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Watch Me Babygirl [pt.12]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, smut (blowjob)

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jk: why couldn’t we have the same off block?

you: idk jungkook

you: now stop texting me while i’m in class i don’t wanna get in trouble

You locked your phone and slid it back underneath the binder on your desk. Jungkook was being a real pain in the ass today and you had no idea why. He’d been texting you nonstop all day. It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy talking to him, because you did, it’s just that you didn’t want to fail your classes. You really needed to pay attention to pass them and Jungkook texting you every second wasn’t conducive to you passing them in the slightest.

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Can you pretty please do a drabble or an au for Vernon since it's his birthday?

me: is late for his birthday
also me: friendship to romance trope with vernon au??? yeah??? 

  • you’ve known vernon for like three hundred years,,,,like you two grew up together and because of that
  • your sarcastic personalities get along really well and by really well you both rip on each other like there’s no tomorrow and everyone calls you the old married couple because you two always seem to be play arguing about the SMALLEST things
  • but like this is your dynamic and in the end it’s all fun and games and vernon has opened up to you about how hard it can be to be an idol and you’ve always been a big support for him
  • which is why when his birthday comes around and you’re thinking of some funny joke gift to get him to piss him off like a framed photo of seungcheol or J.Cole’s album but when you open it the CD inside is like a Barney sing-along
  • but also you’re like “i need to get him a serious gift” so you call up seungkwan and you’re like ,,,,,,,,im thinking of getting him some cool tech think what do you think
  • and seungkwan sighs on the other line and is like “i think i have a better idea of what you should give him,,,,,” and you’re like omg what
  • and seungkwan is like “idk maybe you could both finally open your eyes and figure out you like each other and you give him the greatest gift of all: LOVE”
  • and you pause
  • before bursting out into laughter because seungkwan HAS to be joking,,,you and vernon are like oil and water you bicker about everything and are always trying to tick each other off
  • but seungkwan is dead serious he’s like “it might be hard to believe but vernon is flirting with you,,,,,,,like he’s usually super shy and quiet with other people even with us sometimes he’s closed up but with you - he’s a completely different person”
  • and you like??? can’t believe it you just can’t but when you hang up you sit there and think,,,,,,,,do you like vernon? you’ve been friends for so long that skinship and closeness has always been ok
  • but then you think of vernon,,,,and his hands on your waist,,,,,the way he looks when he smiles and the pretty way his bangs fall into his eyes when he laughs
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait
  • vernon is handsome. and talented. and has always been there for you and you’re like oh m y G od,,,,,,,,,i like him
  • and you look down at your phone and see a text from vernon whose like ‘today is a special day do you know why?’ and you know he’s joking around as usual
  • but you’re like ‘yeah, i need to give you your gift can you come over?’
  • and vernon says he’ll be there asap and you’re pacing around your room thinking about how you’ve never been this nervous to see your best friend before
  • but when the doorbell rings your heart nearly pops out of your chest
  • and when you open it you have to take in a breath because vernon is there, black hair a bit messy when he pulls off his hoodie and his lips turning up into that smile when he takes off his mask
  • and he’s like ‘so - what’d you get me?’
  • and you realized that one) you didn’t get him anything so you really have no choice but to follow seungkwan’s advice and two) was he always ,,,,,like did he always look this,,,,,,,,,,,,,KissableTM
  • and you’re just,,,staring at him and vernon is like hey??? hello?? waving his hand in your face and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, ‘my gift-’
  • and vernon grins like ‘yes, what is it i didn’t come over here for noth-’
  • and you cut him off with a fast, shy peck to the lips and when you pull back there’s one million thoughts in your head but you’re also like ‘im sorry seungkwan said that the best gift to give is love and oh god saying outloud is so corny let’s pretend i didn’t just do tha-’
  • but vernon reaches out to pull you back in, gently kissing you first this time and you ,,,,,, honestly cannot believe it for the first like 60 seconds
  • but you fall into it
  • and vernon is just as sweet and careful as you thought he’d be
  • and when you guys finally let go of one and other vernon is like ‘best gift, i honestly thought you were going to get me something as a joke-’
  • and you’re like ‘oh yeah i was gonna get a framed pic of s.coups but i couldn’t get him to model for me when i asked’
  • and vernon looks at you and is like ‘why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do i like you so much when you do these things to me’
“You Cappin’, Shorty” - a short story

by Tanaé B

I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend Arnell, who is undoubtedly cackling after reading that title. Love you.

Let me set the scene. It’s 10:45pm on a Wednesday and I’m just getting off work, tired as fuck. As I’m heading to the elevators to go home, I turn my phone on and immediately see a notification from Snapchat. Imagine my surprise when I see it’s from an old boo I used to mess with in fucking HIGH SCHOOL. If yall read my post about the nigga that sucked my tiddys on the second floor while the rest of the school was in the gym watching the basketball game, this is that guy. The one who said my tiddys was Downey soft.

So I open the snap and he asking if he can pull up on me and using the thirsty emoji faces. I’m like hmmm….. I haven’t seen him in literally six years. We’ve spoken from time to time but it’s been a while. So it was shocking that he suddenly wanted to see me. But as ya’ll know, I’ve been like… in heat… ever since me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago. I’ve really just been waiting for the perfect person and opportunity to get some dick and I was starting to think THIS COULD BE IT lmao. I could tell it was probably one of those situations where he just seen me on snapchat looking good as fuck and started reminiscing, so he hit me up. But I didn’t care, it was just dick right?

Let me describe him though… he’s about 5′11-6′0. Medium brown to darkskinned. Athletic build. Long locs. Juicy lips. Big nose (yall know I love niggas with big noses). He a hood nigga, so he dress like the average hood nigga that love designer clothes. Anyway, he fine as hell. So I message him back asking what he tryna pull up for. He telling me he wanna talk to me and he gotta get some shit off his chest. Talking about “I miss you fr” and “Send address” lmaoo. He just kept begging me and rushing me, steady reminding me to let him know when I was home. It was funny as hell. 

So when I got home and had showered or whatever, I told him he could come. He kept asking if I missed him but I’m like I’ll decide that when I see him. I had to wait and see where his head was at and what he been doing with his life before I start flirting and shit. Cause if he pulled up looking dirty as hell or I found out he was a bum now or something, it wasn’t happening lmfao. But he gets there and when I get in the car, it is quite clear that he is drunk. Actually, he still had the drink in his hand. I’m like no wonder this nigga being so honest and all in his feelings lol.

But he was looking good as fuckkkk though. And he smelled amazing lol. But I’m playing hard-to-get and shit, just making conversation, acting like I didn’t know he wanted me. So we’re talking, catching up on everything over the past six years. I asked him how his mama and sister was doing, and we talked about his daddy passing last year and what he was doing with his life now. He sounded like he was doing good and trying to make moves towards a better lifestyle. I tell him what I been up to and all that good shit. He played some music for me that he did and it was actually good lol. So I’m like okay..okay…everything lining up so far lmao.

And THEN….he really got me when he started talking about my art. I ain’t even know he followed it because he never likes or comments on it, but he started referencing different details in specific pieces and just telling me how amazing and talented I am and all the things I could do with it and how he wishes me so much success and he went on and on and on about all this for a good 15-20 minutes. I’m just sitting there silently while he speaking all passionately about me and thinking to myself “Yep…I’m gonna ride his dick.”

After the art talk was over though, he started talking about what he REALLY had to tell me. He leaning in towards me looking me dead in my eyes , getting serious as fuck and telling me how much he miss me. I’m laughing it off telling him he crazy cause he was staring at me for a long ass time and it was making me nervous LOL. Then he started talking about my lips. (If you didn’t already know, my lips are kinda beautiful). And he asked me if he could taste them. I think by this point for sure, my thong was wet. And I had a tight dress on. I started rearranging myself in my seat so I wouldn’t leak onto his seats and shit lmaoo.

I’m still pretending I ain’t thinking about him until he asks me for a hug. So I lean over to give him a hug and he pulls me over to his side so I’m laying halfway on top of him and he just squeezing me and rubbing on my ass. But I was uncomfortable so I moved back to my seat. Then he asked if he could have another hug lmao. And this time he pulled me all the way into his lap and when I was there, he grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him hard as fuck and kissed me. That’s one of my turn-ons, when the guy just take control and puts me where he wants me. I lowkey love that shit.

So I’m sitting cross-legged on his lap and his arms wrapped around my waist all tight and he tonguing me down. I don’t be joking when I say a good kissing is all I need to get me where I need to be lmao and man….then when we stopped kissing and I felt his wet tongue flickering all over my neck…. yooooo. The way his tongue was feeling had me wondering what it would feel like in between my legs. Because believe it or not, I’ve had some bad experiences with that because niggas tongues just don’t be wet enough? Idk about yall, but that has happened a few times to me. But his tongue was so wet and warm and doing everything right…

Then he pulled one of my tiddys out and started licking and sucking on it. He had tints on his windows so I’m thinking to myself “we could fuck RIGHT NOW if we wanted to” lol. He said I had him thinking about shit he shouldn’t be thinking about. I’m like what? And he said me bouncing up and down on his dick. Which is exactly what I wanted to be doing But honestly, I didn’t like the fact that he was drunk. I didn’t wanna fuck him when I was sober and he was drunk. And legally, that’s rape, idc what yall say lol. And I wasn’t tryna be that person. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to yall probably, but It’s the principle of the whole thang. I just told him right now wasn’t the time or place. 

