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Hot Chocolate

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Kang Daniel caught flirting with someone else.

English, Japanese, Korean

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the yugioh community doesn’t really agree on a lot of things (which series is best, most realistic protag, dubs v subs) but I’m glad we all agree on that we will destroy whoever did that to Yuusaku

so I uhhhhhh love my bestie @ghosty-scooter he’s the best??

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Hi, Pia! How did you ever come across the Fae world in general and begin writing about it? DR 101


Um, let’s see… fairies and fairytales in general, I had them read to me when I was a child, from some second hand (and probably third hand) books of Grimm’s fairytales and Hans Christian Anderson and stuff.

My Oma (Dutch) told me the most gruesome stories about stuff she either made up, or I later found out were totally read but super gothic non-christianised semi-Slavic tales. She ruled. And my Opa (Dutch-Russian) added to that with a bunch of other even more grim (hey he saw a war and a lot of other shit) fairytales and legends and myths and stuff. My Grandma (English-???) added to this, and given she was basically a Christian-mystic-esoteric-pagan-Knights-Templar-collector-of-world-knowledge, she sort of…added to this mix of…idk, it’s hard to explain how early I realised these narratives were transformative and incredible, but it was early.

(I should also probably add that I’m pagan, and that animism folklore stories are basically the stories by which most pagans find wisdom in the every day. This is, in some ways, many ways, literally my spirituality. I have a figure of Gwyn on my altar. That’s probably weird for a lot of you and I don’t talk about this side of things much but like…the magic of the raven, for example, is not just a detached story to me. Though I think of ‘Gwyn on my altar’ and ‘Gwyn in Fae Tales’ as two very different figures, but…maybe facets of the same figure ;) ).

And then I realised that like, every culture just about has its own system of myths, legends, living stories and more and became kind of obsessed with collecting (second hand) books (which lbr are often the best books like trust me a book from 1890 on fairies is going to be a lot better than one now) and then over time I became kind of obsessed with imagining things about fairies or imagining I was a mythological creature or whatever and then just over time that became like a few stories and then one day I decided ‘hey this is fanfiction I can do whatever the fuck I want’ and decided to add some of my own characters (based on pre-existing mythological figures) into fanfiction.

And that’s basically how we got here. 

I feel like I got into ‘the fae world’ the way all people do - like, fairytales. Most people encounter fairytales and folklore as kids. A lot of the time archetypes of it is embedded in our media culture, country to country.

It’s just that I got kind of obsessed with it and the obsession never stopped and really like that’s it I’m also obsessed with cats and the fact is I actually wrote a really terrible book about cat shifters that I’ll never let see the light of day and moral of the story is be careful what obsessions you write about kids.

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you... you wanna write a fluffy angst reddie fic so I can die????? Please???? ( Richie and Eddie)

I want to try something with this that I’ve literally been pondering on for freaking days. Like, the main part of what I want to write for this popped into my head in an instant, but I’ve been toying with the execution for a good bit. 

Anyway, here we go! 

As years passed, the remaining fear of the menacing clown dwindled down to a distant, fuzzy memory that almost doesn’t feel real. At least, that’s how Eddie sees it, and based on the others fully shifting into varying senses of normalcy, he feels he can confidently say the same for his friends as well. 

But, as it would turn out, fear doesn’t leave; it just hides and manifests when one is at their most vulnerable, as Eddie will quickly come to learn. 

It starts with Richie getting sick the day before their high school graduation; it’s not bad by any means, a nasty summer cold at the most, but it’s enough to have Richie down for the count, leaving Eddie a worried mess. 

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Ah, see, I don’t think I could get it. Unlike everyone else, I know they all love me. I’m not going to doubt anyone. We’re a big family through any hardships I know we will all love each other at the end.

And they think the same, I know it. They love me like I love them. My feelings are nothing less and nothing more. So my feelings towards my friends and family are clear as day.

 And even above that, I like me. Isn’t what matters most? Loving yourself should always be above anything else. If I like me even when nobody else does I can still be happy but that’s not the dilemma. Luckily. I know everyone loves me. Everyone loves Jones, remember?

On an unrelated note, do you think they’ll just let me keep the Lysol from the teacher’s lounge if I tell them a kid keeps throwing up. You’d think at some point they’d tell me to the bring the kid to Lili’s office but nope. I might as well keep it right? No one else is going to clean this mess.

((0/7! Joining the death role!))

My mom is living her fucking dream tonight. She’s at a Ricardo Arjona concert, an artist she’s loved since before I was even born, and she won’t stop sending me pictures of her smiling and of how close to the stage they are. I’m really happy for her. For once in his fucking life my stepfather did something good.

And then they fell to the floor

I want to thank @justanothermatsugirl who I love and cherish dearly and introduced me to this wonderful hell :D 

I want to thank @srta-double who is our partner in crime >:D

Take a shot if you refuse to mention ur honest-to-the-gods PTSD triggers in any form online because you’re positive some anti fuck would probably spam you with it to induce panic attacks and flashbacks if you did.

*takes a shot*


I think sometimes about how when Vista and I first met, I felt sort of tricked into adopting a dog I would never have chosen had I walked into a shelter on my own terms. But the shelter was full, and she was homeless, in heat, and a black dog to boot, and I felt like I couldn’t walk away from her. I didn’t want a young, high-energy dog. I was not a young, high-energy person. Plus, she had SO MANY issues, chief among them separation anxiety.

I bought her a crate, hoping it would help with the anxiety. She destroyed it. I bought her another one. She destroyed that one. I went to petsmart and walked the aisles until I found the crate with the least number of stress points, one she would have to flip on its side in order to destroy. Finally, finally, it took.

And now, 7 years later, she loves it. It’s her place she can be on her own, and she retreats to it all the time. Sometimes she does it when I’m in the room with her, and sometimes she does it to get away from me. And there’s absolutely nothing I relate to more than wanting to be in a quiet room by yourself.

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we need an AU where the cute waitress, Jen, Gwen, and Bonquisha have girls night outs and do random funny shit and just being happy together whoops

god we really do,,

there would be some nights where they just hang out and watch movies and eat pizza and other nights where things get fucking wild

jen almost murdered someone and cute waitress got so fucking shitfaced someone had to carry her back to the car