like i'm not even a part of this fandom

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i guess i just don’t understand why andrew had such an issue with katelyn i mean andrew set up their deal so that all of aaron’s friends had to be approved by andrew but that was because aaron’s high school friends were a bunch of druggies that andrew didn’t want aaron around anymore so i would think that andrew wouldn’t have an issue with katelyn considering she’s also pre-med and clearly keeps aaron out of trouble it could just be because aaron kept it a secret from andrew but then-

Hello Cosmere Fandom, long no time no talk? 

Okay so none of you probably remember me cause I was only active in the fandom for a few months like, two years ago? Nearly three years? Well shit. ANYWAYS. Felt like dropping in to say hello, cause I remember you guys, and i know CFSBF and I miss it.

So recently my boyfriend started reading The Way of Kings, and it’s kind of the best thing ever. Because it’s my favorite book and I’m now rereading, for a seventh time cause I love it just that much. He’s been sending me little updates and I decided to screenshot them and share them with you for reasons. So, I guess the following pictures contain vagueish spoilers for Way of Kings? Gonna put the rest under a cut cause there’s a looot of them. 




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So like. Does anyone else go through like…a weird Tumblr social cycle? Mine goes something like this:

  • See people forming friend groups and social circles.
  • Want to be part of friend group and/or social circle.
  • Decide the best way to go about doing that is to post more about myself so people get to know me better and maybe decide they want to be friends.
  • Increase personal posts, memes, “ask me anything” etc type posts.
  • Occasionally get over social anxiety and comment on a mutual’s post or respond to their ‘ask me anything’ memes.
  • Get little to no response to personal posts.
  • Feel shitty about it.
  • Crawl back into antisocial cave and stop posting anything personal.
  • Wonder why I have no Tumblr friends and everyone else does.
  • Repeat ad nauseum.

No? Just me?

Hey followers,

Some of you may be aware that there was fallout that occurred after I posted a galli.rei picture I drew on Sunday. I don’t wish to comment on the situation in detail aside from saying that I am deeply sorry and saddened that something I made caused so much pain for people that I care about.

To try and counteract this happening again in the future, I’ve decided to open a separate nsfw tumblr where I will post content that may be potentially triggering. I will keep all nsfw, problematic, and gall.irei there (stuff that I produce as well as reblogs). If this is something that interests you, please message/ask me for a link.

Both my main and art blogs will continue to be updated as usual.

Thanks for reading.

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Hey I know what happened with that fic messed you up, it messed me up too. Seeing a fandom that I thought was gonna be a really nice healthy fandom do something like that is jarring. But i wanted to say thanks for saying something about it so quickly and shutting it down like that. I'm really glad someone like you is really big and popular in the fandom it gives me hope

It’s so… (rubs my eyes) it’s so completely and utterly disgusting. And the worst part is that it’s a widespread problem, and a persistent one at that. 

I am a big believer of fiction affects reality, mainly because… When you’re repeatedly exposed to a harmful content, you become desensitized to it. Maybe you yourself won’t act out the content, but you’re going to normalize it internally to some degree. You might even view it as completely separate from reality, because you’re so used to seeing it in a fictional context. 

But if you assume something only happens in fic, or on TV, or in books, then… you might be slow to recognize the warning signs in real life.

So yeah. Call that shit out. Repeatedly, consistently, and as many times as it takes to stomp it out. Whatever you let fester becomes a problem for the next group, and they may be caught unawares. Tolerate nothing that can harm you or the person next to you.

the faithful and the faithless

for @jynappreciationweek day one: faith

how does jyn, cynic extraordinaire, go from being self-serving to the champion of the rebellion, even after galen’s death destroys her? how does cassian go from telling jyn about hope to “her faith carried him with her”? 

(aka: the missing keystone of rogue one ft. chirrut) 

After years of feeling nothing, she now feels too much. Too much, too deeply, too quickly. It fills her being, too much for mere blood and sinew and muscle and bone to contain. And so, she shatters. 

She shatters like the glass under her fist. Into frigid, jagged, burning, bloody pieces. 

It’s all Galen’s fault. For leaving her with Saw. For loving so deeply. For sending that message. For dying in her arms.

