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right now on this glorious october night at 12:00AM, i would like to personally thank taylor alison swift for sixteen (16) things: state of grace, red, treacherous, i knew you were trouble, all too well, 22, i almost do, we are never ever getting back together, stay stay stay, the last time, holy ground, sad beautiful tragic, the lucky one, everything has changed, starlight, and begin again

but wait! there’s more! thanks for six (6) more things: come back be here, girl at home, the moment i knew, treacherous (original demo recording), red (original demo recording), and state of grace (acoustic)

you said it in a simple way 4 am the second day how strange that i don’t know you at all stumbled through the long goodbye one last kiss then catch your flight right when I was just about to fall i told myself don’t get attached but in my mind I play it back spinning faster than the plane that took you and this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in new york today and i on’t wanna need you this way come back be here come back be here the delicate beginning rush a feeling you can know so much without knowing anything at all and now that I can put this down if i had known what i’d known now i never would have played so nonchalant taxi cabs and busy streets that never bring you back to me i can’t help but wish you took me with you and this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in london today and i don’t wanna need you this way come back be here this is falling in love in the cruelest way this is falling for you and you are worlds away new york be here but you’re in london and i break down cause it’s not fair that you’re not around this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in new york today and I don’t wanna need you this way come back be here come back be here i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here like if you agree

Also let me just address that Taylor’s “300 people know” comment came at a very bad time. If I’m remembering correctly it was the exact same night a secret sessioner said something like “Gorgeous has such a great meaning behind it and you wish you knew what it is but you don’t and you won’t :) :) :)” so everyone was on edge ALREADY and then came the whole baby thing with the fandom innocently wondering whose voice it was and SOME (of course not all) secret sessioners were on here like “lol you’ll never know because that’s a secret between US and TAYLOR ONLY!!!” so a lot of fans were already so upset when Taylor made her comment. On any other day maybe her “300 people know” thing would have been taken much more lightly but with the events leading up to it I think a lot of us here felt like Taylor was feeding into the already huge egos and basically being the ring leader of a cult of bullies. It felt like Taylor was giving these people permission to act that way toward the rest of us. I truly don’t know if Taylor saw the comments made by those people or not but THE POINT IS Taylor’s explanation was SO NEEDED because prior to it seemed like she was condoning the bullying taking place. I don’t think it was the comment itself that made everyone so upset but the fact that it came off like she was joining in with the people who were being not so nice.


hi it’s me again unfortunately and i’m here with an ugly header bc!!


this is probably cheesy as heck but seriously i’m shatting my pants right bc how are there 1000 of u that like my trashy blog :’) thank you for all of you that stuck around since the beginning bc when i started this blog i literally thought i was gonna get like -2 followers LMAO y’all make me so happy all the time :(( and to EACH N EVERY MUTUAL EVEN IF WE’VE NEVER TALKED EVER i love u and i am probably your #1 fan ily and thank you for making tumblr 100000x better

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Signs As Waterparks Lyrics (Pt. 2)

Aries: Life is slow paced like the movies.

Taurus: I don’t feel lucky in here; buried in my head. I’m seeing red and nothing else.

Gemini: You never really missed me back.

Cancer: I’ll be the silver lining around your fence.

Leo: I was bitter but I’m fine now.

Virgo: You know I’ll always be around, ai’d never, never, never leave you hanging out to dry

Libra: Maybe I’m seconds late, always late.

Scorpio: Let’s get together and be green like my insides.

Sagittarius: I’m doing alright, but is alright enough?

Capricorn: I breathe nostalgia ‘til I’m bored

Aquarius: Feeling is a rare thing for me.

Pisces: I used to crave a getaway, now I don’t wanna leave.

huckleberry is one of those highly regional flavors that i’m not really familiar with or used to seeing, but that pops up all over the place here. i just discovered the local convenience store has huckleberry slushies, and while the machine looked like it was out of order today i’m tempted to try one at some point

Shawn Flynn Headcanons

Since I haven’t done anything for the good ole ink boy in a while, I thought I’d share some of my personal headcanons for him. Here we go:

  • Can play the banjo really well. Like, let him listen to a song he’s never heard before and in about a minute he can play it on the banjo.
  • Has some really good stories and story ideas. On Halloween whenever the other egos want a spooky story told they go to Flynn and he freaks them all out
  • Anything he draws or sews can come to life if he wants it to
  • He used to pretend to have an American accent when he was younger because of the hate towards Irish immigrants in his time
  • He makes a mean potato soup
  • Really tired, though, so don’t let him cook. He may end up feeding you ink soup
  • Loves cats
  • Is afraid of dogs for some reason
  • Really good friends with the Host because of the shared interests
  • Makes all of his friends a plushie version of them eventually
  • Let him sleep
  • Every other word is a curse word- mothers shield your children’s ears please
  • Probably a furry
  • Can slightly control the ink and has a hard time keeping it from controlling him
  • Schneeple has been working on a cure to rid him of the ink for a long time
  • Though sometimes Flynn is so tired Pitch can easily take control

