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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

~death to normalcy~

lily & james sipping mulled wine, finally breathing a sigh of relief because they’re under fidelius, thinking abt what a great day they’re going to have w/ their baby tomorrow

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Ohh my gosh, that's really cool, the mirror thing, very creative! And the appearance change makes a lot of sense ouo it really *is* surprising it hasn't really been done more.

YEAH i mean not to ridicule other people in the way i said it. i’m just honestly amazed it didn’t come up in all the changing into bats, wolves, mist, familiars, etc that happened in vampire mythology. i think twilight was the reason i thought about it because apparently they had to move every couple of years because people figured out they weren’t aging and i was just like sooooo vampire blood is just an energy thing? 

idk i just figured appearance was something vampires did, maybe because their food source is the blood of the humans and maybe other monsters around them, so vampires could perhaps slowly gain certain physical traits of the beings around them since blood has DNA in it??? idk just a thought. but it does eventually lead to the idea of a vampire becoming the common man, the average, unsuspecting person that looks just like the majority of people surrounding them because they’ve fed off of the neighborhood. it’s adapting to your surroundings, which is something i tend to think vampires should at least try to do. 

and YESSSSS like i said, I LOVE THE NO REFLECTION THING VAMPIRES DO, like i watched Ford Coppola’s Dracula and actually own the DVD and cherish it with every fiber of my being and the scene that’s still ingrained in my mind is the one where Harker’s shaving and using a tiny mirror because there are absolutely none in the castle when suddenly Dracula calls him out on it and Harker’s so shocked he cuts himself on accident and shet hits the fan from there. like it was SUCH A GREAT SCENE for me and i always remember it whenever i think about any Dracula movie ever. it made me want to keep that idea of vampires not having a reflection but at the same time, i wanted to mix it up a bit. 

Imagine seeing badboy!Woozi study really hard for an upcoming exam because you said that you’ll go on a date with him if he aced the paper.

BONUS: You check up on him after a few hours just to see that he fell asleep on his desk. You approached him with a blanket and draped it over his body. Before leaving, you placed a light kiss on his forehead but little did you know, badboy!Woozi wasn’t sleeping. He was just merely resting his head on the desk. After you left the room, he smiled to himself because he found your actions too cute.


Made a few more of the watercolor gems! They’re cute little 3.5 inch squares, and look pretty sweet in floating glass frames.

So question time, would anyone want to buy these or others like these? And would you rather have originals or prints?

Dreamers, romantics and optimists will be hurt and let down more than cynics, but I think that dreamers, and optimists, and romantics will go on to live more beautiful lives because they live their lives the way they do.