It’s all Cassian’s fault. For dragging her back into this mess. For taking that order. For disobeying that order. For caring too deeply. For clashing with her. 

She thought feeling was something she neatly packed away in a box and kicked into the recesses of her brain. 

Apparently, she was wrong.

She burns with anger, she burns with hatred, she burns with despair.

And then she is empty, the only sensation she feels is the stinging of glass shards and the suffocating sogginess of her rain-soaked jacket.

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Ok I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never even seen Voltron before but I kept seeing ‘klance’ and 'dirty laundry’ and decided to check out and I’ve gotten so emotionally invested in this and having an emotional breakdown and screeching that abuelita is coming and holy shit I just got sucked into a fandom of a show I’ve never even watched and I have no regrets.

Lest there be any confusion or a misconception of me as some DC fan who won’t say or hear a bad word against Them, I think the idea for Nightwing: New Order is completely fucking stupid and tone deaf even if I don’t think it’s as bad as what Nick Spencer has done for a couple of reasons.

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When asked whether she believes in Supercorp, Katie said "I believe in whatever makes you guys happy". I'm a new fan of Katie from Supergirl and I'm so impressed an actress acknowledges a ship like this. Such a blessing. Has she always been like this with other fandom?

Oh yes! Katie has always been an advocate for fanon and fans seeing what they want to see in a show. Furthermore, she acknowledges the fact that fans are a major part of what make a show what it is. 

Even back during the Merlin days when it came to ships such as Merthur (Merlin/Arthur) and Morcest (Morgana/Morgause) she was fully supportive of the fans and their ships. Check it:

We stan an angel. An angel that neither of us deserve.

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I'm so TIRED of that part of the fandom that is complaining all the time. Sana is not happy! The series depicts islamphobia! There are things that are "problematic"! OF COURSE! You need drama, conflict and pain if you want to show growth and evolution. Just imagine a S3 where Isak and Even get together in episode one. And then what?

I honestly don’t get what people were expecting. Why are they mad?? I see so many complainants and I liek legitimately don’t get it. Season 3 at this point Even seemed like the asshole who lead Isak on and broke his heart, Emma was a bitch for what she said to Isak and the boys were assholes for pushing Isak and not understanding he’s gay. His parents were terrible humans who probably hated their son for being gay.

Like, this point of the series are always the highlight (or the downfall). Look where the boy squad is now! Look where evak is now! Where Isak is now! Everything is going to resort itself. Skam won’t be able to make everyone happy but come on. I just don’t really get why people are so mad…. i loved the clip. I love the season so far. I can’t wait until we get new content. I can’t wait till we get all the information. I am hoping the wrap up of this amazing series’s is going to get the ending it deserves and I have full faith in everyone involved in skam to do so.

I'm sorry

I know that fangirls (such as myself) and fanboys are already perceived as crazy, bonkers, not right in the head…but it really hurts me how some klance shippers (not all) actually think that it is okay to actually threaten people using their own content in order to make their ship “cannon”. I mean, i am an extreme klance shipper and I will go down with this ship to the depts of the ocean, but I would NEVER threaten living, breathing, humans and their jobs just to make a desire of mine come true. The show and its producers should not even CONSIDER these absurd requests. If you really love and support a show, you would watch it no matter what the “love interests” of some characters are. The Voltron fandom surprises me everyday, and most of the time… It is not a good thing. There is so much hate and malice in this fandom to the point where people are legit AFRAID to post things because of all the haters running around this fandom. I sincerely apologize for my fandom as a whole. Even though I don’t know much of what is going on, I know enough to the point where sometimes I’m ASHAMED to say that i am a part of this fandom. Furthermore, I hope you asshats (excuse my language I don’t normally curse) finally come to your senses and start acting like humans instead of animals.

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15 tododeku

15. 'Would you like a back-rub?’

Izuku’s entire body hurt. Not like, hurt hurt, but more like a soreness that won’t fade. He should be used to it by now. It comes with his quirk and it definitely comes with the job. He sighs anyway, sitting up as straight as he can to try and relieve himself of the tension between his shoulders.

