like i think someone will find it rude

i love how even though newt is an outsider and considers humans The Absolute Worst and prefers and loves his creatures a lot more, he was never mean??? even when tina turned him in and got his creatures taken, he didn’t hold that against her, and when graves was interrogating him he didn’t say anything rude or disrespectful and i think it’s really important that he feels that even if he doesn’t like someone they deserve basic respect and kindness because it’s something he wasn’t really granted

I feel like I’m the only Jewish person who finds it insulting that people compare trump to hitler.
Trump did not kill 6 million people of my heritage. In fact, Trump has a Jewish daughter whom he loves and supports.
Trump may be a crass idiot but he most certainly isn’t anything close to hitler, and to water down what hitler did down to the loudmouthed rudeness of Trumps racist comments is borderline despicable. You are taking someone like hitler and belittling the holocaust in its entirety because Donald trump said he thinks that Mexicans and Muslims are dangerous. You are comparing your fears of a man who’s threat to your freedom is little to nothing, to the fears of Jews in nazi Germany.
FUCK you.

of all the autistic things alec does one of my favorites is when he’s rude without meaning to because i do that so often

like he’s mostly a nice person?? he doesn’t go out of his way to be an ass, he doesn’t do it to be cruel, but he truly lacks some social skills and so many of the things he says and does come across as super insensitive but when someone points them out he’s like ??? what did i do wrong

he keeps snapping at people especially when he’s stressed and he calls clary ‘this girl’ right in front of her and clearly has no idea how hurtful he’s being

and in 1x05 when they’re in clary’s bedroom and find the loose floorboard he’s just like ‘move’ and simon’s kinda, ‘you could have at least said thank you’ but i don’t think alec even realizes he’s being rude… it just seems like the most simple and straightforward way to act at the moment because communication is difficult and he just wants to get to the floorboard

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Why do you think instead of a shadow appearing behind Amami (from the V3 Trailer) he became the shadow instead? Also from what I noticed he also blinked, the others didn't do that..

I can’t seem to find that trailer?? Can someone link it to me?

EDIT: Upon watching, it definitely means something.. I know a little more about Amami’s background due to the leaks, but completely spoiling the game like that would be rude.. 

Imagine the shadow being a metaphor for suspicion. Whereas the others have suspicion, he becomes suspicion

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Hello! I'm curious you hc Credence as being a panromantic ace? It seems like you do and tbh that seems like an amazing headcannon. Although do you think maybe he'd be demiro as a result of the abuse and stuff? So he only finds ppl that he really trusts/ formed a genuine bond with attractive? (Sorry idk too much about demisexuality so I hope I'm not being rude)

demiromantic would mean he only feels romantically attracted to someone after getting to know them well and feeling emotionally connected with them!! demisexual, however, is being sexually attracted to them after forming a genuine emotional bond. however, i think either view would be totally valid!! i think he would definitely have some trust issues, but for me, personally, this wouldn’t effect his ability for romantic attraction (because like it never affected mine, so this is based on my own personal experience). but if you think it would, that’s totally valid too!! everyone reacts to abuse differently. so if it helps you to think of him that way, that’s totally valid too, babe :-)

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like it's so rude of this person telling you that. you have a unique art style and even before i was on tumblr, i was aware of you and i really think you deserve it. i think every artist deserve fame and i think having an unrealistic art style is as good as having a realistic art style. mine is a mixture of the two and finding the good one for you takes time. bashing on someone's fame for something they took time with is very mean (?) i really don't know if there's a word for that, seriously

Yes it was kinda rude and not only for me but for any artists with a similar style. Like if someone work hard on smt they deserve recognation. So I hope thay understood that you can’t say this type of things for anyone. And thank you a lot!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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you're so nice to everyone omg! and if this isn't a bother, did you buy your kanken on your own? I want one, but i don't have a job and I'm not sure how to convince my parents

