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Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)


I DID A THING!! This was for a secret santa group here @mystic-messenger-secret-santa for one of my giftees @yuka-shion and the prompt was very open so I took the opportunity to do a shoot I’ve been wanting to do .Thanks for the excuse!! ;)

Here’s me trying to portray the normal/dark sides of each character (minus V+Unknown cuz they ain’t playable yet) In the order I played them, weirdly enough…

These didn’t come out quite the way I wanted them to, but I rather like them anyway. ^^ I will also reblog the submission for a more detailed description of things, but here’s the separate photos (I could only submit them as one)

idk i want a cute plot n like he is famous and she’s just a normal girl and she’ll like say stupid jokes to the paparazzi about him so he’ll look silly and she’ll sneak on his phone at night and tweet herself shout outs and tweet as though she is him just to laugh with the fans and when they’re on dates and pap come she’ll like pose ridiculously for photos and shE’S JUST THIS LIL DOWN TO EARTH RAY OF SUNSHINE FOR THIS BIG FAMOUS GUY WHO HAS A LOT OF STRESS N EXPECTATIONS N THE MEDIA AREN’T HIS BIGGEST FANS BC HE’S MADE MISTAKES IN THE PAST BUT EVERYONE LOVES THIS GIRLFRIEND AND SHE GIVES HIM HOPE AH I’M BAD AT EXPLAINING PLOTS I WANT BUT juST TRUST ME

Some Torbjörn Headcanons as of the latest comic update

Because of this lovely picture of his wife and kids (confirmed by Blizzard, folks, and in your faces people who don’t think he needs to have a lovelife!), I’ve now got a bunch of headcanons I want to share with you guys.

-Torbjörn carries a wallet with pictures of his kids in it. You know that gag in cartoons where someone opens their wallet and a folded photo sleeve and pictures unfolds? It’s like that. He loves pulling it out and showing off the new pictures in it.

-Reinhardt is honorary family. Brigitte, by extension, is as well. Reinhardt knows all the kids names, and keeps up to date on how they’re doing as much as he can.

-Tor’s got a normal-sized mechanical hand he wears a glove over when at home and not working on stuff there. It’s better for use around small kids and not knocking into things on accident. He switches to his favored claw when he’s working in the forge he no doubt has on the property. Once the kids start dating though, prospective dates of either gender (both the kids and the dates themselves) will be greeted with him wearing the claw.

-He always helps out with school projects. Directly if home, or just helping out via a video call.

-When his kids realizes who some of the cool people he now works with are, he has to get autographs for every one that asks. He was aware of who D.Va and Lucio were because of this.

-Anyone who is surprised that he is married, and has so many kids at his age is met with a look. With crossed arms. It’s usually met with the offender attempting to backtrack and cover their ass, before ultimately deciding to just shut up. A few people don’t take the hint and just keep going. Results vary as to what happens to them.

-Tor’s possibly built metal boxes the size of fridges so all drawings can be hung up, along with letters and report cards. They’d run out of room otherwise.

-If he’s being particularly stubborn about something regarding his health, Angela gives his wife a call. It has yet to fail.

-It was very carefully explained to the kids that they can’t currently tell anyone their father is working for Overwatch again, because of the Petras act.

