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Okay so funny story: I legit came out to my dad and he wouldent believe me and still thinks I'm straight and it makes me laugh so much because when I came out to my mom she was like "Sweetheart I already knew this." And yet my dad says he can "tell if someone is gay" or not. So its kinda like: Haha father youve been bamboozled by your own gay daughter

I’m shitting myself cause that’s the same thing I got w my mom

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Hey, I saw you posted about going to undergrad early and the Imposter Syndrome that ensued. As someone who's had to deal with Imposter Syndrome, what would you recommend for dealing with it and moving on?

 Hello!  Thank you for asking me this.  My answer won’t be universal, as everyone responds to and overcomes things like this differently.  However, I think overcoming Impostor Syndrome takes a combination of courage, self-love, and a leap of faith.

You have to believe that other people have the same fears and insecurities as you do, and you also have to believe that you, without pretense, are enough.  

In order to overcome my own impostor syndrome, I had to stop imposing the narrative of what I wanted myself and my life to be over what I actually was:  for me, the shift came about around the same time I switched my focus from biology (which made me miserable and I largely sucked at) to art.  My mom suggested I become an art professor, and I realized how much happier I immediately felt when I was looking at a prospective future I could actually enjoy.

I think this was one of the first moments I actually realized the joy that could come from being myself.  

This was the second semester of my sophomore year, around the same time that I came out to my friends as bisexual, began to redecorate my room and live a healthier lifestyle, and come out of my depression.  I think a large part of this coincided with overcoming the Impostor Syndrome that I’d struggled with before, as I was finally becoming comfortable in my own skin.    

So in closing, my advise to you in overcoming Impostor Syndrome is somewhat cliched, to the point where it may be a bit frustrating to hear it:  love yourself.  Once you’re comfortable with yourself, and cultivate pride in who you are, you won’t want to be anyone else.  

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but honestly @ anon….

and like… 

and um…

The way in which Jon and Sansa are related is not considered incest for the GoT world, and honestly… many cultures, countries, and states wouldn’t even prohibit the marriage in today’s day and age, even if such a thing would be considered uncommon.

I mean, I can understand why some people wouldn’t like it, because Jon and Sansa did grow up in the same household and spend the majority of their lives thinking they were half siblings. In my opinion, that just lends to a deep understanding, respect, and love for each other. 

If and when they both learn that they are actually cousins, and if and when a marriage forms from that to help solidify Jon’s position as King of the Seven Kingdoms and Sansa’s position as Queen of Winterfell, it would be perfectly acceptable, especially for the time period and the universe, and it would also be a very smart political move. 

Anyways, that was like a blast of righteous anger that no one asked for. I don’t even mix fandoms that often as I have 3 separate side blogs for all my different interests. Putting it on my main (and zut/ara) blog was purely for the spite. If anyone wants to send me more hate about Jonsa hit me up @awolfofwinterfell

All I really have to say is (@ anon)…. 

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Omg! I would kill to see your complete sunglasses collection, can you take a pic some day? if it's not a bother! You seem to have so many! I actually went trough eye surgery to get my eyes fixed so I could wear all sorts of sunglasses.

You know I’d actually thought of doing something like that! And now I totally have an excuse to do it!! haha Thank you!!

My mom did the same thing, she also had eye surgery to be able to wear sunglasses. I think she sees it as one of the best decisions she’s ever made. :)

I do have a lot of sunglasses. I haven’t counted them in a few years but I’m guessing I’m up to about 100 pairs now. Though it’s only about 30 of those I actively wear in everyday life.

These are the pairs I have with me at the moment (there’s also a pair of black rayban-ish ones but my brother borrowed those)
SH shippers are the most disgusting people on the planet.
And, honestly, unless you: - Don’t read fanfiction about them - Don’t think them liking each other’s pictures is bread crumbs - Don’t think them being online at the same time means anything - Don’t support you know who - Don’t harass them in any way - Don’t think Lili is perfect - THINK IT’S POSSIBLE YOU MIGHT BE WRONG - Understand that PR stunts ARE A REAL THING AND REALLY HURT PEOPLE - Don’t hate KJ because like every human being, he made a mistake THIS APPLIES TO YOU (let me know if I missed anything and I’ll add it)

Well someone needs her meds stat….

