like i get chills every time i watch this scene


king bradley was honestly the most badass villian everrrr and this sequence where he returns to his “palace” to take it back over and fights an entire army of people single handedly is still one of my favorite scenes from anything, ever

(also its mirrored to keep youtube from taking it down)

My Favorite Broadway Musicals (as of right now) and My Favorite Songs from Said Musicals (as of right now):

Why, you may ask?  Because I have a lot of emotions and opinions that led me to spend an hour in the shower figuring this list out I just want to share a little bit more about myself with you guys. ;3

#1. Hamilton: An American Musical 

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Now, hold on.  Before you just write me off as someone who just hopped on the bandwagon for the sake of hopping on the bandwagon- let me explain.  

Like many people, Hamilton means a lot to me for many different reasons.  Also like many others, it’s a piece of art that has moved and touched me in ways that very few others in any type of media have.  

To start with, it had a million things going for me before I even gave the album a listen.  

  1. The American Revolution is my favorite subject in history.  Always has been.  Always will be.  I actually remember learning about Hamilton’s decision at Yorktown to empty all of their bullets out and charge in practically unarmed, and thinking that whoever was in charge was straight up insane.  I also remember turning around to my 7th grade classmates saying, “That worked?  That actually worked?!” Surprise: no one cared.
  2. I am a young writer, suffering from incredible amounts of self doubt like every other writer ever constantly wondering if choosing such an uncertain career path is the right thing to do, and if it’s even possible to make a real difference armed with nothing but words and ideas.  This musical is “a love letter to writers”.  
  3. Alexander Hamilton and I are birthday buddies.  Not kidding.  I’m also the same personality type as John Laurens, so if I could time-travel and Alex and I could meet up…I think things could go well. Just saying.
  4. I also have a bit of a legacy complex. Nowhere near as severe as Hamilton’s, but it’s real. It’s a thing.

My Top 5 Hamilton Songs because I like to torture myself

1. “My Shot”
2. “Non-Stop”
3. “Burn”
4. “Satisfied”
5. “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story”

I’m not going to go into detail because I have three other musicals to get to, and this post is already way longer than I expected. But if you really want to know- feel free to ask me, and I’d be happy to go in depth about it.  Assuming people are still reading this. 

#2- The Phantom of the Opera

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Alright, I’m not going to go into this too much, since I know this musical gets a lot of flack, but here are my reasons: 

  1. It was the first non-Disney musical theatre show that really got me interested in the world of Broadway and musical theatre in general.  
  2. Say what you like about the story, but the music is gorgeous and also incredibly catchy.
  3. I’m a soprano 1.  I live for high notes and well…Christine’s last note in the title song is what I aspire to. I can hit it and notes above it, but I need more training in order to go about reaching and sustaining it properly without straining my voice
  4. I love roses. And masks. And Christine’s dresses except for that God-awful brown one in “Past the Point of No Return”. Plus the “Masquerade” one is a bit gaudy, but mainly the brown one. Ugh. The whole production is just very aesthetically pleasing to me. My dream is to attend a real masquerade ball once in my life…let me dream.
  5. It was my first Broadway show. ‘nuff said

My Top 5 Phantom Songs: 

1. “Think of Me”
2. “Music of the Night”
3. “Phantom of the Opera”
4. “Past the Point of No Return”
5. “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”

I really wanted to put in the Finale, but I felt it was kind of cheating due to how many melodies resurface during it.

#3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Stage Musical  (La Jolla and Papermill Playhouse)

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Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “But Ink!  You said BROADWAY musicals.” Listen.  This should have been on Broadway.  It met all of the qualifications.  It was dazzling, had an unbelievable cast, gorgeous score and lyrics by Alan Menken and freaking Steven Schwartz for crying out loud!  It was incredibly well received by audiences, but it is rumored that the cost is what killed it which is a load of horse crap in my opinion due to the fact they had a full choir.  Honestly, I’ve heard tons of theories.  All I know for certain is: this musical is phenomenal, and I’m glad that the rights are available to professional theatre companies, that way the show can continue to live on.  They also have a magnificent album on iTunes and YouTube, so check it out!!  So, here very quickly are my reasons: 

