like i feel all disoriented and shit

Bait- Part 3

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 1215

Warnings: date-rape drug, guns

A/N: I think the beginning might be a bit confusing, so it starts off in Y/N’s POV as she’s just waking up in the car, and is pretty disoriented still from the effects of the roofies. I hope y’all like it, and I’m sorry the updates aren’t super regular and quick. I’m prepping for a final exam right now and really pressed for time. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to message me with your reactions! They’re so fun to read and really put a smile on my face :)

P.S. @winchesters-favorite-girl READ MY SHIT ASS STORY OH MY GOD

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A Really Long, but Heartfelt Letter on Epilepsy

Just wanted to address self esteem and epilepsy. (This can apply to other chronic illnesses as well)

Anyway, there are going to be days where you feel like absolutely shit. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I mean you probably already know this.
There will be seizure days; post seizure days; medicine side effect days; and honestly, days you don’t really even know why you feel like crap, nor can you really describe it, but you just do, and it really fucking sucks.

You will be tired. You will ache. Your head will undoubtedly be contorting itself. And to top it all off, this will very likely effect you emotionally.

I mean, how could it not? No one WANTS to feel like this. It’s disorienting, disabling, and “uncomfortable” and a vast understatement. So yeah, it’s a little upsetting to say the least.

Cause you’re not lazy. If anything you’re the complete opposite. You work so ducking hard everyday to live the shit of your life (cause let’s be real here, if you didn’t love living life, you would not try so fucking hard everyday to keep up). You have you dreams, your goals, your aspirations. Hell, you probably have a lot more will power than your peers, but no one would ever know it, since you’ve got SO many obstacles to tackle just to get out the door. It’s completely unfair.

And what’s worse, is if you live with someone, you feel like a dead weight. Unless they really understand what’s going on with you (and really, how could they? Unless they’re a spoonie themselves?) there are so many times where you feel like you have to justify your exhaustion. Or explain -for the 50th time- how the side effects of your pills cripple you at times-but the idea of starting the grail quest of finding the next set of medicines is what has kept you from finding anything better.

Epilepsy sucks. As we all know. Not only for its initial medical reasons, but for the sense of guilt, fear, anxiety, and depression that it can bring with it.

Well let me tell you something else. You, my friend, are amazing. I know you’re best kept secret - that you’re in fact the opposite of “lazy” and kick ass on a daily basis. (Which makes you basically like batman, cause he was a superhero that never took much credit? So congrats. You’re batman, you bad ass, you.)

I know that you have a lot of things to take into consideration on those evenings you go out. It’s tough, it can be scary, but you nail it everytime.

I know that you’ve looked fear and anxiety in the face and said “no thank you. Hmm maybe later? I gotta finish this thing right now. Yes, yes, I know I’m having auras, but we can freak out later, thank you,” because you know that if auras scared you every time you had them, you could not finish school, or go to work, or have that date that you were looking forward to. And of course they’re scary, but the fact that you don’t let them get to you every time makes you the personification of bravery.

And there’s one last thing that I know for sure. It is super easy to get embarrassed over having seizures and whatnot. It’s really easy to feel weak. (Hell, I let it get to me way more than I could admit), but there’s no reason to. It’s medical. It has nothing to do with your character. Your seizures, your pills, those forgotten words or that bit tongue - none of them make you YOU: they are all things that exist along WITH you, but they are not a part of you. And if anyone gives you shit for it, they’re being an ableist prick. You’re not an epileptic. Your a person. A person with dreams, potential, strengths, and weaknesses-one of which so happens to be a lowered seizure threshold. That is all.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and an amazing November. Let’s make sure to spread the (self) love and knowledge this epilepsy awareness month. 💜

Captain Fantastic Spastic

kirishimas  asked:

10 for kacchako?

“I might have had a few shots.”



She’s crashing into him till they both fall to the floor in a tumble of limbs. Bakugou is first disoriented, then he’s confused, then he realizes his hands are on her hips and he blushes like he was getting an instantaneous sunburn. 

“Bakugou is so warm…it must be your quirk making…making your skin all hot and stuff.” She mumbles into the crook of his neck, her breath warm and smooth across his exposed skin.