Speaking of Pitch, some headcanons for the ink boy ;)

  • Is actually very nice to people he likes
  • Very gooey but likes hugs
  • Probably ticklish if it weren’t for the ink
  • He’s really warm though don’t touch him
  • Likes to hang around Anti
  • Though Anti is a bad influence get him away from the ink boy

So I hope ya’ll enjoy these ;)




just wanna clarify that i do think finn is great and wonderful and seems like a very good person, but i’m so uncomfortable seeing young celebrities hailed as “woke” and whatever for doing the right thing, and i never really understood that feeling of discomfort until now. i just realized i don’t like it bc i feel like putting celebrities, and children especially, on a pedestal for every decent human thing they do or even for personal decisions that probably have more to do with personal safety than making a political statement (i.e. finn leaving his agency) is a precursor to the really toxic habit people on here have of completely shunning any celebrity that makes any tiny mistake. y'all put these teenage kids so high on a pedestal and then give them absolutely zero wiggle room to make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s honestly one of the most annoying, insidious things imaginable. anyway sorry i keep talking abt this, this situation has just made me think about how much i hate dumbass insular politics which refuse to let anyone do anything without it being abt politics/social justice.

me ??  crying  over  the  fact  that  there’s  already  100+  people  following  me  after  not  even  a  month  of  being  here ??  VERY  LIKELY !  I’ve  never  been  in  a  fandom  like  this  one  so  I  was  sort  of  anxious  about  it  at  first ,  but  now  I’m  much  more  at  ease  and  extremely  thankful  for  the  welcome  you  guys  have  given  me !  I’ve  met  so  many  lovely  people  so  far ,  and  so  many  of  you  make  my  experience  on  this  blog  an  absolute  pleasure .  I  just  wanted  to  take  a  little  moment  of  the  day  to  thank  you  all  personally ,  mutuals  and  non -  mutuals !  there’s  a  good  bunch  of  people  on  here  —–  and  I could’ve  kept  going  at  the  risk  of  clogging  this  post  up  too much ,  but  please  remember  I  love  you  all  equally !


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THE  NEIGHBORS  WHO  I  WISH  GOOD  THINGS  UPON :  literally  everyone  else !  mutuals  I  haven’t  mentioned  and  non - mutuals  alike ,  remember  you’re  appreciated  and  loved  and  I  hope  you  find  ten  bucks  on  the  floor  some  time  soon . 


aelins  asked:

hey! I know this is gonna sound super random but here it is anyway: I was never really a fan of 1d but since u started posting more about them (and specially Larry) I've been getting v curious. like how do u know all this stuff about them (Larry I mean), how do u know that they're really in love?? sorry if this is a hard question to answer I just kinda like them together and wanted some facts™️, u know?

short answer: watch all of freddieismyqueen’s videos here and tbh this is really all u should need in my humble opinion 

long answer: click under the cut 

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sooooo Tord people kiss your tail alot? wait does that mean Tom kinda just touched someone else's lips?? with HIS lips? and should we tell the last person that kissed your tail (before Tom) that he just got kissed by a drunk angel?

Tord: first of all, I never usually kiss my… victims?

Tom: *hick* look at shake spear over here~ *hick*

Tord: shut it, and the way I usually feed, I don’t look like a demon, I look like what ever they want to… you know

Tom: wow, *hick* I must sure have some weird taste like *hick* dang


Tom: never *hick* mind~

Tord: okay, anyway no that’s not how that works?

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`there's no better artist out here than you´ I know it's not nice to say, but y'all have to stop kissing ondrias ass like this. she is far away from being perfect. her anathomy, proportions, samefacesyndrom and we should not forget that she never draws clean lineart. ALL of it looks unfinished. there r tons of artists in this fandom who are much better than her. you should not praise someone like this that way there is no chance to get better. so ondria: don´t believe it when ppl say u r perfect

I totally understand your point and it is legitimately a really good point. My art is by FAR nNOT the best one out there and especially in this fandom.

But I won’t ever decline someone nice enough to say that they appreciate my art because this is such a huge satisfaction to hear. I won’t ever believe that I’m perfect i mEAN LOOK AT ME LMao. And I definitaly won’t stop improving, that’s not in my plans.

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Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone, I’m so sorry if I did.

