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Thank you for continuing to calmly and intelligently discuss your ideas about stuff like internet anonymity in the face of people telling you that you're Hitler and you should die in a fire.... It can't be easy to read stuff like that and actually engage in it in any meaningful way. You're fighting the good fight man, thank you for that.

Everyone gets passionate, and everyone says things in the heat of the moment that maybe they wouldn’t say, otherwise. I know that I do that, even though I try not to.

Hopefully, after three decades online, I’ve learned to identify that sort of thing and separate it from someone who is just being a dickwagon for the lulz, and I try my best to address the substance of what they are saying, even if the way they say it isn’t exactly the most constructive way to communicate. Again, I am guilty of that, myself.


after everything that’s happened, everyone knows how I feel about you, including you.

I don’t know what to say to you anymore. even now that everyone knows, I can’t seem to just stop liking you. I know you’ll never see this, but I didn’t see a reason not to write this out.

you’re so sweet and lovely and always nice. the one thing that’s bothered me is your lack of response. gosh I wish I could just talk to you.

maybe soon


Mrs. Somebody

I want to be Mrs. Somebody,
Get married to the right man for me–
My one true love, soulmate, meant-to-be.
My heart cries out to him, even now;
Like it’s saying, “I’m waiting for you,
‘Cause I know that no one else will do.”
He’s the one I’ll give my whole self to,
And I can’t wait to give him my vow.

But wait I must, though it can be tough–
Everyone else seems to be in love–
I wonder if I’m not good enough.
I am, but sometimes it’s hard to see.
I know not everyone else is part
Of a couple, other lonely hearts
Are wanting their “forever” to start…
Including one Mr. Somebody.

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it's just funny because all the people i ask outside of tumblr/twitter who watch the 100 always say that bellamy and clarke have feelings for each other. Like they don't even ship anything but of the 20 other people i know who watch it they're like ohhhh yeah they're definitely happening. So it's funny when Clexa shippers think Bellarke shippers are delusional for thinking it's a thing, because literally EVERYONE can see it smh :p

Agreed. And yet, any time we try to point it out, we’re called out for heteronormativity. WTF?! They’re being written like that! We’re not blind. They can’t wish it into not being true just because they don’t like it or are threatened by it. It’s THERE.

Oikawa Tooru - Love Letter

Hey sweetie.

Good morning!

I’m sorry I’m not in bed right now, but I thought you might enjoy this little note from me. I hate leaving you without you being awake. I like watching you wake up – not in a creepy way before you tell everyone I’m creepy. When you wake up, you do this cute little yawn that melts my heart. I hate missing that. But hey. I’m working for our amazing wedding we’re going to have.

I know I usually just leave you a text message but this is far too special.

It feels surreal that last night I proposed to you. It was like a dream that I wished that would keep repeating. Your face when I grabbed that mic and went down on one knee. I can’t believe you cried and sobbed while saying “I do” wow such tears. It was supposed to be a happy time!!! But to be fair, I noticed your dad was crying too. Also you HAVE to commend me on how I proposed to you! We didn’t even need to like, organise an engagement party because everyone was already there! Two birds with one stone!

I just love you. I’m sorry I’m away to work so early. You’ve made me the happiest man and we’re not even married yet. God. I can’t wait to spend married life with you. You’re going to be beautiful. It’s actually pretty surreal. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wishing for this for a long time. It’s pretty funny since we basically have talked about what we want for our wedding and it just feels bizarre but exciting that we’re actually talking about it becoming reality…

I can’t wait to see you later.

Thank you for being with me.

Your fiancé, Oikawa Tooru.

I love you.

Drabble #14,15

mcxmax for an anon :) Enjoy!! 
I also hit the 150 follower mark the other day so thank you to each and everyone of you!!! I can’t say enough how much it means to me that you read my fanfics, I love you kind souls very very much <3 

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Check the ones I’ve already done/ or have been requested on the masterpost :)

>> #14. “Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.”
#15. “You don’t know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…”<<

ship: mcxmax
warnings: underage alcohol consumption?, language
wordcount: 970+

Max was drunk. 

