like i wonder why he started doing that

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I give it two weeks until larries start being super confused and upset wondering why Harry hasn't been introduced into the picture yet, with bonus points if he hasn't even returned to LA yet. Or whenever he's papped at a club kissing or holding hands with his first girl, whichever comes first. I know a lot of boys in their early to mid twenties and I know exactly what most of them do to get over a long term relationship.... and that's not gonna be pretty for larries.

Well, I mean, we’ve already seen what it looks like, all hail Freddie Reign, etc. etc.

Here’s what it’s NOT going to look like (and you can quote me on this, because the only thing I’ve been wrong about since I started is how long people can be shitheels about a baby, and boy I was desperately wrong about that, I thought most humans would have a distaste for making fun of an infant, MEA CULPA MY BAD)

  • It is NOT going to look like Louis is taking the “broken hearted, needs to turn to a friend who happens to be Harry Styles” tactic, because for one he has Steve, and for two he has flown in his buddies for clubbing and hookup purposes (them or him, or both, who knows)
  • It is NOT going to look like clubbing Louis from 2015 because he’s career-focused right now, actively composing and collaborating and not just touring songs and sets he’s familiar with, and he’s also stated he’s focused on his son
  • It is NOT going to lead to Briana demanding a paternity test because he has the opportunity to be more available now than ever, and the older Freddie gets, the more custody and visitation he’s likely to acquire, also because that was a larrie fabrication to begin with because, say it with me, in this case there’s no question of paternity.

So, as of now, larries are down one (1) vagina, which, yes, if I were terrified of them I would probably be ecstatic as well!

Bum & appearance/self-care

Ever since I read KS the first time, it stuck with me that Sangwoo mentioned that Bum’s clothes reeks like he never washes them. Furthermore we see Bum always wearing the same (shabby) clothes and that his hair is very greasy when Sangwoo showers him. (But maybe that was because Sangwoo kept Bum for a week in the basement. We don’t know if he has showered him before or if what we’ve seen was the first time he did it.) I started wondering why Bum doesn’t take much care of himself and came up with some explanations.

1) As a side effect/result of his mental illness he’s unable of properly taking care of himself. If you struggle with depressions tasks like cooking, showering, doing the laundry or cleaning the room become nearly impossible and something as simple as getting out of the bed takes most of your energy.

2) He simply can’t afford it. According to his landlady he doesn’t have a job, in fact he’s even in arrears with the rent. In ch 14 we get to see his apartment and the furniture is scarce as well as personal belongings. I haven’t seen any expensive things like a PC either (which would be necessary or at least very convenient for a college student). When he’s not able to afford the rent at least, there isn’t anything left for the water bill either. Thus showering and doing the laundry is a luxury. Stylish, new clothes aren’t on the list either. We don’t know how he’s even able to pay for food. It’s possible that his uncle pays him some pocket money in exchange for sex.

3) Following the idea that his uncle pays for Bum’s lifestyle but demands sex in exchange, Bum might not be taking care of himself on purpose. He wants to be as unappealing to his uncle as possible. So he keeps skipping showers in hope that the smell would repel his uncle.

Most likely it’s a mix of everything mentioned above. Now I made myself sad. I really want to know more about Bum’s past even if it’ll break my heart. (I’d also like to know what he has done in the 4 years between high school graduation and entering college.)

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aaa also this might sound weird but do you have any tips on how to make it look like coran? actually has a mouth??? when i drew him his mustache was like,,, blocking where his mouth would be and he looked Awkward™

Coran’s neutral state is pretty much his mouth hidden by his moustache

butt then

there it is!!!

it’s part of his upper lip so you gotta consider how it’s shaped depending what expression he’s makin

majestic~..…wait i’m getting distracted here (and you wonder why i like drawing him so fun, he’s got the best expressions dudes)

usually i start with the mouth and then add the moustache on top, then shift em around if it seems off 

and sometimes works the other way round. play around til ur happy and use ref if ya stumped~

hopes that helps somehow o3o

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Yoongi, you sure your insecurities aren't bubbling to the surface right now as we speak? what makes you think YOU aren't good enough for Jungkook? and what makes you think that he's BETTER than YOU? Like son, it's about time you pull your act together and start making a damn move because you only achieve great things if you start reaching out of your comfort zone (great things like scoring jungkook amirite ^>^) so MAN UP AND DESIGN A BUILDIGN FOR JK DAMNIT DON'T MAKE ME COME FOR YOUUUU luv u bai

