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When Fate Intervened

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: Day one of the hamwriters write-a-thon! This is actually not the fic I have had written for this day for like a week and a half. No I wrote this last night and this morning because this was a better idea than my other one. Also I’m posting this now because in my time zone at least it’s the right day for this so here we go, enjoy!

AU: Soulmate AU

Warnings: nothing? 

Word Count: 1,700

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A world without color has never particularly bothered you. Sure it would be nice to see colors the way your sister can, but really it’s never been a big thing. You watched all through high school and college as the people around you desperately tried to find the person they were destined to be with but you never really tried to look for them. You’ve always believed that when it’s time to meet your soulmate, fate will be there to make sure it happens.

“Y/N… did you know that when you reach 26 your chances of meeting your soulmate drop dramatically?” Your sister asks as you pull your gloves and scarf on in preparation for the cold winter morning air you know is waiting for you outside.

“That is bullshit. People in their 60’s meet their soulmates all the time. Not everyone get’s to meet them in the first grade like you” you grumble.

Your sister has always been like this, she’s younger than you by three years and likes to bother you about meeting your soulmate at every chance she get’s. Why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with her and her soulmate you have no idea.

“Goodbye” you call out, not bothering to turn around to face her as you grab your bag and make your way out of the apartment.

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Your existence still bends like a question mark to me. Sometimes the way my heart speaks in silence is more real than the words that leave my mouth. Sometimes the way you would hold me was more real than anything else and most of times you disappear making me doubt into the warmth of the sun and the tears of the clouds. I still don’t know if you were really here at all or just I had the privilege to touch the heaven a little but earlier just to have a taste.
—  k.m
errant setting + worldbuilding

It’s kinda complicated? Europe, in this setting, is basically still in a 600-year dark age. But that’s not indicative of the rest of the world!

The main diff right off the bat is the geography itself. This world has way more land bridges. The continents are also a little closer to each other, Pangaea style, so intermingling of cultures happened earlier and with different overall results. Magic changes the lay of the land as well. While it’s naturally occurring in all areas of the world, like…water, I guess, there are hot spots of intense saturation. Wellsprings. Europe is basically one huge hot spot.

Here’s how some of the continents break down in terms of advancement and society (I’ve only figured a handful out, sorry!). These are really rough generalizations:

Upper Africa/The Middle East holds the most technologically advanced societies in the world. The library of Alexandria was never lost, and became a cornerstone in the region’s scientific advancement. There’s low arcane activity in these areas (the ley lines through here dump excess power straight into Europe, like rivers to an ocean), so people spend less time fighting fucking dragons or whatever and more time progressing society. Magic is used in a highly regulated manner, usually for powering automatons and gem matrixes (kinda the equivalent to computers). Automated prosthetics and basic motor vehicles also exist. 

note: weaponry in this setting is mmmmostly still swords just because magical interference makes mechanics jam, but guns can still be used in areas of low arcane radiation

Invading the Americas went…badly for Europe. One key factor was that while magic was well-studied there, it was—unlike in Europe—done for mostly non-combat uses. Which led to the development of semi-modern medicine. Which prevented the diseases brought by Europeans from ravaging their cultures, which really fuckin helped. They’ve deadlocked hard against the invaders across multiple centuries. The only ‘success’ was made by the conquistadores; after decades of tensions with the Aztec and Incan empires (which had allied to repel them), a truce was proposed involving intermarriage of high nobility. This unified a big chunk of South America with the Spanish Empire in a peaceful manner and encouraged a lot of beneficial immigration on both sides. Spain + South America is kind of a power couple in this setting.

Polynesia is a trading empire boasting the most beautiful islands and diverse peoples in the world. It established itself early on as a safe oasis, acting as a meeting place for international councils and haven for immigrants alike. Great 3000-foot docks are built out into the ocean that hold some of the most diverse markets on the planet; beneath the islands, there are underwater cities that stretch up to a mile deep. Unlike many areas, Polynesia has endeavored to not discriminate against anyone—or, more importantly, anything—in order to keep the place as inviting as possible. Scholars from the east who want to study magic will often pass over dangerous Europe and instead go to Polynesia, seeking out more monstrous European expatriates for research.