His father was away on yet another business trip and Max had decided to help himself to the strong flask of whisky that was hidden in his office. Now he was sitting alone at the local park, rocking slowly back and forth on the swing and staring up at the starry sky.

His usual bravado was mellowed after a few gulps of alcohol but it had ignited another feeling within him. Sorrow. 

Fumbling in his pocket for his phone, he laughed bitterly at his misfortune. How had he been rejected? By Sabrina, of all people. He was embarrassed by how he had put his heart out on the line, and she had turned him down. 

He kept replaying what happened in the afternoon in his head. He had strolled onto the grounds of Sabrina’s school as if he owned the place and had declared loudly to her that she was going to the prom with him.

She had sat there staring at him blankly, before politely pulling him away to talk to him privately. Her words still rang in his ears. 

“Why are you asking me to your prom?” 

“Why not? We’re dating aren’t we?”

Sabrina shook her head, “I think you’re mistaken, if you consider us to be dating. Max, we went on one date almost a month ago and then you completely ignored my messages, you’re not exactly what I’d call dating material.” 

She could tell from his reaction that Max hadn’t been prepared for this response and she gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder, “I’m sure you can find someone else who’s dying to go with you, c’mon you’re Max Warren!” 

He had been friend-zoned.

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Playing Pretend (Oikawa/Kageyama)


Word Count: 2,010

“No way, it can’t be true, can it?”

“I’ll die if it’s true!”

Tobio frowns as he walks past gaggles of girls whom are all whining and crying, clutching each other for support like they’ll collapse if someone doesn’t hold them up.

“Everyone saying he’s dating—”

“But they’re both boys!”

“Doesn’t really seem to matter to the two of them.”

“It’s not fair!”

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hey everyone. just letting you know that when im not on tumblr, im on natter. it’s a cool app where you have 5 words ( for.more.words) to say stuff. you can also post pictures. and the staff actually talks to us and listens to what we say! my username is theCIA. let’s make natter more popular please. i really like it there.

“I hate how everyone is just focusing on Hiccstrid and Toothless. The others are just not getting enough love! Especially when some people say they don’t like the TV series only because there is not enough Hiccstrid to please them! I hope they will make more short movies and episodes WITHOUT shipping so that the fans can know that a story’s quality does not depend on shipping.”

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Weird question, but is Toronto really as cool as everyone says? I hear it's pretty much like paradise: LGBT folk are accepted, you can get anywhere on either foot or by public transportation, and there's really nice food.

i absolutely love toronto, for some reason a lot of ppl i know who were born and raised here want(ed) to leave but i rly rly love it here. it’s v ideal despite the cold winters. as with anywhere not everywhere is super lgbtqia+ friendly but i hardly ever feel unsafe w my queer identity. there are a lot of great restaurants and neat little neighborhoods :+)

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Hi it's the anon before that's also struggling to learn Chinese even though I am Chinese...I'm taking a Chinese course at my school and omg my friends had the same reaction as yours. Is it just me that feels awkward about it when someone asks you how to say something or ask to read something in Chinese but you don't understand it and you're like "sorry I can't read that/don't know how to say that" and yes! Let's study hard and impress everyone with our multilingual skills! ~Chinese anon

eXACTLY ME AAAAAA /clings to u/ I can’t wait for the day when someone points something out and I can actually explain to them what it is :’) Let’s work hard!!

- Admin Audrey

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Hi! Just wanted to see, but when will you believe that a relationship is real and not a fake? Don't get me wrong, I know all this stuff going on right now is all stunts, (the only thing I ever believed was zayn and Perrie) but I'm just wondering what it would take for you to believe it was real? I can imagine say for example Selena and Niall getting together and everyone saying that's PR aswell, like what will it take for it to be real to you/us/me?

