like i got flustered just watching the video

I am like 99% sure that Holtzmann has this bravado when flirting to girls but when its reverse she gets super nervous and shy and doesn’t know what to do with herself...

I read all these Holtzbert fics where Erin gets jealous because she sees Holtz flirting with other women but in my mind, I see Holtz reacting basically like Kate McKinnon.

If you have spend days watching Kate McKinnon videos, you know what I am talking about if you don’t then, she gets supper flustered when it happens and is surprisingly shy when it comes to it (I noticed this one in the interview with Ellen when Leslie was just being silly and was telling Kate to kiss her and she got all  shy about it, it was super cute) anyway, I have noticed the pattern.

I feel like that’s who Jillian is tbh… For someone who never had any friends I doubt she would be all confident when girls flirt with her. She’d shy away faster then when you get burned.