       SH shippers are the most disgusting people on the planet.                                              

Was it something specific or just us generally holding a differing opinion/AKA a day that ends in “y”? (also, do note, she feels it’s cool to attack us for that).   

Oh and love you too, boo…                

And, honestly, unless you:

- Don’t read fanfiction about them

I actually don’t

- Don’t think them liking each other’s pictures is bread crumbs

That’s the least of it dude, but nice try at minimizing things….

- Don’t think them being online at the same time means anything

Except it does because it’s consistent and reflects a distinct pattern

- Don’t support you know who

I’m guessing MOI??? (BTW, that IS bullying)

- Don’t harass them in any way

I have never, EVER harassed them in any way. Nor has anyone in the SH family on tumblr. You do though. And GheyJ.

- Don’t think Lili is perfect

I don’t think she’s perfect, but I do like her. Also, NOW we’re at the real issue, your mouth foaming, raging jealousy, YaoiHag


Well, anything’s possible, but I don’t think it’s possible Cornholio is a thing….Also, again, wouldn’t that apply to you?


Understand that it’s all completely something she fabricated based on a TV show and only “hurts” her….also “stunts”???

- Don’t hate KJ because like every human being, he made a mistake

He makes many mistakes and acts like an ass consistently, while failing to ever take responsibility. Also I don’t “hate” him, I don’t know him. I just think he’s a dimwitted jerk and a bad actor. Which I’m perfectly entitled to do.


Ohhhhh…..I is a-scared!!! OMG!!!

Notice how we’ve been informed expressly how we are to act AND think, per her edicts—or we’ll?? Continue to have her disapproval??? Oh the HUMANITY!! Oh the PR!!!

(if anyone knows what specifically triggered this, please tell me!)

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I saw the fan participation post and I'd love to join! Though I'm still a bit new to the game and I'm hoping to know more about it before actually joining. (To add: it looks really neat so far!)

Thank you, glad you think so :) 

This is a sequel to Jacksepticeye’s Paradox , that Jack played back in 2015. It follows that same universe, and some of the old characters (Hologram Billy, mainly) along with new characters. 

Jack finds himself visiting a weird convention, and things go downhill for him from there. Like with Paradox, this game parodies how YouTube’s algorithm glitches affect videos, youtubers, and channels. 

  • This is a comedy game, but there are a lot of horror elements.
  • Playtime is undetermined, but it’ll likely last over 5-6 hours.
  • This game focuses on parodying other games Jack has played
  • there are multiple endings. 


  • This entire game is being made by one person only.  
  • Ideally, I want to include around 100 fans throughout the entire game. 
  • All of this game’s art is hand drawn pixel art made for this game only, and all sound effects are custom, too. 
  • There’s a chance that there will be an original soundtrack for this, but that’s up in the air still. This can only be played on Windows computers. 

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misconception: Zenyatta is somehow sheltered or innocent because of his background.

…I envy the extreme privilege anyone who thinks this way about me must possess. I was brought online within five years of the original Omnic Crisis. If you think King’s Row is bad now, if you think Dorado is bad now, imagine what these places were like when I was new. Numbani, as we know it now, did not exist.


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i think the worst thing about going to a predominantly white (upper class) school is that they think they can use the N-word (hard r and everything) in like regular conversations in front of poc and IT MAKES ME CRINGE AND IT MAKES THEM CRINGE AND EVERYONE JUST HAS TO DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THAT SCHOOL IS WHITE AND IGNORANT!!!! 