“my insecurities bubbling to the surface? of course they are! do you ever wonder why i only wear long sleeved and collared clothing? it’s not just because i’m shy or anything-”

“it goes to how jungkook is already an amazing person but he’s still growing to be better. being with me only drags him down, and it’s the last thing i would want to do to anybody. i’m afraid he will feel unloved if i can’t show him the affection he deserves-”

“i’m- i’m scared- i-”

“breath, yoongi, breath- in, out-”

I wonder why Force users do the hand motions when they’re doing their space magic. You know what I mean? Like how Ren looks like he’s about to grab someone’s face when he’s invading their minds instead of just…you know…doing it?

Is it a focus thing, like how some wizards need to point a wand at something in order to cast a spell?

Or is it just an intimidation thing? Like maybe the first time Darth Vader Force choked an underling, he just stood there and the guy started choking so everyone else in the room started panicking because they thought the guy was having an asthma attack or something. So maybe Vader started doing the hand motions as a way of saying, “That’s me choking you. I’m doing that. That’s what happens when you piss me off: I use my magic to make you die.” and the rest of the Force users just rolled with it for similar reasons.

Not my style appreciation post.

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There’s things in this globe that are not appreciated enough. One of those is Kris, but to be honest, he will NEVER be appreciated enough, so, let’s get started.

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1. That tol people smile, that somehow has you wondering why the heck they look so humble and pure. Like, smol people smile like that, but tol people do this and is like “im hUMBLE PURE SQUISHY AND SOFT” and i just get lost in his smile like it’s a child of mine.

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2. He’s also a hyper kid, he does these things but like realizes and tries to play it cool but we all know that Kris isn’t any cold shit he’s a child.

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3. cute little pretty pie. He’s so cute with the clumsy/awkward amile when he does aegyo! N’ that Kris blonde EXO era was gold!

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4. A child of god with a kid of god.

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5. THIS FACE OF HIS WHEN HE’S NOT UNDERSTANDING! That’s another tol people power, they make this expression and you want to show them the whole world and get them out to see pretty things and pretty people tHAT’S UNFAIR.

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6. Why did i put this here? It’s dangerous. He’s a great, great model. so pretty, Kris!

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8. Actor Fanfan, nothing else needs to be told or seen.

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9. Ok, despite the dangerous tongue thing and my bleeding nostrils look at his nose, his pretty nose and his jawline, also the cheeks and my cries.

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10. Reatable Yifan.

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12. Emotional, crying baby. It hurts, but shows that he’s a human, so if you are one of those who hate Kris because he left, you are NOT an EXO-L. We need to cheer for every member, and if we are not used to the former ones, respect them. Disrespect doesn’t show any love for OT9. Just respect n’ love Kris and his amazing work, look out for our boi. He deserves love.

BTS Reaction to: Their Crush Asking Them What They Like About Her

Jin: get ready for something cheesy like “what’s not to like? you’re kind, smart, funny, beautiful. well, not as beautiful as me. but close enough.” if he senses that words aren’t enough for you, don’t be surprised to come home to a home cooked meal and a foot massage

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Suga: “are you really asking me such a stupid question? why do you think I could simply list off the reasons why? there’s too many.” treats your question like it’s stupid but inside, he knows what that self doubt feels like. but instead of wasting time with words, he writes a song or composes something on the piano for you

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J-Hope: at first laughs off the question since he thinks it’s a stupid one but the more he thinks about it, the more he starts to wonder if he’s not been showing you enough, how much he cares. so from then on, he grows more clingy and into skinship and texts you as much as he can when on tour

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Rap Monster: takes a long sip of his drink so he can think through an answer before coming out with something so romantic and cringe before taking your breath away with a kiss. you don’t ever wonder why he likes you again

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Jimin: this lil squishy is so upset by it that he sits you down for a serious talk, asking you where the q was coming from. then spends the rest of eternity showing you he cares & why he cares, showering you with hugs and smooches and his precious eye smile

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V: can’t understand where the q is coming from. quirks his brows and asks “what do you mean? did I not give you enough reasons last night? unless you want a round two?”