Hello! I always think what is the point of being a ruder replier? I wouldn’t want someone to have asked me a question and then my reply come across as rude or uninterested. I’m so grateful for my followers and find it so cool, and a little crazy, that people take the time out of their own days to send me a message or ask me a question for advice, so I always like to treat them kindly and respectfully. It’s how everyone should be right!? But anyway! My parents bought it for me, yes. I don’t have a job either (need to apply somewhere to be honest!). Whilst they are expensive, I do think they’re fantastic backpacks and I am so happy I have one. It is super sturdy, loads of space, comfortable and really good quality material. It is something that is going to last you a long time! I’ve had mine for pretty much a year now and still love it. It is pretty much as good as new. I also think because of its simple design/look, it isn’t something that will either be “unfashionable” or something you’d end up disliking if your style changes. You know like you’ll buy something and then maybe in 6 months time you’re like “my god why did I get that, it’s awful?!”. I think if you can show how grateful you’d be if they bought it, maybe they’d be more willing. I always test my need for something by not buying it instantly, seeing if I keep going back to it. If I don’t, then I know I didn’t need it but if I keep thinking about it then I generally am so pleased to get it! I am sure many people can vouch for how grate the Kankens are so it isn’t like you’re buying something without hearing proper reviews. Keep checking for sales and offers too! Hope you end up getting one! :-)

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panda and ice bear reacting to grizz dating nom nom? (not sure if you've done this yet, thanks in advance!)

o dear, i dont think this answer will be in the nicest of answers. i’ll try tho haha


“You’re dating our arch nemesis you loon!”

He’s not pleased. Nom Nom has been nothing but a dingle to himself and Ice Bear, even Grizz! How could Grizz forget something like that? Nom Nom is rude, bossy, spazzy, completely selfish, thinks only of himself, and has the equivalency of a dingle. How could his older brother fall for someone like him?

However, Panda can’t help but feel a little happy for Grizz finding at least somebody. Yes, that somebody is someone evil inside of an adorable koala, but it’s still someone. He may not like the koala very much, but it’s Grizz’s decision. (Despite how much he hates it like holy fuc-) 

Besides, watching how happy Grizz looks when he talks about the koala, or how in love they are together, he can’t help but feel happy for the two; and not to mention a little guilty. It’s a perfectly balanced relationship, and here is the panda, stomping on it. The koala may have tried to kill him and Grizz, but he knows that somewhere, he has a good heart. 

…Maybe a spec, but hey, it’s still something.

Ice Bear:

“Ice Bear believes you are joking.”

At first, he doesn’t believe his older brother, but from his happy expression, he’s angry.

How could someone like his brother, who is kind hearted, fall in love with a koala who wanted Grizz and Panda dead? All for his own gain? It makes no sense. All in all, he doesn’t approve of the relationship at all, despite of how happy Grizz is. The koala is a selfish dingle who wanted nothing from the bears other than in his gain in some way, only to throw them out like garbage. How could you date someone like that?

Sighing, Ice Bear knew Grizz would date Nom Nom despite his opinion, so he’d let it be. Yes, he may give the two dirty looks, and threaten the koala when no one is looking, but he is trying to be a good brother. He’s learning though, he really is trying to respect the relationship, but can’t find it in him to. 

The koala is an evil bastard! How could anyone date him?!

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I just read the 5 things adults unlearn about disability article you just linked and I want to know your opinion on something if that's okay. One of the things mentions kids shouting things like "That guy has no arm!" and parents telling them not to do that and that action making kids think disabilities are shameful. What do you think parents should tell their kids instead? (Because I always just saw it as being rude to shout about people in general whether it be about disabilities or not)

Wait wait wait, I actually have a whole post on that because someone else asked the long time ago. Let me find it…


This blog is an unhelpful mess, I’ll get a new layout and make a list of articles like this

If you are anybody else has ideas for different posts like this that you would like me to do, let me know. Having a written no answer for people to be able to just send their friends instead of explaining things always works the best so I’m happy to do it.

