like i don't even remember downloading this where did this come from

Thanks Subconscious...

So I had a dream last night and be dream I don’t mean a hazy-almost-asleep-kind-of-purposeful-wild-romp-of-imagination. 

I mean serious, full-on, Logic-what-logic and why-is-that-rabbit-pink? kind of dream. One of those, Oh-my-god-I-have-to-remember-that-it-was-so-cool! kind of dream.

So… let me set the dream up.

Somehow, Obi-Wan (who was female by the way), Ahsoka and Captain Rex had ended up on earth, in New York. (I’ve been watching a LOT of Elementary lately so I’m blaming the setting on that.) Anyway, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were discussing how they were going to get back to their galaxy given that they didn’t know how they ended up here on “earth”.

Ahsoka: Where ARE we?

F!Obi-Wan: I haven’t the faintest idea. I don’t even know how we got here.

Captain Rex: General Skywalker isn’t going to like this.

Ahsoka: Don’t you mean Darth Vader?

It is at this point that I feel I should tell you that Ahsoka was actually Fulcrum and yet Obi-Wan and Rex were from the Clone Wars. And nobody seemed to care about this.

Anyway, back to the unfolding drama of my psyche…

F!Obi-Wan: I don’t believe that’s Anakin.

Ahsoka: Ooooohoho! It’s Anakin all right. I know. And he’s going to be furious.

Captain Rex: *is doing clone trooper type things. I don’t know. Maybe he’s checking the perimeter*

F! Obi-Wan: *snaps* I’m sorry, all right?! Will that make you feel better? It’s my fault we got into this mess and now we’re millions of lightyears away from our home and I don’t know how to get us back there! And Anakin is furious and going to come after us!

Again, I must point out that this was a dream and it seems logic had flown out the window.

Ahsoka: Obi-Wan… we’ll figure some way out of this. Just… let me go see what I can find out.

What next followed was apparently a walk through some kind of marble courthouse with very loud floors that echoed and a lot of boring, normal people going about their daily activities. Obi-Wan followed Ahsoka, Rex followed Obi-Wan and no one noticed a giant orange and blue woman with horns and head tails coming out of her head and the guy in blue and white armor with the giant gun. 

Apparently Ahsoka couldn’t find anything out and was going to contact Anakin, because now he wasn’t Darth Vader anymore. (I KNOW RIGHT??! What the hell brain? We were doing so well!)

Which left Obi-Wan and Rex alone together in the room. 

F! Obi-Wan: I’m sorry, Rex. I know this can’t be easy for you. Being separated from your home.

Obi-Wan is doing a lot of apologizing. I wonder what she did before the dream started. I wonder if I can download that from Brain! Amazon. 

Rex: *takes his helmet off* It’s all right, sir. At least you’re here. That’s all that matters.

F! Obi-Wan: Rex…



And Obi-Wan and Rex continued to make out, while Ahsoka was off doing reconnaissance or something. Whatever you have that third character do while the other two are K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

So whilst I, FireflyFish, watched Lady Obi-Wan and Rex share a tender embrace, I heard another voice (still me but in that way that you talk to yourself? Is what I’m saying making any sense?)


So thanks brain. Thanks for giving me the weirdest and most specific of pairings. Fem! Obi-Wan and Rex. 



anonymous asked:

Look, I just wanted to address this "petty fandom attacking Chanyeol" thing. Firstly whoever even started it, is pretty damn childish. Second, it is NOT something new as a lot of you EXO L's have done countless and imbecilic, lowdown dirty stuff much, much similar as far as posts, bashing, etc. VIPS keep it classy always, top notch. You got the "new new's" coming in and making a mess that might be like 5-13 yrs. So don't make it all about one particular fandom as if your fandom is angelic. Pls?

See. Here’s your problem. You want to say 

“EXO L’s have done countless and imbecilic, lowdown dirty stuff much, much similar as far as posts, bashing, etc”

As if we aren’t aware of that. Yet that doesn’t excuse anything. Why does it have to be but but but. That’s what I can’t stand. Why does every issue have to be a but but but. That’s not an excuse.

You can’t sit here and bring up 101 issues EXO-L’s do to use that as means for anything. No attacking should ever be tolerated. EVER. 

Basically since EXO fans are known for doing shit we are suppose to just except and allow other fandoms to just do it because we do the same shit. Like really?… so since it’s EXO-L is okay? Like come on now. No attacking or bashing should be tolerated it’s all petty and immature.

What’s very immature is this mentality of well she did it so I can do it. That’s really an ugly and disgusting mind set to have. 

VIPS aren’t classy. Are you kidding me. Why must you put yourself on a pedestal. Did you forget these exist 

Do you remember why Krystal deleted her Insta in the first place.

Did you forget this too

Yeah okay!

Yet your classy right?  If you took 5 seconds to read what I post since no one ever seems to do that. I legit said no fandom is perfect. NO ONE IS! We all have our shitty people. We all have our sane fans.

What you need to do is get off this fucking imaginary thrown. You aren’t special. Vip’s are no different from little becky down the street.

No matter  how many fucking ways you guys try to spin it flip it around and call yourself different you are still in a K-POP fandom.

Before you come and my ask box again and say that’s old, this is old. Alot of EXO-L shit is old too. You can try and ignore the past but their are always receipts  that will be used when you are trying to make a return you claimed you paid for like “Classy”… you can’t afford classy. No fandom can. So please put it back where you found it.

None of us are, and Like I said in my post I said EXO-L’s do fucked up shit…. So I don’t get the point. This is about VIPS and their holier than thou attitude. You want to make the 13-15 year olds excuse. That’s so classy of you. I can say that for every fandom tho. 

A classy person claims their mess. Not throw it off on other people and make excuses.

Just claim your mess. Admit your fandom fucks up. I’ve done it and I don’t do shit wrong.

… Those fans that are attacking Chanyeol are in their 20′s tho… but your “classy” tho… ok.