigarettes, and of something that reminds Hux of dried dates, of evenings still filled with a summer day’s scorching, terrible heat. He huffs a quiet breath, shaking his head. He’s about to once more shove Kylo off, when Kylo stirs from his sleep.
Good. Hux will give him a tongue-lashing that the boy won’t ever forget.
“I’m sorry,” Kylo drawls, voice soft and deep.
Hux forgets what he’d wanted to say. Kylo moves back, takes out his earphones and from beneath his lashes glances at Hux.
“You’re comfortable,” Kylo adds and a faint blush warms his cheeks. Hux stares at him, incredulous.

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