like i'm made of paper

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

Guess who finally had time to remember her Patreon password? This girl. Support your artists, yo.

Also, I know this is a UT blog (And I am going to keep it this way!) but would anyone be bothered if I posted a little bit of HM64 stuff? It was my very first fandom and not only is my engagement necklace from this game, but also I got the best gift I wanna show off. In the game, your rivals can get married and have a kid if you befriend them, and each of their kids wear a different hat and my sister in law GOT ME THESE HATS from Etsy and they are AMAZING. One is a Pikachu and he looks like a little Mimikyu. But I don’t wanna spam you guys with my kid. It’d just be one post. Is that alright?

Dreamers, romantics and optimists will be hurt and let down more than cynics, but I think that dreamers, and optimists, and romantics will go on to live more beautiful lives because they live their lives the way they do.


Made a few more of the watercolor gems! They’re cute little 3.5 inch squares, and look pretty sweet in floating glass frames.

So question time, would anyone want to buy these or others like these? And would you rather have originals or prints?

Imagine seeing badboy!Woozi study really hard for an upcoming exam because you said that you’ll go on a date with him if he aced the paper.

BONUS: You check up on him after a few hours just to see that he fell asleep on his desk. You approached him with a blanket and draped it over his body. Before leaving, you placed a light kiss on his forehead but little did you know, badboy!Woozi wasn’t sleeping. He was just merely resting his head on the desk. After you left the room, he smiled to himself because he found your actions too cute.

This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.