We started talking about the whole tiddy sucking thing in HS lmao. And how he was the first guy I ever sent nudes to and how I had wanted him to be the first guy I had sex with. And how we used to be on the back of the bus messing around when the basketball team had away games because he was on the team and I used to run the clock and keep the book for their games. He started talking shit about how when he got home, he wanted pics of my tiddys in his snapchat. Talking about “They mine. They always been mine baby. They on you, but they belong to me.” And if any other nigga said some shit like that to me, I would’ve been like “BOAAA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” lmaoooo. But he was highkey just turning me on yall :(

He started rubbing on me and laying back in his seat saying he was tryna calm down lmfao. But he kept going back to licking on my neck and feeling for my zipper. I said “you ruining the mood” in my warning voice lol and he stopped. He started acting thirsty again, repeatedly telling me to let him know when I’m free so he can come get me. I’m like sooo you gone drive out here from Lansing to get me and take me back to your place, then drive me back out here? and he said yeah. And I believed him because I used to fuck with this guy who lived in Crestwood and did the same shit multiple times a week lol. My friend swore he wasn’t gonna really do it cause niggas don’t do all that just for some pussy. I’m like they do for this pussy

So I give him my schedule or whatever and he leaves. Texts me when he gets home and ask to see the tiddys. So I sent him my top three fave tiddy nudes lol. And he losing my mind talking how perfect they are and how he needs them and how much he miss them. Saying I was about to make him stroke it lmao. Anyway, I fell asleep soon after that. But when I woke up the next morning, I was like hmmm let me look at his facebook. I was just trying to look at pictures of him LMAO. I hadn’t been friends with him on facebook or ig in a year or so. So I just wanted to check it out.

What the fuck do you think was the first thing I saw?


I’m thinking to myself “nahh nahh nahhhh…. I KNOW this ain’t his child…. I know it’s not…….”

I had a bad experience with babymama drama before and I said I would never again fuck with a nigga that got kids because that was the only SURE way to avoid it lmaobs. And I know how niggas like to claim to be single when they got a kid on the way but they really still fuck with the BM or even be in a whole relationship with her. And like I said…he a hood nigga. I ain’t want no hood bitches coming after my ass cause I fucked her babydaddy. I’m in denial and shit though like let me check his instagram, this could be his unborn niece or nephew for all I know smfh lmaoo.

So I get on IG and it’s multiple ultrasound posts with captions like “daddy’s little girl” “My kid ain’t gone ever want for nothing!” blah blah blah. I’m PISSEDDDDDDD LOL. Like everything was going so fucking perfectly. I was bout to get some dick and I just knewwwwwww it was gone be good. I JUST KNEW! When I asked him about it, this nigga said “I thought you knew”. The fuck?? That long ass talk we had where I asked you what’s been going on in ya life and brought up multiple family members and personal shit and you didn’t think not once to tell me that you had a baby on the way fool????

I decided right then that I wasn’t gone fuck with him. But I got to talking to my friends about it and they kept tryna convince me I was thinking too much and his BM wasn’t my problem and I was blocking my blessings and shit lmfao. And lowkey, I had been thinking lately that I be cockblocking myself sometimes cause I be too worried about the wrong things. Like when I was on that date a month ago and me and dude were in the car kissing, I was READY AS FUCK but I kept saying I needed to go in the house cause we couldn’t be out in the middle of the street like that. Instead of just saying “let’s go somewhere” lmfao. And I been regretting that shit ever since. So I thought it over and was like okay… he didn’t have no pics of his BM or any other woman up on his page so maybe he really not fucking with her anymore in that way.

Clearly in denial. I hit him up anyway and ask if they still together. This how the conversation went:

Me: are yall still together? -__-

Him: We cool :(

Me: yall were in a relationship?

Him: That’s my bm I won’t lie to you I got to cuz of my daughter (????). Yes.

Me: but yall dont fuck with each other in that way huh -__-

Him: *says nothing*

Me: That’s a yes.

Him: that’s a ……..

Me: if you can’t say no, it’s yes.

Him: *eyeroll* *sad face* stop it

Me: *getting pissed cause he beating around the bush* why did you even do all that yesterday if you know you in a relationship and bout to have a baby with someone lol like what was the purpose in even coming to see me


DO YOU KNOW???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS NIGGA SAID “you cappin shorty”. 

Yall…I lost it. I was looking like Lois Griffin after everybody ruined Christmas and then it wasn’t even no paper towels left. I was minding my own damn business not thinking bout yo ass, then you gone come over and seduce me just to tell me you still with ya babymama?? And then when I find out, you gone tell me I’m trippin???!!! Is this real life??? I told his ass bye. He sent some sad faces but fuck him lmao. I was so mad. Playing with my pussy’s heart like that. I couldn’t believe he was 25, still acting like he did at 18 when we was in high school. That shit is crazy. I hope he find out the baby ain’t his.

Just joking. 

But only sort of.


Ever think about driving with Harry?

Like sitting next to him in one of his expensive cars surrounded by buttery soft leather. And getting to watch all of the faces he pulls while concentrating on the road. And when you’re on a long, straight stretch that doesn’t require both hands on the wheel or he’s not fiddling with his bottom lip with that free hand, he’s reaching over to you, taking your hand from your lap so he can hold it. He likes to bring your knuckles to his lips, placing soft kisses with quick glances at you. But his eyes never linger for too long–he does have to watch the road, after all; “M’a safe driver, love.”

And when you’re on long drives or stuck in traffic, you like to sneak pictures of him. Of course, you’re never really sneaky about it because you love the way he gets all grumpy when you do. “Why yeh got to bother me while I’m operatin’ heavy machinery, kitten?” And you pout in response to his assertions that you’re annoying, sticking that bottom lip out that makes him feel some kind of way. So he turns and gives one of those cheesy, eye crinkling smiles, letting you snap a quick pic.  

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Mine (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 65. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

82. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

Warnings: Slight smut, swear words

Word Count: 873

A/N: I just didn’t like this one… Idk… I was not planning on writing any imagines till Sunday but the recent pics of Tom just made me want to write a million.

Originally posted by iistrawberry

It was getting harder for Peter to breathe as each second passed. He couldn’t believe all of these were happening. He was not the jealous type; well at least he didn’t show how jealous he was all the time. He knew, if he got angry, he would break both of their hearts but he was fed up with everything.

He took a deep breath and got up from his seat. The loudness coming from the music and the people in the crowded room was irritating him more than anything. He tried to calm himself down by watching the kids playing some game at the corner and the others cheering but he could not just wipe the terrible scene off his head.

He shut his eyes and scratched the back of his neck, remembering how Y/N was all over that guy… He knew it was some stupid dare and him and Y/N were no longer dating, he knew he had no right to say word but… The reason why they have broken up over all was something entirely stupid and they were not really broken up at all. They were just on a “break” and Y/N knew this very well. He clenched his fist; he couldn’t take it anymore. He marched to Y/N who was still sitting on the guy’s lap, giggling uncontrollably.

He was now standing in front of them staring down pretty irritated by how they were ignoring him. He coughed to get their attention, which was not a smart thing to do since music was too loud to even talk to somebody. He yelled: “Hey!” and threw his hands in the air. “What do you want Parker?” the guy asked, annoyed by Peter’s existence near them. Just a second later he smirked and pointed at Y/N, who was not laughing at all now: “You want some of this? Well too bad, she doesn’t give anything to losers!”

The guy grabbed Y/N’s hips roughly and laughed hysterically. Peter clenched his jaw, trying to keep calm since he knew he could destroy the guy’s existence less than a minute, which would not be a polite thing to do. “Get your hands off her,” Peter said calmly.

“Oh! Our loser seems to be angry! What are you going to do Parker? Get over it! She used you, she is no longer your girlfriend, she can do whatever she wants!” It was enough for Peter. Those words didn’t only anger him more; they were attacking at his heart too. However, Peter didn’t attack the guy. He grabbed Y/N’s arm roughly and dragged her to one of the empty rooms in the apartment.

“Get. Your. Hands. Off. Me!” Y/N yelled at him and Peter let her arm go.

Y/N headed to the door but Peter held her hands once again and gritted his teeth: “Listen to me.” His voice was showing how angry and broken he was. However, Y/N didn’t want to understand it, therefore she kept on walking. “Listen to me!” Peter yelled this time like he had never before in his life. Y/N was visibly shaking but she was also trying not to show how scared she was to Peter: “What the hell Peter?” she asked, not able to control her shaky voice.

“What the hell did you think you were doing back there Y/N? Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!” Peter was shouting at her and throwing his hands all over the air uncontrollably.

“NO! It fucking does not Peter! Do you have any idea how much I missed you?!” Y/N shouted back, no longer afraid to show how she was feeling.

Peter shook his head. His eyes were no longer shining like they always did; they were dark and full of lust.

Y/N was calming down, in fact she was smirking: “Do you have any idea how much I had wanted you for this whole month?” She knew very well what she was doing. Peter gulped, he was calm too. Though he could not just forget how that guy was touching her. Peter was no longer himself, this was a new person. Jealous.

“I want you. Right here. Right now.” He demanded with a deep voice. Y/N laughed lightly and shrugged: “Too bad. You already lost me.” She wasn’t actually going anywhere; she just loved playing with Peter like this. Peter’s eyes and gaze were still the same. He slowly walked towards her until there were inches between their lips. He held Y/N’s both hands roughly and slammed her against the wall behind. “Too bad, I had never lost you or never will,” he whispered, staring deeply into her eyes. Without hesitation, Peter attacked on her neck with his lips, causing her to gasp. She was surely not waiting this from Peter. He was always gentle, now these were all different. “Peter,” she whimpered. Peter tilted his head to face her and whispered: “We had just started love.”

He continued to suck on her lips, collar bone, neck; everywhere, roughly, while grabbing the side of her legs and ass. Y/N was moaning his name, begging for him to do something while Peter was mumbling how good she was looking like this just for him and no one else.

Coquette | 3

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: mentions of violence, underage drinking, detailed description of drug usage, somewhat smut

Originally posted by hunnysyub

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,772

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Hey mom! So tomorrow (June 1st) is my birthday, and since I absolutely adore your writing to Jupiter and back, I was wondering if you could write a small Joshua AU? Like maybe how he would celebrate his s/o's birthday with them or something like that? I hope this is not too much to ask!! Love you and I hope you have a nice day!~

im a little late,,,but i hope this post reaches u as a cute birthday gift!!! 

