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I don't quite understand why you're so disappointed in someone cos they didn't like a film?! It's an opinion. In your eyes, should he have lied and said it was amazing just because of the subject matter of the film? I... just don't understand.

hi! thanks for your input :) i’m curious, actually. have you watched this film??? and did you read my original post on the topic? because i clearly stated that it’s fine for phil to overall find the film “boring” because a person’s interest level in a film is so subjective. a lot of people really need plot and fast pacing, and moonlight really is very, very slow. there’s like barely any dialogue in the whole thing and it’s a film that relies a lot on visuals and atmosphere and ambiguous shit like that in order to tell its story. i’ve said before that i value my sister’s critical opinion more than pretty much anyone’s. she too found this film boring. what disappointed me in phil’s response wasn’t that he was bored by it, because i get that that’s his opinion. it was that he seemed to completely miss the point of it by relating it to a somewhat generic crime drama about white ppl in boston? it was that he ended his review with “i was bored but it was objectively good i guess.” because even my close friend and my sister who were bored during parts of it were simultaneously able to say that it was one of the most transformative things they’ve seen bc of the story it told, because of the boundaries it broke, etc. etc. again, i wasn’t expecting phil to suddenly recite a critical monologue about race relations in america during the 80s or the drastic repercussions of president reagan’s drug policy or something. but like, i could easily picture him saying “it was a little boring at parts, but super important.” or “kind of slow and dramatic, but a story that needs to be shown.” and move on. his apparent dismissal of those important aspects of the story were what disappointed me. i hope that makes sense. also like. just to clarify im not SO disappointed, like to an extent where this will like ruin my day/week or something. phil lester’s opinions are largely inconsequential at the end of the day, esp when there are so many real people out there suffering from the real impacts of these very real issues. but this is my personal blog and an important outlet for me, so if in the moment of something happening i feel some emotions about it, i feel fully at liberty to express them xx 

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It pleases me to know that Naruto comes from a long line of people who inspired others to say "you did what?!" I wish Shikako had spent more time in the summon's realm too. We see so little of it.

The Uzumaki are basically the clan of doing what others would think impossible. Mito-sama was the first jinchuuriki? Who else but an Uzumaki would look at a giant ball of rage and chakra point at it and be like, “Yup, gonna contain that with my mortal body. What could possibly go wrong?” (Surprisingly little, actually).

The summon realm is, like many things in canon Naruto, a fascinating idea that never got explored much to everyone’s frustration. How does it work, Kishimoto? We will never know.

I’m hoping SQ touches on it one way or another, because I have no doubt she can do it justice. But there are plenty of other areas that direly need world building and those more relevant to the plot as well. Maybe she will, but it probably won’t be via DoS–maybe one of the Sunshine Sidestories or a Reincarnation Roulette chapter…

Okay so like a year ago I had this really weird thought while sick that isn’t really viable but I still liked it. It was this weird idea about a Transformers Broadway show? And at the time I thought, well, we could have a few songs for different characters, we could have an Autobot group song called Roll Out, and we definitely need a Megatron and Starscream duet. But I couldn’t figure out anything like a plot so it’s just been something I’ve been giggling about every so often. 

So tonight I had this idea that’s still not a viable thing, but it makes me smile and I feel the need to share it.

More than Meets the Eye: The Musical

Can you imagine? Like, it starts with everyone on Cybertron singing this song that’s really quiet and kind of somber about rebuilding and trying to get along post-war, maybe we even get a couple lines from like, Bumblebee or one of the other leftover faction leaders. Suddenly, record scratch, here comes Rodimus with his upbeat and bouncy song about his quest! And it gathers everyone up and gets them on board the ship and ends with a bang as the bomb goes off. We could even get a couple verses from Whirl and Cyclonus, or Tailgate and his rescuers. 

Can you imagine the Pharma song(s)? What about Overlord singing his way through the murder spree, only to get cut off when he’s knocked into the cell and Rewind and Chromedome take over with a love song to each other…

The Scavengers could have a couple songs…actually, they could have their own musical, let’s be real. I would watch a Scavengers musical. 

There’s just so much potential here it could be so funny or so awesome and I just…

MTMTE musical guys, it could be so beautiful

I swear to god, if Lena somehow comes out of everything as a villain, it’ll be one of the most underwhelming bullshit that’ll ever come out of anything. Like, it isn’t going to be a betrayal that’s going to shock you, just leave you entirely disappointed because yet another character with so much potential is reduced to the stereotype of their name. I need a legitimately surprising plot twist if there ever will be one. No cheap deaths, no “a villain after all” bullshit. Just a genuinely surprising HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED plot twist that nobody really thought could ever happen.

