like i did with harry potter and avpm

the signs as a very potter musical quotes
  • aries: oh my gOD - hermione SHUT UP
  • taurus: you never tell a girl you like her, it makes you look like an idiot!
  • gemini: ten points to dumbledore!
  • cancer: NO WAY! i am NOT having schlongbottom as my champion!
  • leo: where are you going, ;(where are you going? i'm still mad and sad :(
  • virgo: eternal glory? already got that.
  • libra: wow !!! wowee !! harry potter !!!!!
  • scorpio: did your turban just sneeze?
  • sagittarius: no, no, that was merely a fart
  • aquarius: well i dont FIND this particularly surprising
  • pisces: hey Cho!! cho hey dance with me - i'm harry potter.
Look at me, I could’ve helped the Dark Lord take over the world and lived like a half-blood prince. But instead, I died to protect the last trace of the woman I loved. And did I do it because I thought it would make people like me? No. I hate people. Did I do it to be remembered? No. I did it, because it was right.
—  Snape, A Very Potter Senior Year

Rereading the Harry Potter books… Again… I get so happy every time I read this part! FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY BEWITCHING SNOWBALLS TO HIT VOLDEMORT IN THE FACE REPEATEDLY! I can’t help but picture the reaction like the part in AVPM when Voldemort keeps sneezing and Dumbledore asked Quirrell “Did your turban just sneeze?!?”

I'm actually dying of laughter

I honestly think TCC is a combination of My Immortal, AVPM 2, and Bellamort fanfiction with like ½ the characters missing. Did Hugo exist? Did Lily exist? Did James exist? Did Neville exist, Teddy? Luna? Other Weasley kids? How about George and Angelina? WTF WAS THIS!?!?!?! In fact, it was honestly so bad I’ve literally read Harry Potter fan fiction that was better than this. IM NOT JOKING!!! You can download the better version of this “NexGen” group of kids for free!!! All ya gotta do is Google “James Potter series” and BADABOOM you’ve got a well written story with Albus in Slytherin and Scorpius in gryffindor!! Also, srsly, WTF WAS SCORPIUS DOING IN SLYTHERIN?!?!?! Omg it also wasn’t Gay enough… I can ASSURE YOU that the James Potter is, PLUS ITS STILL PRETTY FUCKING TRIPPY AND WILD!!

eatacactusass  asked:

Okay so since you did Harry Potter how about AVPM? (Does that even count as a fandom???)

Yes, yes, that definitely counts as a fandom! Thank you so much!

  • Favorite Male Character: Quirrell
  • Favorite Female Character: Ginny. Those vocals.
  • Least Favorite Character: Bellatrix, I guess. She did get in the middle of my ship.
  • Favorite Ship: Quirrellmort of course
  • Favorite Friendship: I really like the Golden Trio dynamic
  • Favorite Quote: “You think that killing people will make them like you, but it doesn’t. It just makes people dead.”
  • Worst Character Death (if any): Uh. I can’t say Cedric, because of the whole spare conversation being just too hilarious, and I can’t say Fudge because “I still don’t believe you’re back” so… um… Voldemort? Even though he didn’t really die because Quirrell. Well shit. OH. DUMBLEDORE DIED, DIDN’T HE? Wait, no he didn’t…. I quit? Did anybody actually die in this play? WAIT. WAIT. SNAPE. Snape died. Though that was kinda great. Sigh. 
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: “Is okay good?” “Quirrell, okay is wonderful.” I’m not crying. I swear. I’m not.
  • Saddest Moment: When Voldemort sent Quirrell to Akaban. Also Missing You.
  • Favorite Location: Um. Again, Hogwarts???

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A Very Potter Musical x Hamilton

I don’t have the gifability to do this but I present:

Hamilton x Harry
“I’m the boy who lived. Not died. God.“

Eliza x Ginny
“But the whole point of Spiderman 2 is that MJ and Peter Parker could be together!”

Angelica x Cho Chang
"She’s far more attractive, far more appealing, far more interesting than any girl. That I know. In my immediate group of friends.”

Aaron Burr x Hermione
“I have heard those things, but never have they been told to me with so much sass! Drop the attitude Harry Potter, you’re acting like Garfield on a Monday.”

King George x Draco
"Did somebody say ‘Draco Malfoy?!’”

Hercules Mulligan x Ron
“Maybe you’ll just have to fight like Mushu from Mulan or something…”

John Laurens x Cedric
“So many regrets… I’m dead.”

Washington x Dumbledore
“Are you kids ready to fight a DRAAAAGON? Of course you aren’t, you’re just children - what the hell am I thinking?”

Jefferson x Voldemort
“Ughh…now two people are mad at me!”

James Madison x Snape
“What the devil is going on heeerre?" 

bemydarebear  asked:

Lynne .. what does the girl ask Chris that he says: what would they see Darren Criss in th mirror? (sorry to ask, english is not my language and I don´t get it) ... and ... is Chris mentioning Darren again? ... is it me or he did it in all his signings?

Someone was asking who the twins would see if they looked in the Harry Potter mirror and someone in the audience yelled out “DARREN CRISS!” and then Chris realized what they meant, since Darren was HP in AVPM, and said “OH! I’m like why would they see Darren Criss in the mirror!”

But you’re right…he definitely seems to be very open about talking about Darren lately.