  • so on the day of ur birthday u wake up and like most days ur doing ur best to roll out of bed when u feel ur phone go off
  • and it’s a text from ur boyfriend u can tell by the special tone that goes off because joshua had sheepishly admitted that he’d like it if u made his contact tone like,,,,,different from everyone elses
  • you guys actually have matching ones 4 each other,,,,,his buddies do not let him live this down
  • but yeah u check ur phone and it’s the usual good morning i love u,,,,but also a happy birthday message followed by hearts and stars and then,,,
  • the text bubble pops up and u see a message: can u meet me at the bus stop near u in 10min?
  • and ur a little surprised because joshua,,,,likes to plan,,,,so ud expected him to send u something later in the day like an afternoon date or something,,,,but it’s p early??? and 10 min??? josh always texts like an hour in advance
  • but u shrug and try ur best to get ready,,,managing to dash out just in time but when u get the bus stop???? it isn’t joshua??? it’s seokmin???
  • and ur like,,,, “ur not,,,,joshua?” and seokmin tilts his head and is like “im not?” jokingly before smiling and handing u something behind his back 
  • it’s a card and it says “take the bus and come find me at the place we first met!~” in joshua’s hand writing
  • and ur like hmmm what is this,,,some kind of game 
  • and u look at seokmin who turns away and pretends to be interested in the trees and ur like seokmin,,,,,,tell me,,,,,,and he’s like idk anyone named seokmin anyway the bus is coming and i gtg byeeee
  • and with that the boy walks away and u hear the bus pull up to the stop and u hold the card,,,,,thinking about that time u met joshua at the second-hand bookshop in the mall,,,,
  • how he’d looked so,,,,,serene standing between the dusty shelves,,,a stack of books in his hands and glasses slopping off his nose,,,,
  • but again,,,,when u get to the stop near the mall,,,heading for the bookstore u try to look in every aisle but no joshua???
  • until u see him,,,,,,,,,mingyu,,,,
  • and u go up to him and ur like ??? where is joshua and mingyu is like “you mean,,,,where is the love of your life~” and ur like wha- and mingyu is like “it’s what ur saved as in his phone so i was just wondering-”
  • and ur like mingyu shush now is there another card??? and mingyu grins and is like there is here u go and on this one,,,it says “sorry,,,,ill really be there this time!! walk from the mall toward the park!!”
  • and u sigh scrunching ur nose up and looking at mingyu and ur like “is he going to be there?” and mingyu is like “soooo did u save joshua as ur cutiepie??? angel???? fluffybutt???” and ur like uGH fine ill just go thanks for n o help and mingyu winks as he sees u off
  • and as u get to the park,,,,you notice the balloons near the swings and u go over and someone is one the swing and ur like “joshu-”
  • but instead when they jump off and turn around all u see is,,,,,seungcheol and ur like “nOT again wHERE IS MY boyFRIEND”
  • and seungcheol is like “what,,,,am i not good enough/???” faking a dramatic look on his face and ur like “seungcheol, seriously wh-”
  • but ur words are cut off because you feel a set of hands wrap you up in a hug,,,,the familiar voice against your ear that goes “happy birthday~”
  • and ur like,,,joshua,,,,,
  • and u turn around and see him,,,,,smiling and he tugs you closer but u can see the blush spreading over his cheeks because tbh joshua has never been big on pda so he must be embarrassed in front of seungche - oh wait
  • when u pull back u see the rest of seventeen standing behind you guys,,,,,,minghao holding a cake and jun a huge stuffed animal
  • and the rest of them have more balloons and joshua is still red,,,,but he holds ur hand in his and he’s like “we can have something private later,,,but the guys wanted to celebrate ur birthday too so,,,,,”
  • and u hear vernon chuckle and he’s like “joshua don’t lie,,,,you’re the one who planned this because u love them too damn much” 
  • and u look at joshua whose like “wh-whAt- no i - to -totally didn’t,,,,,,” 
  • but it is TOTALLY obvious he did
  • and u cant help but bite back ur lip because u wanna smile so wide and u can’t believe,,,,,that he got everyone here on ur day,,,,,
  • and you lean up to kiss his cheek instead and the boys break out into a cheer and seungkwan is like “let me get my phone out i need pics-”
  • and joshua uses a hand to cover his face and he’s like nO but ur like joshua!!! it’s my birthday,,,,please??
  • and after a second he puts his hand down and is like ,,,,,,, “i cant say no,,,,,to u on ur birthday,,,,,,”
  • and u lean up to kiss him again so seungkwan can take the picture
  • but u also whisper “u cant say no to me everyday joshua hong don’t lie hehe”
  • you guys eat cake in the park and woozi makes u and joshua crowns out of flowers (which no one knew he could do. like what skills,,,,)
  • and it’s cute you spend the day with your love and your friends,,,,,but after joshua tells u he has dinner planned just for you two,,,,,,,,hoshi tries to figure out where u guys are going but jeonghan pulls him away by the ear LOL 

tsuki-nay  asked:

Hey hope you're well!! :) I've never made a request to anyone before so Idk how this works but, I put the photo of Jumin kissing MC (from 8th day of Jumin's Route) as my "profile pic" on mysme and I would love to hear how the RFA members would react if they could all actually see it on the messenger ^^;; x

hi!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you, I’m better now! felt a little down earlier rip I hope you’re well too! this is a hella cute request~ and i love that picture yessss I hope you like this!💛

..i made it the pic with his eyes open because that one’s just..Iconic


  • is pissed. of course
  • lowkey jealous, you could never tell sure zen 
  • you could make a drinking game out of how many times he sends his angry emoji
  • side note: i actually did this but with water. stay hydrated, kids. i took 9 water shots
  • he literally complains so much
  • “I hope you got mc’s consent to kiss her!” 
  • “who keeps their eyes open when they kiss?!”
  • “mc, if he ever does that without warning again, I’ll come over there and break you out”
  • he doesn’t sleep that night 


  • first he sends his ‘?!’ emoji
  • because woah! that was fast!! 
  • also because that looks like an intense kiss wow;;;;
  • then sends his huff emoji 
  • mainly because of all of zen’s complaining 
  • “…who did take the picture?”
  • is happy for them, but never looks at mc’s profile picture until she changes it
  • not because he’s jealous, though he is, but because he can’t handle jumin looking at him like that
  • what do you mean its only a picture, that stare still intimidates him 


  • is there a world record for ‘most sighs in a day’?
  • because jaehee probably beat it two hours ago
  • she heard about Sarah coming over and had her worries about what would happen with mc still here
  • maybe they could play it off as rfa business
  • but then she saw the picture
  • part of her expected this
  • but she was really hoping it wouldn’t happen
  • “of course…I’m happy for the two of you, but..”
  • sends her sigh emoji 
  • please tell her she doesn’t have to explain this to the Chairman 
  • mc, jumin, please let my wife rest

jumin [ why not ]

  • he acts all embarrassed in the chatroom
  • like “oh, i didn’t know you were going to make that your picture, mc”
  • he’s actually so smug omg
  • “but…that means you liked it, right?”
  • gets distracted from work every once in awhile because he wants to look at it
  • he can still feel mc’s lips on his
  • and he misses it
  • …maybe he could cancel this meeting….
  • no no no, get work done, jumin

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is not surprised at all
  • first saw it and sent an “ooooooooooh~~”
  • “Mr. Han and mc lololol never expected that”
  • “congrats though~”
  • sends his heart emoji 
  • just laughs at all of zen’s complaining
  • pity laughs at jaehee
  • “never thought jumin would be the one to find someone out of all of us”
  • he probably calls mc to gossip and ask her about the kiss
  • “wait he did that in front of Sarah? ohohohoho”

v / jihyun [ why not pt. 2 ]

  • comes into the chatroom and sees it
  • sends in a cute “Oh! Congratulations you two.^^”
  • aw look he killed me again
  • laughs to himself at everyone’s reaction
  • gives his apologies to jaehee
  • and then he calls jumin
  • “my best friend found a loverrrr” 
  • he’s teasing jumin omg
  • jumin is in the office, putting his head in his hand
  • but he’s smiling and blushing because his best friend is a Dork 
  • he’s really happy for the two of them

