like i don't understand how people can't like him

  • sai: I still don't understand your bond with sasuke
  • naruto: this again?
  • naruto: look, it's simple
  • naruto: basically, he's my best friend, and the first person to really accept me for myself
  • naruto: we're also rivals because I've always wanted to be his equal, but he made me feel inferior, that bastard
  • naruto: I admire his determination, skills, strength, and the hidden kindness in his heart
  • naruto: I like the way his skin glows like the moon, the way his eyes are so clear and black, I can see my own reflection if I lean in close enough
  • naruto: his lips feel like velvet and taste sour, but also a little sweet
  • naruto: like tomatoes, I guess... huh...
  • sai: and how do you know what his lips taste like?
  • naruto: oh yeah, we kissed a few times
  • naruto: it was mostly on accident
  • sai: but you say you're friends?
  • naruto: no, no, we're more than just friends
  • sai: I see... that makes more sense
  • naruto: yeah, he's like a brother to me
  • naruto: a really infuriating, good-looking older brother
  • sai: I'm confused again
  • sai: so you're not in love with him?
  • naruto: don't be ridiculous- I just told you he's like a brother to me
  • naruto: you can't be in love with your brother
  • naruto: no matter how good-looking he is
  • naruto: that's weird
  • sai: and the rest of this is normal?
  • naruto: um... yeah
  • sai: I understand now
  • naruto: you do?
  • sai: yes, if I was sasuke, I would want to kill you too
  • naruto: sai, we have to work on your people skills
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i cannot seem to fathom why david pastrnak is so underrated. he scored 34 goals and made 70 points this season (that's 18th in the entire league!!) and played so many games and had so much time on ice and it's only his third season and he's only 20 years old. he won the seventh player award twice (IN HIS THREE SEASONS) so it's clear that the fans love him?? and he's so precious like he worked super hard to become a hockey player to make his late father proud and he's an actual puppy like that's how cute and fluffy he is. and he dresses amazingly (gosh his suits) and is just really cute and really talented and skilled and perseverant and i don't understand why people can't see that like where are the special columns on pasta?? where?? also his nickname is pasta that's adorable is it not

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As a Jon fan who really likes Dany as well (unreal right? some people act as if you can't like multiple characters) I don't know how people can call themselves Jon fans yet not understand his character whatsoever. Jon doesn't want to be a leader and has never wanted to be King in the North, it was thrusted upon him. He doesn't enjoy fighting, he's doing it now because him and Dany are the realm's only hope. He would be happier acting as Dany's consort and supporting her.

Thank you! I might have started out as a Dany stan for the first 3 seasons but I love them both to bits now & I really needed a Jon Snow stan like this in my life. Seven blessings to you anon😘

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Some Yokai Watch doodles of the past 3 days. And of course most of them are Gurerurins. But hey, don’t we all need a lil more pompadour ghost lizard in our life? Anyways, I felt like drawing some of my other favs too. So here you go. Have some Whisper, Darth USApyon and a Noko.
I also doodled some concepts of my Yokai Watch OC. She makes people experiencing extreme mood swings and so does she have them all the time.
(I hope a Yokai like this doesn’t already exsist… I don’t know them all…
there are so many!!)

I got her German name already (since I’m German) but deciding on the English and Japanese names will be difficult. And maybe her appereance wil change but we’ll see.
And the pigtails wearing lil dork you see here and there is me~
How the great Neko could look like in Yokai Watch! ☆*:.。. \ (*¯︶¯*) o .。.:*☆

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I don't understand how people can think Jensen and Jared hate Misha. Like, if they hated him they wouldn't have to do panels with him, share a rent house together, vacation together, etc. Like, why can't some people realize they aren't obliged to hang out with Misha, but they do because he's one of their best friends.

Because they are blinded by hate and whatever happened in their own lives that led them to be so hateful and negative. Misha isn’t the only person / thing they hate, it’s a running theme. I wish J2 would be more vocal about specifically saying this is bullshit rather than their continued just acting like it is bullshit and hoping this would get the message though, as clearly saying they love Misha over and over again both showing that they’re totally comfortable and love each other so much isn’t cutting it….

These people who project so much hatred not only are spreading negativity but also are contradicting themselves in saying they love J2 but ignoring the fact that they clearly love Misha (how many times do they have to repeatedly show it and say it out loud in front of them?!). They actively work with his charities, enjoy working together and even spend time with each other with their families outside of work etc so they are attacking J2 as well as Misha when they do this as he is their FRIEND.