Eden the GR8 strikes again!

Dear fan fiction writers,

Have you ever been at a loss for ideas? Have you ever felt like you might need some help with your plot development? A new, fresh point of view?

If you have, there is a simple solution to that! 

Just ask your beta!

@edendaphne proves over and over again that betas have the best ideas. Actually, scratch the best. Betas have only those ideas that REALLY counts! You can build fics and comics on these ideas! Look at this and prove me wrong.

Close up - 

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Didn't Marco's parents mention in Storm the Castle that they should be paying more attention to Star and Marco? It was brought up again in Heinous that they need to accept responsibility for them. At least Marco can inform them that they are somewhere with Star (especially in a dimension) at all times. Overall, they are a lovey dovey couple, and they do have jobs (which we don't know what kind), but I don't what's missing. They are good parents but they do have their flaws.

Unfortunately, every cartoon like this is plagued by “parents are horrible parents”, because after all, if they were to be more involved in their kids life, actually protecting and grounding them, most episodes and plots would be impossible. Even if nothing actually changes, it’s nice to see that, at least, this show addresses the issue, and tries to give it some screen time or comments from Marco.

Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley.

It’s difficult for me to recommend thrillers to non-thriller readers. I grew up reading them and so have a high tolerance for the genre conventions. You know, men named Jack or Tom who will later be played by Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson. Shadowy figures from whichever country your grandpa thinks is sketchy. We need YOU, civilian man with no training, to help us with this investigation, or it will all fall apart. Machine guns referred to by brand, in case you were in the market yourself. A certain number of fridged relatives in order to grease the emotional gears of the plot machinations. Titles like DOUBLE-CROSSED and DON’T LOOK BACK and MAN ON THE RUN and TRIGGER HAPPY.

Look, I know.

But I think BEFORE THE FALL is a mystery/thriller I can recommend to non-thriller readers. “This,” I will tell them, “is a thriller!” Actually I will mean, “This is what I always want thrillers to be.”

The hook is simple: a small plane crashes with two fancy business moguls on it. Also in attendance are their families and a down-on-his-luck painter. Only the painter and a four-year-old boy survive. The narrative winds back and surges forward in order to examine the events leading up to the crash and the consequences after.

It’s fast-paced and tightly plotted, which is always on the menu of Genre Thriller Cafe. But BEFORE THE FALL also has a playful turn of the phrase, a decidedly character-driven story, and something to say about the media. It means that while you’re devouring this particular menu item, you’ll find that you might have to stop to chew, a welcome request in a genre that in both print and film has been overflowing with lump-free puddings since the 80s. I’ll be putting this one on the plates of both my thriller-loving friends and those who normally stick with more literary fare. 


I’m sorry guys, but we really need to talk about translation errors. It’s important for translations, ones meant to be accurate, are accurate. Like, it’s actually really important, not just in setting tone, but in setting the actual plot.

Let’s talk about chapter 521.







These are the most outstanding of the differences in this chapter alone. Each of them could literally mean entirely different things. 

For the first one, Yonkou’s translation has Lucy state that she will see her soon, and in MS’, Lucy asks if she will see her again. This is probably not as important as the next two.

In the second, Yonkou’s translation makes it sound like Brandish says the thing about trying to kill Lucy. In MS’, Natsu is talking about Dimaria’s attempt on Lucy’s demise. This is a huge plot thing because that would mean Natsu remembers Lucy’s “death”.

In the third, Yonkou is very vague about Zeref’s apology to Natsu, and MS makes it sound like Gray’s arrival is going to cause Natsu the most pain.

I will admit that I am extremely biased, because I like MS translations much better. So I can’t just say they are more accurate because I like them more. 

None of us have a clue, and that irks me. Because those last two are extremely different.

while I think it’s entirely possible that magnus gave simon and raphael an actual list of ingredients he actually needs for other things, I think it’s much more likely that they showed up at catarina’s with a piece of paper that just said “idk, sorry”


sorry for not posting art very much lately!! ive been in scotland visiting my boyfriend….ive been doodling stuff but its mostly uhhh *coughs* an AU ive been cooking up with some pals!!

the plot is actually kind of huge so ive started writing fic for it but the basics are: Black Doom is Satan, Eclipse is one of his demons, Mephiles is another demon who was banished from Hell and wanders the mortal plane, Shadow is a priest who doesn’t know he’s a demon. the story starts when Doom sends Eclipse to the monastery where Shadow practices in order to “collect what’s rightfully his”, basically

some explanations for these pics:

  1. designs for Shadow and Eclipse
  2. Eclipse antagonizes Shadow a lot hgfhdhgf
  3. Doom/Satan, and Eclipse for size comparison
  4. Shadow doesn’t believe it when Eclipse tells him he’s a demon, but over time he starts getting alarming physical transformations that make it hard to ignore
  5. Doom’s goat-like Mobian form
  6. rough idea of how i want Mephiles to look but ill prob end up changing this a bit
Spoilers: The Accountant

So what I liked about The Accountant was that some of the typical format for the “high functioning autistic” movie was subverted.