• “you’re dumb”
• “thanks, i know im handsome”
• “what-”
• all the members cannot stand you but then again when they’re stressed they just call you guys over and it just fixes up their moods
• mark hates both of you
• no exception
• y'all are annoying
• “aYOMURK.”
• taeyong cannot stop sighing around the two of you
• you know why.
• i know you know why.
• “your crush is coming!”
• “be natural- BOOMING SYSTEM UH UH”
• donghyuck thinks memes are dumb
• until he finds one that he thinks is funny.
• then it’s the golden meme and he’s sending it to you every 5 minutes.
• “i love you”
• “thanks, i love me too”
• you guys play really stupid games with really intense punishments.
• like, rock paper scissors where the loser GETS THEIR ASS BEAT.
• no one likes you guys but then again everybody likes you guys and it’s honestly like, same.
• OK but why do you guys seem like the type of couple who’d do the-
• “finish the heart”
• //sends a pic of middle finger
• it really catches him off guard when you call him haechan
• who is haechan.
• you guys literally, SING YOUR LUNGS OUT, TO FIRETRUCK. LIKE. FROM THE “GET IT LIFTED” TO THE “SOBANGCHA” part like it gets so intense
• you guys are both literally the smallest little babies OK LIKE DO NOT EVEN DENY. Y'ALL AREN’T EVEN LEGAL YET.
• not innocent tho
• what is innocence? :“)
• little tiny pecks on the cheek and the lips when no one’s looking bc no one needs tO KnOW.
• you ask donghyuck to sing you to sleep.
• he always replies the same way
• “oh my god shut up and go to sleep im growing and i don’t NEED YOU KEEPING ME UP BYE.”
• but rare days where he just feels a lil, just a tiny bit, clingy, he sings to you.
• but no he doesn’t sing romantic songs or lullabies
• he sings “booming system uh uh, ty track”
• cue taeyong yelling at both of you because you guys are laughing so hard and he’s just, doNE.
• you take his sweaters and hoodies
• he doesn’t even care
• you’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know that it’s his.
• donghyuck doesn’t act like it bc HE’S SUCH A SLY LIL DJDJ#&/*
• jeno always tells you how much donghyuck likes you but you just shrug it off and you’re like “idk, i like him a lot, though.”
• he really likes you honestly.
• you guys don’t talk about life till 5 am
• you guys talk about mermaids and whether or not they may or may not exist. till 3 am. bc you guys are growing. don’t you dare skip out on sleep, bad kids.
• you guys watch conspiracy theories ALL THE TIME.
• pretty sure harambe was a social experiment made by aliens living in a different dimension where the earth was taken over and created into a monarchy by the aliens to see how humans in a parallel universe would react to such an event.
• yeah. you guys are weird.
• ok so a really long time ago when you guys were both like, grade schoolers.
• well one day. donghyuck was sitting out on the bench because he sprained his ankle and no one sat down with him and he was just kicking sand with his feet.
• you walked over to him and smiled “hi.”
• “what do U want?” boy was he in a bad mood that he couldn’t play tag with everyone else.
• “i want to play with you!”
• “don’t you see that i can’t play?”
• “i can sit down and talk to you!”
• and that you did.
• donghyuck, the sarcastic, logistical, baby boy who loved running and laughing, was sitting down and talking to you and enjoyed it.
• “when i grow up, i want to sing on a big stage!”
• you smiled and nodded “im sure you can do it.”
• esp jaemin
• jaemin did not even care about donghyuck. he flat out told you that donghyuck liked you but you didn’t believe him.
• and yuta
• yuta has no filter when it comes to hyuck.
• donghyuck denied it
• until one day you two were sitting down enjoying your ice cream on a bench near the lake when were like “donghyuck, damn it-”
• and just, went for it and kissed him
• a gently one
• and donghyuck dropped his ice cream and then you pulled back and started blushing and let out a small “JSFJFJGJG WHY DID I JUST DO THAT UM-”
• but donghyuck then gave you a small peck on your lips to “calm u down” but it didn’t work it kinda made you freak out even more
• like. not in kisses, not in hugs, in actual money.
• he took back the $2.34 he spent on that ice cream cone.
• classic donghyuck for ya
• you guys do a lot of walking together
• you guys walk to school together
• walk to restaurants
• walk to stores
• walk to nearby lakes and parks
• waLks.
• he tries to teach you how to dance and sing
• tries
• what is reading the book before the movie
• what is not collecting every piece of merchandise of your boyfriend
• what is a proper meal and not fast food
• what even is donghyuck.

😊Vacation Time (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Could you write something with Ethan and Grayson and y/n going for a walk at night to the beach when the stars are out, gray decided to take pics and sees Ethan and y/n walking off together and something cute happens???? Thank you sm I love your writing :)) 

Warnings: Mild teasing

A/N: Thanks for the request! Requests are open and this is super cute! And thank you for being amazing❤️❤️ Also, I might start posting pictures cause I like them better than gifs but Idk for sure!

They have been my best friends since grade 3. When I went into homeschooling, the boys went into home schooling. Our families went on vacation together quite frequently but this time it was different. We were 18 and decided to go on vacation by ourselves this time. We were in Maui Hawaii and Grayson, Ethan, and I walking around the beach exploring. 

“The stars look so cool out tonight.” I said smiling while Grayson was ahead of Ethan and I a little bit.

“I agree. It’s so beautiful out tonight.” Ethan says as his hand brushes against mine.

“Hey I’m going to take some pictures before we have to leave. I’ll be right back.” Grayson says as he wanders off in front of Ethan and I. Before I could say something, Ethan darts straight to the water. I run after him as we are both giggling. I heard Grayson shout at us but we ran to where we couldn’t be seen. Ethan was swimming around in the shallow while I was on the shoreline with my toes in the water. Ethan had been begging me to swim for awhile now but I didn’t want to go swimming in the dark in the ocean.

“Y/N I’ve been swimming by myself for an hour now! Don’t make me come up there and bring you in here myself!”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I scolded. Ethan then disappeared underwater. I knew what was happening. “ETHAN!” I screamed and stood to my feet to run back to Grayson. But before I got very far Ethan was hot on my trail. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his shoulder.

“You should know I always get what I want.” Ethan runs back into the ocean and gets waist deep before he drops me in the water. I splash up and stand to me feet. I look around wondering where Ethan went.

“ETHAN!!!!” I screamed as Ethan swam between my legs and placed me on his shoulders. He stood tall and I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“You’re gonna jump! Are you ready?” Ethan asks and I frantically try and fall backwards. “1…” Ethan starts counting. “2…”

“Ethan Grant–”

“3!” And with that Ethan lunged me off his shoulders. I flopped in the water loudly. Ethan paddled towards me but I kicked my feet.

“No Ethan Grant Dolan! Stay back!” I snapped trying to swim away from him and go to the shore.

“Oh babe come on!” Ethan shouts and his words do something to me. They send chills throughout my entire body. I stop swimming in my tracks as Ethan tries to catch up to me. Finally he does and he turns me around. “Why’d you stop?” He asks cocking his head trying to figure out. To be honest, I’ve liked Ethan since our freshman year since we both went into homeschooling. We were with each other all the time and one day we just clicked and for some reason I haven’t forgotten that click. I’ve had countless boyfriends and he’s had countless girlfriends since we’ve been friends but in the end it’s always been us. Even Grayson knows about these feelings and tries and makes something happen. I think that’s why he suggested this trip.

“Babe.” Ethan says and I snap back into reality. He laughed. “So Babe has an effect on you I see.” He says as he moves closer to me. “What if I lean into your ear…” He leaned closer to me. Gently setting his hands in my waist. “And I said…” his warm breath sending shivers throughout my body. I bit my bottom lip and arch my body. Ethan was so incredibly sexy. No man I’ve ever been with had this effect on me at all but with Ethan, it all made sense. He knew what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I wanted, how I felt, everything Ethan knew. He knew what all the other guys did wrong and I knew he would do it all right. “This one is for the boys with the booming system. Top down, AC with the cooling system” Ethan raps gently in my ear. I push him away and splash him with water repeatedly. I was so annoyed with him and honestly I could have drowned him. I started to turn away when he grabs my wrist and pulls me back to him. I avoid making eye contact with him. “Y/N. Y/N look at me.“ I didn’t. I looked up at the sky smiling. "Baby.” Ethan says and I inhale deeply but still stand strong. I stay looking at the stars in the sky as Ethan pulls me closer to him. Our chests our touching and his arms wonder to my lower half. I feel a firm squeeze on my butt and I snap a look at a cheeky Ethan.

“Ethan!” I shouted and he laughs.

“You weren’t looking at me. I needed to do something.” Ethan grins widely.

“What do you want Dolan?” I asked cocking a brow as my hand wanders to the hem of his swim shorts. I feel him inhale deeply. Got him. Before I knew what was happening anymore he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him and my legs wrapped around his waist and his lips hungrily latch to mine. His hands squeeze my butt hard pushing me closer to him. The kiss was wayyyyy overdue. He obviously wanted this as much as I did. He slowly slid his tongue on my bottom lip and I parted my mouth slightly for his tongue to slide in. He picks me up and walks out of the water and he gets to the shore and lies me on my back causing me to get sand all over my back and I felt Ethan start to smile in the kiss.

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“You did that on purpose didn’t you…” I asked lowly and I felt him nod. I pushed him back and wiped my face. “Let’s go back.” I said standing to my feet dusting the sand off my butt. Ethan stands up and runs after me. I hate this game of chase we play.

“Woah woah Y/N hey woah.” He says cutting me off my path. “What’s wrong?”
“Oh I don’t know could be the fact you just kissed me and messed with my feelings and made me look stupid back there for kissing you. I feel like an idiot right now Ethan.” I snapped.

“Wait you think I only kissed you to show your feelings or something? You don’t think I may have feelings for you?” Ethan asks and my breath gets caught in my throat. I don’t say anything. Ethan takes my hand in his. “Y/N Y/L/N I have feelings for you. Since that day you defended me and Gray against those bullies on the bus I knew I liked you. And I always have. You’re so amazing. You don’t care what anyone thinks. You do whatever you can to make everyone happy and honestly that drives me crazy because you always wind up hurt. When guys would break your heart you thought it was a coincidence that I would wind up getting in a fight with them?” Ethan asks me and I shake my head. “I would fight them because they would hurt you. I don’t want anyone to hurt you. I want you.” Ethan says to me and leans in for another kiss. I gently lie my lips on his and this kiss was different. It was softer. Much more sweeter. It’s as if we are taking in each other. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. I liked him and he liked me back. We pulled away and smiled. 

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“I like you Y/N. I like you so much. I always have." Ethan says to me and we start walking back to the house.

"I like you too Ethan.” I said as I lie my head on his shoulder as we walk inside the house and go to his room and just cuddle and we talked about anything and everything.

The next morning we woke up to Grayson on the phone. “I know mom! No I don’t know when but they are asleep in his bed now. I know!” Obviously he was talking about Ethan and I to his mom. I rolled over to see Ethan sleeping heavily. He looks so peaceful. I lean up and kiss his cheek before going into the living room. “Mom gotta go.” Grayson quickly hangs up the phone before turning to me. Well look at the queen herself. So tell me. What all happened?” Grayson asks sitting at the table. I pour myself some juice and sit with Gray. After a few minutes Ethan walks in.
“The bed is cold without you.” He says scratching his bare chest. “I woke up to a phone call from mom. She wanted to know why Y/N and I were in bed together and then tried to give me the talk.” Ethan says and we all laughed.
“Speaking of the talk…” Grayson says looking between E and I. I gulped my juice avoiding eye contact. “What is happening here?” He says referring to us. Ethan looks up at me.
“If Y/N would like to I would be honored to take her on a date when we get back home.” Ethan says as he places some bread in the toaster.
“Yeah that sounds lovely.” I said smiling and Ethan was smiling back at me.
“I’VE GOTTA CALL MOM!” Grayson shouts and runs out of the room. Ethan makes his way over to me and wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him. He places a kiss on my head as he holds me.
“Get ready for 20 questions when we get home.” Ethan says to me causing me to laugh and spill my juice.

