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7.24.16 // First page in my new bullet journal! Started a little late, considering it’s almost August, but hey, just another reason to add a festive summer collage right at the beginning :)

Yoo Kihyun cried today as well as everybody else but Kihyun’s tears just struck a nerve in me because he hasn’t cried like this since Monsta X was officially created during No.Mercy so excuse me if I’m becoming a lil emo because these tears mean SO SO MUCH and here’s why:

- Momma Yoo is the one who always comfort the kids and telling them not to cry at award shows
- He’s the one who usually starts the “don’t cry” chant whenever Minhyuk, Wonho, or Jooheon are about to tear up because he knows Monbebe will worry
- He didn’t cry when they didn’t get any rookie award they expected to win and totally deserved to win
- Not during Monsurprise where Wonho was legit bawling and everyone was probably at their lowest point
- Not at their comeback showcase where Jooheon literally broke down in fear of disappointing Monbebe after such a long absence, he even reminded Jooheon that grandmother Yongguk as well as their families are watching so they shouldn’t make them sad

And now he’s crying with that gorgeously exposed forehead (im sorry this means a lot to me) because he thinks he didn’t do enough to deserve everyone’s love and support.

And that goes for the entirety of Monsta X who always think they need to do more and get more recognition to repay us Monbebe even though to Monbebe their hardwork and existence alone is enough.

And this saddens me because they don’t need to do anything more but if it’s gonna raise their confidence and make them happy then you know what let’s give it to them. It’s about time our babies get the recognition they deserved–it’s overdued.

Stop sleeping on Monsta X.

Let’s get them their first win.


Happy Tenth Anniversary Hetalia!

Still not used to animation, sooo. Have a Japan!
Hetalia is truly a wonderful Anime/Manga/comic that made numerous people like History and want to travel around the world.
I am just like them.
Ze Best if you ask me.

The drawing i made for the telephone game (please check the game out! *-*)


@cheeseburgerhelper asked: How about Felicia or Azura?

As much as I do love Felicia, Azura has probably become one of my favourite FE characters ever. ❤️

im actually emotional bc our baby boys have made it they’re performing at madison square garden and it’s insane and im so so so so so proud im just imagining calum standing on his side of the stage and looking out at the huuUUUuuUge crowd and then he looks at his best friends / band mates and oh my god what if they do it during the show like talk to each other like ‘guys, we fucking made it & i am so proud of what we’ve become’ and oh mY GOD WHAT IF THEY HAVE A CUTE GROUP HUG no no no no im imagining loads of things that make me feel some type of way


This is my RCIJ gift for the amazing @spottytonguedog! Her prompt was “could have done it better” (what you might have guessed by the title of my video) and she really liked rumbelle collaborating, so I decided to make a short video about Rumple teaching Belle magic! I crocheted the dolls myself and made the pattern for them (and the clothes) myself, too. (I can post the pattern of the dolls if anyone is interested). I hope you’ll enjoy it!

kids that i once knew (1/?)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier CS AU. 

Note: This is only part one, of who knows how many parts. I’ve been working on this for over a year, and have purposely avoided reading all variations on Captain America CS aus within the fandom. Dunno when the next part will be ready, but, well. This is a project near and dear to my heart. So it’s definitely not going to be abandoned. Shout out to @swallowedsong​ for encouraging me to post, @alchemistc​ who I’ve been telling about this for ages, and AU week in general for rallying us all together and inspiring so many wonderful works. 

Title from the song “Dead Hearts” by Stars. 


            He wakes up fuzzy, warm and cold all at once, head pounding and tongue heavy in his mouth, like he’s swallowed sand that tastes like the worst toothpaste he’s ever tasted in his life.

            He wakes up and he notices several things in quick succession:

            The bed beneath him is strangely soft.

            His clothes are strangely tight and unstarched.

            The air feels stuffy and fake.

            The game on the radio is several years old. He knows this because he was at that game with Liam.

            He sits up and he knows—he knows that something is very, very wrong.

            (The last thing he remembers is a plane, and cold, and water, and her and—

            “I’m gonna need a raincheck on that dance.”

            “All right. A week next Saturday at the Rabbit Hole.”

“You got it.”

“8 o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late. Understood?”

            “You know I still don’t know how to dance.”

            “I’ll show you how. Just be there.”

            “We’ll have the band play something slow.”

            “Killian? K—”)

            “Captain Jones.”

            He pulls himself out of his thoughts and glances up at the woman who’s just walked in. Something about her is off, too. Everything is wrong.

            “Where am I?”

            “A recovery room in New York City,” she answers with a smile. Her uniform is right—like the one he’d seen Emma wear (Emma) but—

            “No. Where am I, really?

            Her smile falters.

            “I don’t understand.”

            Well, he thinks darkly. That makes two of us.

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I’m so proud of the bellarke fandom, like we are completely ripped to shreds and put down and sure we are sad, angry and disappointed but instead of fuelling those emotions we make jokes out of it to make each other laugh instead. And honestly it’s just so nice and refreshing to see and instead of getting overly angry I just see a meme or a gifset making fun of the ‘shit'storm we deal with and I laugh instead because we are so petty but in such a nice way? And like I don’t really talk to you since I’m not really a known blog or whatever but I just wanted to take the time out to say that I’m proud of us and we are always in this 'together.’

I finally finished! Sorry for the wait @eliseplays; I hope you like it ;w;

Original lineart by @elises-art
Coloring by me~!