First off the main character. Christian Wolff is an accountant who cooks the books for criminals. The typical plot would be the brainy guy who needs to be protected, and that gets flipped right off the bat. He’s a badass who can shoot a cantaloupe from a mile off and defends others around him, rather than the other way around.

Second there’s his relationship with (SPOILERS) his brother. It wasn’t the typical patronising keeper kind of relationship, but it wasn’t ambivalent either. And in the end when (SPOILERS) they’re after the fight, you’re kind of expecting them to hug it out, because that’s how emotional reconciliation goes down in Hollywood. That doesn’t happen, because Christian doesn’t like hugs or physical contact, and Brax respects that. It’s a nice change to see the autistic person being accommodated, not the other way around.

Lastly, and honestly this one is my favorite, it portrays low functioning, high support autistics so much better than I have ever seen. In the end it is revealed (SPOILERS) that the voice is Christians high support autistic sister, who is communicating with him and masterminding most of his deals and clients through her digital communication aid from a home for autistic people. She’s a big player and a hero, despite the fact that she is nonverbal and high support. You don’t see that a lot in movies. *EDIT* turns out she wasn’t his sister, she was his friend, the kid of the therapist that runs the home. Thanks to @meowmart01 for pointing that out!

Point being, it’s a good movie. It’s surprisingly good representation, and is definitely worth a watch.

Part 2 yayy! LOL. Btw, I’ve reblogged my previous rec because some urls changed and I fixed the link

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Stay With Me (M)

This is halfway smut, they said they’re gonna continue this and they gave chances for whoever wants to give it a try to finish it by your own way. I was thinking of doing this, I’ve been trying to gather ideas for the plot soo…

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Heartthrob (M)

Fuckboy!au; This is so cute actually


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 The Moment Pleasantly Frightful (M)

Incubus!Namjoon and Inexperienced witch!you


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Office Hours (M)

CEO!Jimin. Like she said, need I say more?

And she has a collab with @noir0neko on sugardaddy!Jimin. It was great one. Again, me and my sugar daddy obsession

Sugardaddy!Jimin drabbles

#1 Lace Casualties (M)

#2 Orange Marmalade (M) written by noir0neko

#3 Satin Possession (M)

#4 Velvet Aftermath (M)

#5 Cherry Pie (M)   written by noir0neko

#6 Linen Mornings (M) 

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Daddy? (M)

Daddy Yoongi is unff

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Red (M)

Jungkook’s favourite color, is a turn on for him? Kekeke~


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I finally found youuuuu!!! I’ve been looking for this blog cause I remember reading a great B.A.P fic and I requested a Zelo’s fic once.  I would recommend her Allure series featuring Bang Yongguk and vampire reader. Go raid her masterlist cause she have really good stuffs.


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Super Soldiers series Part 1 Part 2

This is the one that I requested and it turn out REAALLYY well. I really love this series, especially the Himchan and Yongguk one where I took the inspiration to write my Taemin and Kai 3some.

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Super Soldiers series Part 1 Part 2


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Reflection (M)

Thigh riding series Namjoon version and it got me shook

Something New (M)

Gosh this got me tingling. Fockk

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Bedroom Hymns (M)

Fallenangel!au; I would fall (in every meaning available) for Yoongi too

Lesson Learn (M) 

If this is the punishment then punish me ;)

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Sacrilege (M)

The sun god!au; I kinda hope the ending is typical lol but this is amazing as it is now

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Heat (M)

Goshh, somebody help me


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Daddy’s Kitten (M)

Dirty talk ya’all *fan myself*

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Touch Her ft. Jimin (M)

I really need a sequel for this. Damn it

Public (M)

 Bathroom (M)

Public bathroom mischief. Kekekeke~


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Honey Lemon ft. Jimin

Omaigod I didn’t know why but this turn me on so much like foocckkk..

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Now the secret to Yoongi’s soft, white hands are revealed!


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Requited Love (M)  

This has age gap, virgin you and a freakin hot Choi Seung Hyun. Anything else?

Please, Daddy (M)

Bestfriend TOP, that you call daddy. Unfff


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Ribbing (M)

Gosh this is voyeurism af! Morfokor!!!

