like i went to cap it

dear heartbreaker,
i’ve met someone else. he’s nothing like you. he’s all debates on whether tea or coffee is better, jazz music, clammy hands when he’s nervous and baseball caps. he’s nothing like you. he is fresh air seeping into my toxin filled lungs, which are all thanks to you. he’s nothing like you. I think that’s why i like him.

i’ve learned not to expect anything from men too early. they always seem to come up short on making spectacular impressions. we’re still at bashful sideways glances, flushed cheeks  and holding hands to fill the silence, and so far it has been enough. i remember when you and i went to the beach and i kissed you ankle-deep in ocean water. you tasted like salt and oranges and smoke, and i thought it was the most heavenly thing i’d ever tasted. maybe i was wrong. because lately i’ve been tasting spring rain and strawberries and something bubbly and it’s not as bittersweet as i thought it would be.

i don’t love him. it’s impossible for me to love him now, because you will still enter my mind more frequently than i’d like and leave my hands shaking. but i like the way his smile mixes my insides so i have to smile back, and the way his fingers brush lightly over mine when he wants to hold my hand. i don’t love him, but he makes me feel nervous and giddy, just the way early love should feel. i don’t love him, but i’m not sure if i still love you.

not so heartbroken

—  letters i will never send #1





not only does it play back to yuuris internal dialog that victor always met him halfway through, but this can also be seen that yuuri is catching up to them, the two freakishly talented russian champs



They could symbolise victors inner feelings! before he met yuuri he’s in a cold dark place but afterwards its all warmth and sunshine! And not just for victor but for yurio too!


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Sharon Carter is an amazing human being and you know why?

where tf do you think bucky’s uniform came from all of a sudden? one minute he’s in jeans, the next he’s wearing tac gear.

When she stole that Cap pyjama and the bird costume she was like ‘nah, I can’t let Bucky have nothing, he’ll feel left out.’ Homegirl went and bought that shit from her own money, I tell you. She even cut off one sleeve for him.

Top gal.

me, while gently crying: i love moana and maui and tala and te fiti and pua and hei hei and thE ENTIRE OCEAN.  THE OCEAN HAD PERSONALITY YOU GUYS

Friendly reminder Steve Rogers is one of the youngest Avengers out of the group.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers was only 21 when he went through the super soldier experimentation.

Friendly reminder that when Steve Rogers was awoken in the modern century, for him it had only been a few weeks since he had lost Bucky.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers is only in his mid-twenties and still does everything he can to take care of those around him. 

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers has PTSD and severe depression, as shown in several of the movies and comics per his suicidal tendencies. 

Friendly reminder that almost everyone Steve Rogers knew in 1943 was dead when he woke up, and he was faced with the ideal that he had outlived everyone he loved.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers still needs to make mistakes and be selfish, and still deserves to be loved and cherished. He isn’t like Iron Man or Hawkeye, he’s not lived any sort of life only battle and carnage. He deserves to have someone look after him everyone once and awhile. 

The final Dragoncon 2016 post!  Sunday afternoon was a vintage style themed outfit, much like my Star Wars Walkaway dress.  A Disney Princess Bleach Dress!  I was super proud of this one and it went over so well.  I had been planning to do a Disney version of the bleach dress ever since I made the Captain America one.  I think it turned out even better than the Cap dress.

I used Simplicity 1606 for the bodice, with straps from another pattern.  The skirt is a basic circle skirt.  The dress was assembled and finished minus the straps and bias tape before bleaching.  Then I arranged my princesses around the skirt and sprayed it with bleach, along with the cut strap and trim pieces.  I didn’t get a picture of the finished back on me, but I did remember to snap one when I finished the bleaching.  

The parameters of which princesses/heroines made it onto the dress fell under the category of “Cause I wanna.” In other words, I don’t care that some of them aren’t offical princesses.  The 16 ladies who appear, from back seam clockwise: Elsa, Kida, Esmeralda, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Aurora, Mulan, Cinderella, Meg, Merida, and Anna.  It took quite a few minutes for me to decide who went where.

I made the hat with extra fabric and gold sinamay.

