like i want to be a publisher

I just want everyone to know that if I ever say Christian media is bad,

1) I’m specifically complaining about the modern publishing category, so anything which predates that category or which was presented as belonging to a different category suitable for general audiences isn’t Real Christian Fiction. Narnia is not really a counter-example even if you like it, and LotR definitely isn’t

2) veggie tales is exempted from all of my criticism. I forget to say this because I always assume it’s obvious, but veggie tales is legitimately fun children’s entertainment that is equally engaging and equally appropriate for young children and for adults. it is not “good, for christian media”, it has transcended the normal limits of the category, and indeed the normal limits of children’s media in general, and become something legitimately beautiful. the vegetable children have done nothing wrong, ever, in their lives, do not slander them in my presence

3) adventures in odyssey is not exempted from all of my criticism, but my aunt and uncle refused to let their 12-year-old and 9-year-old sons listen to it because it was “too dark”, so apparently I have to go to bat for it and admit that it’s actually pretty well-written most of the time

4) 321 penguins isn’t that good, but the kids are not hallucinating. the penguins are aliens that occasionally take control of the penguin figurines. yes i will die on this hill

5) Bibleman was kind of artistically terrible, but it was funny and made on a budget that I am pretty sure consisted of $52 and a snowcone, so the early episodes get the same sort of pass that you give to star trek for its terribleness. the newer episodes where new!bibleman receives direct divine aid do not get a pass, those are actually genuinely terrible

6) Frank Peretti isn’t a counter-example. during any given rant about christian media there is like an 85% chance that I am at some point specifically complaining about something that happened in a Frank Peretti novel

7) “those are eggs? we thought those were ping-pong balls” seriously guys every episode of veggie tales was a cinematic masterpiece

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I'm the anon that was happy that you included switching- I understand that some people enjoy certain positions. I'm gay, so I understand. But that wasn't what I was getting at at all? I was saying that I'm happy that, for once, a webcomic featuring two males in a relationship doesn't assign them roles like "seme" and "uke" and other gross terms like that. I see it happen so often with queer relationships that it's frustrating haha. Wanted to clear things up.

gonna publish this as well of course!! i understand both of your views and i think you two (and i as well) are talking about the same issues here… which are, that there’s still many tropes / genres / views that won’t do real queer persons and relationships justice and they make us something we aren’t

Anonymous said:

Reading about this dilemma between the story or the characters made me think, can a writer published two versions of a story/novel? Like, one will have the ending the writer wants for the characters and the other one the story-driven.

It depends…

A traditional publisher is unlikely to publish a book like that unless they think it would be a huge sensation and would sell enough copies to make it worthwhile. In most cases, that wouldn’t be the case, so you wouldn’t be able to do it.

If you’re self-publishing, you can potentially do whatever you want. However, I think if you wanted to be sure the book sold well, you would probably want to find just the right way to do it. For example, you might do a condensed version of the story as a novella, or you might find some convention by which to do an alternate version of the story. In any case, it’s something you’d want to handle very particularly. Otherwise you could end up creating a lot of confusion for your readers. :)

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So it’s not narnia, and not the maze runner actually haha. But I kind of started a fanfic for Teen Wolf. It’s about Liam and Theo when they’re around 11/12 maybe 13/14 years old, based on this post.

I know that people mostly follow me for narnia and tmr (obviously) but would anyone be interested in reading it? Shall I publish the first part that I’ve written? (and also, keep in mind that Im not actually a writer haha im only now starting to get back to it, so even if people want me to publish it, it might take a couple of days since i want to polish it and make it a decent writing quality)

Im gonna tag some Thiam blogs that I follow (hope you’re okay with that): @thiamtrash, @thiam-lover@thiamismyanchor, @thiamfresh, @fuckyeahthiam

Please let me know what you think in the replies, message system or by asks! (or likes, I’ll just think of likes as approval haha)

Have a great day <333

Hi, everyone!

