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what is chihoko about?? Im seeing it everywhere but i cant figure it out?

it’s a thing from the yuri on stage event, you can read a report here! during the event the voice actors did a live reading of a script. it’s partly translated here, here and here

basically, the chihoko incident went like this:

  • first of all: all the skaters were drunk. really drunk.
  • second: yuuri and victor were stretching
    • and because of a drinking game, they were very naked
  • third: this is shachihoko
  • which yuuri said was more flexible than victor
    • “there’s one who is more flexible than you… sha~~~chihoko!”
  • victor misheard and thought he said chihoko
    • “….. who is this chihoko”
  • then he got jealous bc he thought yuuri was comparing him to an ex since yuuri said things like
    • “that one’s so flexible! always doing the inverse shrimp pose on top of hasetsu castle! it’s such a completely unforgettable sight, glittering like gold!”¨
  • cue drunken drama!
    • “victor why are you mad” “i’m not mad” “yes you areeeee”
  • yuuri wakes up with no memory of the night, “surpass chihoko” written on his back in russian and victor’s underwear on his head (because as a result of a spontanious coronation ceremony) while victor’s is nowhere to be found
  • everyone tries to find victor and stuff happens
  • meanwhile victor has had some time to think and realized he’s just angry at himself for thinking he’d know everything about yuuri, the past is in the past and it’s what made yuuri into who he is today and that yuuri has surprised him so many times and now it’s his turn. it’s really sweet and sappy.
  • the skaters find him doing the aforementioned pose on top of the hasetsu castle (thanks for the visual kubo)
    • “look at this stretch yuuri! is this better than chihoko!”
    • “(who tf even is that……) victor there’s no one better than you in the whole world!”
  • poor yuuri still has no idea who tf victor is talking about but he ends up stretching naked on the roof with him bc victor asked him to join him
  • the end

tldr: victor gets jealous of a fish statue and they stretch naked on top of the hasetsu castle

  • Natsu: Your arm!
  • Lucy: NO YOUR ARM!
  • Natsu: ...YOUR AAAAAAARM!
  • Natsu: It's like you never seen an arm burned to shreds before. I don't think I even know you.
  • Lucy: Don't you start that guilt trip shit with me now, I got overheated over here in all sense of that word because you couldn't play it save with your "Onii-chan".
  • Gray: I cooled her down.
  • Natsu and Lucy: Shut up Gray!
  • Gray: ...sorry, carry on shouting at each other.

“Where the fuck am I?!”
“Hate to say it, but you ain’t in Kansas anymore.”

Bucky was on a mission with the Avengers when he stumbled upon a machine that sent him…somewhere. There’s this guy with Steve’s face. He carries a sword and all his men tremble as he walks by. Something’s wrong about him, but the way he looks at Bucky? It’s like he’s in love. Is it wrong if Bucky wants to indulge in it? Just until he finds a way back to his world?

@hopeless–geek and I are going to be reading our fic, which can be found HERE on Ao3! Why you ask?

I trance write, meaning I often have a vague idea of what I wrote, but no details, and I never read my own stuff. I want to enjoy it too! It’s also the fic that really brought me and Hope together as biffles. So here we go! Blacklist ttlg for ts if you don’t want to see it!

Francesco Totti’s lovely farewell speech

disclaimer: this is an approximate translation from another source (click) also prepare yourself from some tears

“Eh, ssh… It’s easy for you!

Here we are. The moment has come. Can you hear me? 

It looks like a concert! 

Sadly, this moment arrived, even though I hoped it would never arrive.

These days I read a lot of things about me: good, beautiful things. I cried a lot, every single day, by myself like a lunatic. Because 25 years are not going to be forgotten, with you behind my back that helped me through good and bad moments.

And for this, I want to thank you all here, even though it’s not easy in this circumstance. You know I don’t speak a lot, but I definitely think a lot. And these days with my wife we had talks about the years I had with this shirt, this unique shirt.

I wrote a letter for you as well. I hope I will be able to read it out. If I don’t manage to read it all, my daughter Chanel will do it for me, because she loves it.

(I need to take a breath, sorry, it’s not easy for me) - in a laughing manner - I’ll go before it gets too late. I suppose you’re hungry, it’s time for dinner. Even though I’d stay here for another 25 years.

Thank you Rome, thank you mom and dad, my brother, my family, my friends. Thank you to my wife and my sons.

