like i need a real source

Reminder that colorism is not going to be fixed simply by telling the darkest skinned people they are beautiful. That’s nice but that doesn’t do anything to acknowledge the bullshit in the world that contributes to why they are treated like they are not. We need to say “you are beautiful, but also there’s a real systemic problem caused by white supremacy and (if applicable) antiblackness that is the source of why you don’t feel beautiful. It’s unfair and it’s wrong and I am going to do what I can about it, aside from complimenting you.”

I propose a new fandom term.

Fanon characterization + Flanderization = Fanonization

When fanon interpretation of a character becomes widespread, and mutates into an accepted version that has little to do with the real deal

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One thing that bothers me with fanon is when people dumb Keith down. Like, this is a kid who was considered the best pilot of his generation at a military/space place; NASA's people are some of the smartest on the planet and the Garrison is so similar to them! But yet everyone think's he's not as smart as some of the other characters simply because he's more aggressive or because he didn't get the team chant Lance made.


So he’s definitely book smart in my mind because I feel it would be difficult for him to be number one in such a prestigious academy otherwise. Particularly in its most competitive program (fighter pilot). There are of course other indications of intelligence, and the primary ones singled out are usually: musical-rhythmic and harmonic, visual spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. So, let’s take a look at what Keith falls under:

  • Visual-spatial: Think in terms of physical space, as do architects and sailors. Very aware of their environments. They like to draw, do jigsaw puzzles, read maps, daydream. They can be taught through drawings, verbal and physical imagery. Tools include models, graphics, charts, photographs, drawings, 3-D modeling, video, videoconferencing, television, multimedia, texts with pictures/charts/graphs.” (source)
  • Evidence: Just take a look at Keith’s incredibly all encompassing and thorough assessment of data he’s gathered from the desert and this is incredibly clear. You’ll see pictures, charts, maps, visually illustrated points of how everything connects–it’s clear he’s a very visual learner. To the point where, when Hunk sketches out the Fraunhofer line, Keith immediately picks it out as a clear match for the mountain range. That demonstrates a true command of visual-spacial awareness. 
  • Verbal-linguistic:Using words effectively. These learners have highly developed auditory skills and often think in words. They like reading, playing word games, making up poetry or stories. They can be taught by encouraging them to say and see words, read books together. Tools include computers, games, multimedia, books, tape recorders, and lecture.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Keith’s funny comment that, “I don’t think you’re using that word correctly,” seems to imply that he’s able to catch onto the meaning of unfamiliar words pretty easily. But more indicatively–“they can be taught by encouraging them to say and see words.” Words hold a certain power with Keith, as evidenced by the way he reverts to repeating Shiro’s mantra of “Patience yields focus,” whenever he needs to calm down and concentrate. He finds comfort in those words and hearing them. This seems to suggest an auditory inclination. 
  • Logical-mathematical: “Reasoning, calculating. Think conceptually, abstractly and are able to see and explore patterns and relationships. They like to experiment, solve puzzles, ask cosmic questions. They can be taught through logic games, investigations, mysteries. They need to learn and form concepts before they can deal with details.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Again, I think “exploring patterns and relationships,” falls under the work we see on Keith’s conspiracy theory board. And as previously stated, his rank at the garrison is most likely indicative of this. He’s also capable of abstract thinking–such as connecting with the desert’s “strange energy” as well as logic-based. The ability to put things together and “solve puzzles” is also clearly shown through how Keith is able to quickly address a situation and come to the right conclusion–such as how something wasn’t right on Naxzela and it’s connection to Voltron
  •  Bodily-kinesthetic: “Use the body effectively, like a dancer or a surgeon. Keen sense of body awareness. They like movement, making things, touching. They communicate well through body language and be taught through physical activity, hands-on learning, acting out, role playing. Tools include equipment and real objects.” (same source)
  • Evidence: I don’t think this one really needs to be explained, because Keith is just deftly skilled when it comes to movement. He’s very fluid, moves quickly, is light enough on his feet to dodge enemies and sidestep disaster. The way he flies Red Lion with focus on speed and agility is a direct parallel to this. And I think that, just focusing on Keith’s own ability, the way he navigates the debris field when his suit is damaged is an excellent illustration of this
  • Intrapersonal: Understanding one’s own interests, goals. These learners tend to shy away from others. They’re in tune with their inner feelings; they have wisdom, intuition and motivation, as well as a strong will, confidence and opinions. They can be taught through independent study and introspection. Tools include books, creative materials, diaries, privacy and time. They are the most independent of the learners.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Keith is often very independent and in tune with his own feelings. And we know from his whole personal quest to uncover more about his identity that he’s very much an introspective person. Intuition is also a huge part of who Keith is, and we see this manifest as a kind of quintessence sensitivity–how he was able to sense Blue in the desert, how he was the only one able to connect with his Lion over a long distance, knowing he had to target Haggar’s ship during the whole thing with Naxzela, ect. 
  • Naturalistic: Seems to encompass environmental awareness. Knowing the lay of the land, practical outdoor skills and intelligence, a deeper understanding of the natural world, a more nurturing personality, ect. 
  • Evidence: Keith living on his own in the desert for a year and later saying that he likes the outdoors because it’s quiet. Seems to be more in tune with the natural world and has more than enough of a grasp of outdoor knowledge to live off the land if need be. Also, does exhibit nurturing instincts–a fierce desire to protect and provide for others 

