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i’m gonna write an au where samwell is a town that people have a tendency to run away to instead of a college, and it’s gonna feature:

  • eric bittle and his bakery 
  • (don’t ask him about his family just don’t)
  • (Homophobia™ will be involved there but only there)
  • shitty the bartender
  • (his one cool uncle died and left him the money that he used to open it)
  • (it’s pissing off his family more than you could imagine)
  • lardo the artist
  • (left art school to travel, fell in love with samwell, never went back)
  • (she’s famous online and actually makes a good amount of $$)
  • ransom and holster the high school teachers
  • (they arrived in samwell at the same time but not together)
  • (now they’re never seen apart)
  • dex the mechanic
  • (moved from his original small town to this small town)
  • (is very angry but can fix literally anything)
  • nursey the writer
  • (moved to samwell for Inspiration™)
  • (has written 3 popular books since then but has no intention of leaving)
  • chowder and farmer the happy couple
  • (that’s their thing)
  • (they’re possibly starting a family and they’re both just happy with it)
  • jack zimmermann nhl super star
  • (has won multiple stanley cups and is on the fast track to winning more when he disappears after he looses a shoot out)
  • (shows up in samwell days later, books a hotel room, and slowly starts learning how to enjoy life again)
  • (this is where the story starts)
Method Actor - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: On the stage of 21 Chump Street, the reader is playing Naomi Rodriguez opposite a very talented Anthony Ramos. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears that this is only acting. 

Warnings: Two or so curse words, but nothing other than that! 

Word Count: 1,433 (I cut down! Yay!)

A/N: Two fics in two days. I feel like I should apologize for being so over-excited! This burst of inspiration, combined with an added adoration for Anthony Ramos meant I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. I hope you enjoy it! It’s got the same slight angst feel to it but I’m a sucker for a fluffy ending. Let me just add @alexanderhamllton because the poor girl has only gone and cursed herself for asking to be tagged in my pieces! Enjoy, and send in requests and prompts! I love those. 

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The problem is, the moment you met Anthony Ramos was the day your feet slipped from right under you. So this is what it meant to be swept off your feet. You hadn’t been hoping for much when you signed up to audition for 21 Chump Street, you really hadn’t. With such a strong, talented rising star writing the piece, Lin-Manuel Miranda had been (in your mind) taking a huge chance casting some new girl as Naomi Rodriguez. And yet, here you were, two days before the premiere at rehearsals and you couldn’t take your eyes off the curly-haired boy in front of you. You had gotten close, during the process of the musical, and you were happy to know such a sweet boy, but damn it, were you whipped, and fast.

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part final (lol sorry xD)
part 1

sorry sorry sorry!!!! (not sorry ewe)
but the final of the comic i have it ready from the beginning…..
so yeah xD ….no but the true sorry,….is for the wait…..i’m really sorry
for that…..i had a art block….and other things …so yeah ….but is done xD

The Various Flanderizations of Matsuno Ichimatsu

so I’ve noticed that there are…a couple of issues with the way ichi is portrayed in fan works (and by that I mean he’s flanderized – which means to take one single trait of a character and to exaggerate it until it consumes their entire character – or he’s given an out-of-character portrayal altogether), and this post is here to address those issues as well as cover ways on how to give him a more accurate portrayal reminiscent of the character in the show!

do note that I am in no way trying to boss anyone around on how to portray ichi – you are free to portray him however you wish, and I totally get it if you want to explore all the different ways to do so. on the other hand, if you do want to heed my advice because you find him particularly hard to figure out (and trust me, he is), by all means, go ahead! this is partly for myself, too, as I’m writing an ichi-centric fic and want to have some sort of reference to guide me through.