Lastly, Europe. Like I said, Europe is one enormous magical hotbed. Mutation to the degree that you see in, say, a glutton knight or dragon is super rare elsewhere—I mean, magical creatures aren’t uncommon, but sufficient contamination for a human to become a monster? What the fuck? That you could get that much arcane exposure in day-to-day life is absurd and terrifying to the rest of the world. Europeans are seen as a little bit insane and a whole lot backwards; while they’ve made great magical progresses from sheer necessity, they can’t even get a gun working reliably. To people who have already figured out basic cars, that’s a little ridiculous.

The saving grace of Europe is that their arcane knowledge and internal military efforts are pretty fuckin great. All countries are allied in a weird medieval UN, and function kind of as a single big country with lots of little city-states. Knights are trained and educated rigorously, and legally 2/3rds of all active knights must remain in the region (even in times of war) to deal with internal magical threats, which means that Europe has a pretty killer defense system.

And then there are the tales of the once-human horrors rallying alongside their former mortal companions in times of need. Of dragons mobilizing in huge groups to blast radioactive fire down on armies, witches eating the eyes of entire companies in the dead of night, too-quiet things of gleaming metal and teeth slinking out of woodlands to terrorize troops. Europe is a bogeyman-filled no-man’s-land to the rest of the world.

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hello! i have a lil question. i just read u answer a sad ace teen that said that their bff told em they couldn't date em cos they were ace. so... how would a relatively good way to let someone ace down because u want something they cannot provide be? i dunno if i'm getting my point across. i'm demi (leaning heavily toward ace) and i've also been rejected before 4 similar reasons and i just wanted to know ur opinion to have as a standard :(. thank u <3

I think you’ve touched on it already–”u want something they can’t provide” is the key phrase here. You’ve also touched on the most common mistake with “let someone ace down.”

The biggest problems in ace-allo [and sometimes even ace-ace relationships, in fairness] is that people don’t interact with each other as individuals but as a group of sweeping stereotypes. You see this all the time when allos say things like “I could never date an ace because I like sex.” It’s aphobia, plain and simple, and it’s frustrating that people still try to defend and justify it. Every ace person is different, we all have different needs, different tastes, different things we will or won’t do, and those things can all also change based on the person we’re doing them with.

The only way to decide whether a relationship with an ace person is right for you [general you] is to engage with them as a person, as an individual, and to directly, honestly discuss all of your various needs and how the other person can meet them, and what compromises or alternative strategies might be on the table if those things don’t initially line up. If, after all that, you still don’t feel like you can carve a successful relationship out of it? That’s fine! But you’re not rejecting them because they’re ace, you’re rejecting them because they are not the right person for a given relationship at a given time, independent of any of their identities.


Star Wars Rebels S3 E17: Through Imperial Eyes



Kallus’ ship captured Ezra!

Oh Ezra, you must be acting because your “Imperial Scum” was so forced!


It’s the Snape droid and Chopper!

It was a scheme! Ezra is there to rescue Kallus!


Awww this Lieutenant to all the other officers is all like 




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Abusers NEVER change! (personal)

I’ve said all of this aloud recently, but I feel like it needs to be written out so I can see it and go back to it every time I lose sight of the truth. I could put this in a journal, but something about putting it out here like this makes it hold more weight. And maybe someone will stumble across this and it’ll help them see the truth too.

I’ve been divorced before. I married young and knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to last. We made it 3 years. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken, but it took an emotional toll because he wasn’t a bad guy and there was no real reason it wasn’t working out. I just felt like I had failed.
Anyway, we didn’t have kids together or anything, so it was fairly quick. I haven’t seen or heard from him since the day we signed the papers in 2008.