I know I didn’t post for a long time. I have new projects right now (like my PhD studies) and I can’t dedicate much time to this page. I don’t know if I will come back here some day but I have decided not to delete this tumblr because I love it and because I spent a lot of years here sharing art and talking with you guys (and playing lol haha).

I would like to keep it so that people continue to see its content, even if I don’t publish anything new. I didn’t want to go without giving any explanation and I hope you understand :)

Thanks for all,



Sé que no he publicado nada desde hace tiempo. Ahora mismo tengo otros proyectos en mi vida (como estudios de doctorado) y no puedo dedicarle mucho tiempo a esta página. No sé si volveré algún día pero he decidido no borrar este tumblr porque me encanta y porque pasé aquí muchos años publicando y reblogueando arte y hablando con vosotros.

Me gustaría mantenerlo para que la gente siga viendo su contenido, aunque no publique nada nuevo. No quería ir sin dar ninguna explicación y espero que lo entendáis :)

Gracias por todo,


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Hi!! Which German Publishing company do you like the most? (Tokyopop, Kaze, EMA etc. ) for me it's EMA because they are releasing so many BL that I really like 😊😊

I like them all for picking up many great mangaka recently, like Nekota Yonezou, Scarlet Beriko, Enzo, Ogeretsu Tanaka, etc but I hate them all for sucking at translating soundeffects. And some translations just suck in general. You can tell they do that as a job and not because they like yaoi. 
I buy them all because I want to support yaoi and the mangaka, but I rarely read them. I prefer the fan translations ^^


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I almost feel glad because that tweet has done it for me, the official twitter account wants to be ageist and disgusting like that? I'm out, doesn't matter when caryl happens they ruined it for me, we live in a world where a sexual predator is the president of the US and amc want to push a 40 year old man with a child, they can choke

This is what I was talking about earlier with a friend. It’s not a matter of Caryl happening or not to me. Caryl might happen tomorrow, they are still trash for allowing that. For allowing people to say that. For thinking is ok to publish that on their official account. AMC can choke.

wip tag

i got tagged by @heochannies aka a mini legend

rules: write the first sentence from your work in progress, then tag as many people as there are words.

( bitch i don’t know that many people……… )

also, i’m working on like……… over five things right now so…. here are the spoilers that may or may not change when they actually do get published.

  • ong suffered from crushing on you for another six months.
  • you’d lose looking at his eyes.
  • all daniel wanted to do was save you.
  • he isn’t worth your tears.

actually, that’s all i’m revealing because…. the rest are bullets and are longer first sentences. 

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After a long time of thinking what to answer to this anon’s ask, I haven’t come up with anything to say still. I’ll publish it so you’d see I haven’t gotten rid of it or forgotten it:
“you complain a lot about russians and that you don’t like when people on tumblr erasure your culture and still. latvia is one of the most intolerant country i know. i’m russian, my mom is russian, my grandparents are russians and my grandgrandparents were russians. but we’ve been living here, in Latgale since the beginning of times. my grandgrandfather’s horse’s name was saulīte. we love latvian culture and we want to be the part of this country. like, you complain about big country that was scary to all of us. my grandgrandfather was sent to the siberia. we all hate communists. and still, government acts like we’re occupants, even we’re living here forever. my latvian was c2 last time i passed exams. i love our traditions and our folklore. but having russian surname is too dangerous in this country. and here we’re. not russians. not latvians. we’re nothing. also, as a part of lgbt, latvia’s laws are fucking horrible. i feel like i’m grit, that wind can send anywhere.”

Anon raises many good points and facts about what is embedded in the average Latvian’s DNA:
1. We’re very intolerant (things that differ from an unspoken Latvian “norm”)
2. The government still acts like immigrants are occupants and do not want to discuss any LGBTQ+ rights
3. If you’re not Latvian in Latvia, you’re lesser in some people’s eyes

Although this is true, keep in mind that not all of us are like this. Sure, I’m not one to talk since I’m the one generalizing all the immigrants per se, but understand that these feelings - this fear and hatred - exists for a reason: centuries of Russian claims and wishes to control something that isn’t theirs. 
I’m not saying that our feelings are justified, that it’s justified to treat people like we do. What I mean is that these are consequences of things that have happened in the past. The past is what shapes us. We cannot and we will not forget, because this cannot be allowed to happen, not again, not to anyone.