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Blue Bloods

Jimin x Reader

Royal AU

Genre: Smut/Angst

Words: 3.3k

You’re head of the committee, a six-person council of royalty that determine whether or not people live or die, based on the crimes they’ve committed. It’s not easy, especially with an arrogant Park Jimin at your side. Literally.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

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I (really) need you.” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Happy New Year’s everyone!!! Here’s to a healthy & lively 2017! Haven’t written anything fictional in a while let alone for Sam, but hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Somethin’ short and sweet and calm to start off the new year. Inspired by Mumford & Sons’ Red Rocks performance of ‘Lovers’ Eyes’, if anyone’s so inclined to listen while reading/interested :) Requested by @nataliarmnov xx

P.S. Put the “really” in brackets since I omitted it from the text.

Word Count: 1,951


Despite the fact that it had taken several attempts to persuade you and a promise of no pirate puns for a whole month, you had to admit that spending your summer exploring Avery’s ruins in Scotland wasn’t always the worst.

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the banshee and the blue box

i have no idea what this is, my god it’s so self indulgent. but i really loved the doctor who christmas special and stydia have just consumed my entire heart and soul and… i don’t know, it’s christmas break, i’m allowed to write things that don’t make much sense. i hope someone gets some joy from this little fic, anyway.

“What the hell is that?”

Lydia blinks at the tall, blue box standing in the middle of the school parking lot. It definitely wasn’t there when they left that afternoon, and she’s sort of at a loss as to how it could have appeared in the hours since.

She doesn’t have an answer, and so Stiles is left to just repeat his question, slightly louder this time. “What the hell is that?!”

“A Police Public Call Box,” Lydia says flatly.

“Yeah, I can read,” Stiles says, unimpressed. He flings a hand up to the words printed in block lettering at the top of the box, illuminated by the light bulb sitting on top. “But only some of those words have meaning to me.”

Lydia presses her lips together and frowns. “Well, context suggests -”

“Context?” he interrupts, sounding as exasperated as she feels. “There are no contextual clues for this, Lydia. It’s a frickin’ giant blue box that appeared in the middle of the parking lot, and you found it.”

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Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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I want to write my own TV show just so I can give the gays everything they want.

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.

The reverse little mermaid AU

Where Graves is a merman (I’m thinking black tail, white stripes around his hips, maybe a hint of yellow in his fins for that angel fish vibe) and Newt is the human on the land who falls in love with the sea.

Because the sea has sea serpents that can change their size, feathered manta rays that can curl up into a tiny cocoon, sentient bits of kelp that talk shit and have attachment issues. The sea is awesome.

Then Graves gets himself tangled in a net, the daft idiot, and almost drowns himself on the beach until Newt manages to cut him free. Graves’ memories of the event are fuzzy - his eyes don’t work so well out of water - but now that Newt knows about mermen, about Graves, he’s determined to find him.

What he finds instead is Grindelwald, a washed up mermaid with a dull tail and jagged, torn fins. Grindelwald proposes a trade: his tail for Newt’s legs. Newt agrees. Unfortunately for Grindelwald, Newt winds up with a fabulous gold tail (just the slightest hint of red) but Grindelwald’s legs are bowed and gnarly, as warped by his dark magic as his tail was. He blames Newt for the treachery and Newt escapes into the sea.

Then Newt kinda just flails, because this whole merman thing? Is new. And confusing. And it doesn’t come with a map, so he’s a touch lost. But it’s all good! He finds a small piece of sentient kelp that calls itself Pickett, and Pickett attaches himself to his ear and alternates between tying tiny little braids into his hair and squeaking exasperated instructions about how Newt should avoid getting his fool self killed.

They end up at MACUSA, the towering and imposing underwater city. Their attempts to sneak in are foiled by the captain of the guard - a rather dashing, rather familiar character we know and love that answers to Graves. 

Well. I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

Except whoops, just as the angry-but-caring guard starts to realise that the lovable-but-snarky rule breaker is in fact the guy that saved his life and that Graves is madly in love with, BAM. Grindelwald happens.