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Claimed (M)

Jealous Jimin is bad news…okay I lied

Boastful Drink ft Jungkook (M) 

Okay, pleaseee don’t have me choose I would rather die OTL

“You can’t wake up, this is not dream;
you’re part of a machine, you are not a human being.
With your face all made up living on a screen,
low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline.
I think there’s a flaw in my code
These voices won’t leave me alone
Well my heart is gold, but my hands are cold…”

                                               (lyrics from ‘Gasoline’ by Halsey)

I finally finished this f*cker, it took me… too long, actually.
Anyways, I’ve found these lyrics to be kinda fitting to the whole XCX plot and Aevi’s backstory in particular (which I will put up VERY soon, really this time, it’s like basically done, just needs a last polishing qwq). 

Why do I do things like this to me??? 

Season 2 of Eyewitness

So USA writers, if you are having problems with figuring out what could possibly happen if you WERE to make a season 2 of Eyewitness then I have some suggestions for you…

- Helen gets therapy for her PTSD
- Lukas and Philip also get therapy
- basically everyone needs therapy
- Anne’s funeral
- and maybe at Anne’s funeral we get to see the boyfriend she had, I feel like a lot of plot could come from that situation
- what did Tony mean about the bear incident, explain
- Helen does something with the box of her buffalo case, preferably burns it
- what happens when Lukas and Philip go back to school
- does everyone know about them
- do they actually kiss at the party Lukas was talking about
- what does everyone say
- does Rose become best friends with Lukas and Philip because I want that
- and maybe rose can end up being gay too and we can have a queer female couple too
- do they ever tell Tracy and Tommy’s parents that they were actually murdered and didn’t just overdose
- they should talk about domestic abuse or intimate partner violence in school and Lukas can apologize about how badly he treated Philip in the beginning
- because he was really shitty for a while
- what happens with Kamilah and Jake
- do they leave
- but they should stay and be best friends with Gabe and Helen
- and Kamilah should talk to someone about her feelings about what happened to Sita because calling her mailbox all the time to hear her voice is so sad
- since Bo knows about the boys is it awkward around him
- do Lukas and Bo ever REALLY talk it out
- they should talk about Lukas’ mom too and stop trying to forget her
- even though it is sad it is better to remember than to bury everything because then you loose the good memories too
- what happens with Angel
- did the drug bust ever happen
- what is the rest of the task forces’ reaction to hearing about Ryan
- what really happened on the yellow couch
- do the Larson’s get a new dog!?!?
- does Gabe get a dog for Philip because Philip was so cute with the dog
- do they give each other per names
- (I caught how Lukas called Philip “baby” at the end, and I loved it, there needs to be more of that)
- what ever happened to Lukas’s bike deal
- does he get a new sponser
- can everyone just be happy for longer than 2 seconds please
- drama is good but sometimes you need a break
- anyways
- Gabe and Helen and Philip get closer
- and they are more honest and open now
- and maybe Philip finally goes out on the water with Gabe
- but maybe not
- his fear of water might be worse now since Lukas got shot and he had to jump in to save him
- if so, have him explain to Gabe why he’s so afraid of water
- I really want to hear that story
- and maybe they all go out to eat as a family in the city and get real New York pizza and creme brûlée
- and maybe Philip and Lukas go back to the gay club again and Lukas isn’t scared to be himself
- maybe someone can flirt with Philip and Lukas gets jealous
- but Philip is like sorry dude I have a boyfriend and he’s this strong amazing fantastic hot guy
- and Lukas is beaming beside him
- and they make out
- and they just are so in love
- and everything is happy
- and everyone heals
- and it is beautiful

- and also Gabe is always happy because he is my favorite (though I love all of them so much) and he is just too pure for this world
- and what the heck, Philip is always happy because he has gone through some shit and needs to be happy

plot twist what if fitzsimmons were actually the ones who were switched out with LMDs while at the submarine base and now they’re hooked up to the framework and this whole “they gotta get off the base and escape the evil LMDs” is just radcliffe/aida’s little simulation thing to make sure they don’t realize that they’ve been replaced (like may’s mission to escape from radcliffe’s lab)

idk i think i’m just making things more complicated than they need to be

“Too bad for him, he had indigestion for days!”

Ok but I need to know if strickler just said this for the joke or if bular actually had problems after eating that dude because I can’t stop thinking about bular complaining to strickler but in the most troll like way. And the constantly bickering over it

“Stricklander if this was part of some sort of plot to incapacitat me I will render the flesh from your body”

“Ah yes bular you’ve found my devious plot that include difficult bowel movement whatever shall I do now?”