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Jungkook: “to be honest, the first time I looked at you … I thought you looked kind of like IU.” whether you take his joke to heart or not, he knows not to push it too far. “ah, you know I’m just kidding, right? I like you for so many reasons that even if IU asked me for my number, I probably wouldn’t give it to her.”

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Hi, by any chance do you know why in Ch. 8 Woo says "In case you were wondering I took your clothes off because they were wet." but Bum is fully clothed here. It's right when he brings Bum back into the basement after he tried to escape.

Ah, mistranslation strikes again. I’m starting to feel like I should apply for a job with Lezhin as a proofreader, haha. Anyway, explanation under the cut:

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Remus is pansexual. He started questioning his sexuality in second year, but at first he dismissed it as what everyone would have called it: hormones, or just a phase. He knew, though, that he liked girls, he definitely did, but he couldn’t help wondering why he would be completely okay with holding a guy’s hand or kissing a boy. He used to think he was only bicurious, just asking himself if being in a relationship with a boy would be the same as a relationship with a girl.
Then he met Sirius. Before Sirius, he had only had the opportunity to wonder about boys. Remus was a reserved person who kept to himself, but when Sirius, along with James and Peter, asked him on that first day of school if he wanted to be friends, he became more outspoken. He immediately grew attached to Sirius, an energetic, excitable young man. Sirius understood Remus, and was always there for him. In second year, they got closer still. And in third year…
Was Remus falling for Sirius?
At least this confirmed the fact that he DID feel attraction to boys, and he could probably feel an attraction to a non-binary person, too. His crush just grew and grew, and when Sirius came out as a demiboy, the crush didn’t disappear in the slightest, so Remus knew he fell in love with people, not with genders.
Oh shit. He was really in LOVE.
So yeah, Remus is pansexual.

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Ok I'm starting to feel like I'm using you for your wonderful writing skills but your fics are always so PERFECT & I just cAN'T HELP MYSELF I'M SORRY plz send help; anyway, what about sterek + “i’m sorry i kicked you in my scared haze in the haunted house, can i do something to make it up to you?” au?

Sorry this took so long, but who doesn’t like Halloween fics in the middle of January? Also on ao3!

Stiles had no idea why he kept letting himself be dragged into these kinds of situations. Then he remembered that he and Scott had known each other for literally their entire lives and it made a little bit more sense. Not much, but enough.

Enough to remind him why he went along with Scott’s asinine attempts at wooing Allison and getting off the bench at lacrosse practice. Enough to remind him why once he got his driver’s license he played chauffeur for Scott and Allison on almost all of their dates.

But it didn’t make enough sense for him not to be suspicious when Scott came to him and asked for a ride to the high school’s annual haunted house.

For the past three years of their high school careers, Scott had never once shown any interest whatsoever in going to the haunted house. He always said it was too childish, that he would much rather stay home and watch Halloween specials.

Stiles had a feeling that Scott’s sudden desire to attend the Halloween tradition had something to do with Allison. And his dad had always taught him to trust his instincts.

Sure enough, when Stiles had pressed Scott about why exactly he wanted to go, the first word out of his mouth had been, Allison. Stiles didn’t even pretend to be surprised.

Apparently, Scott’s plan was to impress Allison by showing off how brave he was at the haunted house, all the students assured that this year it would be genuinely scary. Utilizing the same technique as people who took their dates to see horror movies in hopes of being the one their terrified date could cuddle up to, Scott planned to be the big, strong man whose arms Allison could fall into.

It was doomed to fail.