I wanted to start from the end, from the farewells, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to read this all. It’s impossible to tell about 28 years in a few sentences. I would like to tell them through songs or else, but you know I’m not good at that. So I tried to write them with my feet, for these 28 years, which was a lot easier for me.

You know what my favourite toy was? The ball. It still is. But at some point we get old. This is how they told me time works, damn it.

It’s that same time that on that 17th of June of 2001 we hoped it would run faster. (The day Roma won the Scudetto) We couldn’t wait to hear the referee blow his whistle three times. I still have goosebumps about it.

Today time came at my door saying: “We have to grow up. From tomorrow onwards you will be old. Take off your shorts and shoes because from today you’re a man, and you won’t be able to smell the grass of the pitch from this close. The sun in your eyes when you’re running towards the goal. The adrenaline that consumes you and the satisfaction in celebrating.

I’ve asked myself in these last months, "Why are they waking me up from this dream?" 

Do you remember when you were kids and you were dreaming something beautiful? And your mother wakes you up because it’s time for school, but you preferred staying in bed and sleep? And you try to get back into the story again, but you never succeed? 

This time it wasn’t a dream. It was real life.

This letter is for all of you, for the kids that cheered on me, for the ones that were once kids and are now fathers, and for the ones of today that maybe still yell "Totti goal!”

I like to think that my career will be for you a tale to tell to people.

Now it’s really over. I take off my shirt for the last time and I fold it nicely; even though I’m not ready to do it yet, and maybe I never will.

Sorry if in these last few months I didn’t say anything about what happens and my thoughts, but turning the light off isn’t easy.

Now I am scared. It’s not the same fear I have when I have to score a penalty, this time I can’t see through the holes of the net what will happen next.

Let me be scared. This time I am the one who needs you and the warmth you are able to give me. The one that you always showed to me. – fans start chanting very loudly – With you by my side, I will surely be able to turn the page, and to begin a new adventure.Now it’s the time to thank all of my teammates, the staff, the managers, all the ones who worked beside me all these years. The fans, La Curva Sud. A symbol to us Romans and Roma fans.

Being born Romans and Roma fans is a privilege, being the captain of this team has been an honor. You are and you will always be in my life. I won’t be able to excite you with my feet anymore, but my heart will always be there with you.

Now I’ll go down the stairs, I’ll go into the locker rooms that met me when I was a kid, and I will leave as an adult.

I am very proud and happy to have given you 28 years of love. I LOVE YOU. “

Never felt so disrespected like this bitch really thought I was any kind of serious w that offer lmaooo and all you weird ass anime lovin no profile picture having ass no pussy getting weirdos tryna laugh about some dumbass response from some big headed even bigger ego havin ass bitch lmao y'all on this shit 24/7 y'all lame af lmao I come on here when I'm bored and I talk bullshit fuxk outta here

I spoke to Applejack about the question I received, and, well, I’ll let you read it in her own words.

Well, if it’s so darn interesting to y’all readers of this here newsletter I suppose I can tell ya. Don’t quite see how it’s your business, but then y’all like reading about Twi’s matters and her friends so I guess I’m part of that. Ain’t never done me no good dwelling on the past but I ain’t one to keep the truth from ponies neither.

My parents, well, they went off one day to deliver some apples to Dodge City, the old fashioned way, wagon and all. And it ain’t the safest paths, crossing Ghastly Gorge and past those there mountains along the way. Course, they done that run many times before and it never gave them no trouble, but I reckon some time gotta be the first.

Now, I only know what I been told by the authorities, but from the looks of it there was a rock slide, and some of them rocks hit the wagon and pushed it off a cliff. My parents, strapped to the wagon on account of pulling it, they were pulled right along with it, and that’s that.

Can’t say there’s much of a friendship lesson in that or anything of that sort. Ain’t no happy ending neither, no magic rainbow that’ll make everything alright. But that’s life sometimes. Ya just gotta accept it and move on.

Now if y’all excuse me, I got work to do.

I wasn’t even going to suggest she answer, I only brought up that ponies seemed curious about her personal matters. I was rather surprised when she volunteered. I do hope I didn’t make her feel obligated to answer. This is still my newsletter and even I don’t answer everything.

Frankly, I somewhat regret bringing it up at all. She didn’t seem that upset, but sometimes it can be hard to tell, particularly with her. It’s not the kind of thing one would want to be reminded of.