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fuck purity politics honestly. i'm so sick of everyone acting like they're so fuckin' perfect and have never done anything wrong in their entire lives. you don't have to publish this, i just wanted to let u know this anon is also sick of this shit.

word up anon

I don’t know, I’m just past this stage in my life. one of my best and closest friends @landofsomethingsomething made a post that more or less mirrors my stance on things. I spent several years being really, really angry. being really strict and judgmental about things and all in all going through the patented Angry Gay™ phase in a way that a lot of people do. deliberately looking for things to get angry about. frequenting a subreddit that was specifically about bad things to get mad about to work out that trainwreck syndrome anger at the world that a lot of lgbt people don’t have an outlet for. 

but I grew out of that, and I’m honestly glad I did. 

I don’t have time or energy for that kind of sheer raw consuming anger anymore. I understand other people do. but I don’t. and I do wish people who aren’t always angry weren’t getting demands about why they aren’t, or accusations that if they aren’t it must mean that they support heinous, disgusting things. sometimes the people hyping purity politics make accusations (or their friends do, or whatever) claiming that the people who speak out about them must be using code to communicate they actually are huge supporters of pedophilia, or lesbian/gay erasure, or incest, or abuse, and, uh … if that’s what your mind jumps to I’m not gonna claim you’re the one thinking about it, but I am gonna think maybe you should like, take some time off. 

the world is big. it is vast and endless and I just wanna have some cool chill times in my corner of it with people I like the company of. the angry, lashing-out phase of my life was an important one for me to go through, but I’m very glad it’s over. I don’t want to make other people feel the way the mormon church did to me. I don’t want to impose purity measures and rules and thresholds on people who are, largely, just figuring themselves out.

I’m not arrogant enough to think people are going to come after me for this post. I have a pretty small amount of followers. I know I’m really niche, which is why this stuff happening to me in the first place puzzles me. but I 100% will not be a perpetuator of shame the way the church was to me. I don’t care if that shame is “justified” or not. I’m not going to do it. it destroyed me and made it so I went through a gay journey I should have had 10 years earlier throughout my twenties, in a way that hurt a lot of people I deeply cared for. I’m unwilling to put other people through that. I don’t really care about “straight fujoshi” or whatever. yeah, there’s probably some out there, but at the end of the day, probably several of them are teenagers who are going to realize they’re gay and feel ashamed of calling everything yaoi 5 years down the road. one or two of them are probably 20-somethings struggling like I was in my early 20s to pin down who I was, ashamed that I was having the struggle at all and taking shelter in the only things I had. and if most of them just go on being straight … eh.

I have always, always taken the view that I’d rather err on the side of caution and comfort than on the side of shaming somebody that turns out to be hurting. if I extend a bit of generosity to somebody who turns out to have been that much of a cishet fetishizing girl, oh well. if I come down hard and end up making somebody’s gay journey take longer as a result, I couldn’t live with myself.

but I’m not putting up with paradox of tolerance bullshit. I don’t want to put up with anybody else trying to shut down people figuring themselves out. that’s not where this stuff ends. it frustrates me endlessly, endlessly!, that so many current tumblr social mores and standards are tied up – whether people realize it or not – in purity language and behaviors that are straight out of the christian playbook. 

so I’m never going to do it. 

people can come at me and accuse me of being an incest supporter or whatever over this. I don’t care. like I said, I’m not arrogant enough to believe it’s going to happen.

but in any case.

they don’t know me. I know me.