“Would you like a back-rub?”

Izuku jumps, startled still even though he’s been living with Todoroki for nearly three years now. The boy has light foosteps, trained from a young age and even more so for their hero business. Izuku turns, smiling sheepishly at his friend.

“I’m fine,” he says, even though his muscles protest.

“No, you’re not,” Todoroki returns, and he gestures for Izuku to turn around and stretch out on the couch. “Come on, take advantage of the fact that we’re both off duty today.”

“Okay,” Izuku says, all too easily. He rolls onto his stomach, and lets out a boneless groan when Todoroki’s hands find the right spots in his back. Todoroki goes about it like he goes about everything else, methodically, straightforwardly, firm yet gentle. Izuku’s eyes slip closed before he even realizes it.

Much later, Izuku blinks his eyes open to find Todoroki sitting on the floor beside him, petting Izuku’s hair absently as he scrolls through his phone. Izuku shifts onto his side, watching the other boy quietly.

“Did I fall asleep?” he asks.

Todoroki hums. “It’s okay. You look like you needed it.” He puts his phone down, his other hand still on Izuku’s hair. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah.” Izuku reaches up and grabs hold of Todoroki’s hand, intertwining their fingers together. “What do you want for dinner? I can make you anything. Anything we have in our fridge, I mean.”

Todoroki smiles at him, just a slight curve of his lips, but more than enough for Izuku. “Anything sounds good.”

concern meme here!!


There are a few things I’ve seen some people in this fandom do constantly. Because some adults here seem to act like 5 year olds I’ve decided to compile a list of “don'ts”.

1. Don’t wait outside side doors to meet an actor. If they’ve decided to not go to stage door that’s their decision and ignoring that is disrespectful. And creepy.

2. Don’t loiter in between parts waiting for the actors. Wait until stage door in the evening like everyone else.

3. Don’t make the cast feel uncomfortable. This is such a obvious one, but people think they are friends with the cast and are so overstepping their role as a fan a but.

4. The cast are people. They are not possessions or people to parade around. I’ve seen this happen a lot with Jamie who hardly ever went to SD so meeting him was a big deal.

5. You are not friends with the cast. Yes they may be very familiar with you but don’t start expecting favours or feeling like they owe you something.

6. They owe you nothing!! The only thing they owe you is a good performance which they do anyway. They aren’t required to reply to your letters or go to stage door.


8. Don’t tell someone what to post on their fan accounts.

9. Don’t tell someone how to act around the actors. Yes advise them, but don’t make them feel bad for being nervous.

10. Don’t let other people who see themselves as “superior” control you. Yes listen to other fans, and take advise - but have your mind.

11. Me criticising an actor doesn’t mean I’m a “hater” or not a fan. Can we get rid of this mindset that we have to blindly praise everything a certain actors does? I’m allowed to call them out.

And lastly: don’t be the reason the cast will stop enjoying stage door. It happened with Sam and Anthony and if it happens with Cast 2 then it will be heartbreaking and horrible. Don’t ruin their experience for them.

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Hi Leela! What do you think about this? "[...]Maybe I'm not just a ken doll for you to objectify and ship and wish I lived the life you wanted.[...]" I know he is talking about important topics here but the ship part caught my attention. I know that Dan and Phil deeply appreciate their fandom, and sometimes they push their own boundaries a little bit and laugh with us about the phan things we make: fanarts, fanfics, edits, etc. But after this little clip... I'm really getting concerned. [1/3]

What if this whole time I have been hurting them? I’m an artist and I have never tagged them in my phanarts, I just share my drawings with the people who like the idea of phan and that’s all. But even if my drawings are just innocent illustrations of them holding hands, they are phanarts, pieces of art about the idea of them being a couple. So, I have fueled the idea of phan, I have contributed to it. And I know D&P have embraced the phan thing too- as a funny part of their branding. But what if the shipping thing has reached a point where D&P no longer feel comfortable with it? Dan sounded so sincere… and I really don’t know how to feel right now tbh.