Wake Up Part 5

Word Count: 3750 (I know it’s long)

A/N: I apologize that this took so long to upload. I did have to get over some emotional problems of my own. I feel better now some what. I got a lot of encouragement from my wonderful followers and my close friends and I can never thank all of you enough for being here for me. So here is part 5 of the series that has no end in sight! Let me know what you think!

Warnings! Character death, depression, sadness, and angst. This part was hard to write but I feel it was necessary to move forward with the story.

Tag List:
@carryonmy-assbutt @aworldwideapart @comicbookworm @laryssa-the-jedi @stormcloud12 @all-of-the-heros @laughingcherries @aestilinsky @kermywormy17 (If you would like to be added to my tag list please just let me know!)

Where we left off:

“(Y/n), your father is in the emergency room. He’s had another heart attack,” she answered with a cold, pitying sound in her voice.

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I know this is random but whom are some of your favorite mutuals? All your online friends seem so nice?

they ARE nice!!! it’s 3am rn but bc i never answer this quezzie bc i’m always like omg i’m gna forget someone i will answer it NOW!! n well i talk to a handful of people on like a daily basis but i’m just gna include everyone who owns my heart!! @lavenderhun @192171 @4bts @calpico @springdayera @parkejimins @04swimmingfool @jeonin @pjkook @hermosavida @moonkissedjimin @jiminsangel @7uju @iuz @hobisluvr @snapbacktaehyung @jiminsoftgf @angeljaes @hobguk @hobiswife @4jihope @leakylungs @kthshoney @taehyungsbff @gukk @jineshin @rosychungha @love4fx @acebytaemin @1bread @blackhoeaesthetic
RIGHT i’ll stop here just bc ik i will forget a lot of ppl and i got carried away lmao but here are some people who i might not even talk to or i don’t as much anymore but??? i love em n seeing them everyday makes me happy so!!! also this reminds me i gotta make my ff soonish dfjkbdf AND thank u for asking me this!!!! a cute quezzie!!!


Pairing: Nayeon x Reader

Genre: smut

Warning: overstimulation

REQUEST:  hey :) i love your blog, could u maybe write some nayeon x reader smut?

A/n: Here you go anonie, thank you so much for liking my blog! Hope you´ll enjoy this scenario :) Also damn, the requests haven´t been open that long and there is already so many of them. I am pleasantly surprised haha. xoxo - G

*gif not mine unless stated*

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Dinners were never really your cup of tea. The idea of eating somewhere else than your own dining room never appealed to you.  At home no one cared if you spilled your drink, dropped some of your food on the floor or if you burped after a meal. For some reason, all of the above was unacceptable in public, and that made you dislike eating outside of your home. But when you found yourself in a fancy restaurant, like now for instance, you always wanted to make most of it. 

“Enjoy your meal.” The waiter chirped, leaving almost immediatly. You and Nayeon dived into the food placed in front of you, savoring everything. Sometimes you would throw in a word or two to drawn out the silence at your table. The two of you never said much. You´ve been dating for so long all the words lost their meaning. You´ve also learned that actions speak for much more. 

Midway through your meal you stopped. Taking the napkin from the table you gently tapped it around your mouth, careful not to smudge your lipstick. Nayeon looked up at you, also placing her chopstick down. She reached for her drink and took a sip, raising a brow at you in a questioning manner. You shook your head to show her nothing was wrong and took in her appearance. Her hair was in an updo, revealing small, pearl earrings you gave her on your anniversary. Her make up was natural as always, enhancing her already beautiful features. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn´t take your eyes off her. Nor could you get the thoughts that appeared in your head out. Deciding to have some fun you slipped your foot out of your shoe, running it  up and down Nayeon´s leg. 

“Stop it.” She whispered to you, displeased with your actions. You smiled at her innocently, still making no move to stop. Nayeon hissed out your name, yet another warning which you chose to ignore. When you didn´t stop the third time she asked you to, Nayeon put her legs on either side of the chair she was sitting on. She didn´t care of how it looked thanks to the tablecloth that was long enough to cover it up. 

“What´s wrong, jagiya? You look a bit angry.” Nayeon only glared at you, resumed her meal and started ignoring you. You got her exactly where you wanted to get her. Her red cheeks exposed her, though her expression hid everything. 

“Would you like anything else? A dessert perhaps?” You declined the waiter´s offer, eyes looking at Nayeon the whole time. Your dessert was sitting across from you, looking as delicious as ever. It would be a shame to waste money on something not nearly as good as her. “We´ll pay.” 