  1. Michael Arden.  From his angelic, powerhouse of a voice, to his integration of Quasimodo’s hearing impairment which leads to his affected speech in the show, his insane physicality, and the vulnerability and honesty he brings to his performance.  He’s just a phenomenal artist in every respect, and I felt like I learned so much as an actor just by listening and watching his performances. 
  2. The story is incredibly rich.  This incarnation serves as the perfect balance between Victor Hugo’s original source material and the Disney movie’s beautiful songs along with brand new orchestrations and songs that just add so much life and depth to the story.  
  3. The storytelling.  The choices in set, design, and costume adds so much to this tale.  It has some of the most brilliant choices I’ve seen on stage.  I just- you have to see it, there are too many things to touch upon.
  4. The freaking symbolism.  There’s so much of it in this show, but not too much that you feel overwhelmed.  Just enough that you walk away feeling inspired and wanting to dig deeper and really reflect on life and society and the value of life and death….it’s just awesome, okay?!  
  5. The moment Michael Arden transforms from an ‘ordinary man’, walking upright in a plain tunic to Quasimodo on stage with nothing but some black lines he smears on his face to represent his facial deformities, a green cloak, a pillow on a rope tied across his body to be his ‘hump’, and the way he twists his body to make it all come together.  Every time I watch that part of the scene, where he turns around to face the audience as Quasi and he rings the bell, I get chills.  

My Top 5 Favorite Hunchback Songs:

1. “Made of Stone”
2. “Someday”
3. “Esmeralda”
4. “Hellfire” 
5. “Finale”

This show has the best Entr’acte I’ve heard in my entire life.  If you love epic choral pieces- definitely look it up.  Also, you haven’t heard the definitive version of “Hellfire” until you’ve heard Patrick Page do it justice.  And I’m not just saying that because he always likes my stuff on twitter.

#4: Les Miserables

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I really don’t think I have to explain myself very much here.  It’s a classic piece of musical theatre with an epic, sweeping score, rebellion, revolution, gorgeous ballads, all surrounding a message of hope and redemption during humanity’s darkest moments.  It’s right up my alley.  But, I’m not gonna lie- like many of you, the movie was my first real introduction into the show, but since then I’ve watched the 10th anniversary concert and I’ve done my homework on the show’s history. Colm Wilkinson rocks my socks. God bless him. 

My top 5 Les Mis Songs: 

1. “One Day More”
2. “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”
3. “Bring Him Home”
4. “Valjean’s Soliloquy”
5. “I Dreamed a Dream”

Now, please don’t skewer me on your pitchforks for not including “On My Own”.  It was a very close 6 for me.  “Valjean’s Soliloquy” has a lot of personal significance for me, and I just couldn’t overlook it.  Plus, I listened to Susan Boyle’s version of “I Dreamed a Dreamed” wayyy to many times on my iPod nano to let that one slide.  “Do You Hear The People Sing” is of course incredible, but it’s just really, really short. 

Anywho, there you have it.  That’s like three hours of sleep I’ll never get back.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  If you did, go ahead and tell the world what YOUR favorite shows and songs are and why!  Make it a tag if you like!  That might be cool.  

If anyone out there enjoys my ranting and wants to see me dissect each of my favorite songs or musicals- feel free ask me and I’ll dedicate a whole post to each answer.  

Have an awesome day everyone!!! 

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Now to sleep into oblivion


Favourite Episodes by Season
For anon who asked: “Favorite episode from each season and why if you have time?”

Hello dear anon!

I figured I’d narrow it down to S1 to S10 given that we haven’t seen all the episodes of S11 yet for me to judge, which one of the episodes I like best. In general it is really hard for me to narrow down to just one episode per season, because there are many more episodes  I quite love. These ten here are among my all time favourite episodes. That out of the way, here comes my reasoning for picking these episodes. Btw, in general, you will see most of these episodes are rather Dean heavy. :)

1x12 “Faith”: This episode was probably the one that sealed the deal with Supernatural for me when I started watching the show. I already felt pretty strongly for Dean as latest as 1x03 “Dead in the Water”, but 1x12 “Faith” to me set up one of the storylines and aspects of Dean that until this day keeps getting explored and emphasized and it is the specialness of Dean’s heart, which after this episode has been point of interest more than once. Be it the framing of him as the tin man or his heart as a symbol for what makes Dean so Dean: His immeasuraly ability to love, that’s his biggest strength. Furthermore the episode shone a light on Dean’s lack of faith as well as lack of self worth with him being more than okay to die. In my opinion this episode alluded as a first one to Dean’s role and and importance in the grand scheme of things, the Righteous Man and Michael’s vessel as Roy Le Grange told him “it was the the Lord, who guided him” and made him look into Dean’s heart where he saw “a young man with an important purpose and it isn’t finished yet”.

