like i did last week

I felt like drawing something adorable again! 

Here, have some more chibi versions of my characters! :D

I think I’m gonna try to do chibi thing with all of my characters!

Let’s see… so far I’ve done 12 out of 28 

BTW, feel free to suggest who I should draw the next time I do this :)

Here’s the last chibi post that I did like two weeks ago


When I posted that I’d thought ahead last Sunday and brewed more coffee than needed, just so I could have some all set to go before work for a couple of days, karibikes, grimpeurbrosspecialtycoffee, and someone else (I’m sorry I can’t remember who, but feel free to out yourself in the comments!) messaged that I should also freeze some into cubes to avoid diluting what I’d be drinking later. 

I took your very wise advice and did that yesterday, in addition to making the extra coffee like I did last week, and the results this morning are A++. 



Personal update:

I’m still sick but I think I’m over the hump.  I haven’t taken a sick day for work like EVER (though I did in college) until last week, and now I’ve taken all my sick days and I’ve started on vacation days (This is actually the first time I’ve had either at a regular job).

So I’m sitting around coughing, drinking coffee, and watching Agents of Shield.  I treated the cats for fleas, I’m doing laundry, and that old white lolita dress of mine is still discolored even after using Rit dye remover, so I guess I’m just gonna have to dye the thing.  Any suggestions?


New PV, and as you can tell by just the picture here, there’s going to be another moment between Kumiko and Reina, and taking the time to watch it, I can tell that there’s going to be a lot going on this week too. I’ll be translating the dialogue to the best of my ablities and talk about why it’s relevant just like I did last week.

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“wow you are SO tan!!” thanks im not white

around this time last year i started feeling horrible and as a result i began avoiding ppl and i have an awful feeling im slipping into that pattern again…

What ended that cycle last year? Scarcely going online for 6 weeks and hardcore skyrim that entire time lmao