“And who should I write it on?” 

“Me.” You answered, your eyes never leaving your girlfriend. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the waiter leave, your lips forming a smirk. Nayeon made eye contact with you, looking away quickly when she saw how dark your eyes were. 


“What was that all about?” Nayeon´s angry voice only made you chuckle, knowing very well she like the idea of what was about to come. She also didn´t seem to make any attempt to stop you from approaching her. Your arm snaked around her waist, lips mere inches from hers. 

“I could show you if you want.” You kissed the corner of her lips, gradually moving across her jaw and down to her neck. You nipped at the skin, making Nayeon whimper at the feeling. She threw her head back, giving you more access to her neck and with a deep breath, you took in her sweet smell that intoxicated your senses. 

“Please.” A desperate whisper left Nayeon, creating a satisfied smile on your face. Your breath now fanned over the shell of her ear, a question slipping past your lips. 

“What do you want, jagiya?” She sucked in a breath when you placed a kiss on the spot behind her ear, just barely there. When she remained qiuet you continued kissing her there, driving her crazy. Finally, she managed to answer you in a hushed tone. “I want more.” 

It was all it took for you to lose your cool. Not able to hold back you started kissing her roughly, not even bothering to reach the bedroom. You pushed her agains the railing of your staircase, grasping onto it not to lose balance. This time you left a trail of sloppy kisses, bites and bruises of all sizes all the way to her collarbones. You pulled away quickly with the intention of removing her blouse, bra following suit after it and landing on a pile next to the stairs. Latching your lips to her right breast, you sucked on it, elicting a loud moan from Nayeon. She tangled her hand into your hair, pushing you closer to her chest. Freeing one of your hands you started kneading her breast, humming while doing so. 

More pleads were leaving her mouth, eventually making you get to your knees. You kissed her stomach, right above the hem of her skirt. You played around for a little while, hooking your finger on it, tugging but never really pulling it down. Frustrated with your teasing, Nayeon pushed your hands away and rid herself of her skirt, making you grin.

“Someone´s eager.” 

“I swear if you don´t-” Her sentence was cut off by a scream that left her when you licked a long stripe along her womanhood, her panties still on. Nayeon gripped the railing harder, her knuckles turning white. Meanwhile, you continued your assault on her clothed core, soon growing insatisfied with the lack of pleasure it was giving her. Deciding it was time for the real fun, you removed her soaked underwear and threw it aside, wasting no time in attaching your mouth to her dripping pussy again. Flicking the tip of your tongue over her clit, Nayeon flinched. You switched between long and slow licks and small, quick kitten licks, your goal being sure. Make her come undone. Removing one of your hands from Nayeon´s shaking thighs you pushed two digits into her straight away. With the help of your fingers hitting her g-spot, it didn´t take long for Nayeon to scream out, legs giving up on her. 

Holding her up by the waist you helped her ride out her orgasm. When she finally found her lost balance, you removed your own clothing and sat down on the stairs, gesturing at Nayeon to come closer. She understood what you wanted from her, a little hesitant to do it right after such an intense orgasm. When she didn´t move you groaned and reached for her hand and pulled her to you, making her sit on your lap. With few more adjustments you found the right position and grinded down. You moaned at the friction of your pussy lips rubbing together, gripping on to the stairs for support. 

“It´s too much.” Nayeon whimpered, her arm hanging loosely around your neck. You didn´t answer her, instead you placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Continuing in grinding onto her, you were a moaning and cursing mess. Your clit was throbbing the whole time you ate her out, now finally getting the attention it deserved. The nonexistent knot in your stomach started thightening and made you move your hips even faster. 

You closed your eyes, choking back a scream as you came on Nayeon, however, you didn´t stop. You were desperate to make her cum again. In matter of seconds she did, leaving scratches on your shoulders while doing so. 

This was much better than any dessert they would´ve offered you.

iI’m gonna be 10000000% honest when I say that I never thought I’d get this far. It’s only been a little over a month and look at all of you. How did all of you get here? Are you lost? I’m sure you are, but since you’re here I’m just gonna love all of you okay~? Okay. 

The rest is under a read more because I’m gonna ramble.