I’m getting divorced again. This time after 7 years of marriage.
He’s abusive.
It literally took me 7 years to figure that out because he never hit me. Never laid a hand on me.
He tore me down verbally, mentally, and emotionally. It started early on in the relationship. It was simple stuff, like texts. Like that commercial, now that I think about it.
Anyway, he would point out all of the ways my friends and family didn’t truly love me or care about me. Seems silly now, but you know what? I believed him after a while. The way he explained it made sense. He was charismatic and charming. Sweet. Loving. Gave me everything I asked for. Even if he was a little “intense” about the texts and phone calls. That’s how I explained it to everyone. He was “intense” and they just didn’t “get” him.

After he had me alienated from everyone, he would go on and on about how everyone had deserted us and we only had each other. Us against the world.
And I bought into it like some starry-eyed moron.

We moved to a new state together to get a fresh start. That’s when things took a turn. I made a friend at my new job that thought our relationship was strange. She asked a lot of questions that I didn’t have good answers for, like why I never went out with them. And why he would call my cellphone and work phone repeatedly if I didn’t answer right away. So I went home and asked him about it.
That was the first time he called me a “stupid fucking soft-brained bitch.”
Every instinct in me said “run” but I had nowhere to go. Hundreds of miles from everyone I knew, most of whom would probably ignore my call/texts at that point anyway.
And he said he was sorry. He was always sorry.
He was sorry for 7 years. Told me it would never happen again. Every. Fucking. Time.
After three years, I stopped crying those three to five nights a week that he would blow up about something. I was immune to it. I knew I was a worthless piece of shit. That’s why everyone left me, after all. Because I had nothing of value to offer them.
And then, I got pregnant.
I nearly left him about seven months into the pregnancy because he was telling me how fucking stupid I was for wanting to learn cupcake decorating with a girl from work. Apparently all those hormones had given me a backbone.
I stayed, though. Because I was pregnant. And he was sorry. So, so sorry.
After our son was born, things evened out for a few months. I was laid off on the day I was supposed to return from maternity leave. So instead of working, I was at home and easily accessible at all hours of the day. I answered every text. Every call.
But eventually, I went back to work. And he went back to reminding me how fucking awful I was.
I recorded one of his tirades once. It lasted for about 90 minutes. I played it for him the next day, hoping to open his eyes to what he was doing to me. Instead, he smashed my phone and accused me of gathering “evidence” against him in case I ever left.
I got pregnant again and had our daughter. And oh my god, the postpartum depression was fucking horrible. Crippling. All those years of not crying finally caught up with me and I spent several months sobbing over anything he said to me. And then apologizing to him for being “too sensitive.”

Our daughter is 15 months now. Our son will be 5 in July.
So why now? Why am I just now “woke” to the fact that I’ve been abused on a nearly daily basis for seven years?
It’s because he did it in public at a Christmas party and strangers were quietly asking me if I needed help. It’s because he does it in front of our son, and I’ll be damned if my boy grows up thinking that that’s how you speak to women. It’s because my daughter isn’t quite old enough to fully comprehend everything, and I don’t want her to EVER believe that she should be spoken to like he speaks to me. It’s because he has a “friend” and I realized that I wasn’t mad that he may or may not be cheating; I was worried for her. I wanted warn her.
You see, when we met, he told me all about his then wife and how she didn’t do shit around the house. They never had sex. She barely spoke to him. Ignored his calls and texts… And I felt so bad for him. We became friends. And once he left her, we started our relationship and I vowed that I would never treat him the way she did.
Now, here it is, seven years later and I realized today: I’m his ex-wife. I’m the woman who is too beaten down and destroyed to want to do anything besides dishes and laundry. I’m the woman who shudders at the thought of having sex with him. I’m the woman who doesn’t answer his calls or texts.
And his “friend” is me. She’s the next victim.

If anyone reads this and says “hey… this is like my relationship,” run. Run far. Run fast. It’s not “all in your head” as your abuser makes you believe. You’re not worthless. You’re being lied to. You’re being controlled. You deserve SO MUCH BETTER than what they’re giving you. Even if it only happened once, it’s still abuse and if they did it once, they’ll do it again. They always do.

I’m here for anyone that needs to talk. This shit is HARD! It’s a lot like being in a cult and trying to break free from the brainwashing. It is brainwashing, actually.
You’re not alone, even if it feels that way.

