like i did last week

Kageyama wakes up to the incessant beeping of his alarm, the sound pulling him out of his dream.

art i did for a fic (wip) i’m writing rn! it’s kagetsuki and basically kageyama dreams of tsukki until he falls in love with him (lots of dream!romance and real life!pining/confusion). also thanks to snowqueers who sent me kagetsuki for an ask meme i did like last week or so and sent me spiraling down into this ship hell (´-ω-`)

Think good thoughts about my kitty you guys

(I’m starting on a new script)


so I’m watching this show and it made me think of a girl I met in the hospital and I hope she’s doing ok now

I’ve had zero appetite the last few days and my tummy gets really bloated and painful when I eat :( idk what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel as tired as I did last week but it’s like one thing after another.

I wrote… a lot the last few days and for the sake of not burning myself out like I did the last time (a few weeks ago) I’m trying to pace myself and do damage control before any of that nasty stuff happens SO I think today is a relax day to recharge and just refresh my brain and play video games.

Alieve can wait. *tucks those dorks into their blanket burrito* They can wait. 

I really hate when crowds chant stuff that have NOTHING to do with the match and the people in it. It’s fine not to be into a match but show some respect for ones trying to entertain you.

I really hope that the divas don’t get this treatment for their match and get random chants towards them like Nikki and Sasha did last week on RAW. I will be pissed if that does happen.

OMG. 6x11 is probably the funniest and most interesting episode all season.

Unlike the rest of the season, I kept laughing out loud. And I was actually engaged in the story.

Also, when did Jane get so good at undercover? Like I said in last week’s post, there’s definitely more Angie than Jane in the character.

And I’m actually glad that they finally had a consequence from her apartment fire. It adds a layer of drama that we haven’t had since Hoyt. And it looks like it might be on a similar level. I’m just hoping it doesn’t end with the summer finale.

The scene at the pier with everyone recording then was so good. I love that she yelled at the cop who was waving.