Because nevermind the fact that Allison was one of the most badass people Stiles had ever met, going on hunting trips with her dad every other weekend and starting an archery club at the school, that wasn’t why the plan was destined for failure. It was going to fail because Scott was one of the biggest scaredy cats the world had ever known.

Just last week, he had almost fainted when Stiles had gotten a paper cut in English class, the mere sight of a few droplets of blood nearly sending him right to the floor. A few days before that he had gotten woozy from seeing a particularly rare piece of rib eye, blanching at the sight of dinner Stiles had slaved over for hours, just picking at a baked potato instead.

Stiles had told Scott as much, detailing all the times, just that week, that he had been scared shitless by the most plebeian, unassuming everyday things. From the microwave beeping to a dog barking in the middle of the night, Stiles had listed them in order of occurrence, going on for several minutes before Scott finally cut him off.

Invoking the bro code, Scott pleaded for Stiles to just come along with them, desperately in need of a ride with his mom using the car for work and his dirt bike on the fritz. After a few minutes of deliberation, Stiles had finally agreed to drive them to the haunted house, figuring he might get a little bit of entertainment out of it if Scott did, in fact, make a fool of himself.

Now, walking through the fog filled main hallway of the school which had been decked out in orange and black Halloween decorations, all by himself, he was regretting his decision.

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in that case.. HCs for the whole gang as superheroes? (they're already heroes what am I saying but like.. avengers/justice league heroes)

I’ve started this one several times, but I’m determined to fucking finish it this time.

Okay soooo, first thoughts
-Tyler has super strength
-Ethan is a shape shifter
-Mark has telekinesis and other brain powers, like reading minds. He a smart boy.
-Amy…hmmm…Amy is kinda wonder woman-esque. Y'know can kill a man with a single look and thrives off of pure undiluted girl power. Yeah. That’s her…and she can fly. Bc why not?
-Kathryn’s gift is kinda spooky. She can like possess people. Like make them do what she wants, but she only uses it for good obvi.

Okay so now a little background
-Tyler discovered his power when he was like 11 and was playing baseball. He bent the METAL bat and the ball literally shattered. At first Tyler had trouble adjusting, he kept breaking things and hurting people. After breaking his girlfriends hand on accident he locked himself in his room for weeks. When he finally came out, his parent tried talking to him about capitalizing on his power. Making money off of it. He’ll never forget the way the looked at him. Like he was nothing more than a money maker for them. Not a son. Tyler ran away to Cali at the age of 15.
-Ethan never knew his parents. All he ever knew was living on the streets, and shape shifting. It came in handy a lot. Like when running from police, or just trying to find some food. Like heck, let’s turn into a starving dog and get sympathy. Whatever animal he takes the shape of, he can understand other animals of the same kind. I.e. If he’s a bird, he can talk to birds. One day he was roaming around as an owl, when he hears other bird chattering. About freak shows in Cali. People who are super strong or can move things with their mind. Ethan felt a longing in his heart for companionship. So he goes to Cali.
-Mark developed his ability after an explosion at a library. Nobody really knew what caused it or anything. Mark was there studying for finals and next thing he knew, he was being pulled out of the debris. And he could hear peoples thoughts. People thought he was crazy at first, until Mark realized not to say anything about it. He also didn’t mention how he could move things with his mind. Mark only used it for little things, getting the remote, or getting things off of higher shelfs. Nobody knew he could do it. But one day his roommate at the time saw him in action, and flipped out. He tried telling everyone, but Mark knocked him out and ran. As far as he could. All the way to Cali in search of others like him.
-Amy is actually an alien. She’s from a far away planet called Tursla. She was a a servant girl for the princess of the planet, also acting as a guard when needed. There, she was nothing special, not really anyways. Maybe a bit smarter and free willed than the others. She was sent on a mission to Earth to learn if it was inhabitable or not. She blended in as a human and has been living there ever since. She has not intentions of returning to Tursla. On earth she fights shit bags that try to hurt innocent girls. Sometimes boys too. She has a sweet spot for females however.
-Kathryn’s parent where geniuses. However, the price for that was they constantly used her for experiments. They rarely saw her as there daughter. Just another lab rat. After years of experimentation and radiation, Kat developed her power of taking away a persons free will. She got mad at her parents and told them to just stop…and they did. They stopped everything. She was confused but soon learned she was the cause for what had happened. She tried learning how to control the power better, but there were a few casualties along the way. Kat swore to never use her ability again, until she met Mark and the others, that is.