(time to bring this back now that i have a pic to put with. slightly updated)


Victor doesn’t know why this is what sets him off.

It’s not like he’s never seen Yuuri naked. He had seen him almost naked at he last GPF banquet and with all the times they bathed together at the onsen Victor should be used to it, but here he is, getting the most turned on of his life zipping up Yuuri’s ‘Eros’ costume.

It’s the first time Yuuri has ever asked him help for dressing up and Victor just can’t keep his eyes from following the back muscles and the pale skin on display as he slowly moves the zip up.

Yuuri is talking but Victor can’t make out any words. He just can’t focus on anything he says, can’t hear anything except his own short breath. His fingers feel numb and his shoulders stiff. Mouth dry hanging slightly open, he swallows and licks his lips, trying to get back some grip when he finally catches what’s been nagging at the back of his brain since the day Yuuri chose this outfit. 

Yuuri is wearing his costume. 

The thought hits him full force.

Victor is not prepared to the wave of pure want and possessiveness rushing through his body at the sight of Yuuri in his own clothes and he has to close his eyes and take a deep breath or he’s going to totally lose his mind and do something inappropriate. 

He finally zips the costume up to Yuuri’s neck but can’t stop his hands from hovering a few inches over his body, following the sinful curves in a ghost caress down his back and has to use the last bits of self-control he can manage to not reach. He can’t stop his hands though, from slightly squeezing the air in a desperate need to settle in the small of Yuuri’s back when Yuuri turns around with a look of concern on his face.

Victor shakes himself back to present. Now is not the time to get lost in his own head.

But as he’s watching Yuuri taking off on the ice, costume hugging his body like a glove, Victor has never been more thankful for having to stay behind the fence because this season is going to be hard.

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So do you think Vetra is going to be romanceable by female Ryder? God I hope so... also, you said before that there are more videos of the hands on experience for mass effect? I've only seen the game news channels reviews for it! Oh I'm so excited there's more content. Do you know a good one off the top of your head or are they all pretty great because it's more content?

I feel like she will be a romance option for both twins. 

Here’s my guess for romance options:

fRyder: Peebee, Vetra, Liam, Jaal, Lexi

mRyder: Peebee, Vetra, Cora, Jaal, Reyes

I think BioWare is going to do their best to rectify the various problems people had with romances in the OT. First, there was a HUGE lack of gay romances. So I am guessing they’re going to try and widen that. And I know a lot of male players were upset that they never got a Turian romance. So, hopefully, BioWare addresses both of those issues by making Vetra bi.

Here are some of my favorite hands on reviews:

Kinda Funny Games (more opinion based)

The Know (general info dump)

MEOdyssey (impressions on specific aspects)

RPG Site (emphasis on RPG aspects of MEA)

Barnes’ Books - new fic

So from all the lovely suggestions yesterday, I realised I’ve never done a bookshop AU, so here’s chapter one. Not good, but here you go anyway…

No pics of the elderly James Barnes exist so, what a shame, will have to show you what he looked like in his prime <3 ;)

Chapter 1 below because AO3 is playing up

This is my favourite place at the best of times, but on a day like today, when the rain is relentless, the sky is dark, and I’m finding life hard, today it’s even more important. Today is the day to be lost in a book.  

When this bookshop opened, I have to be honest and say I barely noticed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love bookshops, but I always went to the big one, in the centre of town. They have all the new stuff, they do the good deals, it’s light and bright and airy.  But then I wandered into this shop one day and realised the other place had bookshops all wrong.

Sure, they have all the new stuff, but meh, I can get that online without even needing to take off my pyjamas or open the curtains. Deals are great, but I’d rather find a real bargain than pick a second book that I’m not really interested in just because it’s half price. And light, bright and airy? No! You can’t get lost in a book when there’s fluorescent lights and beechwood floors and modernity.

