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And now here’s a tiny, fluffy, Art School AU drabble, set sometime after Bog and Marianne are dating. Why? Because I’m having a bit of writer’s block and scrambling for inspiration.

The Floor is Lava

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This is the tree spread I was working on.

I kinda love trees and thinking symbolically about the wisdom they can share, and so I thought a spread based on trees could be a good alternative to something like the Celtic Cross for me, in that it felt better suited to my path. I looked around and didn’t find any existing spreads that were perfect, and so I decided to try my hand at making one. It can be used for any situation you’d use the Celtic Cross or something similar, either for a general reading or to deeply assess a specific question. Here’s how it turned out. I hope you like it!

1 - Roots: You/the querent right now
2 - Knot: The present issue
3 - Trunk: How do you grow and make your path?
4 - Wind: How does your environment influence you?
5 - Limbs: Past influences on the present
6 - Branches: What do you fear?
7 - Leaves: What do you hope for?
8 - Fruit: Possible outcome

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On Wednesday I am going to share some really exciting news and I can’t talk about it yet, but I am vibrating over here waiting for the second I can.

So I told yall that I went to see Les Mis on West End about a month ago, right?

I sorta proved to myself what a huge les mis nerd I am especially when it comes to the movie. 

So there was this ensemble member, and he seemed super familiar and I couldn’t place him. It’s a small cast so he was basically in every other scene. By scene 2 it hit me.  I was almost positive it was Brujon in the film. As in the guy you basically only see in 2 scenes.

This guy. Literally you see him in Master of the House and Look down (beggars). That’s it. 

I was like, come on Sarah, that can’t be right, you’re on the balcony, you need a new glasses prescription, and there’s no way that can be him right?

So during intermission I scroll through the cast list online.

Sure enough

it was fucking him. I fucking watched Les Mis on West End and thought, ‘Hey, that ensemble member looks just like an obscure ensemble member in the movie that we see many 30 seconds of tops’

And was right.

That face when you try to find out exactly WHAT V8 engine Nux has on his chest and THEN trying to find a cross section picture of it to cross-reference with screencaps. You might notice I gave up at some point and just went NAH IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH.

Wow the last time I drew something actually proper like this was uhhhh I dunno. Cheers, Fury Road.

Kiss the Rain (music box)
  • Kiss the Rain (music box)
  • Yiruma

Aqua Appreciation Week

Day VII - free day : aqua + blue

“The future doesn’t scare me at all. Nothing’s like before.”

orgel - jongtae

Pairings: Jonghyun/Taemin, broken Jonghyun/Onew, implied Onew/Minho
Rating: R
Warnings: human/android relationship, non-explicit smut, character death
Final Word Count: ~33,000

This was my entry for shineebigbang this year, and, also, the winning entry. I am so incredibly floored and humbled and grateful; I would really, really just like to thank everyone who read/commented/voted on my fic, as well as a special shout-out to taketaemtoyourleader and rosesareredlike for their help in beta-reading. 

I’d also really just like to give a big round of applause to everyone who participated– writers and mods. All of the fics this year were so amazing, and everyone worked so very hard to make this event so much fun. Anyway, congrats to all the other participants and winners, and thank you again!

In a corruption-addled city under the sea, Jonghyun searches desperately for his own happy ending.

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