like i see the colors differently idk

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What's your favorite color?

aah i don’t really have a favourite colour bc i have this weird thing called synesthesia where i see words and letters as different colours, so pretty much every colour is aesthetically pleasing to me bc there’s a cool word i associate with it.

idk what my favourite one would be bc i love them all they are like my children don’t make me choose

trying some new stuff with this one for the heck of it. liking it so far but i’m getting pretty lazy now oops ;asfjlshd


So, Halsey deactivated her Twitter account, as you might all have heard, most probably because of the extreme stress she’s going through and, oh, the HATE she’s been getting. 

She doesn’t deserve that HATE.

“She’s a terrible person,” you say. 

“She hates her fans and is rude to them”

“She has no morals and is so shallow”

“She writes shitty music”

^ALSO WHY WOULD YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT JESUS LISTEN TO YOUR OWN MUSIC INSTEAD OF HATING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S. In the words of Gerard Way, “Music isn’t about choosing sides, it’s about celebrating the sounds that you love.”

“She ripped off Taylor Swift”

Idk about you but I can see a clear difference in these songs??? Also you can say “BUT SHE USED BLUE AND RED AND GREY AND THEY’RE THE SAME” Excuse you but ‘feeling blue’ is universally accepted as feeling down and upset, grey is accepted as ‘an emotionless, moody color’ and also while Taylor is comparing experiences to colors, Halsey is comparing HERSELF and HIM to colors(you were red, I was blue, touched me and I was a lilac sky etc) 

“She’s a misogynist and she’s so self absorbed”

MY POINT IS, Halsey is a beautiful human being inside and out who just wanted to be loved but got hate instead. Do you have any idea how crushing that is? She struggles with bipolar and you throw this hate in her face? Do you realize what devastating effect this could have on a person who has a mental illness? She’s remained resilient for so long, well congratulations, haters, you got what you wanted. You emotionally destroyed her. Do you enjoy that sick sadistic pleasure from shaming her off Twitter?

Rant aside, I hope Halsey’s doing okay and I hope she nourishes herself back to health, she’s been through an INCREDIBLY stressful time and she’s still holding on. I hope she realizes the love her fans have for her.

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I feel like their daughter would have a hard time falling in love with anyone (like romantically). Idk I just feel like she would struggle to love anyone but her parents and probably Frost considering she would most likely be secluded to certain people her whole life. Almost like she isn't capable of loving anyone else because she just never developed that version/ability of trust and adoration? Idk how to explain it... but what do you think? Sorry if this is confusing 😂

Not at all doll you’re fine! This is an interesting concept which I think is very possible, because she is so sheltered she would see people but never be able to get to them ya know. Joker basically has her looking through rose colored glasses her whole life, I think she knows how to love like she loves her parents, but learning to love romantically is a different animal. Like if she were to fall in love it would have to be that instnt connection she has with someone through a look and then go from there. She would probably have to sneak around and such. Im just envisioning the balcony scene with clarie danes and leo dicaprio in romeo and juliet lol. But instead of the party at capulet mansion it’s jokers club


Color doodles

As you can clearly see, i am not good with colors NOR digital painting. 

I had a bad day today, couldn’t make myself draw anything despite the big plans i had for it, so i decided to try a new approach.

Top 10 reasons why meebs should not paint and use colors…

Floriana Lima/Mon-El POC debate

I’m going to ask a question here, and I’m asking it truly because I do not understand, and I never wish to hurt anyone with this question.

I hope I’ll explain myself good enough, english is not my mother tounge.

I’m from a country where color of the skin is not as much of an issue than the religious itself (I mean, Israel is a country of immagrents, my mother’s side is from Marroco, but she’s as white as a wall, and her sister and me are dark skinned, so the physical color is not all that matters)

I see that people who like Mon-El difine him as “poc” because technically, he’s ethnicity is.. how to say it.. different? Idk, I only read the counter answer to that. The counter answer was that both him and Kara are white, because they ARE white, it’s their skin color, end of discussion. 

BUT, people who bash Floriana Lima for acting as a poc even though her ethnicity is not, even if she’s NOT white by color. If we take POC literaly, person (or people?) of color, than… She has color.

Do I count as POC even though I’m not latin, but my skin is not white?