“Stop saying shit like that!” he shouts feeling all sorts of embarrassed. “And get the fuck off of me.”

“You’re comfor-comfortable!” 

“What is wrong with you?”

“I might have had a few shots.”

“Light weight.” He comments. Which he realized was a mistake because he’s suddenly floating and she’s rolling on the ground lost in a fit of laughter because “who’s the light weight now.”

my earth science professor has been callin me “by my “real” name but then when i was getting some supplies to finish my lab yesterday she came up in front of me and was just like “it suits you!” and i was all disoriented so i was like “hmm what?” and she was like “you shoulda told me i wasn’t calling you by the right name! Kitty suits you!” and i was so shocked i was like “oh no don’t feel bad a lot of my professors just forget its cool” *shrug shrug* and she got all serious and had this like dark look in her eye and was like “I don’t wanna be like those professors” and I feel bad that she felt bad! but that shit brought me back to life 


USING MAGNETS AS A WAY TO MASSAGE YOUR BOT, causing circuits underneath to rise up and bunch at the point where the magnet is hovering over, but as it passes the circuits and cables retract and separate, leaving them feeling loose and with a gratifying feeling of cables returning to their proper places. don’t get me started on what it would do to a medic’s hands

SLAPPING A MAGNET ONTO THE MOUTH OF A BOT THAT WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP then watch them struggle as they try to take the magnet off but it keeps getting stuck to their body if they manage to take it off. warning, side effects may cause additional not-shutting-the-fuck-upage.

HOVERING MAGNETS OVER A BOT’S PORTS, it sends feedback to the bot to where it seems like there’s something trying to connect, and this is good and pleasurable. . some bots may register it as irritating or even slightly painful though

ATTACHING ONE GIANT MAGNET ON A BOT’S BACK when they aren’t looking and thus they pick up a shit ton of trash when they’re walking around

GRINDING MAGNETS OVER A BOT’S CROTCH, tugs at the calipers and interior nodes in their valve, sending haphazard info, makes it feel like maybe there’s something crawling in there, but good god does it feel gud. would not suggest putting it on anterior node if they have one, can be seriously painful if their ex. node is super sensitive. prep them for a few days from weak magnet to strong magnet


PUTTING MAGNETS ON A BOT’S CHEST so that it looks like they got nipples and you can make the excuse you just can’t keep ur bot hands off their robot tiddies because damn, they magnetizin. 

CLAMPING MAGNETS ON THE SPIKE AND THEN PULLING THEM AWAY, constant pressure and then the magnets being drawn away also pulls the spike’s plating with it, causing an extra rush of energy/energon whatever in the spike due to extra space. for additional fun, clamp the magnets back on right after you notice it happens. good for a strong overload/overload denial

MAGNETS USED TO TEST YOUR BOT’S STRENGTH, trying to push away two magnets. requires a spotter because if your arms give out, your torso will be crushed


MAGNETS SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO MANIPULATE THE SPARK. dangerous, yes, you’d need someone who’s spent a long time working with magnets like these in order for them to trust using this magnet. I suspect medics would be especially interested in this.

MAGNETS DESIGNED TO MANIPULATE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS so that it draws the entirety of it into one spot where the magnet is located, like a form of sensory deprivation, because they’ve lost all control of that sense. similar to above, manipulating its strength plays a big role, you can disorient a bot this way

MAGNETS DESIGNED TO CATCH CRIMINALS, i feel this would be rare because magnets that strong would be very hard to control what it pulls in. maybe they designed this once and found out it was a shit idea during testing when all of the testers were pulled in by the magnet’s force and were stuck for hours waiting for some scientist to walk in by chance, to free them lol

USE MAGNETS TO HANG YOUR FAVOURITE ROBOT ON YOUR FRIDGE. make sure your fridge can support 40 metric tonnes of robot

MAGNETS USED IN COMBAT so that when they land a punch, they’ve still got their enemy in their grip so they can do double the damage without the target being able to retreat. the user of the magnets has to be careful not to damage the magnets, though. they need to be able to deactivate the magnets when necessary, otherwise they may be stuck totting around the severed head of their enemy until they reach a medic. its also good for keeping your weapons on hand at all times