So yes, Keith is very smart and in a number of ways. And I will 100% always defend that 

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I know you didn't say anything about hating vegans or anything but are we actually doing a bad job? like is all of this just a lie and not actually helping the environment or anything :/ because one of the biggest reason for me to go vegan is cause of environmental issues and all

I don’t hate vegans, not the ones that aren’t spreading misinformation or think they are on some sort of moral high ground to everyone else. But I don’t agree with it myself because it is all superficial, without any proper action if I’m being honest.

And when there is action it’s usually targeted at the wrong issue and does more harmful then good. My main issue is that vegans see animals as very individual. They want to save every single cow or pig or chicken without thinking about it rationally or about the horrible impact that would have no important species (species that are actually vital to ecosystems). Veganism fails to see the bigger more important picture. 

“Saving” domesticated farm animals is not important. I’m sorry but it’s just not. Not when it means “saving” these animals will have drastic negative effects. 

I mean there are always ways that agricultural and animal industries can be improved. But just refusing to buy meat or use animal products don’t change anything. And realistically we’re not going to stop eating meat or producing wool ect. You have to understand that and accept it and look at ways to improve those processes not try and shut them down completely.  

And more veganism just means more demand for certain crops, which require more land clearing + more pesticides ect. Veganism is just as bad for the environment and animals as any other diet is. In a capitalist society there really isn’t any ethical consumption.

The world and the environment can’t survive under a capitalist society. Capitalism is what’s stopping us from using green energy solutions or inverting more. Not because these solutions are “expensive” or hard to make or whatever use excuses are being made. It’s because they won’t make as much money as easily. 

Just like buying honey isn’t going to “save the bees” or turning the tap off when you brush your teeth won’t save water. They’re things corporations and company’s push because they’re easy and shift the blame onto consumers and away from them. 

We need to look into real solutions. Realistic solutions that aren’t just superficial I-want-to-feel-good-without-doing-anything-too-hard “solutions” but real ones. And they need to be towards actual important significant issues.  Animals being killed for a source of food or harvesting honey or wool, is not even close to being an issue we should be worried about. 

I’m sorry that you’ve been led to think otherwise, there is alot of misinformation out there and people will lie to get their agenda across. But veganism just doesn’t help the environment. It just doesn’t. 

So I know Pride Month is almost over but I wanted to say a few things while it’s still going on. Forgive me if I ramble a bit!

Last year coming out publicly was terrifying yet liberating for me, and since then some lovely things have happened but also some true natures of folks came out.

I was, and still am, told that trans people arn’t real, that I’m not a woman and never will be, that I’m unhealthy and I need “serious help”.

There are often days that I have extreme anxiety wondering things like “do people see me how I want to be seen?”, “will people actually respect that I’m female?”, “what kind of hate will I get today?”

I’m constantly worrying about all of these things and so much more, but I’m much happier being out about than I ever was holding it all in.