Hello guys, I want to say is that it happens somewhere before Luna finished her work. It’s kind of AU-ish, but I was terribly desperate and never enough lutteo fanfics so

Here I am

Have fun, don’t hate. 


When Luna Valente thinks about it she finds it weird. Really weird, strange and suspicious that he is always there, somewhere in the background, when she is taking to someone. Or maybe she just started noticing it now, just like she is focusing her mind on his person. Not that he follows her, she doesn’t believe it, yet she catches him with her eyes everywhere. Weird, right? You know, why would she do that?


Ambar is talking some really rude things, something about Luna watching her own business and staying away from Ambar and Matteo. It isn’t anything new, so Luna is just standing there. She feels the eyes of Ambar and Jazmin on her body and she decides to look everywhere, but not on the girls. Then she sees him.

He is leaning against the wall with a book in his hand with long legs crossed, dressed in his almost tight school uniform. She sees white, buttoned up shirt, tie in Blake South Collage’s color, his second hand is in the pocket of well-fitted dark jacket.

Luna almost sighs at the sight. Perfect student. He looks so concentrated with a little frown on his face. What is in that book? What a cute frown.

What the hell, Luna?

“Lunita, are you even listening?” Ambar speaks too loud for Luna’s opinion.

“Uh, yeah?” Brunette wakes up. Cool, you made yourself sound denser than you actually are, great job. 

“You weren’t, were you?” Jazmin asks her, making the blonde even angrier. But before Luna can open her mouth, Ambar attacks. 

“I will not forget about it, we will finish this conversation later, Lunita. You should be careful.” She flips her hair turning away and going to class.



Luna and Nina are in the Jam&Roller and they are doing physics homework. It is nice, hot day, the place is quiet, only a few people around them, so the girls can focus on work. Nina is explaining some strange gravity thing and Luna keeps her eyes and ears on her, listening really cautiously until she hears a laugh. Very warm laugh. So she looks there, because come on, why wouldn’t she?

And there he is, talking to Gastón. It must be a really funny joke. He looks so joyful, so himself, with that charming smile and shining eyes. Matteo seems really relaxed and she relaxes too. Seeing him this happy makes her happy, but she doesn’t know why, like, he is just her friend, right?

She looks at him and wonders, why can’t he be like this with her? Why does he always tease her?

Suddenly she can’t see him. White paper blocks the view.

“Luna, are you there?” Nina asks looking very concerned. 

“Yes, yes, I’m here. Sorry, girl, could you repeat?” They share a smile. 

“Actually, I think it’s time for a short break.”


She is on the rink with Simón. They are talking about new Rollerband’s song, about the lyrics and maybe they will make a video. She is so happy that he is fulfilling his dream, that he is full of passion and life. Luna looks at him and smiles.

It is her working time, so she checks the rink and oh he’s there.

Matteo and Ramiro are showing themselves new steps in the farthest corner. The second one accidently slips, but when she thinks he is going to fall, he steadies himself with the sigh of relief. Matteo laughs at him, telling something.


He looks just like king of the rink should look.

In nice, lavender shirt with rolled sleeves and first three buttons undone and black skinny jeans. With untidy, disheveled hair, maybe after his amazing jumps or tricks.

Matteo suddenly looks at her and the world stops when he smiles. So she smiles back. He rises one eyebrow, but then he winks and oh god he is so…

“Luna, do you like this idea?” Her friend asks. 

“Yes, he is perfect.” She says almost dreamy. 

“What? Who?”

“No, no… I’m perfect… I mean… I’m okay.” Luna stutters. 

“Yeah, right, I have to go. We have meeting with some producer. Wish me luck!” Simón says and leaves her.

Luna covers her face with her hands.

She will die soon.


The situation is at least impossible and Luna Valente have never thought this could happen. She and Matteo, yeah, Matteo Balsano are working about her project in her room. On. Her. Bed. Surrounded by books. Her parents let them study there, but the door must be slightly opened just in case.