Might add more to this later, but pretty much they all end up finding each other and kicking ass together.

keith drops some photographs, lance scrambles to help him pick them up. lance pauses. “keith?” he starts, his gaze lingering on keith.

“yea?” keith asks, not looking up from gathering the pictures.

“why do you have so many pictures of mothman with his head cut off?”

keith stares at him blankly, “mothman?” keith wonders how lance could possibly think those pictures are of mothman. “oh, no. that’s my ex,” keith explains, and then he’s gazing off into the distance. “mothman would never hurt me like he did,” his expression hardens as he says that, his voice grows cold, and lance can tell he’s been through too much.

Killing Stalking: Ch. 14

I’m really curious what Bum’s feelings for Sang Woo are at the moment. He clearly still wants to escape and he’s clearly uncomfortable with some of the affection Sangwoo shows him, but does he still “love” him? He definitely still has a physical attraction to him, but emotionally I’m not sure. I would hope he doesn’t, since that’ll only make it easier for Sangwoo to manipulate him, but it’s entirely possible that he does, since Bum was insanely obsessed with Sangwoo.

I was a little confused about that scene at the store at first because I thought it was the perfect moment for Bum to try to get away. Bum seems like he thinks about getting away at first, but then ultimately starts calling out for Sangwoo. I wondered why he’d do that, but now I think about it, it could be because Bum’s had no human contact for however long Sangwoo’s had him locked up. As much as it sucks, Bum literally hasn’t had anyone but Sang Woo to rely on. In Bum’s tortured state, it’s not unbelievable that Bum would panic out of some sort of sense of abandonment. It could be a dependency thing.

As for Sang Woo, he’s definitely attached to Bum. From the start, I’ve been convinced that Sang Woo has some sort of Oedipus complex and Bum reminds him of his mother, which is why he kept him alive. I’m unsure if Sang Woo killed his mother, but regardless, I think he sees Bum as a replacement for her.

I wondered why Sang Woo would take such a huge risk taking Bum outside the house. Even if not many people were around, there’s the chance that Bum could escape. I’m assuming Sangwoo doesn’t actually want to get caught, so why would he take the chance? I’ve seen people theorizing that Sangwoo’s taking Bum to the party so his friends could rape him, but I definitely don’t think that’s going to happen. Sang Woo’s become attached to Bum and wants to keep him around. Sang Woo seems like he’d be a possessive person who’d see Bum as an object that is his and I don’t think he’d allow other people to violate Bum, but I could be wrong. Who knows what Sangwoo might do.

Slight spoilers for Ch 15.

I originally thought Sangwoo was going to take Bum out to the party as another one of his “tests”. I thought he wanted to test if Bum will remain loyal to him and not rat him out. I haven’t read chapter 15, but I’ve seen some pictures of it, and it doesn’t look like Sangwoo’s friends have any plans on treating Bum well.

Now I’m starting to think that that’s all part of Sangwoo’s calculated plan. Sangwoo seems fairly intelligent. He knows there’s a risk Bum will tell someone what’s happening to him, but Sangwoo also knows that he’s friends with some shitty people. He’s probably counting on his friends treating Bum like trash and ignoring any potential pleas for help. When his friends ultimately do absolutely nothing to help Bum, Sangwoo probably wants to drive home the point that no one wants to help Bum and no one cares about him (feeding on the fact that Bum probably already feels this way due to his past). Sang Woo’s already declared that he want’s Bum to stay with him forever, so if Bum see’s that no one cares, maybe he’ll really want to stay with Sangwoo. Thoughts of escaping might disappear completely. It could all be a part of Sangwoo’s game of manipulation to make it look like he’s a viable option for Bum.