Actions Speak Louder

Actions…have me thinking. Sam knew that we would find out he was with MM in Georgia at this wedding from the antis. So why bother posting a pic of himself on the private MPC Facebook page? Many are saying it’s because he wanted to make sure we saw he was with MM but I don’t think that was the case. To me it looks like he was wanting to prepare us so we wouldn’t be shocked or taken by surprise, like a signal to expect fuckery so we had time to prepare and ready ourselves.
Let’s look at his actions when around MM. Sam doesn’t promote his life at all, yet he promotes the moments he is around her. This is not normal Sam behaviour. Before we saw him in NC information was dropped in a private Facebook group and we got a photo of him standing in front of a sign that gave his location. That is NOT normal for Sam. The pattern is he lets us know his location but he doesn’t appear an any pics with her, just his location. He posted a pic in front of a sign AGAIN. This sign had a clearly labeled map, the last one was a sign with the name of his location, never a pic with his GF. The red carpet was the same. There isn’t one pic of them. He doesn’t pose with her EVER. And if you google ‘Sam Heughan’s girlfriend’ there isn’t anything of her… only Caitriona will you find in a pose. He could easily post something on IG with his lovely blonde GF but nothing. I think he was telling us his location and wanted to warn us that he will be around her but is not with her. I think the pictures of the signs are almost like a double entendre. It was a location, he’s in her location but not 'with’ her. He is telling us he is going to be around her but why isn’t he acting like she’s the girlfriend? He doesn’t and NEVER has. The only reason I can think of is because she isn’t. Does he ever reveal his whereabouts in the U.K. Or on vacation? Yet he promotes it when in NC and Georgia? I believe he let us know both times to prepare us about it but he can’t let it look like he’s preparing Shippers can he! At the moment he and Cait are closeted. He’s lived in Scotland going on four years and he has never been seen in a grocery store but he travels to NC and he is caught in the kale aisle twice and never posed with MM? Why go? Why let everyone know when you won’t even have a pic taken with her? Why only give location? This is NOT normal Sam behaviour. The difference is he has never EVER posed with MM in the same pic. Ever. Whatever we have got are pics of the same locations or photos sitting or standing that don’t reveal a thing. But we have all sorts of poses with Caitriona. Sam has cleverly made a clear distinction between MM and Caitriona and continues to do so and many poses exceed professional limits! I think we were feeling confident after this last month, that we were getting what I like to call a gentle reveal. I knew it was too close to December signing but it felt like something had changed and perhaps they were given a green light. Realistically though, there’s no way a reveal was going to happen so close to a business transaction the likes of this merger. If I was a shareholder and I hadn’t been informed about a possible liability (like the two leads of Starz most costly production being together) I think I’d be pretty pissed if they revealed their relationship a couple of months after signing on the dotted line. As soon as Caitriona tweeted the 1am fists I should have had alarm bells ringing. Instead I was caught up with the excitement of it. The MM + Sam farce can’t just disappear. There’s a relationship that has been presented. It has to take it’s course with some realistic timing and a break up and Sam and Caitriona have to admit they can’t 'fight their feelings anymore’ yet! I think perhaps Sam and Caitriona were feeling confident too. I think they thought we knew the pattern well enough to be skeptical as soon as Sam set foot in LA. I think they felt confident they had given us enough this last month to know whatever we saw we’d question or at least we wouldn’t question them! The opposite has happened. I know many feel Sam was cowardly in posting that pic on his MPC private page but I see the opposite. He has stuck his neck out to give us the heads up! And many are crucifying him for it. How quickly we forget…The Tiger is a lyin…keeps me company…


Oh boy does this photo op come with a story.

I love Misha with a burning passion. He’s so nice and he just made my con experience that much better.

So I knew I wanted a phot op with Misha, but just my luck his normal photo ops were sold out so I opted for the Cas one instead and I’m really glad I did.

So from my understanding, Misha was in Cas mode when I first walked up. I told him what I wanted to do, I wanted to “pose like I’m whispering something dirty into Cas’ ear.” I’m just expecting a shocked Cas look. And I get into position and I touched his scruff with the side of my hand (which was a lot longer than I expected tbh). And we’re posing and I kinda lost my balance AGAIN like a dumbass but I figured whatever. Now I’m getting ready to walk by Misha to leave and breaks into this giant smile and he goes, “Y'know, you could’ve actually whispered something dirty in my ear.”

So I’m just like oh haha and I’m leaving and fuckin Chris Schmeke goes, “oh no you were kinda half leggy let’s take another.” Now I’m mortified. I walk back over to Misha and he’s grinning and he goes “look you’ve got your chance!” And I’m just standing there like ????????????? Because if you know anything about me, you know it takes me a full 48 hours to come up with a come back.