Yeah, like something would ever happen.

Matteo is explaining her the difference between planet and planetoid. It amazes her how smart he is, so she is drinking every word she hears, not that she would ever admit it to him. After research she already knows that planetoid is just an asteroid, yet she wants to listen him a little more.

He is focused on the topic, so his voice is calm, quiet and a bit rough and he isn’t making any fun of her. It is so rare to talk to him like that, she finds this moment incredibly intense, when no one is going to interrupt them anything could happen.

“What’s in your mind, chica delivery? He suddenly asks. 

“It’s nothing” She blushes. Oh God, he’s going to know it immediately.

“Oh, come on, I know I am.”

“You are so full of yourself, Matteíto.” Her laugh isn’t that loud. She thinks it would destroy the moment.

“Your head is full of me.” He smiles. “Focus, Luna, it is really important. Nina told me today you weren’t listening her, so let’s just do it now, okay?” It was your fault, stop telling me to focus on you, because it will end badly. 

“Okay.” She only pouted.

“So, come here, you need to see this in book.”

And he starts talking again. Luna hears a few words but then the picture in the book is so nice, and colors are really screaming for attention. No, focus.

It is so hard to study with Matteo. Why she agreed to do this? She is aware of everything. She feels how their knees are touching, because he sits with one leg on the bed and the second on the floor, and she chose cross-legged sitting. His voice isn’t steady anymore, there is something heavy in the room now. His arm meets her arm and she can’t do it anymore.

Luna moves her eyes from the book in front of them to Matteo’s face and she feels like she sees him for the first time. Why she wasn’t paying attention to him earlier?

His face is close. Very close. Too close.

All shades of brown mixing together in his irises, these long eyelashes, these three little freckles on his nose. He seems engaged to the text in the book, however spark in his eyes tells otherwise. Maybe he is saying something important, yet Luna can’t hear anything. She is looking at his lips now, his pale lips, moving with every word.

Luna knows they are as soft as it looks, but she wants to check again. Like, maybe it will be different?

He bites his lower lip. She is done now. She is sure he’s doing it purposely.

He must know about her staring, because he turns to her and smiles. With a bad, arrogant smile.

She closes her eyes. Wake up, Luna. Wake up now.

But it is too late now. She feels fingers on her waist and strong, warm lips over her mouth. She places her hand on his neck to move him closer and kisses back. He growls slightly at that move, making her smile.

This is the moment when Luna wonders if Matteo can wake her up from her thoughts like this every time.

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mike: you know we need to get a new name for you. we can't both be named mike that would confuse people and i would feel rude to just put p2 in you name. hmm how about wike? p2!mike: i feel like people will just make viking jokes about me. mike: how about pike? p2!mike: the i just sound like i'm going to impale someone and i don't want to do that. mike: tike? p2!mike: people are going to call me mike tyson. wait are you trying to find pun names for me? mike: *sweats* noo why would you think that

Mike, no! No puns for the flip version~!

How come when a guy finds out I like something like comics or video games or programming i get quizzed on how much I know. I get interrogated on the topic. And if I get one thing wrong I am a fake. And then I get teased for trying to get guys attention. I cant even walk into a store that sells table top games without someone thinking im lost. Like what the fuck no. I don’t mean to be rude. But no one it trying to impress your bitter ass. Get off your high horse, take a damn shower, and shut the fuck up.