  • rick riordan: *working to include LGBT+ characters in children books, educates himself on important issues and continues to add more diverse characters, starts a program to have POC tell and publish stories of different culture's mythology, fights to involve kids with learning disabilities in reading, tries his best to respect his fans and improve himself*
  • y'all: is reyna gay??
  • rick: i didn't explicitly write her to be gay, and i feel making her a lesbian after jason broke her heart would be encouraging a damaging stereotype, but you can interpret her however you want!!
  • y'all, crytyping: ohh my godd....he's sO meanie and homopphobic i ddont like it..ffuck him i h ate himm

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Hux has been in a loveless marriage with someone high up in the First Order since he was in his early 20s, it was purely political and arranged by his father. Hux meets his new co commander Kylo and eventually starts an affair with him

[Admiral NICOL, 03:07]: My Destroyer will be crossing paths with yours in two standard days. I’ll be coming on board to see you.

[General HUX, 03:08]: As you wish.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:08]: You will be ready for me.

[General HUX, 03:09]: Of course.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:11]: I expect your wedding band to have not left your finger since my last visit.

[General HUX, 03:12]: It has not.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:13]: Good. Have there been any major changes since my last visit?

“Who are you messaging?”

Hux is sitting back against the headboard of his grand bed, and looks up from his datapad and back down to where Kylo lies beside him, eyes blinking open slowly from his sleep.

“Nicol,” Hux answers with a sneer, reaching to brush Kylo’s hair from his eyes. “He’s coming to visit in a few days.”

Kylo groans. Underneath the covers, he slides his arm around Hux’s waist, leaning in closer to kiss Hux’s hip, pressing his open mouth against his pale skin and sucking gently.

“He can’t find out about us,” Hux says, eyes locked on the way Kylo’s lips look divine against his skin. “We’ll have to stay away from each other.”

“Can’t do that,” Kylo murmurs. “I have to be with you. You’re not his to command.”

It’s as though the golden ring around Hux’s finger tightens at Kylo’s taunting words. Hux looks down at it as Kylo shifts next to him, sitting up beside him.

“He’s my husband, Ren. I have to–”

Hux’s sentence melts away into Kylo’s mouth, consumed by his kiss, every one of his thoughts shifting away from his husband and to Kylo Ren; the one Hux wishes he was betrothed to.

“He’s not your husband, Hux,” Kylo says, shaking his head. “You see him once a year where he comes on board, has sex with you, threatens to contact your father about your lack of progress since his last visit, then leaves. A husband is supposed to kiss you good morning, bring you flowers, hug you when you’re down, hug you when you’re happy, fight anyone who brings harm to you, stay with you regardless of differences. So, forgive me for refusing to leave your side once that idiot is on board.”

Hux blinks, amazed and enamoured; feelings that have never once graced his heart in the years he’s been married to Admiral Nicol.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, reaching up to cup Kylo’s cheek. “You sound as though you’re plotting treason against my husband. ”

Kylo smiles, eyes locked with Hux’s, a sparkle in his dark eyes that Hux has never seen before. But he’s distracted suddenly by Kylo’s hand smoothing along his own, gliding up his fingers with the gentlest touch that Hux has ever felt. There’s a soft grip around his ring, pulling it away from him until it’s completely off and cast aside, tossed into the darkness that surrounds Hux’s bed.

Kylo says nothing, though neither does Hux. Instead, Hux picks up his data pad, finding his messaging application still open, Nicol’s question still unanswered. With a smirk on his lips, Hux begins typing.

[General HUX, 03:31]: Yes, sir. I’m afraid quite a lot has changed in your absence. But I’m sure we will discuss things upon your arrival to my ship. Let us hope that your journey is a safe one. Best wishes, dear husband, and long live the First Order.