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So I was streaming the mv of Coup D’etat (join the stream project!) frustrated because it was stuck at 25M views but I just wanna preach eura29 for the very appropriate commentary:

I feel like GD’s last album is meant to be released this year? Or perhaps on 2015 era(?) bottomline is it was too modern for its time. It was never out of style. I mean if it was released this year it still would sound like it was made just a couple of months ago. (Also remember the song ‘Sober’ that was in his song vault all these years and when it was released on 2015 it is very relevant)

So, just imagine, just imagine what would MOTTE sound like? And what would it sound like 5 years later?

Writer of the Day #4 28/05/17

The next writer I want to introduce to you is CHELSEA

Holy cannoli, who doesn’t know her amazing stories? She’s the tumblr prompt queen for me, gives out fics like candy and never disappoints in her diversity when it comes to ideas. She has so many ongoing verses it’s hard to decide what’s your favorite. I don’t know how she finds the time to write all these fics! Celsea totally deserves some love from all of you, so show it - in prompts, in reviews, in reblogs… and tag her stuff. She loves tag flailing! 

Tumblr: @daggzandarrows

Twitter: also, she tags her tumblr stuff mostly with ‘oq ff’

Also, here is her Master Fic List, because not everything is on!

Ships: Writes mainly Outlaw Queen but also Evil Charming and I think I’ve read SQ, RB and lots of other amazing stuff as well.

Favorite completed fic: An Unwelcome Return   ( When Emma and Killian return from the Enchanted Forest, Regina’s world is turned upside down - King Leopold is both alive and in Storybrooke. Told from the perspectives of all those affected by the King’s return. Established OQ, a Leopold instead of Marian alternate universe. )

Favorite WIP: Ok this was SO hard to pick, I can’t believe I am making myself do that. So… I’m going to be sneaky and will give you two recs… one from and one of her Tumblr verses.

A Different Kind Of Reality ( When Robin meets a young boy, lost and alone in Boston, he can’t help but to aid in getting him home. Once there he meets Henry’s mother, the beautiful Mayor Mills, will he be able to leave this new town knowing that someone such as her exists? OQ/RB Rating may change. )

Sponsor Verse  (Starting with the prompt: “Have you drank all of these bottles in one weekend?!” You can find the rest in the Master Fic List linked above!)

Favorite OS: This one here  (TeenOQ EF AU where Robin asks Regina to run away with him.)

The Modern AU I said I’d never write:

I’ve brainstormed a bit about this with some of you today so I figured I’d put it all in one post that I could fine.

I’m NOT writing a long fic. I’m pretty sure that I’ve settled on a five fic arc. something small and silly and cute, and I know that there are a lot of Cullen fans here–I still love him too!–but this would definitely be a Hawke x Trevelyan piece because they’re easiest for me and I’ll have like…a week to do whatever I’m going to do.

I’m thinking:

  • meet-cute
  • rising tension (possibly smut here since it’s Garrett x Essa)
  • realization of feelings
  • denial of feelings (probably more smut here since it’s Garrett x Essa)
  • declaration of feelings/happily ever after or implied HEA

I’m definitely keeping Kirkwall and I’m setting it in the summer. Fic Title: Heat Waves. I want the old cast too: Bethany, Fin, Cari, Cullen, Bela, Sera, Bull, Krem. Maybe more…I’m of course trying to keep this short. lol But I’m thinking fluff. all the fluff. no dark noir setting. grumpy and fluffy and sticky ice cream kisses and fireworks and SUMMERDAY.

Still Kirkwall, but Kirkwall-Light™  Essa is a mabari rehabilitator and works with training service and working dogs for the military and law enforcement. She probably also works with working horses and Fin is still the blacksmith/farrier for the City Watch. I may still leave Garrett a boxer because holy heck, I know Those Guys and they’re so fun to poke at it, but I’m thinking more of a hobby. I’m thinking that his day job is more of a bunch of odd jobs cobbled together. Sometimes he works for the Watch, sometimes he’s helping folks find lost cats, sometimes he’s doing things he can’t tell you about cause their not on the up and up but hey…good comes out of it in the end. If there’s going to be any Dramatic Tension, it’ll be there with Essa not trusting him because she doesn’t know what he’s about until he shows up with like…four puppies and undernourished momma mabari that he “found” and she later finds out he stole from a dog fight club just before Aveline and the Watch busted them. There may also need to be a benefit gala of some kind cause Essa needs to wear something amazing at some point and if you don’t want Garrett in a tux, I’m sorry.

so, here’s where you come in:

What are the tropes you wanna see? is there a list? I know I’ve seen them around but heck if I can find them.

