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My god last night at the T20 NZvSA, there were these two little kids that came and sat behind me for what seemed like a few good overs in the first innings… one started shouting “SEXY CAMEL” whenever Southee came up bowl. I REPEAT - LITTLE KIDS that looked like they were 7 years old and were openly shouting that at him.

Here’s how the conversation went…
Boy 2: Why is he called sexy camel?
Boy 1: Because he’s known to be a sexy good-looking man… and camel cause he’s a (he paused)… a sexy camel.
Boy 1 and 2: SEXY CAMEL!!

Me: Wtf. *Internally questioning the younger generation*

Things I’ve learned from college admissions
  • your life must have a clean narrative with thematic connections and a moral to be acceptable
  • don’t waste time making friends with people who aren’t useful to you
  • if you like something it must be academic or else it’s useless
  • every experience you’ve ever had is subject to judgement by others to determine how intelligent you are
  • people who aren’t leaders/innovators are worthless
  • you should live your life according to the paperwork you’ll need to fill out
  • the primary purpose of helping others is to look good
  • everyone your age is your enemy. double for people who share your assigned gender and your race
  • suffering should either be ignored or treated as beautiful theatrics
  • the most successful people are those who can turn everything into personal profit 
  • people are interchangable and expendable
  • lying is not only acceptable but expected of you in the “real world”
  • I’m a fundamentally unpleasant mockery of a human because of the language I speak at home and the ancestors I have
You and I should crash
Into each other
And if we’re lucky
Not even the world will survive
I’ll spell your name
With blood dripping from bruised knuckles
You can spell my name
With oil dripping from wrecked cars
You almost bled to death
I was always meant to burn
Let’s meet in the middle
And fuck the world
—  90. Just fuck the world. (e.r.)


After drawing this last night cause of reasons, I decided I liked how it came out and clearly needed to draw more. Lil’ older here and more of em’. X3

Enjoy the ded from cute, everyone! :D


Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

About Keith as an Altean and possibly a Korean character

Imagine him being old enough to remember seeing the Joseon dynasty in person (sort of like the character from the K-drama called “My Love from the Star”).

Imagine him during the Korean Empire period.

Imagine him safely making his way to South Korea just before the 38th parallel was set in place.

Imagine him trying not to become attached to anyone and moving from place to place (like Seoul and even Jeju Island) and eventually to other countries. 

Imagine him walking by a stranger’s house in the dead of night somewhere in a quiet, rural part of America bc he’s an insomniac and seeing Neil Armstrong step onto the moon on the stranger’s television. 

Imagine him being awake and wondering what it’s like to be in space. 

my mind puts the x-men in a completely separate category from everything else marvel. like, if you say “marvel ladies” i’ll think of women from the avengers, inhumans, ff and so on even though some of my favorite marvel characters are actually x-women, because my brain classifies them as “x-ladies”.

in my mind marvel is divided in “x-men” and “everything else” aka “things that are not as great as x-men”


Hello internet, 

I cannot sleep, so obviously I decided it was a great idea to take quotes from Planet Earth, put them overtop of photos I have taken, and make odd motivational posters out of them. I’m so glad I’m putting my photoshop subscription to good use. 

You’re welcome. Use them wisely. 

Edited to add: I made a second set. They can be found here. 

So, after watching today’s Mario Maker episode, I decided I’d jump over here to check out that Under Pressure cover, and…

these comments are insane

and my personal favorite:

Your name is like a prayer falling from my mouth,
and it should be pathetic,
how badly I need to say it to still the drums in my chest,
but it isn’t,
because if you were a religion then maybe I would believe in God.

Then again, all I need is you.
All I’ve ever needed was you.
Your breath, your air, your skin in my teeth,
your hopes, your dreams, your soul in my hands,
painting me white,
because when I’m with you I don’t just see one color,
I see them all.

Roads remind me of you,
of the way you would fit just right against the passenger door,
still too big for your body,
and I can almost see you,
fifteen again with your hair in your eyes and your knee knocking mine.

Whiskey reminds me of you,
of the way it curdled in my throat on the night you left us,
with acid in your words and your claws in my heart,
dragging it out of my mouth to trail behind you like a prize.
All yours.

The colors left with you.

Some days,
I wonder what reminds you of me.
If you think about me at all in those hallowed halls, in the courtyard, in the library,
in your room,
late at night,
missing the heat of my body like I miss the heat of yours.

I say your name again into the dark,
a whisper,
my personal form of absolution.
I wonder if it’s right for me to be here,
asking this of you,
selfishly, always selfishly.
I’m most selfish when it comes to you.

You can’t hear me just yet,
standing ten feet back from the window I’m about to open with a flick of my wrist.
Probably asleep,
but not for long.
What has been burned into our bones won’t ever fade.

You don’t disappoint,
throwing yourself into me like you never left this life.
I get you down on your back with my hand on your throat,
and I remember how, without you, I could never seem to breathe.
But now you’re under my skin and you say my name too,
and the colors come rushing back.
I’d almost forgotten the green in your eyes.

—  “Pilot”

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