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Hello! I would like to request a Jun scenario :) There is a serious lack of Jun fics, he doesn't get nearly enough love. Feel free to change it about however you'd like but I was thinking something super fluffy where Jun and reader are good friends who have strong feeling for each other but they are both too shy to express them and reader is a few years older. They are hanging out one night and Jun ends up kissing her and lots of fluff and cuddles ensue :)

Ahhhhh! So cute! We enjoyed writing this! - Cap and Chorizo

Coming of Age

Pairing: Junhui & (Y/N), fluff

Word Count: 3022 

Author’s note: sorry if it’s a bit long, but I encourage reading all of it to know the plot :)

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Barrisco Month - Day 20 - Body Swap

(Read on AO3)

“This is so bad. This is so bad. This is the worst,” Vibe fretted, pacing frantically around the room and occasionally bumping into chairs. “Ow,” he complained.

“Stop battering my body,” said mostly-Barry Allen.

“I can’t help it! Your limbs are all…” Vibe waved them in demonstration, looking very disgruntled at the way the red-suited arms moved. “There’s so much of them.”

“Well, you’re not chopping any bits off, so we should probably focus on how to get ourselves switched back.”

Vibe flopped Barry’s body — no, Vibe’s body — no, Barry’s body, really, even if Vibe was in it right now — onto the chair he’d just tripped over and sighed. “I dunno, man. I mean, I’ll call Frost in, this seems more like her game than ours, but if I’m being really honest? It doesn’t feel like science at all. It feels more like magic.”

Barry didn’t want to consider the possibility. He hated that it even was a possibility, but given the mess with Hawkgirl a couple months ago, it couldn’t be ruled out. “Call Frost,” he said. He’d reserve all other judgement until later.

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Of Sex, Closets, and Shirts (or the Lack Of)

Lily inched the dorm room door open slowly, biting her lip and flinching every time it emitted a small squeak. Marlene could not wake up. Not when Lily had just given her a lecture about sleeping around the day before. Not when Lily was more hungover than she had ever been in her life. Not when the clothes Lily was entering the room in were the exact same she had left in the evening before.

Of course, the god of door hinges didn’t seem to favor her that night, and, finally, with a louder than usual squeak, Marlene shifted in her bed, groaning.


“Um…. uh,” Lily grasped for an excuse.

I met a guy, we were up talking all night, but it turns out he’s gay so nothing happened.

I got lost on my way back from the party and this girl in my chem class offered to let me stay in her dorm and I woke up as the sun was rising and borrowed her map to get back to our building.

Of course, there was always the truth. I got really wasted because you reminded me of how I’ve never been the type of girl that just lets loose and has fun and I met a really hot guy and we had sex and I woke up and freaked and bolted.

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sass levels

when people are giving me shit, I don’t hande it the same way. 

so there’s the times when I’m feeling deeply fragile, and ready to break in a fraction of a second, and cry

and then there are times when I litterally don’t give a fuck, and if someone’s making fun of me, I laugh with them, so they are kinda disoriented

and then, there are times when I feel like I’m the motherfucking queen of the universe, and whoever decides to even merely disrespect me will get crushed, and I have such sass hidden in me, that I think of such beautiful sarcastic comebacks, and I become my biggest fucking fan. 

idek.. I think it all depends on my blood sass levels… 

tylenol-hoeseph-deactivated2017  asked:

Why are you so good at writing, i just dont understand like what¿¿

Wowzers, I’m just like ????????? Who, me???? Thank you???????????!!!!!

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question without sounding like I’m being fake humble, or like I’m an arrogant assfuck? So I’m just gonna answer you by telling you what has helped me be a better writer and hope that you trust that I’m not being a condescending dickturkey??


1. Start with a bullet list. Whenever an idea hits me, I write my ideas for a thing down by hand as it comes to me in disorganized sentence fragments. (I have a notebook that is exclusively for this blog’s content.) Then I go through the bullet points and rewrite them in a logical progression that makes sense. Then I start writing my rough draft from that list.