I’m so happy and lucky to have Val with me, they’re such a source of encouragement and support. And of course some very caring friends!

I’m a pansexual transwoman who is finally feeling more comfortable day by day. To those who have and continue to support me, thank you so much! 💖

EDIT: people still reblog this occasionally and i just want to say that while i still struggle with housing and other things, this post is from 3/2017 and doesn’t really reflect my current needs. thank you for going to the source though, you seem like a real sweetheart ❤❤

Homeless Trans Girl Needs Help            

I’m Jess and I’m a 20 year old homeless neurodivergent trans girl. Until the past 2 weeks I have been living with my abusive and emotionally manipulative parents. After being threatened with physical violence, I left with what I could fit in my car.

I am temporarily located around New Jersey / east Pennsylvania. I am looking for a new job and am not tied down to any particular location. I have enough cash to potentially pay for a first month of rent and am a conscientious and respectful roommate.

Ideally I’m looking to share housing with other trans people, but I’m also willing to room with other queer women.

I can be contacted through tumblr and through

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could you point me in the direction of the evidence that alexander the great was a bottom? I absolutely don't doubt it's true but I've never seen anyone say otherwise so I figure there's some proof of some sort I'm missing, but couldn't find anything myself

you didn’t find anything because there is no proof, and in fact, the sources tell us the precise opposite. so why did i say he bottomed in my joke post? let’s get into it.

A (SIMPLIFIED) PRIMER: in ancient old mediterranean times it didn’t matter if you were a man who boned men or women – you should probs do both – but what mattered VERY much was whether you topped or bottomed. are you old enough to have a beard? now you’re too old to bottom. pederasty was the name of the game in the south (think athens) especially. if macedon followed these same sexual mores, we can’t be sure, tho they were likely similar. 

now that you know this, take note that hephaestion was actually older than alexander, taller, and more masculine and impressive-looking. according to the above – that’s called the dover model – it should be a given that hephaestion topped, right? or that they didn’t have a relationship at all, considering they were so close in age, and the dover model mandates a big age difference. then why do i have in my pocket two handy examples of hephaestion being identified not only as the bottom but as younger than alexander? observe:

• justin refers to hephaestion as “puer” (”boy” but with connotations in this context of “young pretty bottom boy”) 
• arrian refers to hephaestion as alexander’s “ἐρώμενος” (i.e. alexander’s beardless younger bottom) 

weird, right? we could take this at face value, discounting all that we factually know about hephaestion, or we could take a look at how romans of the late republic/early principate – when these biographies were penned – viewed sexuality in their own society, and how that may have influenced the way they interpreted alexander and hephaestion.

late republic/early principate sexual mores were a bit different from classical greek mores in that, simplified version, the socially superior partner had to top, and the supremely socially inferior – like a slave or a woman – was to bottom. hephaestion was second man in the empire with a massive presence in court; importantly, he was free-born. if alexander and hephaestion had a sexual relationship, which the roman biographers were fairly certain they did, that meant to the romans that hephaestion was either sleeping his way to the top (a common late republic sentiment – cicero used it against antony, like, hourly) which is very not befitting for, you know, the top general in the empire, or – worse – that alexander was a tyrant who was raping his second in command, and hephaestion wasn’t man enough to fight back against it. yikes. even worse option than that to the romans? alexander, king of kings, was taking the d from someone below his status. no matter what the evidence said – like hephaestion’s age and physicality and what we know about alexander’s personality, which i’ll get to in a minute – that was literally unthinkable. 

so the principate biographers lied. yep. in order to better mould hephaestion to their worldview, some bent the history so that hephaestion was younger and prettier (justin), or just plain unimportant enough that being alexander’s ἐρώμενος was socially acceptable (arrian). some laid into the nepotism angle even if they didn’t explicitly state fucking as the cause of it (plutarch). 

take-home message? history is malleable: like a memory, it never remains whole and accurate. the more often we pull it from the shelf, the more often it gets rewritten. 

idk, oprah. proof isn’t a thing that really exists for this period. but now that we know the roman histories are sometimes fake news, here’s some stuff supporting alexander bottoming: 

good evidence: historiography & the dover model

• what the romans had to say about hephaestion and alexander’s relationship is lowkey lies, so even tho we can’t definitively say hephaestion topped, we know that pretty much all evidence that hephaestion bottomed is not legitimate. that means the opposite could be true.