He’s been busy with those legs, and he’s back on the scene with CANNONS and WARSHIPS and DEPTH CHARGES and all the exploding things he could find on the land. And it turns out that Graves is the one who got him banished and Grindelwald’s back for revenge against all of MACUSA and no one can stop him because mermen know jack shit about explosives.

Except. Newt knows. And Newt was kinda the guy who gave Grindelwald his legs so, oops.

Cue dramatic music please, let’s have a scene where Newt surges up towards a slowly falling explosive. Dull booms in the background, echoing screams as MACUSA falls, we see Graves looking around wildly for where Newt has gone and we see (but can’t hear) him screaming when he notices Newt swimming up.

Pickett grips tighter to Newt’s hair. On the surface, Grindelwald stands on his boat and laughs. Newt glances back once to Graves, then stares forwards again, jaw set in determination. He grips the bomb tighter.

The music rises to its climax, brass instruments and string instruments and percussion to back it all up.

Newt swings the explosive into the ship and -

The scene cuts to Graves, the music falls to something that aches, something with cellos low and mourning, and Graves is briefly illuminated by the light of the explosion. He mouths a single, disbelieving no, shaking his head in denial. Debris rains down from above and Graves swims forwards, desperate and hurting. We follow his gaze and we see Newt, lax in the water, silhouetted against the sunlight above.

Newt drifts. His arms are limp. His tail coils on the current, fins brushing against each other. Pickett, curled around his ear, turns away from the camera and holds onto the tiny braids in his hair. Graves swims up from below and cradles Newt, bridle style, against his chest, but Newt’s eyes are closed.

The music trails off into nothing. We are left with the pair of them seen from behind, the camera slowly panning away. Just before the screen dims, Graves hunches his shoulder and buries his face in Newt’s chest. There is a sound, though we can’t really hear it, echoing through the water as the screen fades to black:



Satine Kryze in 3.05

A Threeway Made In Heaven Part 1

I blame this fanart I saw earlier for this, I don’t know if there’ll be more of this, but I labelled this Part 1 just in case. You can see the awesome fanart {here}

I didn’t feel like writing a proper series, and wanted this to be more fun and quirky, so I wrote it more in the style of @calebski three part (AMAZING) series that she wrote for P&P vs. HP (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) trust me, you will not regret it #dickfordays. Also like some of @olivieblake stuff, check them both out, because they write beautiful things.

This has no plot. None. Not really, it’s just fun, and I have no idea what I’m doing, but I now ship Cedric/Cho/Harry so much. Omg.

  It’s snowing heavily, the sky rippling with light greys and darks, the wind howls and whistles as it tousles through the hair of the two wix standing out by the lake. The lake itself is smooth as glass, dark as night.

 The wizard is tall, with sharp yet attractive features, windswept golden brown hair, and warm hazel green eyes. There are smile lines by the corners of his eyes, and around his mouth, he is lithe and nimble from years of Quidditch.

 The witch is significantly shorter than her companion, dead straight raven locks that come down to the small of her back, dark brown eyes, a slightly round face and slanted eyes. Her brow is currently puckered in concentration.

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  • *rereading your own fic* what the fuck who wrote this

*taps fingers together* I think it’s pretty clear what my new obsession is

*subtly kicks away 6 pages of trollhunters fic + 3 pages of planning*

Iron Will (Part 6)

Tony x Reader

Summary – Tony Stark isn’t a man who takes no for an answer, even if his feelings for you complicate an already delicate situation.

Warnings – Tony Stark’s flirting, mentions of sex

Word Count – 1,599

Notes – Things are starting to get serious now.  Tony and our reader are weaving a very tangled web and so far, things are moving along nicely.  For those of you familiar with my writing, you know I like to throw in a plot twist every now and then.  This fic will be no exception!  Be prepared, you have been warned!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1

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He leaned over and brushed his hand over yours.  “It does come in handy when I want to express my gratitude toward a beautiful woman whose company I enjoyed so immensely last night.”

You couldn’t help but fall for the line, it was so expertly delivered.  You knew it was a line, but it still felt good to hear it.  “You can come over every night if it means I get bacon and eggs in the morning.”