The rest of the explanation for my choice behind the cut. :)

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4x05 olicity meta

Though this moment from 4x05 isn’t talked about a lot, this underappreciated gem is one of my absolute favorite Olicity scenes. Despite the fact that not a single word is said between them, it’s still one of the most powerful Olicity scenes to date, IMO. There’s a quiet, unspoken chemistry here that manages to speak volumes about the love that Oliver and Felicity have for each other.

There’s the way Oliver immediately runs to Felicity after being caught in a world so close to death; a world that, according to Constantine, they could have found themselves trapped in for eternity if things went wrong. There’s the way he falls into her arms and the way she catches him; the way he collapses against her and she holds him up. He just needs to touch her, to know that she’s real, to know that she’s with him. Oliver’s fear and desperation is palpable in this scene. 

There’s the way he clings to her, his arms wrapped completely around her…and the way she clings back; her hand on his chest and then on his neck, almost like she’s checking to make sure his heart’s still beating. She needs to know that he’s okay; to know that he’s still with her, too.

There’s the way he rests his face against her head, eyes closed, like he never wants to let her go again; like he wants to stay like this forever.

There’s the way she strokes her hand over his chest, like she’s trying to memorize the way his heart feels beating hard and strong under her hand.

There’s the way they hold each other so close that there’s no space between them, like they trying to melt into each other, to literally become one. The way she clings to him just as tightly as he clings to her, fisting her hand in his shirt. The way she rests her head over his heart like she’s listening to that steady heartbeat and letting it ground her.

Neither of them wants to let go.

He leans on her and she holds him up and it’s just so damn beautiful.

God, I get chills every damn time I watch this. When that behind the scenes photo came out, I had high hopes for this scene, and they did NOT disappoint. It was even better than I thought it could be.

This is such a small scene, but at the same time, it’s everything.

anonymous asked:

Ok but like literally every time I rewatch the Malec kiss scene my heart starts beating so fast and I get like all the chills. It's like every time I'm watching it for the first time and I get so excited I never felt this way about a fucking ship before


I think I rewatch this scene at least 20 times a week tbh. I am still amazed processing the fact that my 2 favorites kissed. That I’ve waited 4 years to see this happen on screen. That I’ve lived long enough to be blessed with this. That my blushing closeted grumpy-but-oh-so-lovable bby Alexander Gideon Lightwood grabbed Magnus by his lapels and kissed him at his own wedding, in front of everyone. That he finally came out. That Magnus finally gets the love he deserves, after almost giving up. That Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr kissed, beautifully, naturally, with passion so believable all I can think of everytime I watch it is Malec, and love.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #41

BTVS 2x17 Passion


Stray thoughts

1) So I didn’t expect this episode to affect me that much after having watched it A LOT of times, but it still does. BTVS knows how to break my heart into a million pieces every single time.

2) You know shit is about to get real when an episode starts with a “Previously on…”

3) Angelus might be one of the worst psychotic murderous villains in all television history, but he was quite the poet. I’m sure anyone who has watched this episode at least once still remembers the opening and closing voiceover.

Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?

Just brilliant.

4) See, Twilight? When a guy creeps into your bedroom in the middle of the night and watches you sleep, it’s not romantic! It’s creepy, disturbing, TERRIFYING!

This is not something that should be romanticized. This should be a huge warning sign!

5) I love when a show makes fun of itself.

Xander:  Excuse me, but have you ever heard of knocking?

Jonathon: We’re supposed to get some books. On Stalin. 

Xander:  Does this look like a Barnes & Noble?

Giles:  This is a school library, Xander.

Xander:  Since when?

6) Is this a thing that happens for real in American schools? Do teachers really get to choose one of their students as a sub without checking with the school authorities first? 

7) Giles’ face when Jenny reveals she’s in love with him, though.

8) Oh god, I just noticed this and it broke my heart.

Jenny: I just wanna be right with you. I don’t expect more. I just want so badly to make all this up to you.

Giles:  I understand. But I’m not the one you need to make it up to.

See, if Giles hand’t said that, then Jenny wouldn’t have tried to find a way to restore Angel’s soul so that he and Buffy could be together again and Angelus wouldn’t have tracked her down and then oh god Jenny would have lived. Do you think if Giles ever wondered if things might have been different had he been more forgiving of Jenny? If he hadn’t pushed her to mend fences with Buffy before they could be together again? This is just so sad.