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Sometimes i dont feel like im real? I feel like everything is happening, but not to me, like im not there and i dont really remember it, i just think of it like its someone elses memories. Its like everything is a movie and im seeing everything in a first person point of view but its not me. I see these possible futures and i dont actually see myself doing any of it, i just see that its a path that could happen to somebody, and the fact it could be me doesnt process in my brain??? Help me

hey anon! i’ve also experienced the same thing and it’s a state called disassociation which can be linked to anxiety and/or depression. for me it comes and goes but it’s pretty mild. i know it’s not really helpful, but maybe it can be a start if you want to do some research.

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hi there do you think kaiko is the leader of v or is someone else if someone else could it be dragon since it seems he is an allay to furuta and nobody knows who dragon is ccg,clowns, etc maybe dragon comes from v as we really only know the control this world like a bird in a cage

We just don’t know!

If you’re asking what I personally think, I think Furuta in the same way that he’s now acting as the de facto leader of the clowns even though Roma is the one who started it, and Donato literally wears a clown mask with crowns on it, that Furuta might be the one currently acting as the de facto head of V, even though he doesn’t really own or have a right to that formal position. It might be that just like the clowns, V is cooperating with Furuta because they believe it to be temporarily in their best interest. 

Furuta himself even downplays his own role in these things and says he’s merely making use of the strength that the Washuu family possessed all along. 

Furuta tells us in 101 that V is made up of entirely the Washuu family, and the various branch families. 

We don’t know if that’s true per se because Kaiko makes it out like the Washuu are a separate entity from V that can be removed. THere are various theories on this, including that V will sometimes accept other ghouls and half ghouls into their “family” such as they did with Shao who is not even the same nationality as the Washuu, or Kuzen who was born outside of the Washuu family and employed by them. One other possible explanation as to why V believed they had a right to Kuzen’s child and punished him when he had one on his own with a human, was if V not only creates their own half ghoul experiments, but also collects any half ghouls which happen to be born naturally in the world and adopts them into the various branch families. The three Garden children we do know also implies that the branch families were more varied than Furuta made them out to be, as Yusa Arima seems to be a distant cousin of and not even from the same family as Kishou Arima, the same with Ihei Shio, and Ihei Hairu.

It’s possible that Kaiko here is talking about the main Washuu bloodline, which would be Tsuneyoshi -> Yoshitoki -> Matsuri, and he considers the branch families which themselves carry different names (Arima, Souta, Ihei) to be a separate entity. 

There’s also the fact that V seemed to survive Furuta’s Washuu purge, so they might have been a distinct enough entity to not even be serving in the main Washuu compound.

V operating alone in Saved from the Web, 112, seem to imply that they are at least getting advice from Furuta. As they say that Furuta was smarter than he looks, when talking about the intel they received on Ken Kaneki. Which implies the source might have been Furuta. 

V, the special investigators in black are referred to as Furuta’s lackeys by Kaneki when they show up to suppress him at the White Suit’s battle.

Also, Matsuri says that Kaiko’s showing up to exterminate him was most likely done under Furuta’s orders as well.

It’s likely that Kaiko is just a name assigned to one of the many rank and file V special investigators, that are referred to as grown up garden children. Considering his design is almost undistinguished from the rest of them, all of them looking dead eyed and zombiesh, he might just be a stand to give characterization to some of them. I doubt he holds any special backstory or motivations that would make him an actual antagonist on his own rather than a face for the rank and file members of V. 

He’s shown ordering both Arima and Furuta around in the past, as well as Kuzen, but all of these orders seem to have been handed down to him from above before this point. 

I think the official leaders were the Washuu. When they were dethroned, Furuta is acting as the de facto leader, but otherwise V itself seems to be self propagating. It’s made up of so many members that really have no other choice or lifestyle options since they all seem to be half ghouls living one quarter lives, that they just keep on doing what they did before.

I think after Furuta passes, rather than somebody else stepping up as a leader of V or even Kaiko being given an kind of personal motivation, it might be the system itself that just continues to proliferate until somebody rises up to stop it.