“Don’t tempt me,” he warned, his eyes suddenly going serious on you.  He rose from the table and took your empty plates to the sink.  He grabbed the sponge and began washing the dishes while you sat at the table, your mouth hanging open in shock.

If someone had told you that Tony Stark would be standing in your kitchen, wearing nothing but a pair of pants slung low on his hips while he washed dishes, you’d have laughed in their face. Now that you were witnessing the sight, you couldn’t help but be charmed.  If you weren’t careful, this man was going to worm his way into your heart and you’d be a goner for sure.


The next few nights were a repeat of that first one, without the inconvenient pause to rush off and save the world from Hydra.  Sometimes Tony would show up with dinner, but more often than not, you’d wake up to find him in your bed, his hands and lips working their magic until you awoke breathless and needy.  Some mornings he had to rush off without making you breakfast.  You had a tendency to make him pay dearly the next night if he failed to feed you that morning.  Tony never complained, though, and you secretly thought he enjoyed it when you took control and teased him unmercifully.

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anonymous asked:

stories i wish you would write - sam has died and is in heaven, gabe isn't there because the dufus thinks sam would be with jess, cue someone (Cas?) finding gabe and telling him what's what, leading to gabe in sam's heaven. `where ever jess's heaven is i'm sure she's happy with the me i was then but i'm different now and i want you gabe`.

I somehow kept missing this in my inbox and I am so sorry but can I just say that WOOOOOW YOU ARE KILLING ME THIS IS EQUAL PARTS BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTWRENCHING DEAR GOD H E L P.

Can you imagine the sorrow that overwhelms Gabriel once Sam takes his final breath, watching helplessly as his soul lifts from his body and rises to Heaven, all while knowing he can do nothing but just let it happen? 

Gabriel’s Grace feels physically flayed and in shreds the moment he realizes that he can never be in Sam’s Heaven because Sam loved - loves - Jessica Moore, and Jesus of course Sam would want to be with her in his Heaven. What place did Gabriel have, what right did he possess, to intrude on Sam’s happiness? Even if it didn’t include him?

Gabriel slowly fades away, broken, eyes blood-shot and wet, before Sam could fully settle into his Heaven. He doesn’t want to watch that. Sam was in Heaven. Sam was home, and he was going to be with Jessica soon. He loves Sam, but he has no desire to see Sam love someone else.

Sam and Dean share a Heaven, but maintain their own slice within. Kind of like roommates sharing a humongous house. Dean’s Heaven had Castiel, the seraph refusing to leave Dean even in death. 

Sam is happy for them. He is. But even with this, laughing and conversing with Dean and Castiel over a beer, exchanging witty banter with Bobby as the older hunter taught him how to fix up his truck, his parents checking in every so often, throwing a tennis ball in the lake for Bones to chase… 

Something is missing. Someone is missing.

Gabriel is missing.

Sam tries not to let it bother him, because Gabriel had made it clear on Earth that returning to Heaven was something the archangel would not do. Sam tries not to hurt over the fact that not even he was enough reason for Gabriel to return, not even to pay Sam a visit. Sam tries not to think that maybe he wasn’t as important to Gabriel as Gabriel was to him, that Gabriel didn’t love him as much…

Hiding your feelings is harder to do in Heaven than it was on Earth; everyone could see your soul, see how it lit up with happiness, see how it darkened with sadness. Hiding your feelings from an angel was impossible. Castiel sees the dark thoughts roaming in Sam’s mind, sees how his Heaven was not complete.

He lets Dean know where he’s doing before he takes off in search of Gabriel. He knows better than to assume that Gabriel would be in Heaven, so he searches the Earth. It takes a surprisingly short time; Castiel finds Gabriel kneeling before Sam’s gravestone, his head bowed and his eyes closed.