9) “Don’t tell me. He’s changed. He’s not the same guy you fell for?” That’s the understatement of the century.

10) So Willow was feeding her fish but didn’t notice the lack of fish in the aquarium?

11) RIP Willow’s fish, though.

And I’m grateful she didn’t have a puppy, too. That’s something I couldn’t have stood to watch, just the thought of it gives me the creeps!

12) Buffy admitting she cares too much about Giles to prevent him from being happy because of her grudge is the most lovely thing she could’ve done.

13) “Oh, thank goodness. I actually had to talk my grandmother into switching cars with me last night.” Bless you, Cordy. I’m sure your grandma could’ve fended for herself against the vamps.

14) Oranges, am I right?

15) So this is what the restoration spell is about, in case you were wondering.

As the orb is round in nature, as the earth is round in nature and the heavens are round in nature, so is the soul. Return from whence you were banished, using this orb as your guide - penetrate every ounce of the flesh, every sinew of the body and every tissue of the heart. Make what lays before you more than the empty vessel that is animal, that is beast  - make it man as God created when he separated the firmament of the heavens from the earth. Come forth now, return, return. As the orb burns, let life burn. 

It’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it? 

16) Now, Angelus didn’t really need an invitation to enter a public school building, did he?

17) And then THE scene…

I know Buffy is often (wrongly, in my opinion) labeled a “horror” show, because vampires + monsters = horror, I guess. But it’s not that often that the show actually delivers scenes that can fall under that genre. This is one of those rare instances. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this episode, but I can still feel the dread and the tension and the suspense building up. I’m rooting for Jenny, I almost hope Jenny will make it out alive every time I watch this episode. And I’m still heartbroken every time she doesn’t. It’s a testament to the awesomeness of this show that after all these years I still get chills watching this scene, as if I’m not expecting what I know will happen. (btw, if by any chance you’ve seen recaps or video reactions to this episode by spoiler-free first-time viewers, send them my way because I really really want to vicariously experience the shock from someone else’s first viewing)

What makes this death scene even worse, if that’s even possible, is the fact that Angelus doesn’t even act like a vampire, he’s just a psychotic murderer. He doesn’t try to bite her or feed from her or turn her. He just gets in vamp face to further scare her, not that it was necessary. He’s in it for the thrill of the hunt, the chase, and the kill. He doesn’t even look back after he snaps her neck. It’s all so vicious and depraved. 


Willow:  Oh, yeah. It went fine. Well, it went fine until Angel showed up and told Buffy’s mom that he and Buffy had… Well, you know, that they had… you know. You do know, right?

Giles:  Oh, yes. Yes. Sorry.

Willow: Oh, good, ‘cause I just realized that being a ibrarian and all, you maybe didn’t know.

Oh, Willow, as if you hand’t fantasized about what this particular librarian would know about that

19) And for once, Joyce did quite a decent job at parenting.

Buffy: I can’t tell you everything.

Joyce:  How about anything? Buffy, you can shut me out of your life, I am pretty much used to that. But don’t expect me to ever stop caring about you, because it’s never gonna happen. I love you more than anything in the world.

It was about damn time, Joyce.

20) I may or may not have started crying right when I saw this.

The way Angelus set Giles up is so much worse that any kind of physical torture he could’ve possibly inflicted on him. Angelus rejoiced in inflicting and witnessing emotional torture and pain and that’s definitely one of the most horrifying things anyone can do. Angelus was the worst, you know?

21) Exhibit B.

22) Didn’t the cops search Giles’ house, though? Didn’t they notice the trunk full of deadly (medieval!) weapons? Didn’t they have any questions? Didn’t they consider for just a second that the boyfriend might be the killer?

23) OF COURSE Xander would pull the “I told you so” card at the worst possible time.

24) Giles beating up Angelus gives me life, just saying. Even if it was just for a few seconds.

25) Break my heart, why don’t you?


Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank… Without passion, we’d be truly dead.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t kill him for you… for her… when I had the chance. I wasn’t ready. But I think I finally am. I can’t hold on to the past anymore. Angel has gone. Nothing’s ever gonna bring him back.

28) And the most unexpected plot twist in history: everything depends on the Scoobies finding a fucking floppy disk.

28) I think I need therapy after watching this episode. K, bye.