like i got flustered just watching the video


Summary: Music videos are never completely without Lin taking his girlfriend along.
Warnings: so much romantic crap has been put into this, I apologize

Did I really write a fic about the making of that music video? Why yes, yes I did. This is really short and stuffed with fluff, so you have been warned.

“Bet ten bucks you’re gonna screw up your part.”

“If you say that again, I’m gonna kick you out.”

You laughed, head tipping back, while Lin just glared at you. The two of you were currently at the studio with Jordan and a camera crew, getting ready to shoot another section of the music video. You’d never gotten to see a music video being filmed before, so you probably looked like a dork: gawking at all the equipment and lighting, running your fingers over the piano keys like you’d never seen a piano before.

You thought you’d caught Jordan watching you peer into a camera lens earlier and chuckle to himself. Not that you minded. He was an awfully nice person and you were glad Lin had brought you along (“for moral support,” he claimed). And you could get your revenge on him later. Maybe he couldn’t sing as well if you made faces at him from behind the cameraman….

Your thoughts were interrupted when Lin playfully snatched your ball cap from your head. “Hey!” you protested, jumping up from where you were seated on the piano bench.

“You’re trying to get me to mess up,” he returned. You made to swipe at the hat and he held it up above your head. “You don’t deserve this hat.”

“Lin!” You tried to sound mad at him, you really did, but he was giving you that glowing smile, the one that lit up his whole face. You grabbed at the cap again and he dodged you easily. Your momentum almost sent you stumbling into a microphone stand and you heard Lin snicker. That little— Spinning around, you caught him giving you a deceptively innocent look, as he placed your hat on his own head. You had to admit, he looked cute, with that soft sweater and his dark hair sticking out from under your hat—and dammit, you were getting distracted.

“Gimme that back!” You rushed at him and he swore, hands flying up to hold the hat down on his head. The two of you fought for it like ten-year-olds, you hopping up and down to reach for it and Lin darting this way and that to keep away from you. All the while, both of you were giggling stupidly. A few members of the crew looked on in amusement and someone muttered, “when’s the wedding?”

“Lin, you can’t wear that during the video!”

“Watch me!”

“Ugh!” You jumped again, finally got ahold of the cap’s brim, and promptly crashed into him on your way there. You yelped as your head bumped into his chest and heard him gasp your name when you stepped on his foot. Staggering back, he let go of the hat to steady you, hands settling on your arms. The two of you took a moment to catch your breath, the hat caught between you. With every shaky breath you took, you inhaled the clean, slightly-sweet smell of his cologne. Stifling a shiver, you shyly glanced up at him through your lashes. His hair was charmingly mussed from you whipping the hat off of him and you bit your lip over a smile.

The smile widened when he cast his eyes down toward the floor, bashful. “Don’t look at me like that,” he said softly. Then half of a giddy laugh escaped him when you stretched up to kiss his cheek. “(Y/N)!”

“What?” you asked innocently, placing another light kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Quit it, this is a music video, you know.”


“And there are cameras—(Y/N)!” He laughed again as you hooked an arm around his shoulders and danced your fingers over the ticklish spot on his neck. His hands went to your waist as though to push you away, but he didn’t. You let your lips wander toward his neck, grazing hotly along his jawline. His tiny gasp and the tightening of his fingers at your hips had you grinning triumphantly. Tilting your chin up toward him, you used your hold around his neck to pull him close.

“Sorry, am I distracting you, Mr. Miranda?” you murmured into his ear.

“I’m going to kill you,” he vowed, even as he turned his head to nuzzle your hair affectionately.

“Nah, you love me too much.”


“And I live with you, so if you kill me, no more of my fabulous cooking.”


Then you both jumped when one of the crew called from across the room. “Hey, uh, loverbirds! We should probably start shooting at some point today!”

Lin shot you a flat look, as though to say “look what you did.” But you only stuck your hat back on your head and gave him a push toward the studio. “What’re you waiting for? Get out there,” you teased.

“Yes, Your Highness,” he flashed back, tossing the words to you over his shoulder as he walked away.

You got your revenge later, when you winked at him from behind a cameraman halfway through the first shoot and he completely forgot his lines.

You have a 19+ rating on a video and you’re considered innocent (GOT7)

JB: -you personally have been in more than one. Your group made one and then you were in another groups video. Because of your sexy appearance something everyone wanted to have but you were all his. But all he could say was you were still his innocent lover that’s been his for a long time- “Y/N is still a good girl but very attractive and it constricts it all” 

Mark: -he kinda sat there for a second then looked at you after the video ended. You were quiet seducing throughout the whole video. He was getting jealous of the boy in your video because of all he was touching of you and how much was actually visible- “well um you’re very hot in this one babe. I can defiantly say that much”

Jackson: -not what he was expecting from your group. You had a very happy song last time and now the next was deep and sexy a lot like how they went with their MVs. For some reason he just couldn’t see your group doing such a thing- “I don’t know you guys just seem so cute and innocent and then your little mouth says such bad dirty things. You know not what you expect when I think of you guys”