So let me tell you a bit about Barnes’ Books. It’s small, it’s cramped, there’s usually a bucket on the floor somewhere because the roof leaks. Today there’s two.  Most of the shelves are full of second-hand or remaindered books, and if there’s a system, I haven’t found it yet. That’s the joy though, you run your finger along the shelves and suddenly there’s the book you didn’t know you were looking for. I swear there’s magic in this place. And then, even better, there’s armchairs, here and there. Over-stuffed and ripped armchairs, the kind you can curl your feet into.  They’re not grouped together around a coffee table, they’re solitary, with their backs to the room. Who wants to read in company?! The whole point of a book is that it’s just you and those pages, together, and you don’t want to get pulled out of that world by someone sniffing, or taking a phone call. Oh, and just to add a final glory, there’s a cat. A beautiful, sleek tabby, always curled up in a chair somewhere but equally happy, if not more so, on someone’s lap. She’s the most elegant cat I’ve ever seen. And she’s called Steve. No, I don’t know either.

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Su's writing is just atrocious. The entire sardonyx week was a mess. Like amethyst signing a song about feeling bad for the sugilite situation but for what reason? They both wanted to fuse and were both excited. Its not ame or garnet fault at all. And after that pearl being put on a pedestal and even an ep about not hating her and ame is seen comforting her while no one was there for garnet. Like ffs even if the abuser feel "bad". The victim is the one deserving of support CREWNIVERSE.

I never picked up on how bad the sardonyx arc was until I read criticism on here and rewatched it. It’s amazing what you miss when you’re blinded by your love of the show lol.

The fact Sugilite lost control was pretty much Pearl’s fault too, and at the end of the arc Garnet was the one to give Pearl a pep talk and make her feel better, Garnet had to work through how she felt on her own (well, as Ruby and Sapphire) and that’s really unfair.

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All the ways I loved you - Supercat

Here it is, enjoy. 


                          All The Ways You Said “I Love You”

You should’ve known that she wouldn’t have said it like a normal person or even in a normal situation. Nothing about the two of you was ever normal. She never had to say it because deep down, you knew. You both knew. It was in the way she brought you Chamomile tea when you slammed the phone down on your desk. She always seemed to notice how you would pinch the bridge of your nose and count to five when you felt stressed. You would always whisper the numbers so quietly that you wondered how she could’ve known what you were doing.

It was in the way she decided to stay and help long after everyone else left the office because she knew how important it was for you to have each article just right. You remember the first time she stayed late and ordered Chinese from a place that you knew should’ve been shut down long ago. She pleaded with you until you grabbed a pair of chopsticks and dug in. After that, you became hooked and you would secretly stay late in hopes that she would stay with you. And she did. Every time you would be there, she was on the couch right beside you. Eventually, it became less about the work and more about the company. Somehow, bottles of expensive wine were being paired with twenty-dollar takeout. And you would’ve never admitted it then but you lived for those evenings. She said it in the way she didn’t bat an eyelash the first time you took off your heels and swung your legs over the couch, your feet grazing her thigh as you teased her for inhaling yet another pot sticker.

It was in the way she fumbled when you two got too close and she backed away, scrambling to compose herself. If you were being honest with yourself, you took immense pleasure in watching her scramble for words. Although your favorite moment was you showed up to her apartment the night of Catco’s annual fundraiser and you thought her eyes were going to come out from their sockets. You couldn’t admit that you specifically chose that dress with her reaction in mind. You actually had to remind her to stop ogling and put one foot in front of the other otherwise the driver was going to leave without them. The entire night, you caught her glancing at you and each time you felt yourself blush under her gaze. You had a sixth sense when it came to her and honestly, you didn’t mind.

You should’ve known that the path you two were on could only end one way. You should’ve known that your world would fall apart the day she actually said it. It was in the urgency of her voice when you picked up the phone at three in the morning. You shot up the second you heard the first sniffle. You should’ve known that it would end like this. That it would end it heartbreak. You knew that something wasn’t right when you heard the rustling of the wind in the background. What scared you the most was when she told you to not turn on the news. What tore you apart was watching the news feed of Supergirl and what looked like the missile she was trying to redirect. Your heart couldn’t handle it when she told you that you were the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. That if she could do it al over again, she would choose you. She would always choose you. You saw a spec of red in the sky fade and the phone fell out of your hands when you saw the sky light up in an explosion. In that moment, you wished she knew all the ways you tried, and failed, to say it back.