BTS Reaction 2 You Telling Them 2 Stop Posting Thirst Traps

Anon asked: Can I request BTS & GOT7’s reaction to their S/O telling them to stop posting thirst traps 😂😂 

(these pics I describe are fake, like idk if they have posted some like the ones I’ve described but I’m just making some up)

*gifs are not mine*

Jin: Jin had posted a picture of  him winking and biting his lips and all the comments were making you roll your eyes. You looked at him and scoffed. “You need to stop it with these pics. Looking like you need a bottle of water to quench your thirst.” He looks at you and laughs. “What can I say? I’m just that gorgeous.”

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Yoongi: Your phone dings notifying you that someone posted something on Twitter and you internally groan in annoyance. Yoongi posted a picture of him with messy bed hair, and he was biting his lip. You quoted his tweet saying, “the thirst trap is real.” He enters the living room with an innocent smile on his face. “You love me thoe,” he says kissing your cheek.

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Hoseok: Lately Hobi has been posting pictures of him that were suggestive and flirty and you were tired of it. The most recent picture took you by surprise. You decided to confront him about these pictures and all he did was just wink at you. “You know those pics are meant for you,” He grabs you by the waist and spins you around. “Now excuse me, it’s time to post another one,” he laughs, while walking away.

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Namjoon: He would act cute towards you blowing you kisses making you grow even more annoyed with him because he wasn’t taking it serious. “Is it really that bad babe? Do I really look like I’m posting thirst traps?” You’d just roll your eyes and tell him to stop because he was giving his fans a heart attack.

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Jimin: Jimin likes to push his hair back and lick his lips and he posted a video of him doing just that. When you told him that he looked like he was posting thirst traps he’d go back and post another one with a caption saying, “this is for y/n because they hate when I post videos like these.” Petty!

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Taehyung: You were lounging around the dorms when all of a sudden you just said stop posting thirst traps, with a serious look on your face. He’d laugh at you and say they weren’t thirst traps, they were pictures that appreciated his sexy and mature side.

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Jungkook: This cocky mf would try and say you were jealous because all the fans were looking at what was yours. You’d tell him to get over himself and he’d just laugh before engulfing you in a hug.

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I don’t really like this one y’all but I hope you enjoy. GOT7 version will be posted in 2 days.

Friends to Lovers with Mark
  • hello
  • omg i finally get to do this
  • like three people requested this
  • and i understand them all perfectly tbh
  • everyone needs someone as perfect and sweet as this lil angel in their lifes
  • btw i really miss his blonde hair
  • like you know the really blonde ramen hair that he had in my first and last
  • but anyways, i’ll just start writing this for once lmao
  • soooo, 
  • you kiddos probably met in school
  • let’s say that you’re a year younger than him so you didn’t go to the same class than him
  • but you were donghyucks seat partner ;)) yeAh
  • you get along well really fast and in one of the recess he decided to introduce you to all the dreamies
  • and yeah, he was the one who introduced you to our markimoo
  • and when you first saw him you were like damn boii
  • because he’s so handsome??? i mean what¿?
  • you really liked his soft features
  • like his skin is so gorgeous and his skin tone it is too 
  • and did you notice how beautiful his lips are? and he has amazing cheekbones
  • i’m looking at his firetruck teaser pics for inspiration as i write this and omg
  • he’s so handsome??? like?? what??? when¿?
  • his whole face was just so perfect and you just
  • “wow, i love you nose and your hair look really goodd?? do you bleach it often?”
  • what lmao
  • he though that you were really spontaneous and funny and he just adored you since the first second you opened your mouth
  • you on the other hand were already so embarassed jesus christ
  • but he just laughed and both of you started to talk about each others hair the whole time
  • and donghyuck was there like ¿?? what in flirtation
  • is that meme too old for me to use or
  • the dorms were really close to ur home btw and donghyuck would always walk you till like half of your way until he has to change directions
  • and there were only two or three days at week were your class and mark’s would go out of school at the same hour and today was one of those days ;)) wink wonk
  • in the end of that day, in the place where hyuck would normally change his directions and let you go mark decided to accompany you
  • donghyuck wasn’t feeling it so he just left both of you alone and went to the dorms to sleep lmao
  • and from that day mark would always walk you home whenever he cans and omg, every day you get to know each other so much
  • and obvs y’all exchaged numbers too
  • and you would be texting to each other all the time i swear
  • and the members loved you but they were so tired of hearing so much about you coming from mark lmao
  • “y/n you’re an angel but sometimes i really hate you”
  • “what? why?”
  • “because there’s ths guy called m..”
  • he’s so obvious and that made you feel a bit more confident to do little things to be closer to him like idk start skinship and text him first
  • and after like a month and a half after, once he was a 100% sure of his feelings for you and was conviced by his soulmate aka jaehyun, he finally confess
  • “i-i have been liking you for some time now and, i-i just though it was something important that you should know, i understand if you don’t want to keep being friends with me so don’t worry about that”
  • he was so nervous, you have no idea
  • and even if he always was really obvious with his feelings you still felt relieved after hearing his confession
  • but you get really nervous too because you knew that now it was YOU time to confess
  • “i-i like you too mark, and, you never heared this from me but this feelings are here since the very first moment i saw you”
  • his eyes started to shine and his smile was so beautiful and wide and you were internally dying because of how handsome this child is
  • and you started to date that day aw
  • and you get your first kiss the next week
  • he walked you home like he always did and since you started to date it  was a bit more awkward?
  • but he grabbed your hand that day and i swear he never stop smiling in the whole way
  • “guess we are here”
  • “i guess we are”
  • “i-i’m happy that now we’re.. well.. you know.. hehe”
  • jesus christ
  • “yeah, i’m really happy too”
  • a few seconds of silence and awkward giggles happened
  • “okaybyemarkhaveagoodlifeseeyoutomorrowbye”
  • and you just entered to your house lmao
  • your relationship is the cutest thing ever leT ME TELL YOU
  • he’s not jealous or protective or anything like that at all 
  • he trust you with his entire life so he’s always sincere with you and never keeps any secrets from you
  • and he’s also not the clingiest person but he loves it when you start skinship
  • like, he’s not the biggest fan of it either but he’s always down for your soft caresses and your koala hugs you know
  • he would always want to protect you and would always take care of you
  • you would be blessed to have an angel like him by your side tbh
  • okay and the enddd
  • i hope y’all like this <3 it was fun to do lmao
  • byeeeeeeeeeee <3

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first of all thank you sooooo much for looking at my trash blog.


the “wellington curse” is used to talk about some mysterical, ridiculous, highly dubious incidents of HarryAndLouis being together and unfortunately seen by people. however, (apparently controlled by someone), all photos or videos that go leaked seems to be taken by a Nokia being dumped into the sea bitten by sharks then burned dry with fire. eveything BLURRY and UNCLEAR. and we call this a “curse” because every single fucking Harry and Louis are together something like this happen. All. The. Fucking. Time. What. THe. FuCK.

it’s called “wellington” because the whole fiasco originated in wellington.

and when you hear people saying “investigate it”, it means we’re gonna dig deep and find out everything about one incident.

so here we go.

back in february in 2012, the first wellington incident happened in a bar. (click on the link and there’s the shite video)

they are caught on (shitty) video, seems like kissing or have any form of intimacy going on lol

louis is leaning in as harry also simultaneously pulling him towards himself. then harry sorta holds him from behind and goes in for his neck. 

then idk what louis is doing (bc he’s drunk outta his mind), seems like he’s going in for something or idk, dancing?

here’s an enhanced gif of harry like, biting/kissing/idk into loui’s neck

very unclear

i mean, like, there are soooo many people around???? and they have so many phones????? why is this taken by a potato??????


(that is meant for a sarcastic tone)

TWO MONTHS LATER again in wellington, harry and louis are seem together in a cafe with gemma and keith.

here are some clearer pics that i managed to find. they are leaked WAYYYY after when the incident first happened.


yet apparently,


and then of course, the internet started freaking out at about 2:30, then that evening harry tweets this

and aND AND!!! it’s not over.

here is another thing that happened in wellington. the third wellington incident. (click the link for video)

actually, DO watch the video, you’ll see everything so i won’t copy what is said here as it’s not that important. but just so you see, every time in wellington, magical SHIT happens.

and then it’s not only wellington, the curse spreads.

first allow me to introduce you to tHIS.

hOLDING HANDS?????!!!!!


everythign is blurry????


noW WHAT????


how about tHIS SHIT?????



mind you, here’s just a few that i find significant, the Wellington Curse happened more times than you imagine. 

f king pissed.

when H&L has come out, they better explain every about all these mysteries.

haha here’s drunk louis again

and tHEN, ONE MAGICAL DAYYYYY. the great Ian McKellen confronted them on tHE SHOW!!!!!!!! (i think you all know when is this so…)

so apparently Harry and Louis didn’t go to the Hobbit premier, and they were in a bar or together in their house, somewhere, you see.

Sir Ian diD A THING



okay now they’re apparently sooooo “uncomfortable”

and then Sir Ian did this thing with his hand, to mimick some drink and smoking.

hahAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA Harry and Louis you are not going anywhere hAHAHAHAHAHHAH

okay, so, there is it!!! the Wellington Curse and now let’s investigate some more.

when iPhones do not turn into a potato is the time i rISE FROM ME ASHES.