I’m still laughing my ass off at Scott in civil war. He has NO FUCKING IDEA what is going on in that airport fight. Like, he doesn’t even know the names of all his teammates. He calls Clint “arrow guy.” And I’m honestly not sure that they spent any time telling him what was going on or why they were fighting. Like it is 100% possible that he just showed up and cap was like “Ok fight these people” and Scott just went “ok cool, whatever you say, CAPTAIN AMERICA” 

     “I’m a nanny for two-year-old twin girls, and today I was hunting for a great Christmas present for them. I went to the hardware store, and I found a PVC end cap, and the girls are going to love it. They’re going to fight over it because they fight over anything that looks remotely like a cup—like egg shells. Then I bought tiny paintbrushes, and the girls will paint sticks and they’ll tell me that they’re painting my nails. I bought retractable key chains, and LED key chains, and all this random stuff, and I’m going to hook it all together. It’s going to be the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen. So I’m excited about that. It’s tactile and visual and useful, and it’s good for their brains.
     My dad used to stuff our stockings in the hardware store, with random but useful things. I still have an old screwdriver that I use on my bike.”

     Cambridge, MA

EW’s 2016 Entertainers of the Year: Lin-Manuel Miranda:

The Hamilton mastermind, 36, didn’t just dominate Broadway — he stretched his influence to the Grammys, Saturday Night Live, and beyond. “This caps the end of an insane year. I’m out!” he tells EW. “I’m out of Hamilton things to give you! There was the mixtape! There’s Drunk History! There was a book! The show itself! I feel like Hamilton was a giant boulder we threw in a pond, and the Mixtape is the last ripple coming back… [My emotional hangover from departing Hamilton] was delayed because I immediately went into the studio with J. Lo to raise money for Orlando victims. Once that was done, I went away and just floated. Any hangover I felt was outweighed by the relief of tucking my [2-year-old] kid into bed, a pleasure I had been denied for about a year. And now that’s my favorite part of my day, every day.”

I’m laughing so hard. 

Okay, so Burky (which I check up on because I’m forever curious about these things) had been following Niall Horan on his Twitter account for a long time. No other One Direction members, no one even associated with 1D. Just Niall. 

When I realized this a couple of months ago it had brought a smile to my face. He must genuinely like Niall as a person. Like, aw Andre. Same.  

WELL he must have changed his mind, and very recently, because he no longer follows him. Why would that be? It is a question I asked myself and at first I had no clue. Niall doesn’t tweet often and when he does it’s nothing obnoxious or spam like. So I dropped it as “eh”. Life. 

But then I remembered Niall’s Instagram post from last week. 

He went to the Kings/Caps game and decided to root for the hosts. Most likely wearing a Kings jersey while doing so.

Now I’m not saying that Burky was feeling some type of way about this, but if it’s true then he’s my level of petty and I love it.

(Rubs my tiny hands together) Time to overturn 90% of Klance fics lol

  • Pidge wouldn’t know SHIT y’all, not unless someone told her. And even then there’s like a 85% chance she wasn’t listening. Pidge goes into the kitchen for some goo and finds Keith and Lance hugging and is like “what the fuck is this”
    • Lance: Pidge, I went to you for RELATIONSHIP ADVICE
    • Pidge: Yeah and I laughed cause I’m 14 and a LESBIAN Lance, I thought you were joking because how the FUCK was I supposed to help you.
    • Keith: I literally told you I was in love with Lance last week?
    • Pidge: Okay, awkward confession, but last week you hung out with my experimental hologram.. Sorry boi.
    • Lance: … Babe, you’re in love with me?
    • Pidge: (out the door) Bye.
  • Shiro: (coughs into fist) Please… Do not… Do anything anywhere I might sit.
    • Keith: Shiro oh my god we literally just started going out???
    • Lance: Right now our current record is holding hands for five minutes straight. Keith has been doing really well, I’m super proud of him.
    • Keith: Lance… (tentatively hooks their pinkies)
    • Lance: Babe, not in front of Shiro omg
  • Keith: Lance called me a ‘motherfucker’ today in Spanish.
    • Hunk: Oh man, do you want me to talk to him?
    • Keith: Nah, it’s fine. I called him an asshole in Korean first anyway.
Tome Headcanons