• alexander was younger than hephaestion, infamously remained beardless, and was physically smaller, which means that if macedonians followed southern sexual mores, and if alexander and hephaestion in particular even cared about bringing social politics into the bedroom (see how many variables?) then alexander would’ve bottomed 

pretty okay evidence: character extrapolation 

• i’ve had a prof bring up in class the fact that alexander was too soft for his parents, who worried he was effeminate, which we can safely interpret as “worried he was a bottom” – playing the lyre, not wanting to get it on with anyone in a way befitting a red-blooded macedonian guy, sleeping with the iliad under his pillow, other assorted twink activities. from his annoying high-pitched voice to the fact that he started dressing persian – seen as effeminate to macedonians – it’s pretty much accepted that he was an effeminate dude in his day. not conclusive, definitely problematic as being indicative of sexual position preference, but it is an argument i have seen.

not-really evidence but a component relevant to our discussion of the insidious crawl of unintentional historiography: 

• mary renault ran amok with the bottom/top thing in her books and made alexander finally topping and becoming a “man” into a whole arc in the persian boy, and it’s a fairly pervasive narrative in historical fiction that he’s a somewhat effeminate bottom. this isn’t historical evidence, but it shows how the narrative shifts – this interpretation, so widely distributed in fiction, is now undeniably present in our shared consciousness. (my joke post, which was geared toward an audience of like literally one person, was more about this.)

a final note is that people are just people, and we tend to forget that when we get so caught up in how fun it is to study ancient cultures. but at the end of the day, no matter the mores of their location and period, people are gonna fuck how they want, where they want, who they want, and when they want. like any other pair of young guys getting it on, i’d bet you ten bucks, realistically, that they switched. 

(source 1)
(source 2

I guess I get extremely salty at any “x for black paladin” diatribe that acts like Shiro doesn’t exist and hasn’t done a huge amount of meaningful work and introspection in bonding with the Black Lion and learning to trust himself and trust them, in a way that seems so, so significantly like a traumatized person learning to fight for his own recovery as well.

Like… the Lion bond is a Big Deal. It’s important. And in s1, with all the paladins there, with everybody they could want…

Black did not choose Lance. They didn’t choose Keith. They didn’t choose anybody but Shiro.

They wanted him, and only him.

Shiro’s the ideal Black Paladin. He and Black are flat out meant for each other.

I adore Lance! Which is why I want him with the Lion that loves him just as much, that waited for him, that specifically wanted only him, and not Keith, or Shiro, or anyone else that she could have easily reached for. Because think about that: think about how incredibly significant that is to Lance, who was told that he was only there because Keith dropped out.

Keith had been to Blue’s cave a bunch of times. Blue never even let him into the chamber where she was waiting, much less past her barrier. We see Keith touch the barrier first and nothing happen. And when Lance asks if anyone else feels like the Blue Lion is staring at them, Shiro specifically says no. This is Lance’s hero, and the guy he feels like he’s always been compared to, and both of them are so obviously not feeling the magic in that instant, not the way Lance is.

When Lance, as soon as he’s in that cave… every instance of the framing puts him with Blue. Everything is set up to put Lance dead center to the team, everyone else shuffled off to the sidelines, this is his moment and his alone. 

And I adore Keith- which is why I don’t want to shove him with Black, because Keith’s relationship with Black has been uncomfortable every step of the way. It’s been what he doesn’t want, what he’s quick to give up, what he begged Shiro to try and take from him one more time, something he’s been so scared of that when it seemed like it was a permanent thing he started avoiding the team rather than live under that burden.

Keith took Red from the depths of Sendak’s ship, from the very jaws of the empire, the very way he felt like the empire was in danger of taking him in s2e6 and his nightmare. Red, the loyal, Red, the one that returned to Keith time and time again when he was scared and in danger- and how much that means for someone whose worst fear is that people will leave him?

And I like Shiro! Which is why it broke my heart to see him not trusting himself, thinking that he wasn’t worth being a black paladin, that he gave up on that connection, on himself, so easily! That’s heartbreaking! That’s the worst thing for him!