I don’t feel empty, I just feel hollow
Cause it’s my shell that matters but my insides are running low
The light bulb went out a long time ago
And now I’ve only got the faintest of a glow
I feel a little hollow and they say you’ll fill me up
But the road up to the well is looking kind of rough
I know that everyone else can take it so I’m trying to be tough
Maybe I’m already there and this is supposed to be enough
I don’t understand unending waters
I don’t understand supernatural fathers
I feel like a failure, and I feel like a bother
But every time I walk away I hear him calling “Daughter.”


Samantha A.

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Oh okay, this seems like a good idea!!! Plus I get to say lovely things about lovely people~ Sadly I’m not gonna be able to write something for everyone as I don’t have that much time :( so I apologize to those missing from this, but please know you are still so precious and special to me!!! (I also have like two more of these in my inbox so I’ll probably make a part 2 or something?) I love you dearly!!! I’ll put it under the cut!!!

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Why does everyone hate Yui I just want to give her hot chocolate and a hug

I really don’t know why….why can’t they see that she never asked to be food for sadistic vampires who keeps abusing her every single day, getting no privacy, have their familiars track her every move. She tries her best everyday, still cares and worries about them and what does she get in return? more abuse or ‘punishment’ as they say. Nothing can justify what they do to her, even though i understand to a certain degree, why they are like that. But still, it can’t be justified even though they all have their own share of difficult past, such as Kou who in my opinion, has the worst past of all of the vampires.

Yui is a precious cinnamon roll, way too good for this world and deserves the best;w;♥ 

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I know everyone's questioning The Larries' enthusiasm over Payneton, but is it at all possible they've been fed information from 'insiders' again? Or there's a "plant", as we like to say, who came into the Ziam fandom to encourage the idea that not only is Liam queer, he's with someone who isn't Zayn!!! I just find it curious how this started among like, four people (who are liam stans/ slightly anti- ziams, no?) and has become ... whatever this is.

oh i definitely think it’s been peddled around by “insiders”. funny how certain ziam blogs are dead set on shutting down any sort of intelligent discussion on what’s going on huh? btw, personal attacks are a sign of someone losing an argument. the more you see people indirecting and mud slinging… the more you gotta question why they’re so #pressed.

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Why does everyone dismiss my emotions? I can't even express excitement without being told "it's silly"!

Hey anon,

I don’t know why people are invalidating like that; I just know that they can be.

But your emotions are valid and worthwhile, no matter what others say. Try not to listen to those people. What you feel is real and valid and not silly at all.


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the yellowish-blond disappears, dye usually goes a few shades lighter after a few washes! but i have a question, how did you get that shade from black?

well, i wasn’t actually black, i was brunette with natural reddish shades. and that’s why after the first bleaching i was YELLOW (thanks to my red tendency). like psychedelic gold yellow. i had to bleach my hair THREE TIMES to reach a yellowish platinum-white (and burn my head in the process). and honestly, even if everyone says i look good with it, i’m kinda really pissed?

see? i wanted it WHITE. and that’s the whiter i got after bleaching it three times. honestly, i don’t know if i can stay like this the necessary time to be ready to do it the fourth time? i just cannot really see myself blonde. i wanted it white and this middle stage is really bothering me lots. i’m really considering in dyeing it back dark.

okay but I have this super crack headcanon:

During the first book, even after Kai discovers that Cinder is lunar and a cyborg we still know that he feels confused about her but there’s also some admiration there so imagine that Kai finds this little netsite made by basically anonymous Cinder fans from all over the world and at first Kai’s like “wow how can they support her she’s a lunar!! and a cyborg!!! and a fugitive!!!” but then he checks the site and everyone is saying stuff like “omg she’s a mechanic! she’s so cool! Can you believe she faced Levana?!” and Kai’s like “I KNOOOW RIGHT!” and he becomes  a regular in the netsite even submitting long rants and being well-known between the users.

and of course, Cress finds out about this. Now picture Cress at the end of the revolution, just casually talking to Kai and calling him by the nickname he used at the forum

“Hahaha, you’re so funny, TheRealKaiderTrash18

and he just gasps in horror.