Surprise!! tome is the love of my life now and id die for her

  • probably shops at hot topic
    • all of her shirts have shitty slogans on them
      • ‘bigfoot: ultimate hide and seek champion’ is one. ‘just give me some space’ with little alien head between every word is another. there’s another that just says ‘BEES’ in all caps and???? what
    • wears a lot of big hoodies that make her look like some blob with no discernible shape just how she likes it
  • when with people she doesnt know that well and strangers she just constantly looks like she’s glaring
    • if a stranger makes eye contact she stares them down until they look away
  • “sorry mob, I know we were going to look for telepaths today but shit just went down in The Last of Us and you’re coming to my house instead to watch me deal pixelated damage to these stupid NPCs. Bring some tissues its going to be a wild ride and one of us will definitely cry.”
  • when she first meets someone, her first instinct is to hate them
    • oh, that guy she met literally an hour ago? nope, Tome doesn’t like him. He’s too shifty eyed and leans on things too much. Tome thinks he’s hiding something
      • takes her a bit to warm up to someone, but when she does they’re never getting rid of her
  • is that one person that knows random facts that are hella irrelevant but will make u stare at a wall and question the world for a bit
    • “hey, did you know that Canada once had, like, a prime minister or whatever who would hold seances and use a Ouija board and a crystal ball to talk to his dead mother? Bruh this fucker tried to talk to his damn dogs. these ghosts influenced how a damn country was run. Anyways what were we talking about?”
  • when she talks, its 60% motion and wild gestures
    • she doesnt just talk with her hands. She shrugs a lot, rolls her head, makes faces, wiggle her hips, the whole works.
      • when she’s tell a story or something that once happened to her, she’ll fuckin jump up and reenact parts of it. It’s hilarious
  • very good at telling stories.
    • she always ends up in stupid situations so she has a lot of stories to tell
  • only hangs out with Mob and kind of avoids his friend group
    • When she met Ritsu, he kept staring at her funny. Tome realized it was because of the lochness monster on her shirt. He told her that all those cryptids were just stupid people messing with everyone.
      • mob had to hold her back from tearing him apart
    • the only time she met Shou, he laughed at her, said ‘you can’t read minds? that’s tele-pathetic!’ then disappeared.
      • He was never seen again, but Tome is ok with that
    • Teru…. she has Opinions on his character
      • “C’mon, he seems kinda….. weird. Like the popular asshats in our school who think theyre too good for everyone. Don’t you think so mob?” “…but Hanazawa-kun is very nice.” “but i swear he seems kinda… slimy? like an eel.” “Oh, he’s not slimy! his skin is actually very soft.” “No, that’s not–wait.” “especially his hands. I think he moisturizes.”
  •  “No, no, Mob–yes, I know it’s like ten at night and its cold and dark out but you don’t understand. I swear to every deity hovering above the solar system or whatever, I saw weird lights over the city. I swear to every god up there theyre aliens and theyre close. Meet me in the park two blocks from your house. And bring a flashlight and maybe some snacks. OOohh you’re mom made gingersnaps recently? nice…. yes of course you should bring them cmon.”
  • whenever someone asks how her day is going/how she is, she responds with a scoff and says “gay…. obviously.”
  • her room is full of posters of bands, cryptids, and cats
  • challenges people to fight way too often for someone her size
    • “Do you want to fucking go?” she says as she struggles to push open a door
  • seems to have no shame?
    • she’ll say shit that would embarrass other people with this fierce certainty, like she’s challenging you to make a jab at what she said
  • This girl? giggling? oh no oh no
    • when she laughs, she laughs
      • full body shaking, echoing snorts, chuckling that ends with wheezing, tears streaming down her cheeks
  • She’s just a very loud character in general
    • whispering really isnt her thing
      • neither is getting embarrassed, feeling ashamed, or anything of the sort
        • “hey, if they have a problem with something I do or say, that’s not my problem. It’s there’s. Why should I worry about what other people think of me anyways? now get out of my way i gotta fight the elite four and take my rightful place as the fucking pokemon master.”

I can’t tell you how sad i was, that after an HOUR of getting ready, when i went to turn my nice camera on the battery was dead…dont be like me kids, always charge your cameras. hopefully my silly space effects make up for it??