That’s not really a specific answer I know, but whoever is going to step up as the main antagonist after Furuta dies has been a question plagueing me for a long time. Especially since I myself, insist quite often that Furuta is not meant to be the final antagonist of Tokyo Ghoul.  

things i’ve learned that i hate from online dating

  • men who think “making references” is a sign of intelligence. i’ve had more than one person message me to be like, “ah, you say you’re boring but you are wearing triforce earrings ;-)” as if the fact that i play the fourth most popular game franchise nintendo has to offer makes me superior to, like, anyone. and we could like all the same movies and games and i could still not get along with you. i don’t care what games you play. i care about your character and what you bring to my life. you could only play tiddlywinks for all i care. my parents didn’t fall in love because they had both heard of steve martin. when i make it clear that “you know of a game i know of ;-)” isn’t, like, flattering to me, they assume i don’t actually know what the triforce signifies. here’s the thing: i don’t care.
  • colorado. i already knew i hated this. but let me tell you about fucking colorado. nine out of ten of the folks in colorado have a dog. not just a dog, a medium-sized dog. either of husky origins or part lab. nine out of ten of them have a picture of them skiing or snowboarding on their profile. nine out of ten of them mention hiking on their profile. nine out of ten of them say they love “adventure.” eight out of ten of them love craft beer. seven out of ten of them mention or feature shooting or weed. 99% of them are wearing performance fleece in at least one picture. the remaining 1% have just one photo and it’s a bathroom selfie and they’re pouting in it and their profile says “just message me let’s talk.” and 99% of them say “colorado native,” and some of them say something like, “i know it’s rare.” these men all think they’re one of very few folks who say colorado native, and they’re surprised and disappointed when i disabuse them of this notion - a thing i do if they ask me about it, because i’m a grouch and the sooner they find that out the better.
  • pickup lines and puns. i never used to have an opinion on this one way or another, but so many of these folks have a goofy joke that they copy and paste as an icebreaker. and i’m, like, not interested in somebody that uncreative lmao. i don’t think it’s funny or cute. initially i just saw it as something that had incidentally happened, but now it’s just an annoyance. some of them are so unbelievably dim that if i don’t follow their scripts they’re completely lost, like, “haha?” and others will get smug and angry about it, like, “oh, and she doesn’t get the joke ;-)” listen bub. i got your joke because i’m a human person. you’re just not funny. go date the chick from fifty first dates.
  • men. men. but i actually haven’t encountered a single woman who doesn’t mention 420 or explicitly rule out serious relationships in their profile. literally not one. so.
  • negging. one dude messaged me to say he really liked my profile. before i had a chance to respond he said it was “creepy” that i had put up a picture of my cat sleeping. ??????????????????????????????? i think your horseface is creepy! but i didn’t mention it because it’d be rude! asshole! the fuck??
  • guns. knew that already too. please continue putting pictures of yourselves shooting, it lets me rule you out so much sooner. goddamn shootaboos. stg it’s like having a nine-year-old around only their nerf gun has the capability to cause serious damage. you’re all garbage babies. grow up.
  • and more.

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What's the difference between bi and pansexual? Like, I've looked it up but I feel like they are the same thing? What do you think?

I answered this a couple of days ago haha!

Ultimately it comes down to what someone prefers to identify as, BUT the general idea is:

Bisexual - attraction to two or more genders (maybe not to the same extent and maybe not to all genders, etc)

Pansexual - attraction regardless of gender (aka gender has nothing to do with your attraction, gender doesn’t influence attraction at all)

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"Why...? Why do you do this to people??" with Adrien and Chloe?

“Why?” Adrien asked, shaking his head. “Why do you do this to people?”

“He loves it,” Chloe scoffed, waving a hand.

“Actually I think he really, really doesn’t, Chlo.”

“Well, he’s paid to act like he loves it and that’s almost the same thing.”

Adrien chuckled. “I guess it really isn’t hurting anything.”

“That’s the spirit,” Chloe grinned. She sat up and snapped her fingers. “Pierre, I was distracted. Go back and do the walk again. And I really want to see you work it this time.”