“Cat, I need you to know that I love you. That I have always loved you. That I will always love you. Always.”

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i'm a new katie fan and you love asks so heres one for you. i keep seeing people say katie is gay. is that actually true?

Hey there anon. Well that’s an interesting question. Let’s break this down, shall we?

Some assume Katie is gay because: “She can’t play straight;” “She has short nails;” “She ‘dresses gay;’” “She makes heart eyes and compliments all of her female co-stars/friends.”

Some assume Katie is straight because: She has never stated she is gay and that’s important because “we are all straight until proven otherwise.” She has mentioned that she likes smart guys that can argue/debate with her.

Some assume Katie is bisexual because: She has mentioned that she wouldn’t mind seeing more “hot men around set to fit in with the glamour of acting.” (Back during the Merlin days, forgive me for not remembering which interview). She has a crazy crush on Nathan Fillion (I’ll never understand that one… but I’m gay sooo…). She has also called attention to her “hot, beautiful, and attractive” co-stars (Emilia Fox, Jessica De Gouw, Victoria Smurfit, and Gemma Chan).

TL;DR: This one likes to assume: Despite speculation, Katie’s sexual orientation is part of her private life and something that she has never spoken about on the record, as is her right! It is therefore none of our business. Let me also pull a Cosima and say that her sexual orientation is not the most interesting thing about her so let us just love her all the same!

First Day of School (Jimin)