NYMA!!! I know she’s not perfect, I’m not a huge fan of how the yellow tones don’t reeeeally pop out (even after so much work ug) BUT! she is done! and I am actually pretty happy with my construction? some frustrating things, but i KNEW that was just with the territory. I’m trying desperately to get my construction progress (and extra photos) on my Patreon, but its down right now for some reason??? bleh. 

so here she is…Nyma; SQUEAKADEEKS STYLE! 

Thigh Riding - Ten (M)

Requested: can you do um. something like thigh riding with ten?

A/N: For some reason I was having trouble with writing this, I am not an expert on thigh riding, but I hope you like it!


Word Count: 458

“Ten!” you said sharply, looking at the door.

“I want to try something” he says, adjusting his leg under you.

You felt his hard thigh come in contact with the fabric of your underwear. You let out a small sound of surprise and put your hands on his shoulders to have some kind of control. He set his hands on your hips and ground you into his flexed muscle. A surprisingly loud gasp left your mouth. His eyes looked heavy as he watched you. He continued his ministrations, eliciting a soft moan of approval from you. His grip on you loosened as he lazily relaxed back to watch.

“Keep going” he prompted, a small grin gracing his lips.

Your grip on his shoulders tightened as you rode him yourself. The hot fabric rubbing against your increasingly wet lips felt amazing. He would flex his muscle every now and then, creating a harder surface for you to get off on. You felt yourself getting closer to release. You let your head fall onto his shoulder as you came, panting noisily.

“I- What-”

He shushed you and laughed.

“I was too tired, but I promise I’ll treat you right tonight” he said, planting a soft kiss on your head.

Smoulder- Chapter 22

Chapter Summary: In which the author discovers that the sexy deep-v thingy on a mans lower abdomen is called his Apollo’s belt. You ready for some sin?

Rating: SFW but like, sinfully SFW I don’t know.

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Chapter 22

“I can’t believe you won!” Nino sulked, taking off his cap to wipe his brow angrily.

Twirling his racket in his hand, Adrien shot Nino a triumphant smirk which was only thirty percent sheepish. It was a brief look, and Nino pouted in response. The pair of them hung back, wiping sweat from their faces, whilst the girls went to fill their water bottles at a fountain on the other side of the courts. The cloud coverage made the heat more stifling, the air more humid, and Alya’s hair had doubled in volume as a result.

When Nino teased her about her hair ‘hulking out’ she’d thrown a tennis ball at him.

Adrien dropped his towel back into his bag, earning a disgusted look from Plagg. If they’d been alone, Adrien would have argued that camembert smells as bad as sweat anyway, so the Kwami shouldn’t be judging him in the slightest.

“What can I say?” Adrien began, staring after Marinette with a dopey smile on his face. The girl in question was laughing at something Alya had said and, though they were well out of earshot, he still felt slightly boneless at the idea of Marinette’s laughter. “I guess we’re just lucky.”

Nino rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, lucky you won considering how much of a perv you were being,” he proclaimed, placing his cap back on his head and sliding up to Adrien. He placed an arm on Adrien’s shoulder.

Adrien jerked away from Nino’s touch, as if the accusation had given him an electric shock. It was true. He had to admit. The fact that they’d somehow won the match astounded him. Marinette had carried him through it whilst he’d been constantly distracted.

Her skirt was hypnotic, and he’d tried so hard not to look. But it kept shifting when she ran.

She ran a lot. Adrien, on the other hand, had managed to hit himself in the face with his tennis racket twice because his eyes had been focused on Marinette in a way they really, really shouldn’t have been.

Huh. So this is what rock bottom is like.

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St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

“Man, I don’t understand why we gotta keep shaving our chests like this,” AJ complained.

“Because,” William reminded him, “That’s what Jorge and Rafael do. OK? And we gotta keep doing things the way that they would do them. We can’t risk people suspecting that they’re not acting like themselves. We went through too much damn work to possess these guys and take over their lives. If we make any changes, we gotta do it gradually. Got it?”

“I know,” AJ sighed, “But I think Rafael would look so much hotter with a little bit of chest hair.”