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HC: best friend

to cheer @hunterthepenguin up, here are some more yukioxbest friend!reader headcanons

  • these two are the masters of bets. you wouldn’t pick Yukio to be one for childish things but you just strike a competitive core within him that he has to submit to
  • Yukio learned the hard way that there’s no way of escaping you. Though, fortunate for him you know when to back off but when you have the feeling that something’s wrong with him and he needs a friend, despite saying he’s okay, you will harrass him with texts, and then phone calls and then appear in front of his door (if it’s possible)
  • I think Yukio would be the guy to have you as an internet best friend first. maybe he found out about an app like Vent and just downloaded it to blow off some steam, never expecting anything out of it 
  • you had seen his posts for some time and were pretty concerned with him and decided to drop him a message
  • but asking him of “he’s really only 15 years old” wasn’t probably the best thing 
  • he was offended at first. he had already enough drama, he didn’t want to explain himself just because he was a little young but for some reason he couldn’t just ignore it and decide to reply to you, giving you some peace of mind
  • “oh no, sorry. i didn’t mean to offend you. i just hoped that with how much you have on your plate that you were a little older. you’re very strong”
  • and normally he would’ve rolled his eyes but somehow he felt like you meant it. like you were genuinely sorry
  • after that you sometimes dropped by to leave him a message, asking him how he was doing. not mothering him, just offering an ear if he needed it
  • this drip-dropped for some time until he asked if you wanted to continue talking over an messaging app and he was damn sure you would decling, and that this was the moment when he screwed up
  • but instead of that he got an “I would love to! <3”
  • and he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face as you exchanged phone numbers, cue Rin and Kuro staring at him weirdly
  • it hurt to not have you close when he needed you but thanks to the different time zones, you were awake when his insomnia was driving him insane and spending all those moments witch each other when he was the most vunerable, glued you more together than any physical contact ever could
  • you somehow managed to always be just one click away, and he swore there was nothing more beautiful than seeing your tired face in the morning because you had only gotten two hours of sleep but you wanted to wish him good luck before he had to head off to a mission (even though, he told you it was just an important exam)
  • you two have some nicknames for each other (e.g. smart dumbass and Yu-Yu in your case and brat and idiot in his case) but he absolutely loves hearing you call him by his first name
  • and you would give away a fortune to hear him call you beautiful because he didn’t refer to your appearance but to the beauty of your soul and personality

My recent post/reblog from @hollyashton, someone asks how to download the soundtrack and keep it in the phone. I know how to do it because I also had done this. 5sos story of another us audio reblogged in 2015

You can’t download the audio on mobile unless there’s an app to do so. I’m only going to post the tutorial using a computer/PC.

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MFWP: Trip to Kanazawa route added!


We have added another route for the Saeki BD event today!

After reading “The Mysterious Kidnappning Route”, please choose “Trip to Kanazawa Route” and resume your romance!!

★Event ends 2/28 3:00AM (UTC)!

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MFWP: Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Winners!

Yuta: Hey guys, the Valentine’s Day Date Outfit winners have been decided! Thanks for all of your submissions, everybody!

Yamato: That was sure a lot of entries to go through. Jeez, the nerve of these guys, making me a judge when I’m not there to argue.

Akito: In my case, I’m a pro at this sort of thing, so it wasn’t too hard to pick. I went with an outfit that was a creative arrangement of basic items.

Haruka: Honestly, I just went with an outfit that I’d like my wife to wear on a date with me.

Who are the winners of Yamato, Akito and Haruka’s prizes?!
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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…


iconic/memorable Goblin moments (1/?)

Goblin & Reaper arrive in style to save EunTak - episode 02