Edit: I’ve been told that the people in ch.15 are not Sangwoo’s friends, so we’ll see what happens Sangwoo’s friends later, but I still stand by my theory that taking Bum out is Sangwoo’s plan to convince Bum that no one cares and no one’s planning on saving him. Either that or Sangwoo is too far gone and is is getting stupid and sloppy.

The last few days I have started to wonder why John changed his hair, even before the episode aired. When Martin’s been asked about it in interviews he just sort of ignores it and says “John’s changed his hairstyle before and it doesn’t mean anything. He can do that. Sherlock, however, can’t because it’s his trademark style”. But John’s never changed his hair so drastically.

And now after TST I really don’t trust John anymore. He was behaving so strange and mean that episode, and it made me think. His hair is EXACTLY the same as Culverton Smith’s hair. A coincidence? What do we say about coincidences? The universe is rarely so lazy.

I don’t know what it could mean though. Any ideas?

Early Mornings: Isaac Lahey

Note: an Isaac part to this series was requested so here it is :)

The only reason I woke up at five thirty on the floor was because there was no Great Wall of Isaac to keep me from rolling right off the bed like there usually was. Groaning, I pushed myself up and rested my forehead against the side of the mattress. What a way to start the day, huh?

           “Um, babe?” My head jerked up. The bathroom door was open; light was pouring into our dark bedroom with such intensity that I had to squint to see. “What are you doing down there?”

           “Is this another short joke or are you actually wondering why I’m on the floor?” I grumbled. Laughing softly, Isaac turned off the light and padded over to me, bending at the knees to scoop me up like a rag doll.

           “I’m actually concerned. Did you fall?” He set me down gently before sliding under the covers himself. I instantly snuggled into him, nuzzling his bare chest with my nose as I murmured, “Yes.”

           He laughed again. I sent him a glare. “Sorry, sorry. You’re just too cute. But you are okay, aren’t you?”

           “I’m fine.” I yawned. “I’m just cold. Cuddle me, damn it.” This sent him into another fit of laughter as he complied, wrapping me in his arms.

  • *Mom walks into room without knocking*
  • Me: When in the twenty first century did people forget how to knock?
  • Mom: Are you wearing boxer briefs?
  • Me: Why are you here again?
  • Mom: I was wondering if you have any dirty laundry.
  • Me: When did you start washing my laundry?
  • Mom: Since you were born.
  • Me: I've been doing my own laundry since like middle school.
  • Mom: So why are you wearing underwear usually made for boys?
  • Me: I don't know if you remember, but I'm gay.
  • Mom: Honey, you're a lesbian. I'm gay.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: I like guys. I'm gay. You like girls. You're a lesbian.
  • Me: Seriously, mom?
  • Mom: Is that why you wanted to do your own laundry? Because I could never differ your flannels and underwear from your brother? I also couldn't tell who's snapbacks were whose. Speaking of which your brother's girlfriend left her flannel on the couch. It looked a bit big for her though so I thought she was just wearing your brother's until I saw your initials on the tag. And I'm pretty sure you two don't have the same initials. I also know that I've made it habit for you to put your initials on your tags since you were a kid. So please tell me why your brother's girlfriend was wearing your shirt?
  • Me: *Fidgets uncomfortably* I mean she's kind of my ex and never actually returned a couple of my flannels, but looks like I got one back huh?
  • Mom: JFC, are you for real?

Hya omg I just love your imagines :D I saw that you were accepting requests and I was wondering if you could do one where Pan and the reader are really close and she’s badass af. And like one night everyone is just sitting and hanging w/ each other and they start telling jokes? And the reader’s like “Why is Peter Pan always flying? Cause he neverlands. I like that joke cause it never gets old.” Ty in advance and sorry if this is too long lmaoo <3

warnings: swearing
930 words

Peter Pan thought he’d never see the day where you were utterly and totally drunk.

You were quite the badass, to say the least, and had earned authority over many of the Lost Boys. They were rowdy, of course, but you were wild. Wild in the woods, and yet cool and collected in camp, especially at the campfires. In essence, you had a nonchalant grace to you, one marked with a quick tongue and cheeky wit. Nothing ever caught you off guard.