Now I’m getting back into position and I’ve got my hand back on Misha’s face and I just said to him, “Misha, I literally have no idea what to say to you.” And he responds, “Better think of something quick.” And my mind just fucking blanked. So I didn’t say anything and Chris took the picture. And after the flash went off and I stepped back, Misha was low key disappointed in me. He was like “You had two chances and you missed out!” But he was super playful and nice about it and he was laughing and like as I was leaving I had to defend myself and tell him that he put me on the spot and I didn’t know what to say.

But yeah, that’s how I broke Misha Collin’s character at Castiel ops. He’s everything I could ever ask for lmao.

When people tell you “don’t meet your idols”, don’t listen to them. If I hadn’t gone to Comic Con to meet Carrie, I wouldn’t have this amazing photograph. This year had been shaping up to be terrible even back then and I was going to just take a normal picture with her. And then I suddenly thought that a ‘normal picture’ doesn’t really encapsulate either of us.

So I hold this photo so dear to my heart. I asked her to flip off the camera and she got a big smile on her face and hugged me tight. I know I was so lucky this year because I got to meet my hero before she died but I will wish I could have worked with her one day like I wanted to as a kid.

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I'm working on a fic in which Marinette learns how to design clothes around age 8-10. I've been doing research on how most people learn how to sketch designs and stuff and there's just a ton of different ways (tracing photos, starting with drawing basics like shapes, buying books with templates, etc.) and I'm not sure which would be most accurate. In my fic, Marinette will be taught by someone who has experience in designing, so how do you think they'd teach her?

That’s actually up to you to plot. Though Paris, or France, might ring the fashion bell in your mind, people are actually fairly normal when it comes to fashion.

So it really is up to the person’s motivation and talent whether or not they want to design clothes. It’s a hobby.

Now, if you’re talking about whether or not it’s easy to design clothes as a particular in Paris, there are indeed a lot of fabric shops in Paris, but more than ever in weekly markets (Internet might tell you about the Marché Saint Pierre in rue Charles Nodier but it, in fact, is pretty hard to find clothing fabric. It’s more furniture centre. I’d advise you the Marché Choisy le Roi, though it’s a bit far, or the Dreyfus shops) but it remains very very expensive in Paris, hence why the more geographically far Marché Choisy le Roi has more interesting prices. Sadly a lot of people are stopped by that.

After all, Paris is the capital of fashion, of course shops would make the most out of it.

Now if you’re thinking of Marinette learning on her own, the methods you listed are all good. Except tracing.

Think of fashion as not drawing perfect clothes like regular artists, but associating clothes and colours. You don’t need to draw perfect folds to make perfect outfits. But you do need anatomy to figure out whether your clothes can be worn or not. You need to be curious about the trends, about collections, about fabric.

But drawing is just a way to convey your ideas.

Now, if someone would teach Marinette… If you’re talking about an actual teacher that would be paid for it, that’s unlikely. Way too expensive for bakers, and very very hard to find anyway.

Now if you’re talking about someone who wants to teach little Marinette for fun, a cosplayer, or a seamstress, etc… that’s up to your plot, just the same way it would be legit to turn to online tutorials.

Now, if you’re wondering how that person would teach Marinette, they could start by teaching her how to sew manually, buttons or stitches, etc… Being between 8 and 10 years old is a bit too early to make full-blown clothes, to design any actual clothes.

No, Marinette would start with clothes personalisation. Adding buttons here and there, cutting here, sewing there, etc… But nothing very elaborated like embroidery.

Think of those girl toys for clothes personalisation. They’re amazing to use.

Then that person could teach her how to harmonise colours, maybe take her to the address aforementioned to show her the world of fabrics and all the possibilities she can play with. Fashion is concrete.