So, I’m just looking for an explantion, not tring to insult anyone, just honestly do not understand. I’m not naive, I’m not white, not privilaged in any way, I’m a lesbian (trying to defend myself from all the attacks that are soon to come)

So… help me?

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DNC doesn't even feel like Degrassi, but not in a bad way. It just feels different. Degrassi TNG feels so in the past haha idk what I'm saying but rewatching season 12 feels weird...

I think almost everybody feels the same way about that and at some points felt like degrassi lost their touch but S3 was like the revamp and made it feel like home again

(I think part of the issue is everything on set is so high tech and bright neon colors now so it’s almost unrealistic and doesn’t physically look like a real high school or the lack of classroom time we see now, etc.)

got tagged by @blood-sweat-and-preciousmetals to do yET ANOTHER TAG MEME (pfffftt thanks my guy hA)

Rules: tag as many amazing people as you want so you can get to know them better!

Name: Megan
Nicknames: meg, Megan Fox
Gender: female
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 5’ 6"
Orientation: asexual (AYYY SPACE ACES REPRESENT)
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!!
Favorite color: that really nice pinkish-red/rubellite/magenta color, like the galaxy I have as my banner. Holy hecc I lov
Favorite animal: bats!!
Average hours of sleep: idk really it depends?? I’d say anywhere from like 7-9 but that changes depending on school stuff I’m working on or if I’m watching a show pffffftt (I’m super tired all the time though so like,,,,, , what difference does it rlly make lol)
Cat or dog person: cats!!
Favorite fictional characters: oh gosh I have a lot uhh let’s see here,,,,,, TFA Blurr and Prowl and Blitzwing and the Jet twins too actually, TFP Starscream and Knockout and Wheeljack, Zim and the Tallests, Peridot, literally like everyone from BH6, K2SO and BB-8, Mercy from Overwatch, Ultron, like everyone in GOTG, Ant-Man, I could go on but this is getting long already aaaaaa ok I’ll stop here pfffftt
Number of blankets I sleep with: right now I have a winter sheet, this thick pink fuzzy thing, and a duvet. I can’t sleep without something heavy on top of me so I gotta have all these blankets lol. It’s great in the winter, because I get cold easily and I get to be all warm and cozy and it’s grEAT, but it sucks in the summer because I just change the sheets so I have thin ones on but I still need that weight so I can fall asleep, but it’s rlly hot and I gotta try real hard to keep my room as cool as possible u feel me
Current favorite singer/band: I guess Monstercat?? they’re not so much a band as they are a big family of artists all coming together to make and release music but I guess that still works. Also I started listening to my Virtual Riot playlist again after I hadn’t for a while and I just,,,,, , holy heck,,,,,,, I think I almost forgot how much I like Virtual Riot too omg,,,,,
Dream trip: HECC MAN I just really,,,,, , wanna go to a con. Like any con. It literally doesn’t matter. Just some sort of convention that the theme or whatever is something I’m into. Like I have my Zim and Ant-Man costumes ready to go and just??? seeing other people’s cosplays and going to see panels and seeing cool art and stuff for sale and getting to meet the people behind the stuff I love would just be like??????? super amazing????????
Dream job: making videos!! Like a YouTuber I guess, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to reach it since the system is so dodgy and idk if like,,,,, , I’m good enough lol. But I still really wanna try!! I love making videos and I would lOVE to be able to do it for a living
When this blog was created: I think it was like?? October I think?? or September?? of 2015. Something like that
Current number of followers: 288!!!
What made you decide to make a tumblr: @glitterhobo was like “hey you should make a tumblr”. And here we are (u the real mvp my guy)

I’m not really gonna tag anyone but hey if you wanna do it go ahead!! just pretend I tagged u pffffftt

@ninalanfer I can hear Nihlus in the background now making angry Turian noises. I’ve had it happen many times before and it urks me since there’s such a distinct difference in markings and color.

@thindra-hitoru it’s possible but unlikely, my Nihlus drawing is a bust drawing so you see very little of the armor. It’s a clear view of his markings. Idk maybe they like to tag all turians under “garrus” just to make it easier.

@sukiona well shit, I can’t tag you. It’s not surprising, I’ve had some people I’ve met sporting N7 merchandise who knew close to nothing about the game. I just want to tell them :“If you’re going to wear the uniform you better at least know your material, recruit.” and I don’t mean nitpicky stuff, like legit simple squad/Shepard information. Oh well, just laugh at it and move along I guess.