Tonight, the younger boys had gone to bed early, leaving the eldest of the lot alone round the fire. Felix was the first to bring out his stash of rum, stolen from the pirates whenever you all ransacked their ships. After those bottles were finished, other boys went to retrieve more alcohol, until eventually, all the goods had been brought out.

You and the boys had quite an evening, dancing and yelling into the night. You played a few cheeky rounds of truth or dare, not the safest thing to play when alcohol is in the mix, but it was a jolly good time. Pan sat on log farther from the fire, taking a swish from a bottle of rum as he took in the revelry before him.

Took in you.

Your cheeks were flushed, probably from drinking, and you were cackling dazedly as one of the boys made a joke about Felix, who promptly took a drunken swing at the boy with his fist. He missed entirely, losing his balance before finally face first into the dirt. Felix was knocked out. What a sorry state it was! All the highest and mightiest of Pan’s warriors were completely fucking drunk out of their minds. Half of you had already passed out, and the other half was lying lazily around the fire, still drinking as you began to crack jokes, all mostly degrading and dirty. Some of them barely made any sense, as the boys’ words came out slurred and indiscernible, and you chuckled a bit too loudly at them as you smiled, simply enjoying yourself in this shitty display of debauchery.

If you were capable of paying any attention in your drunken state, you would have noticed Pan staring at you, smirking as he watched this uninhibited side of you.

As the night droned on, the boys still mumbling jokes and giggling amongst themselves, your brazen, drunken self decided to crack a joke. You had spent a while concocting it in your alcohol-addled head, and had decided that it truly would be the best joke of the night.

“Hey, guys, I got one,” you began. “Guys.” The boys weren’t quite listening, but they looked towards you anyways, their eyes half-lidded and drooping. “Alllrighttt,” you said, drawing out a few of the consonants. “Why is P-Peter Pan alwaysss flyyyinggg?” You slurred your words, but the boys could make out what you were saying. You heard them murmur to each other for a moment, and then turn to you expectantly.

You giggled to yourself before revealing the answer. “Becaussse he never landsss!”

The boys were silent, utterly unamused with this joke. But then, you heard a laugh, a truly hearty one from afar.

It was Pan. Fucking Peter Pan was practically howling in appreciation of your joke, even choking on his rum as he did so. Coughing, he stood up, and made his way towards you.

“Alright, (Y/N), I think it’s time for you to go to bed,” he said, trying to suppress his earlier smile.

Who was he to tell you to go to bed? “You don’t tell me whaaat to dooo, okaaay?” Your words came out garbled, and you berated him again as he pulled you up by your arm. “Hey!! N-noooo,” you began, trying to refuse his aid. You promptly slid out from his grip, falling onto your ass as your legs lost balance, giggling as you did so.

“Fuck, love,” Peter said. “You’re truly sloshed, aren’t you?” He chuckled at that, pulling you up from under your shoulders before picking you up entirely. One defined arm cradled your back as another was swung under your legs. Pan began to walk away from the fire. Weakly, you pummeled your half-closed fists into his chest, pouting.

“Hey, b-but howww come the boys can staaayyy-”

“They’re all asleep, love.”

You peeked over Pan’s shoulder, finding that his words were true. The fire was now dead, and around it, all the strongest Lost Boys were passed out, most of them with an empty bottle in hand. Suddenly, you felt your exhaustion kick in, and in the short while it took Pan to carry you to your tent, you had fallen asleep in his arms.

He laid you on the bed gingerly, and was surprised to find your hand fisted in the front of his shirt, the grip quite unrelenting. He pried off your hand, and pulled away, only to have you reach out and pull him close.

“SSSank roo,” you murmured, eyelids still shut.

Peter chuckled lightly and whispered, “Sorry, what was that?”

“Thank you,” was your quiet reply, barely audible to even Pan’s sharp hearing. You fell back into your slumber.

Peter smiled down at you, and shook his head as he laughed lightly at your sleeping form. You were going to feel like total shit tomorrow. But he would be there to ease the pain in his own way. Peter took the opportunity to brush back stray hairs from you face, and even dared to plant a soft kiss to your forehead before leaving your tent.