I love Allura, which is why I understand that Allura has been doing important things from the start, whether or not she’s in a Lion, and that she doesn’t need a designated Lion at all times to be important! She sure as hell doesn’t need to actively steal a Lion from Lance, Keith, or Shiro to be only hers, especially when, again, can we maybe not with the yanking the one source of positive self-image away from the traumatized guy and acting like he’s just a glorified seat warmer for (your fave here).

Like guys. Come on here. Can we throw Shiro a bone considering he was nearly murdered in multiple occasions for the right to pilot the Black Lion? I promise it’s not invalidating Lance/Keith/Allura if they’re not The Real Black Paladin.
Chechnya detains 100 gay men in first concentration camps since the Holocaust
Arrests are being made as part of an anti-LGBT purge in the region.

“More than 100 gay men have been detained in concentration camp-style prisons in the Russian region of Chechnya, according to reports by local newspapers and human rights organisations.

The arrests are being made as part of a widespread anti-LGBT purge in the area. The prison camps are the first to be established for LGBT people since the Second World War.

The information was first published by the Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper, which reported that men were being arrested and kept in concentration camp prisons where violence and abuse is commonplace.

Repressions against the LGBT community began after an application for a gay rights march in the Chechen capital of Grozny.

A prison camp has reportedly been established in the town of Argun, according to eyewitness testimonies.

The report was published on the 1 April, prompting the spokesperson for Chechnya’s Interior Ministry to dismiss the claims as an “April Fools’ joke”.

The press secretary for Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, described the report as “lies” and stated there were no gay people in Chechnya.

“If there were such people in Chechnya, law-enforcement agencies wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning,” he said.

Human rights organisations have corroborated the information published by Novaya Gazeta.

For several weeks now, a brutal campaign against LGBT people has been sweeping through Chechnya. Law enforcement and security agency officials under control of the ruthless head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, have rounded up dozens of men on suspicion of being gay, torturing and humiliating the victims,” a report by Human Rights Watch states.

Some of the men have forcibly disappeared. Others were returned to their families barely alive from beatings. At least three men apparently have died since this brutal campaign began."”

OK I spent 20 + min crosschecking this and it all seems like it is real from every source I can find.  This is disgusting and something needs to be done about it.

writing trans characters in fic

puttin together a little rule of thumb for cis people who may be worried about coming across as transphobic when writing trans fic

#1 - don’t write porn. if you’re cisgender, then don’t make trans porn. transgender people, especially women, are highly fetishized in pornography. so, try to keep porn to a minimum if you can

#2 - dont use “he’s female” or “she’s male” etc. some trans people are comfortable with that terminology, but thats up to THEM to use, not you. if you want to say “man with a vagina” dont say “a man who was female” or “a man who is female”. say “a transgender man”. trans is a beautiful word to use.

#3 - talk to actual trans people! if you need advice, don’t go to weird medical articles or the like - talk to a person!! why read creepily cold accounts from another cis person when you can get the information from the most accurate source - a real actual trans person!! all trans people are different and have different things and terms they dont like, so try and discover what the character your writing for would enjoy.

#4 - keep “i hate being trans!!!” things out of it….. youve never experienced transphobia or self-hatred for being trans because you are not trans. if you cannot write this sort of story from your own personal experience, please do not do it at all. write something happier, or write something less anti-trans. trans self-love is important and the more we write of it, the more we encourage it, the more of it there will be. support your trans siblings and neighbors by showing people who, yknow. dont hate trans people (especially if that person is themself)

#5 - show me the fic. send me links. im trans and im so thirsty for fic oh my gods please yes absolutely

Breaking News!

If your reading this, good, I got your attention.

Now, if your reading this, then your probably on the internet. The reason you can access this is because of Net Neutrality. Ney Neutrality is what keeps the internet free for use.

Now, by December, you may NOT be able to read this. Why, you may ask? Because the FCC and Trump’s administration are trying to take away Net Neutrality and make us pay hundreds of dollars to access even basic things like Google.

Unfair right?