I can’t abide by anyone who sends hate towards someone else, LET ALONE a person who actively is trying to help others and make the world a better place, I just cannot comprehend how they don’t see that they are the bad guys in this. If you are actively hating on someone who is trying to spread goodness in the world, you have gone wrong somewhere.

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Please help me out: why do people love Ezarel? I don't understand. I can't stand him. He's like an annoying middle-school kid who gets offended everytime you talk back to him. But most of my friends on the game love him and I want to get it, I do. So I'm turning to you, specialist of all things Ezarel: why do you like him?

wow i’m far from being a specialist lmao but i don’t know, if you can’t stand him that’s fine, everyone is different and to be fair, he’s not always easy to love so i understand. i like how sarcastic and witty he can be (i’m always drawn to this kind of people so yeah) and even though his attitude doesn’t help much (especially in the first episodes) he’s entertaining, and i’m really curious about him. he definitely keeps his distance from people for a reason and i can’t wait to know more about the character. we only have 12 episodes and there’s probably going to be some character development as the story progresses so i’m hopeful haha. i’ve said this many times but i think of him as a ‘jerk with a heart of gold’ because i’m sure that deep down he cares very much and he’s not as bad as he seems

  • me: lukas waldenbeck is such a fucking asshole
  • also me: lukas waldenbeck is having such a hard time in his life right now and i feel like some people don't understand that. he's so afraid of his feelings for philip; he doesn't understand how he could feel that way about a guy. he's so scared of disappointing his father, because his dad is the only parent he has left. and not to mention that he literally witnessed the murder of multiple people. how's a teen supposed to live with seeing that while feeling like he can't tell anyone about it because he's to scared to, even if that means he's putting his own safety on the line? hE'S GOING THROUGH EMOTIONAL FUCKING TRAUMA RIGHT NOW HOW DO PEOPLE EXPECT HIM TO ACT RATIONA-

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I don't get why people are taking that Lilo shoving story so seriously. There's video on youtube. You can see they were kidding like always and it's no big deal. People are legit choosing sides over this big nothing? Wow just when you think the fandom can't get any goofier. Disappointing.

I feel like you could probably sell a good chunk of this fandom magic beans and fairy dust as long as any gossip/tabloid site cosigned it. I’m disappointed too. Because we’re 5 years deep into this. How can people not understand Louis’ personality by now? I don’t find him to be malicious at all with any of his bandmates. More like a mischievous chihuahua. LOL

Anyway, have we forgotten Liam has had moments of genuine struggle since Zayn left? He’s been in tears on more than one occasion. Don’t we think Louis gets it? Don’t we think he knows how hard it would be for him if Harry were snatched off tour? It seems obvious to me all the hijinks on stage are Louis’ way of supporting Liam through this. That’s just his personality.

This means I’m here for you Liam:

This means it’s ok Liam:

This means I love you Liam:

I dunno. People have a need to see things in such black and white terms–good guy/bad guy and villain/victim and simple minded media bullshit. Does that make it easier to deal? Maybe so. But that isn’t real, imo. Evolving friendship and supporting each other through difficult times in their own quirky way–that’s real.


I posted it and Caleb replied like within an hour, so these two gifs kind of sum up the day. 

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Relationship anon again. I don't quite understand how this is abuse. We cuddle and kiss and he can be very sweet. It's just during an argument this is what it's like. And the only other problem is that he can't not touch my privates. He either is grabbing me or squeezing me and when I tell him to stop he gets very upset when I tell him to stop he gets mad and says I never let him touch me. It's jut hands to me and I don't like it

Abusive people can be nice at other times, that doesn’t make them not abusive.

Treating you like that is abusive. The way he is acting is emotional abuse, he is trying to control you and he is trying to destroy your self reliance and self image.

He is also sexually abusing you. He doesn’t have a right to touch you whenever he wants, your body doesn’t belong to him. He is treating you like an object that he owns. He doesn’t own you. He’s not always right. Life doesn’t revolve around him and what he wants. This is entitlement; he believes he is entitled to you, your body, your life.

Even if you cuddle and kiss and have sweet moments, that doesn’t mean what he’s doing is okay, it doesn’t mean he’s not abusing you. Abuse isn’t always constant and isn’t always in the form of bruises.