Bruh, random headcanon about Lysander: The reason why his parents always confused Candy for Rosalya was because he probably mentioned her a lot to his parents. Like he would talk to them about this wonderful girl he’s started to like named ROSALYA. So when they do finally meet Candy, I mean they’re pretty old so they probably don’t have great memory ya know? So heart breaking omg

What if Sasuke called out to Naruto when they were young

I want to practice my writing and I really want to write this hc so here you go!! (Sorry for my grammar, plz tell me where are my mistakes ;3; )

Inspired by @it-started-over-sasunaru , thank you sweetie💕

You are watching him from afar.

You watch him sitting on his swing, head down and golden hair covering his whiskered face.

You are wondering every single day why he is always here (never looking at you), why he is alone (like you) and why the villagers didn’t want to meet his eyes when they talk to him (you found them beautifully blue).

You stare at the sky, like every day, he is going to go home (without you) and come back here tomorrow (without you).

(You wonder if he is the wind or the fire, the one who goes like a gentle spring wind or the one who will burn everyone with his obnoxious passion.)

You hope he won’t (will) notice you today, like the other ones.

The swing starts to move and you have to move too (because he is moving). You take one step and two. And at the third one you stop.

You see tears falling down.

So you start to run, run until your lungs are screaming for air, run until you have no space but for him, for the blue blurred eyes, for the sun still shining in the dark (the moon, you guess). You run like you are going to die (you know you are suffering every day). Then you stop again.

You stare at the golden locks within a meter away from you and realize his hair shine even in the dark (like the stars). You break your own rules and he is staring at you, so you are staring at him.

(His eyes are shining too.)

He stares in shock. The words are forming on his lips (so are you) and he closed it (but yours are still open gasping for air and words), turn away and let his silent sobs more silent than they already are.

And you are still working your mouth because it’s now it chooses to break.


(Are you okay?)

You continue with head spinning around the world and heart beating fast (it’s because of the running).

(You realize that what the books tell us are true. The world do stop when you want it to stop. So you watch heartlessly the world breaks and restarts again.)


(I want to know you.)

“Why are you always here?”

(Why are you always alone?)

With a breathtaking voice, the boy replied.

“I can’t go anywhere else.”

(Why I am hurting when I see you hurt?)

They become silent once more but you lie, because you are talking, talking in your head and soul and bones, you have all the things you want to talk to nobody but him, you have all those broken memories you want to share, to bring, to cry.

(Maybe because you want to cry with another one other than yourself.)

“… You can go home. ”, you point out this pointless fact.

He turn to you (the eyes with ocean and skies and clouds and water), and state with a warm tone (like his being):

“ I want to go home.”

You couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved, because he has a home (don’t have a real home like you) but he didn’t want to return. You resist the strange urge to smile, to laugh and to cry with the only pride you have now.

(He is the same and you want to hug him tight and say that it’s alright, you can live with me. We will have each other.)

(We won’t have anything than each other.)

“Then come.”, you reach a hand (and you know he will take it).

He stares at you (for the second time) and points his finger at the leaf, the village, the people out there. The sunset is already falling to it’s end (and the only thing who shines still is his eyes).

“You know this?”

You nod.

“They will come and hunt you, you know.”

You nod.

“They will throw rocks at you!”

You nod again.

“They will maybe try to kill you!”

You still nod like you are a doll, never tired to do the same movement. (Maybe you are just a tool for the world’s sake, after all.)

“ Then why you offered me to come with you?”, he asks with pure curiosity and


(Because I want to talk to you.)

(Because you are the only one who will know my pain and I will be the only one who will know yours.)

(Because you are that one person that didn’t come with a price and all you want is ramen with extra pork)

(I need you)

(I hope you will need me too)

“Because you are a dobe.”

You smile and this time you can’t suppress it. (Because he smiles too)

(I don’t know)

He takes his hand and they walk the sidewalk together, watching the stars dancing over the night dress.

“Thank you.”