Well, you, fellow reader, have a chance to correct this before it happens. Call your local Congressman to tell them that Net Neutrality needs to stay! I just did and the more you call, the better chance it is for us people, who have more online friends than real life friends, keep our ‘net free!

One thing I would try to get in touch with your congressman is texting 'RESIST’ to 50409. There are many other sources, but this is the one I used.

Please, call before December before you have to pay probably half your students loans or whatever just to access a website for probably just a day.

in other chanyeol related news op’s twitter says that a friend’s friend saw chanyeol getting the LOEY tattoo (so its real!!! according to this source) a week before the SM Town Concert, and apparently he said a lot of things like “wait!!! please wait a second!!!” n was whining while tattooing asASDdjf also says that he got the tattoo for a “new meaning,” sort of ordeal because he wants to only do / only focus on music 

guys lets be real if you wan’t to shit on tony you cANNOT use age of ultron as Source™ beCAUSE EVERYONE WAS SO OUT OF CHARACTER I MEAN

1) Steve “I Cant Afford Brooklyn” Rogers who once falsified government documents bc he wanted to serve that badly and clings to the past like its air and he’s asthmatic, as if the stubborn little fuck wouldn’t find a way to reclaim his home someway

2) Bruce and Natasha

3) Natasha’s biggest fear/regret/whatever is being infertile when it…wait seriously?….i really need to explain this one?

4) Steve “Language” Rogers who curses government officials left and right

5) Bruce thinking that creating Ultron in the same room as the Loki Scepter (which, in the first avengers film, manipulated him to Hulk Out and kill his friends) is a great idea

6) Bruce and Nat- wait I already said that right

7) Hawkeye has a family even though in the comics they explore the fact that he has trust issues or something like that i read a post somewhere but believe me hawkeye is too fucked up to settle down like that outta the blue

8) Thor…letting…people…lift…mew mew…as…if…its…a…joke….idk mAn but like??? He was basically gloating in that scene aaaand didn’t he grow up from Thor 1 where he was all macho man im the best and then hes all mature but now you give me a scene where he makes fun of his friends shoving the “youre not worthy” fact in their faces? Nuh-huh thats fckin loki in that red jacket i swear thor is too soft

9) Bruce and Natasha, a reminder

10) Maria Hill being all fckin vague when debriefing Steve of their enemies I am sorry but no….just no….“hes fast and shes weird” my ass that isn’t enough

11) The jewish twins volunteered to work with nazis

12) Bruce. And. Natasha

So, like, all the fucked up things that Tony did in age of ultron is basically an addition to joss whedon fucking up our characters, as always, read his wonder woman script

I rest my case

Baby witches:

I wanted to add to the growing list of posts that tell you that your craft is your own. You can do whatever you’d like, however you’d like, as much or as little as you’d like, just as long as you’re not taking from closed cultures.
But I see a lot of posts that say “13 things every young witch needs,” as if it’s a requirement to have crystals and herbs and jars. So I’m making it a point to say that whether you have rare herbs straight from the source of whatever country they grow in, or if you have only one tumbled rose quartz in your crystal arsenal, or maybe if you only have intent…

You. Are. A. Real. Witch.

You don’t need anything to be confident in your beliefs. Don’t let someone tell you that you need certain stuffs to validate your practice. Tools come with time, magic comes from within.

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Hey!! I love all of your art!! I'm sure you get this question a lot, but how can I learn to draw better? I keep drawing and drawing but never seem to get better. Should I try a new style? What should I do????? PLEASE GIVE ME HELP I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DRAW SO I CAN DRAW GAY FANART

thank you!!

learning to draw better is always a process, i’m afraid you’ll just have to take your time and practice friend! theres no real way to ‘get better’ and the truth is you are slowly improving! even if you can’t see the improvement yourself at the moment!

this graph here is a really good example


from the sound of it, it looks like you’re just at an art low but your ability of evaluating your art is high! you’re able to critique your own art and you’re aware of what you need to improve on. You can try new techniques, art styles view tutorials to improve but ultimately it will also take time

i know this isn’t exactly what you want to hear but im afraid theres no real other answer than to practice and challenge yourself :V


Space orcs hold my beer vs I'm good thanks

Over all humans are a hold my beer I’m winging it species, but there are individuals who dislike danger and will do what ever is needed to reduce the threat to what they care about.