I was trying to send private messages for you all to thank for all the kind comments I got yesterday but got too tired, so I’ll say it here. Thank you so much, those comments mean the world to me! I smiled so much my face hurt. And it warms my heart to know there are many others like me, thanks for telling me. I’m amazed how kind you are to me! I’ll take a screenshot of these so I’ll never forget! Thank you so much ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

And @all-you-need-is-love-us I’m so impressed you wanted to tell me that story of the two wolves. I was really touched by it, thank you 💖

Ja @simlisssa meidän pitäis tosiaankin jutella! Kaikkea samaa voisin sanoa susta mitä kirjotit siihen rebloggaukseen, oot paras, kiitos 💖

The Morning After

Originally posted by fangirl-feeeels

Feigning The Connection Bonus Prompt: Something had always told you there was more than just friendship between you and Bellamy. You’d followed him into Mount Weather for god-sake, just so you could make sure he’d be okay. Bellamy was your home, the home you’d never had. And waking up in his arms, bare skin against bare skin, just felt right.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: mention of sex.

A/N: So i’ve had this idea for a long time, and I wanted to do this since I wrote the scene in Feigning The Connection part twenty-four. You don’t have to have read FTC to read this or understand it, but if you’d like to read it you can click HERE.

In all your life you’d never thought you’d wake up in someone else’s arms. Your mother dying and your father’s neglect had made you believe you weren’t capable of love, and that thought had only grew when you’d been arrested. You were sure you’d die alone in that cell, but then everything changed and your life was turned around.

The feeling of Bellamy so close to you was no longer foreign to you, not since last night. Images of pleasure and warmth spread through you as your eyes slowly slid open. The Ark was silent, which had you believe that it was still early in the morning. You often woke up early, just so you could have a few moments of peace before the days events unfolded and with the end of the world coming, it seemed almost as if this was your rock. Your rock from completely falling apart with anxiety.

Your back was pressed against Bellamy’s chest, and you could feel his bare skin against the arch of your back. His arm was lazily thrown over you,  just above your hip and you could feel his other hand wrapped within your hair. Bellamy’s hand was moving, softly rubbing circles, meaning he was awake.

A smile grew as you shifted around so you facing him. Sure enough there was Bellamy wide awake, his arm still pulling you close as he gazed at your now awake sake. “Have you been watching me sleep?” You teased, and a smirk grew on Bellamy’s lips as he nodded his head with no shame. You bit your lip, gazing into his dark brown eyes with curiosity.  

“I’ve never seen you so peaceful.”

You smiled lightly, knowing his words meant more than what was assumed. You reached your hand forward, letting it fall on his cheek as your thumb softly traced over the skin of his cheek with love. You’ve never let yourself be so vulnerable before. In all your life, it was always about keeping your guard up and not letting anyone get close enough to hurt you; you’d been hurt too much. But there had always been something about Bellamy, even when he was a complete asshole at first. Something that told you that he meant no harm and there was more than met the eye.

“What happened last night?” You questioned softly, allowing your eyes to meet his once again. “There was something wrong.”

It wasn’t hard to tell there was something wrong with Bellamy, you could just tell. 

Bellamy fell silent, unsure of how to respond and you sighed. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it. I love you… but something happened; something that brought you to my room last night.”

Bellamy grasp your head, cradling it. “It doesn’t matter.” He pushed aside, and you would’ve argued if it wasn’t for the look on his face. “All that matters is us.” 

You paused, unsure of how you should respond. But then; “I never knew you could be so romantic, Bell.” You smiled, teasing him further. He wouldn’t tell you, and that’s fair; you were willing to wait until he’s ready. Even if it took the end of the world for him to tell you, you’d wait. 

“Well you just never gave me a chance.” He sniped with a teasing smirk and you giggled. Here you were wrapped up in the boys arms, naked as could be but together for warmth and yet the two of you still managed to tease each other. You flicked him lightly on the forehead, shaking your head at his silliness before pressing a kiss on his lips.

“I am truly glad I met you Bellamy.” You smiled, pulling back from the kiss. All you saw in Bellamy’s eyes was love and it pulled you back for a moment. No one, not since your mother, had gazed at you with such love and adoration. It was almost foreign but it brought back memories of everything you’d missed. It was almost as if he thought the whole world of you and it brought a feeling within you that you’d never experienced before.

You weren’t sure why you felt so sentimental, but it felt right. “You’ve given me what I never thought i’d ever had Bellamy. Love- and i’m so happy it’s you.” Bellamy smiled, love filling his gaze as he held you. You didn’t need him to say anything to know he felt the same; he’d proven that often enough.

The world was ending and you weren’t sure if you’d be alive in a month or so, but all of that seemed to disappear from your mind as you gazed at Bellamy. Last night may have been unexpected but not for one moment did you regret it. The kissing, the touching and the feeling that had powered through you both, it was unreal but so real at the same time.

