like i did last week

i didn’t think i’d have garbage like that following me at this point but i did get like fifty new followers last week bc of dragon age and steven universe posts so here’s my warning: if you use the term ‘political correctness’ unironically you should probably leave

  • white person:9/11 was done by muslims, all muslims are terrorists, they need to get out of my country
  • me:But...not all muslims did the act so you shouldn't blame all muslims
  • white person:What ever, they all wear the same types of clothes as Bin Laden and are from that same country and the same color
  • me:Ok so you're probably on your way to shoot innocent kids in school huh
  • white person:Noooo, that was one white person, you can't say all white people did the act when it was one person and that one person had mental issues
  • me:may god shine some light on you to burn that ignorance right out of your ass bye

short people problems

One of my favorite things about Harry is how understanding he is. He understands that to some people, he can brighten up their whole world with just a simple message, smile or touch. He doesn’t question their affection towards him, he just embraces it. He understands that those simple gestures can mean so much to them just because they came from him. At first, I’m sure it was hard for him to comprehend why so many people admired him so much, but he caught on quickly. He acknowledges people’s feelings and tries his best to be as kind and as pleasant as possible because he’s aware of the impact he can have on someone’s mood. He just understands.


"Yes, I know I’m just an outcast. I shouldn’t speak to you."

Inaho/Asseylum shippers:  inaho deserves asseylum because look at all he did for her.

Slaine/Asseylum shippers:  slaine deserves asseylum because look at everything he’s gone through for her.

Asseylum:  lol *marries klancain*