Avalon Reread: All that Glitters Chapter 18

▪So Kara’s hair has been all the colors of several different packs of skittles for about a week now . She is slowly relaxing , tricking herself into believing everything is almost back to normal . KARA YOU FOOL . WE ALL KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU RELAX . DANGER . DANGER IS WHAT HAPPENS .

▪Lol . I like that Roberts used actual stores that you usually see in malls . Idk what a Eddie Bauer store has though . All the other stores like Foot Locker, Hot Topic, Sharper Image, and The Gap I feel are sorta iconic stores you find in most if not all malls .

▪Hahahaha! BANANA REPUBLIC . KIM POSSIBLE~ I never knew that was an actual store guys . I thought it was made up for shows and now books too.

▪Why does Kara’s friends constantly need her approval in their clothes choices??

▪Oh, So Kara is at the mall for a hair appointment . Guess she isn’t keeping her rainbow hair .

▪These water fairimentals have the worst timing . Why do they choose to contact them whenever there is a ton of people around?

▪Bleaching . Kara is getting her hair bleached . Why .

▪So Kara is seeing the magic web in the salon’s mirror and thinks it’s from the toy store across the the salon .

▪The unicorn that Kara had a dream about earlier in the book made an appearance again .

▪Damn, these banshees are getting pretty gutsy when it comes to Kara and her jewel . A couple of them are already trying to come in the salon .

▪I find it funny Kara is calling for Storm in a mall and looking around for her like she is going to pop up . Like why the hell would Storm be there when she has a Preserve and a bonded to protect ??

▪Lyra is here to save the day!!! Again!!!

▪LMAO . OH MAN . A third banshee just smashed into the window and I know it isn’t supposed to be funny , but I just got a mental image of a banshee hitting Kara’s car in the future and just both of them are just deadpan staring at eachother until Kara slowly turns on her windshield wipers without losing eye contact . And the banshee just slides right off .

▪So now we got five banshees, Lyra, and Kara running around with her hair still going through the bleaching process . Oh, and Kara’s friends making fun of her on the sidelines .

▪Lyra is in the mall fighting off the banshees who are attacking Kara . Meanwhile the public is panicking and believes Kara is being attacked by Lyra .


▪Lyra’s got golden wings btw .

▪The Dark Sorceress is such a manipulative b**** . Like I bet Kara at some point is like ‘worst ancestor ever.’

▪So the Dark Sorceress was hunting the unicorn all along. That’s why she wanted Kara’s jewel .


▪It’s actually really impressive that Kara managed to drag Lyra’s unconscious body outside and even hoisted her up on the unicorn that has been helping them .

▪Off to Emily they go . This scene with Kara and Lyra riding the unicorn while he goes faster and faster until he vanishes into the like a falling star reminds me of the game Robot Unicorn Attack .

tutorial: coloring youtube/music videos

hey guys, so i’ve been asked to make a tutorial showing how to color youtube/music/low quality(who are we kidding, right?) videos

it’s definitely not all that different from coloring “regular” videos (like movies, tv shows and such)

keep in mind that every video/scene is different and the quality isn’t usually the best, even when you download 1080p videos 

so i’ll be showing how to go from this:

to this:

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I keep seeing these designs for a corrupted clone of Nano with her having fancy dresses you’d find in an after wedding party, and well, idk… I don’t really see that happening myself. Lalna and Lalnable compared to each other are really similar, except for the eyes, the red pen and the shoelaces. That’s it. I like to think that the Nano clone is sort of like that, but instead, she changes the color of her outfits a bit compared to the original Nano… Nothing too different - just the color, her eyes, and also the necklace. That topic aside, this was really fun to draw! c: It was a bit tricky trying to do the pose right, and even then, I still can see a handful of mistakes in this from here… Shrug. Oh, well. I tried a bit in this, at least.

((BECAUSE WE NEED A HAPPY THREAD plus I wanna see how he reacts to children X’D))

Matt ran up to the brunette standing outside L’s office and started poking him. “You’re Light Yagami, L’s boyfriend.” He giggled at the boyfriend part, “I’m Matty. I’m gonna be L some day.” The little boy’s different colored eyes were hidden by goggles, which were a bit too big in him, and his hair was sticking out all over the place.