2. Write shit by hand first. Maybe it’s not true for everyone, but I write better when the pressure is off, and writing by hand always feels like there’s less pressure for me to be perfect right off. Plus, you can proofread and make changes as you type, which forces you to edit.

3. Speak your story out loud to yourself or a friend. If you have a hard time seeing errors, you might have an easier time hearing them. Also, this will help you write better and more natural sounding dialogue. If it feels forced and wooden to you when you say it, then you know what you need to do. Also, if you can get a friend to read through your stuff and grill you on your plot and characterizations (”Would X really have said something like that?”), that’s a huge help. @hobnailedboots and I have done this for each other before.

4. EXPERIMENT WITH STYLE. I like to use a lot of literary devices in my writing, even though it’s written to sound kind of conversational. I try to use a lot of descriptive detail, hyperbole, analogies, and a few carefully and strategically placed grammar/mechanics errors, such as run-ons and fragments. I also really like to write in present tense and create a sort of stream-of-conscience feel to make the reader feel like they’re a little disoriented, I guess? Also, I use a shit-ton of repetition.

5. Decide who/what your narrator’s voice will be and stick to it!!!! I’m a huge advocate for using limited and/or unreliable narrator voices. Writing from an omniscient, all-knowing pov is frankly too much power, and it’s difficult to wield effectively. When you limit your narrator’s voice to only know what’s happening in your main character’s head, you can have a lot of fun exploring how their limited knowledge effects them!

6. “Blah blah blah,” she exclaimed proclaimed gasped sighed rebutted snapped cried recalled conveyed laughed groaned sighed whimpered said. This is the best piece of advice I ever read. I got it from How Not to Write a Novel by some guy whose name I can’t remember. It starts to feel monotonous and repetitive when we have to keep typing “said.”  But when you keep changing things up after every quote, it actually becomes very burdensome and distracting to the reader. Sometimes it’s nice to throw a more descriptive word in the mix, like in special/important dialogue, but think about using good ol’ “said,” like, 95% of the time.

7. STAY IN CHARACTER. I ask myself at every step of the way if the things my characters are doing are true to the character. NEVER JUST GIVE A CHARACTER SOMETHING TO DO BECAUSE REASONS. If you have to make a character do something out of character in order to advance your plot a certain way, you need to rethink your plot. Your characters should dictate your plot, not the other way around.

8. Unless your character is Kathrine Heigl from Gray’s Anatomy, leave out the didactic monologues. I get that a lot of us in the fanfic community have a lot of Thoughts and Opinions about social justice and progressivism, and many of us try to incorporate our beliefs into our stories. I’M ALL ABOUT THAT SHIT. But if you have a scene in which one of your characters publicly berates the Homophobic/Racist/Sexist/Transphobic/ETC. Bad Guy in a multi-paragraph monologue, in which the recipient of said monologue just stands there in stunned silence, without defending themselves in any way, you’re being too heavy-handed and preachy. This isn’t a comment about the views portrayed, but for the clunky writing device.

9. Don’t be afraid to scrap/restart/heavily modify everything. I write a whole shit-ton of stuff that will never make it on here, either because it’s no good, or maybe because I wind up writing different versions with alternate outcomes, or I just really like a few lines of something and use it as the basis for something completely new and different. I just write anything and everything I can think of, and then once it’s all out there, i can start culling and editing, sifting through the shit to find the gold nuggets. Also, the knowledge that you don’t have to keep or use your first ideas makes it easier just to get your ideas down. There’s no pressure for your first idea to be perfect.

10. WRITE A WHOLE SHIT-TON. I write a whole shit-ton. If my writing is at all decent, it’s because I do it all the goddamn time. I experiment and fail and just have a fun-ass time doing it. The fact that some people like my stuff is honestly just icing on the cake for me, but the main reason I write stuff is because I’m this excited, over-eager little trash baby who spends all her free time thinking about poetic ways to describe assplay. The more you write, the more naturally the ideas flow for you, seriously.

Um, anyway. I don’t know if you really even wanted all of this?? I just got really into it, so. Thank you again for your kind words!! They made my day, seriously.