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Hi! I hope this isn't rude to ask, but on a photo of a rainbow you mentioned a "firmament dome" , I was curious if you could suggest any sources? I'd like to know more

Definitely not rude at all. I don’t think I’ll be able to find the video I watched were a speaker touched on it but here is a short video with someone speaking there thoughts on it. There are a lot more if you have the time but a lot kinda day the same but for me I like to get as many people’s perspectives so I spend a lot of time binge watching subjects. Now this is my opinion but after learning more about how the Freemasons/Illuminati work they like to show us clues about things they know about reality and us scrubs are too stupid to see with or own eyes and so I find it weird the rainbows image was used a lot for logos and media even before the LGBT community took it as there own. Also, here is Wiki on the firmament After diving into the flat earth subject I don’t really trust science much especially after learning most are Freemasons that put forth most of theories regarding where we live, space, and gravity. I may get a lot of flak being more open about this subject because unfortunately it’s become another subject war with many others so it’s hard to actually discuss this information. Sorry this was so long but it makes me glad you are interested. Do your own research because that’s what you have to do these days. Also if you have an open mind start looking into the flat earth because it’s not as crazy as it seems but be careful because after it went mainstream there have been people actively putting out disinformation to muddle the waters do it’s harder for people to see a clear picture. For me that’s another red flag because why would they worry about this conspiracy out of all the others to spend time making sure people think its fake, mentioning it in presidential speeches, and than saying the earth is an oblate spheroid not round like all the pictures they are showing. So to me it seems there doing damage control to keep us in control. Again sorry this is so long but there is a lot to discuss on this topic. Good luck and I hope this helped.

Sonic: Pietro x Reader

Request:  Pietro wants to ask the reader out on a date, but the other Avengers get super overprotective because they see you like a younger sister.

Thanks so much for the request disneylandequalssecondhome​!  Sorry it took so long, we all took a little break from imagines.  Hope you like it though!


“Hey y/n, do you have any plans later today-”

“That I should know about?”  Tony rudely interrupted by sticking his head into your room.  He looked between you and Pietro with wide eyes before plastering the fakest smile onto his face.

It didn’t take superpowers for you to tell that something was up.  For the past week, every time you’d find yourself alone with Pietro, someone would jump in and make everything uncomfortable.  Example being: right now.

“Well I might, if Pietro could finish a sentence around here without someone interrupting him.”

“You’d think someone who can walk so fast could at least talk half the speed.  Banner wants you in his lab,” Tony glanced at you when he said the last part, and you tried to conceal your annoyance.  All you wanted to do was talk to Pete for like, two minutes.  Not only was he incredibly hot, but from what you’ve heard, he doesn’t think you’re that bad either.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a minute.”

“He told me it was urgent.”

This time you didn’t hold back your groan.  You looked back at Pietro, who didn’t seem to understand what was going on in the tower, and willed him to find a way to make you stay.  Then you could figure out if you were going to have plans with him today.

You weren’t going to lie to yourself, you liked Pietro a lot.  It would definitely cause problems around the tower if anyone knew though, so you had kept it to yourself.  So what was this whole parent act Tony was playing?  Did they some how figure it out?  How could they though, you’re never alone with him (thanks to the team), and you really don’t spend much time together, so why’s everyone freaking out?

“Text me,” you told Pietro as you left, and he replied with his signature tight lipped smirk that made your heart flutter.

As you neared the elevator, you could hear Tony start conversation with Pete, still inside your room.  “So, I got new phone upgrades, and was wondering if you’d like me to install it into our phone?  It should only take about a day or five, that is if your phone is in perfect shape.  Here, I’ll start right now.”  You rolled your eyes.  Someone had to know about your little crush.

“You called?”  You asked as you entered the tidy lab.  Bruce was standing in front of a long work table, fiddling with some electronic disk.

“No, but I wouldn’t mind the company.”  Stupid Tony.  But you’re stupider for actually believing him in the first place.  You understood that relationships made Tony uncomfortable, but he’s had a successful one for a couple of years.  Hypocrite. 

“Banner, tell me, would you be uncomfortable if I started dating someone?”  Unprepared for the question, Bruce’s hand slipped off the tech he was working on and it fell to the floor with a loud clang and sparks.  You could hear him cursing under his breath, and you instantly regretted bringing it up in the first place.

“Depends on who it is.”

