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“I’ll strap you down nice and tight… It’ll be fun watching you squirm.” With Saeran? (Or seven if you don't do Saeran)


and ofc i write 4 saeran, im glad more and more ppl are sending prompts involving my boi. 

Part 2 of this prompt can be found here.

The frosty green irises only amplified the glares of the computer screens. The colour failed to remind you of all things pleasant - for example, the time when you exclaimed that trees resemble umbrellas, since they both provide shade and have a similar silhouette. Saeyoung had only expressed confusion, whereas Saeran began questioning what an umbrella was.

Ah, those were the rare, rare recollections of when a glimmer of childhood innocence ignited within you all.

Your fingertips sensed the worn-out surface of each button; urgently typing away at the keyboard. You were devoted to having success be the outcome of this plan - you find the information, Luciel finds Saeran. Yes, simplicity may appear to be closely associated with this plot, but that would have been a false assumption. Of course, only you and Luciel would be aware of that, since you’re the only ones who witnessed the disaster that Saeran seemingly formed into. Well, other than V, obviously.

You’ll never forgive that dishonest man.

God, there was such a significant contrast between the sinless little boy your middle-school-self loved and the sociopathic individual you ran into with Luciel. Unfortunately, when it came to formulating efforts to fall out of love, you were beyond inadequate. Luciel had aimed to never become a fallen angel, whereas you had already become the devil; descending further, and further, and further into the never-ending staircase in Hell. You’d given up on seeking the spider’s thread long ago.

As you proceeded to input various commands, you only marvelled at the amount of skill Saeran developed. You simply couldn’t recall a time where he joined in on your study sessions, neither could you remember Saeran ever picking up those books - the ones that were too complicated for middle-schoolers, except you and Saeyoung only possessed the bodies of children. Undoubtedly, you were forced to mature quickly. You had to, all for the sake of Saeran.

“Shit…” you bit your bottom lip, “you did a good job at securing this…”

When did he learn all this? When did he discard his identity as Saeran Choi? When did V break his promise? You thought that V and Rika were your saviours, but as the old saying goes - ‘be cautious of whom you trust, for the devil was once an angel.’

Finally, the loading screen had popped up. Now, all you had to do was wait, although the difficulty of doing so was apparent. Anxiety refused to cease feasting upon your patience.

Everyday, your mind would take a dip into a new, hypothetical scenario; what if you all had been born into different circumstances? What if the boys grew up with a sane mother, and you grew up with parents who were against extreme child neglect? What if you didn’t meet Luciel at the church, but on swings at a local park?

Well, you and Luciel wouldn’t have had to shackle yourselves to this utterly disgusting hacking job.You wouldn’t have had to leave Saeran. He wouldn’t have ended up infected with trauma.

“Download complete.” Never had an automated voice filled you with so much gratitude. Your right hand immediately hovered over the mouse, prepared to transfer the files and then run over to find Luciel; and if God was willing, he’d have the damaged man with him. However, if God wasn’t willing, then you’d have to sin by exploiting Lucifer’s most notable act - resistance, leading to disobeying God’s will.

You began to mummer to no one in particular, “Saeran… I’ll find you. I promise.”

“I found you first.”

The hair strands on the top of your head were tightly pulled; the source of it redirecting you to the floor. You recognised that voice, and it made your soul weep.

The unsympathetic way your body was thrown onto the floor resulted in your lungs collapsing momentarily. You were about to retaliate (after all, the agency did train you well), until those pupils of his pierced into yours. Farewell to the golden eyes you once knew; those eyes were predatory, aggressive, and frankly, it was apparent that it possessed by an individual who wanted to shred all of your tendons. Your fight or flight instinct was screaming at your head to lift itself up, at your legs to run, at your fists to punch.

None of them had registered those screams, and the consequence consisted of Saeran straddling you - his right hand held your hands above your head, whilst his left hand had its fingers firmly wrapped around your neck.

“A-ah…” your voice box could only produce a groan. Saeran merely grinned at you, making the Cheshire Cat proud.

“Look at you,” he squeezed your neck even harder, his glance drifting from your face to your torso, “you’ve grown up so well.”

Your nostrils began to burn and your mouth went dry from the absence of air. “I wouldn’t have known, since you both abandoned me.”