They could help her design her clothes ideas, nothing very elaborated still. And maybe at 12 or 13, even later, they could offer her a first sewing machine which they would then teach them to use, as well as teaching her about patterns which are pieces of fabric you sew together to make your clothes. Like… Sleeves on their own are a pattern you then sew on the clothe.

Whenever you see sewing on your clothes, patterns have been sewed together.

They’re not very easy to make though, so once again, it’s not easy for a 12 years old. Unless she’s determined to try again and again despite it being hard.

Nothing’s impossible!

It is important to note that not all sewing machines have the same abilities and require accessories you add to them little by little. There are beginner sewing machines, and more professional ones. So it’s pointless to go for very elaborated outfits with a beginner sewing machine.

For example, not all sewing machines can sew buttons. You need a special tool to add to the machine.

About the design drawings, you might want to know too that they’re usually not very detailed, and very scarcely coloured. You have a brief sketch with the overall look of the outfit, and then you staple to the drawing samples of the fabric you want for the outfit, and only when you really need detail do you draw in corners of the sketch little zooms of the details. Like lace, or pockets, etc…

Sometimes, if you’re all good with the fabric samples you stapled, colours aren’t even needed.

Now even more important:

Do not mistake fashion sketches and technical drawings

Fashion sketches are all about inspiration, that’s why they’re rough, quick. But sometimes you can find very very detailed fashion drawings. That’s all up to the fashion designer so long that there’s an end result, so long as it’s easier for you to make the clothe.

The reason why they’re not detailed is because the fashion designer gives their sketch to a designer whose job is to turn them into technical drawings with patterns to cut for the seamstresses. It’s not that fashion designers don’t know how to do that. No, you have to be a designer first before being a fashion designer, but once you get to work, you can’t do everything. You’re paid for ideas, not for sewing or detailing for people who know their job as much as you do.

This is a fashion sketch à la française

This is a technical drawing (dessin à plat or dessin technique in French, and what you called templates)

These are a 2 in 1 fashion/technical drawing

This is what you learn in fashion schools, but you need to know that all of this… Well these are just tools to help you, but fashion can be very very instinctive. Think of cosplay.

People don’t take classes to learn how to make their own cosplays.

If you work well with a method, the rest is details.

Hope I helped! And good luck for your fic :)

ball jointed doll companies I like and why


  • infinite color options (no joke they will do any color you ask)
  • will modify and hybridize your doll for you. (want doll A’s ears on doll B? you got it. Want doll A’s head on doll B’s body with doll C’s hands? sure, and no extra cost.)
  • very affordable (MSDs around $150 SDs around $200)
  • some very pretty sculpts despite company photos. Diamonds in the rough, truly.

Doll Leaves

  • very affordable MSDs ($150) with more mainstream aesthetics than Resinsoul
  • colors are white, normal, grey/green, and tan
  • cons: tan skin only available in limited additions 


  • 100% my aesthetic I LOVE them
  • amazing faceups
  • unusual and beautiful color options 
  • cons: pretty expensive

Doll Family-H

  • somewhat affordable (SDs around $300)
  • very beautiful sculpts
  • close relationship with sculptors

Doll Chateau

  • (guilty pleasure)
  • so freaking cool
  • lots of color options (while, normal, yellow, grey, green, tan iirc)
  • cons: on the expensive side

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What do you both look Like? I want to make art of you both Thanks in advance if you respond

Oh my gosh, thank you so much in advance!!

Well, this is what I look like, and I’ll leave Megan to add their own photo. c: (btw I normally have glasses if you’re up for drawing that, haha)

Photo Story: Ok, so I’m in the line for my first photo op ever with jensen and feeling a little nervous, but as soon as he turned to have eye contact with the next girl in line, and had eye contact with me instead, I stopped being nervous. It was weird, like if my mind was telling me “hey it is jensen, the guy you’ve known for 12 years, there is no reason to be nervous” so I felt calmed and comfortable really quick.