“What if they’re on the team?”  Banner’s hands fumbled with the tech again, and once again it fell to the floor.

“Y/n, I don’t care who you’re romantically involved with.  Just don’t do anything stupid, alright?  We all care about you, a lot, but it’s your life.”  You smiled at Bruce, internally blessing him for being so sweet.

“We just don’t like sonic.”

You took everything back.


“He’s just so new to the team…  How can we trust a guy like that?”

“How can we trust a guy who could make this tower collapse at any given second?”

“Low blow y/n, that one really hurt.”  Banner tried to look offended, but you could see the humor in his eyes.  You rolled your eyes and headed back towards the elevator, not wanting to continue this conversation.

“But why is he the problem?  At least he’s not an assassin, right?”  You couldn’t just leave without a further explanation.  You turned back around to face Banner.

What wasn’t to like about Pietro?  He was sweet, funny, cute, flirty, basically your definition of a perfect guy.  He hadn’t done anything recently to raise suspicion, and he’d proven that he had everyone’s back multiple times during missions.  What wasn’t to like about him?

“I don’t know y/n,” Bruce groaned.  “Tony, why is Pietro a bad choice?”  You hadn’t noticed that Tony entered the room, but you dreaded the conversation that was about to ensue.

“Well, he’s irresponsible for one-”

“And you’re not?”  You interjected, shooting the man a glare before stalking off to the other side of the room.

“He’s got an awful taste in shoe brands.  Who wears Adidas anymore?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”  You basically screamed.  The two men were silent, refusing to make eye contact.  You took this as a cue to get out of dodge, so you slowly started making your way to the exit.

“We don’t want you to get hurt,” Tony sighed, like stating this simple fact was admitting defeat.  “And we don’t know if we can trust him to take care of someone so important to us, to everyone.”

“Maybe you should give him a chance, to prove himself.”

Tony looked over to a window, and seemed to admire the beauty outside.  The skyline glowed in the heat of the sun; everything was reflecting light and casting the beams onto the people in street.  Everything was chaos from below, but if you looked at it from above, it was like everything was somehow working in perfect harmony.

“Maybe we should.”

It was much later in the afternoon when you finally found Pietro.  He was flipping through a book in one of the emergency stairwells, and when he noticed your presence his eyes lit up.

“Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, but I do have plans tonight,” you said before you started walking down the stairs, ignoring the tug at your heart and smile on your lips.  At the landing below, you turned around to look at him, seeing his disappointment.  This made you want to laugh more, and you turned to keep descending.  “Are you coming, or what?”

: ecampll


Basically after everything that has happened surrounding babygate lately, I’ve had to unfollow a lot of people and I know a lot of people are doing the same.

Sooooo if you’re still a larrie and still think babygate is fake af, reblog this and follow the people before you so you can find mutuals that you relate to!

ps As a quick reminder, don’t be rude to anyone with a different opinion than you. If you don’t like what someone is reblogging or posting, just unfollow and find new blogs to follow!

Hacking Abuse: About Stealing Dream Towns and Inappropriate TPC Photos

Ripping Dream Towns: This is one of two functions I won’t be discussing how to do in any of my hacking guides – I find the action of ripping someone else’s Dream Town an act of theft and plagiarism, not to mention completely rude and disrespectful. I don’t care if you think it’s neat, I don’t care if you “just want to edit it for yourself” or “play around with it”, that’s theft of someone else’s hard work and by taking someone else’s Dream Town you are essentially labeling yourself as a skill-less, creative-less, mooching thief. That’s what I like to call a leech. Don’t be a leech.

Custom TPC Photos: Yes, it has become known that it’s possible to change your TPC photo. Yes, it is being kept secret as well. Why? Because already there are asshat children (or children in the bodies of adults) who have caught wind of the option and immediately want to do nothing but upload pictures of asses and tits and vaginas and god knows what else because they’re not getting laid enough and they’re disguising their desperation as a joke.