“It’ll never change.” Bellamy softly uttered and his arms moved to pull you closer. You allowed him to, falling into his chest and a comfortable silence fell around the two of you. 

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Do you have any predictions for the first episode of season 13? :)

hi!! i answered a kind of similar question to this here a while back but basically i have a few ideas for how s13 might start:

  • we get a completely normal episode with the gang all being there, dennis included, and it’s like he never left and north dakota never gets acknowledged again
  • scenes switching back and forth between philly and north dakota, where we see dennis being miserable beyond belief and the gang Thriving
  • dennis makes a surprise visit to philly and he comes to paddy’s only to find the gang executing a scheme - they’re having a funeral for dennis and they’re collecting money from everyone to try and raise awareness for whatever dennis died from, which they’re calling “Got Blown Up by Rocket Launcher” sydrome
  • dee saves the day
  • artemis makes a much anticipated return, along with rex and ben the soldier

First off we just want to wish Andrew Scott a very happy birthday and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we hope he’s having a wonderful day!!

Since it’s Andrews birthday I thought.. what better time is there to celebrate the fanbase? Without him there are a lot of people I wouldn’t know and a lot of people I probably would never have started speaking to, and I know I say this a lot but the Andrew Scott fans are still the best fans I know, everyone is so loving, and kind, and supportive, and it fills me with so much joy to be a part of that. So this year I wanted to celebrate you guys, because without Andrew Scott I wouldn’t know you, and I’m so thankful to him that I do know you guys! So I made a (little) gift for you guys..

I made up a whole bunch of colourful icons over a few months and put them all into a nice page on the blog so it’s easy for you to look at certain colours/characters etc! I know it’s nothing HUGE but I thought it might be something you guys would be interested in! At the moment there’s a little over 100 icons on the page but if there are any colours/patterns you want in the background or if there are any pictures of Andrew you want as icons I’d be happy to make them if you let me know! I’ll probably keep on gradually adding more to the page over time anyway so I’d love to hear your guys’ ideas!

You can find the icons here! And I’ve also added a handy button to the top of the blog page if you want to go there to find them! All of the icons should be 100x100 pixels, let me know if there are any issues with any of them in any way and i’ll try to fix it! It’s not necessary but it’d be awesome if you could like or reblog this post if you use any of the icons (:

I just want to say a final thank you to you guys for supporting us for so long, and a general thank you to the fanbase for being so wonderful, I hope you all like the icons!

Amber <3

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what is your advice to people who haven't met taylor or never even been noticed ? :(

don’t worry about it :)

i started my blog before taylor ever came on tumblr. i was just here to have a good time and have an outlet for all of my taylor swift related posts bc my friends were tired of hearing me talk about taylor so much. i came to tumblr to find like minded people, and i found some of my BEST FRIENDS bc of it. finally i found MY PEOPLE and one those ppl just ended up being taylor herself ♥️

i never expected that post i made about biggering to get over 10k notes as it did, but i do appreciate that most of the reactions in the notes are of people reluctantly reblogging it because on one hand, most people don’t want to discuss anything related to the lorax movie ever again (especially not here on tumblr dot com), but on the other hand biggering is just generally agreed to be a legitimate bop so people can’t help but share it

Lili and the King of Sei -- fic idea

It’s probably going to be a while till I actually write this, but since the people I shared it with seemed to like it, I thought I’d post it here. 

One of the ways that the Sei arc disappointed me was that we never got to learn anything about Kazagumo, the young king who was supposedly being controlled by his uncles (technically, we don’t even know he’s young). So I was thinking, ok, how have his uncles been known to control people? With nadai. When all three of them come to the palace to submit to Kouka, Suwon recognizes the signs, but doesn’t want to destabilize the situation by interfering with Sei’s internal affairs. So instead he just says that Kazagumo will stay at the palace as a hostage. His uncles are like “oh crap, but on the other hand, he’ll be out of our hands, and if his personal servants stay with him, nothing will change in the long run.” Suwon disposes of the servants immediately of course, and brings in a doctor from the water tribe who can help him recover. It’s kept very quiet–he’s given some freedom to move about the palace but kept under watch and out of sight of others, because of course it can’t go public that the king of Sei is recovering from nadai. What Suwon is hoping to get out of this is better relations with Sei in the end: he recognizes that if Kushibi needed to go this far to control his nephew, then the king most likely has a strong will of his own that goes against what Kushibi wanted. And when he’s mostly recovered, that’s when Lili comes to the palace. She first just catches sight of him in the library, but she’s worked in the clinics in the water tribe and recognizes that he’s recovering from nadai. Why is there someone like this in the palace? It is A Mystery She Must Solve. When they actually meet, she has no idea he’s the king of Sei, and he doesn’t realize she’s the girl whose kidnapping brought down his country.