I don’t want to do fake relationship because someone *points to reaping-cain* is already doing a smashing job of that, but I’m thinking annoyed roommates/friends to lovers. Maybe neighbors across the hall. I could go a lot ways. I may even open prompts and cram as many as I can into 25k. (because this is a really great list)

so throw trope/prompt/advice lists at me? also, I want your thoughts, of course. :D

so far I have from my #otp things tag:

I know probably no one cares about what I’m going to say here but I just finished re-watching AHS Hotel and I need to make a vent: Sally didn’t deserve getting stuck there at all; The girl just wanted love and she never had anyone to show her how being loved felt like, so she tried to find it in the worst ways possible, ‘cause that what she’s ever known. The only person who gave her some love back didn’t remember it for 5 years and when he found out, he started to deny it and left her alone once again. She couldn’t go out of that Hotel, so she killed people to try to find her soulmate, a soulmate who would be just like her and don’t mind to get stuck there since she had Sally; She just wanted love, and had to learn how to get it in the worst way possible. I truly feel bad for her.

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Dirt Bike Drama

Ugh, slap me for the basic bitch title XD But @happiness-in-reznor requested some fluff involving Jeff Hardy and her oc Rage/Rebecca Reznor and here we are (I was stuck for ideas so she suggested something to do with the dirt bike).

Tag Squad: @allgirlswrestlingclub @helluvawriter @laochbaineann @laochbaineann @moxtiel @gelinas22 @hardcorewwetrash @imaginingwwesuperstars @wethepeoplz @fan-fiction-galore @imnoaingeal @sisteradelaide @sheevera @blondekel77 @rollinsdar

“I told you I could go faster!”

“I never said you couldn’t, Jeff, I said you fucking shouldn’t!”

Staring at him on that dirt bike whilst he smirked at her like some big goof…Rage had wanted to slap Jeff so badly. All the speed racing along the dirt track, all the sudden stops to make skid marks, all the daft and daring tricks. He was going to get himself killed if he wasn’t careful.

“And why shouldn’t I go faster?”

“Incase you have another accident?” The redhead questioned in response. The casual attitude he was displaying was making her stomach tense up but she did her best to remain calm, as Jeff would have only teased her if he sensed any sign of worry.

“I can do this, you know.”

“The last time you said that, you fell off and Matt gloated that he knew you couldn’t do it,” Rage replied, almost spitting the words out in disgust. Matt’s early days of embracing his brokenness had meant a lot of attacks to Jeff’s self-esteem. Had he not reverted to his awe-filled eccentricity then the truth was that the redhead may have murdered him by now.

“The last time I checked, you’re not Matt. I’m gonna go again, you’d better watch me!”

He sped off at that moment and drove another rapid lap of the dirt track, deliberately driving over every bump he could find, large or small. As he approached a particularly big bump, his body shunted forwards, causing Rage to tense up. She didn’t like this. He was obviously teasing her and it wasn’t funny. At one moment, she swore his body rose from the seat a couple of inches as if he’d nearly fallen off; had he actually done so, he most likely would have broken something.

“Quit it, Jeff,” the redhead said, pouting in an annoyed way as the Hardy approached once more on the dirt bike.

“Awwww, I think someone’s worried about me,” Jeff playfully retorted, gently kissing her on the forehead.

“Seriously, if you get hurt, I will kill you,” Rage then said, though the force in her threat seemed a little weak. Her concern meant she couldn’t bring too much power to her voice.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” he replied, loudly revving the engine and almost making her jump. The smile on his face…was the crisp sound of the engine causing that or did he really enjoy making her worry?


“Hey, how fast do you reckon this thing can go? I haven’t tested the limits since I last tuned it up and I think–”

His enthusiastic chatter was suddenly cut short when the redhead slapped his face; her hand hitting his flesh pretty hard, there was a sore, scarlet patch. He tried to rub the pain away but to no avail.

"Hey, what did you go and do that for?” He asked, trying to make light of it but the chuckle that escaped him was weak. If the look in his eyes meant anything then he was more upset than angry at what had just happened.

“Because you didn’t fucking listen to me,” Rage replied, her tone gravely serious. “You’ve already had one bad accident on that thing. You don’t need another one.”

“Shit…I didn’t think you’d get so wound up about it.”