ahhhh let me start by just saying, it’s okay. i totally, completely understand why dan’s comment may have upset you or worried you but please don’t feel badly. i promise that all of the things you’re doing as a member of this fandom and just as a viewer of dnp generally are all okay. good and great, even, because they bring you happiness and that’s the point. 

dan’s ken doll comment was nothing close to an original or new thought, and it’s a frustration he’s shared a number of times throughout the years. in his roast yourself video he asserts that he only gets views bc he’s a white guy in a cute ship. in the description of the pinof 7 bloopers he talks about how he’s a piece of meat for us vultures to consume and pick apart. a few years ago in live shows he’d say things like, “for those of you who only watch me because you like to fantasize about me being in a sexual relationship with my friend, i’ll go get my friend,” as a way of introducing a phil cameo. let’s just be completely honest here: dan’s relationship to the concept of people actively talking about, writing about, thinking about, his relationship with phil is not a positive one, and even more broadly than that, dan’s relationship to the concept of people following him and consuming his content due to anything personal about him (whether it be his pretty face or anything else) is not a positive one (unless of course the personal things are ones he’s shared himself in a very controlled/comedic exaggerated manner. aka basically every dinof vid.)  

and his observations about this are valid because his career really is founded in part on his constant objectification and the flattening of his humanity by viewers, just as all persona-driven entertainment tends to be. in choosing to grow a following by making content about himself dan necessarily offers himself up for analysis and that is intrinsically dehumanizing. in choosing to remain ambiguous both in sexual orientation and in relationship status with phil, he unwittingly encourages speculation on both of those issues, a speculation which has stayed constant in its fervor over a remarkable number of years. his choices have led to intense scrutiny and a thirsty audience that uses him and his partner as vehicles for fantasy and speculation and that’s also dehumanizing. 

all of this sounds bleak but let me just do a quick attempt at telling u why it is also okay. it is okay because it is dan’s choice ultimately. dan could recede from the public eye completely and make content that has nothing to do with himself as a person. he could divorce his real self from his on-screen persona even more. he could continue and even strengthen the boundaries he has drawn up between himself and phil in the public eye. he could just do behind-the-scenes writing or producing or filmmaking instead of continuing to be a youtuber. he could never collab with phil again because the pressure of being scrutinized through a romantic/sexual lens is too great. but. in truth dan has only chosen to become more open about how much he loves phil, closer to him in the public eye than he has ever been. he’s chosen to share more and more of his inner thoughts and monologues about his insecurities and his mental health struggles and his fears and his triumphs than ever before. 

he’s chosen to continue inviting us into his life in various ways, on a number of levels because of at least two very important truths: first, that being reduced and objectified is not intrinsically harmful if the person still has control over their lives and everything in it and everything that’s important to them. second, that this same rabid audience is the one that makes dnp some of the most successful creators on youtube–their audience loyalty is completely unrivaled. and this is almost entirely, in my view, a result of how much they actually hold back in comparison to everyone else on the platform. bc of their restraint we go crazy over even like 3 seconds of footage of them in other people’s videos. we watch and re-watch their content and we analyze everything they do to the nth degree. this is their remarkable skill as public figures and entertainers. it’s GOOD for them, not bad, when we sit here at 11:30 pm writing essays about them and their behavior. it’s good for them that you make art celebrating them and their love. all of it is good. and they’re showing with each passing week that they care less and less that part of what we love about them is their connection and love for one another. because we’re not imagining it or creating it out of thin air or forcing two people who don’t love each other to act like they do in order to carry on being profitable. we celebrate it because it’s there and it exists in everything they do, and in return they’re realizing that it’s simply easier for everyone involved if they let themselves be more comfortable and open with it. 

so yes, we objectify dan. that’s true and it’s important to be aware of it. yes dan becomes irritated about it at times because he has deep-set insecurities about this life as an entertainer and the aspects of his content that keep people watching (he doesn’t want it to be things that are personal to him. he wants people to watch for the content itself). and despite all of this, the objectification/dehumanization do not harm dan in any substantial way because ultimately dan still has complete control over what parts of his private life he shares and what sort of content he makes. knowing this, i think now more than ever before, you most certainly do not need to feel bad about your art or anything else you do as a follower of dan and phil who also “ships” dan and phil. just rewatch the pastel edits vid and ask yourself if that seems like a couple of dudes who are in any sort of pain/hurt about the idea that people like watching them together. nah. 

