like i got flustered just watching the video

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Match Ups, woot! So a pal of mine describes me as a hopeless romantic dork. I'm a really passive person when it comes to most things, and easily flustered to boot. I like drawing, creating characters, baking, casual video games, and recently got reintroduced to my love of musicals. People normally call me sweet and too soft, considering I push my own feelings aside for others. Drawing is a big part of me, been dedicated to it since I was a kid. Love watching romcoms, and just comedies in general

Your perfect match is Yoosung Kim

He also is a hopeless romantic dork, and gets flustered just by someone saying his name seductively. He loves your drawings and asks you all sorts of questions about your OCs. He thinks that you’re very sweet, and he sometimes worries that you don’t take care of your own emotions. He will watch romcoms with you like the romantic nerd he is, but he’s also gonna cuddle the heck outta ya while he’s at it.

When their idol s/o group releases a dance practice that’s a bit sexual

Thanks for the ask :D! I already did the EXO reaction before~ (it’s a little bit different but the main point is the same~)

Here it is:

When they see you dance a really sexy dance

Now for the BTS reaction!~ I hope you like it anon^_^


‘’Aish I can do so much better than them. Look at ma moves!’’

sorry I love this gif xD


*He’s turned on after he saw the released video.*

J-Hope: ‘’Get a room Jimin and do your ‘stuff’ there, we’ve got kids here after all.’’

95z line and Kookie: ‘’YAA!!’’


*Mental struggle while watching the video.*

’Oh my god I shouldn’t look, but I really want to.. but I can’t … what to do what to do. Just one peek is alright… right?? Right…?’’ *Flustered and a blushing mess*


*Confused maknae needs a moment before realizing what is happening. His members storm the room before it gets to the hot and sexy part of the video.*

‘’Whoa their movements are so awesome, wait what’s happening?’’

Jimin: ‘’ You can’t watch it Kookie!! You’re too innocent!!’’

J-Hope: ‘’Quick! Turn off the TV!’’

‘’Wh- what wait what’s going on????’’



*Dancing to it and admiring the movents.*

‘’Oh yeah that’s it, they’ve got the jams~’’

Jimin:*Stares at him dancing* ‘’Make him stop, please someone stop him.*

Jin:*Films it.* ‘’I’m so going to post it on our Youtube channel..’


*I think the gif explains everything XD*

V: ’’Hyung… just don’t..’’ *Shoves him out of the way.*


*Watches the video together with Jimin.*

‘’Oh my god did you see that? How can she bend like that. Aish that must’ve hurt.’’

Jimin: ‘’Idk man, looks hella sexy though.’’

‘’THERE!! Again! How is that humanly even possible?!’’ *More focused on the bending part than on how sexy the video is *

I hope you liked it XD Sorry for the late reply! Tell me if you’re not satisfied with the EXO reaction and I will try to make another one :3 ( since it’s not exactly the same as your question)

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I am like 99% sure that Holtzmann has this bravado when flirting to girls but when its reverse she gets super nervous and shy and doesn’t know what to do with herself...

I read all these Holtzbert fics where Erin gets jealous because she sees Holtz flirting with other women but in my mind, I see Holtz reacting basically like Kate McKinnon.

If you have spend days watching Kate McKinnon videos, you know what I am talking about if you don’t then, she gets supper flustered when it happens and is surprisingly shy when it comes to it (I noticed this one in the interview with Ellen when Leslie was just being silly and was telling Kate to kiss her and she got all  shy about it, it was super cute) anyway, I have noticed the pattern.

I feel like that’s who Jillian is tbh… For someone who never had any friends I doubt she would be all confident when girls flirt with her. She’d shy away faster then when you get burned.