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More tidbits pls? Gonna put your blog on notify. :D

haha sure! i mean, i’m just recalling snippets of things she said while she was sketching but

  • coach’s first name is richard and that is indeed why bitty’s middle name is richard
  • jack is loosely based off of sidney crosby in that ngozi wanted to see what it would be like if she ruined his life (sort of, see previous post)
  • bad bob is supposed to be wayne gretzky, basically
  • pretty much everyone on the team comes from some sort of privilege because let’s face it hockey is an expensive sport. even the bittles are distinctly not-poor because coach is a football coach in the south and that is a thing
  • ransom’s parents are super educated; i think at least his mother is a scientist
  • lardo is a first generation american; chowder is not. his parents met at samwell
  • shitty’s parents met at andover and immediately fell in love; shitty’s childhood was a push-pull of her, very liberal, wanting to make sure he grew up aware of his privilege and him, rich legacy, wanting shitty to uphold that legacy
  • zimmermann is spelled with two ‘n’s to make him distinct from george zimmerman
  • bitty was originally supposed to be a prep school kid from connecticut (laughing so hard because i am in fact from connecticut)
  • bitty grew less intense and jack grew more intense during the conception phase
  • there was a fascinating discussion about jack and kent’s names and nicknames: they each sort of have three tiers from casual to intimate (zimmermann - jack - zimms and kent - parse - kenny, i believe). when they usually talk they are in the middle at jack & parse. when they are pissed at each other it’s zimmermann & kent. when they are having more intimate conversation it’s zimms & kenny
  • from last livestream: bitty would be something like a jigglypuff if he were a pokemon. if he were a trainer he would totally have like a level 70 charmander he wouldn’t make evolve. jack would have something like a growlithe and also a gyarados and would probably legitimately think gyarados was cute. he’d think it was weird bitty didn’t have a charizard by now and his team would be mostly intimidating pokemon. (i may or may not have spent like 3 solid hours trying to make jack and bitty’s perfect teams from the original 150 because who has time for anything else now really)
  • parse is a slytherin
  • jack is not that good at photography and probably knows it, but he doesn’t care
  • bad bob’s friends actually call him ‘bobby’
  • holster and ransom have a fuck-ton of sisters between them lol
  • jack has a hard time letting anyone in and that includes shitty (i.e. there are things about him even shitty does not know)

but probably the best and most important piece of information is that, in the spirit of stanford’s tree, samwell’s mascot is a fucking dancing well. like the kind you draw water from. idk how canon ngozi actually intended that to be, but the sketch she drew was PRICELESS (and she said it’d go up somewhere)


Hello everybody !

It’s been a long time since I have not published any sketchbook pages. To begin, here are some drawings did last winter. It was a period during which I didn’t make a lot a sketches, but the current season makes me want to change that !

As summer resolution, I would like to write a bit in japanese as well. I’m not sure to have many japanese followers but I would like to try it in order to practice. Please, forgive me in advance for my beginner skill and don’t hesitate to correct me !



Lottie Tomlinson Is Launching A Book And The Name Is Just Perfect

She might have made her name as a One Direction little sister, but it’s her beauty flair and way with a make-up tool or two that her three-million-plus followers have stuck around for. Now, at just 19 years old, Lottie Tomlinson is releasing her first book, Rainbow Roots.

Initially taking inspiration from one of her most famous beauty looks, Rainbow Roots is a guide for those wanting to add to their make-up catalogue: whether that’s perfecting the basics or mastering more creative options. It’s friendly, fun and in it Lottie shares plenty of anecdotes about her beauty journey and where she’s aiming to go next.

Here, she gives us the low down, plus the first look:

How does it now feel to have a tangible product with your name on?

It feels really good to have a product that completely represents me and my style. Everything about it reflects me and my personality and I think it’s really cool that the publishers gave me so much free rein in order to achieve that.

What was the best part of creating the book?

I think the best part about it was seeing it come together for the first time, we worked on it for over a year so seeing so it was so exciting.

What was the biggest challenge?

I think the shoot was the hardest part, because we had so many looks we wanted to include in the book but after a while your face and eyes start to hurt and get sore, so that was tricky!

You’ve dedicated the book to your mum, was that an important decision for you?

It was really important for the book to be dedicated to my mum because she always believed that I was going to do well and have a great career even when I didn’t believe in myself. I wouldn’t be where I am without her, she was so excited about this book. I hope I’ve made her proud.

The book not only champions make-up artists, but others pursuing their dreams - how important is it to you to empower other young women?