He had almost let a ‘sorry’ escape him at that moment but managed to stop himself. Well why should he apologise for something that was clearly in jest? However the more he thought about it, the more he felt that maybe he shouldn’t have been so keen to try and provoke her.

Glancing up, he noticed that the upset look in her eyes was still there and in truth, it was somewhat killing him to see. Without a word, he began to dismount the dirt bike and, before she could protest or shift away from him, gently grabbed Rage from behind in an apologetic way.

“I’m sorry,” he said, gently nuzzling into her mess of red hair. “I really screwed up, didn’t I?”


“The silent treatment? Awwww, come on Rage,” he then said, coaxing her into giving some kind of response. “Don’t do this to me. I’ll get Willow if you want me to.”

Before she could stop herself, a small snort of laughter escaped her. So much for trying to stay mad at him.

“What’s so funny?”

“Could you imagine Willow on that thing? It just seems like it would be hilarious to see.”

"Willow wouldn’t get on the dirt bike,” Jeff responded, grinning laddishly. “Would probably spout some nonsense about…well, I don’t even know but he wouldn’t get on it.”

“Metal butterflies on wheels,” Rage then said, a giggle escaping her as she wiped the remnants of welling tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. She hadn’t cried infront of the Hardy in a long while and she wasn’t planning on doing so anytime soon.

“Do you want a go?”

Becoming the target of her annoyed stare, Jeff couldn’t help but feel a nervous chuckle escape him. He probably should have expected there to be a little harm in asking, though he was surprised to soon notice a devious smirk on her face.

“I think you mean do we want a go?“

"Are you sure?” Jeff questioned in response, seeming a little wary of her sudden shift in mood. “Given you practically slapped me just a few minutes ago.”

“Maybe if I’m on the dirt bike too, you won’t fucking try to push your luck,” she replied, shaking her head. She was still wearing a smirk on her face but the upset look was threatening to return in her eyes.

“Alright, alright, I can take a hint,” the Hardy then said, beginning to mount the dirt bike. He then gently tapped the space in front of him, gesturing for Rage to get on; smiling when the redhead obliged and began to mount the bike, she couldn’t help squealing when Jeff gently grabbed hold of her to make sure she didn’t lose balance.

“That was my arse, Jeff!”

Thankfully her protest didn’t come with any physical contact and his face didn’t have to deal with another slap. She shuffled a little on the seat before leaning back on the Hardy, seeming to cheer up a bit as she did so.

“So what exactly did you have in mind?”

“We’ll just go for a slow ride. I reckon we’ve got enough time before Matt comes out and yells for me and the angry biscuit to come in for dinner…”

Secret Idol Relationship With Chani

-my gooooddddddddness having a secret relationship with you has got to be one of the biggest decisions this kid’s done in his life but because he likes you so much he took a huge risk to walk to your dorm at 4am and confessed to you in a dark sketchy nearby alley like ‘be my girlfriend, we been friends for a while and I never once thought of you as just a you please be my girl.’ and your just like 'kay I will chani but like its 4am im sleepy you gotta go home you live another station away did you really make your manager drive you all the way over here to confess to me?’ and he’s there smiling from ear to ear like an idiot like ‘yes. tomorrows our first day got it’

-would be so happy dating you, fans swear that chani would always be now smiling and super hyper all the time and everyone’s wondering how he changed so much. His attitude really did help him get more fans, resulting in a bigger fanbase for sf9 but all his members know it’s because of you. Would be the happiest boy when your group was promoting during the same time as him so he would often see you every day at music shows even if the prerecording started early in the morning, he’s be the members who’s the most awake. During music show lives, he’d try to not make it obvious he’s searching for you on stage glancing over a few times or watching you from his peripheral vision (basic side eye move) or make short eye contact with you with a shy smile before quickly looking away after but whenever he’s in the waiting room, he doesn’t hesitate to watch your performance on the tv screen and smiling brightly. “She’s really good at dancing don’t you think so hyungs..” Once you two are both off stage and meeting each-other as you two pass by in the hallways, you both would look at each-other and he would wink and give you a thumbs up for today’s performance but instead of doing the same, since noone was there- you were brave enough to go up and give him a quick kiss on the cheeks before walking past him- causing him to blush like crazy. “You worked hard too baby boy” God you basically ended him right there, now he’s going to think about you all night, kicking his bedsheets like a little girl unlike the manly man he tried to be or think he is but that’s not a bad thing is it because he was now in love, and being in love he can no longer keep up with his chic image.