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I saw that you did boyfriend!bts and was wondering if you could do a girlfriend!jennie (blackpink)?? thank you<333

Originally posted by 7ofuu

  • ok so she’s all tough on stage right
  • off stage she isn’t at all (maybe if mad) 
  • such a lil marshmallow who likes kissing u 
  • teaches you to rap so you two can have rap battles
  • her singing in the shower and waking you up at the ass crack of dawn 
  • bringing you to the yg building to eat and hang out with the rest of blackpink 
  • cute dates all the time 
  • like she’ll suddenly be like “bABE we should go out” 
  • her cooking once a week, maybe twice 
  • ordering out or you cooking the rest of those days 
  • never being bored because jennie will constantly have something for you two to do 
  • takin cute pics of each other 
  • she likes when you model for her 
  • she’s like “waIT you know that cute pair of shorts you got for your birthday??? go put them on”
  • loves hugging 
  • LOVES it 
  • hugs u while yall layin down, while ur cooking, while youre standing at the bus stop 
  • if she can’t hug you she wants to be holding hands or somethin
  • getting matching bracelets bc they’re so cute and jennie loved them so you were like “okay!!!”
  • her taking you to award shows and you can’t sit with them so when they win 
  • jennie is like “big thanks to my partner y/n they’re right over there” and points to you 
  • “they helped me get through so much please love them with me”
  • going home that night and she’s like “babe i need you” 
  • you don’t unnderstand at first until she pulls you into your room and starts stripping for you 
  • and then ur like “lemme give you a present since you won an award” and u eat her out yep
  • her wearing your jackets when she goes out to practice or do things with blackpink since you can’t come yourself and your jacket smells like you 
  • likes talking about music with you 
  • jamming for like 3 hours 
  • idk if ur older or younger sooooo 
  • if you’re younger she’ll probably call you babe/baby 
  • if you’re older she’ll be super cute and call u oppa or noona and like whine omg that would be so cute can u imagine 
  • she wants piggy backs all the time if that’s possible 
  • you’d get to kiss her i think that’s the best thing 
  • her lips look so kissable u know
  • she wants to take u home to her parents  but you’re shy because what if they dont like you 
  • but she assures you they wont but is okay with waiting longer
  • she’d be the most understanding i feel 
  • if you’re upset about anything she’s like “BABBBBBBY come here” 
  • listens to you intently and lets you finish before giving input and helping you work on a solution 
  • or if you just need to rant she’ll listen and play with your hands while you talk 
  • distracts you with kisses afterwards becausse she doesn’t like seeing you upset 
  • loves kissing all the time even in public
  • like she’ll randomly give you a kiss wherever you are
  • the cutest trust me
we just wanna figure out l-i-f-e

summary: rockstar au mixed with best friends get pregnant

word count: ~2500

a/n: I wrote this as a challenge to myself to write something because I’ve been having the hardest time lately, so weeee [posting only because @swans-and-pirates insists that I do :)]

“How are you?” he whispers into the phone, as if they’re lying side-by-side in this bed that’s far too cold.

Emma curls her legs up toward her chest. If she closes her eyes, it’s almost like he’s right here with her. So she keeps them closed and doesn’t dare open them.

“Busy,” Emma replies. “Kinda miss you, Jones.”

“Kind of?” he asks as if he’s completely scandalized. “Bloody hell, Swan, I miss you a hell of a lot more than kind of.”

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Kun as Your Boyfriend


request: I’m so glad you love Kun I miss him ;-; @ SM free him !! could i get a Kun as your boyfriend post thing? Thank you <33

author note: my sister lives kun a lot and i love hansol a lot so we both are waiting impatiently for their debut. anyway, these are fun to write so I’ll probably do more
- destinee

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- wow wow kun as a boyfriend bless up!!
- okay well i think he would start as a friend
- probably mutuals thanks to dong sicheng,, a pal
- he’s pretty shy when you first meet him but you two get comfortable pretty easily
- all you had to do was ask to look through the photos in his phone
- which was a mistake bc he made you look at his favorite albums
- aka album one: cat memes
- and album two: airplanes
- and you’re like, “why???”
- but he’s happy and it was a good bonding experience
- kun basically had a crush on you after that bc not even sicheng will look through all 246 of his cat memes
- some of which he made himself
- he has to get sicheng’s help to ask you out
- probably sang im yours by jason mraz or smth cheesy like that as a confession
- ofc u accept bc why wouldn’t you??
- kun is a cutie and you like him so it’s a win-win cue sicheng situation
- okay now that the backstory is done:
- as an actual boyfriend, i think kun would be super sweet and soft
- he would probably make you take a ton of selfies with him tho so be ready
- he probably takes pics of u when u aren’t looking and sends them to the members with cheesy captions
- he uses the moon emoji a lot bc it’s funny
- that wasn’t related to the caption thing i was just thinking abt it
- when you stay over it’s a dance party to his girl group playlist
- you guys dance until taeyong comes out and makes you two sleep
- no fun ty, no fun
- one day while you two were just lazing around, he was like
- “Y/n, we need a cat.”
- you guys have this discussion literally every day
- eventually, you surprise him by taking him to the local shelter and letting him pick out a little kitten to take home
- he’s so excited and basically crying at all the little kitties playing with him
- he wants to take them all home and raise a cat army
- you tell him no obviously
- after a few hours of playing with each and every kitten and cat there was
- kun decided he wanted to take home this lil gray kitten which he named smoky
- taeyong wasn’t too happy about all of the shedding smoky did around the dorm
- but kun was happy so he ignored it!!!
- that’s probably when you two had your first kiss tbh
- after you both arrived home and got the little kitten to sleep after introducing it to all the boys
- kun was so happy he probably just kissed you
- and it took some time for you to register what happened
- up until now you and kun were just like two pals who said you were dating
- but he kissed you
- and his lips were soft and warm and you already missed them
- so you kissed him again ofc
- he smiles into kisses all the time and that’s why you two can’t have a serious kiss
- he likes to tickle you when he’s bored so beware 👀
- probably took you out by the airport at night to watch airplanes take off
- it was really cute until the cops came at you guys for trespassing
- you swear you’ve never ran so fast in your life
- you like to drop into sm and ask them when your boyfriend is going to debut
- literally his biggest fan
- you probably take videos of him singing when he’s just doing it absentmindedly
- and send it to sm with a note attached
- they know it’s you but let you keep doing it
- when kun finally debuts you actually cried
- your hand “slipped” and you bought like seven copies of the album
- u keep ur kun photocard in ur wallet
- he’s actually embarrassed by how supportive you are
- it’s his fault he’s dating a fangirl i mean what did he expect ?
- you probably send everyone in your family a link to the music video tbh
- when you guys cuddle it’s rlly domestic like you guys are basically married already
- you’re kidding no one
- he likes to be the big or little spoon it doesn’t matter
- unless smoky comes to snuggle as well than he has to be the little spoon so he can pet her
- you guys always start movies and then fall asleep in the middle of them
- yuta wakes you guys up and makes you go sleep on the bed bc he wants to watch his anime and you two are hogging the couch
- idk i just feel like having kun as a boyfriend would be rlly comfortable and cute
- !!!!!
- bonus: kun blushes when you compliment him and gets rlly flustered bless
- the end haha

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Haechan
  • the cutest maknae int he world got a request just as fluffy as him <3
  • ugh, i love him so much
  • i’m weak for him lmao
  • give this prince lots of love k
  • and let’s start this already~
  • okay so,,,
  • both of you were @ ur house
  • he stayed there last night and now y’alls were getting ready for going out together to have breakfast or smth
  • both of you already changed and were wearing bomb ass matching outfits
  • and y’all look gr8 but you haven’t apply make up yet
  • and when u took your makeup bag and sat in front of the mirror the idea just came to you
  • he sat by your side to idk brush his hair or just to check himself out bc i mEAN HAVE U SEEN HIS VISUALS
  • but the you started to take out of the bad everythign and he was like ???
  • “you’re gotta put all of that on? that’s gonna take ages”
  • “you should have told me, i would sleep for a little longer, y/n”
  • but you were like
  • “nah~ i’m organizing it for you”
  • “why?”
  • “i want you to do my makeup today”
  • and at first he was kind of shook by your confession but then smiled and was like sUre bIH
  • but you still guided him bc you had to go out for breakfast and you weren’t going looking like a fucking clown am i right
  • he actually did a great job guessing what products come firsts and the way he applied them wasn’t that bad tbh
  • and whenever he guessed something right he would either show a little proud smile or be like tHAT’s rIgHT bIHH
  • there’s no between when it comes to him lmao
  • in the beggining he was just going to play around but he got serious w it really quickly actually
  • he did great with the base and even if he had a few mistakes doing your eyebrows he learned how to do them properly really fast
  • i can’t relate
  • in no time u had ur eyebrows on fleek + bomb ass skin
  • and he probably took lots of photos of you in the process bc damn he wasn’t specting to be this good
  • “look to the right baby, i need to take a photoof you eyebrown”
  • “the makeup noonas are going to be so proud of me”
  • then, both of you decided to go for a casual yet sweet and girly look
  • he check out almost all the colours of your eyeshadows in the back of his hand and discussed w you abouth the cute combo he should do
  • this kid is a professional w this lmao
  • but he ended up choosing everything and damn the colours looked amazing with your skin tone
  • he aplied a nude glittery color as base and in top of it a pastel shade of pink that was also glittery bc glitter is the new black am i right
  • he couldn’t even let his thoughts inside his head
  • “i love the color”
  • “your eyes look so beautiful with this shade”
  • “wow, you’re so beautiful”
  • and he tried to make a cute gradient w the colors but failed
  • but it wasn’t terrible tho, you fixed it in no time
  • and while you were fixing it he was looking at you with heart eyes bc you were so stunning and beautiful
  • and when you looked at him back he literally just leaned forward and kissed you
  • and his lips were so soft and the caresses that he was giving you in your cheek w his thumb were just as sweet
  • oh look, a completely unnecessary cheesy moment that makes my weakness for donghyuck obvious, what a surprise
  • i’m feeling butterflies in my stomach as i write this, this is so cute
  • and then he just giggled and pecked you in the lips before continuing w the makeup
  • both of you agreed that he wasn’t going to do the eyeliner so he doesn’t fuck up everything
  • but after y’alls date was done he tried to do it and failed terribly lmao
  • same, hyuck, same
  • he also did a great job w your eyelashes, he curled them making sure to don’t hurt you or anything and applied mascara like a pro
  • and your broncer and blush was 10/10
  • he may apply too much highlight but tHERE’S NEVER ENOUGH HIGHLIGHT AM I RIGHT
  • and the only moment when he didn’t pay too much attention to was to your lips
  • i mean, they were really distracting
  • like he applied for like two seconds and had to stop and kiss you bc damn he couldn’t resist
  • and containing himself from kissing you every 2 secs was really hard
  • but the color he choosed matched really well with the colors he choosed for your eyes and damn
  • he spent the whole time complimenting you and talking about how gr8 his skills were
  • “y/n looks really beautiful today, doesn’t she?”
  • “yeah, y/n looks really pretty today”
  • “fuck up, mark she’s mine”
  • lmao he would be that kind of bf
  • he was really clingy and soft w you for the rest of the day too
  • and he would took so many pics w you and of you and srsly he had no chill
  • but you make him so weak, he can’t control himself <3
  • okay and the end
I went to SNL Dress Rehearsal 4/8/17