Please browse our #abuse tag. Here’s some posts important for you.

- damegreywulf

I often stay awake in horror at night thinking that there are people who don’t know how great Zack Fair is

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Louis has literally dropped so much weight that I do not understand how people still see any curves left on him?? His skinny jeans which are suppose to be tight practically fall off of him now. I know it's taboo to act like he's not too thin but he sure looks underweight to me . I miss him with muscle tone, he just never looks healthy anymore I'm sorry . If you say this though here you're considered projecting, dramatic, or hateful. But like ...I guess I can't get how people don't see it ???

one day I’ll have a lot of free time and make a post about louis’ body through the years because you guys send me asks like this so much and I have trouble understanding them.

yeah, he is thinner now then he was before. but he’s also a person whose weight fluctuates a lot and it’s a real thing. people lose/gain weight when they’re stressed, and people also lose/gain weight when faced with changes in their lives etc. I’m not a doctor so I’m not the best person to talk about this and I can talk only from my own experience but for example, when I have exams and that’s usually 3x a year, I always gain weight. and then I drop it as soon as I’m back to my regular ways. I assume louis would be the person to not eat as much and drop weight while faced with stgh like that.

what I don’t understand is - how can you see him and think he’s unhealthy? he is tiny, but his frame is naturally like that, he’s built like that. he’s petite, yeah, but his body is firm as well, and he looks incredible if you ask me. he was standing right in front of me in sheffield and I saw zero signs of him being underweight and he was the same weight he is now.

My Fiance plays Flappy Bird
  • Him: I wonder if Flappy Bird is just a metaphor for how life really is
  • Him: I don't understand why people are frustrated at this game
  • Him: Stuck at six...
  • Him: The amount of anger people get from games like this surprises me
  • Him: Are people projecting their inibility to get ahead in life just because they can't get past these pipe things.
  • Him: I keep double taping when I don't need to.
  • Him: It's like those old helicopter games.
  • Him: EIGHT
  • Him: Maybe I can do double digits
  • Him: I notice that some of my better runs are because of better pipe placement then actual skill
  • Him: Small victory in life...
  • Him: Seriously is this a metaphor for how things can go wrong in life at the drop of a hat?
  • Him: You know what would be most infuriating? If they gave this game to a young kid and he got 100 on it right away.
  • Him: Maybe the have been making video games to easy and this is retribution.
  • Him: Another unnecessary double tap.
  • Him: I do enjoy watching my average climb slowly higher...
  • Him: Seven... why am I stuck on lucky number seven?
  • Him: Why is this so addicting?

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I read what you add to 'what I don't understand about phandom' and I agree with you that we can't say we like dan more because we can relate to him better, which is also my case. why is this so forbidden, ugh.

honestly that’s probably my biggest issue with the phandom - the huge difference in how we treat dan vs how we treat phil. i almost never see anyone admitting dan is their favorite - i see quite a lot of people saying they prefer phil or like them both completely equally, but very few people will say they prefer dan. and tbh i just don’t believe their are so few people that favor him you know? and for a long time i said i liked them both equally just because i didnt want to get shit for liking dan more.

i do like them both, A LOT, they’re my top two favorite youtubers without a doubt, dan’s just my #1 because i relate to his experiences more than phil’s (i dropped out of college for god’s sake is it really any wonder i relate to dan more?), that doesn’t mean i don’t love and respect phil, and it’s not bad to have a favorite.

idk people are just always talking about how under-appreciated phil is, and maybe that’s true for the youtube community at large and i’m always here for phil appreciation, but that’s not true within the phandom and idk why people still think it is.

