like i'm a failure

please stop assuming all asian musicians are naturally talented prodigies!!! there is no such thing as ~~natural talent~~ and we all work our butts off to get good at what we do, so please learn to accept that!!!!

look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests

in today’s news: everything sucked and I can’t do anything right.

I’m a good artist. I know I am. Not that best, still learning and growing, but I’m at least comfortable admitting that all my hard work over the years has paid off. But that doesn’t stop me from doubting my talents and coming up with excuse after excuse for not applying for college (:

  • Me: Oh man, the Yiga Clan is so funny I love these goobers
  • Sheikah Man: My wife was killed by a Yiga Clan member. I have no idea if I can raise our two daughters on my own.
  • Older Daughter: I'm trying my best to take care of my sister like mommy would, bit I feel like a failure, like I'm letting her down. I cry a lot.
  • Younger Daughter: I'm looking for mommy! She's hiding somewhere, I think!
  • Me:
  • Yiga Clan Member: *comically chases a banana*
  • Me: Oh you goofballs, I can't stay mad at you~

Favorite MFB Friendships:
Yu Tendo & Tsubasa Otori

“Your name’s Yu, isn’t it?”
“Huh? You know about me? That’s so cool!”
“Yeah, yeah I do. You’re the little boy who won the Survival Battle, and got the WBBA to agree to hold the Battle Bladers tournament. Isn’t that right?”
“What? Little boy?!”
“Though I hear your beyskills are, well, pretty good.”
Pretty good?! Who are you calling pretty good?!”


I’m gonna die.

I have to go to the store b/c my baby needs food, but I don’t want to wait for the bus in the sun, ( also b/c I’m feeling nervous about standing in public). And my dad says I need to start driving again, (car literally has spiderwebs), but also that I need the practice.

But like, I have bad driver’s anxiety (hence mostly taking the bus). But I don’t want to be in public, but I’m scared of driving, but, but, but….my baby needs food! I have to go!! *Cries*.

Pray for me ;__;