It’s so important because I wouldn’t be where I am without people like Lou Teasdale, who supported me and empowered me when I was new and starting up, so I think it’s really important for me to try and do the same for others.

How involved were you with the way the book looks?

I was 100 per cent involved with the whole book. The publishers really gave me free rein with it so I came up with all the looks and decided exactly how I wanted it designed. There were so many times that I sent it back to be to changed. I really wanted it to be perfect.

What was the one look you knew just had to be in there?

I knew I needed to include some neon looks as I love all things neon, and I think it’s a big trend at the moment.

What did you find out about yourself during the making of the book?

I think I found out a lot about what suits my face because I did so many different looks. That’s why I think it is really important to experiment with your make-up so you can figure out what suits you best.

What do you think is a key look in the book that everyone should master for the season ahead?

I think one of the key looks I have included in the book is my perfect base. It’s great to master that as it will complement your final look.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I love Huda Beauty on Instagram so much, she’s created an amazing brand and supports so many make-up artists and influencers which I think is amazing. I met her not long ago and she’s lovely!

Whose make-up would you love to do?

It’s got to be one of the Kardashians! Who doesn’t want to do a Kardashian’s make-up?!

What message do you hope your readers take away from the book?

I hope they can read the book and realise there’s really no rules when it comes to make-up and beauty.

Reasons to Keep Writing

everyone starts small. just because you’re not big now, doesn’t mean you’ll never be. and if you’re just starting out, keep in mind those bigger blogs have been writing for much longer than you. building a following takes time. 

there will always be someone who enjoys your writing. every like, reblog, and comment is one person who enjoyed what you wrote and i can assure you they want more! and remember, not everyone remembers to leave evidence that they liked your writing or they might just be too nervous to interact with you. invisible fans exist, and you’ve got them.

going along with that last one, your writing has the potential to help others! you could write about a minority, or maybe you could publish a little something comforting at the exact time someone else needs it. and most of the time, when you affect someone like this they’ll tell you, whether it be through tags, or a private message or whatever. that’s an amazing feeling.

getting a compliment from someone becomes a sure-fire way to make your day better. nothing feels greater than seeing a comment from someone saying how much they love something you worked hard on. maybe write down these comments somewhere, so you can look at them when you’re feeling negative about your skills as a writer.  

writer’s block is not the end of your writing career. it sure feels like it sometimes, but everyone, even the popular writers you look up to, suffer from writer’s block. everyone puts out work they’re not 100% satisfied with sometimes, and that’s okay! when you get out of this slump, your writing will be better than ever before and you’ll enjoy it again. keep writing through a block so you can get there sooner.

These are the things I think about when I feel bad about my writing, so I hope they can help someone else too.

Random writer tip: I know it’s tempting to publish a chapter right when you finish writing it, but don’t. Try putting the finished draft aside for a few days (I aim between 3 and 6) and then read it with fresh eyes. Chances are you’ll find some things to tweak. This is also helpful when you feel like your draft is garbage and you just wanted to delete and start over.

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Everybody's been bashing JK for not including LGBT+ characters into her books but y'all do realize that around the time she published them everybody was so anti lgbt? Way more than people are now and she was going through a hard time finding a publisher already, and many people would have not bought her books for that. (Not saying what she did is right nor is this a proper justification, but go a little easy on her, she still sucks ass tho, she's done worse than just that)

people literally lined up for hours to be the first to get her books. you’d be right about philosopher’s stone but like… are you joking??? by the time the first movie came out she could’ve published whatever the fuck she wanted and nobody would give a shit. order of the phoenix could’ve been a 700 page book with just the words “harry took a year off” [typo and all] in 72pt comic sans on one page and everybody still would’ve bought the fucking shit out of it.

like i agree she sucks ass but like… she didnt publish them all at once in 1997, she published them over ten years, and in the twenty years since the first book came out she has revealed that one (1) character is gay, and has not mentioned it in the ten books, nine movies and one play she has had some kind of creative influence in.

i get the point ur making and id be inclined to agree but her books outsold the bible in some years, which just doesn’t happen