like i'll be posting regularly again

too lazy to bother with a banner for this but i’d really like to get back into the groove of being regularly active with people a bit more than i have been—so let me have you consider this to be a ‘rye can pester me any time’ post. which is just a dumb way of saying like this to give me permission to bother you with everything and anything like

  • sending you asks all the time bc john wants me to
  • sending you every meme ever
  • writing you random starters whenever ???
  • and replying to all your opens bc honestly
  • making stuff with your muse and john when i get the inspiration to mess around in photoshop
  • tagging you/your muse in relevant stuff ???
  • sending you relevant stuff when i’m on mobile and can’t reblog it

i’ve been forcing myself to draw lately and it’s never a good thing so I’m sorry for the lack of illustrations at the moment. It’ll come back.