Then came my turn and we had eye contact again. I walked in and said hi, he replied “Hi sweetheart” with a smile, and stood beside me with his hand on my back and his eyes over mine all the time while I was telling him about my 3 photos:

Me: So I want 3 hugs. A normal hug.
Jensen: ok (nodding)
Me: A hug from behind.
Jensen: ok (nodding again like being obedient)
Me: And another hug with silly faces.
Jensen: ok. Got it.

As soon as he said that, he turned his body to me and made me turn against him. He was the one to pull up the poses, I did nothing but put my arms around him, he was the one that guided me all the way moving me along like a doll. And with such gentle and slow moves that made me feel like if he was taking care of the moment to be perfect for me. He is an amazing guy and you can feel it when you are close to him. He really wants you to have a grate moment. After the 3 hugs, I turned to say thank you and he smiled at me again, not pulling his hand away from my back till I was completely away from the photo zone.
NOTE: HE SMELLS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!! AND HE IS AN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE. His skin is really clear and soft you can see the big amount of freckles everywhere. The green of his big eyes is surreal, and his hair is more like a golden light brown than it looks on tv. Photos don’t show how attractive, gorgeous and handsome he is on real life. And don’t make me start talking about his voice…. It is mind blowing how deep and sexy his voice is.

Story of the whole 3 photo ops with Jensen on my last post…
But there is something special on this one. I put my hands over his after he grabbed me from behind putting his arms around me. So for his hand to be actually over mine, he had to have moved his hand later on. :D things you notice when you see the printed photo. 

Story of the whole 3 photo ops with Jensen on my last posts…. There is nothing to say for this photo. I just wanted silly faces, and even that was not the face I wanted to do, and at the begging I didn’t like this photo, now it started to grow on me because I love jensen’s face. A friend told me it looks like if he where saying “she is mine” and i were saying “HA! Suck it” hahahhah so now I like it.
Oh yeah! And that is his autograph over there. :D

N: He would keep everything totally professional in terms of how he speaks to you and how he acts around you. However, as time goes on he might randomly remember that you like him during a photo-shoot and you might get some extra eye stares, some glances, or maybe a flirty line or two. Other than that, he would keep this knowledge on the hush hush. “Am I standing under enough lighting? Make sure to use your good side to catch my good side!”

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Leo: He would pretend like he didn’t know and just act normal around you afraid to mix business with pleasure. Although, that’s not to say that he wouldn’t want to get know who you are as a person, but he wouldn’t act on this small knowledge of a crush. Now if Leo gets to know you because of all the time spent together then he might soon act on it or maybe not. It all depends on him. “*Bows* Hello. Nice to see you again.”

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Ken: You’re going to need new lenses fooling around with him. He’ll be all up in your camera being completely and utterly extra. If you thought Ken was goofy before, he’s even goofier now because he has a reason to be. Now this won’t happen for sometime, that is until he figures you out. But when he does, he’ll pretend to be a camera hog and want to be the focus of your camera.  “Please stop taking pictures of them. I’m the cute main vocal, so point that thing toward me and get to snapping!”

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Ravi: Oh, so you have a crush on him? You’re screwed.  Confident Ravi will not let you hide behind your camera all day. He’ll pose and flash those handsome looks of his with more effort than ever to tease you a little. His goal is to have you blushing so hard you want to put down the camera. When he’s done having his fun, he’ll try and get to know you without the camera in the way only if Shy Ravi doesn’t turn up. And there’s a 99% chance that Shy Ravi will show up to ruin all the fun. “Do you want capture my abs from this angle…or this angle?”

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HongBin: Perfect. The two of you already have something in common. That would be his conversation lead-in that would hopefully allow him to get to know you better. He’d praise your work, ask about your favorite projects, and if he ends up liking you back he could potentially ask for a private photo session. But it’s Bean we’re talking about here. It’ll take some time before that actually happens. “C-Can I see your portfolio?”