And now it is time for one half of the Busan line, one half of Vmin, an absolute angel who is crushing the comeback as he always does like the last dance bit in Not Today when they do the stomping bit always gets me it never fails, if they ever release a dance practice for it, I would scream, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jimin post, he has one daughter but there is another version where he also has a son (who is younger) so for this one, I’ll be using the second version
  • To avoid repetition and so this post doesn’t get too long, I will be lumping some of the things together since they’d be pretty similar anyways, like dropping them off at school, spending mornings together etc. 
  • His bbys are s o fucking cute, if you’ve ever seen a bby picture or even just a fetus picture of Jimin, you know what I’m talking about when I say those ch eeKS
  • They look s o so so so much like Jimin, they have that same eye smile, the same cheeks that are so incredibly kissable it’s a wonder that Jimin isn’t forever kissing them, they’re so smol and they have tiny giggles and soft voices and are basically two mini Jimins walking around the house, following the bigger Jimin around
  • They’re so attached to him they follow him around everywhere, they’re his lil ducklings, they look up to him so much and wanna be just like him when they grow up, even though Jimin tells them both that they can do whatever they want
  • They’re really really excited about school until Jimin tells them he can’t come with them, that he can only drop them off and pick them up and they’re not on board with that part
  • “Well can’t you just come anyways”
  • They’ve never had to spend that long away from Jimin, he’s done a few concerts and rehearsals but if he knows he’s gonna be away from them for a while, he brings them with him bc they’re super well behaved and will just chill out and draw or color while he practices and they prefer it too bc they just wanna be in the same room as him, they don’t like being separated
  • They’re so stubborn about him coming with them to class and he’s a lil sad that he really genuinely can’t come bc he doesn’t wanna leave them behind just as much as they don’t wanna be left, they’re all infamous for always being together like if you need to find them, just look for Jimin and vice versa
  • But after they learn that the cousins (the boys’ children) will be there, they feel a bit better about it and Jimin promises that they’ll have fun and that it’ll only be a few hours, like a long concert 
  • Mornings with the Parks are really sweet and there are s o many kisses, especially cheek kisses
  • They always wake him up by climbing all over him and kisses his face a lot and he’s a pretty light sleeper when it comes to them bc paternal side kicks in and gets him to wake up the moment he hears their bedroom door open (they prefer to share a bedroom despite chim and you offering up the guest bedroom a million times)
  • Jimin seems like a morning person, either that or he gets his energy really quickly so the bbys don’t have to whine at him for too long before he’s up and bouncing around with them but he always has to have his cuddles first
  • You wake up every single morning to see your two tiny bbys snuggled up to your biggest bby and they’re all just chatting about their dreams or what they want for breakfast or what they’ll do that day
  • They gotta be carried downstairs bc they don’t wanna let go of Jimin ever and he’s not complaining at all, he loves them so so much and is happy to carry them around every moment of the day, regardless of how big they get
  • They could be in their 30s and he’s still gonna offer to carry them downstairs bc they are his b b y s his munchkins his tiny tots they could have their own bbys and he’d still be calling them prince and princess
  • They are such helpers with everything ever but especially cooking, they love it so much bc Jimin feeds them chocolate chips along the way or he gives them a lollipop or a piece of gum, just something to keep them amused until he can give them his full attention again
  • But they’re in charge of taste testing everything and also blowing on Jimin’s tea to cool it down, which ends up with them drinking half the cup to test how cooled down it is, they also sometimes get to pour things into cups, some juice maybe some milk, never anything hot bc Jimin doesn’t even them touch the teacup and they can only drink it once Jimin knows it’s cooled down enough to not burn their tongues (they don’t know that part but Jimin just lets them think they’re the ones that cooled it down and that you so didn’t go downstairs when they were busy and make the tea ahead of time) 
  • They also eat breakfast on Jimin’s lap bc he’s the dad that feeds them both a bite off of his plate despite them having their own food, they just like to share a lot, they feed him bites off their plates too
  • On the first day, they’re both super excited but they’re also staying super close to Jimin like he has to put them down when he’s cooking on the stove bc he doesn’t like them near hot objects, so they both just stand next to his leg and hold his free hand and wait until he can pick them back up
  • He gives them extra long hugs when he wakes up and he cooks their favorite breakfast and they’re all happy but you can still tell everyone’s a lil :( about having to be apart for the day
  • Bby girl’s first outfit is something laid back and comfy but also super cute so it’s a white dress with a few flowers on the bottom and then some gray tights and then some white flats that have a floral pattern and her coat is also gray and a bracelet you and Jimin gave her that morning (a first day present) that has a heart on it with her name in the middle
  • She has Jimin braid her bangs back so they don’t get in her face and she wears a headband with a flower on it bc theme of the day is floral 
  • Bby boy’s first outfit is also laid back but cute, he wears some bby black jeans and then a Cookie Monster shirt with a flannel shirt over it and some bby sneakers then his coat is black and he also has a bracelet with a heart and his name that was also given to him on his first day by you two
  • He gets a tiny black snapback bc he always sees Jimin wearing them and it also keeps his bangs out of his eyes
  • Bby girl has a Barney backpack and a Spongebob lunchbox, bby boy has a Curious George lunchbox and a Cat in the Hat backpack bc their faves they pick them themselves
  • Jimin has to hold back some tears on the way there bc the school’s getting closer which means he’s gotta say goodbye for a few hours and it’s the first time he’s left them with someone he wasn’t either best friends with or related to
  • On date nights, he gets the boys or his parents or his brother to watch the bbys but that’s way different than dropping them off at school and not being able to just come back and pick them up in an hour or two and he can’t call to check up on them every hour but he knows they’re excited for it so he does his best to be happy for them
  • He’s so beyond proud that they’re growing up of course but his bbys they don’t need to grow up so much so quickly, they can go back to being newborns he’s totally fine with that
  • He gives them another really long hug and kisses their heads and just rubs their backs and tries to convince himself to let go before they’re late
  • The tears are gathering up and they wipe them off of his cheeks with their bby fingers and give him some kisses to cheer him up bc that always works
  • He’s gotta smile at that bc they’re just so sweet and he fixes their shirts and helps them out of their coats now that they’re inside and he just turns into :D bc they look so cute in their lil outfits they picked out all by themselves
  • “Look the cousins are right there, go play with them and give them a hug, I’ll be here to pick you up later”
  • They give him another kiss and then they run off to see the cousins and start their first day in school
  • Side note, Jimin is totally the dad that hovers over the window for a few minutes after the class has started just to make sure his bbys are doing okay
  • “Jimin, it’s been ten minutes, they’re fine, let’s go”
  • “WaiT he’s making a face oh god he’s gonna cry…or sneeze, it was just a sneeze false alarm”
  • “Oh my god”