-would call you often at night when everyone’s sleeping and he’d be whispering on the phone like ‘are you awake’ ‘duh i wouldn’t be calling you if i was’ ‘ oh right, did you eat today. i wanted to see you..lets go on a date now” Would ask managernim to drive him to your place to pick you up and you guys would go to the han river and sit with some snacks. Him wrapping his arm around you nervously and you resting your head on his shoulder. It would be awkward but butterflies would fill the both of your stomachs and you two would have no problems talking and joking about everything and anything-and the more often you guys see each other the more brave he gets and starts to initiate these moves, even with kissing you whenever he wants -while managernim watches from afar parked somewhere nearby to make sure you two are safe (rip his sleeping schedule..)

-Ends up on running man with you, and he can’t stop smiling to himself, even in the show everyone’s asking why he’s such in a good mood and he just replies ‘im really happy and honored to be here.’ If you guys had to pick a partner of the opposite sex, he wouldn’t hesitate to pick you and the mc’s are laughing and shooked cuz ‘you picked the prettiest girl out of this show huh’. and everyone’s just teasing him and he’s there smiling shamelessly like ‘yeah i did.’ doesn’t hesitate to be romantic or a gentlemen because this is a rare chance and even if he get teased, at least he gets to be with his girlfriend so he gets super duper competitive to win and there was this game where all the guys have to fight in mud and wrestle till the last person in the mud pool is still alive and he’s there looking like he’s about to die and you yelled over and over again for him to stop and quit cuz it isn’t worth it but he wanted to win the prize of a trip to hawaii for you so he endured it until he actually really did win and you’d get so emotional crying, you would forget your on camera and run into the mud yourself to give him a hug shooking everyone, and because of Running Man, everyone now ships yall super hard.

-Super loyal to you, doesn’t even look at any other girl idol. Is super dedicated and loyal to you and you guys end up dating for 2 years until one day fans find out this ship is actually real.

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What! Why's that? Don't you enjoy being appreciated? Also I do think BH enjoys his fans compliments. *whispers* "It feeds his ego."

“All the attention just kind of… Rubs me the wrong way? I’ve never actually received this much before, so it’s overwhelming.”

“You all should have come here a few years ago, when I was still in high school. At least then I would have liked it.”

Everytime I changed the school and so also got into a new acting class everytime when we for example didn’t have enough girls to play the female roles (because here its not like in the USA where there are always a fuck ton of people in acting class) it always ends up with the teacher saying “whatever then we’ll just add to the plot that this role is transgender” or “whatever then they just play a gay couple”.
And literally no one cares. We’ve never got any problems with the parents or teacher in the audience. And in all the plays I’ve been in we always have at least one gay couple or transgender person. I already played a gay person twice. The only time we got problems once was because we were using to many swear words.

I really, really miss interacting with people on here. I was never super popular, but I got asks every so often, people actually participated in blog rates/promos/botms/ask games if I did them. Now it’s kinda just like I’m here, nobody really cares or notices if I post or not, nothing. 

since my mom is here visiting im like

realizing how fucking ARGUMENTATIVE she is. So passively too! Before, all the justifications for things she said and did made sense, but living with my GMA who NEVER takes things personally or makes everything about her has made me realize just how eager my mother is to try and start arguments!

-gma brings me the second book in a series I’ve been reading; she had previously gotten me the 3rd and 4th but hadnt found the 2nd; I was confused because I thought she had already gotten me the second-
Me - “Oh! But I thought you got me this one already?”
Gma - “Nah, remember? I got you the 3rd and 4th!”
Mom - “Um, the proper response to your grandmother is ‘thank you’! :)”

-Gma and mom want to go out, but I’m super socially exhausted from graduation and a WHOLE week of going out EVERY SINGLE DAY-
Gma - “You still recharging spoons or you wanna come with us to the thrift store? or see a movie?”
Me -“Nah, I’m really tired. I don’t really wanna go out.”
Mom - “Alright, Mr. Moody Pants.”

Like…………… She’s so fucking ridiculous. She’s done this all my life! Constantly trying to turn situations into negativity because she HAS to fucking give her input! On conversations that aren’t even HERS!!!!
And these are just the small things; the tiny aspects of her emotionally abusive and manipulative behavior. 

God I’m so glad I live hundreds of miles away from her now.