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What Does Colorism Look Like?

- Songs that praise light skin by devaluing & disrespecting dark skin

- Telling children to “stay out of the sun” because you don’t want them to be darker

- “”“Preferences”“” for light skin 🙃

- People with light skin being listened to more often than people with dark skin

- Light skin being associated with beauty & intelligence in and outside the black community while dark skin is associated with aggression and ugliness

- Favouring family members with light skin immediately over those with dark skin

- Media depicting acceptable blackness as light skin

- When actors/actresses with dark skin are cast, their roles are often loud, aggressive, ghetto, etc

- Or casting actors/actresses with light skin to play characters with dark skin instead of just fucking hiring somebody with dark skin

- Dark skin being the punchline of shitty “jokes” about how nobody could love dark skin

- “We all niggas to the whites” being said to shut down conversations about colorism

- “I don’t realize that talking about colorism isn’t dismissing the struggles I face as a black person, so I’m going to derail conversations about colorism whenever I see them and not bother to learn about it” 🙃

- When the above thing happens people with light skin always think they in the right because colorism teaches us that we’re smarter than people with dark skin and by default right

- Tbh somebody with light skin could just be breathing or doing something mediocre and they get praised to high heaven, which goes back to the idea of light skin being so over valued in our community

- Half of us ain’t even all that we just light

- Makeup catering to people who are white passing or have light skin

- People with dark skin being told they can’t wear certain colors/patterns

- I can guarantee we (light skinned people) salty when a woman with dark skin gets more attention than us because colorism is so pervasive it’s taught us that we’re better and deserve more attention automatically

- Language differences: in daily conversation people with light skin are less dehumanized and more respected than people with dark skin

- I really believe if I wasn’t light I would not be able to do this project because nobody would listen to me. I’m not even saying anything new or inventive, I’m just repeating what people with dark skin have been saying

- If any of this is outta line I’d be more than happy to be corrected by somebody who has experienced/experiences colorism 😊

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)


me: today i’m going to create quality kakegurui content
also me: ok but one more meme


Usernames and anonymous words are still people with lives, a house, hobbies, passions, problems, dreams, all that behind the screen. Never forget that.

I’m always doubting about doing these types of posts, but I thought maybe I could speak up every once in a while lmao. I apologize if I don’t word my thoughts correctly. What I’m trying to say is, I know it’s sometimes hard not to snap at inconsiderate/angering questions and sentences coming from young people who probably didn’t think about looking for answers or connecting their brain together. I know some of us can find works or reactions from young people “cringy” or “overdone”. I know it’s infuriating to see kids reposting, tracing or recoloring art because they still don’t know how important it is to respect the artists: the thing is, I believe we all had these parts inside of us when we were younger, too. We had things we liked that we find insufferable now, we had a younger self we’d like to punch in the face. There are things we regret. But thinking back at it, although unfortunate events in my life had made my childhood a personally hard time to go through and I expressed myself through childish actions, I’m glad I did go through these steps. It made me grow into who I am today: a person who’s willing to keep growing. I’m thankful I went through many experiences that now put me in the position to guide young people who perhaps need that guidance, one way or another. Let’s be firm, but compassionate. Don’t sugarcoat kids either, you’re allowed and SHOULD speak up when you feel like you’re suffocating. But always take a step back, and try to think for both sides. These “cringy” kids maybe ARE future mature creating geniuses!
We are tomorrow’s inspirations, models, and constructors!

Let’s be nice and understanding to youth and distance ourselves from online problems so we can focus on making it better instead. :)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So in 'The Empire Strikes Back' when Vader just offs Ozzel and promotes Piett like five ranks with barely a glance like how exactly did that work out like did he have to argue with other officers that yes, in fact, Darth Vader /totally/ just made him admiral and compile witnesses and a supporting sound file or is this an event that happens frequently enough that the people who document this shit just roll their eyes and go "He fucking did it again, guys" and curse under their breaths because they just got another load of fucking paperwork to deal with another dead fucking admiral and another pile of ranks to give some random asshole and it wasn't even clarified whether he was a rear admiral or an admiral admiral so they'll just have to fucking figure that out, too, then or-

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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes


Look, folks.  I do my absolute best to be friendly to people online, especially those who are friendly to me.  But I would like to make something clear.