Not only should you avoid posting offensive photos on a game targeted at children, but abusing these privileges across Wi-Fi is like sending a big red flag to Nintendo saying HEY YOU SHOULD RUIN THIS FUN THING. Do NOT make it so that Nintendo forces an ACNL update that you must install in order to connect online and wi-fi with others, preventing future hacks.

If it occurs to you the mechanic of how to do these particular actions, DO NOT PUBLICLY SHARE IT. Yes, there are people who know how to do it. Yes, I am one of them. No, I am not the only one. No, I will not tell you even in private if you ask me, so don’t. And if you figure it out on your own, do not abuse your privileges.

I hope the ACNL community as a whole can uphold these rules together in order to protect further hacking development, and to keep this community an enjoyable place to be.

Please re-blog as this is something that needs to be widely established as quickly as possible.

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youre obviously a big cs fangirl judgeing by your tumblr, i mean your blog is basically a shrine to them, but you keep saying other places you're LGBT. which is it? sorry but i don't buy that youre LGBT but ship cs. seems like an act youre using for sympathy and to make csers not seems like the bigots so many are.

WOW. I generally don’t respond to rude anons, but in your case, I thought I’d make an exception.

First to answer your question: yes, I do identify as LGBTQA. More specifically, I’m bisexual. The B is not just for BADASS (thank you, Callie Torres). I could post photographs of me and my college girlfriend, but I really don’t think I should have to prove my sexuality. Are heterosexuals regularly asked to prove they’re straight? 

Now onto the bulk of what I find offensive about your message. To accuse someone of lying about their sexuality, especially for the reasons you state, is unbelievably disgusting. I’ve dealt with my fair share of homophobia and biphobia over the years, but I’ve never been accused of “faking it for sympathy.” That’s a first. Here’s a newsflash: SEXUALITY DOES NOT DETERMINE SHIPPING PREFERENCES. You can be heterosexual and ship LGBTQA pairings, just like you can be LGBTQA and ship straight couples. Chemistry is chemistry. It’s not dependent on gender. While it’s true Captain Swan is my OTP, I have several LGBTQA ships from other assorted media that I support. 

And to label CSers as “bigots” is both inaccurate and reprehensible. While admittedly I don’t know every, single CSer and there are always Bad Apples, I consider many CSers to be good friends of mine. Unfortunately, I’ve personally experienced several instances of homophobia, biphobia and generally problematic behavior in the OUAT fandom and you know who’s always been the first to defend me? CSers and OQers. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. CSers and OQers have been consistently supportive, kind, and warm-hearted. So to universally call them “bigots” is unfair and unkind. 

To end, here’s a general message: I’m not a special snowflake. There are many LGBTQA CSers (same with OQers, Rumbellers, Snowing fans etc.) because as stated above SEXUALITY DOES NOT DETERMINE SHIPPING PREFERENCES. LGBTQA CSers DO exist. We’re not a myth. And no, we’re not lying. 

But honestly, I also find it annoying when some men RUN to the door just to hold it for me when I’m like ten feet away from them. And most are looking to be asked out or to receive an acknowledgement, and if you don’t, you’re a “rude bitch.” I understand if you notice someone is behind you and you hold the door for them. That’s common courtesy, and I do it all the time without thinking. I hold the door so it won’t slam in people’s faces, not because I find them attractive.


okay people of tumblr. listen up.
the fact that ashton SAW THOSE TWEETS.
IM FUCKING LIVID. I’m actually going to fight those people, but first your girl is gonna cry because I’m sad that he had to see that. I’ve never seen people who are so rude and such assholes that they would do that, just because they didn’t get what they wanted. repeat after me. ASHTON IS A HUMAN BEING. you don’t think that seeing those tweets fucking hurts him? I can assure you that it does. how would you like it if someone said things like that to you? YOU WOULDNT. I’m not calling out all 5H fans, I’m just calling out people in general who think saying shit like this is okay. I will find you and we will fight, k?