At this point in time, your body began to involuntarily squirm in its place. You wrists wriggled around in Saeran’s grasp, nails digging into his skin. You were trying so, so very hard to tell him that he was incorrect - that Luciel and you were fooled by Rika and V, that those people had forsaken the promise they made of protecting him. Just like your head and limbs, your throat was stubborn and refused to create any comprehensible words; choking sounds being its only product.

“I found you, but I can’t seem to find the other lowlife.” Saeran appeared to be… a bit joyous at your pitiful state. “I would kill you now, however…”

His fingers might as well had been a bow, since they loosened their grip on your neck. Hopefully, the gift will be keeping your life and having Saeran come home; come to the home that you’ll be building with him.

“I think I should do other things instead.” You were still gulping down air, desperately attempting to increase your oxygen levels. Saeran’s hand moved upwards towards your cheek, his thumb stroking your undereye.

“S-Saeran,” shit, it was exhausting to speak. All you wanted was to ask him to come home.

Please, please just come home with me. Its doors had long awaited you to walk through them. Its carpets desired to become stained with your footsteps. Let me welcome your arrival.

A fist led your head to whip in the opposite direction, the affected skin burning more than a bee’s barbed stinger. “Shut up!” The same hand grabbed your lower jaw, your eyes forcefully receiving the glare of Saeran’s wrathful ones. “Don’t ever say that name!”

“Don’t make me get even more rough. You don’t want Luciel to find you too damaged, do you?”

Your tear ducts were too overactive in this moment. All you longed for was to repair Saeran, considering that the love you had to stop providing him with was what had caused this. The liquid that escaped your waterline was warm, although it was not the warmth that the old Saeran had made you experience. It was not the warmth of harmless childish teasing, ice-cream spills, or overwhelming ataraxy.

“I’ll strap you down nice and tight…”

It was the warmth of the blisters on the flesh, the acid on the bone, the water in the lungs.

“It’ll be fun watching you squirm.”

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Look, I just wanted to address this "petty fandom attacking Chanyeol" thing. Firstly whoever even started it, is pretty damn childish. Second, it is NOT something new as a lot of you EXO L's have done countless and imbecilic, lowdown dirty stuff much, much similar as far as posts, bashing, etc. VIPS keep it classy always, top notch. You got the "new new's" coming in and making a mess that might be like 5-13 yrs. So don't make it all about one particular fandom as if your fandom is angelic. Pls?

See. Here’s your problem. You want to say 

“EXO L’s have done countless and imbecilic, lowdown dirty stuff much, much similar as far as posts, bashing, etc”

As if we aren’t aware of that. Yet that doesn’t excuse anything. Why does it have to be but but but. That’s what I can’t stand. Why does every issue have to be a but but but. That’s not an excuse.

You can’t sit here and bring up 101 issues EXO-L’s do to use that as means for anything. No attacking should ever be tolerated. EVER. 

Basically since EXO fans are known for doing shit we are suppose to just except and allow other fandoms to just do it because we do the same shit. Like really?… so since it’s EXO-L is okay? Like come on now. No attacking or bashing should be tolerated it’s all petty and immature.

What’s very immature is this mentality of well she did it so I can do it. That’s really an ugly and disgusting mind set to have. 

VIPS aren’t classy. Are you kidding me. Why must you put yourself on a pedestal. Did you forget these exist 

Do you remember why Krystal deleted her Insta in the first place.

Did you forget this too

Yeah okay!

Yet your classy right?  If you took 5 seconds to read what I post since no one ever seems to do that. I legit said no fandom is perfect. NO ONE IS! We all have our shitty people. We all have our sane fans.

What you need to do is get off this fucking imaginary thrown. You aren’t special. Vip’s are no different from little becky down the street.

No matter  how many fucking ways you guys try to spin it flip it around and call yourself different you are still in a K-POP fandom.

Before you come and my ask box again and say that’s old, this is old. Alot of EXO-L shit is old too. You can try and ignore the past but their are always receipts  that will be used when you are trying to make a return you claimed you paid for like “Classy”… you can’t afford classy. No fandom can. So please put it back where you found it.

None of us are, and Like I said in my post I said EXO-L’s do fucked up shit…. So I don’t get the point. This is about VIPS and their holier than thou attitude. You want to make the 13-15 year olds excuse. That’s so classy of you. I can say that for every fandom tho. 

A classy person claims their mess. Not throw it off on other people and make excuses.

Just claim your mess. Admit your fandom fucks up. I’ve done it and I don’t do shit wrong.

… Those fans that are attacking Chanyeol are in their 20′s tho… but your “classy” tho… ok.