also look at this cutie how can some people be so mean to and dismissive of him

My long conversation with my teacher about Sherlock
  • My fav teacher: I find it fascinating how China interprets Sherlock and Watson as a same sex couple.
  • Me: *immediately sees a red flag waving over his head after he calls them "Sherlock" and "Watson," nvm everything else*
  • Me: what's your opinion on that?
  • Him: I think Sherlock's mind is too preoccupied by Irene Adler.
  • Me: *record scratching noise*
  • Me: *seriously questions why he is my fav and why I consider him to be an intelligent person*
  • Me: I think it's the exact opposite.
  • Him: Really?!
  • Friend: *walks in*
  • Me: we're fighting about Sherlock
  • Friend: oh yeah, they're so gay
  • Him: 👀
  • Me: I think Sherlock's standoffish attitude is entirely based off of wanting to be like Mycroft when he was younger because Sherlock is too emotional and he wanted to suppress it. And the show's arc is about him connecting to his emotions again.
  • Him: know what, I could see that.
  • Me: But you don't know what happens in HLV yet....
  • Him: And I'm NOT. GOING. TO. Until I watch it! So don't-
  • Me: I won't!
  • Him: may very well happen tonight. We'll talk about this on Monday.
My conversation at the hospital
  • I just had a vague memory of a conversation I had with a little boy when I was in the hospital in January. He was like seven or eight and I was all jacked up on IV dips and stuff so I told him what I tried to do. It went something like this...
  • Me: Hi little one, why are you in here (remember I'm not really all there at the time)
  • Him: I tried to help my mommy cook the spegettie and the really hot water fell on me.
  • Me: Oh my goodness how do you feel?
  • Him: I'm great, I just can't really feel my arm and I miss my daddy
  • Me: I miss my family to.
  • Him: why are you here?
  • Me: I tried to leave
  • Him: Leave? Like you wanted to go see god?
  • Me: Yea like that
  • Him: How'd you do it? I know the ways...I know I shouldn't but my auntie did the same thing
  • Me: I'm so sorry, I took a bunch of my Mommy's happy pills.
  • Him: Happy pills hmmm. So you aren't happy?
  • Me: Not really...
  • Him: I don't understand this Shay. People have pills to make them better and feel good. Happy pills. But when you really feel bad and want a lot of happiness, you can't just take them all, cause then everyone will think you want to be so happy that you wanna go see god. But if you do that I was told you go (whispers) hell.
  • Me: (his name), you are so wise. You have no idea
  • Him: I don't know what that means but I have to tell you something before the mean guy comes back so I can sleep.
  • Me: ok
  • Him: You know you are really pretty right? Don't answer that. But you are. You are the kind of girl my older brothers would go all heart eyes over. I heard you sing last night, it was beautiful and sad. Like you. But it made me happy. You didn't know that. But you make people happy Shaylynn. I don't think God would want you up there just yet. I heard the Nurse say you'll be leaving this hospital soon yesterday to the nurse who had to watch you sleep. Now that made me sad because you're my new friend. Can I ask you to make me a promise?
  • Me: *crying*
  • Me: y-yes
  • Him: pinky promise me you'll spread all the happiness you can. You will be happy seeing all the people you make happy, trust me. My mommy says that sometimes. And she's usually right about these things.
  • Him: *gets up to give me a pinky promise*
  • Me: I promise.

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I'm so exhausted by people projecting their own issues onto Emma instead of understanding and respecting her character. I'm just so done. People can't see through their own hate of Hook and understand just how fucking important he is to Emma and her story. They're just blatantly ignoring canon at this point. He is important to her and I don't know how much more clearly they can show that. No one gets her cause they're too busy projecting instead of listening to her. Like wtf.

It’s so frustrating. Like, hate the guy all you want, have your own issues with him, but guess what?  YOU ARE NOT EMMA SWAN. EMMA SWAN DOES NOT SHARE YOUR ISSUES.  EMMA ACTUALLY REALLY FUCKING DIGS THIS GUY.  And honestly, he’s her last chance at a happy ending here … if things don’t work out with the guy she JUST said she “can’t lose” … do you really think she’ll EVER try again?  Because I don’t.  He’s it, and so trying to be like OH GOD HE’S SO BAD FOR HER — well, cool, I guess Emma should just be cold and alone and miserable instead of being with the guy she ACTUALLY WANTS TO BE WITH, all because you think he’s “sketchy”.

So done.

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I am sorry but I really cannot understand how you Larries can support a relationship like this, when it's clear that Harry doesn't deserve Louis, Louis is too much of a good person for Harry and I don't like the attitude Harry has towards him. I wonder how you can't understand this. He does nothing for Louis and it's always Louis who tries to get to interact with the other but Harry ignores him and it's painful to watch


Het-410-Harry -> bi Harry -> Harry in a relationship with Louis (you said it).

I’m not gonna address the “not deserving” part because HE INKED COMPLEMENTARY TATTOOS ON HIS SKIN. I don’t care what people say when we’re together. Just like he already owned it. Serenading. All his little things etc etc

So there’s that but wow things levelled up in the non-believer fandom.