like i don't understand how people do not like you

And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P

More often than not I try really hard to see the good side of everything but after finally watching the remake of beauty and the beast I really need to vent…under a read more of course ( I will state now that I missed the prologue but at least I know a bit how it was changed.)

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okay but i seriously want to know why there’s this trend of judging roleplayers based on how well made their graphics are??? i mean, if you prefer graphics, that’s your prerogative, and i’m not here to say anything negative about that. you do you. really. but like not everyone has the talent/time/resources to make them. maybe it’s just because i’ve been part of the tumblr rping community since before stylization became a thing, but i just don’t understand why there are people who only care about how good a blog looks and not the writing itself. 

Can I just say how heartwarming it is to see people make posts about being excited for Inuvember?? Like we created Inuvember because we hadn’t heard of an Inuyasha Week and decided that Inuyasha deserved a month and now it’s the third year we’ve done it and people actually??? Look forward to it?? Thank you so much???


“ Oh Erik… If only you knew how many people adore you, even if your face isn’t like everyone else’s. “

 Someone posted this under my picture. 

This, however charming and heartwarming it sounds, is hard for me to believe. I mean how and why would someone love Erik? Even my dear Christine needed a lot of time to finally stop being afraid of (or just getting used to, I am not sure) Erik’s frightening face. 

 Would you all “phans” mind explaining what in God’s name do you LIKE about Erik? Christine keeps telling me to list my best traits, I don’t know what she means. I am not completely wicked - that’s all I can say about my better side. I try my best to resemble a normal person. 

What do you all “love” and “adore” about me? 

This whole cheating and “side hoe” culture is absolutely disgusting. If you cheat, you deserve to rot in hell. I understand how people lose feelings, but don’t fucking cheat on someone. Break up with them before you fucking rip them apart like that. Cheating isn’t something that is okay. I know society today glorifies it in some ways, but to tear someone down like that is just a horrible thing to do.

I’m still disgusted with myself for getting back with a cheater, I regret it and I’m slowly beginning to realize that I deserve better and I am good enough even though I felt that I wasn’t for a long while after.

Just don’t do it. Don’t fucking cheat.

tumblr rules of thumb

these are a few things i think people should always make sure they do while on this wonderful website.

1: Always like someone’s art, even if it isn’t as good as yours. It’s just nice and a lot of times people find comfort in the amount of notes their art has. You don’t have to reblog it, but it’s just nice to press the little heart button. I mean, what harm could come from that? Honestly.

2: If someone makes a personal post and they’re upset, send a nice anon message to them! Again, what harm does it do to say “You’re strong, you can do this” or “I believe in you” when you know someone’s down? Wouldn’t you want people to do that to you?

3: Never shut someone down if they’re happy. Don’t ever say what they like is dumb. That’s just not necessary.

4: If you want to reblog an ask-box prompt post, send the person you’re reblogging it from one of the asks! Kind of like a pay-it-forward thing. I always do that when I reblog those because if I want asks, I should give people asks too. See what I mean there?

5: Always like people’s selfies! This is basically the same thing as rule numero uno, but it’s the same concept basically. People often take solace in the notes on their selfies as confidence boosters!

I would love it if you guys reblog this though, because these are things I think everyone should do. Also feel free to add on more things!! :)

I often stay awake in horror at night thinking that there are people who don’t know how great Zack Fair is