i just submitted my final piece to the @supernaturalartbook!! it’s done, i’m happy with it, and i can honestly say that i’ve never done anything like this before. here’s the last sneak peek ;)

i am so honored to have been a part of this amazing project. as of now, we’ve raised so much money for charity. SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. thank you to every other artist participating and to the glorious S3 for organizing and reaching out to me - without you all, there’d be no book <3

i can’t wait to get my copy!!!!

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I know I'm late to the party but: Top 5 moments in which you wanted to punch Jungkook.

Oh man, where do I start?

1. Whenever there’s an abs tease

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2. When he does this move…

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3. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS (it was during this era that he became my bias wrecker. I miss the days before then when he wasn’t ruining my life)

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5. Whenever he looks like a freaking adorable bun and I get all confused because nothing makes sense anymore!! How does he switch between the two so well?? LOOK AT THAT SMILE! He stresses me out (I don’t actually want to punch him here. I just want to hug him and never let go tbh)

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            I just want to start this by saying holy shit what the fuck, why is there 100 of you??? I’m actual garbage, why are you here??? That being said, I love you all so much and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Some of you, I still haven’t had a chance to talk to and for that I’m sorry. Whether we’ve talked a thousand times or never once spoke, my inbox and messages are ALWAYS open for all of you. Never hesitate to talk to me even if it’s just a message complaining about something from your day.

            @qceenbambi;; @magicaladept;; @eliotwoah I feel like I have to talk about you three as a package cause you’re always together on my dash. Faith, Klutz, and Kaleb are literally the best. They play their characters so well and they are so sweet. They will turn your dash into an everflowing river of writing perfection. I love all three of you. Also, how do I get inducted into the squad??? haha

            @magnusofbane;; @viirid let me just tell you about Cassidy. I don’t even know where to start. She is my favorite person on this site. She has been such a saint since the first time I spoke to her. Her writing is eternally perfect and I just *swoons*. Magnus and Damianos are so gloriously different. My fav is NOT problematic. I looove you.

the precious snowflakes who I will protect at all costs

@eliotwaxgh;; @warstopper;; @fallenregent;; @arrowbythebooks;; @goldtouched;; @juliawickxer;; @ambitionisfolly;; @girloffillory;; @filloryforgotten;; @remembcr;; @dipsomanes

the babes I want to get to know better

@crescentgemini;; @giingerstallion;; @praelixs;; @amazingspiderling;; @sociopathiques;; @heartisgold;; @thewclfgirl;; @heavenblooded;; @cicerosxphilosophy;; @avidskiier;; @oftaintedhearts;; @ghostofaformerself;; @trueblccd;; @tragiichearts;; @camillebelcourtme;; @justoldnews;; @acquiredcraving;; @aestheticdriven;; @ofcateyes;; @suckerpnch;; @highwarlockxbane;; @midnxghtwhisperings;; @plurimaevoces;; @lightxwoods

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What is your honest opinion about the other admins?


So Jamie has been one of my closest friends since at least Dashcon now. She is so absolutely creative and talented and so much fun to hang out with. I’m so glad we’re on the blog together, and did you guys know she’s one of my bridesmaids?

I always forget just how Ravenclaw Caitlin is and then she says and does things and I’m like YUP perfect Ravenclaw right here. She’s like the little sister I never had and I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished??? Like, she’s so smart and creative and free spirited and I think if I was 10 years younger, we would be friends, or I’d look up to her immensely.

Justin is so much fun and I’m so glad we can do stuff together irl. He’s such a wine mom and I love hanging out with him and his people. He’s such a Slytherin and watching his mind work is fascinating.

To boil it down, I LOVE MY FELLOW ADMINS

-Amy (Hufflepuff)