Please do not mistake friendliness and openness for generosity.  I am a professional artist and quite frankly cannot afford to be generous with my art.  It is, after all, my trade.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot and will not take requests.  I have said so countless times.  I know some of you ask very nicely, but while I do appreciate the politeness, the answer is unfortunately still “no.”  Repeated requests will only have the effect of making me more staunch (and probably annoyed) in that response.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate that folks enjoy my art.  Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  But I ask that you please respect my boundaries here.  “No” means “no.”


Legends of Tomorrow: 1x07 | 2x09 | 2x16
Ray Palmer’s allergies

The really annoying thing to me is that making Lena a villain could actually be an awesome storyline if I trusted the CW to do it right. Like we all hope and pray that she doesn’t become evil and I’m also right there with you, but just hear me out.

If they insisted on doing it, it could actually be a really compelling and interesting story. We know that Lena and Kara are genuinely friends (at least with the information that we have). Lena takes time out of her day to spend it with Kara, even though she has absolutely no obligation to do so. And easily could just not do it and I doubt Kara would find that strange at all. They’re not the same thing; rookie reporter for CatCo and CEO of L-Corp. Not that same thing. Lena could have easily kept their relationship purely professional (maybe friendly acquaintances), even after 2x12 and into 2x15. She throws a wrench in her mother’s plans far too often (in my opinion) for it to be a set up between the two Luthor women from the start. Kara just asked for a way to track/find missing aliens and Lena went and found where her mother was hiding, against Lillian’s plans. She even wanted to “redirect” Lena somewhere else as we know. I think there is enough evidence to say that Lillian and Lena aren’t on the same side at this time. (Watch, the CW is going to prove me wrong because the end of the season just because they want to fuck with me). 

So if we look at Kara and Lena’s relationship, it’s one of genuine friendship on both sides. Plus, consider that Kara finally has a friend that (canonically) doesn’t have feelings for her and is available whenever she needs to talk. Lena doesn’t push Kara, ever. I’d guess that Kara could go to Lena for advice about Supergirl stuff, asking in a round about way, and Lena would just try to help best she could (2x04). They’ve got a friendship that I’m actually jealous of. 

So imagine if at the end of the season something happened to make Lena turn evil. I would hazard a guess it would have to do with the lack of trust of her, even though she’s literally done everything she can to save the day multiple times. I think that can breed resentment over time. Maybe Kara accidentally doubts her like she did in 2x12 when Lena asks her if she thinks that’s something she’d actually do and Kara hesitates. 

So move into S3 with Lena being the villain. Everyone; J’onn, Alex, Winn (god knows why because he’s the son of a supervillain too like Jesus Christ man. You’re living proof that you aren’t your family), Maggie, James, Mon-El (if he survives into S3, assuming he will here) would be against Lena. She’s the villain. But that’s easy for people that never trusted her and always found something wrong with her. But for Kara, who had struck a real and deep friendship with Lena would be torn over bringing down a villain and loyalty and love for a friend. I think you could look at how Kara interacted with Astra for a similar dynamic. Obviously not the same because yeah. But similar in many regards. 

And I’d imagine that Lena would also have a similar inner struggle in a way. Especially if she knows/found out that Kara was Supergirl. Maybe that is what pushed her over the edge even. Finding out that Kara lied to her for so long. But Kara is her only friend in National City and I think one of her only real, genuine friends in her life, ever. She would want to figure out how to stop but not knowing how. Espeically when she believes that no one cares about her. That she’s just doing what everyone expects of her because it’s so much easier. She’s been so worn down over the last few years that she’s just tired

Imagine that despite what everyone says about Lena, Kara never would give up on her friend. She would fight to stop whatever Lena’s evil master plan was, but she would never stop trying to convince her friend that there were people that believed in her. That believed she was good. Making S3 about friendship and having Kara explore what it means to love someone, in a completely platonic way (not sarcasm). And really about the idea that Kara Danvers can be just as much of a hero as Supergirl, just in different ways. 

So yeah, making Lena a villain would not be the end of the world. If you could trust the CW to make the right choices with the direction of how they do it. But since it’s the CW, basically don’t make her evil. Because I know you’ll find some way to fuck it up.