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Hi! So due to Tumblr fucking up I've been seeing some anti sns post in our tag and some of these posts greatly amuse me. I've seen stuff saying we only ship sns because Sasuke and Naruto are the main guys, we're supporting an abusive relationship only because it's gay and we're all yaoi fangirls, we should support Narugaa instead of sns cus that ships healthier, sns is as one-sided as ss, etc. Tbh stuff like this makes me glad I'm not in those fandoms. Anyways, have a good day!

“We only ship SNS because Sasuke and Naruto are the main guys.”

I… what? What does this even mean? 

“We’re supporting an abusive relationship only because it’s gay.”

Now, before I explain why it’s absolute nonsense to describe SNS’ bond as abusive, I should add that it’s interesting how these anti-SNS people are the ones who reduce SNS to the homosexual nature of the ship. Simultaneously, they are convinced that we must ship Naruto and Sasuke for the homosexuality. This is clear-cut projection on their part. They cannot understand why one is able to see past the fact they are of the same gender and ship them for their romantic potential, so they assume the reason we ship them is due to fetishising gay relationships, meaning in reality, they are what they seem to loathe the most—a bunch of homophobic teens. Also, do we ship them only because they’re the main characters or because it’s gay?

“We’re all yaoi fangirls.”

Generalisations are always true, duh. 

“We should support NaruGaa instead of SNS because that ship is healthier.”

But, we don’t want to? Why do they care so much about what we ship? Furthermore, SNS is not abusive. I do not deny that Naruto and Sasuke can exhibit abusive traits. However, behaving a certain way under extraordinary circumstances doesn’t say anything about how one would behave in everyday life. In psychology, it’s extremely important to take the context into consideration by looking at the circumstances present at the time of the behaviour taking place. If a person was rude to you, was it because they are simply rude by nature or because of something that caused them to respond in a rude manner? To make a logical and sufficient determination, you need to look at the context. Since we do know a little bit about how Naruto and Sasuke interact under normal circumstances, we cannot reasonably infer that their relationship is of abusive nature. 

We do not have any canonical evidence of what an intimate permanent relationship between the both would look like in a domestic setting under normal circumstances, which means that it cannot be proven that they’re in an abusive relationship in the series. As a matter of fact, there is canonical more evidence that goes against it. (1) They are on an equal playing field and thusly enemies, (2) hardly any of the signs fit into their relationship, (3) they don’t aim to chip away feelings of self-worth and independence in order to gain control in the long-term, (4) the violence exclusively takes place under extraordinary circumstances, (5) and there is no evident cycle of abuse. Yes, their relationship is somehow messed up, but it is not abusive.

“SNS is as one-sided as SS.”


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I'm not an active user on here, but reading your blog I can't believe I'm part of a fandom (SB) that said bs like Candice slept around to get a role?? Wtf. Didn't they already intend Iris to be black, because of the Wally West character? What exactly could Candice have accomplished by 'sleeping around' other than being picked over a few other black woman auditioning for the role. Who said this shit? I'm gonna go ask them personally.

Yeah, they’ve done horribly things to/about Candice: said she slept with the producers and Grant to play Iris (even though the casting call did, in fact, call for a black woman and they wanted JLM as Joe and practically begged him to take the role, so the Wests were going to be black whether or not Candice was cast) while disregarding the fact Danielle was friends with one of the producers prior to the show so it’s WAY more likely her friendship got her an ‘in’ than a nobody black girl like Candice fucking two gay men and a bunch of other dudes, have photoshopped Candice to be white, photoshopped her face onto naked porn star bodies, have talked about how she’s moronic/delusional, how Grant probably throws up after kissing her, etc etc etc.

A lot of the nonsense is floating on Tumblr and Twitter, but I’m sure people could pull up screencaps and receipts. 

Keep in mind: I have no problems with SB shippers who aren’t shitty people because shipping it in itself isn’t the problem, it’s the ones who do stuff like what I said in this post I mock and call out.