It takes a while, but Castiel finally manages to get through to Gabriel. The archangel steels himself and finally, finally flies back into Heaven. He’s greeted with so many voices, so many angels rejoicing and shocked over his presence in Heaven, but the only one that matters is that choked, cracked voice of Sam’s that rushes out in a disbelieving breath before Sam crashed into him, his arms tight and warm around Gabriel. 

And all Gabriel can do is hug him back and try to talk through his tears, saying over and over again just how sorry he is, but he couldn’t bear seeing Sam in Heaven with Jessica and fuck he was so selfish and wants Sam all to himself, but Sam deserves to have his Heaven and if Gabriel isn’t a part of that then - 

This is when Sam cuts in with a mumbled ‘moron’ against Gabriel’s lips, and he smiles into the gentle kiss he’s giving Gabriel, mouthing the rest of the words that say that wherever Jessica is in Heaven, she is with the Sam from her memories. The Sam Winchester that Jessica remembers isn’t who he is now. 

Right now, Sam kisses Gabriel harder, murmuring how he wants and needs and loves Gabriel, and he knows now that he wants Gabriel for the eternity he spends in Heaven. 

Gabriel had long since disassociated the terms ‘Heaven’ and ‘home.’ But here, kissing Sam, he’s never felt them more connected.

What do you wish I would write?

Immortal AU Fake AH Crew where the members are varying centuries old. When they die the first time they get stuck that age forever, regardless of how many times they die. 

Geoff looks the oldest, having died at thirty eight, but he’s only about two hundred years old, shot during the Civil War after turning sides against the Confederates when he realized how actually shitty their ideals were and the Union was pretty cool.

Jack watched Marie Antoinette get her head cut off, and soon after joined her, of course, as a rich woman of the time. How she lived from decapitation, who knew. 

Gavin’s actually the second oldest, born in England as a young nobleman and died from the plague, of all things.

 Michael was killed during World War One. Damn that land mine.

Ray is the youngest, who’s only been returning from the grave since he was killed in the 1980s during a mugging gone wrong. Which side he was on, he doesn’t like to say.

Lindsay died during the Great Depression, and hoards money like a dragon.

Ryan’s the oldest by far, having seen the Roman monarchy rise and fall from the small group Remus and Romulus began it with, then the Republic, the empire. He still harbors respect for his Roman gods, whom he believes are the cause of the immortality. 

Plotting Ahead

I don’t know about you, but I have a very difficult time writing when I have no idea what is going to happen next. I don’t need to know the whole novel, but I do need to know what happens in the next scene and/or at the next major plot point. While I’m writing, I like to know what I’m writing toward. It is not all about racing through the plot, but gaging the pace. I know I can write a nice long, slow scene if there’s something a bit more action-packed to follow it.  However, I struggle with planning scenes ahead of time. Ideas for conflict don’t come to me regularly or even easily. So, here is what I do when I just can’t think of anything to come next. 

  • First, I take notes.  I grab my notebook and start writing down what I already know about the story I want to write. Everything. It can have names for characters, places, etc. but since we’re concerned about plot, try to focus more on the big picture project instead of details to draw out the plot. (I have to remind myself of this constantly). Familiarize yourself with the larger scope of the story. What’s important? How does that lend itself to conflict?
  • Work from inspiration. If jotting down more general notes does not spark any ideas, I turn to what tiny, glinting detail convinced me that I could write a book on this - it might be a character or a creature or a beautiful city - whatever inspiration grabbed your attention. Try to figure out what was attractive about this inspiration. What about it offers potential for conflict? For instance, if you are interested in writing a character who is caught telling a lie, you might want to consider what other things they’ve said that are likely to be untruthful. 
  • What wild things might be more than plausible? This might be the craziest thing to try, but it can be the way to push your plot into the right direction. Start thinking of horribly awful things that you can do to your characters - or rather, things that you could put them through. Is someone accused of murder? Are they trapped in a blizzard? Let your imagination run wild until you can see something that might be a good fit. (It helps most to make a list.)