Like, I have a friend who dislikes violence of any kind but if you threaten what she loves she will find a way to take you out of the picture before you can even blink.

She dislikes violence so she does what she has to in order to prevent it even if that means removing the source of conflict by force.

Can you imagine being an outsider watching this tiny human who has repeatedly said to dislike violence completely eradicate whatever threatens their crew? I feel like it would be a real balls to the wall oh shit I fucked up some one anyone save me moment.

  • Ino: what's the purpose of training bras?! what are we trying to teach the boobs?!
  • Sakura: they are trained to be the very breast
  • Hinata: like no one ever bras
  • Tsunade: to catch them is my real chest
  • Temari: to train them are my tata's
  • Anko: I will browse across the store
  • Tenten: trying on every size
  • Mei: need training bras to understand
  • Sakura: BOOBEMON
  • Ino: gotta hold 'em all

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Your animations are SO STINKIN' COOL. Can you point me to any tutorials or throw me some helpful hints? Especially for the amazing flickering flames. Flicker on, Pigeon!

THANK YOU! :D That means a lot!

Okay so, since you’re not the first person to ask me how I make my gifs and I’ve been procrastinating so hard the last couple of weeks I’m about to turn into a diamond, I figure I should post a tutorial now LOL.

First of all, gifs take a crap load of time, that’s why I cheat :D

All the flickering lights and smoothly animated objects you see in my gifs are 90% real life footage I found on gif websites or the like that I just converted for my own needs >:D

For example, the flames on this artwork:

are just recycled from the following gif:

the moth comes from this gif:

Now, the flickering effect is the easiest part actually:

1) you draw your lines and make a dark background:

2) Insert the source of your light, which would be a recycled gif of your choice = ~ a flame~ in the little lantern:

3) make a new layer where ALL THE LIGHT of your artwork is on:

4) add shadows ON A NEW LAYER above the “Lights” layer:

5) Go back on your “Light” layer and play with the opacity for every new animated frame and change it from 100% to 80% to 95% to 70% and so on to create a flickering effect:

And tadaa you have yourself a gif. Add some more colours with gradient layers to create a nice ambience and you’re set :


The Return

Originally posted by theb2knetwork

A/N: My crush for Jeff Hardy returned at full force. Hope everyone enjoys this.

Pairing: Jeff Hardy x F!Reader

Summary: Your Ex returns, sending you into a state of rage and panic. What is going to happen once he sees you and wants to talk about the breakup?

Warnings: Swearing

Tagging: @dontfretimashieldette @starstar1012 @whatdoyourelfhi-c @calwitch

Word Count: 1200+

You stood with your arms crossed, watching the monitor. The tag match was next. You wore a sweatshirt and your ring bottoms and boots. You just won the Raw’s women title.

An arm wrapped around you, looking up you see Shane. “Hey! You were great out there tonight! I was looking everywhere to congregate you!” You smiled at him and hugged him. “Thank you, Shane. You were amazing! The Coast to Coast was unbelievable!”

“Thank you.” Shane patted your back as you both pulled away. You watched the monitor as Karl and Luke finally made it down the long ramp.

Just as the bell was going to ring, the new day’s music hit. Shane’s arm tightened around you.

“I wonder who it’s going to be!” You laughed. “Jesus! Must they always do something like that?” You said, shaking your head with a smile.

Then their music hit and your body froze. The crowd went wild as the Hardy Boyz made their return. Matt and Jeff were walking down the ramp, while the crowd chanted “Delete! Delete! Delete!”

Shane kept you close as you tried to move away from him. “Let go of me, Shane.” You spoke through your teeth. “Listen…You have to understand I couldn’t-”

You cut him off. “You couldn’t tell me that my ex was coming back here! The same ex that broke my heart!” You hissed, ripping yourself away from him.

You met Jeff in TNA and dated him for almost three years. But the relationship came to a grinding halt when you were offered a spot in NXT. Jeff didn’t want you to go. He didn’t want you to leave and travel away from him.

You tried to reason with him. That this was something you wanted since you started. This was something you dreamt of.