Jr: -instantly noticed how gruesome it was and didn’t want to watch it. There was a lot of jump scary elements and monsters that no one should watch. He just shot you a look then shook his head when you asked him if he’d rewatch it- *gif*

Youngjae: -he was flustered by your appearance in the video and instantly noticed why it got it’s rating. He very much didn’t like when people brought it up to him because well it’s not the way he liked to picture you- “yes Y/N wore something revealing but you should listen to the song. It’s amazing”

BamBam: -he was on you like crazy after the video cam out. The amazing look you had was provocative and so was the dance. He was very very happy with it and was proud to talk about it because your body was his- “I want you to know I am very much proud to call you mine. No one else will have you. They can look but only I can touch”

Yugyeom: -he wasn’t happy because you weren’t even 19 in a 19+ video. You were his younger love and he didn’t like seeing your parade in something so revealing and wrong- “babe you know what I meant when I said I will be honest about how I felt. I don’t like the video. I don’t like people knowing how you look under those close. That was a me and you thing”

When their idol s/o group releases a dance practice that’s a bit sexual

Thanks for the ask :D! I already did the EXO reaction before~ (it’s a little bit different but the main point is the same~)

Here it is:

When they see you dance a really sexy dance

Now for the BTS reaction!~ I hope you like it anon^_^


‘’Aish I can do so much better than them. Look at ma moves!’’

sorry I love this gif xD


*He’s turned on after he saw the released video.*

J-Hope: ‘’Get a room Jimin and do your ‘stuff’ there, we’ve got kids here after all.’’

95z line and Kookie: ‘’YAA!!’’


*Mental struggle while watching the video.*

’Oh my god I shouldn’t look, but I really want to.. but I can’t … what to do what to do. Just one peek is alright… right?? Right…?’’ *Flustered and a blushing mess*


*Confused maknae needs a moment before realizing what is happening. His members storm the room before it gets to the hot and sexy part of the video.*

‘’Whoa their movements are so awesome, wait what’s happening?’’

Jimin: ‘’ You can’t watch it Kookie!! You’re too innocent!!’’

J-Hope: ‘’Quick! Turn off the TV!’’

‘’Wh- what wait what’s going on????’’



*Dancing to it and admiring the movents.*

‘’Oh yeah that’s it, they’ve got the jams~’’

Jimin:*Stares at him dancing* ‘’Make him stop, please someone stop him.*

Jin:*Films it.* ‘’I’m so going to post it on our Youtube channel..’


*I think the gif explains everything XD*

V: ’’Hyung… just don’t..’’ *Shoves him out of the way.*


*Watches the video together with Jimin.*

‘’Oh my god did you see that? How can she bend like that. Aish that must’ve hurt.’’

Jimin: ‘’Idk man, looks hella sexy though.’’

‘’THERE!! Again! How is that humanly even possible?!’’ *More focused on the bending part than on how sexy the video is *

I hope you liked it XD Sorry for the late reply! Tell me if you’re not satisfied with the EXO reaction and I will try to make another one :3 ( since it’s not exactly the same as your question)

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So I just watched that video.... out of all the stories she could have probably pick, she went with topless Darth Vader girl?! And she got flustered and high pitched just talking about it???!!!! What a useless [redacted]. I’d still die for her though.

I love that woman with like …. every fiber of my bean

You know, I thought that their panel couldn’t get any cuter, especially after the inside jokes and licking the table and basically telling each other, “You smell good.” But oh, how wrong I was. They just defied all expectations.

Misha talked about a dream he had a few nights ago, in which Maison had a ‘poop explosion’ and just would not let him clean her up properly. By the end, there was poop all over their house but “the amazing part” was that he woke up thinking, ‘Oh. I miss her.’

Then Jensen goes, “He did. He shared that with me.” Except he said “He shared me with that” first and got flustered as he corrected himself, while Misha just ducked his head like it was the most adorable thing in the world.

Now all I can think about (besides Misha missing his kids, which… please toss me back in the trash) is Misha getting up in the morning and being all, “Jensen, I had the weirdest/funniest/strangest dream.” And then Jensen might smile and say, “Yeah? Tell me what happened, Mish.” So Misha does, all squinty with his dark, messy bed head, after which they look at pictures of their families and watch a few cat videos before going to breakfast.

I am like 99% sure that Holtzmann has this bravado when flirting to girls but when its reverse she gets super nervous and shy and doesn’t know what to do with herself...

I read all these Holtzbert fics where Erin gets jealous because she sees Holtz flirting with other women but in my mind, I see Holtz reacting basically like Kate McKinnon.

If you have spend days watching Kate McKinnon videos, you know what I am talking about if you don’t then, she gets supper flustered when it happens and is surprisingly shy when it comes to it (I noticed this one in the interview with Ellen when Leslie was just being silly and was telling Kate to kiss her and she got all  shy about it, it was super cute) anyway, I have noticed the pattern.

I feel like that’s who Jillian is tbh… For someone who never had any friends I doubt she would be all confident when girls flirt with her. She’d shy away faster then when you get burned.