I went to the SNL dress rehearsal with @myloveholtzy and she wrote about it here

We started waiting at 6 in the NBC lobby and Kyle Mooney and Lorne Michaels walked past us! We didn’t ask for pics but we were freaking out lmao. We got in line and get checked in and get our tickets and wristbands. We don’t get to keep the tickets so we snuck a pic in the bathroom lol but no photography guys 

Then, they took us to a lounge area to wait which had nice gray couches and huge screens with snl pics and bts pics both old and new it was so cool

We waited for almost an hour until they started calling us by wristband colors and envelope numbers and lined up to take the elevator up to the studio. At this point, @myloveholtzy are start freaking out and slowly accepting that this is real!! lmao 

We get out to the hallway that leads to 8H iconic! There’s cast pics and guest host pics on the walls and chairs and couches and set pieces along the hallway. We touched one of the pics lol and we saw a room with Alec Baldwin’s name on it!!! We were a few feet away so we kept wondering if he was in there. Someone came to tell us about some rules and one of them was that the lighting director asked us to put our stuff under the chairs instead of hanging them on the back of the chairs and @myloveholtzy realizes that meant we got floor seats!!! 

They start taking us in and ohmylord it’s one of those awestruck moments like walking out on a stage on opening night. Mikey walked past our line but we didn’t say hi (they’re all super busy lol)  and we saw Beck down the hall but he was too far to say hi. There’s stage people running back and forth, moving set pieces into the studio in this really tight hallway, the band is playing vibrantly, someone takes your ticket and through all the movement and chaos, you see light. You’re in studio 8H. Wow. 

We somehow got front row seats in front of the monologue stage!? Maybe they saw we were more excited than everyone because literally we jumped and whisper/screamed to each other every time we saw something/someone lmao. But wow we got front row seats bless

The band is playing live, loud, bright music and you can feel the beating in your chest. We took this time to look around and really take everything in. I’m still blown away thinking about it, seeing this set for the first time is truly astounding. It’s one of those moments. 

8H is surprisingly small but that’s what makes it so much better. Everyone is bustling past each other, rushing to get everything in place in time. And in the midst of our excitement and awe, Lorne Michaels walks in and is literally 5 feet from us. We kept glancing at him in excitement and one of the crew members saw us being huge dorks over Lorne and laughed lol 

Michael Che did some standup and talked to some audience members to warm us up, he was pretty funny! But when he gets off stage, I turned around and saw Kenan so I’m freaking out like holy shit he’s real but then Vanessa, Sasheer, and Kate are right behind him and I’m screaming and have this huge smile on my face that I can’t get rid of for the rest of the show. They sang and danced and I wasn’t really listening to the words because I was too busy freaking out over Kate lmao but we made eye contact for a like brief second! lol 

Watching them do the sketches live is absolutely the most amazing experience. You get to see everything happen. Maybe I love behind-the-scenes stuff too much cuz I’m a massive nerd but I’m smiling like an idiot in starbucks thinking about last night lmao 

Everything is funnier when you watch it live. You get to experience a live audience laughing and it’s amazing. 

Alec Baldwin as trump was amazing, he makes it look easy on screen but as he was getting ready to go on stage and they were counting down the seconds, he was checking his reflection making sure everything was perfect and doing lip warmups (idk what they’re called). He’s really focused and in the game before he performs. I also noticed a bit of spit on his suit idk if he did that on purpose for the character or if it was just an accident lol 

When The Chainsmokers were getting ready for their first song, Louis C.K. was less than 5 feet from us on the edge of the monologue stage. He said hi to us and asked us how we’re doing and obviously I looked like a dork and forgot how to use words so I just waved and smiled like a huge dork lol 

Weekend update was so funny and Colin is adorable when he breaks character and Sasheer was AMAZING and gorgeous and hilarious and her dancing was so funny omg. Then, I see Kate waiting offstage to get on Weekend Update and @myloveholtzy and I are dying literally deceased I feel my heart pumping like crazy like I’ve seen Kate before and got pics with her but seeing her perform wow it’s unbelievable. She was sipping water from this bottle that a crew member was holding and she kept taking little sips and it was adorable and she’s so smol and she was wearing these slippers I can’t she’s adorable. Then she went behind this black screen they put up on the sides of Weekend Update so the cameras don’t get the offstage action and she was laughing at Colin & Michael’s jokes behind that screen. But she kept laughing after everyone was done laughing so you could hear her adorable giggles I can’t ohmygod I was freaking out also she caught @myloveholtzy staring lol so cute

Kate performing as Cecilia was literally the funniest thing I think I started tearing up bc I was laughing so hard and she kept touching and kissing Colin’s face it was so cute 

They also had us move around for a few sketches ( @myloveholtzy moved for 1, I moved for 2) but I didn’t mind, it was actually really cool to be like standing among the action lol

There was a sketch with Alex which was honestly an amazing sketch it was hilarious but I think they cut it for the live show

Louis broke character in the museum sketch 

The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart was jumping around on stage before their second song and made eye contact with me and after the song (or before i can’t remember lol) he did like a little wave it was adorable

And after all these sketches, finally the cast came out for goodnights and it was so cool omg ngl I was staring at Kate the whole time but everyone out there hugging and stuff it was so cute and Beck had a bald cap on for some reason but like wow I can’t believe I actually got to experience all of this with @myloveholtzy I’m honestly so grateful for this experience and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely try to watch dress or live, it’s an unbelievable experience :) 

Also as we were leaving, Alex and Melissa walked past us no big deal (just kidding huge deal) and someone else so there you go! Hope this helped any of you who are hoping to go someday :) 

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find boyfriend!jungkook (here) 