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Hyuk: What would Hyuk do with that knowledge? Well, like the others, he’ll have a feel out period making sure you are worth his future attempts at trying to woo you. Now, if you pass the test, then he’d let you know that he knows about your crush, but at the same time he’ll act like he’s not interested. Hyuk will confuse the mess out of you at the cost of seeing you squirm. If you pass that test then this could potentially be the start of something new. “Are you sure about this pose? I wouldn’t want to crush…haha…the fans with my mature looks? You on the other hand are used to this kind of thing so you don’t matter in this scenario.”

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Answers About RDJ Advises

pheylan13 replied to your photo “snowytumble: Source @copperbadge What sort of advice would RDJ give…”

Every time I read one of these I picture Chris sitting on a couch reading or something and RDJ landing on the couch next to him, starting the conversation before Chris wholly realizes that the convo has started. Maybe with a laugh track.

About half the time I picture them having a totally normal conversation about like, their motivations for the next scene, or what changes have been made to the script, and then just all of a sudden RDJ drops some pearls of wisdom on him whether he wanted them or not. :D 

salmonberries replied to your photo “snowytumble: Source @copperbadge What sort of advice would RDJ give…”

I feel compelled to tell you that I read the last line as advice to wear clown underwear rather than clean underwear. I think it says something about both me and RDJ that I was willing to go with that. Clown underwear? hmmm. Ununsual. but sure, why not. Clown underwear for everyone.

Clown underwear does sound like a lot of fun, as long as it’s like….brightly colored, rather than rigged to explode or squirt water or something. :D 


First there was a fire alarm (there was smoke in the building). We all were sent outside (literally everyone in the building) and walked under a bridge that provided everyone with shelter from the London rain. I ended up standing centimetres away from Mark and Una. I gathered the courage to talk to them and ask for a photo. Then everything went back to normal and we all went back inside.

The episode itself was fantastic. There were wonderful funny bits and some really emotional scenes. It contained a major plot twist and some OMG stress moments. I had Andrew sitting right in front of me (my luck was at 10/10 today). Everything was fine and dandy.

Until the ending. It felt like a final. If they left the show where it was left, it would feel complete. I didn’t want it to feel that way. As I looked around the room, I could see the faces of disappointment as the credits rolled. I always had doubts, but I never liked having them confirmed.

The panel was really funny! Moftiss both had a paper list of things they didn’t want us spoiling. People made fun of Andrew’s Irish accent and Moffat praised Sue for all her work as well as giving a funny anecdote about her.

Later I met all of the cast and took pictures with all of them. Mark Gatiss and I had put our arms around each other for a long time because my friend taking the picture couldn’t get the camera to focus. Andrew was a total sweetie and Rupert was hot. Una and I held hands whilst I told her she was incredible in TLD. All in all, a pretty great night.

so i’m trying to figure out something from the new eckva video.  i was able to understand most of the audio, but there is some i just can’t understand, no matter how many times i listen to it.  if anyone can figure it out, please let me know.  here’s what i have so far:

“normal eckva service has been interrupted to bring you an important service announcement:

there will be a knock at the door.  do not open it.  stay inside for [inaudible].  this is very important.  this is very important.  keep looking at looking at me.  keep looking at me. kee-keep —-”

the inaudible parts just sound like nonsense syllables to me.  that being said, i loved everything else about this video.  it was creepy, and i really want to talk to someone about the photo at the beginning before the announcement.  the fact that what i have above is where the broadcast cut off is obviously concerning, but what intrigues me the most is that our so far anonymous video posting character says that they are going to go somewhere to investigate what happened.  what is that going to entail?

So I am as shook as everyone else about the teaser pictures, but after looking at it again I noticed how weird Eunwoo’s picture was. 

Like why is he sitting on a bed in a shower? I don’t know about you but that is not something I normally do. 

Also, why the fish? I get it bathroom = water but ?? why?

Plus, I really want to know what is in the mirror and why. Was it purposefully put there or was it a mistake? The banner looks happy, so maybe the song won’t be as sad as we think? Idk I’m grasping at straws here. Tell me what you think. 

To make up for this mess of a post I will leave you with Eunwoo’s face.