He told you that if you sign you wouldn’t be together for very long. Relationships like that never lasted long.

So you told me you weren’t going to sign if it meant losing him.

You were on your way home when Matt had called you. “Hey what’s up, Matt?” You held the phone between your ear and shoulder as you turned your car down the road.

“Listen…Jeff…He…He’s in bed with another woman right now…I came over to pick up my ring gear that I left and I found them…I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You were shoving your ring gear into your bag quickly. You needed to get the hell out of here! Now! You couldn’t let him see you. You wiped away a tear that managed to escape. Your hands gripped the title belt, your jaw clenched. “Goddamnit!

You pulled your hood up as you slipped through fellow wrestlers and crew members. You wanted to get out of here as soon as you could. Unnoticed by your ex.

Just as you were about to push the exit door, you were stopped by a strong hand. You glanced over your shoulder and see him. Jeff mother fucking Hardy stood there with a confused look on his face.

“Where…Where are you going? Aren’t you going to stay for the whole show?” You look away from his face, you try to pull yourself away from him, one arm still extended to the exit door, but he holds you.

“No…I have to go.” Jeff tugs on you, trying to pull you away from the door. “Where!? Come on, stay for the show! No one leaves WrestleMania! You were amazing out there! I couldn’t-”

“I don’t care, Jeff. I’m leaving! Let me go!” You said, trying to pull away. “This isn’t because of me…Right?”

You wouldn’t look at him as you tried pulling on your arm. “Let me go..Just please let me go. Please..” Jeff stared at you, keeping his hold strong.

“No. Stay. You need to stay for the rest of the show.”

“Let me go and I’ll stay.” Jeff slowly let his grip go on you.

A week Later…

You were trying to put your sweatshirt on, but it got caught in your hair. You tried to free it from the sweatshirt, but the more tugging you did, the worse it got.

“Hold still.” His voice rung in your ear, making you freeze. Jeff’s hands began gently pulling your hair free from the fabric. His hands grabbed the helm and pulled it down, your head popped out.

You pushed your arms through the sleeves, averting your gaze. “You looked nice tonight.” You glanced at him. “Thanks. I liked your face paint.”

Jeff smiled. “Thanks. The crowd was very lively tonight.” You nodded your head. “Yeah…I gotta get going…Few things I need to do before I have to do this Ride Along thing.”

“Can we talk real quick?” You went to walk away. “We just did.” Jeff grabbed your arm. “I meant about us. About what happened.”

You followed Jeff down an empty corridor. You pushed your hands into the pockets of your sweatpants as you both stopped, your sneakers suddenly became your source of attention.

“I’m sorry.” You shook your head. “Don’t you think it’s a little late for an apology? You cheated on me and never talked to me again! I got my stuff from our place and you never spoke two words to me! And now you say sorry!”

Jeff looked down at his hands. “I did it so you would sign and go on to live your dream.” You looked up at him. “W-What?” It came out like a whisper.

“I cheated so you would sign with WWE. You weren’t going to because what I said…I couldn’t let that happen. I cheated so you would hate me with every fiber of your being and sign with them.”

You ran your hands down your face. “Why didn’t you…Why didn’t you just tell me to sign with them instead! Why didn’t you just break up with me like a normal person!”

Jeff looked at you, his eyes flicker over your face. “Because you wouldn’t have signed if I was still in the picture! If I…If I just broke up with you, you would’ve stayed. You would’ve missed your chance at this! At the world’s largest stage! I couldn’t hold you back from that!”

“You…You don’t know what I would’ve done. If you told me all this…” You ran a hand over your head. “If you would’ve just spoken to me…If you would’ve just fucking spoken to me like anyone else would have, we could’ve been happy and together.” You hissed through your teeth.

“I loved you…I still fucking love you and I hate myself for it. I hate that you can still make me feel all this!” Jeff caught your arm and pulled you into his body.

“I still love you, Darlin’.” You let your head fall against his chest, his fell against the top of yours.

“I can’t do this, Jeff. I can’t lose again.” You tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t allow you. “You aren’t going to lose me. I’m here to stay.”

“Do you promise?” Jeff smiled against your hair. “Yes, I promise.”