like i'm longing to


so um all you folks asking if I’m gonna do another mp100 doodle comic well


working on it

Morality and mortality at market

(Gallons of milk remind me I was once useful.)

I want bananas- more bananas
because they are are solid and easy
and make me feel I’m doing something right-
until they brown within days, reminding me
of good intentions gone awry.

I open the door for anyone
except myself.

Kale is manna for my lizard
but seems like poisoned grass to me,
which makes me wonder if my taste buds
are ruined for anything natural
after years of phosphate abuse.

The deli is a dirty place - asking for
salted meats and watching
as beef glides along a spinning blade
with plastic-coated hands
feels pornographic.
Which reminds me to again
to clear my browser history.

Rows and rows of boxes and cans
that just need time and water
to make food appear tasty
has me thinking of armageddon.
Too much History Channel
and daydreams about bomb shelters.

How much sex in a bomb shelter
could make one forget
the world is ending outside?

Tissues- more damn tissues
since I can’t stop crying
over my charmed life
that I’m trying not to screw up.
The challenge doesn’t get old
but melancholy sure does.
Tweezers for the new chin hairs
that have heralded my mid-40s
like little bullies bent
on making me feel like a mutant.

A new shelf- for the first time today-
anti aging face cream,
because though I held up well
for 44 years, #45 has beaten me up
like a bastard-
and I’ve fought bastards before;
though I don’t want to look younger,
I just don’t want to look so tired or sad.
Maybe there is no cream for that.

The bakery is always at the end
of my shopping trip,
with my private heaven
waiting to be wrapped in paper
and devoured as soon as I get to the car.

Have I really been at this for decades
and can I keep going?
Will I recede into Stepford complacency
or will I keep my own step and voice
even though it’s mostly to entertain myself?

can i just say though that todd’s tweet about alec and magnus being ‘very happy’ lowkey terrifies me?? bc i’ve been so used to seeing shit hit the fan in the most spectacular way when my otps were at their happiest (or at least getting there) that i’m just expecting it to happen now as well and i really want and hope to be proven wrong this time pls

How fucking dare you
  • Yurio: when I was in Hasetsu people always asked me what to call me
  • Yurio: Yuri or Yuuri or even Yurio
  • Yurio: I always told them the same thing
Tell you a story about one stupid boy...

Hey, cutie pie with purple hair,

You are too good to be sad,

Why are you saying that you don’t care?

You know, you’re lying really bad.

Do you believe in a miracle?

So beautiful. I can’t control myself.

No, Babe. I’m not cynical.

You should believe in yourself.

Hey, small body with big heart,

Stop lying to your brain.

I think it wasn’t a bad start,

It just wasn’t time for your reign.  

Why are you thinking that I’m enemy?

I found the corner with your secret things,

Such a wonderful place in your memory..

The place where you dreamed about wings.

Tell you a story about one stupid boy,

He thought that he’s worse than the others,

Why this dumb bully stole his toy?

Now the boy can break his prizes.

I think this cruel world stole his courage,

So now I’m screaming: “we need a justice!”.

We need to stop this unfair encourage

And boy’s heart will become rustless.

Drugs, drugs, drugs. It will kill you.

Why they lied that music isn’t a drug?

For you the world looks like the zoo,

I’m sorry, I can’t remove this bug.

Can you feel it, how music healing you?

You’re not the first and you’re not the second

Can you feel it, how music destroys you?

They call it “business”, I call it “the best weapon”.

The boy. Bitter tears in his sweet face.

“Hey, kid! You need to resist these fools!”

What a pity he’s not a master in this case

“I can be a commander, so why are you the tools?”

Hey, little liar with purple hair,

Under these stars, I can see your scream.

I know it, babe. There is no fair,

At least we can choose our own dream.

It’s your fault, you’ve made this story satirical

Don’t look at me like this and don’t ask: “why?”

You need to believe in yourself.. believe in a miracle

I’ll give you one more attempt, so become a butterfly.

You should try. It looks easy. Smile.

Stop crying about old ripped toy.

Stop running for the old past time.

Tell you a story about one stupid boy…

I had a sudden realization that maybe when my fellow troupe members say I’m not a bad dancer, they might not be lying.

I mean I’m not awesome, but watching video of myself is no longer physically painful. I am actually pretty okay. My biggest strength is still the character stuff, but like…I don’t think the dancing actively detracts from my performance anymore.

I am honestly kind of not even sure what to do with this knowledge.

My tablet driver decided to fuck itself and I’m not particularly in the mood to restart my laptop, so I’ll work on more expression asks tomorrow.

me: tells myself i’m going to write less on ask & replies so i don’t get too burned out after answering one
me: - turns to look at the three ask replies i did yesterday, all being multi para -
also me: gDI HINA

i have finished the first and last minute of my westallen vid but now i have 1:40 mins worth of blank space in the middle i need to finish

literally me with my process of vidding




*wheezes* (Please click for better quality…!!)

Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

If you’re worried about Rose looking suspiciously like a visual callback to the antagonists in the extended intro and how it’s likely because Steven’s starting to fear his mother in light of recent developments clap your hands!!!!!