Things I wish I could say regularly to SD POTs..

Saying you are “handsome, fit, good looking” on your profile and you don’t have any photos makes everyone assume you are not in fact those things.

That also applies for “normal, nice guy, and sweet” you sound like a serial killer or over inflated on your worth.

BAD GRAMMAR MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID. No I don’t need English major perfect but when u tlk like dis with no punctuation and a ton of :) xo ;) YOU SOUND LIKE A IDIOT SCAMMER.

Don’t be sexual in the first few messages it makes me want to find you, castrate you, and force you to eat your balls.

Don’t put “high” lifestyle expectations if you don’t mean it 🙄.

If you aren’t white don’t put that as your ethnicity. Arab guys you do this CONSTANTLY.

Posting pictures with other girls in them is weird. For one maybe they don’t want to be in your creepy photo online for random people to see and two it doesn’t gain you brownie points in the slightest.

I will update this list as I remember more. This is just me ranting to blow off steam. Feel free to add your own.


2. The Evil Twin

I said a couple week’s ago that I wasn’t excited about Tash reentering the competition because two things were likely to happen: 1) More repetitive sister drama that no one cares about 2) Tash was still going to go home again before Cody. I’m not trying to pass myself as some bold psychic - I think we could all see that coming. I just wonder why the ANTM producers thought we wanted to see those same storylines play out again.

The twin pettiness starts at the beginning of the episode when Tatiana compliments the positioning of Tash’s fingers in her previous photo. Cody cannot stomach hearing a compliment that’s directed at her sister rather than her.

Yeah, that is perfectly normal thing to rant and rave about. I haven’t heard someone boasting about her own hands so much since Donald Trump.

Cody is positive that her photo is better than Tash’s, too, but I’m gonna give that a hard NOPE! Tash’s photo is better, get over it. 

Rita arrives, wearing an outfit that reader @andthebutterfliesandbeeeees can’t help but describe as “Beetlejuice.” She’s there to get to know the girls because she’s the only judge who hasn’t taken the time to make personal connections with the contestants yet, and, as she points out, time is running out. Well, whose fault is that?

Tatiana is especially eager to get some face time with Rita since she’s already successfully brown-nosed her way into the other judges’ hearts. No shame, Tat, it’s clearly a winning strategy.

Rita decides the best way to get to know the ladies is by babbling about herself for a while. Her parents did support her dreams, y’all!

Cheers to that, Rita!  Who needs an education when you can be in the tabloids?

The best part of Rita’s monologue is when she comments that some of the models will be loved and others will be hated. The editors’ choice of shots are very subtle here… see if you can pick up on it!

At one point, Rita makes like she’s tearing up talking about her struggles, but as we all know from her cut Fifty Shades of Grey scenes, she’s not a good enough actress so she has to abort that attempt. She basically tells the girls that if they think they’re scared about competing, just think how scared she must be trying to fill Tyra Banks’s shoes on “one of the biggest shows in history.”

Um, look, I’m obviously a fan of ANTM, but calling a show that at its peak was pulling maybe five million viewers one of the biggest in history is some straight up FAKE NEWS. You have a small, cult-like following - own it.

Back to the sisters - Cody interjects to ask Rita for advice. Her question is essentially, “I’m awesomer than my sister in every way, how do I make sure everyone knows it?” Apparently, every compliment that Tash receives should really be going to Cody, because she’s that and better!

Did you know that Cody wanted to be a model first? Did you know that she moved out to New York City and had to sleep on friends’ couches for two weeks? And Tash came and joined her and never gave her CREDIT! She wants the validation!

This all comes off as pathetic to me. The judges couldn’t make it any more clear over the weeks that they prefer Cody to Tash, yet that’s still not good enough for Cody.

This is the face Rita makes while listening to Cody. Again, not a good actress, because she doesn’t seem to care. Rather than giving Cody advice, she tries to give it to Tash:

“For what it is she thinks that she’s done for you.” That’s basically Rita’s way of saying, “I’m not agreeing with what Cody’s saying right now, but could you just extend a fake apology to make her shut up?”