The butler nodded and took his sequin-covered self back to the other side of the room to begin his catwalk once more, feather boa floating behind him in his wake. 

“See? Isn’t this nice not being the model for once. You should really thank me.”

He shook his head with a smile and reached over to squeeze her hand. “Thanks, Chloe.”

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Why exactly is it that INTPs feel the need to know "is it normal?" like.. Not everyone is the same. There are things that usually fall true to the majority of people but obviously not anyone. On the other side, I understand the need to for into the majority and know that there are others just like you. But why do we need that?

Because INTPs need knowledge. Isn’t the desire to know things a huge part of the INTP drive?

Also, I think we’re so used to being different that we kind of want a bit of community. We ask if a thing is normal, looking to find others who do what we do, because we don’t know anyone else who does. Humans need companionship. And even if we’re really silly about it and ask silly questions about what normal things are, we still need it. It’s something in us that wants to connect.

And yet, by asking what is normal, we also keep ourselves distanced from others. That question is a bit double-edged, I guess.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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So I'm rewatching MLB and I totally see Chile in a new light and I just want her to be happy because now I see that she is clearly not happy with what she has now and I think it's because her dad kinda usues her the same way Gab uses Adrien but with slightly more affection. Idk I just think she deserves so much more than what she has and I just want her to be happy

yeah, characters like chloe always have a story and always have a reason for the things they do. i think the whole “absent mother + father that spoils/idolizes her” combo that chloe has going on contributes a lot to how she acts and how she treats other people. and it’s sad in a way because very few people are cruel for no reason. so i always think about how chloe could’ve arrived at the place she’s at in the show. 

that’s why the idea of her getting a miraculous excites me so much. it means that we may possibly be getting some information about her character, her backstory, and hopefully see a character arc from her that will hopefully pave the way for her to redeem herself.

and you’re so right, she’s such a young girl. she deserves to be happy and i also want so many good things for her <3

note to self

I miss him sometimes. a lot of the time. but I just think about how things will never be the same. I think about the good all the time but I can’t forget the not so good times. I still feel them. Like I still feel how I felt during those moments. I feel it in my chest. Things will never be the same but if we were to ever cross paths again I wouldn’t want them to be the same I would want them to be better. I forgive but I can’t forget. So I’m just focusing on me. focusing on moving forward. focusing on my goals and my aspirations my self love and happiness. time heals everything so they say. so just taking it day by day and trying to be present. if you’re dealing with a breakup or trying to move on after being in love and being hurt then just know that you’ll be okay and that youre going to get through it. you’ll find love again. you’ll feel whole again. One day it won’t impact you the way it does now. and you’ll see the person you were in love with with someone else and it won’t hurt as bad because your happiness won’t lie there and your pain won’t stem from there anymore. so stay strong you got it.

Love yourself .

I just randomly started thinking about who’d take on the responsibility to teach Jisung how to shave and Im just … like the kid’s been in SM since he was 11 and the other guys are practically raising him?? and just Mark or Johnny or Jaehyun or any of the hyungs trying to teach him how to shave??? and then helping him clean up the nicks and telling him its gonna sting a little but itll be okay and the same goes for the other dreamies?? Just the hyungs guiding the dreamies as they grow up is such a wonderful cute thing and just imagine what Taeyong and Doyoungs reactions are gonna be when Jisung graduates from high school cause this is literally the kid that Taeyong pulled into his lap to sit and suddenly he’s all grown up right in front of his eyes?? and hyung line’s fond exasperation when Jisung gets into his rebellious teenager phase like the kid is already teasing Jeno cause of his growth spurt and its only the beginning and just I cant wait to see the dreamies personal growth as both people and artists

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itaat to have to do something else with the tv? like if im alone i cant stand to just sit there and watch tv, i have to be eating or checking my phone or cleaning something up in the same room or stimming. but if im with someone else im totally fine and i can watch two or three one-hour episodes only pausing occasionally to go do something and i dont even think to do other stuff.

As far as I’m aware, this is more of an ADHD thing as it relates to being able to pay attention to something.