  • jimin is a hopeless romantic that finds cute couples in the movies with their elaborate confession scenes to be an example of how he should confess to you, but at the same time jimin has a habit of compulsively acting on his feelings 
  • so do expect his confession to come out of nowhere; you two might even be hanging out with the rest of bangtan, maybe somewhere out shopping and while you and jimin are separated from the rest, you’ll turn to him and laugh about something arbitrary and in that second your laugh will come crashing down on him like a ray of light and he’ll just go ‘i love you’ and you’ll probably drop whatever youre holding but you know 
  • jimin can’t take it back now and it looks like you’re going to have to give him an answer (which is hopefully a,,, ‘good to know - i love you too!’) 
  • your first date is probably way over-the-top because jimin wants to impress and so you’d find yourselves probably at some restaurant in which you’re sure the prices are too high but jimin is dressed in a nice suit and tie and you’re trying not to laugh because this is supposed to be a first date, casual you know, but here he is being so much more than casual
  • but you know it isn’t awkward, because jimin is still the same smiley, adorable person you’ve grown fond of. he makes jokes throughout dinner, but gets red in the ears when complimenting you on your necklace or outfit
  • his voice shakes a little when he tries to get the word ‘gorgeous’ out and you pretend not to notice as he looks away and scratches his neck but omg park jimin you are the CUTEST 
  • afterwords you think it cant get anymore romantic (and ok cheesier) than that but oh no jimin is really gonna make this first date special
  • so somehow you two end up on the roof of the bighit building and you’re like ???!?!? jimin and he’s like don’t worry!!!
  • brings out a blanket he stashed somewhere and spreads it out for you two to sit on and honestly youre still a little confused until jimin points up and with a smile asks you what it is you see in the sky
  • and then it all makes sense you two are stargazing and you’re just like enchanted by the night sky view but jimin,,,,, he’s enchanted by looking at you…………his own personal moon and stars (im getting real greasy i know bare w me)
  • and u know after jimin drapes his coat around your shoulders and you feel his hesitant hand on your shoulder you turn to him and tell him that this is the best date youve had in your entire life and jimin would honestly fall over from joy (and he does when he gets back to the dorm he’s just so happy he jumps on the bed and yoongi is probably like oh my gfod and taehyung is just like DUDE HOW DID IT GO and jimin is just a bubbling mess about how amazing it all was and taehyung is patting his back like !!!!! im so proud and jungkook’s rolling his eyes like stargazing how cheesy hyung but honestly all of bts is so happy for him)
  • your next couple of dates aren’t as ~fancy~ as the first, but jimin sticks to being super romantic and even a little c*rny u could say with like movie dates, taking cute couple selfies in photobooths u find, sharing cotton candy at amusement parks, indoor ice-skating, or you know just sitting in the corner of a cafe completely wrapped up in your own world with him because when jimin is with you it’s just you - no one else like you could be walking the busy streets of seoul pushed by the crowds and jimin only feels and is only focused on your hand in his
  • also ok the first kiss is just as spontaneous as his confession because lbr he’d probably spend days upon days daydreaming about how to make it perfect but like
  • you come over one day to bighit with a couple of snacks for everyone and jimin stops practicing to come over and you know thank you and while all the members are distracted by the snacks and you turn to jimin with the warmest, softest smile he’s just like 
  • frick it im going in
  • and kisses you and it’s like gentle and just so pure and natural that it can’t even be awkward even though u didnt see it coming because kissing park jimin is just right 
  • and after the first kiss honestly jimin just cannot get enough he loves skinship and intimacy and the fact that he can now kiss you whenever is just like mindblowing to him so he does it so much tbh
  • u guys sitting on the couch watching old music shows? jimin leans in to kiss u. it’s 4 am after practice and jimin begged you to come and see him and now you’re eating chicken skewers at the corner grocery both in sweat pants? jimin leans in to kiss you (and steal some of your chicken skewer). all of bts is playing monopoly and u just bankrupted jimin? WHO CARES HE STILL LEANS IN TO KISS U!!! BOY IS SO HAPPY TO !! KISS !! U !!! 
  • also the fun thing about jimin is that you learn that he gives three types of kisses
  • the basic kind are just those gentle brush of the lips kisses, those kisses that are short but sweet and happen all the time 
  • you guys kiss like this in front of the members and just like whenever possible u know like jungkook somewhere in the back will be like ‘gross’ but its not gross its fuckin cute shut it maknae
  • then theres the really romantic kind of kisses where he holds you around the waist, looks into your eyes and leans in with suspense,,,, these kisses are long, focusing on letting his tongue massage yours and are relatively neat with periodic stops to the breathe 
  • jimin kisses you like this when u two are alone, maybe holding each other in bed or after a late night date and no one else is around it’s the special kind of kiss you only keep between yourself 
  • (also if jin saw jimin do this he would be like my CHILD ur too young to know how to do this and ud get scolded by mom over here so yeah - these kisses bts doesn’t know about heHE) 
  • ………and the other type of kiss is when jimin is going wild and he really - really - needs you 
  • these are sloppy, with his hands tangled in your hair and his mouth concentrating not only on your lips but on every part of your body lots of lip biting and skin nipping from this one 
  • you only get to the third kind of kisses when u guys are like super comfortable with skinship and all that and tbh the first time jimin pulls it out youre kind of like ????!?!?!?!?!? holy moly where did this come from but then in the back of ur head its like u expected this 
  • like jimin is /soft/ but then jimin is also park freaking jimin whose swole and runs his tongue across his lip when looking at u from across the room and whose bedroom eyes are just top notch and make ur heart beat so fast and guess what
  • park jimin knows what he can do to you with one single look so yeah RIP
  • but anyway where was i yes so as the relationship progresses you know already that jimin loves skinship
  • so cuddling is a must like jimin always has the need to have some part of his body on urs aka like his arm around your shoulder or his chin in your hair or even like if u two are laying on the floor playing a video game like he’ll put his legs over urs
  • and ull be like jimin let me put my legs over urs instead
  • and hes like noooooo this is comfy and ur like jimin and he just drops the controller and like climbs over so he’s like hovering over you and starts attacking ur face in kisses
  • and tbh like this is jimin’s response to everything: kisses all of ur face
  • and u love it but u like pretend to scrunch up ur nose and refuse to kiss him back and jimin gets whiny and pouty and nuzzles ur nose with his and its so cute
  • until like yoongi walks in on u 2 and is like ohmygof get a ROOM and jimin is like hyung we are in a room and ur like rofl and yoongi is like im done with this goodbye
  • tbh dating jimin means being close with bts esp taehyung and jungkook who like tease the crap out of you two but are so goddamn proud and happy for jimin
  • tbh like jimin brags about u nonstop for the first couple of months of dating that like taehyung texts u the : please turn off ur boyfriend he’s told me about the pretty color of ur eyes like 500 times im going to explode sos 
  • jungkook sorta just makes faces about jimin talking about u or when u two like huge or kiss or do anything hes like love is so gross but tbh jungkook is the first person to remind jimin that ur birthday is coming up or things like that unexpectedly because as much as he goes at his friend for thing and that and laughs at his expense, jungkook is really happy to see jimin finally have someone to support him because jimin has been bts’s support since the beginning so jungkook is happy someone aka u is there to protect his hyung
  • also ok u know what would be adorable like jungkook and taehyung telling u lil embarrassing secrets about jimin like the way he idk drools in his sleep sometimes tbh taehyung takes a photo and sends it to u
  • hoseok yoongi jin and namjoon also all show gratitude to u for taking care of jimin because tbh they know he can be fragile sometimes and idk u make him shine so bright and when he sees ur photo on his phone or when he comes back from hanging out with u hes so much more vibrant and they all just pat ur back like u did good, keep him safe
  • jimin really likes getting handmade stuff from u also like i feel like if u make him a card or a little bracelet or even just write him a letter he’ll like keep all these things from you in a box close to like his bed and if he goes on tour overseas he takes it with him because like its a part of you that you gave to him and he ,,,, loves it
  • once jungkook read the letters as a joke tho and jimin straight up didnt talk to him for like a week
  • you and jimin own the embarrassing ‘he’s mine’ ‘they’re mine’ sweaters tbh 
  • jimin wore his during practice and namjoon stood in front of the arrow and jungkook sent u a pic like ‘looks whose trying to steal ur man’ 
  • jimin practically lives in the bts practice room before comebacks so u dont really have dates or time to see each other in that hectic period but when u surprise him by coming over he just launches himself into ur arms and goes limp like ‘im sooooo tired just let me die here’ and ur like ‘no u gotta practice!!’ and he’s like ‘i know but ur so warm and i love u let me stay here a while’
  • yoongi: looking into the camera like hes on the office while u and jimin fill up the whole room with hearts and like warm love
  • but seriously like ur jimin’s encouragement just ur being makes him wanna do more and be better and he shows u his dance routine and ur just like seal clapping like ur amazing and ok listen jimin lives off compliments and if its u complimenting him??? well that just makes it that much better
  • he gets all blushy, scratching his neck like ‘it’s not that good’ and u jump up to grab his face in ur hands and be like nO it is THAT good and he just looks into your eyes and this smile spreads on his face and he presses his forehead to urs like yeah,,,, i tried my best for u hehe
  • u two just giggling pressing ur foreheads together HOW CUTE
  • u and jimin do like face masks together omf
  • ur pajamas are literally like shorts + one of jimin’s hoodies and jimin’s is just sweatpants so freaking cute
  • also jimin is strong so do expect him like lift u in his arms (mostly to show off how strong he is) but also like if u ever get sick like jimin will overreact and be like: i gotta carry u everywhere no im not letting u take one step i s2g 
  • and ur like rolling ur eyes like park jimin how do u expect to carry me and feed me soup at the same time??? and jimin is so headstrong sometimes he’ll be like I WILL find a WAY
  • but really jimin is super protective and worried he just wants you to be super safe and happy and if u even so much as grimace at something hes on high alert like !!!!! are u ok?? do u need me to call an ambulance?? DO u need me to get jin??? im getting jin- 
  • so a lot of the times u end up having to be like ‘jimin it’s ok please chill’ and hes like ??? i dont chill when my angel is in trouble
  • jimin calling u angel ok moving on
  • also speaking of jin like when u come over and are having dinner with bts u like feed jimin off ur fork and u two giggle and jimin probably wants to pull u into his lap and jin has to like snap his fingers like kids no not at the table roFL
  • u once found jimin laying down on the floor after vocal practice and he was like sleeping so u like covered him with a blanket and curled into his side and when he woke up he just curled around u too and u looked like two sleeping kittens so cute (jin took a pic) (jungkook suggested pouring cold water on the two of you)
  • also jimin likes to workout and exercise so he probably like gets u to go out jogging with him and ur like jimin rip i cant do this anymore and hes like no !!! we gotta go another mile ok!!! and jimin’s so bright his attitude just gives u the energy to do it
  • afterwords jimin probably feels bad he made u run with him and massages ur shoulders the ideal bf 
  • whenever ur the one thats tired from work/school/etc jimin has u lay ur head on his shoulder and he runs his fingers thru ur hair and sings whatever song u want him to in a low, gentle voice and its just so calming 
  • also ok jimin sends u like snapchats and selfies all the gotdamn time and if u dont reply he blows up ur phones notifications so please reply or he’ll run up ur cellphone bill tbh
  • jimin sending u fake crying snaps cuz jungkook keeps being a dweeb and namjoon wont stop nagging and ur like ‘rip bro’ and jimin is like ‘rip bro??? im ur boyfriend?? did u brozone me/??’
  • taehyung snaps u back like 4 min later like ‘U BROZONED UR bOYFRIEND’ 
  • u try not to laugh outloud at work/school because o m f
  • but its ok u and jimin never really fight when u two argue jimin ends up apologizing even when it might not be his fault because all he wants to do is wrap his arms around your waist and just hold u and he cant do that when ur angry and he wouldnt want to sacrifice being with u for anything so he’s fine with taking the blame
  • also like u two probably just silently get over it like u walk into the lvingin room with a tub of ice cream, sit down beside jimin, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and u two put on a disney movie and eat out of the tub as a peace offering 
  • jimin likes it when u sit inbetween his legs he likes resting his chin in ur hair ;; so soft and cute
  • also he does this thing where he kisses behind ur ear and ur like thats ticklish so u get back by like lightly kissing his knuckles or palm and jimin giggles cuz that also tickles but u 2 r so gentle
  • and like tbh as much as it is fun and loving to be with him u know jimin gets dragged down by a lot of stress in his life and u want to be there for him and u want to assure him that he’s the most important, most special person you know and honestly that is what he needs
  • he needs someone who he wholeheartedly trusts to hold him and tell him his value because park jimin is invaluable, he is the kindest soul and when you tell him that he believes it and it just makes him bloom with happiness
  • and that is what we all want right right
  • also he needs someone to protect him from jungkook sometimes oh my god im laughing ur like holding jimin’s head to your chest and like swatting junkook away like in the cartoons thats adorable
  • also u and jimin getting matching necklaces that’d be cute ok im done 

clockworkopera  asked:

In regards to your theories about heavenly fire and the parabatai bond, I was wondering if you had any ideas on the water symbolism with Emma's fears, dreams and the art motif for the covers. Do you think something to do with water can balance out the fire?


Wow! This is such an amazing question! Thank you for asking! (Sorry, I get really excited about symbolism in literature, indulge me XD).
First, I’d like to say that all of the following is just speculation, of course, and I don’t claim to be right about anything that I’m going to say, it will be just a bunch of thoughts I developted thanks to my studies, so take it as it is and feel free to add whatever you want!

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