Tash says she has expressed gratitude but Cody never says thank you back for her joining her in modeling to form a twin act, which has been the only way they’ve booked modeling gigs in the first place.

It’s possible that Tash could have said it more nicely, but I think Tash is right that she’s been way more supportive than undermining.

Getting nowhere with the sisters, Rita decides it’s time to leave, without getting to chat with any of the other girls. India is not pleased that Tash and Cody monopolized the meeting with Rita with their petty bullshit.

All of the other girls agree. Courtney complains that she didn’t get a chance to complain to Rita personally. She doesn’t think it was the right forum for them to do that in the first place.

That’s one big difference between Rita and Tyra. Tyra would LOVE to hear about your drama with your sister. Plus she’d give you a quick hug and some cliche of “wisdom” that she would pretend magically fixed twenty years of family resentment.

As the girls discuss their contempt for the twins, the twins continue to fight in the bathroom. Man, they may love each other, but they really don’t like each other. In the early episodes, I kind of figured the tension between them was played up for dramatic effect, but no, Cody could very well push her sister off a tall building if the opportunity presented itself.

Later in the episode, Tash comments that it would be nice to have a third party listen to their respective sides of the story because that person could help them sort through stuff. It’s called therapy, Tash. And while Rita may portray herself as a jack of all trades, she is NOT a therapist, so find someone with a degree.

Meanwhile, Cody still hasn’t let it go. Cody says everyone thought she was the mean twin growing up, so now when people like her, she enjoys convincing people that Tash is the mean twin. Tash is understandably offended. There doesn’t need to be a mean twin, Cody. And if there is a mean twin, from the sound of it right now, it’s you.

I think Cody developed a very real complex as a child perceiving herself to be the lesser twin, but at some point, she’s got to drop the animosity and realize Tash is not there to sabotage her. If she doesn’t want to do the twin model thing anymore, cool, just don’t be surprised when no one’s knocking on your door to book your 27-year-old ass.

I don’t have much hope that Cody will ever get past her underlying anger for her sister, but with Tash going home this episode, at least we won’t have to see it play out again. Cross your fingers that Cody goes next!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11


A Spot Light on Those Imperfections - AbbyCatsUK

Now I am damned proud of make-up in these photos, especially when I initially considered I’d messed up my powder as well as my eyeshadow. Still things seemed to work themselves out and I do love my eyeliner here.

However, the reason for this post is to draw attention to my imperfections, namely my stubble, wrinkles and huge pores. I have really heavy beard shadow, which was even worse here as my skin was so irritated I didn’t want to do a super close shave.

I am 35 and while still relatively young, age brings with it wrinkles and those things are not going to go away. Finally my large pores, they are like open cast mines, huge things.

These don’t always show in my photos as I using lighting, camera angles, etc to hide them but in this case the lighting was harsh and just highlighted them. Normally I would not post these but as someone who gets a heck of a lot of praise for their look, I feel it’s important to make people aware things are not always perfect.

I’ve gone through a lot a of frustration watching YouTube tutorials, looking at others photos,etc all the time thinking why the hell can I not get the same look. Why do I always look rough compared to them. Over time and finding the odd close up and started to realise that these people were not perfect and they had flaws in their looks and make-up too.

We all have tendency to the internet and in the rest of our lives to put the best of ourselves out there but we’re all humans and humans are not perfectly engineered.

After all this my point is everyone has flaws, don’t believe yours are unique to you. People you admire may well have the same flaws as you, it’s just they hide them well and you are not aware of them. Once I was able to accept mine it was easier to develop my look much quicker than I had before.

I am not sure this is of any help to anyone, perhaps it’s just me wanting to explain how I feel about my own look. I just like to be honest about my own look and hope that honesty helps people realise they can achieve anything I have themselves.

Improvement not perfection :)